Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Students March on the Mall This Saturday for greater gun control buying - using, owning laws with the hopeful result in fewer deaths cuased by those with guns used for bad and to harm the innocent people of the world and so often our young children in school while at school - cheers and bravo to them, wish I could be there, I will be there in spirits, this is today's Tuesday weekly store Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits email I write and send out, enjoy, including the one from 3/20/2012 6 years ago!

Marching ON to social and all justice that has been sorely missing for moral and ethical and corrupt self-interest-agrondisement-greed and not for the greater, more humble, more important good and health, wealth of a large nation and world and not just a very few!

LOVE the march that will happen this Saturday here from our students as well as the one above on International Women's Day this year!

WE ARE FINALLY FEELING IT : More Upbeat Vibes are being generated and spread and shared and the faint smiles are turning into bigger and broader smiles and sometime grins. There seems to be a greater ease about our customers these days as they shop here. It was nice, for example on Saint Patty's Day that I gather from reading the Washington Post this morning has become a big rallying point for the Irish government as they come here to the United States and promote " everything Irish ". Being Irish myself I like this. I also liked the ease with which Saint Patty's Day passed here this past Saturday. Everyone was dressed in in shades of green and many people had their green beads and their hats and fun glasses and everyone was rel;axed and enjoying themselves. It was a beautifully peaceful and energized Saturday and some were in a bit of a rush while others would be tempted to try some of our wine, too that both Jessica poured ( STERLING, CA. Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel ) and then later Roberta ( the Robert Kacher French portfolio of wines with the " new " Biodynamic Cazes red and white of Le CANON Du Marechal ( both at $14.99 ). Most people were interested in the GUINNESS and in the JAMESONS. but everything Irish sold well here and at the end we ran out of the GUINESS and many switched to the SMITHWICKS. That's what I took home for our dinner party and everyone tried and loved it.
I WROTE and sent that paragraph back on March 20th, 2012 - six years ago! Things are always in transition as one should expect.
HAPPY OFFICIAL DAY TODAY of Spring, today the Vernal Equinox yes! We need this now more than ever!!!
AND Rain and Snow coming, too! Yikes!!
STAY WARM, safe and dry, bundle up good.
SO TO CONTINUE on the POSITIVE SIDE of things I will star, start, find the art, the truth, the interest, the heart and personality in things as I write this ' stream of conscious ' Tuesday store email. So bear with me as I do this for the fun, the sport, the art, the freedom. the freshness and the brightness, and the balm we need in our daily lives to take the next step and enjoy and find the happiness we all need daily.
I ENJOYED this past weekend here with Robert Kennedy and Vittorio the owner and winemaker of his own TRE MONTI. It was great to explore the flavors of the indigenous grape variety Albana. We sold-out Saturday.
WE ALSO EXPLORED the richness and depth, the thickness, the viscosity, the layers of the French grape Petit Manseng. Wow, impressive, we still have four or so bottles of that signed by Vittorio for gifts, ' Thea ' named after his grandmother, $29.99 a bottle. Pretty amazing wine.
IT WAS SAINT PATRICK'S DAY this past Saturday so we had many people in buying Irish beer of GUINNESS and HARPS, and inquiring about the Irish whiskies, too. We sold a whole lot of both as people came from Nanny O'Briens Irish pub down the street, or were headed there.
MANY  recommendations were made as we have 18 brands still here, and their many variations on a theme. I took home some of the 2Gingers On Special for $19.99 ( I remember really liking how smooth it was - still is! ), and some HARP ( I like how mellow it is, still is, too ! ), and together with the excellent corned beef, potatoes and carrots and more that my wife prepared it was pretty much all an Irish bliss and heaven for us as I am sure it was for many of you.
LET US NOT MAKE ANY OMISSIONS when we tell you that we now have three different flavors - tastes of the OMISSION Brewing Co. that is ' crafted to remove gluten ' from the beer, $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles. Yes. I have the Pale Ale here that is both hoppy and easy-drinking. Cheers. It has 5% alcohol by volume.
AS YOU ALL KNOW I WALK THE ROWS here each Tuesday! It grounds me and gives me inspiration. I need that. I discover things I did not know we have, and then others that I know we have and need to mention. I have pulled the DIPLOMATICO ' Planas ' clear white rum off the shelf, On Special for $32.99 a bottle, and see it says ' aged sipping rum ', and I am pleased to see more clear rums like this and the PLANTATION Rum, too. DIPLOMATICO is from Venezuela, and I am thrilled to include this here now as it is a very difficult time there now with many fleeing the country.
YES, WE ARE WRAPPED IN POLITICS no matter where we look.
WE ARE CONSUMED IN SHOOTINGS, TOO like the tragic one with 3 critically injured students of St, Leonard's High School in Saint Marys, Maryland. Tragic, the last thing anyone wants to hear about. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those there that have been effected by by this shooting.
I WANT TO REMIND you all that we have the excellent ' Old Volstead's ' Summer Shandy , a blend of hard cider and lemonade here for you all from MT. DEFIANCE in MIddleburg, Virginia, On Special for $7.99 for a 500ml bottle, with 6% alcohol by volume, ...
I WAS ASKED TO DO a whisky tasting at Adas and I loved it, including a bottle of the McClintock Distilling Company's Maryland Heritage White Whiskey, ' the spririt of innovation ', On Special for $33.99, 42% alcohol by volume, and more and more of the group liked it once they got acclamated to the bouquet that is more raw and visceral, it shakes both nostrils and first taste, and then it becomes more charming and animated, too.
THE STUDENTS ARE MARCHING HERE for gun-laws ( gun-buying-laws too ), a heated subject for everyone, perhaps the thought and fear to many that guns are the last straw if taken from them to their safety and their freedom as they do not trust the government? A touch subject. Our country is divided by so many of these to the effect that those elected to represent our local interests are too scared to do anything at all, and do nothing and pretend like no one notices or cares.
WE ARE PROUD that these students have enough support, gumption and are fearless and not dumbed-down/bought-out/paid-off adults that simply turn their heads and take no notice.
THANK YOU OUR STUDENT YOUTH, we love you, are proud of you, need you now more than ever to help get our lives back in order so that we may all be able to function once again as a country for the greater good of it's people and not simply to grease the palms of even fewer than before.
OUCH, this all hurts so bad!
PEOPLE SAY BUSINESS IS GOOD FOR US when people are sad and unhappy, miserable, and more. I - we do not see this. It has not been good for us here or in our neighborhood as we collectively struggle to keep it all together. It does not help anyone when most of Washington DC and the Washington metropolitan area is depressed out of their functioning and fruitful-productive minds!
SO I LOOK FOR ' Value ' to share here, we all do. WE are not trying to sell you things for their ' start-power ', their flash, their ' look ' on the pages of Vanity Fair, Vogue, ELLE, MARIE CLAIRE, whatever.
WE ARE SELLING and recommending to you spirits that make sense, that deliver what they should, not what a glitzy label implies or infers but has nothing really at all do with what is inside the bottle.
WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD when we are the champions of ourselves and our own lives. WE can then lead by example, having paid the real price learning what counts and what does not.
TRY THIS ' Hog Waller ' Breakfast Stout brewed with coffee and chocolate from the CHAMPION Brewing Company, with 45 IBU, and 8% alcohol by volume, this 4-pack of cans, 12 ounce cans is On Special for $11.99. Yes, si oui, come get some now.
SO MUCH TO FOCUS ON these days, but the most important thing is not to get sidetracked and to keep center-stage that which is most important, most vital, most cherished by you. Seems simple, but never so easy as we are constantly lured into and onto other paths and purposes that are not ours, not even close.
DO NOT BE WEAK - rage against the dying our your light, take full ownership of bith your light and your dark, Dylan Thomas today would probably agree with this.
WE HAVE PASSOVER coming soon and the store is brimming with wonderful kosher wines to be enjoyed!
1) Cotes Du Rhone 2016, $18.99 a bottle, with 14% alcohol by volume, from La Fille du Boucher = The Butcher's Daughter, come try some. A Grenache-based wine, medium-to-lighter-bodied, so versatile in it's applications! 
          TWO Dry Red Bordeaux Wines -
1) 2016 La Tour Pavee Bordeaux Superieur, $16.99, with 12.5% alcohol by volume, a fine food red, medium-to-light-bodied, fresh, bright, some character, too!
2) Les Remparts de Bel Air, 2015 ( fine vintage ), Production kosher Moise Taieb, a bit more depth and roundness here, $17.99 a bottle, with 13% alcohol by volume, si oui oui oui!
1) La Citadelle De Diamant, Marius 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon, with 20% Cabernet Franc, 14% alcohol by volume, from Israel, from Galilee, cheers, $32.99 a bottle, come get some and celebrate!
Lilly does never sour a party or meal, not without real character and intent that is, so come get a 4-pack of our LILLY SOUR of 11.2Fl. Oz bottles, from Belgium, from the Brasserie de Silly, an authentic, tasty, flavorful food beer to act as a palate-refresher so that both each taste and then each bite of your meal is a tremendous treat! Cheers.
Organic conversation does not always lead to organic spirits, but our spirits should all be from the heart and soul and accept the purer flair that and organic spirits in it's liquid form like the ' new ' Koval dry gin can do so perfectly well, $37.99 a bottle, distilled from orgainic grains, handmade in Chicago, with 47% alcohol by volume, this is very exciting and adds to the Chysanthemum $27.99  and Ginger $26.99  liqueurs we sell already , as well as Single Barrel 4 Grain Whisky $53.99  we sell from KOVAL here.
PLASTIC in the bottle plastic as the bottle is thinner and looks like you are getting a smaller amount and yet it is lighter to carry, does not break when hitting the ground, is easier and kinder to our environment when recycled, and this 2014 Shiraz from TANGLED TREE On Special now for $7.99 drinks so well and will be great during this winter storm brewing outside and heading our way strongly now for the next two days! Come get some yes yes I like it, tasty stuff to warm us all. To sip or enjoy with a meal.
When was the last time you felt unhurried?!? It has been a long time since this has been my case. But hey there are other spirits out there that can and are unhurried like the GLENGOYNE Unhurried since 1833 15 Years natural colour from the time and oak casks alone, using both Bourbon and Sherry casks to add spice and rich intensity/intwensity too to the final series of escalating and evolving and growing tastes and flavors, $75.99 a bottle, a Highland Single Malt from Robbie Hughes, the distillery manager, nurtured and matured with 43% alcohol by volume. Yes! A Big Yes really.
TONIGHT - Wednesday, March 20th, 2018 ( 5-8PM ) : I will open two bottles for this cold weather, join me from 5-7:30PM and taste the 
1) Fiano di Avellino Italian Naples white from the TENUTA VICARIO, On Special for $12.99, with a 3 fro $33, and a 6 for $60 on it..2) A French Southwest dry blend from Minervois, from the Domaine La Capelle, Les vignes en terrasses, oui oui , vines on terraces, yes yes, On Special for $12.99, with 3 for $33 and 6 for $60 when you buy- BOTH great for this cold wet and snowy storm!
TOMORROW, Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 ( 5-8PM ) , Dwight that has just returned from a visit to Bordeaux, France, and to the DOMAINE CAZENOVE will taste the
1) Le Blanc de CAZENOVE Grand vin de Bordeaux 2015, $14.99 a bottle, as well as the
2) great vintage of 2010 dry red blend, $20.99 a bottle - great for this cold and a hearty meal to warm us all up buried in snow or pelted by freezing rains!
Dwight will taste the TWO WINES of South Africa-
1) Over The Mountain Pinot Noir  2012, $21.99 a bottle, that has maturity and flavor and taste all wrapped nicely together now, and -
2) Rickety Bridge dry white Field Blend of Roussanne, Chenin Blanc and Grenache, $16.49 a bottle for a good wine to warm us all in either freezing-cold rain or buffering white snow!
JOIN US weather permitting.
THURSDAY, March 22nd, 5-8PM, we have owner Gilette Johnson of the New Zealnd The Loop, Ranga Ranga, and Three Brooms here to pour both the Three Brooms Sauvignon and their dry Riesling, and the Sauvignon Blanc from RANGA RANGA and The LOOP, all the Sauvignon Blanc wines sell for $13.99, and the dry Riesling for $17.99 a bottle. JOIN US.
FRIDAY, March 23rd, 2018 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Grahm Isaac here from the Country Vintner to pour a selection of his wines with you all.
Grahm will pour two fine Chianti wines ( both are new in the sense that we have not had them on our shelves for awhile, both from Vias imports that are specialists in fine Italian wines, grazie Franceen Kahng! ) that will be great as these temperatures stay cold, he will also pour some of the DMZ 2016 Chardonnay from DeMORGENZON, $14.49. amd we are throwing in a ' surprise ' to from Grahm! JOIN US, everyone always welcome.
SATURDAY, March 24th, 2018 ( 2-6PM ) : We have  Dan here of William Harrison to pour some of his fine wine selections from France and Argentina, to be decided tomorrow, call for more info, cheers, join us, you are all welcome here anytime!
SAVE UP to 20% OFF in two ways each and every Wednesday here on bottles of wine at $19.99 or more. Call me - Tony, or Chris to find out how, to pay, you must pay on Wednesdays to get these special savings.
OTHERWISE ALL WEEK LONG take advantage of our :
1) 3 for $33 on bottles of wine wine ,  and ,
2) 6 for $60 on bottles of  wine
( mix or match, have fun,
plenty to choose from ).
SAVE BIG either way,
ALWAYS SAVE here at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits.
OUR WEB PAGE is : Clevelandparkwines.com
NOT : Clevelandparkwine.com.
WE HAVE NOT BEEN HACKED, as both adresses are different. BUT to be sure we are checking into this.
THANKS for alerting us to this possible problem!
WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW is an old store email I wrote and posted here six years ago -  3/20/2012! WOW, cheers, read it if you have time, check for current availability and pricing, thanks. TONY
IT'S NICE TO GET THIS CALMER SENSE as everyone continues to experiment with all the " new " choices that Ravi, Santos, Ean and Tony continue to find for you all. It never stops either as there is always something " new " and often quite " unexpected and exciting ". Many of these new products are cutting edge and things that people are looking for. We have often had requests for them and so what we are tasting today are often things that we need to fill the demands for them. Things are working really well in this sense. That's all really good.
APPLE CIDER From Santos :
     CRISPIN " Original " Natural Hard Apple Cider that is both organic and gluten-free ( On Special for $7.99 a 4-pack of 12 Fl. Oz bottles, 5% alcohol , www.crispincider.com ) is new packaging for us and convenient for many of our customers. It also comes in the larger size bottles but these 4-packs now come in convenient traveling packs. We are happy to have this new packaging.
     1) " Sucaba " Reserve Series Barrel-Aged Barley Wine . limited release from FIRESTONE/ WALKER ( $14.99 ) is great to have and I can't wait to try it! Made by Adam Firestone, David Walker and Matt Brynildson : " Chocolate, charred oak, and coffee are just some of the complex aromas and flavors you will find in this beer. "
     2)  STONE " Old Guardian " Barley Wine-Style Ale 2012 Release from FIRESTONE ( $8.99, 1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz , 11% alcohol by volume , STONE Brewing Company in Escondido, San Diego, CA. ) has got a whole book on the back in gold ink printed for those of you with a bit of time on your hand. Just for this gargantuan effort of theirs alone I would be willing to sample some of this " new " barley wine-style 2012 from FIRESTONE. It's a handsome package. Cheers.
     3) " Resin " SIXPOINT Craft Ales Beer Is Culture ( On Special for $9.99, 4 12-ounce cans ) : " Resin is the sticky quintessence of hops that quells the encroaching malt sweetness ". More great packaging!

