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A Day In Life Of Me : Anthony Quinn @ClevelandParkWineAndSpirits Here In Washington DC 20008 202-363-4265 : Tuesday, January 16th, 2018 : Tasting the Flowers Winery Wines, Levianthan Winery and

Some of our Tuesday activity here today!

Our tastings here today, all treats!

WOW, Martin Luther King was and still is a great inspiration, one of working peacefully for the greater good of all, and not just a few wealthy that are consistently getting wealthier at the expense of so many others. Black lives do matter, all lives matter. It is great to be reminded of the selfless work of people like Martin Luther King that did it for others, for all the blacks that have helped build our country!

Here with our local rep @JimStivers from @BreakthruDistributing going over our @MoetHennessey items of @BueveClicquot and @MoetChandon. We did a great holiday tasting here that he helped to set up a tasting with @FeancoisHurtel on Wednesday December 6th, 2017 that was a huge success, and it is because of Jim’s great service to us here and my long friendship with Francois that all this happened and that these are well-represented here! Cheers, sante, venez nous voir tous Et merci!

Black Lives Matter - All Lives Matter - Great To See & Feel The Spirit Of Martin Luther King Still Today Working As An Inspiration Peacefully For The Greater Good Of All & Final Equality & Acceptance Of Blacks In Our Lives & Society, Yes! About Time !!!

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it's so great to have positive influences & examples in our lives like that of martin luther king. we owe him as well as so many other black men & women for helping to build our country to what it is today. we could not have done it without them.


this was made really clear to me by seeing the exhibit at the virginia museum of fine arts on the terracotta army on display there through mid march i believe. life takes work, there have to be workers, there has to be things done and accomplished, and we have to do it together as a village, as a people. we loved the exhibit and the museum itself, so much to be proud of - a village of art old and new and still going strong today.


so i am feeling really inspired as i work and write this weekly store email.




i just jessica bonaroti with Huneusvintners.com / huneuswines.com, and tasting their flowers wines, illumination 2016 sauvignon blanc that quite literally blew me away! i loved it, really did, - so full, rich, great acidity, so vibrant, so alive, like electricity tempered running through a liquid glass of fresh full supple and engaging sauvignon blanc, $57.99. the price is the only barrier, the rest is smooth-sailing! i also loved the faust napa valley 2015 cabernet sauviggnon, i am not ready to sell my soul to the devil for it, but i loved it's brightness, charm, vibrant and alive living breathing sing-song-lullaby qualities. the only wine i did not care for was the leviathan, a red blend that i struggled to find any taste that felt alive and refreshing and with real energy and character. four out of five is not bad jessica and tim!


so now i have to start this email in earnest and get to more of the immediate meat vegetable and liquid spirits of all kinds that are here today, now!


