Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Martin P. Abell ( Export Area Manager ) of Bodega Pirineos, Somontano, Spain At Cleveland Park Wines, Tues. Feb. 17th, '09 Tasting " New " Wines

     It was great to meet Martin yesterday and to taste his excellent Spanish selections : one dry , flavorful white PIRINEOS 2007 blend of three different grapes I believe. It was rather chunky and gutsy and more of a food wine that we can sell for around $11-12 I believe. I will have that come here to Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits ( 3423 Connecticut Avenue N.W. Washington D.C. Tel : 202-363-4265  ) by March 1st, 2009. We will also order more of the excellent PIRINEOS ( go to for more technical info : 22300 Barbastro, Huesca, Espana Tel : 974 31 12 89 Fax: 974 30 66 88 ) 2004 dry red, $13.49 made from the indigenous grape called Parraleta. I think that they may be the only winery making a wine with this grape. Martin told me this yesterday if I heard him correctly.

     Martin also had two excellent dry rose wines open for tasting which he brought with him from Spain to taste with us. They will be available here in April 2009. It was funny, you could see that they were using the 2007  labels and that he had written over the number 7 and turned it into an 8. We will probably buy some of both : the heavier and darker-colored one PIRINEOS " Mesache "  right away and the lighter-colored one ( 2008 "  Montesierra  " ) to follow right after as the weather turns even warmer.

     There were three reds : this Parraleta was the second I tasted. The one with the red ( PIRINEOS 2005 ) in the label I liked the least as I found it the least-evolved and interesting. The flavors were just too jumbled together to do much of anything for me. It needs more time to fall better into focus. The last ( 2005  PIRINEOS " Marbore " ) was really delicious as well and was quite a bit more expensive. 

     I have already given David and order that he has now given to Jody so that it will arrive here this March 1st, 2009. Stay-tuned. But in the meantime come and check out this fabulous Bodega PIRINEOS 2004 dry red Parraleta ( $13.49).  I have already sold three or four bottles yesterday when it arrived. I know people will love it. They will also love discovering a " new " Spanish indigenous grape variety : trying on a " new "  Spanish grape variety for size, fit and feel. That's why they keep coming back here to Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits - to learn and discover " new and exciting " things! That is our intention, to share these wonderful world treasures with all of our customers.

      Here are the photos I took of Martin's visit here yesterday with Italian wine rep. David of Winebow Imports.

     I will write more about these wines shortly but want to get this posted in the meantime.

     Martin writes :  " Tony,  Never do " normal ", keep insanity alive " ,  Un Abrazo ,  Martin.  I was talking earlier in my " flights-of-fancy, extemporaneous dialogue and saying I was a bit insane. That's what Martin was referring to in his words above. Enjoy,  TONY

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