Tuesday, February 20, 2018

join me tonight at cleveland park wine and spirits 3423 conn ave. and taste spanish wines of PAPET Del Mas sparkling cava, usoa de bagordi, tomorrow wed 5-8pm taste lebanese wines of chateau kefraya and a rose, too, friday with tess taste newton ca. wines, cape mentelle westernaustralia margaret rover sauvignon blanc and semillon, saturday 2-6pm taste fabulous turkish wines w/ serghei, too - dry white, dry rose, and two dry reds! yes si oui venga aqui! no charge ever to taste!!!!

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so much to celebrate and be encouraged by and push forward with!
CRAIG MAURO is coming to our rescue today! Our 3 for $33 on wine purchases in the 750ml bottle size has been such a success that we are desperately in need of his reinforcements. Now that is something we can all celebrate and cheer loudly for! Either you like wine or not, but for those of you that do this is important, and it will be happening here soon - stacks of three of some really fine ' wine-values ', and all ON SALE every day here for 3 for $33 and 6 for $60! Yes si oui yes!
new ceiling lights have been installed above us here and we are currently still working out the glitches! HOWEVER : the back beer cooler lights are on and they look bright, softer, warmer, magnifiscent - so much easier to see the beers there now! Yes si oui claro vraiment bien so happy!
cheers to all on this glorious Tuesday! Love it, went to Firehook Bakery and loved the warmth all around and embracing, hugging me softly ...
looking always for ' new ' approaches as time is of the essence, it is here with us and lots to accomplish this 2018!
we can accomplish a lot together in 2018. we can. we will, we must.
so, to do so here is what we have to offer you right now :
in beer and cider  from Santos Rivera -
temperatures in the seventies says the weather woman over the radio just now -
          beer -
     1)  Singlecut QNS NYC , a ' heavy boots of lead' Imperial Stout, ale / one pint 9 Fl. oz with 11% alcohol by volume, 55 IBU's 100% brewed and bottled on premises by SINGLECUT Beersmiths  in Astoria , NY. $8.99, try some.
     2) MILLS HILLS Imperial Stout , outstanding craft beer, brewed abd bottled by FYNE ALE, UNited KIngdom, with 9.5% alcohol, $8.99 a 11/2 Fl oz bottle, from Scotland, yes yes yes, come try some. Brewing with passion and integrity.
     3) KOYT GRUITBIER Recipe 1407 , crafting divine beer JOPEN , $4.99, for 11.2Fl. Oz bottles with .5% alcohol by volume. product of the Netherlands, ingredients are : water, barley, malt, wheat, malt, oats, gruit ( herbal blend ), yeast, gluten-free ... come try some!
          cider -

     1) Original Garden Cider HandCrafted, On Special for $5.49 a bottle, a 500ml bottle, with 5% alcohol : " clean, fresh, crisp, and medium dry, like all our ciders it is made from 100% freshly pressed garden apples and naturally fermented ... " Read on, cheers, come get some, from Washington DC, 20009! Cheers!!


     2) Cidre RUWET Belgian Artisinal Cider, ano 1898 , $15.99 a 4-pack of bottles, 11.2Fl. Oz bottles, with 4,5% alcohol by volume, Brut = Dry! From Belgium. come try some!
          Liqueur - liquor from Jagir -
       FOUR Liqueurs -
          TWO From KOVAL -
     1) Ginger liqueur , $27.99, Organic, $27.99 a  375ml bottle, with 20% alcohol by volume, add some ginger into your lives! Yes!! Made in  Chicago , Illinois. Also try their whiskey Four Grain $53.99 a bottle.
      2) Chrysanthemum & Honey liqueur Organic, 20% alcohol by volume, 375ml bottle, throws sediment, all good, great golden honey colors, mmmmmm, throw some of both into your lives, treat yourselves, splurge, dive headfirst into this elixir! $26.99 a bottle.
       TWO from PUR LIKOR, Germany, owner Kiki! -
     1) Williams pear liqueur , $26.99 for a 375ml bottle, with 25% alcohol by volume, yum, so lovely, lilting and beautiful! so pretty delightful for this weather now in the mid seventies!
     2) Spice blood orange liqueur, 375ml bottle, with 25% alcohol by volume, On Special for $26.99,  so much darker, mysterious, an opaqueness your tongue wants to split ooohhhh open wide, yes! Love it, love the tint, the hue, the reflrctivr warm qualities, the dance , the passion, the spin the splash and dash and dare and gosh-darn-goodness-within! Try some. Cheers Kiki, miss you, come back soon!
       THREE Eau de Vies from  WILLM -
     1) Poire William Pear Brandy, French from Alsace, the essence of the pear scent and shadow of it's taste, On Special for $20.99 a bottle,, 375ml bottle, 45% alcohol by volume, yes! Actually the shadow awash in the brightest sunshine flavors!
     2)  Framboise / Raspberry Brandy, On Special for $20.99 for a 375ml bottle, here we have again the accent of raspberry and the flavors like the shadow filtered and awash in the richest sunshine - yes si si oui oui oui!
     3) Kirsch d'Alsace, On Special for $20.99 a bottle, a 375ml size, from Alsace, a Cherry brandy here, like the others - a touch of cherry in the nose and in the taste the flavors are muted by the brightest reflection off this clear white eaux-de-vie aflood in noon sunshine! Oui oui oui monsieurs et madames, venez ici vous tous - come all of you here for these! 375ml with 45% alcohol by volume.
       THREE Others -
     1) CIROC Pineapple made with French vodka, 5 times distilled, $38.99, come get your pineapple ON! Cheers , sante a tous, cheers to one and to all.
     2) The IRISHMAN Small Batch Irish Whiskey, Founder's Reserve, with 40&% alcohol, this is normally $38.99 a 750ml bottle, now ON SPECIAL for $34.99 - come try some and see what you think?!
     3) COCCHI Vermouth di Torino, Piemonte, Italy, $20.99, since 1891 - celebrating 126 years now, glad to have it on our shelves, with 16% alcohol by volume.


           WINE From Chris and Tony ( Me ) -
       SAVE ON WINE -

SAVE ON WINE up to 20% OFF your purchases two ways! Every Wednesday.
SAVE ON WINE all week long -
1) 3 for $33
2) 6 for $60 . mix or match certain bottles of 750ml wine here in stock.
          HERE Are Our  WINE Suggestions for you this week -
     THREE Whites , Includes ONE Spanish Cava-
     1) Usoa de Bagordi  Organic 2016,  50%  Sauvignon Blanc and 50% Garnacha  from Spain's Rioja region, WOW, how unique is this! Come taste it with me tonight and let us see what Sauvignon Blanc in Rioja, Spain tastes like?!? $9.99 a bottle. This is ' a first ' for us. With 12.5% alcohol by volume, si si si , venga aqui!
     2) Chardonnay 2014 Estate-Bottled from Mexico's the Vale de Guadalupe, Baja California, showed really well this Saturday when Eric poured it here. Tasty, flavorful, some real presence and flattering body, flesh, bone and muscle, si si si si si! On Special for $10.99, regularly $14.49 a bottle. Come get some, Medium-to-light-bodied. Cheers.
     3) PAPET Del Mas Spanish Cava, On Special for $10.99, I will taste this here with you all tonight, come taste! It has 11.5% alcohol by volume, excellent, a treat, and a fine value, too!
          FOUR Dry  Reds -
     1) Rioja red Organic  2015 from USOA De BAGORDI, 
 a dry blend of 80% Tempranillo, 10% Garnacha, and 10% Graciano, come see how this rich fruit-forward red sits on your tongue and palate?!?
     2) Agiorgitiko 2015 dry red Greek wine ( the grape is also called the Saint Georges grape ), from Greece's Peloponnese region, with 13% alcohol by volume, from the KOTROTSOS Winery, named after the wife in a husband and wife excellent effort here, $9.99 a bottle, always a winner with food! Tasty, flavorful, with personality and value, too - best with a meal big or small, or simply some finger foods!
     3) L.A.CETTO Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 Estate-Bottled from Mexico's Vale de Guadalupe, Baja California is un-oaked and a joy to sip or taste with a meal! What a treat any way you want to enjoy it!
     4) Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 Private Reserve from Chile's Aconcagua Valley, from ALMA de Chile, On Special for $9.99 a bottle, with 14% alcohol by volume is an old earthy - dirty - sharp and testy, angular, chewy, chunks of chunky-liquid flaves, like it, enjoying some myself now during the Winter Olympics, yes si si si senores e senoras!
TUESDAY - 5-8PM, me tonight tasting Spanish wines mentioned above.
WEDNESDAY, 5-8PM, 2/21 Sam tasting the three Lebanese wines of CHATEAU KEFRAYA red and white, maybe the rose, or the rose dry from IXSIR, Join Us, never any charge!
FRIDAY, Feb. 24th, 2018 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Tess of the  MOET Strategic Group tasting the fine wines of NEWTON Napa Valley, CA ( with two dry reds, one Chardonnay, too $19.99 ), and a fine Margaret River , western Australia 2017 Sauvignon Blanc- Semillon Blanc dry white from CAPE MENTELLE, and a surprise Malbec from Argentina, a real value, tasty, come and be surprised!
SATURDAY, February 24th, 2018 ( 2-6PM ) : Come taste with Serghei from Moldova some outstanding wines of KAYRA, made with the help over the last ten years of California winemaker Daniel O'Donnal, a dry Narince white, a dry Karsai rose Blanc de Noir, and two reds, a Bogazkere 100% Bogazkere red, and a Buzbag Rzerv Okuzgozu-Bogazkere typical indigenous fry red blend - be prepared to be blown away with finesse and subtlety!
NO CHARGE, Join Us! Cheers ...

