Thursday, August 18, 2016

Christian Stahl, Owner-Winemaker Here @ClevelandParkWineAndSpirits This Past Tuesday, August 16th, 2016 From 5-7:30PM, Free-Tasting Of 4 Top-Flight #Franken #GermanWine #Wine Of #Riesling #Scheurebe & More, Really Fine Wines, Love Them!

Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits
With owner, winemaker Christian L. Stahl at Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits and then later at dinner at @DelFriscos @DoubleEagleSteakHouse 27th @ChrisopherBartha of his own @ChristopherDouglasSelection , and @CraigMauro of @RayaImports , @Craig Mauro , and me, Anthony Quinn, with ‪#‎Sommelier‬ @MatthewRancourt ... the tasting was great, the food, the ‪#‎steak‬ and the ‪#‎greenbeans‬ and the ‪#‎nashedpotatoes‬ were fabulous, melted in my mouth! @VibertiGiovanni ‪#‎Barolo‬ 2007 we're amazing , at the store we sell the ‪#‎BarberaDAlba‬ 2014, $16.49,come by, get some, as well as the Christian Stahl, Franken, German whites ,too!
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With owner, winemaker Christian L. Stahl at Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits and then later at dinner at @DelFriscos @DoubleEagleSteakHouse 27th @ChrisopherBartha of his own @ChristopherDouglasSelection , and @CraigMauro of @RayaImports , @Craig Mauro , and me, Anthony Quinn, with ‪#‎Sommelier‬ @MatthewRancourt ... the tasting was great, the food, the ‪#‎steak‬ and the ‪#‎greenbeans‬ and the ‪#‎nashedpotatoes‬ were fabulous, melted in my mouth! @VibertiGiovanni ‪#‎Barolo‬ 2007 we're amazing , at the store we sell the ‪#‎BarberaDAlba‬ 2014, $16.49,come by, get some, as well as the Christian Stahl, Franken, German whites ,too!

@ViasImports Fine Spanish Wines Of @Vinergia , Noah Of @GlobalWineMaryland, Sangeeta Rao of @FiveGrapes With @CamposDeLuz Spanish Wines W/ Scott Dilyard Of His Own @VentureWines, and Brian Armstrong of @BarrelOneSelections : Wow, Wed. Aug. 17th, 2016 5:30-8:30PM, Great Event @ ClevelandParkWineAndSpirits ...

Anthony Quinn added 20 new photos — with Olivia Norman. Taken from my Facebook page, also on our store Facebook page, check out all this, it was a great tasting and event here last night tasting wines from Around The World that included many from Spain, from South Africa, 
Big Theme Wine-Tasting here at Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits, Free, Join us, no charge, wines from around the world, what a fun summer August hot-weather treat, even with humidity, what a treat, join us, wines of Spain, Italy, France, USA, South Africa, join us, what a treat! With Franceen Kahng, Brian Armstrong, @NarayanCampbell, and Sangeeta Rao, ... with ‪#‎wine‬ of VIAS IMPORTS LTD, Five Grapes LLC, @BarrelOneSelections and The Winebow Group .... cheers!
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Anthony Quinn
Anthony Quinn Thanks, grazie Franceen, see you tomorrow!
Franceen Kahng
Franceen Kahng · 12 mutual friends

Last night at Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits for our Big Theme Wine-Tasting, wonderful!

Anthony Quinn
Anthony Quinn Thank you @ScottDiyard of your own Venture Wines of the Russia River Valley #wine #Russia #RussianRiverValley #NapaValleyWines to come and pour your #Chardonnay #PinorNoir #CabernetSauvignon and #CuvveWineBlend , wonderfully elegant, refined, stylish...See More

Enrico Sasso Of @IlPioppo Italian Fine Wine Imports Tastes With Me, Anthony Quinn Wines @ClevelandParkWineAndSpirits In Washington D.C., 20008 Wednesday, August 17th, 2016 Wines Currently Available In Stock & New Wines, Too, Grazie Enrico!