I LOVE IT, all the inspiration here in Cleveland Park, a great neighborhood. We have so much to offer everyone, even in flux, even in change, even in uncertainty, what remains true and essential and vital is our love and focus and immediate selection of choices for you all here, in each and every store around here - we have great things to offer that are in many cases family-owned, personal, special, wonderful, one-of-a-kind experiences. Take full advantage of them all.
TAKE TIME TO ' linger ' at each and everyone of us, we are special, we are here for you, we are this important vibrant community. Be proud of it, support it - us, let's grow stronger together.
LINGER linger linger, look, see, understand, appreciate, support! We are sorry to hear of the passing of the Cranberries female lead singer that ingrained in us forever that word ' linger ', she knew how so say-sing it so beautifully that we will always think of her each time we use or hear the word used. It is so apropos, too now considering what I am writing and asking you all to do. Cheers!
IT IS WARMER today and I enjoyed driving into town today, and started to compose this email in my head as I did.
ONE NOTE to share is that our 3 for $33 and 6 for $60 on 750ml wine bottles is really working well, and that is so welcome and encouraging. Chris and I had been talking about it and the other day he left me a note and had cleared some space for them, he started collecting them on a Monday so when I arrived here the next Tuesday it was already started, and all I had to do was pick up the reins and move forward. Thanks Chris ! WE are a living, working active village, yes, si oui!
I HAVE GATHERED HERE on our tasting table many things to write about , and bring to your attention.
IN BEER and CIDER From Santos Rivera -
          CIDER -
     1) ' Malice ' Hard Cider gluten-free, a handcrafted hard cider from the WINCHESTER CIDERWORKS, a 4-pack of 1 Pt. cans, On Special for $11.99, : " Winchester Ciderworks uses apples grown locally in our orchards in the Shenandoah Valley. Five varieties of apples are used and they are fermented at low temperatures to retain the fruit's aroma. After I feel that the maturation process is complete, they are blended together to produce an unfiltered, crisp, , dry-medium style cider reminiscent of my birthplace in the Eastern Counties of England. Enjoy! " Stephen Schuman ( Cider Maker ).
          BEER -
     1) SANGRES Preta from Portugal, On Special for $9.99 for a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, this is ' new and exciting ', here less than a week I believe? Come check it out, get some wines, too from Portugal to enjoy as well, some of them are in our 3 for $33 section and we will be happy to show you them as well.
     2) Unquestionably Original - German Chocolate Cake Coconut Pecan Stout from D9 Brewing Company , handcrafted & bottled by District Brewing LLC, Cornelius, NC, brewers association, independent craft, recycle, $14.49 a 4-pacj of 1 pint cans. Come check this out, perfect for this cold weather now. Will warm you to your core.
          TWO From Cervezas ALHAMBRA, Granada, Spain -
     1) Cerveza Extra , traditionally brewed Super Premium Lager, the Reserva 1925 , On Special for $9. for a 6-pack of 11.2 Fl. Oz bottles, come try some and see what you think! With 6.4% alcohol by volume.
     2) Cerveza Roja - Red Beer, a 4-pacj of 11.2 Fl. Oz bottles On Special for $6.99 a 4-packwith 7.2% alcohol by volume, come try these two and see what you think. I am thinking this Roja will be perfect now with this cold outside! Cheers!
IN LIQUEUR / LIQUOR From Jagir Singh we have -
     1) Exotic Passion Fruit and Cranberries delicately blended with premium French vodka, RED PASSION from Alize, $26.99, come get this today and listen to some of the Cranberries music as their female lead singer just sadly passed away. A loss. Cheers. We have two other flavors as well from Alize here.
     2)  YENI RAKI distilling tradition , produced from grape and aniseed liqueur, $30.99 a bottle, with 45% alcohol by volume, this is a popular item to just remind you all that we have, from Turkey. We also have some marvelous wines from Turkey here, too like  the CASABA Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot blend, a 2014 from YAZGAN, $19.99 a bottle,  with 13% alcohol by volume, , from Mensei, Turkey, a fine food wine. Cheers!
     3) BERENTZEN Apple Liqueur, since 1758, made in Germany, $20.99 a bottle, with 20% alcohol by volume : "  Handcrafted with all-natural ingredients. Sun-ripened apples are blended with 10% wheat spirit to create a deliciously crisp and light flavor. Centuries of know-how guarantees the unique quality of each bottle ... serve chilled or on the rocks, in your favorite cocktail or in your own signature Berentzen drink. " Yes yes yes, prosit!
     4) Elit Ultra Luxury vodka from STOLI, On Special for $49.99 a bottle ( regularly $77.99 a bottle ) - what a tremendous clean bright invigorating, electric, pure-tasting vodka brought back here by popular demand! We love this kind of event, when you ask us repeatedly for a product , and we get it back and can offer it to you, in this case, for  $28 off a bottle! Come get a bottle and fly, soar, purr, cry sweet tears of joy, feel expansive, warm, loved ahhhhhh alive!
          TWO GINS For You -
     1) Dry Gin an infusion of traditional wild-grafted botanicals from Montana's MONTGOMERY Distillery, On Special for $39.99 a bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume, cheers!
     2) BOLS GENEVER Amsterdam Est. 1575 On Special , imported from Holland , grain spirit, grain neutral spirits with natural flavors, On Special for $24.99  a 750ml bottle, with 42% alcohol by volume. Come try this taste, it is like nothing else you know : a totally new experience, get ready to be surprised to the meax, and then you will grow to like it ever so slowly. Cheers.
WINE From Chris & Tony ( me ) :
          TWO French Wines At $10.99 :
     1)  Picpoul de Pinet from the DOMAINE Des CADASTRES , $10.99 : loaded to ohhhhh so overflowing character, taste, personality, all - love it! Great value, too.
     2) Cotes Du Rhone , ChelCHAPOUTIERAnne-SophiePIC & MichelCHAP,2016, a treat, tried it, liked it, and here it is, come get a bottle. Cheers.
          THREE From the 3 For $33 , 6 for $60 section :
     1) Alvarinho from Portugal called GRAND' ARTE, On Special for $12.99 a bottle, great taste, fresh mineral, citrus, brightness, flesh, flair, flank, all! A 2016, this is pretty amazing, enjoyed some of a three-day old bottle last night and it still made me smile and be thrilled! A Big YES to this.
     2) Cuvee Gladiateur 2014 dry red blend from the Costieres de Nimes region of France from the DOMAINE Du VISTRE, On Special now for $12.99, hearty, spicy, bright, earthy, clean briar and dirt, too - great with a meal! Will be open here tomorrow from 5-8PM, join us, cheers!
     3) Bordeaux Superieur 2010 ( great vintage ) CHATEAU DESCLAU , eleve en futs de chene - aged in oak barrels -, On Special for $12.99 is another powerhouse wine just like the Cuvee Gladiateur- just different, also to be tasted tomorrow - a Great VALUE at this price that gets all these three wines down to $10 on six bottles mix or match!
AND From California a ' Gem ' :
     1) Liberated Monterey 2012 Pinot Noir from the @LiberatedWinery #SantaRosa #California wine blows me away, 100% #PinotNoir On Special for $13.99 - delightful, delectable, delicious all! Great value, too.
AND in a Split-Size Bottle -
     1) Mini MOET Brut Imperial dry rose NV French champagne, $24.99 : crisp, dry, really bright brisk, ahhhh so alive, so almost tart, a great food dry rose champagne, and so practical, open and enjoy just about anywhere, anytime. A treat, carry it in your purse or pocket with you : always be prepared for anything!
WEDNESDAY, January 16th, 2018 ( 5-8PM ) : Chris and I will pour some fine wine for you all! From the 3 for $33 shelf, come taste and get a great value, too on three to six bottles and get your cost down to $11 or $10! Cheers.
FRIDAY, January 19th, 2018 ( 5-8PM ) : Come taste some great selections from Narayan Campbell that also inlcude wines from the 3 for $30 and 6 for $60 section.
SATURDAY, January 20th, 2018 ( 2-6PM ) : Come taste with Brayden Campbell some fine selections, still to be decided, so call if you need to know in advance. 202-363-4265.
SAVE ON WINE HERE EVERY WEDNESDAY - up to 20% OFF Two Ways! Cheers! Call and pay on Wednesdays if you cannot come, but always save here on your wine purchases every Wednesday! Cheers.
THANKS for everything.

