Friday, February 6, 2009

Owner-Winemaker Doug Fabbioli, FABBIOLI CELLARS, Leesburg, Virginia Winery Here Thursday, February 5th, 2009 Tasting Their " New " Releases / Vintages

     It was great to have both Doug Fabbioli ( of the FABBIOLI CELLARS ) and his importer Doug Caldwell here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits on Thursday, February 5th, 2009 tasting the " new " releases from this excellent Virginia winery in Leesburg ( 15669 Limestone School Road Leesburg, Virginia 20176 Fax; 703-381 7126  ( winery ) 703 771 1197 ). 

     I was thrilled to discover both the red Chambourcin 2007, $18.49,  indigenous red that drank so well as well as the raspberry/ Merlot ( I think there may be as much as 60% Merlot in the blend - bot come through in the taste ) dessert red. I expected to really enjoy the Cabernet Franc 2007, $21.99 , red and I did. I also liked the red " Tre Sorelle " 2006  Bordeaux-dry blend. However, I was really impressed with the 2007 Chambourcin and expect to do some really nice business here at Cleveland Park ( Wines & Spirits, 3423 Connecticut Avenue N.W. Washington D.C. 20008, tel : 202-363-4265 ) with it!

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    Our good customers Pat and Susan told us about FABBIOLI. Pat was here one evening raving to Mike and me about the raspberry/ Merlot dessert wine that he had tried. He also told both Dougs about us and so just a couple of days I received a call asking if we would be interested in meeting with and tasting with them. 

     For me that's a " no-brainer " : I always want to meet the people in the business - owners and winemakers are always welcome here with or without an appointment. Thanks Pat for the lead on FABBIOLI : it was a great one. If all works out well Doug Fabbioli will be here himself in April or May to an in-store wine-tasting. We will get the wines sooner : I hope in March sometime.

     I don't see many Chambourcin reds anymore. I used to see them all the time from Virginia back in the eighties, no more. So it pleases me greatly to see one of this superb quality that I can recommend when someone wants to drink something with so much character and personality that represents perfectly a great example of our local, regional taste.

     I just looked back at the pictures that i took and realized that our good friend, importer ( Greek specialist ) Sotiris Bafitis was here in the store at the same time. I asked him to taste the wines with us. He tried them and I have to ask him what he thought. He was in a hurry. he now sells the Spanish portfolio of Aurelio Cabestreo's wines ( of Grapes Of Spain )  through Elite Imports. Always good to have you here in the store with us Sotiris. We still enjoy selling your Greek wines.

     Cheers, to both of you Dougs and to you Pat and Susan. Here are some pictures that I took of both Dougs with the wines, the glass, the bottles and of course both Dogs! Hope you like my artistic licence with all these pictures.  TONY

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