IT'S A GREAT SMALL, WONDERFUL WORLD here in Cleveland Park N.W. Washington D.C. We were just able to do a favor for one of our customers that is helping with a local fundraiser - the " Pink Tie " at the Mayflower hotel with Jose Andres and others - that needs some sake ( MOMOKAWA - we sell all the flavors including the Diamond, Silver, Pearl, Ruby, Coconut : ALL at $15.99 a bottle )  and I was able to call my rep Tom that brought it to me minutes ago in plenty of time for our customer to pick it up and get it where he needs it. 
TOM THAT MADE THIS DELIVERY also brought Billy O'Rourke ( Vice President of Sales of SANTO SPIRITS, INC .,  www.Ambhar.com ) that had his Silver, Reposada and Anejo tequila from TEQUILA AMBHAR to taste. Michael, another good customer was here to talk to me about the John Eaton fundraiser in May and knowing that he liked tequila I had him try the Anejo that he quite liked. If we can work out a good price Ravi is willing to bring some in. SO, as you can see : it's really quite a small world all connected for us. We, of course will be working with Michael for the John Eaton event in May.
LIQUEUR From Ravi : Verdenoce from DUMANTE ( On Special for $35.99, alcohol is 28% by volume, made in Italy, www.Dumante.com ) is : " A unique ultra premium Italian liqueur made from the legendary pistachio and other nut and natural flavors, produced using the time-honored methods of fine Italian artisan liqueurs. Rich, smooth, aromatic, releasing a subtle-nutty essence that lingers on the palate with a pleasingly long finish ". SEVERAL CUSTOMERS have requested a pistachio liqueur and so here we are filling a demand, small at this point though it may be. Come check it out : great bottle and packaging!
          LIQUOR From Ravi :
     2) KNAPPOGUE CASTLE Aged 16 Years Irish Single Malt Whiskey ( $102.99 , 40% alc. www.knappoguewhiskey.com , ) distilled in 1994, bottled in 2010 and in Twin Wood : " ... the first Sherry Finished Knappogue matured for sixteen years in two types of wood ... "
     3) Irish Whiskey Special Reserve from ADAM MILLAR & COMPANY ( On Special $29.99, 40% alcohol by volume, www.HardyUSA.com ) : is " a unique blend of the finest Grain and Malt Irish Whiskies ,  ... ". Great label, too : looks like it's going to taste like liquid honey with gold infused within, that's how good it looks through the clear glass and the yellow, black and gold-accented label! Get some quick before we sell out. Keep the Irish mood alive and going ...
IT'S FUN TO THINK THAT some of our customers travel far and wide to see us here and this past weekend on Saturday, Saint Patty's Day we had three people come from Pennsylvania to get some of the ARIZONA STRONGHOLD wines ( " Mangus " 2010 Sangiovese red blend, $29.99, and the " Tazi "  touch off-dry white blend of Malvasia, Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, ... www.AZstronghold.com ). They told us that we were the closest store that they could find for these wines. Wow, I love that, really I do. Makes me feel like I am doing something right. And the wines are really good and that's why we carry them as well as wanting to represent the state of Arizona. Cheers.
          WHITE :