Anthony Quinn added 23 new photos. Copied from my Facebook Page : Anthony Quinn, Annandale, ALSO available At @ClevelandParkWineAndSpirits, cheers, 8/18/2016 Happy Thursday all,  TONY
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Tasting the fine wines if @IlPioppoWine 27th @EnricoSasso here yesterday, Wer, August 17th, 2016, reds and whites from ‪#‎Italy‬ ‪#‎ItalianWibe‬ ‪#‎wine‬ including some dessert wines, too , some that we have here, delicious, flavorful, distinct, fine reflections of climate, soil, weather, great food wines! 1) ‪#‎Morianobianco‬, a dry white Tuscan blend of two grape varietis, good layers of inviting, lively, vigorous flavors, $15.99 a bottle, ... 2) ‪#‎Vespaiolo‬ dry indigenous grape variety from @FirminoMiotti in ‪#‎VenetoItaly‬ , this 2013 ‪#‎Breganze‬ @Breganze is rich, creamy, silky, lush, loved it, so wonderful and rested so nicely,all over my tongue, mmmmmm, $17.99 a bottle, .... 3) ‪#‎CabernetSauvignon‬ and ‪#‎CabernetFranc‬ statecraft, barnyard, dirty, gritty, trippy, honest, sweaty, swearing,‪#‎S‬'wonderful Veneto fifty_fifty % red blend from Firmino Miotti , lived it, great food wine, $26.49 a bottle, ....4) @AziendaAgricolaArmida , from @CastelVecchio ‪#‎Terricciola‬, ‪#‎VinSantoDelChuanti‬, golden deep amber color, incredible voluptuous, mature, ‪#‎Rubenesque‬ flavors and taste, $34.99, ...5) ‪#‎Tercolato‬ from ‪#‎FirminoMiotti‬, $44.98, 2006, incredible honey, but, undulating liquid sunshine, will humble, reduce you to tears of joy! Come get some here!

Four Hungarians Show Their Fine Hungarian White Wines Made From The Furmint Grape, In The Group @FurmintUSA, Brought Here By Noel Brockett Of @GeorgianHouseOfGreaterWashingtonDC, Cheers, Here Wednesday, August 17th, 2016 2-3:30PM! What Fun!

Tasting fine Hungarian ‪#‎Furmint‬ wines, whites of : owners, winemakers : @NataliaDemko , @LaszioBalint , László Kvaszinger and @KovacsTamas, yes, all distinctly different, all worth enjoying with a suitable meal, loved them.
Anthony Quinn
Anthony Quinn Go to Mádi Furmint Ünnep for more info on these fine wines, my pictures are artistic as I am an artist and here to inspire you through color, clarity, and more to come in search of them, at Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits in September! Cheers!

Monday, July 18, 2016

It Grows I /
Grow It Grounds /
Pounds Yeah /
You Bet , Me /
Sounds So /
Yes Oui Si /
Outa Outa /
Bow Bow Bounds !
6/24/ 2016 . Friday @workjustnow ...
Happy Monday all, 7/18 / 2016

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Talking The 4th of July Celebrations And Drinking Fine American Wines To Celebrate like the BREAUX Vineyards and the BEDELL CEllars, Too , And More! Read On!

Happy 4th of July this 2016, drink and eat American U.S.A. wines and foods and enjoy family and friends. We had our tasting this weekend with Andrew Stover of Siema Imports and also with Iason of Oenos Wine Imports and poured a number of fine American wines like the Breaux Vineyard's mentioned, here, the Bedell Cellars, too, the McPherson Vineyard wines, the 600 PEAK Central Coast, CA. and the UNEARTHED WINES, too of Central Coast, and the ARIZONA STRONGHOLD Vineyard wines, too of Arizona, all available at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits for today and tomorrow's celebrations. Come by, get some, call : 202-363-4265, Cheers!   Anthony TONY Quinn 7/3/2016

Silvia Miller I will be there
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Silvia Miller Thanks again Jen
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Anthony Quinn Have a great day, poured the Cab Franc with Andrew atCleveland Park Wine & Spirits and woke up this Sunday morning less than an hour ago musing about Ut and the Bedell Cellars Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon from New York that we just poured, this past Friday to start our early celebration of the 4 4th of July weekend, and thinking about the differences in the two wines? Liked them both, yours the CABERNET Franc was bolder, healthier, beefier, more rustic and earthy, and with a slight chill of 30 minutes will be great with the meal, food off a grill, appetizers, etc. I also shared with Andrew Stover the story of the last bottle sold of it before this week;s new shipment arrived. A regular customer, a young beautiful brunette lady with a wonderful smile and long-lasting hair bought it, told me she had visited you all, really liked it, was so happy to soon be enjoying it. That was a Saturday. Two, three hours when I left to go home I walked outside and down the block past Ardeo+Bardeo , past Coppi's Organic Restaurant, past @Spice'sResraurant, past Ripple, past @PhoNamViet @NamVietPho restaurant, all fine, killer-day neighborhood restaurants, also @FatPete'sBarbecue, andCleveland Park Bar & Grill, all great, past the nail salon at the corner of Connecticut Avenue Northwest Washington D.C., 20008, and Macomb Streets, turned to go to my car, the apartments there, a thin slice of green grass on either side of the doors, and there she was , our beautiful brunettes with her boyfriend, the bottle of Jen Breaux Breaux Vineyards by her side, a glass in her hand, a big smile and grin on her face, the grill going there in front of them, happiness all around, Happy 4 4th of July Jen, to you and to your family, cheers, enjoy, have a great event!
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Anthony Quinn Andrew Stover pours the Jen Breaux Cabernet Franc for the 44th if July celebration this past Friday, July 1st, 2016, showed beautifully, perfection a grill this 4th! Cheers all! Happy 4th all!
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