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Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits
ALL WAYS ALWAYS working to make our connection with you, with each other, here and everywhere in our communities what they need to be to survive and prosper!
HAPPY TUESDAY November 14th, 2017 all : it was both an honor and a privilege for me to be invited by one of the founders Adam Eidinger of the event Catharsis On The Mall 2017 that coincided with Veterans Day Weekend. I was thrilled, humbled and inspired even more having been there this past weekend on three separate occasions. Hope some of you got to see and hear this ?
ON SUNDAY just before noon a song was sung for the first time ever there that spoke to our urgent need for equality for women, equality for all become a reality.
I RECORDED some of this in both video and in pictures and will include them on our Facebook page at : Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits : check them out.
ALL OUR MADNESS UNDER SOME CONTROL,our voices, messages, being voiced in speeches and in song as we continue in peaceful manners to gain equality for women, for all, and strengthen our bonds of community and work meaningfully through constructive actions to make our world and neighborhood healthier, more balanced, more productive, more positive.
AS we are doing so many things this week here alone at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits. You know that the Beaujolais Nouveau and the Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau can be legally sold by us this Thursday? Have you made plans to go to Lavandou just at the end of our block and enjoy a meal there? I am sure it will be hopping there. Remember: you reserve a seat or seats with a late-night dinner on Wednesday, tomorrow evening
JOIN US on Thursday with   Christina Caswell of Kysela Pere et Fils et Fille November 16th, 2017 from 5-8PM as we taste the Beaujolais Nouvea and Beaujolais Villages Nouveau of MANOIR DU CARRA. We always have these as they consistently please and offer everyone a great refreshing youthful exuberant taste on the Gamay grape, yes, si, oui venez gouter ici avec nous ce Jeudi soir 5-8PM!
WE ALSO HAVE our Big Theme BUBBLY Tastings coming up in December, so mark your calendars :
     1) First Wednesday of December, December 6th, 2017 ( 5:30-8:30PM ) : Join us as we finish up the year and toast our accomplishments and celebrate our togetherness and hope for health, prosperity, community, working together for all those things we ultimately have in common, which is so much more than we do not have in common. We are people, we will come here together and enjoy each other's company.
     I am looking to include as many women winemakers and their bubblies here as I possibly can. We stated the year with supporting women in their right to choose, to decide, we extended it into the whole year as there was still so much to be accomplished, may have to continue, too next year!
     SO : these next two bubbly tastings will focus on women and on their invaluable contributions to the fabrics of our lives! This is all so inspiring to me! We need to stick together, to give credit and respect where both are due; fair is fair, equal has to be equal for all, too : alright already, enough is enough, let's get this a reality!
     AND  -
     2) Wednesday, December 27th, 2017 ( 5:30-8:30PM ) - If you missed the first this is your chance to taste right before New Year's Eve and to get whatever you need to celebrate in style the end of 2017
     FOR BOTH WE are charging $10 that can be used towards the purchase of any bottle you taste and that you like and want to purchase anyway. We will have people purchase early the tickets through evite.com and make everything easier. Cheers. We hope to see you once again, this is big , this is special, these two tastings are key for everyone as it helps to keep the spirit of the holidays and the end of the year in great perspective!
SO MUCH HAPPENING here and for us all these days, so little time to focus on it all as we would like. Many of us are sick, myself included. Does not feel good, do not like feeling this way. Oh well, will get better eventually.
HERE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD Coppi's Organic has been celebrating their three years now of being open for business here in Cleveland Park Northwest DC 20008 ( I was there with owner Carlos on Friday Nov 8th ) and we had a delicious meal at the bar as we spoke of all that is happening here for us all ), there was a fashion shoot across the street as well on Saturday Novemeber 9th, and I went and got Carlos and we crossed the street to meet Parker that organized it with the local fashion designs of Streetz that we met there for the first time. Glad to have this younger more arts environment here in our vibrant neighborhood. They at the Uptown Arts DC House only have their lease through December.
     TOMORROW at the Uptown Arts DC you can pay a nominal fee to draw their live model that will pose there from 6:30-8:30PM. Go and draw. I know many of you say you want to get back to your art roots, so go!
     ALSO : On Thursday from 6:30-8:30PM bring your art supplies there as I will be there pouring some fine Chilean wine from IN SITU, their reserve Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon to enjoy while you draw! It has been a great way to see what they are all about and be exposed to some great artists here locally. I will make the introductions myself, so come and be a part of both wine and culture, art and all. All the wines are available for sale here. too.
       1) Porter BLACK BOSS from Poland, ' new and exciting ', yes, a 500ml bottle, On Special for $2.99 a bottle, with 9.4% alcohol by volume, come be warmed, cheered, pleased, treated well by this delightful porter.
     2) 25 Blonde De L'Enfer from UNIBROUE Brewery, a 750ml bottle, On Special for $13.99, with 10.5% alcohol by volume, a Belgian style golden ale, from Chambly, Canada,  IBU : 14 SRM : 5.5 : " ... is brewed to celebrate UNIBOUE'S 25th anniversary, staying true to our tradition of Belgian style inspiration with a touch of Qubecois culture, we crafted a nonconformist take on a classic style ... "
     3) Premium Pilsner Champagne Velvet brand beer, the beer with the Million Dollar Flavor, since 1902, a legacy honored by Uland brewing company, On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, from Bloomington, Indiana.
     AND : TWO From ARDENT -
     1) Saison from ARDENT, On Special for $12/99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, a farmhouse style ale, with 6.7% alcohol by volume, made and brewed in Richmond, Virginia, : ' new and exciting'!