life is beautiful on this gorgeous tuesday morning here in cleveland park following president's day monday yesterday when the washington post headlines on the front page were of the shooting of 17 in florida, our lawmakers saying to foreign diplomats and their countries to disregard trumps tWeets, that they do not reflect their opinions, and the woman that continues to tell her story having been assaulted by trump in his own trump tower back in 2006 and no one seeming to hear or care or do anything about it. and all of this on president's day! i guess even presidents don't really get to have a pass on their special day.

TALKING TO LEON TARRANT about his childhood, ... quoting him after selling him what he wanted as we wait for Santos River : " 


" I got through with my MBA and was looking for a job and went to San Fransisco, Nobody wanted me, as I got ready to go home some friend of mine I visited there that I went to school with, that his neighbor was looking for people in international banking and since I had no job opportunities I took the job, and , so here was this was RUBE ( a country yocal ), from Bellingham, Washington, bedazzled by big city san fransisco ( I am of course referring to myself, it is me ), what I am saying a country hick, that is how I got into these basque restaurants going around,


that is my introduction to the basques, san  fransisco is famous for all it's EUROpEan, ethnic, I think multi ethnic, and before that I am from Bellingham, went to high school, went to college, in those days you had a draft, and of course the korean war was still going on,

i took an educational deferment and got to college, a red brick university , what that means, in oxford ... and then when i graduated with a B.A. I was to be drafted, rather than go into the army and go into the trenches, I went into the air force for four years, of which three of those years were spent in the united kingdom, ...

and then I got out of the service in 1960, returned, returned to bellingham, WA., went to graduate school and got an MBA in Business Administration.


" Did you stay in contact with any of the friends of Mr McBride that owned Chateau St. Michele? "


" No, they went on with their lives, we would go down there periodically, as we grew up we went on our own ways. I have tried the wines, just for the hell of it, they were pretty good wines, from eastern Washington were they come from.


I went subsequent years later to see the old house. ha ha. it was just as i remembered it, especially this big fireplace. but it was so interesting how people can do things, they come into fruition, eating grapes at first that became wine grapes later, same latitude as Bordeaux and Burgundy. They don't get the benefit of the ocean breezes like napa and sonoma do.

Leon is 83 years old now. The new generation poast war kids kind of began thinking that wine was something fancy. being in the military in europe i have been to france, italy, austria, wine was a big thing there,

it was just fun, i would go into paris, being the american rube, eating a cafe filtre i did not know how to drink it , stands like this, two pieces, you [pour the water intot he top, and it filters down into the bottom, a spout on the bottom, lifted the top off and spilled it all over the table. the waitress looking at me thinking this stupid americain, but i was learning, but you learned about the wines,

they served vin ordinaire in carafes, that was a new thing to me, ha ha. people would come in, bring their dogs in, people would have their dogs in bibs, ha ha, eating around the table, the Empire style,a man and woman, he cooked, she was out front, got to be good friends, something out of La belle france, all the wine glasses lined up, which was for red, for white for sherry, ha ha, i was learning this rube form bellingham, washington.

to me it's boring. to me the big thing about wine , how it started, you had ethic groups, italians, greeks, some of the french, most people did not drink wine, some sweet wine perhaps, ha ha, raspberry wine at christmas, the ' king alphonso ' creme de cacao and on top of it you put whipping cream on top, then you drink it and the cream de cacao comes through the cream, cloyingly sweet, after king alphonso of spain ... i don't think they even know what they are these days, from the thirties, king alphonso abdicated in 1931... thanks leon!


WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW is an old store email I wrote and posted several years ago. Enjoy reading it if you have time. Cheers, TONY 2/20/2018


CHRIS BARKER LEAVES US TO JOIN HIS FIANCEE as she pursues her medical career in another city as yet not known , and he continues with his own. We wish them both well and we want to take this opportunity to thanks Chris for all that he has brought us here at the store as well as to our neighborhood over this past year and two months. Come by and get some last bits of help and advice from him before he leaves us. Thanks again Chris.
GREG COMES HERE FROM NEW YORK STATE and he brings with him under his belt 17 years of experience both in the restaurant and the bar business. I hope to get him to become immediately or in-store mixologist expert. This is something that we need sorely as ever since Krishna left Aroma and went up north to pursue his academic interests I have felt the great void that he left here in his wake. No, Krishna was never employed here but he considered us home and was always willing to help one of our customers with their needs and I would make the introductions and then step off to help other of our customers with their wine needs. Though I did listen occasionally to what he told them often enough I was unable to do this and so missed hearing his words and gems of wisdom.
DON'T GET ME WRONG, GREG WILL BE WORKING WITH THE WINES and I am sure that we will both teach each other quite a bit as we have different experiences and I really hope that we will complement one another.That's the idea and it's a great one. Greg will be here this afternoon and I look forward to really working with him for the first time later today once that I finish this email. I will introduce him to you all as you get off work and stroll on over later. I am sure that I will also have something open to toast this new and exciting development here in Cleveland Park. I will probably open one of the bottles of wine that I write about here in this email. Maybe I'll ask him what he most wants to try as it is all pretty much new to him.
IT'S EXCITING TO ME IN MANY WAYS to get someone " new " to work with that has no Washington D.C. experience under his belt. Everything will be fresh and exciting and he will bring some of New York to us and as result we will probably sell a broader selection of New York State wines here. That's thrilling really as they are excellent and we can always do more with them. There's a market for them and when we open them here and taste them with you like the KEUKA LAKE VINEYARDS " Vignoles " 2009 Finger Lakes " Gentle Dry " ( $16.99 ) white and the sparkling WOLFFER ESTATE Brut Blanc De Blanc 2006 sparkling wine ( $38.99 ) from Sagaponage, Long Island the response is always quite positive. Oh, the KEUKA LAKE VINEYARDS Cabernet Franc dry red Finger Lakes 2008 ( $18.49 ) is pretty smooth and velvety and silky and subtle with an elegance that is deceiving and yet gripping as the taste settles so completely on one's palate with time.
RAVI IS AWAY AT A 4-DAY WEDDING IN INDIA and getting some much-deserved R&R and we are all thrilled for him. It gives us a chance to step up ourselves to the plate and try more of what he would normally see here himself as he is our spirits buyer. Earlier today both Alexis Thompson and Brad Jarvis were here with an assortment of perhaps five different scotches and whiskies and wanted me to taste them. I asked them to come back later to taste with me when Greg joins me as that might clearly be something that Greg already knows more about than me. We will see. I already took pictures of the various items just in case we are not able to connect here again later today. The name of the products is : DOUGLAS and on Brad's business card there are pictures of five of them - one being an XO and a lion standing up on it like on an impressive coat-of-arms. That one really attracts the eyes quickly. The colors are all gradations of gold and one is so deep with garnet hues. More about all this soon. Go to : www.InternationalSpiritsAndWines.com
     Alexis Thompson was here at our last Big-Theme Valentine's Day & Night Wine-Tasting ( alexis@iswusa.com ) tasting four Mexican Estate-Bottled Valle De Guadalupe, Baja California L.A. CETTO wines : three reds ( Cabernet Sauvignon( $10.99 ), Private Reserve Nebbiolo 2004 Barrel Aged and Private Reserve Barrel Aged 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon ( BOTH at $23.99 )  and one white dry, crisp Chenin Blanc 2009 ( $10.99 ). The Cabernet Sauvignon blew me away with all it's fresh blueberry and dark fruit flavors. I loved it, really I did - so fresh and bright and lively. What a treat!
     I JUST SPOKE TO ALEXIS  on the phone and he filled in the blanks of all of this. The scotches " are independently bottled, single-cask single malts ". They come from Speyside, the Hylands, , Islay and there is one that is a vatted malt of Speyside as well.
     THURSDAY there will be a dinner with the Mexican Ambassador that is already sold-out starting at 6:30PM featuring the wines of L.A. CETTO that we sell here and that I just mentioned. You can get any of them here and even if we do not have them in stock we will be happy to order them for you.
     1) " Dugana " IPA ( India Pale Ale ) from the AVERY Brewing Co. ( On Special for $7.99, 1 Pt 6 Fl. Oz, 8.59% Alc. By Volume , from Boulder, Colorado ) is " new and exciting " here.