     1) Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa's Walker Bay, from BOUCHARD FINLAYSON, this 2009 ( On Special for $17.99, regularly $23.99, www.bouchardfinlayson.co.za , 13% alcohol by volume ) is pretty amazing, really it is. I loved it, so did Ean. There was very little so we took it all. It has so much richness of flavor, so many layers, so " moving ", so " warm " and so " alive " - that ripples and rushes and slows and turns and expands and contracts and touches your palate in ways that are exciting and intriguing. It's a living work of art and everyone should experience at least a bottle to get a great experience in one of the many fluid and changing possibilities to be enjoyed with the Sauvignon Blanc grape that you may not have already had. it's worth the trek here to experience first-hand this BOUCHARD FINLAYSON.
     2) Chardonnay 2009 from California's Santa Barbara County, this SUMMERLAND ( On Special for $17.99, regularly $22.99, alcohol is 13.8%,  www.summerlandwine.com, cellared and bottled by SUMMERLAND winery, Buellton, California ) is a really delicious with just the right balance of wood and butter and everything else. Ean did not want to try it when he heard what it was. I strongly encouraged him to try it as I said he would like this one. He / we did and here is the very last of the 2009 for you all. it's a beauty " it's well-balanced, well-made. We both recommend it highly.
          REDS :
     1) 70% Grenache, 20% Syrah, 5% Mourvedre, 5% Carignan from  DOMAINE LA TOUR PENEDESSES " Les Moulins de la Resclanze " 2009 dry red French Coteaux du Languedoc ( $12.99, Alexandre Fouque Canioni, artisan-vigneron 34600 Faugeres, 14.5% alcohol, by volume for more info go to : www.latourpenedesses.com ) is fruity, fresh and round on the palate. Try it with pizza, spicy dishes and Asian foods, too.
     2) PINOT Central Coast Pinot Noir 2009 ( $13.99, powermarketingusa.com/mashjuga ) is cellared and bottled by Mashjuga Wine Company, Santa Barbara, CA. It's 14% alcohol by volume and is the popular, delicious style that so many people will flock to here with a fun and simple front label and a cute and fun back descriptive label that I will leave for you all to read and enjoy when you come in search of this wine.
     3) Rosso Di Montalcino 2009 from BOLSIGNANO ( $25.99 , 14% alcohol by volume ) is hearty and robust and flavorful and best when paired with a tasty meal as well. It needs the food to help flesh out the soft tannins and the spices and the accents of acids as well. Brand new here.
     4) " La Rein Des Bois " 2008 Chateauneuf-Du-Pape from the DOMAINE de la MORDOREE ( $82.99, from Fabrice Delorme and his brother, proprietaires-recoltants in 30126, Tavel , 15% alcohol by volume ) is tasting quite good now. I sampled it with Fabrice and his wife Anne-Marie three or so weeks ago and it will be a real treat once it has been cellared another 3-8 years. No need to rush it : it's still very much a baby of a wine that needs to grow wings and take flight and soar with us into the heavens above.

          SWEET WHITE :
     1) BUG JUICE Moscato D'Asti ( $17.99 ) from  RINALDI, this 2010 from Ricaldoni, Italy in the Piemontese region is amazing. It's great to sip small sips at a time and to languish and to pause and to become expansive and pleased and teased and amazed over sip by sip by sip with lots of time to reflect and enjoy in between. Great label, too, The owner was just here two-three weeks ago and we have sold this BUG JUICE sweet white Moscato now on-and-off for years.
     FRIDAY, March 23rd, 2012 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Chris from Cobblestone Imports coming to pour an assortment of his wines that span from California to Virginia to France and Germany and more. Join us, it's always a good tasting with Chris. He's worked retail before and is really good with customers as well and can answer many of your questions.
     SATURDAY, March 24th, 2012 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Eric Platt coming to pour a selection of his SEIFRIED Nelson, New Zealand wines as well as some of his " new " vineyards :  The DOCTORS' 2009 Riesling from Marlborough ( $20.99, www.forrest.co.nz ) is produced by FORREST WINE CONNECTION, Blicks Road, Renwick, Marlborough and is a delight to sip anytime. I get overtones of dried apricot and mangoes when I sip it. JOIN US, NEVER any charge. Bring family and friends with you. Eric will also pour some of his amazing and elegant and polished and delicate OLD COACH ROAD 2010 Pinot Noir from Nelson, New Zealand that sells for $21.99 a bottle. 13.5% alcohol by volume and for more info go to : www.ppw.co.nz. I was impressed the last time we tasted it with you all. It's perfect now as the weather starts to warm up. It's bottled by SEIFRIED Estate.
HOT OFF THE PRESS! Over across the street at Byblos Deli there are some important people dining as there are black vans and police cars with lights flashing and a group of officers standing outside by the road and more at the entrance to the deli. All very official and hush-hush with customers dining outside by the beautiful pots and many-colored flowers that owner Mark has put outside to add flavor and color and overall good cheer to his dining experience. I love it. I got some pictures of it and maybe when I enlarge them I will be able to see better. I will ask Mark later what it was all about. CLEARLY, they like Mark's food. That's a good thing for both Byblos as well as for our great Cleveland Park neighborhood. it's now 2:52PM as I type these last words. Cheers.
I AM SURE I HAVE FORGOTTEN MANY THINGS BUT it's time to post this now. For more info on us go to : www.clevelandparkwines.com, on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits and on Twitter at : cpwinespirits and at : chatwine.blogspot.com and chatpoetry.blogspot.com. Cheers and thanks for all your faith and support of us. We appreciate it very much.  TONY

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Cheers! Join Us Here Today Taste With Vittorio owner - winemaker of Tre Monti Wines In Romagna, Italy! Cheers!

JOIN US 2-6PM with @RobertKennedy @Tre Monti wines come join us, and some beer too from Guinness Brewery and #Harpbeer too tasting! Learn about #Sangiovese and #Albana and #PetitManseng grapes, #getabottlesignedforagift Cheers, grazie, e a presto!

JOIN US TODAY, cheers!! Happy Saint Patrick's Day all! Come taste with owner-winemaker Vittorio of his own Wine & Food Tasting: Tre Monti Tre Monti Wine Dinner and tasting, too! Here today 2-6pm with importer Robert Kennedy #Sangiovese and #Albana #Romagna #Italian #wine #freewinestasting #everyone welcome #supportlocal #dinelocal #buylocal #belocal #beproudlocal @Villageinthecity Cleveland Park Business Association Cleveland Park Business Association Brookville Supermarket #UptownArtsDC cheers, #HappySaintPatricksDay Guinness Brewery Harp Beer Clontarf Irish Whiskey @TeelingsIrishwhiskey @Teeling'sIrishWhiskey @GlendaloughIrishWhsikey POWERS Irish Whiskey Knappogue Castle Irish Whiskey @KillbegganDistillingCo Paddy Irish Whiskey West Cork Distillers @ConnemaraIrishwhiskey Tullamore Dew Tyrconnell Single Malt Irish Whiskey @MitcheelandSonYellowSpot @MitchellandSonGreenSpot Redbreast Whiskey @KillbegganIrishWhiskey JOIN US! Yes!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Happy Saint Patrick' Day & Happy Passover, Good Luck To Student Marchers On The Mall Soon, Go To Kennedy Center To Millenium Stage This March 15th 6-8PM To See Uptown Arts DC House Dance & Music Program W/ Jamal Gray, Maja, Maps, & MOre! Cheers!!!

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits
IT'S HARD TO THINK OF EVERYTHING  that I want to mention at once. It's very much like an organic, fluid trail of ideas, notions, memories and " glad that I remembered this or that " kind of process that somehow, with patience and diligence all seems to come together.
I WROTE THAT paragraph and the following email below and sent it to you all on March 13th, 2012 - six years ago - how some things are still very much the same and others so changed!
THIS WILL BE A DIFFERENT FORMAT TUESDAY EMAIL that I write today - a ' feel good ' email that touches on many things to help me - us all cope, understand, appreciate, and take the control we need to beat depression and all that is invading our space and consuming us like never before - sometimes really harmful and insidious, and we need to see and take back our lives and feel the strength and warmth and happiness at being alive and fruitful and purposeful that is our innate right.
THE CHEER HAPPINESS GLEE GLAD is now and we must embrace this moment to realize that we are indeed being programmed in so many ways, stop letting it happen.
TURN OFF YOUR ELECTRONIC devices and resort to your own devices.
WE USED TO BE ABLE to make many of our own decisions, now we rely on the INTERNET to make many, and who - whom puts that information there anyway?!? To what ultimate good or goal does it serve the few that actually see to having it put there?!?
AND WHY is GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, AMAZON controlling so much of what we see or are exposed to for both services and news?!?