WATCH the series on tv called The Marvelous Mrs Meisel , it is simply grand, marvelous, amazing, a visual and sound treat on every level, a great period-piece, too of the fifties! LOVE IT.
AND ABOUT THIS past weekend - cheers to Martin Luther King! 
WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW is an old store email that I wrote and sent back in January 2011! Seems like so long ago. Thanks again for everything. TONY 1/16, 2018
i LOVE IT : IT ALL IS VERY INSPIRATIONAL for me here in Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits and I never seem to lose my enthusiasm as I get younger with age and fee off of all of this young and great talent as well as often physical beauty as well as with that of both wine-maker Sara Shaw of the DAEDALUS Vineyard in Oregon's Willamette Valley as well as of that of Jeanne Thomas Moillard that whose family owned MOILLARD burgundies up until just a year or so ago.
     ENJOY RESTAURANT WEEK This Week Here Locally and In DC!!!!
     I JUST GOT A SERENDIPITOUS VISIT from Sara Shaw , her second in a week this past late Saturday at 8:45PM on January 15th, 2011. She was coming by to say bye-bye and see if Chris was here in the store as she had missed him on her first visit with Tony of the Nice Legs portfolio of wine selections on Tuesday, January 11th, 2011. I wrote about Sara in last week's email and if you want to read it you can always now find the store emails on our web page at : www.clevelandparkwine.com. I have also downloaded pictures of Sara Shaw there, too for you to see. We will have a selection of both the DAEDALUS and the Jezebel wines here in February and are already working on a wine dinner/ wine-tasting first here in the store and then later at perhaps Ripple restaurant? I hope so. That will be I believe in July 2011.
     TODAY I RECEIVED A PACKAGE from Jeanne-Thomas-Moillard a young French lady that some of you might have met when she would come in the past to represent her family's French burgundies and other wines. I have been in touch with her as she now represents a small quality French house of Champagne and I am sure that this package contains some information about that and I will share that with you next week or if you come to the store ask me and I will fill you in then. It's funny as just this past Saturday one of our favorite customers was here buying and we spoke of Jeanne-Thomas-Moillard and how we both looked forward to her next visit here to the store. It sure does seem like a small world : and both these young ladies are filled with both charm, talent and promise and it's great to have them a part of what we do here on a daily basis.      OH, I SHOULD INCLUDE ABOVE HERE LISA JEWELL the excellent distiller of TWENTY2VODKA from Houlton, Maine that was here pouring her own family vodka at $32.99. It's Lisa's second visit here and the second time that we have sold-out when she comes to taste here. Thanks Lisa. I know that you are now headed back to Houlton, Maine to make some more as you are selling out and that's a good things. Bundle-up and see you when you get back. I heard so many positive things about your vodka this past weekend here : everyone seemed to be really impressed. For pictures of Lisa and her vodka go to our Facebook page where I did two entries of her first tasting here in the store at : Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits. You can got to also : Lisa@Twenty2Vodka or to Facebook at : Facebook.com/Twenty2Vodka for more information. Cheers. Thanks LIsa for all your hard work.