     Uncle Cracker just sang on the radio : " You make me smile , Just The Thought Of You Makes Me Wild ... You Make Me Dance Like A Fool, ... Fall Out Of Bed , ... Spain Like A Record ... Forget How To Breathe , ... Just The Thought Of You ... You Make Me Smile ...  " My son went to see him sing here a year or so ago. Great sentiments in the song. I feel better already.
     2) " Zaibo "  YPAC STRIPRUS ALUS EXTREME STRING BEER ( On Special for $2.99, 9.5% Alc. By Vol., 1 Pt. .9 Fl. Oz , Birzai, Lithuania ) ... wow, love the packaging here! Dramatic, red www.aikoimports.com ). Come check this one out.
     3) ZHIGULY Grande 9.5% traditionally aged Lithuanian beer ( On Special for $2.99, 1Pt 0.9Fl Oz. bottles ) is also very special and something for you all to look forward to here.
     1) Libertine Absinthe Superieure brandy with natural flavor added ( $64.99, 58% Alc. By Volume , product of France ) from the Distillerie Paul Devoille F-70220 Fougerolles ) just came in last week. Brand new ...
     2) Alize imported from France, Exotic Passion Fruit and Cranberries delicately blended with premium French Vodka ( $21.99 ) ... Red Passion liqueur, 16% alc. By Volume. Visit Alize.com for mimosas, martinis, margaritas and more specialty cocktail recipes.
     3)  Campo De Encanto Fool's Gold Terroir Brandy De Peru Pisco D.O.C. Valle De ICA ( $39.99 ) is 42.5% Alc. By Volume and brand new here as well.
WINES From Tony/ Chris & Greg :
          WHITES :
     1) " La Renaudie " 2009 dry white French wine from Bergerac ( $14.99 ) comes from Oscar Losama od Voila Imports and he tasted it here at our last Big-Theme Valentine;s Day & Night Wine-Tasting. It's a beauty, beautifully balanced, fresh and lively and really refreshingly dry and has always sold well here over the last three or so years.
     2) " M " De MONLUC dry indigenous grape variety called Gros Manseng ( $15.99 ) and it's more flavorful and robust and with much more weight. It's definitely more of a food wine and it's a grape to be discovered. You see it in Jurancon and here it is made not far away in the Vin De Pays Des Cotes Du Gascogne. It also comes from Oscar Losama.
     3) Chardonnay 2008, California ( 12.5% alc. by volume - really low for California ! ) from the BROWNSTONE Winery ( $9.99 ) is a delight and both Chris Barker and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Very fine value, too.
     4) 2009 Riesling ( medium sweet ) Willamette Valley Oregon ( $13.99 )is back again as a number of you really liked it over the last two three years of having it off-and-on.
     5) Narince De Tokat  2006 Selection Beyaz from KAVAKLIDERE, Turkey, this dry-mineral white is quite refreshing and fun ( $16.99 ). People really liked it this past weekend.
          REDS :
     1) 2008 Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina , this " La Flor " Pulenta Wines ( $19.99 ) is exceptionally refined and balanced and elegant and worth every penny.
     2) 2007 Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina , this " Decero " Remolinos Vineyard ( Agrelo " , $13.99 ) will be tasted here this Friday, February 25th, 2011 by Jeffrey of Monument Imports from 5-8PM. Again I liked this Malbec for all it's spit and polish and finesse.
     3) 2010 Pinotage from South Africa's Swarthland region ( $8.99 ) made by RIEBEEK CELLARS is quite balanced and focused as well and has all the components offering some rich and satisfying flavors without being too bold or strong. We liked it quite a bit - great value, too.
     4) Ancyra Kalecik Karasi 2009 ($19.99, Turkish slightly off-dry red with the emphasis on the bright red cherry-berry flavors without the hard acids and drying tannins ) is a great red from an indigenous grape to sit around sipping and enjoying outside, especially when the weather turns warm which it will again...
     5) Cabernet Franc from PARADISE SPRINGS of Clifton, Virginia ($22.99 ) , this 2008 made by Chris Pearmund is showing so well with such finesse and polish and refinement. I really like it;s brightness of pure fruit Cabernet Franc flavors. Really nice ...
     6) Merlot 2005 Napa Valley ( $29.99 ) from the HALL winery is so smooth and so elegant and so pretty that it really is quite the show-stopper as one stops to catch one's breath and reflect and enjoy and smile with a smile that only gets broader and more intense and more prolonged as the minutes pass-slip by ... really nice.

       PORT-STYLE :
     1) Cape Ruby from South Africa's Swarthland region ( $13.99 ) from RIEBEEK CELLARS is again a beauty and one to roll over one's tongue and let infiltrate and soak and baste and refresh and bathe and work it's subtle flavors and work it's magic, too. Really nice ...
       FRIDAY, February  25th, 2011 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Jeffrey of Monuments Imports here to pour Argentina's Finest reds - the two listed above.
    WE ALSO HAVE from Santos - A Dominion Beer tasting from 5-8PM.
       SATURDAY, February 26th, 20110 ( 3-7 PM ) : We have Regis of Roanoke Imports here to pour an assortment of his wines from Oregon and also from Italy and France. This will be really exciting as Regis has such a wonderful selection of wines and everyone will be thrilled . Trust me on this one. Your palates will be awakened and pampered and cajoled and teased and pleased. The Pinot Noir from Oregon alone will be an eye-opener!
I AM SURE that I have forgotten something and yet I am out of time as Greg will join me shortly here and I want to be on the floor to work with him and introduce him to you all.
ALSO : both Alexis and Brad mentioned above will soon be here with the DOUGLAS Scotch whiskies and Lou Foppiano of the FOPPIANO Winery in California will be here shortly with his wine rep Laura to taste us on her current releases. He asked Laura to come here and see me as he remembers how much fun we have had here together in the past. Can't wait to see you again Lou!
THANKS TO YOU ALL for all your support and belief in us. Come meet Greg, come say " goodbye " to Chris and get some last-minute recommendations from him before he leaves the area with his fiancee.
CHEERS and thanks again,   TONY

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Friday, February 16, 2018 Wine-Liquor-Tastings At Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits : Salto Wines Of Brasil, Republic Restoratives Spirits Made In Ivy City, Washington DC, AND Chacho Aguardiente En Fuego, AND GROOVE CITY Hefewezen and Nanticoke Nectar India Pale Ale, WOW : Lots to Taste - Join Us, Everybody Welcome Always! 5-8PM : AND Saturday, February 17th, 2-6PM : Eric Glasser Tastes LUBANZI South African Red Rhone Blend 2015 & L.A. CETTO Baja California, Mexican Vale de Guadalupe Dry Wines!