NONE OF THIS IS GOOD, none of it.
AND SO I AM PROUD TO acknowledge our children that will soon be coming to our National Mall here to march in protest of the gun lobbying that is running our congress and rendering them spineless proponents of what ' we the people ' want, and afraid to act at all, to do barely anything in fear that they might not be reelected?!? What nonsense is this?!?
BUT HEY, this is more about taking back our lives and living them fully, and we individually are our own authors ( or were once ), and we can be once again.
WE HERE ARE AN OASIS in these changing times, and we are happy to be here to help in any way that we can.
IT IS WITH SADNESS and APPRECIATION that we say : " Au-revoir " to Hubert di Givenchy, 91 that passed away this weekend in Paris. He was a fashion and a trendsetter, too and driving to work I kept wondering what great wines and spirits he enjoyed and shared with others in his lifetime?
AS AN AMBASSADOR TO WINE as Hubert di Givency was to fashion I would recommend to him these nine choices from  the western hemisphere -
     1) First Crush Red 2015 B BEDELL CELLARS, from North Fork of Long Island, New York State, $17.49, a dry easy-delightful red blend of 70% Merlot, and 30% Cabernet Franc, so pleasing, will ge great as the weather warms, he would love the vibrant artwork , too, the colors would speak to him - the black in them would ground them for him as well. Family-owned.
     2) LIBERATED Sauvignon Blanc 2015 from California's Noth Coast in the northern regions, On Special for $13.99, with 14.2% alcohol by volume, something to wrap himself and his friends nicely up in with an extra layer of flavor and protection from the elements by the 14.2% alcohol, like a fine dry Bordeaux with extra warmth and dimension, this would be a novel experience for him, and the dancers on the label taking their esxcape on a sky ride up into the hills dressed in black would remind him of both Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers or Audrey Hepburn in his black dress and Gene Kelly?!! Cheers!
     3) B Pinot Noir The Reserve Delfina's Estate 2013 from the BLAIR ESTATE in California's Arroyo Seco , the taste is sublime and silky, svelte yet fleshy-generous and so pure and pristine and really quite voluptuous. $96.49, Hubert would love this I believe, the bottle signed by Jeffrey Blair the owner, in gold, the B in gold, and dripped red-blood wax protecting the cork with a clear plastic ' chapeau ' protecting the wax, too! Yes si oui oui oui oui oui Hubert!
     4) As If is possibility ( What can happen? What can we create, what can we achieve if we make a choice? )  : Serendipity Courage Persistence from Ali Shaper, with 13.7% alcohol, a dry white North Fork of Long Island blend, such infinite possibilities, brightness, refinement, a certain level of splash and containment, frivolity and frankness, freedom, too - LOVE IT, thank you Ali for tasting this here with me.
     5) LOVE DRUNK as they would say it in French, AMOUR IVRE - when reality is better than your dreams! Black rose drawing by Garage d'or - gold garage , Oregogne Garage, 2017 Oregon Rose wine, bottled by Maison Noir Wines, MNW, with 13% alcohol by volume, Hubert di Givenchy you would love this becasue it would remind you of a Bandol dry Provence rose!
     6) Historic ROTTA Black Honnnnnukka Dessert Wine, 19% alcohol by volume, 375ml bottle, $33.99 a bottle, from the ROTTA Winery in Templeton, California, a murky brown, unfiltered, unfined, so much possibility with all the extra grape and flavor left in and not filtered out, a treat, Hubert would have fun dressing this bottle up somehow and adding his own unique ' imprimeur '!
     7) LAUTERBACH Cellars Syrah Dessert Wine 2008 from California's Russian River Valley, Sonoma County, with 18.8% alcohol by volume, $36.99 a 375ml bottle, made by Stew Lauterbach himself in his garage, a small family operation, humble, pure, flavorful, distinct, a blessing in liquid to one and to all, Hubert would love this I am sure, he might want to change the label and put a simple black outlive around the tree in the center in front of the garage , both that look like they have been there for a very very long temps-time vraiment Hubert!
     8) Farmer Fizz sparkling Chardonnay wine in a can that is a half-bottle of wine in a bottle, 100% Maryland-grown grapes, from the OLD WESTMINSTER Winery, $10.99, Hubert would like this honest, sincere, pure playful quality and taste that appeals to many, especially those making or leaving their mark on things.
     9) Asian Pear Dessert Wine from SUBARASHII KUDAMONO, with 20% alcohol by volume, $31.99 a 375ml bottle, using pears that are grown in Pennsylvania, a touch unfiltered, more taste left in the bottle, made in Baroda, MI., this is a lovely way to finish a meal with polish and finesse, refinement, statement, purity, classic, classy, beautiful pear taste! Cheers, Hubert would help me promote all these, he would have, too even at 91 years-of-age! A real treat. 
SAVE HERE EVERY WEDNESDAY 2 ways up to 20% OFF on wine. Call and pay on Wednesdays here : 202-363-4265.Ask to speak to me ( Tony ) or to Chris, cheers, SAVE BIG here on expensive wines every Wednesday!
SAVE BIG HERE, too every day with our 3 for $33 and our 6 for $60!
ALWAYS FIND WAYS TO SAVE here at @CPWineSpirits ( our Twitter address ). 202-363-4265. Cheers!
WANT TO THANK for their efforts here recently showing and promoting-presenting to us :