     IT SURE IS GRAY OUTSIDE and yet it is still refreshing and I am still raring to start this week. I am here in the store today as I have switched with Chris Barker and will be off tomorrow.
     I HAVE ALREADY WALKED AROUND THE STORE and filled the office with things that I want to write about and mention. It's a whole lot of fun because it makes me focus on many of the excellent and " new " and interesting things that we have here that are different each and every week in all the categories that we sell here from beer to liquor and liqueurs to wines of course. N'oublie pas le vin! Jamais! I do love my wine.
    THIS PAST SATURDAY I ARRIVED TO CONDUCT MY SATURDAY In-Store Wine-Class and I was short by two people and so I simply did a scaled-down version of our wine-class at our tasting table that was shorter in length and covered some of the wines that I wanted to taste here anyway. It was fun and educational and I got a good response from those that did show up as they said that they would.
     I WANT TO DO THESE WINE-CLASSES here each Saturday from 11:30-1PM with six wines at $10 a person ( call to reserve a space at : 202-363-4265 ) which basically just pays for the wine. Anyway, if you are interested in coming let me know now as I do want to continue and develop these as I think they will be very useful to many of you as you continue to learn and enjoy wines and your own palate and tastes and the combination of wine and food and how to serve and how to fully taste them. I assert that many of you pay for a bottle and only taste about a third or perhaps a half of the flavors in the wines. Come to my class and put this to the test and let's see how much you are tasting and or missing each and every time that you drink and share a bottle of wine with your family and friends.
     SO : LAST SATURDAY I poured some fabulous wines that we just got in On Special for the people that showed up :  1) " Bombino " 2007 dry Italian southern white wine from Puglia - it's a dry and complex white that is fully-mature and ready to enjoy fully now and it's On Special for $5.99 a bottle instead of $10.99 a bottle!   2) 2009 " Cape Bleue " dry French southern rose from the Mediterranean area from JEAN-LUC COLOMBO that's usually $13 or more a bottle and is now On Special here for %7.99 a bottle. It also showed really well this past weekend even though for many it's not the season. Great with salmon.  3) Pinot Gris 2007 from HELFRICH, Marlenhein, Alsace, France is On Special for $7.99 ( regularly it's $14.99 ) and this one is full and fruity and elicious with or without a meal.  5) Dry Riesling from HELFRICH, Marlenheim, Alsace, France id crisp and with great mineral flavors - lovely - also On Special for $7.99 a bottle ;  and  6)  Gewurztraminer from HELFRICH will be " new " here for the first time tomorrow as well :   7) Seven Sisters Pinotage 65% and 35% Shiraz from South Africa at $13.99 with good body and flare and spice was also liked quite a bit as was the VENI VIDI VICI Bulgarian Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 at $9.99 that was a nice dry blend of both the new and the old world styles of wine-making.
     ALL GREAT VALUES. These were all part of our impromptu wine-class and I sold some of all of them after the class.