Eduardo Embraces Salton Wines Of Brasil! Tastes Them Here!
Friday, February 16, 2018
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
We love the wines of SALTON for their brightness, freshness, lovely fruit-centered, fruit-forward qualities and will be tasting them here this Friday February 16th, 2018 from 5-8PM with our new rep from Brasil, Edouardo! We will taste some of the 2012 and 2013 dry stainless-steel reds like Cabernet France, Marselan and some of the Intenso espumante, too, maybe even the Moscato? Join us, come join us and discover the joys of Brasil and their fine wines si si si si!
Taste Republic Restoratives Spirits W/ Rae Local DC=Made!
Friday, February 16, 2018
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Rae has been here now several times and we love promoting local and also supporting women, and are thrilled to have this as it is the only DC distillery that is owned by women, yay! So come taste the Civic vodka and the Bourough Bourbon and the Rodham Rye, too! Cheers! Free tasting, no charge, join us. You will love the products and Rae, too!
Chacho Aguardiente en Fuego Tasting Dan Ziegler
Friday, February 16, 2018
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits
Just now ·

JUST ADDED : We have a @ChachoAguardienteenFuega tasting here , Friday, 2/16/2018 from 5-8PM : Join us as we taste @Chacho and Republic Restoratives DC Spirits, as well as Salton Winery USA wines of Brazil : three great tastings here to star start and find your special art to this weekend filled with more Valentine's Day and Night celebrations as well as watching the incredible Winter Olympics, and sooooo much more. Free tastings, invite everyone, tell everyone, cheers - we are a rock-solid community here in Cleveland Park, yes we are, #shoplocal #dinelocal #supportlocal #livelocal #lovelocal yes si oui!
Laurent Vonderheyden owner of Chateau Monbrison , Margaux, Bordeaux, visits here yesterday on Valentine's Day! Cheers, we have his Bouquet de Monbrison on our shelves, 2012, $43.99 a bottle, two bottles signed! Merci Laurent!

  Dine locally like at Indique where I got this by chef, owner KN Vinod, it was great lunch for me!


In front of Ardeo/Bardeo, yes! The food there is wonderful, a treat as well, have done some wine dinners there just as we have at Indique, cheers!  TONY

Taste L.A.CETTO Mexican Wines Of Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, LUBANZI 2015 Dry Red Blend
Saturday, February 17, 2018
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Join us with Eric Glasser of Constantine Wines as we taste the 2014 buttery style Chardonnay, the fruity delicious Cabernet Sauvignon made in stainless-steel only, and the tart, tangy crisp bright Sauvignon Blanc as well! Really tasty all three!

We may also taste the South African LUBANZI 2015 dry red blend of Shiraz, Mourvedre, Cansault and Grenache that is fruit-forward, bright, zesty, lively, a treat with food as it has healthy acidity and some pepper-white/spice, too! Cheers, Join Us , Everybody welcome always

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Laurent Vonderheyden Visits From His Chateau Monbrison in Margaux, Bordeaux, France The Day Before Valentine's Day Here At Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits, Si, Oui Ca Me Plait De Te Revoir Laurent On Winter Olympics Star Start Art Athletic Precision & LOve & Joy Of Valentine's Day & 364 Days Of Equally Important Un-Valentine's! Yes!!!