1) Owner Paul J. Coughan of TACONIC Distillery, NY.
2) Eoghan Healy of TEELING Irish Whiskey, Ireland
3) Owner of BODEGAS ARRAYAN, Spain,
4) George Kanakis, export & marketing manager of CAVINO Winery and Distillery, Aigio, Greece
5) Louis Randazzo Southeastern Market Manager of HIRO Sake, Japan,
6) Ami Nahari CEO of The River Fine Kosher Wines
Thank you all.
Wednesday, March 14th, 2018 ( 5-8PM ) : Eric of Tradewinds Specialty Imports here to taste a
1) Fuenteseca from BODEGAS SIERRA NORTE Organic, $32.99 , a great dry rose organic Spanish 3-liter box, some
2) BALMA Brut Nature Cava dry , $26.49,
3) ALEXANDRO Amonyillado Sherry, and more -
Friday, March 16th, 2018 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Serghei here of Moldova tasting some of his really fine Moldovan wines!
Saturday, March 17th, 2018 ( 2-6PM ) : We have owner Vittorio here from TRE MONTI in Romagna, Italy pouring an assortment of his fine wines, yes, si si si!
We are working now on something to be poured, too from Ireland as it will be Saint Patrick's Day here, too! More info on that to follow soon.
OKAY THEN - here are some thoughts and scenarios to ponder and go from there ...
Happy Saint Patrick's Day coming this Saturday March 17th, 2018 as we also welcome back Vittorio the owner of TRE MONTI Winery in Romagna, Italy with importer Robert Kennedy ( 2-6PM ) - join us. This will be a great weekend as we will have Italian wines to complement the corned beef and carrots and potatoes along with a full selection of  -
Irish Whiskies :  I will list here for you -
1) CLONTARF 1014 Irish Whiskey that is gently aged in Bourbon barrels, On Special for $19.99, regularly $24.99, I personally like and recommend this one - it overdelivers for the price, tasty, complex, hardy and will warm us all in these biting winds now, brrrr! Triple distilled - fiery!
2) GLENDALOUGH Double Barrel Irish Whiskey , hand-crafted in small batches, On Special for $40.99 a bottle, I like it a lot, a treat, smooth enough , some simmering fire that is a flame of Ireland, I like it, a treat with more polish than the CLONTARF!
3) The TYRCONNELL Single Malt Double Distilled , also matured in ex-Bourbon casks, : " giving this uniquely soft and elegant whiskey it's distinct flavours of citrus, honey and vanilla. " Yes! On Special now for $42.99 a bottle. 
4) KNAPPOGUE CASTLE Single Malt Irish Whiskey 14-Year-Old in Twin Wood, $55.99, turns the heat up in a way that buffers us all from the incredible blasts of cold winds coming our way in such a divine fashion - yes!
       TWO From Mitchell & Sons -
1) GREEN SPOT Single Pot Distilled Irish Whiskey, triple distilled Irish Whiskey, $73.99 - the green and the yellow marked the casks that these two come from, - distinct, flavorful - oure and powerful both!
2) YELLOW SPOT Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey Aged 12 Years, three cask maturation, bourbon, sherry and malaga barrels - non-chill-filtered - the supremem, ultimate pure and distinct flavors possible here! Cheers, $122.99 a bottle. A real lovely Irish treat for you all.
single bottle, cans and 4-packs and 6-packs - lots to choose from -
Irish Beers -
1)  GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout 12-fl. oz bottles, : " rich, full-bodied, the stout that has traveled the world, rich with flavor. " On Special for $9.99 a 4-pack.
2) HARP Premium Imported Lager On Special $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, the softer, gentler tasting Irish brew that I like better than GUINNESS just for that! Cheers.
I DO LIKE GUINNESS, however, and was drinking it from a can when Barrack Obama was inaugurated for the first time and there was the grand celebration and concert at the Lincoln Memorial. What a grand moment that was, and I enjoyed my GUINNESS, too!
WE HAVE NEW SHELVES UP FRONT to accommodate our big selection of beers in both cans and bottles now - easier to see and to shop for them here.
WE ALSO HAVE New Lighting in the cooler in the back so that what is there is easier to see and evaluate. Cheers.
DON'T FORGET that Passover is coming up and that we have a whole new selection here of kosher wines, too.
WE ALSO HAVE a new display of kosher wines by the office at the end of our rack of wines for : 3 for $33 and 6 for $60. Come check it out - We have ten ( 10 ) new kosher wines for you all from Italy, California, Israel that also includes a fine new sparkling Lambrusco rose from CONTESSA ANNALISA , $14.49 a bottle, so much now to choose from, so much wonderful variety from dry and off-dry wines, some Bordeaux and Cotes Du Rhone red wines, too. More Italian wines to follow, but come see what we have included from California here. You will be pleased, really you will.
     1) Chenin Blanc 2015 Tishbi family winemakers TISHBI, $16.49 a bottle, a really dry and refreshing distinct taste to enjoy with your meals. From Zichron Zichron, Israel, 12% alcohol by volume,  Mevushal and kosher for Passover.
     2) GALLLLLLLGAL Pinot Noir 2016 from Galilee, Israel, $18.99 a bottle, with 12.5% alcohol by volume, from the GOLAN HEIGHTS Winery, kosher for Passover, Rabbi Avraham D. Oyerbach, a more refined , lighter, brighter taste, nice.
     3) Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah from TISHBI, 2016, $16.49 a bottle, with 12% alcohol by volume, both Mevushal and kosher for Passover. Easy to sip and enjoy with light food or a full meal, chill like the Pinot Noir above for 30 minutes as the wines on their own will warm to just the right temperature, and that is what you want - what will make these wines sing and whisper sweet lullabies in your ears,  for years!
CHEERS, thanks for everything, you all are the very best.  TONY 3/13/2018
ENJOY THE EMAIL below if you have time to read it and inquire for current availability and pricing, vintage changes, whatever with us here! Cheers, enjoy, thanks for everything.   TONY  3/13/2018
I WALKED INTO THE STORE after finally finding my way around a second accident on Route 50 ? Arlington Boulevard at Park Street. It took some doing but here I am safe and sound on an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous day and Ravi at our register immediately talking to me about last night's wine-tasting with owner/ wine-maker Jean-Marc of the DOMAINE ROUGE-BLEU.
  JEAN-MARC TASTED his two reds ( the Dentelle  2009 dry red Rhone-style blend, $19.99, ; the dry 2010 rose On Special for $14.99 ( just a few bottles left if that as we switch to the 2011 at $18.99 a bottle ), and the " Mistral " 2010 dry red Cotes Du Rhone , $24.99 a bottle. I will have to let you all know what is available for sale after yesterday's wine-tasting and then wine-dinner at Ripple restaurant. Call Ean and me for more info at : 202-363-4265.

AS I REACHED THE BACK of the store Ravi called out to : " Doctor Steve wants to talk to you". I walked back up to the front of the store to find out that Dr. Steve is our eye doctor across the street from us on Connecticut Avenue N.W. ( he's the owner of UPTOWN VISION ) and his store got a lot of damage from the water main pipe that broke and spewed water up above his roof as well as that of the Uptown Theater ( both had flooding and Dr. Steve had lots of damage done to his store ). He needs my pictures that I took when everyone alerted me to this last week. I will be happy to give them to you Steve. Steve is a customer and a friend as well as a business neighbor.
I JUST RECEIVED A CALL from Mike Potasnik that is the editor of the on-line wine review called i-winereview.com and this issue that he is working on currently is all about kosher wines : just in time for Passover on Saturday, April 7th, 2012. I told him that I would pass this information on to our customers as we like to share as much information with you as we possibly can. I also told Mike that we sell a whole lot of kosher wines here pretty much every day and not simply on the holidays. It has grown with time and many customers of ours know that they will find an assortment of at least twenty-to-thirty kosher wines at any time, some Mevushal and some for Passover : many at under $20 a bottle as well in all styles, colors and levels of sweetness. Most, in fact are dry. Mike and his group of tasters have taken on the job to review some of the very best kosher wines available to us these days. In fact he just returned from New York city where there was a large kosher wine-tasting event.
ANYWAY : come check out our kosher selection. We just bought more of the O'DWYERS CREEK 2010 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc ( $16.99 ) that is kosher for Passover and also Mevushal. We will have to buy more quickly : it's good and selling quickly. We also have the CANTINA GABRIELE dry, unoaked Chardonnay ( 12% alcohol  by volume ) from Lazio, Italy and the dry Sangiovese from Circeo, Italy , also from CANTINA GABRIELE : BOTH On Special for $10.99 a bottle now.
BUT HEY, as I always say, this store email has to be about ALL those categories that interest you and not simply only about wine so I will switch over to Santos in the back that has been busy receiving many cases of beer just now.

HERE ARE TWO, hot-off-the-presses beers from Santos that he just rolled up to put up front on our shelves.
     1) Oatmeal Porter Series 924 from the WIDMER BROTHERS Brewing company in Portland, Oregon ( On Special for $4.99 a bottle, 22 Fl. Oz, 6% alcohol by volume, Widmer Brothers making beer since 1984 ) is richly toasted and sublimely smooth. For more info go to : www.WidmerBrothers.com. Cheers.
     2) Gigi's Farmhouse Ale from our local brewery  OLD DOMINION ( Livin' the Dream ) Brewing Co. ) On Special for $5.99 a 22 Oz. bottle, in Dover, Delaware, bottled Feb. 12th, 2012, 7.2% alcohol by volume . " To the French, Gigi is a woman who farms, to our brewers, Gigi is a Belgian-influenced, bottle-conditioned saison ". Looks like something perfect for this warm weather outside with loads of sunshine and blue skies now.
BEFORE SANTOS ARRIVED I found up front THREE to tempt you all with. Here they are in all their glory :
     1) KARLOVACKO Pivo beer Stoljetna tradicija Okrunjeno Kvalitetom ( $3.99 a 500ml bottle, 5% alcohol by volume, Croatia, www.karlovacko.hr ) is something new at least to me. Have any of you already tried it? Please respond to this email if you have and include any comments. All your comments are welcome.
     2) ODYSSEY Ale Aged In Oak Barrels from ALLAGASH ( $18.99, 1 Pt. 9.4 Fl. Oz, 750ml bottle, 10.4% alcohol by volume, bottled in December 2011, 1160 cases made ; Allagash Brewing, Portland, Maine, 1-800-330-5385  ). For more information go to : www.allagash.com. Open cautiously, contents under pressure.
     3) Real Aussie Stout ( No Additives, No Preservatives ) from COOPERS BREWERY ( $12.99 a 6-pack of 12.7 ounce bottles, bottle-fermented, family brewed,  Regency Park South Australia, kosher, pareve, since 1862 ) is good to have back with the other two flavors. Our Aussie owners and wine-makers love to stop and have a COOPERS after their wine-tastings and are always excited to see it here on our shelves. I'd rather have more wine : to each his or her own : that's what makes the world so exciting!
LAST WEEK ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS was making an interesting drink that in all my years no one has mentioned to me before and I would like to share it with you now. Kristin sez : " grapefruit juice and dry sparkling wine " make a good alternative to orange juice and dry sparkling wine as well as to creme de cassis and a dry sparkling wine.
THE DRY SPARKLING WINE  we sold Kristin for this is the SIMONET French blanc de blanc sparkling wine from the Caves de Wissembourg in Alsace. We sell it for $8.99 a bottle and it's dry and perfect for blending and perfect for drinking in this warm weather. This drink of Kristin's also sounds perfect for a day like today that is supposed to get into the 70's. It already feels like it's in the 70's now.