     SO MUCH IS HAPPENING HERE these days and it all goes by quickly and in a rush and sometimes it would be nice to put on the brakes so-to-speak and enjoy more of the moment. We do that as often as we can here as well as at home. Here are some suggestions for you all to take home with you:
          BEER From Santos -
       1) SAMUEL ADAMS Imperial Series " Imperial Stout "  ( On Special for $9.99 for a four-pack of 12 ounce bottles )  : " is our take on the stouts brewed by 18th century English brewers for the Russian Imperial Court of Catherine II ".
       2) STOUDTS Double IPA Bottle Conditioned microbrewed beer ( On Special for $13.99 a 6-pack of 12 oz. bottles ) is brewed in Adamstown, Pennsylvania.
       3) LONG TRAIL Centennial Red Imperial Red Ale, ( On Special for $5.99 a 1 pt. 6 fl. oz bottle , longtrail.com ) is 7.9% alc. by volume. It's new and exciting.
       4) STILLWATER ARTISANALAL Stateside Saison American Farmhouse Ale is their homage to old world tradition.

          LIQUOR From Ravi -
       1) 44 NORTH Magic Valley Vodka from Idaho  winter wheat blended with the Rocky Mountain water ( $33.99 ) is " new " and doing well for us.
       2) 44 NORTH Mountain Huckleberry flavored vodka is made from Idaho potatoes blended with Rocky Mountain water and neutral Huckleberry flavor. It also has turned a couple of heads here on more than several occasions.
       3) Key Lime Rum PRICHARDS " A Taste Of The Tropics " is 70 proof, $29.99  and made in Kelso, Tennessee ( no caramel added , www.prichardsdistillery.com ) and " new " here : Key Lime pie, too anyone?!?
       4) HIGH WEST : Silver " Whiskey Western Oat ( $39.99 ) is a light whiskey - pot-distilled at 7000 in Utah, 40% alcohol by volume and clear as clear can transparently be! Great bottle presentation, too for a gift : unique. Come and take a gander and then give a holler...
          WINES By Chris and Tony - 