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits
Laurent Vonderheyden owner of Chateau Monbrison visits with Alan Cohen just now this Tuesday February 13th, 2018 - day before Valentine's Day! - and signed the two bottles I have here of his Bouquet de Monbrison 2012, $43.99 a bottle. Buy it tomorrow - Wednesday and save 20% OFF this price and pay only $ 35.19 a bottle! Cheers, sante Laurent! Ca m'a plu de te revoir ici au magasin! Bon continuation a toi.
TODAY, started with great news for the United States at these winter Olympics in South Korea, as well as a Washington Post headline that read something to the effect that Trump and the White House have proposed a budget with a huge budget deficit to Congress , and news , too that Amazon has let go many workers in their Northwest facility. That news came I believe on the Today show, along with the great Olympics reports on Kim's gold in snowboarding, as well as White's trial run on snowboard last night - both getting more than 93 points - yay!
NEWS IS HARD to digest and to understand, to believe, to fully appreciate. Leaves so many of us with a hollow feeling inside.
HERE WE ARE figuring concrete ways for you all to save the money you have and spread it farther. If serious cuts are indeed made to services like Medicaid and Medicare as proposed then that money you earn has to be spent and enjoyed as wisely as possible.
WE ARE HERE for you mostly on the enjoyment part of all of this. We take our responsibility seriously.
WE ARE THRILLED for the break that both the Winter Olympics and Valentine's Day offer us this week ( with the Olympics stretching through next week, too! ).
SO : Getting To Our Fun ' Value ' ' Exciting ' ' Perfect NOW Ahora Agora Maintenant ' Business of the week -
     For The Olympics Watching & Valentine's Day -
          BEER & CIDER From Santos :
       BEER -
     1) Bitter Valentin Double India Pale Ale from Virginia's ALEWERKS Brewing Company, On Special for $21.99 for 4 16-ounce cans, something to warm and to steel us all, wrap us and pack-punch-dunk-crash-collide us with powerful flavors and tastes, yes, si oui! Not for the fainthearted!
     2) Hefewizen Grapefruit bier / beer imported from Germany, On Special for $8.99 for a 4-pack of 16-ounce cans, a treat as it is so mild, so mellow, so pleasing and easy to sip all by itself! A treat to enjoy while celebrating both the Olympics and Valentine's Day ( make Valentine's Day stretch into this whole week - show each other how special they are to you! ).
DRINK WHAT YOU LIKE BUT ALSO BUY what the other likes! Do not deny the others - be generous, be loving - always and in all ways!
     3) Radler from STIEGL Grapefruit, $10.99 for a 4-pack of 16-ounce cans, - beer with fruit soda, a malt beverage that is so pleasing and makes me smile to sip, chat, watch and appreciate, and feel good about myself and my life and surroundings, and appreciative most of all for those loved ones that surround us.
          Hard Cider -
     1) Rose naturally gluten-free, is made by ANGRY ORCHARD with rare French red flesh apples, from Walden, New York - Find your Pond En In Rose and a bit of Edith Piaf, too! This is On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles with 5.5% alcohol by volume. Cheers!
          LIQUEUR / LIQUOR From Jagir -
     1) Amaretto since 1851 from LAZZARONI, Autentico - authentic - On Special for $22.99 a bottle. Go get some biscotti or other hard cookies and share this Amaretto with that special one in your life - easy-sipping, smooth-sailing all the way, always.
     2) American Honey from WILD TURKEY, On Special for $25.99, with 35.5% alcohol by volume - enjoy the original, it really tastes like fine honey that softens this Bourbon whiskey, and makes it so pleasing to sip without any bite, any fight, just hugs and kisses. Yeah!
     3) 12-Year-Old Irish Whiskey from KNAPPOGUE CASTLE, $49.99, since 1467, wow, what a long distinguished history, this single malt 12-year-old is as soft, bright, velvety, lilting, lulling, loving, tender, welcoming, embracing and as any I have ever enjoyed from anywhere. I highly recommend this.
     4) 1796 SANTA TERESA Solera Rum from Venezuela, $53.99, since 1796, this blew me away at midnight at Marcel's restaurant with Herve Gantier the owner of the Domaine Saint Eugenie in Corbieres, France. He insisted we have a nightcap before parting ways, I was not in favor of this. He had treated me to an amazing meal there with Antoine Songy and Ronnie Miller and so I did not think it prudent to refuse his offer as he is a jolly Santa-like-without-beard smiling man filled with guffaws and great cheer and good will!
It was served on the rocks and I normally would have had a sip and left it at that. Even on ice it was simply amazing, and so I had more than one sip. I loved it. I highly recommend this, another great spirit to sip and enjoy while watching the Olympics or all week and next now celebrating a long and wonderful two-weeks of Valentine's! Yes!
     5) Rose of THREE OLIVES British vodka, regularly $22.99, On Special now for $17.99, 
" Rose all night. Just add soda. ".
I agree with this as you want the color, that rose color is glorious, yes, and so the soda water will soften and fill-out and enliven the taste of this British vodka so it has no bite and is just right! Yes!!!!!
     6) Royal Seal local Washington DC Vodka, 80 proof, On Special for $27.99 , a treat made locally here by Nicole Hassoun, and she knows her spirits well, having managed with Umbi Singh owner of the New Heights restaurant their Gin Joint for the first eight years! Yes, we love you Nicole, you and your vodka and gin are the best!
     7) Servir Tres Frais - serve really fresh and cool this LILLET rose Vermouth-style drink, $21.99 a bottle, only a few bottles left here to celebrate Valentine's Day tomorrow so come by today! Just the color alone speaks to love, speaks to amour, amore, and loving, stars in our eyes, helping us to melt into one another's arms with such trust and open-armed willing-good-ness! Yes si si oui oui si! 
ABOVE : again here with Laurent Vonderheyden of Chateau Monbrison in Margaux, Bordeaux, France. Cheers, sante a toi Laurent!
          WINE From Chris & Tony -
       FOUR Rose Wines :
     1) Espadeiro Vinho Verde - an indigenous grape variety from Portugal, On Special for $12.99, from the QUINTA De GOMARIZ, flavorful, distinct, unique, intriguing, a lovely tug and pul, nip, kiss from this dry rose that I will open and taste tonight here from 5-8PM - Join me! Cheers. It is part of our 3 for $33 on wine, so buy three of it or assort it with others and only pay $11 a bottle and save a minimum of $9, often much more!
     2) RCR from CASTRA RUBRA rose, dry, 2016, from Bulgaria's Thracian lowlands, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, made from the Syrah grape, this dry rose is amazing and tasty and flavorful, and a treat with fresh strawberries or any dark fruits, or smoked salmon, you have plenty of choices. A beautiful bottle, too.
     3) Pierre PRIEUR & Fils, from Domaine de Saint-Pierre , 2016, On Special for $16.99, regularly way over $20 a bottle, I will taste this out tonight for Valentine's Day celelbration tomorrow! Cheers, viens ici goute ca avec moi ce soir mes amis.
     4) 3 Castas Nature estate-bottled sparkling espumante from Portugal, light and refreshing, fresco e leve , On Special for $12.99 a bottle, , this is also part of the 3 for $33 a bottle. from Alantejo.
       FIVE Still-Dry Wines For You -
     1) 2015 Charlotte County Viognier from the Gabriele Rausse Winery in Virginia , $21.49, one of my favorite, really my very favorite Virginia winery of all, Gabriele makes great pure expressions of the grapes he uses all grown in Virginia, so natural, not worked-over, just what they are naturally!
          TWO From winemaker Allie Shaper in New York -
     1) BOE Brooklyn Oenology, a 2011 Chardonnay from North Fork of Long Island, $23.99, this is that fine buttery style with some firm yet very pliant oak Chardonnay, a treat, smooth, rich and full on the palate! With 12.6% alcohol by volume, a treat.
     2) BOE Brooklyn Oenology, a 2014 Pinot Gris from the North Fork of Long Island, New York, $22.99 a bottle, with 12.7% alcohol by volume, this is a real beauty and I loved the weight, the composure, the elasticity, buoyancy, flash and flair of this caring, sharing dry rich white Pinot Gris that will warm you even with chill and brisk winds! Another lovely treat to enjoy now.
     BUY ALL these $19.99 or more wines tomorrow and save 20%OFF the marked sticker
       TWO Dry Reds -
     1) Tre Colore 2016 soft-dry red blend from Lubbock, Texas, a mix of 67% Cinsault, 29% Carignan and 4% Viognier, this is a fruit-forward, fruit-centered easy-sipping red to enjoy all by itself, a real treat! Lovely. Have with some dark chocolate, too, some fresh strawberries. Celebrate your love. Declatre it all over again.
     2) Patchwork Barossa Shiraz 2013 from YALUMBA Family Vineyards, since 1849, ( I visited, a nice well-run operation and nursery of vines , too ). $20.99, this will give both a chance to enjoy some more flavorful food or cheese at home with some lovely take-out from one of our local restaurants like from Coppi's with their amazingly succulent, delicious iron steak ( or is called hanger?!? ), I loved it, so much embellishment to whet and please the very hungriest out there!
       THREE Sweet-Tooth Reds :
     1) ' Pineto ' Brachetto D'Acqui from MARENCO, $19.99, for a 375ml bottle size, with 5.5% alcohol by volume, a real light treat from Italy's Piemonte region, a touch of spar spark sparkle arc arcle-too - love it : open here tomorrow with Graham, come taste it on Valentine's Day 5-8PM! Start your celebrations here before going off to dinner! Light and delicate and airy!
     2) ' Princess ' from AVANTIS Estate in Greece, a 2013 delicious, delectable, decadent, seep profound dark and night-calm-small-simmering-murmur-almost-boiling sweet red, a 500ml bottle, $27.49, a real treat to imbibe embed, imbue, form a tribe a tribulation a tribute, a homage, a real special treat to enjoy now! With 14% alcohol, soooooo love-ly! Get your love out, get it on, get it around, spread that love and care , sympathy, and profound appreciation-admiration-trust-comfort-warmth of your special loved one!
     TONIGHT, Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 ( 5-8PM )  : Me, Tony - I taste some fine wines , two roses written about above, a great Tannat Madiran French sweet red, and more, join me!
     TOMORROW, Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 ( 5-8PM ) : Graham Isaac, he will taste the wines I wrote about here last week -join us for some special wines!
     FRIDAY, February 16th, 2018 ( 5-8PM ) : Two Tastings for you -
1) Eduardo of Brazil will be here to taste the FABulous SALTON Harmoniza wines of Bento Congalves- Valle de Vinedos... sparkling and non-sparkling, yes!
2) Rae will be here of REPUBLIC RESTORATIVES to taste the great spirits of the District Washington DC, the only distillery owned by women - two women in particular, exceptional quality all of them. Come tase with Rae!
     SATURDAY, February 17th, 2018 ( 2-6PM ) : Still to be determined, stay-tuned, will know more tomorrow!
CHEERS, Thanks for everything!
IF YOU NEED OR WANT any jewelry go down and see my smiling, cheerful, friendly, knowledgeable friend Hamid Forghani , his father Ali and his mother Chang-Eun ( Korean yes! timely with the Winter Olympics! ), from Town Jewelers Inc down at the end of this block. They have redesigned the inside and it is so filled and inviting and special. Go check them out, get solid advice, say we sent you. Cheers!!!!   TONY

WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW is my old store email I wrote and sent. Read and enjoy it if you have the time, and check for current prices, availability, vintages, to be sure we are all on the same page. Cheers!   TONY 2/13/2018