HEY RAVI, what LIQUOR / LIQUEURS do you have for us ?
          LIQUEUR :

      1)  Organic Rose Hip liqueur from KOVAL ( $26.99 a 375ml bottle, 20% alcohol  by volume, Chicago, Illinois, certified organic by Midwest Organic Services Association, Inc ) : " Koval is Chicago's first boutique distillery, producing handcrafted spirits in small batches using traditional European techniques. Made with premium organic rose hips ", Batch #18, natural sediment may form which is perfectly okay.
          LIQUOR : 
     1) The SINGLETON Single Malt Scotch Whisky of Glendullan aged 12 years ( $42.99, 40% alcohol by volume, Dufftown, Keith, Banffshire, www.SingletonGlendullan@consumer-care.net ) is  aged in sherry & bourbon casks : " perfectly balanced, naturally rich and smooth ".
     2) Single Malt CLYNELISH Coastal Highland Scotch Whisky Aged 14 Years ( On Special for $52.99 a bottle, 46% Alcohol by volume, from Brora, Sutherland, Scotland ) :  " The unique maritime character of CLYNELISH owes much to its location ... fruity, slightly smoky, consistent quality ... "
     3) New York Corn HUDSON WHISKEY ( $50.99 , 375ml half-bottle size, 46% alcohol by volume, Tuthilton Spirits, Gardiner, New York , www.tuthiltown.com ) " harkens back to an earlier time before Prohibition, when there were over 1,200 farm distilleries in the state. ... Our corn is among the first legally produced grain spirits to be made in New York over 70 years... whiskey is double-distilled... Enjoy it neat or in your favorite cocktail ".
          UNDER $10 A Bottle :
     1) Grenache Noir 2010 from Maurice's DOMAINE De GOURNIER ( also available in the dry Viognier 2010 white - aromatic and focused and fleshed and great with many foods $9.99 ) , Vin De Pays des Cevennes is quite flavorful with good deep, rich red color and being medium-bodied I would chill it twenty minutes and enjoy outside when you grill.
     2) Barbera 2010 del Piemonte, Italy from the TERRE D'ALERAMO ( $8.99 ) is lighter and softer and more bright red-colored and simply perfect even now with these temperatures in the 70's to enjoy slightly-chilled 20 minutes with or without a meal. It's a great deal from our friend Mauro. Grazie Mauro.
     3) MERLOT South Eastern Australia ( also comes in a bolder, dry and nicely complex Chardonnay ) is drinking beautifully now. It's medium-to-light-bodied and also with a slight twenty minute chill will show really well all by itself or with a meal. BoTh the MERLOT and the CHARDONNAY sell for $9.99 a bottle.
          WHITES :
     1) New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc from NEW HARBOR, this 2010 ( $10.99, 5, James Rochfort Place, Hastings NZ ) is clean and crisp and bright and light enough to be perfect for this warmer weather of the 70's that we will enjoy all week long I believe? It's back again by popular demand. Our customers know and love it. Cheers.
     2) 2009 M'HUDI Sauvignon Blanc ( $15.99 , South Africa ) : " M'hudi, meaning " harvester ", inspired by a great African story. That of a bold and graceful woman who flees from her village to recreate life in a turbulent and unfamiliar environment. M'hudi Wines are in every way a celebration of this story of courage, possibility " Tseliso Rangaka. This is quite distinct, flavorful and great to enjoy now with or without a meal though you will be looking soon enough for a steaming bowl of Lavandou's mussels!
     3) Flonheimer Adelberg 2010 Silvaner from Germany's Rheinhessen ( $10.99 a liter bottle, 10 % alcohol by volume ) is just off-dry enough, round and smooth enough to intrigue and delight many a palate. it's also a great value, too.
     4) " Purato " Pura Sicilia 2010 dry white from Sicily is a blend of two grapes :  60%Catarratto and  40%Pinot Grigio ( $14.99, is made with organically grown grapes ) : " We are ECO friendly ,  1) sustainable ecosystem,  2) 100% Recycled Paper,  3)  85% Recycled Glass,    4) 100% Recycled Cardboard and   5) 100% Pure Vegetable Ink . " Using only natural methods for fertilization and pest control, we have extended our total commitment to the environment by using all eco-friendly products ... " . And on top of all of this the wine is great and delicious and, with true taste and character. It's a really fine wine to enjoy with a meal and with this warmer weather. It's only 12.5% alcohol by volume as well. What a real treat. Franceen our local rep for Vias imports brought it by for Ean and me to taste.
          REDS :
     1) Zinfandel 2008 from STERLING, their " Vintner's Collection " ( $14.99 ) is a delight to drink with or without a meal. It's medium-bodied, fleshy, good rich red color and touches of spice and herbs and tastes really bright. We have plenty for you in this warm weather. Come and check it out - lovely.
     2)Merlot 2008 from Stellenbosch, South Africa ( $14.99 , nvdmwines@vodamail.co.za, www.34south.com ) is made by Nico Van Der Merwe. " Maturation in French oak barrels completes the harmony of this serious yet friendly wine. Ideal with red meat dishes and medium flavored cuisine ". I do not think I could say this any better. Made in a traditional style and always best with food. Cheers and enjoy.
     3) Nero D'Avola 2010 from Sicily's CANTINE COLOSI, this 2010 ( $18.99 , www.viaswine.com, Giammoro ) : " Roby red in color, it has an intensive and fruity aroma with notes of cherry and blackberry. It's fresh flavor and well-balanced tannins make it an ideal accompaniment for red meats and game." Sound like a perfect wine for tonight?!? Come and get some. Great label, too, colorful, traditional and make me think of the earth from which the grapes came from. I like it a lot.
     4) Chianti Classico 2008 from the CASTELLO DI MELETO ( Dal 1256 , black rooster , $23.99, 13.5% alcohol by volume, www.castellomeleto.it ) is made from 90% Sangiovese grapes and 10% Merlot and aged for 12 months in 54 hl. Slavonian oak barrels. You better come and get some for your meal tonight. You can take it over to Dino ristorante tonight and not pay any corkage fee! Just remember to tip the waiter extra as they will not make any money otherwise off the bottle you take.
     5) Shiraz 68% /  32% Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 dry red Aussie blend " Tantalus "  from ELDERTON ( $28.99, South Australia, www.eldertonwines.com.au, carbon neutral ) is made by the Ashmeade family and is : " wonderfully uncomplicated and delicious Shiraz blend ". I went to visit ELDERTON years ago with Chris Pigott and had a blast. This is a favorite of Ean's and is back on our shelves once again. One of the two brothers of the ASHMEADE family has also been here in our store. Family ... come smell the bouquet of plums and cherries and cassis berries...
     6) Shiraz 2008 Barossa Valley from GROOM ( $32.99, 14.9% alcohol by volume 28 Langmeil Road, Tanunda, ) is drinking so smoothly and with such velvet and richness that it's almost impossible not to enjoy a glass or more and this 70 degree weather is perfect for that now.
          SAKE :
    1) STARS Kizakura " Pure " Sparkling ( $9.99, made from rice and Koji mold, 6.5% alcohol by volume , Japan ) is doing really well for us here in Cleveland Park. Tried and true and a success story. Nice to sip and relax and simply enjoy being ... By the way I am looking for some Nigori sake " Ozeki "? Anyone know where I can find some? Please respond to this store email if you do. Thanks.
       Friday, March 16th, 2012 ( 5-8PM ) : Danielle will come to taste some of her excellent " new " biodynamic and vegan Greek reds and whites,  as well as her excellent French dry whites from the Southwest of France. Everything value : everything I believe $15 and under a bottle.
       Saturday, March 17th, 2012 ( 3-6PM ) Roberta of Washington Wholesalers will be here to taste her Robert Kacher French wine selections like the DOMAINE De GOURNIER Grenache mentioned above, the Corbieres dry reds , the : new " biodynamic red and white and maybe more? WE will see. Join us, NEVER any charge. Bring family and friends : make this your event : we invite you to do so.
     I KNOW THAT I HAVE FORGOTTEN SOMETHING but it will have to wait this time. For more updates check us out at : www.clevelandparkwinnes.com, on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits, on Twitter at : cpwinespirits, and on my wine blog at : chatwine.blogspot.com. Cheers and thanks for everything. We are nothing without you ... is that from Whitney Houston's famous song or am I paraphrasing? ANYWAY, we thank you for all your faith and belief in us. Cheers and hope to see you this evening when you get off work.  TONY
DO YOU LIKE JAZZ? Go hear the Michael Bowie Quartet organized through the JazzKnights & Blackberry Jazz  at Viino's March 19th, 2012  from 7-9:30PM : $20 in advance and $25 at the door. Located at : 959 Sligo Avenue , Silver Spring, Md. Go to : www.jazzknights.com for more info. I have heard Michael Bowie ( bass ) and Robert Redd ( piano ) play and with them are Keith Ailor ( vocals ) and Donato Soviero ( guitar ). This will be fun! Monday night jazz. For reservations call : 202-270-0107. Cheers... and thanks again,  TONY

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Winchester On T.V. Series " Mash " Dies at 75 Years Of Age, What Wine Is He Enjoying In Heaven Now? Teachers In West Virginia Get Justice In Spite Of Governor Justice Yeah! Yes Si Si Oui Oui Oui! Tastings Here Alberto Paltrinieri Of Lambrusco, Emilia Italy Here Saturday March 10th 2-6PM W/ Robert Kennedy, Join Us, Free Wine-Tasting, Come Get Shelter From All Storms Here at Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits! Cheers