     WHITES :
       1) Vinho Verde beber frio Dry White Portuguese ( $8.99 , 9% alc. by volume ) is light and crisp and bright and thoroughly refreshing! Lovely and so easy to enjoy almost anytime. It's a regular item and back by popular demand.
       2) Chardonnay Oak-Aged Three Months 2008 from FINCA FLICHMAN is that lovely Argentina style of buttery with accents of oak Chardonnay that so many of our customers love especially at only $9.99 On Special.
       3) Chardonnay from the Santa Cruz Mountains from SARAH'S VINEYARD , this 2007 ( $29.99 from California , founded in 1978 sarahsvineyard.vom ) is made in the French burgundian style and is quite delightful for a nice occasion. Come check it out - very fine indeed.
       4) Sauvignon Blanc 2009 from Katherine Hall of the HALL winery in California's Napa Valley ( On Special for $19.99 ) is a lovely, velvety, bright and forward-style dry white that can be equally enjoyed all by itself as well as with a meal. It's really pleasing.
       5) Pinot Grigio " Jesera " from Colio in Friuli, Italy and made by VENICA , this 2009 ( $22.99 ) is an old favorite of mine : the best and the richest and very highly-extracted and bright and with deep-pockets of mineral and accented with apricot-peach blushes and dustings and everything memorable and wonderful.

     REDS -
       1)  Finca El Portillo 2009 Mendoza , Argentina and made by Bodegas SALENTEIN is a great class-act at only $8.99 for everyday drinking. Cheers!
       2) Syrah 2004 from SAWTOOTH in Nampa, Idaho ( $14.99, www.sawtoothwinery.com ) is a " new " and flavorful addition here to our selections that we got from wine sommelier Andrew Stover of VINO50 Selections. Thanks Andrew, it with the dry Malbec and the off-dry Riesling are real additions here to our collection of U.S. wines.
     FROM Wine-Maker Charles Noel Gendrot we have three of the four that he tasted this weekend - His Choices and ALL Orgnanic -
       1) DOMAINE DE LA BERGERIE Cremant De Loire " Preambule " 100% Cabernet Franc dry sparkling rose ( $21.99 ) is bright and elegant, fresh and refined and speaks to the freshness of the Cabernet Franc grape and it's an utter delight. Cheers!
       2) LES AUZINES 2008 French Corbieres " Cuvee Hautes Terres " from France's Languedoc region ( $16.99 ) is flavorful and broad and rich and needs a meal to flesh it out appropriately now to reveal more of it's many charms. Smooth and could age easily another six months to two years.
       3) CHATEAU FALFAS Cotes Du Bourg dry red Bordeaux blend, 2006 is still young and still evolving into the wonderful wine that it will be, $21.99. Again, no need to rush. This wine because it is organic as the other two are will take more time to evolve and to grow into the wines that they can and will be if left alone and not disturbed. Unfortunately we are all in a rush so I recommend this wine with a meal as well to help flesh it out as much as possible.
      Charles talked in length about organic wines needing more time to evolve and to become the great wines that they can be. Keep this in mind any time that you drink an organic wine : give it more time to age or, if you open the bottle give it more time to open gracefully at the dinner table.
       Friday, January 21st, 2011 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Jennifer Maximuck of Monument Imports coming to pour a selection of her wines which includes a bottle of the SILVER PALM 2007 North Coast California Cabernet Sauvignon as well as others, too.
       Saturday, January 22nd, 2011 : Nolan of Mondo Vino Imports will be here to taste a selection of his company's wines to be decided tomorrow. Call Chris or me for an update on this as it may include Argentina, Tuscany, Germany and maybe some of the California wines as well : we have a lot to chose from tomorrow! It will be Nolan's second in-store wine-tasting here with you all. He's worked in restaurants as well and has a broad experience in wines, foods and liquor, too.
   I AM SURE THAT I AM FORGETTING MANY THINGS but it's time to get this email out to you all :
     HAPPY MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY to one and to all and also enjoy Restaurant Week this week with three-course meal specials for both lunch and for dinner all week long. Call and make reservations to be sure and get a seat at the restaurants that you like like Lavandou and Dino that participate. I guess ARDEO and RIPPLE are a part of this as well? I am not sure - so call and check and eat well, drink well and SAVE this week in our fine local restaurants here in Cleveland Park as well as in all of Washington D.C. Cheers :
     CHECK US OUT AT : www.clevelandparkwine.com, at : chatwine.blogspot.com, on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits and also on Twitter at : CPWINESPIRITS  too. Lots has been added and there's lots to stimulate all your senses here with us and online as well.