TODAY, February 11th, 2011 the Beatles performed for their very first time ever in Washington D.C. at the DC Coliseum I believe? It was their first concert ever here in the United States and happened after singing on the Ed Sullivan show. The weather just like it always has the ability to do decided to snow and there was a heavy snow this day back in 1963, 50 years ago! They had rented two train cars and invited the press to come. It's all in today's Washington Post newspaper Style section. Good reading for me this morning, I enjoyed it thoroughly.
THE question I have is : did or do any of the Beatles like wine? I cannot remember or do not know? Tell me what you all know on this subject? But let's open it up to include beer and liquor, too. Share, respond here on this email and Michel or I will see it and answer. Better yet write us at : anthony.quinn@clevelandparkwines.com and michel.dumas@clevelandparkwines.com, or go to our Facebook page and leave a comment there at : Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits. It will be FAB4ulous to hear from you.
BECAUSE THIS CONCERT HAPPENED here today it is mentioned first. And they did sing their first #1 hit : " I Want To Hold You Hand ". and can there be anything more perfect to start with than that as we get close to Valentine's Day this Thursday, February 14th?!? Not much that I can think of.
NOTE : We want to congratulate Claude Thibaut of his owner THIBAUT-JANISSON Virginia Chardonnay brut that we sell here in half-bottles as well as in the regular 750ml size as the White House will be serving it tonight I believe at a state dinner for the President of France. Very special indeed, and made around Charlottesville, Virginia, too by our good friend Claude Thibaut that we have supported here since he first started. Cheers, sante et felicitation a toi Claude et a Manu et Pamela aussi!  Get a bottle here and enjoy it tonight and pretend that you are there at the dinner!
BE PREPARED For The Snow on late Wednesday night. You have two BIG events with Valentine's Day and the Sochi Winter Olympics so come and see us and get what you need early!
     TODAY, Tuesday, February 11th, 29014 ALL DAY SALE -
     1) SAVE 15% OFF the marked sticker prices - even those already On Special - of any wine over $20. That includes all categories of sparkling ( except for Veuve Clicquot champagne ) and non-sparkling wines, port, sherry, marsala, madeira, sake in the 750ml size bottles, 187 ml bottles, 375ml bottles, but not all magnum ( 1.5ml bottles - inquire with Michel and Tony for that ).
     2) SAVE 15% OFF any mixed or solid cases of 12 or more bottles of the categories mentioned above at any price.
     TOMORROW, Wednesday, February 112th, 2014 -
     1) SAVE 20% OFF any bottle of still/ non-sparkling wine mentioned, as mentioned above in the same categories. It just does not include sparkling wines and champagne, and you get an extra 5% OFF on Wednesdays.
     2) SAVE 15% When you buy 6-11 bottles of any of these as well as mentioned above.
     3) SAVE 20% OFF a mixed case of 12 or more bottles of the same categories mentioned above ( just not sparkling wine and champagne ).
IN SO MANY WORDS : SAVE BIG today and tomorrow, and just in time for the BIG SNOW, The Sochi Winter Olympics  and Valentine's Day!! WOW, this is all big, lots to keep straight, but here it all is laid out nicely for you. Come see us NOW, AHORA, AGORA, MAINTENANT, ABHI, IMA , save and be proactive, ready and organized for anything and everything and as much as you can possibly fit into your already busy schedules!!!!!!!
Happy Valentines' Day to you all early It's been really on our mind with everything else! Have already mentioned and offered many selections for you all to consider like the Banyuls sweet red southwest of France red wines that we sell in 375ml / half bottles and the regular size of 750ml, too. There's a real convenience with half bottles so that you may enjoy more variety at this very happy time. I will mention more half bottles here.
 Enjoying the Sochi Winter Olympics? That's been on our minds, too.The athletes are doing such an amazing job and I said to my wife last night : " Too bad that they can record one-one-hundredth of a second and announce that person as the gold medalist when someone else makes it to the finish within that same second.
THEY ARE ALL GOLD MEDALISTS ( in my opinion )  if they make it within that one second. Too bad they do not all receive a gold medal. " I know that I will get a whole lot of grief for this but I do believe it. After all some days are better than others for everyone, and to be defined by that fact that you had a bad moment or day is tough as it lives with you for the rest of your life. Just my opinion.

SO : This Store Email will be about all of this starting with beer by Santos.
     1)  9 Grade Extra Lager from BALTIKA ( On Special for $2.49 a 1 Pt. 9 Fl. Oz bottle, 8% alcohol by volume, brewed in Russia, St. Petersburg , Russia ) : is more flavorful and rich, with more body and weight and better for the cold we have now with the snow coming, too!
     2) Milk Stout from LANCASTER BREWING Company ( On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12 Fl. Oz bottles, from Wilkes-Barre, PA ) should be smooth and rich enough to do the these moments " proud " - and we want to do that!
     3) " Nugget Nectar " Imperial Amber , Handcrafted from TROEGS BROTHERS ( On Special for $13.99 a 6-pack of 12 Fl. Oz bottles, 7.5% alcohol by volume, from Hersey, PA ) : For Valentine's Day with some of the finest HERSHEY chocolate, too. Or better yet, get some of the Hershey's " kisses " and enjoy those : " ... intensifies the flavors to create an explosive hop experience. " This can work for sports and for love equally, and so I think we have it well-covered here!
     4) " Sweet Baby Jesus! " Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter from the DuClaw Brewing Company ( On Special for $10.99 a 12-ounce bottle, 6.5% alcohol by volume, from Baltimore, Maryland )
     5) Aloha Series " Koko Brown " from the KONA Brewing Company is an ale brewed with toasted coconut and natural flavors added  ( $8.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, 5.5% alcohol by volume , go to : www.KonaBrewingCo.com, Portland, OR, and Woodinville, WA , since 1994 ) :I have a feeling that as we have supported the Hawaiian beers recently that really soon we will be supporting them even more! Come and check with me tomorrow, or call, as I think I have ...
  SOME REALLY EXCITING  ' breaking news '
for you all, I just have to confirm it later today and then I will be able to share it all with you. Sorry to be such a ' tease ', but it's really fun and exciting and I just need to be sure before I say anything further. You will all like it, I feel very sure!
Visit Hawaii, Mahalo! " One sip of this smooth, mahogany colored ale and you will feel like you are on a warm, sun-drenched beach in Hawaii. Crack one open! "
LIQUOR-LIQUEURS From Malkit & Jagir :

     1) Liqueur BECHEROVKA " Original " Since 1807  ( $ 29.99, 38% alcohol by volume, from the Czech Republic ) : It's a standard, tried and true, so many know and love it and are absolutely thrilled to discover that we sell it here. Great for the Sochi winter Olympics. They have mastered well this liqueur of herbs and spices.
     2) Grapa  Grape Chacha from TELIANI VALLEY ( $16.99 a 375ml/half bottle size, 42% alcohol by volume , from Telavi, Georgia ) : this is softer smoother, and with less bite and a treat to serve this week. Perfect in so many ways. Just pour a little bit. Let the flavors and tastes settle in and charm and please you. It will take a sip or two to get acclimated to this stronger taste. Then it will warm and comfort and slowly rock you, ever so gentle! Nice.
     3) " Platinum "Russian Standard Vodka PYCCKNN CTAHOAPT ( $29.99 a 750ml bottle, 80 Proof, Silver filtered - that sounds expensive! Go to : www.russianstandardvodka.com for more info. WE sell the regular version all day and night long, and have done this now for five-plus years! Perfect for this week and the cold and the snow that will await us all on Thursday morning, Valentines' Day. Shop now, don't be caught off-guard!
     4) The JEWEL of RUSSIA Classic Vodka ( On Special for $41.99, 40% alcohol by volume, a 1 liter bottle- great deal for this! Go to : www.jewelofrussia.com, from Russia ) : " We are holding a bottle originally created over 300 years ago in the days of Peter the Great of Russia. ... only the finest grains ( wheat, rye ) and crystal clear deep well artesian water were used to bring you this ultimate perfection of quality... "
WINE From Michel and Tony -
     TWO ' Values ' Under $10 a bottle :
       1) Dry white biodynamic  Veneto blend Bianco white 2008 from PERLAGE ( On Special for $7.99, regular price is $12.99 a bottle, ) this " Terre Di Chieti " Bianco offers great mineral and citrus-dry flavors that are perfect for salads with vinaigrette, goat's cheese, mussels and other shellfish. A real treat and drinking so well now, all the flavors developed and showing nicely at such a value, too.
       2) Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 , this ' Coleccion Privada ' from Bodega NAVARRO CORREAS ( On Special for $9.99 a bottle, regular price is $14.99 a bottle, from Mendoza, Argentina, 13.9% alcohol by volume, go to : www.ncorreas.com for more info ) : This was THE measure by which Argentina reds were evaluated back in the mid eighties when the wines of Argentina came here for the first time. Not so long ago and yet so much has changed and evolved. Great ' value ' for $10 a bottle. You have all helped us to sell hundreds of cases of it over the years. And Argentina was famous first for it's Cabernet Sauvignon and not it's Malbec! Cheers, enjoy. Nice to drink anytime, very smooth, a fruit-forward, balanced and polished taste for $10!
       RED Of GEORGIA - So Famous :
     1) Kindzmarauli Red semi-sweet Kakheti 2012 from the TELIANI VALLEY ( $16.99, 750ml bottle, 11.5% alcohol by volume, Telavi, Tbilisi Highway 3 ) : made from the Saperavi grape, this is a delight to sit around and sip anytime - before, during and after those special moments with a loved one , and it will bring you warmth, pleasure and joy just about anytime, with or without food, ... and certainly while watching the Olympics. It's so smooth that you can drink it outside for awhile and look up at the almost full moon that, even here now is so clear and bright and visible, just like it was last night. What beauty all around. This is special, this 2012 is fitting like a silk glove over the palate and tongue now.
       OTHER Fine Finds -
     1)  Pinot Noir Vin de Pays des Alpes de Hautes Provence, 2012 from MONTAIGU ( $10.99, 13% alcohol by volume ) : this is a delight as it's 100% Pinot Noir and it has some really distinct flavor and taste, good balance and focus, and a real treat anytime. you've already LOVED it, the label has been updated since you all helped us sell over 100 cases here! Cheers.
     2) Merlot 2010 from Napa Valley, California and made by TAMGLEY OAKS , Lot #11 ( $14.99, 13.9 alcohol by volume, go to : www.tangleyoakwine.com for more info ) : this Merlot is so beautifully bright and fresh and lively and tasty and it WAY over-delivers for only $14.99 a bottle.
       375ml - Half Bottles for Valentine's Day :
     1) Sweet delicate yearning lilting quivering white from Bordeaux, France this 2010 CHATEAU GRAVAS Sauternes, $17.99 is a delicate and velvery delight to taste with or without anything, just have someone special by you and that's all that is necessary.
     2) Raspberry Merlot Red wine from FABBIOLI Cellars in our own backyard of Loudoun County, Virginia , $25.99 a 375ml, 12.5% alcohol by volume , is the very brightest, very purest and very freshest and special Raspberry-Merlot blend that I have tried. It's you best to date Doug Fabbioli! 
       Sparkling 375ml bottles :
     3) Brut Methode Champenoise from GRUET, $13.99, 12% alcohol by volume, clean, crisp, dry and flavorful Chardonnay-Pinot Noir blend. FABulous always. From New Mexico - it rocks!
     4) Cremant de Loire Reserve Brut from BAILLY LAPIERRE , France ( $12.99 , 12% alcohol by volume ) : Flavorful, tasty, complex, rich and special : love it, so do many of you! Sunflowers and this for Valentine's Day!