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits
THERE IS SO MUCH TO WRITE ABOUT and yet you just have to find a moment when you are not helping customers, tasting ' new ' wines , beers, spirits, and checking in orders like the two now from Robert Kennedy as he has both Alberto Paltrinieri of Paltriniere spumante here this Saturday  ( 3/10 2-6PM ), and Vittorio from TRE MONTI here next Saturday ( 3/17 2-6PM ) - all great news for you and for us, we are thrilled with this as this is the full-circle of the wine experience, and what matters most in family-owned business.
SO : Let's Get Started NOW :

IN BEER and CIDER from Santos Rivera we have :
          IN BEER -
     1) GUINNESS Special Edition Can, 4 X 14.9% Fl. Oz cans, brewed in Dublin, a Draft Stout 4-pack of cans is On Special for $8.99 with St. Paddy's Day - a  special time as you know coming up this March 17th! Cheers. We have other GUINNESS beers, too as well as other Irish beers for that great Saturday soon enough!
     2) UINTA Brewing Company , the Hop NOsh IPA, their flagship featuring bold, juicy hops with a touch of malty sweetness. On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles.
     3) TROEGS Impending Descent, is a stout brewed with vanilla bean and cocoa and then aged in Bourbon barrels, bottled in 2017, for a 12.7Fl oz bottle, $14.99 a bottle, turning up and amping-up with 12% alcohol by volume, yes!!
     4) FARM TOBARREL, Cherry Picker Farmhouse ale aged in oak barrels with cherries, On Special for $10.99 a bottle with Brett, from the ALMANAC Beer Co., for a 12.68 Fl. Oz bottle, brewed in northern California, with alcohol of 6.8%, check this out and tell us what you think? Cheers!
AND in   - Cider -
     1) Stone Dry naturally gluten-free, from the ANGRY ORCHARD, On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with alcohol of 5.5% , something really crisp, tart and refreshing, a real treat, from Walden, NY.
In LIQUOR From Jagir -
     1) Writer's Tears Copper Pot Irish Whiskey, 40% alcohol by volume, On Special for $35.99 a bottle, regularly $39.99 : new and very exciting, especially with St. Paddy's Day coming this 17th of March! Come get some.
     2) OLD LINE aged Caribbean RUM from Baltimore, MD, $29.99, with 47%% alcohol by volume, something again very new and very exciting!
     " Old Line worked with master rum blenders for more than a year to develop this unique Caribbean cask-aged rum. Aged for at least seven years in used bourbon barrels in the tropics, its rich notes of sugarcane and oak are complemented with just a hint of dryness. Enjoy! "
     3) WASMUND'S Rappahannock pot stilled non-chill-filtered SINGLE MALT WHISKY from the COPPER FOX Distillery, in Sperryville, VA., $43.99 is back in stock, 49% alcohol by volume.
     4) CONNEMARA Peated single malt Irish whiskey, a product of Ireland, distinctively Irish peated Single Malt, " original ", from the KILBEGGAN Co. Distillery On Special for $45.99 a bottle, regularly $55.99 a bottle. Happy St. Paddy's Day! Cheers!
ON WINE from Chris & Tony -
     1) Fiano di Avellino from TENUTA VICARIO, On Special for $12.99, for a mature, flavorful, dry mineral complex and wonderful dry Naples Italian white that I will open and taste with you all tonight, come taste and see what you all think , 5-8PM, Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 - free wine-tasting with me!
       IN Reds -
     1) Spicy Shiraz 2014 from TANGLED TREE, On Special for $7.99 a bottle, regularly $9.99, and it is drinking really well now, a real treat to enjoy in this colder damp and brrrrrr weather! And what a value now.
        THREE For 3 for $33 Program  SALE -
     1) Tempranillo 2015 from the Ribera del Duero TORREMORON , On Special for $12.99 a bottle, regularly $15.99 a bottle, and down to $11 on three bottles! Classic dry and edgy and spicy earthy style made for a meal.
     2) ET CETERA 2013 dry red blend ' Cuvee Rouge ' dry red Moldovan blend of Rare Neagra, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Saperavi, will be open for you all to taste and buy here next week when our shipment arrives, Amazingly round, lush, ripe, fruit-centered lovely supple and easy-sipping , mmmmm good!
     3) 2007 CLOS ROJA from Priorat in Spain, a Rhone-Ranger-Style, mature, flavorful, a real treat to enjoy with many a meal, medium-bodied, earthy, a touch gruff, rustic, flavorful, mature - yes si si si si si!
       TWO Reds from Washington State from DESERT WIND -
     1) Merlot Estate-grown, Wahluke Slope, $18.49, Merlot - a good balance, flavorful, well-made, Washington State's most famous red grape variety, some real character, presence, and best with food.
     2) Cabernet Sauvignon Estate-Grown Wahluke Slope, WA. State, $18.49 - a bit rounder, a touch more fruit-centered and forward, and also a delight to enjoy - can sip without a meal, but also best with food. Cheers!
ONE Insane Value -
     1) OBSIDIAN Wine " Molten " 2011 Oregon dry red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot, regularly $47.99 a bottle, and the last few bottles are here NOW On Sale for $29.99 a bottle! Come get some for a really nice occasion - first-come, first-serve!
SAVE BIG up to 20% OFF on every Wednesday on wine in 750ml bottles, a great way to save two ways and get the 20% OFF, one way to get 15% OFF< CALL me here, Tony at 202-363-4265 for more info, cheers! Every Wednesday!
TONIGHT, Tuesday, March 6th, 5-8PM, with me - Tony tasting Fiano dry white, and more in reds - some Spanish, Moldovan wines, too.
WEDNESDAY, March 7th, 2018 ( 5-8PM ) : Reid Harper comes to taste some fine Sonoma TRIONE Winery Sauvignon Blanc and some Zinfandel, too - Top-Flight, join us!
FRIDAY, March 9th, 2018 ( 5-8PM ) : Chris here pours the TOMASELLA Friuli dry red Merlot-Refosco great red like Bordeaux On Special for $12.99, the great TOMASELLA dry white BIanco, alsso On Special for $12.99 - assort three and get both down to $11, assort six and get the prices down to $10! YES!! ALSO : Chris will taste the Jenette Eger Pfalz Riesling , and the GRAND PLANAL Corbieres dry red blend from Southwest, France, too! Cheers!!!
SATURDAY, March 10th, 2018 ( 2-6PM ) : Robert Kennedy will be here with owner/winemaker Alberto Paltrinieri of his own sparkling Italian Emilia wines of Lambrusco di Sorbara, introducing a brand spanking ' new ' one, too ! Yes, si si si si si, e a presto!
OUR GERMAN wine producers will be by tomorrow I believe and that is exciting, just to say " prosit - hello! " as we plan our Wednesday tasting of there wines here for Wednesday, April 11th, 2018 5-8PM, that you should all mark on your calendars and plan to be here! Yes!
FUN - better to have a full agenda that you rush to complete each day than not enough, and that is the way I roll.
THE West Virginia teachers just got Governor Justice to agree to a 5% pay raise for them that will be signed into law. I was up there yesterday visiting my brother on my  day-off and saw many of these teachers on the side of the road protesting and listened to my brother tell me the story as he knew it - what an embarrassment for both them, the state of West Virginia - not goo. So glad they get the raise they deserve, and so much more than that, they are so important to the healthy and productive fabric of our lives.
DAVID OGDEN STIERS known as Winchester in the great t.v. series '  Mash " passed away at 75 years of age, and the question I pose to all of us is what fine wines , spirits, beers, etc is he enjoying up in heaven now?!? He loved quality, and was quite the fascinating character, too. We will miss you Winchester - bon voyage ami!
INCLUSIVE RIDER was googled so much on Sunday night because of the great speech that Francis McDormand gave winning the Oscar for Best Actress in her amazing role in : " Three Billboards ... " - loved the movie, Woody also gave a great performance, a fine movie on every level! Cheers, ...
AND MEN  do look around at all the women around us and ask them for their suggestions, too on everything that will ultimately better all our lives - they have our backs, always have, always will. Cheers!
MEN and WOMEN must find ways both to communicate and work better together, accepting and appreciating all our collective and individual strengths and weaknesses to make the very best of every situation we face togther - yes, si, oui so important.
I HEAR that for a month there is a circus to take advantage of at the National Harbor, sounds like an opportunity!
JOHLINE BARNHARDT of TANGLED TREE plastic bottles of wines from South Africa , from Robertson, is here on Thursday afternoon to say ' hello ! '. The wines really showed well here this past weekend, and the 2014 Shiraz On Special at $7.99 is a delight and delicious, mature, balanced, fruit-centered - really nice~
THANKS For everything! TONY    
YOU ALL are the very best!
WHAT FOLLOWS below is my old store email I wrote and posted back on March 6th, 2012, read and enjoy it if you have time! Cheers, TONY  3/5.2018
THERE IS SO MUCH TO WRITE ABOUT and it's a beautiful Tuesday here : brisk, bright and cold with a chilling wind, lots of Luke-warm yet brilliant sunshine, too. It's Super Tuesday and here we in Washington D.C. we watch ten states vote for their favorite Republican candidate for President of the United States. What to drink while watching? How many of us will indeed be watching? We do have some excellent Italian Pinot Grigio coming today : the VITAS Friuli 2009 On Special for $1199, regularly $16.99 a bottle. We also have some great dry red French Burgundy CHATEAU PRETY " Clos Du PERPETUANT " 2006 On Special for $18.99, regularly $25.99 a bottle. Both are drinking so well and would be great to enjoy tonight with some light finger foods. BOTH represent GREAT DEALS as well. So come and buy at least a bottle of each and enjoy tonight or this week sometime. You will want to taste both as there is limited availability on both and once we sell out the deal is off.
LAST WEEK WAS PRETTY CRAZY HERE as we received two large drops of various wines from around the world and worked all day and nigh long to get them displayed in floor stacks and on our shelves. It feels great to have so much wine come to our store as we sell it and are always looking for " more deals " and " more specials " for you all. Fortunately the wholesalers are obliged to buy so many wines to be competitive ( especially the large wholesalers ) and so there are always specials that they are offering us.

