Friday, February 27, 2009

Lindsay Pike Of Washington Wholesalers Shows Mike Martin & Tony Quinn The CLINE " Red Truck " Petit Sirah & Sauv. Blanc, Both Organic, YES!

Here are the photos I took of Mike Martin tasting the CLINE Organic Sauvignon Blanc and red Petit Sirah under the " Red Truck " labels ( Lindsay Pike of Washington Wholesalers pouring for him ) on Wednesday, Feb. 25th, 2009 here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits ( 3423 Connecticut Avenue N.W. Washington D.C. 20008, Tel : 202-363-4265 ) in our nation's capitol!

I remember back in November 2007 when Mike and Jennifer of Washington Wholesalers made a sales call on Mike and me at Cleveland Park with a bottle of the CLINE " Red Truck " Pinot Noir. It was the week before Thanksgiving and we desperately needed a " value " California Pinot Noir and so as soon as we tasted it and heard the price we ordered it for the next-day delivery. It was a big success!

This bottle of Pinot Noir was not organic at the time. It may be now but I doubt it. It tasted flavorful and had some complexity and darker berry-cherry , toasted flavors and it worked nicely for us.

Now just last week on Wednesday Feb 25th, 2009 Lindsay brought us both the CLINE " Red Truck " Petit Sirah and the Sauvignon Blanc. I tasted first the Sauvignon Blanc and liked it. But what really caught my attention that it was organic and also it's really affordable price ( $11.99 for both it and the Petit Sirah ). That got me to thinking : what would the Petit Sirah taste like?

So many of our customers are in search of good Petit Sirah from California. It's really quite an easy sell especially when it is between $10 and $15 a bottle. People seem to really like California Petit Sirah : it seems to both be more successful as flavorful and interesting than many of the CA, Syrahs for the same money. We sell as a result so much more CA. Petit Sirah than we do CA. Syrah.

I tasted this CLINE " Red Truck " organic Petit Sirah with eagerness and much anticipation. It had good, deep color : I liked that immediately. It smelled inviting and not alcoholic, I loved that! The flavors were forward and fruit and also both earthy and ripe and toasty and with just enough " jam " in the middle range to be pleasing and balanced. But how would it finish? Would it leave a lot of " jam " and fruit and alcohol when I swallowed? I was hoping not. I wanted balance in this wine : a wine that would be tasty but not heavy and cloying and ultimately boring. To my enormous relief it ended with some dryness returning and acids to reign-in the " jam " and allow some of the spice and the other flavors to linger longer.

I liked it : I could drink another sip, I could enjoy the whole glass I believe. It was focused and flavorful and a very good value as well as being organic. Yes! This is what we are looking for : as much of the whole enchilada as we can possibly have. Here we have it.

Lindsay will be at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits on Saturday, March 7th, 2009 from 4-7 PM to pour both wines so that any of you that stop by the store this weekend can taste and judge for yourselves. Join us, there is never any charge. We'd love to see you.

Also : Lindsay will be tasting another " new " California wine : both the SEVEN DAUGHTERS red ( Merlot, Cab. Sauv, Cab. Franc, Zinfandel, Syrah, Carignane, Sangioves ) and white ( Riesling, Symphony, Chardonnay, Orange Muscat, Gewurztraminer,Sauvignon Blanc, French Colombard ) blends of each seven different grape varieties. I really liked very much the white. It showed brilliantly the next afternoon when Chrissy Carpenter brought it by to taste us on. The day before Lindsay had tasted us on the red and I was not as interested in it then because I was more interested in the CLINE " Red Truck " organic wines for less money!

The SEVEN DAUGHTERS ( , King City, CA ) each sell for $16.49 a bottle and I will write more about them once that we have tasted them again this Saturday. I want to get a second taste of the red to see if I warm to it more. Even if I do not does not mean that our customers will not. My tastes are my own and I know that. I want to see how I find the balance in the red. As I said the white impressed me quite a bit and I can see us selling it well.

It's fun to get to taste these ' new , up-and-coming " wines and seeing whether we will sell them or not. The people at Washington Wholesalers are doing a really good job making us aware at Cleveland Park of their various selections : and we are very appreciative of that.

Come by and check us out at Cleveland Park. Enjoy these pictures that I took later after trying the wines of Lindsay tasting Mike Martin on them. Cheers, TONY

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