     5) Sparkling Virginia wine by Claude Thibaut the French winemaker of the THIBAUT- JANISSON Blanc de Chardonnay - using the oldest Chardonnay vines in Virginia , $19.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume ) : WE ARE THRILLED to offer this today and for this week. it's one of the wines being poured tonight I believe at the White House when the French President joins the first Lady and President Obama. What a thrill, what a treat, great local sparkling wine. It can't get much better. Cheers, We also have the French Champagne that Claude's partner Manu Janisson makes, a NV Brut Tradition, $44.99.
     6) French Champagne DUMANGIN from a Chigny-les-Roses, $27.99 Brut NV, as well as the Brut Rose NV, $29.99 : 12% alcohol by volume, that Gilles makes so well. All you need for two is a half bottle, mix them up. live a little, try various ones!
     7) Moscato and Peach 187ml bottles - sold as a 3-pack, this and the Prosecco 3-pack made by VILLA YOLANDA  , $11.99 for the three, is a great way to celebrate this special day and this special time with the Olympics, and Valentine's Day, too!

     Friday, February 14th, 2014 ( 5-8PM ) : Come and discover the fine wines from Amy on Friday with us. They will certainly make you all stop, pause, and turn your heads even. Fine wines that represent the soil and climate that they are born and created from!
     Saturday, February 15th, 2014 ( 2-6 PM ) : We have Regis Scheithauer coming to pour French champagne, 1er Cru and Grand Cru, as well as French and Italian, and western United States ' wonders ' : something for everyone!
I KNOW I HAVE FORGOTTEN many things but I have to send this now. It's time, no more time, cheers, come and see us, be proactive, be ready! Thanks for everything. You are all the best. Cheers,  Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn   LIKE us on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits, and also FOLLOW us on Twitter at : cpwinespirits and also at wineenabler. Thanks again.
THIS IS MY Store Email from February 2012 : read it if you have time to remember and see how things have changed or stayed the same. Cheers,  2/11/14  ...  If you are interested in any of the following items check with Santos, Malkit, Jagir or Michel or me for prices and availability. Some of the items we have and I have already mentioned them on Facebook like the Stoli ELIT ... what fun!  TONY
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY To you all today. Wow, what a treat for me to be able to write an email on the day itself. OH THE PRESSURE! That's okay, I have been thinking a whole lot about it even around the very sad passing of Whitney Houston over the weekend. That is truly a great loss and one that many of us are grappling with now. Of course her famous song written by Dolly Parton : " I Will Always Love You " is a perfect Valentine's Day song and last night I admit after making a pre-Valentine's Day dinner I did listen to it twice and my spirits rose each and every time that her voice rose. Both a broad smile and a tear welling up in the corner of my eye each time. This morning I was comforted and joyed and overwhelmed once again as I listened to her to her sing our national anthem, especially the last few words that rallied my spirits to such an excitement and joy.
IT'S OUR Monthly 2-Part  Still ( Non- ) Wine-Sale Tomorrow and Thursday ( 2/ 15-16 / 2012 ) here at Cleveland Park Wines :
     1) Buy any  non-sparkling bottle of wine over $20 a bottle and SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker price, even if the wine is already on sale.
     2) BUY Any 12 Bottles of Still Wine ( includes sake, port, sherry, marsala, madeira, half bottles, magnums, box wines - ANYTHING bust sparkling wine and liquor ) and SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker prices, even if they are already On Special! What a deal! SAVE, SAVE and SAVE some more here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits.
WE STILL HAVE A FEW BOXES of Bailey and Saif's D.C. Chocolates here for Valentine's Day up at our register, starting at $10 a box, they are the real thing, distinct, flavorful and offer everything that one could want : all from the best ingredients and not with lots of filler and things that are less desirable ... the creme de la creme caramels and more ... dark chocolate ... oh yeah ...
SO : I have just walked the aisles here in the store in search of some PERFECT LAST-MINUTE Valentine's Day gifts and ideas to enjoy with that someone special in your lives. There are so many great ideas and I have gathered just a few now to share with you all.
MOSCATO D'ASTI from Cascinetta VIETTI, this Castiglione Tenella 2011 from Italy's Piemonte region ( $18.99 ) is one of the great examples of the perfect marriage and harmony and pleasures to be found in combining in one's mouth the flavors of peaches and nectarines, pears, and apricots ( YES : some of all of those flavors ) with accents of various nuts, and splashes -dashes of honey, too. It's an amazing experience when it gets to this level. There's also an amazing brightness and airiness that I love here - not heavy and cloying, refreshing. The flavors sort of pause and gain speed and emphasis and definition and clarity like Whitney's voice does as she sings " I Will Always Love You ". Drink some of this VIETTI 2011 Moscato and listen to Whitney sing at the same time and see if you do not taste and experience some of this harmony and correlation between the two? It's pretty amazing, really. It's worth every cent of this $18.99 and more.
WHEN MOZART WAS ALIVE he loved the Bricco Mondalino Dolce Stil Novo off-dry red made from the Malvasia Di Casorzo D'Asti grape of the Piemonte region of Italy as well. This is made by GAUDIO ( $28.99 ) and it's made from 100% Malvasia Rossa. It possesses a light, cherry color, it's fizzy, delicately sweet. I like it's elegance and finesse, makes me think of fresh rose petals, even of raspberries and blackberries. It depends on what part of the taste you are at at any given time : the start, the middle or the long and wonderfully lingering finish? I even get accents of red currants. The flavors, too are refreshing and airy and gravity-defying and they cleanse and refresh me rather than weigh me down. Chill slightly and tonight on Valentine's Day serve some strawberries or other berries; perhaps a simple fruit salad and desserts, of course : the simpler the better. Let the flavors speak for themselves and not fight amongst themselves.
BANYULS 2000 Vigne D'En TRAGINER ( $34.99 , 375ml bottle ) from EY is another " classic " Valentine's Day great off-dry red to enjoy with that someone special. There is no better, that's why it is still the great treat for this time of year. It's French and from the southwest of France and we want everyone to taste some of it. Every time that an article comes out on wines and beverages for Valentine's Day this is mentioned at the top of the list. You don't need a whole lot : just a little bit coats the palate and intrigues, teases and YES : PLEASES. You can close your eyes and tilt your head back and get that dreamy smile, you know that expression : like true love : goofy even and yet so marvelous and so wonderful and so all-consuming. It's a revelation, it's a special treat. You will taste all kinds of wonderful nutty flavors. Imagine all the nuts that you love in the world - all coming together to please. Imagine a bit of chocolate as an accent? It's there , faint but unmistakable.
BUT HEY, SOMETIMES we all need something that's even more subtle and delicate and polished and refined. So here's a lovely ethereal, silky, really refined taste that just skips daintily over your taste buds and like the swish of a skirt or the turn of a shoulder and the break of a smile can reduce us to that state that we all say : " they're in love ". WE all want to be in love. So here's a step in the right direction :  
     1 NEBBIOLO ICE 2010 from Virginia's BREAU Vineyards in Purcerville. It's got a deep amber color that is warming and welcoming all in itself. Made from grapes that are frozen after the harvest ( $24.99, 375ml bottle ) these Nebbiolo grapes were plucked from their frosty vines on the morning of the final day of harvest. High in natural sugar frozen and pressed quickly : the taste is a wonderful blend of nuts and peaches and pears and has really delicate splashes of honey, too. It's hard to pin-point : every time that you do the flavors change in your mouth and erase almost completely what preceded these " new " flavors. It's fun, it's a challenge to describe except to nod your heads and smile sheepishly and know that you are all enjoying the flavors perfectly. It's another treat and this one's from our own back yards. For more info go to : www.BreauxVineyards.com. The residual sugar is 12%.
THEN THERE IS ALSO GREAT golden liquid flavors that come from apples! The FOGGY RIDGE " Pippin Gold " , $28.99 , : it's a delicious, deep and thick, viscous melting and simmering and brewing and story-telling of the Newtown Pippin apple with Grimes Golden, Ginger Gold and Golden Delicious apples. Wow, a little bit goes a very, VERY LONG way in flavors, harmonies, rhapsodies and it will be a great one for this romantic evening! For more info go to: www.foggyridgecider.com, 18% alcohol by volume.
WE JUST HAD OWNER ANDREA of her family's CASA LARGA " Created for everyday enjoyment " - LILAC HILL Finger Lakes Table Wine ( a blend of Riesling and other grapes ) that is medium-sweet and only $10.99 a bottle. This is perfect to sip and enjoy later tonight as it is lighter and refreshing and not cloying at all. For more info go to : www.CasaLarga.com or call : 585-223-4210. Only 11% alcohol here so really easy on the system.
THEN YOU CAN SKIP ACROSS THE U.S. and discover the fabulous OKANOGAN Estate & Vineyards 2006 Ice Wine made from the Chardonnay grapes in the Orchard Hills Vineyard of Washington State. This half-bottle ( 375ml bottle sells for $37.99, go to : www.okanoganwines. We just got some recently when Andrew Stover tasted Ean and me on it. We loved it, especially Ean. He's a big fan of these " sticky wines " and so our collection is definitely expanding as a result.
BUT THEN AGAIN, SOMETIMES a dry wine is in order as well and so for fun, quick last-minutes we have BOTH the MONTEFORTE D'ALPONE dry red and dry white blends from Veneto, Italy here for only $7.99 a bottle! Great flavors and taste and labels and blends. The red is a blend of RABOSO and MERLOT ( quite bold and flavorful and the Raboso flavors give nice spice and individual herb and pepper flavors while the Merlot acts like the flesh of the wine ) : and the dry white is a blend of GARGANEGA and SAUVIGNON BLANC grapes( it's dry and got some good body, bright, with some good acidity, too ).
     Saperavi and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes blended together at CHATEAU MUKHRANI, this 2007 ( $17.99 ) is hearty and robust and very flavorful and best with a meal. It's from Georgia and it will be tasted here this coming weekend I believe, Friday the 17th, 2012 with our new French rep Virginie.
     60-Year-Old Non-Irrigated vines in Apalta, this 2008 CLOS APALTA Limited-Release CASA LAPOSTOLLE dry red blend ( On Special at $58.99, regularly $79.99 ) is a real treat. WE also have some of the 2006 available at the same price. The 2006 was drinking like a dream the other day when Paulette tasted it with our customers. I would have bought a bottle myself at the time it was so good : that's how much I really enjoyed it. It surprised me a whole lot and that's always a great thing. I like being surprised especially when it's in a positive way like this!
BUY ANY OF THE WINES LISTED ABOVE TODAY / tonight and get another 10% OFF the sticker prices! SAVE and ENJOY some more!!!!!!
BUT WAIT A MINUTE :  Valentine's Day is not simply about wine, it's also about beer and liquor, too!
     1) Imperial Choklat Stout  ( $8.99 a 1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz. bottle, southerntierbrewing.com ) from the Blackwater Series : " The Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Maya, unfolds a complex web of mystery around a beverage known as xocoatl ( ch-co-atle ). " This would be great tonight on Valentine's Day!
     2) Lips Of Faith Series ( with a name like that? and for Valentine's Day?!? ) Biere de Mars, Ale Brewed With Spices ( On Special for $6.99 a bottle, 1 Pt. 6 Fl Oz. , alcohol 6.2% by volume , Fort Collins, Colorado, New Belgium Brewing , www.newbelgium.com )  " is a celestial collision of orange-hued ale, citrusy lemon Verbena, and unidentified flying brettanomyces, launch to new belgium.com ". Great label, a great " must-try " tonight.
     3) Baba Black Lager Usda Organic from United Brewing Co. in Salt lake City ( On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles , www.unitedbrewing.com ) is " new and exciting " and with a cool label. 
     4) XXX Weisse ( another great name for Valentine's Day! ) from RIEDER Feinste Innviertler Braukunst ) is a malt liquor, 6.5% alcohol by volume ... and also very new and very exciting. Check it out! It's a " supercharged Hefe-Weizen which is equal to a Weizen Bock beer. Very drinkable, yet rich and mouth filling. ... a true specialty from the Rieder Brewery ".