WE ALSO HAD MORE OWNERS / WINEMAKERS COME visit Ean and me :  1) Caleb L.E. Foster ( owner/ winemaker ) of BUTY in Walla Wall, Washington State ( www.butywinery.com : Caleb makes a : killer dry white aromatic blend of mostly Semillon ( $22.99 ) , and the 2008 Horse Heaven Hills Dry red Blend will be $56.99 when it arrives that will be here by April at the latest ...  2) Mona and her husband of  Azienda Agricola REBULI ANGELO & FIGLI that make some great Prosecco ( since the 750ml bottle is out-of-stock we will get some magnums of it and they will sell for $46.99 and make great gifts for special occasions;   from the Veneto regio along with  and some outstanding Cartisse ( will be $29.99  GREAT PRICE for this high quality level) . too, including vintage dated Prosecco and dry soft rose Prosecco . We have the soft dry rose sparkling ( www.rebuli.it ). We have sold this Prosecco over the years here and so it will be great to have it on our shelves once again : probably in April at this point. They are located in the best region for making Prosecco : Valdobbadene, Saccol di Valdobbiadene ( Treviso ).
BUT HEY, LAST WEEK I FORGOT RAVI'S LIQUOR and so I will skip ahead to it right now. I was wondering last week why I had finished the Tuesday store email so soon and that was at least one reason. Sorry Ravi and all of you that read it interested in the liquor and the liqueurs as well as the wine.
     1) GLEN BRETON, Canada's Only Single Malt Whisky , Aged 10 Years ( $89.99 , 43% alcohol by volume, Rare, www.glenoradistillery.com) , a Gold Medal winner in 2011. " Cape Breton is one of only a few places on Earth, outside of Scotland, where the Gaelic culture and language lives and thrives ... Glen Breton, Canada's only single malt whisky, is distilled with the wisdom and legacy of deeply rooted Scottish traditions but with a unique character all its own ".
     2) Rhum Agricole NEISSON Thieubert-Carbet Reserve Speciale ( $67.99 for a full liter, alcohol is 42% by volume, www,caribbean-Spiirits.com ) : " In Martinique - French West Indies - the uncontested home of rhum agricole, where endless discussions wax eloquently over the comparative qualities of its different sugar cane spirits, everyone agrees on the superior rank of Neisson Rhums ... "
     3) The Jewel Of Russia " Classic " Vodka ( On Special for $42.99, www.jewelofrussia.com, alcohol is 40% by volume, 750ml bottle ) : " You are holding a bottle originally created over 300 years ago in the days of Peter The Great of Russia. ... only the finest grains ( wheat, rye ) and crystal deep well artesian water were used to bring you this ultimate perfection of quality ".
     4) MEZCAL Joven Produced By ILEGAL MEZCAL, Collection Privada, 100% Agave Special Edition J. Pallo R. ( On Special for $56.99, 40% Alcohol by volume ) is from Oaxaca, Mexico. For more info go to : www.ilegalmezcal.com. Just off the truck, here for only minutes now as I write about it. Cheers!
     5) FIFTY POUNDS Gin Batch No 04/10 Rare & Handcrafted London Dry Gin ( $34.99, 43.5% alcohol by volume, 100% grain neutral spirits  ) : " In 1736, during the reign of George II of England, an annual levy of 50 pounds, known as the 1736 Gin Act, was imposed on those wishing to produce and sell gin. Only two distilleries agreed to pay this tax ... "
          CIDER -
     1) JACK'S Hard Cider ( On Special for $9.99, 12 fl. oz cans, 5,5% alcohol by volume, www.hauserestate.com, also jackshardcider.com  for more info, from biglerville, Pennsylvania ) is " new and exciting since last week when Santos brought these shiny deep colored green cans to my attention.
          BEER -
     1) IMPERIAL India Pale Ale ( IPA ) from EPIC Brewing and their " Exponential Series " ( $8.99 a 1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz. bottle, Salt Lake City, UT. ) : " You are holding something special - one of only 1,800 bottles released and numbered. Go to : www.epicbrewing.com for more info on this.
     2) BRAINLESS On PEACHES Belgian Style Ale Malt Beverage Brewed With Peaches and aged in oak barrels, by EPIC Brewing from their " Exponentia Series " ( $11.99 for a 1 Pt. 6 Fluid oz. bottle ) is also " new and exciting. Go to : www.epicbrewing.com for more info. Cheers. They look fun. We should do a tasting of these.
     3) " Big Eddy " 2011 Russian Imperial Stout from LEINENKUGEL'S ( $11.99, for four 12 ounce bottles, 9.5% alcohol by volume, from Milwaukee, WI. ) : " Dark and complex with 11malts and grains balanced by three different and distinct hops ". Come check this out. Cheers.
     WINE From EAN & TONY :
     1) MAS LAVAL " Les Pampres " 2010 ( On Special for $20.99 , regularly $ 26,99 a bottle ) will be here shortly and a nice surprise for many of you. Ean and I really were very impressed. This is a well-crafted Rhone blend. Thus a bit heartier and earthier than the DOMAINE L'EVECHE listed below. From the Pays De L'Herault and made with Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre and it is hearty and robust as it is neither fined nor filtered. You can drink it now or cellar it longer.
     2) DOMAINE L'EVECHE Bourgogne Rouge 2007 is really drinking well with the extra bottle age and it offers a babulous deal On Special for $19.99, regularly $24.99 a bottle. It's nice to have some wine that is slightly aged and where the various elements have had a chance to reveal themselves and more thus of the complexity that this dry and aromatic and elegant red 100% Pinot Noir can offer you. Cheers and enjoy!

     3) CHATEAU TOUR D'AURON 2009 ( great vintage for Bordeaux wines ) Bordeaux Superieur ( $11.99 ) is drinking beautifully now and has polish, elegance, brightness and finesse and is quite reasonably priced as well. This is a clear winner for pretty much anytime the need or desire strikes. Cheers.
     4) CHATEAU BELLES-GRAVES 2007 Lalande-De-Pomerol ( On Special for $21.99 , regularly $24.99 ) is drinking really well now : balanced, focused, hearty and very much alive with attitude and grip and some sustained brawn, too. GREAT VALUE as well. Cheers.
     5) Bourgogne Blanc 2007 from Desertaux-Ferrand ( Corgolain, Cotes-D'Or ) is On Special for $18.99 , regularly $21.99. What makes this wine truly unique is that it is a blend of both the Chardonnay and the Pinot Blanc grapes and that it gives this wine with some great bottle age some real different nuances , textures, colors and flavors. Really special, do not over-chill and let it open gracefully just as you would a great red Burgundy.
     Friday, March  9th, 2012 : 9 5-8PM ) : We have Neal coming to taste some of his great selections from 5 Grapes Imports : to be decided tomorrow so please call us at : 202-363-4265 for more info if you need to know before you show up. No charge ever - join us. Bring family and friends.
     Saturday, March 10th, 2012 : 2-6PM Join us with Chris of Lanterna Imports. We hope to have Emily Roberts here of Oregon if all works out. Should know more tomorrow so once again please call if you have any questions : 202-363-4265 and ask for Ean or Tony and we will catch you up as this is down to the wire.  Cheers,  TONY
     I KNOW I HAVE FORGOTTEN MANY THINGS and lots of the wines mentioned here above have rolled through our doors in the time it has taken me to type this email to you all. I will finish this and then go and continue pricing bottles like a happy madman as there is so much great wine to bring to your attention! Cheers and thanks for everything. For more info please go to : www.clevelandparkwines.com,  on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits, on Twitter at : cpwinespirits, and on my blog at : chatwine.blogspot.com. Thanks again for everything.
     DO STOP BY, the store is filled with all sorts of goodies for you all! Cheers,  TONY