     1) Elit STOLICHNAYA Ultra Luxury Vodka ( $58.99, 750ml bottle , 40% alcohol by volume, ) is also kosher for Passover. What a treat. Great bottle and package andpresentation.
     2) Gin, Gold River " Traditional " ( $26.99, 47% alcohol by volume, Batch # 10 ) is distilled and bottled by Maine Distilleries, LLC. Freeport, Maine, USA is made from 100% neutral spirits, distilled from Maine potatoes.
     3) LINIE AQUAVIT Fabrik Maerke ( $27.99 ) from Norway ) is " taste that really travels ". From Oslo, for more information go to : www.linie.com. We are thrilled to have it here : there's a real demand for these aquavits and there has never been enough of them here in Washington D.C. to satisfy the demand. Cheers.
     4) Irish Whiskey Special Reserve from MILLARS ( Adam Millar & Company , On Special for $29.99, 40% alcohol by volume , for more info go to : www.AHardyUSA.com ), was established in 1843 , and is from Rivertown, Dundalk. Co. Louth. It's just arrived here this past week. I still have not tried it.
    TONIGHT : Valentine's Day : I will have at least one red open to celebrate if you all come by and need some last-minute treats. I may do more, it depends on how many of you all show up to start celebrating here before going on to a dinner ...

     Friday, February 17th, 2012 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Virginie coming to pour a selection of excellent Georgian wines that include at least one rose and one white and two or three reds, too. Discover the Saperavi grape with Virginie.
     Saturday, February 18th, 2012 ( 2-6PM ) :  Chris Bartha of Cobblestone Cellars will be back to taste some of the really fine COOPER Vineyard wines of Virginia that include the great chocolate-infused " Noche ", $18.99  Norton grape - PERFECT FOR TONIGHT!!! ,  as well as a killer Viognier and two great reds : a Petit Verdot and a Reserve Norton. Chris will also pour some of the HANS WIRCHING dry German rose trocken from Franken. It's a Rudi Wiest selection and sells for $14.99.

I AM SURE I HAVE FORGOTTEN SOMETHING but it's time to post this so you can/ may all read it and get here in time for all your Valentine's Day needs! We can help, we want to help you!  Check out web page : www.clevelandparkwine.com, we are also on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits and follow my blog at : chatwine.blogspot.com, chatpoetry.blogspot.com.

GET OUR BAILEY & SAIF D.C. Chocolates here for tonight and for Valentine's Day. Starting at $10 a box ... caramels, dark chocolates, ginger and sea salts and more natural flavors ... distinct and personal and delicious!

THANKS AGAIN for everything ... Happy Valentine's Day Today : come by tonight for last-minute things and then again tomorrow for our TWO-DAY Still-Wine TWO-PART SALE. Read about it above and SAVE 20% On Your Still Wine Purchases Wednesday and Thursday ( 15th-16th, 2012 ) here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits! Cheers,  TONY