     2) IPA ( India Pale Ale ) from ARDENT, On Special for $13.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles with 6.8% alcohol by volume - also really new and exciting here!
     CIDER Fro The Holidays -
     1) Imported Original MAGNER'S Irish Cider, On Special for $11.99 for a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, from Clonmel, Ireland, : " Created by William Magner in 1935... an authentic  premium cider ... " : we are thrilled to be able to offer it to you all. Come discover this for the very first time. Cheers.
JUST ENJOYED a delicious cheeseburger across the street from Byblos Deli with a big toasty bun, some provolone melted cheese, lettuce tomato and mayo and some crisp hot fries, too : and Marco brought me over some of his chili to try and I loved that, would have ordered it, too : next time! Thanks Marco, Carlos and team! Filled the bill, back at work now still under the weather but full, feeling better, typing away! I included the pictures on our Facebook page while there at Byblos, check them out.
I PASSED BY the Cantina Al Volo that will take the place of the Ripple restaurant and saw all the furniture being delivered there, wrapped up and ready to find their space there soon enough we all hope.
OKAY, Now in LIQUOR and LIQUEUR  of Jagir-
     1) Arancia Rossa Blood Orange Liqueur SOLERNO, $40.99, celebrating the original and naturally intense flavor of Sicilian blood oranges, with 40% alcohol by volume, I love the color alone, and the taste backs up the color and moves it into another stratosphere, too! Yes, try some - lively, entertaining, active and gorgeous mouth-feel, too!
     2) GRAPPA Di Prosecco from MOLETTO, On Special for $37.99, with 40% alcohol by volume, this is a softer, gentler taste here, more supple on the tongue and rests easier in the mouth, less tartness or bite, more sunshine - nice. Fine producer, too, from Montegalda, Italy. Come check this out!
     3) The Spirit of Dublin TEELING Whiskey Single Malt Irish whiskey, On Special for $69.99 a bottle, this is bolder, more backbone, more intensity of flavors that mimic a single malt from Scotland, with 46% alcohol by volume, this is stronger and more for having when you want something to sip while smoking a cigar, or when you just need more armor to steel and seal and satisfy every one of your last pores yes! Non chill.
     4) Single Malt Scotch whiskey Aged 14 years, from The ARRAN Malt, distilled, matured, bottled in Scotland, non chill filtered, with 46% alcohol by volume, : " smooth and richly rewarding of the Arran malt bursting with character and complexity , the extra years of maturation have added a depth of sweetness and spice to create a fully rounded and satisfying dram... ".
     5) Aged 12 Years CAOL ILA : " Fresh, sweetly fruity and smooth-bodied, CAOL ILA 12 year old is as rounded and clear as the shapes of the still-room, glimpsed by hazy shafts of sunlight glancing through the morning cloud. " From the Isle of Islay, with 43% alcohol by volume, $82.99 a bottle, a real treat!
IN WINE From Chris & Tony -
          THREE ' Great ' VALUES at $7.99 On Special -
          TWO Rose Wines -
     1) La Cappucina 2016  dry Organic rose from Veneto, Italy, On Special for $7.99 a bottle - some really nice definition, some elegance, polish, refinement of flavors here. Made from 100% Corvina which is the grape mostly used to make both fine red Valpolicella reds as well as Amarone, too!
     2) Bricco dei TATI 2016  dry rose, On Special for $7.99, : I have rarely tried a rose that I liked better, and when you consider this ridiculous price then the match is sealed, delivered, all! Love it, am thrilled to have such a good taste now as temperatures drop and a dry and tasty rose can still fill the spot and need all around!
     ALSO : In Other Wines -
     1) Private Reserve 2011 Syrah from the ALMA De Chile, from Chile's Aconcagua Valley, On Special for $9.99 a bottle, this is an absolute delight. It is unfiltered, un-fined, and it does throw sediment, but it is an incredible bottle of wine! I like this wine a whole lot for it's mature fullness, richness, maturity of taste.
     2) 2015 Vidal Blanc estate-bottled Hermann dry white wine, from STONE HILL in Missouri, On Special for $10.99 a bottle, I love this wine, I buy and serve it on American holidays of the 4th of July and Thanksgiving, everyone really likes it - a great American treat at a very reasonable price!!!! Highly recommended.
     3) Chardonnay Thracian Valley Bulgarian Chardonnay a dry soft round bright smooth lovely sipping white , $11.99 : I just like to sip this, so pleasing, great price, too.
     4) In Situ ' Laguna del INCA ' , a top-flight 2010 blend of the best grapes from winemaker Horacio Vicente, estate-bottled, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere and Syrah, yes si si si si si venga aqui senores et senoritas-senoras, si! On Special now while supplies last at $27.49 : and if you pay for it tomorrow then you get 20% OFF and that brings your cost down to $21.99 a bottle - what a steal!!!
     Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) : Tomorrow we have Robert Kennedy here to pour some fine selections of his :
1) Albana Secco  2014 dry indigenous white from Romagna, Italy, from Vittorio owner/winemaker from TRE MONTI : perfect for this colder weather, this is always a winner, especially as it gets colder! $16.49 a bottle.
2) ' Piria ' light dry Lambrusco from Alberto Paltrinieri of his own PALTRINIERI winery in Emilia. $14.49, a really lovely sipping Italian dry sparkling wine : highly recommended!
3) San Mimiatello  2015 Chianti from AGRISOLE, DOCG, $18.99 : youthful, firm, edgy, energized, some real vroooooom and vigor and edge that will soften with age and when you add food! Yes! Si!
     Thursday, November 16th, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) : Come taste the FABulous Beaujolais Nouveau wines with us! With Christina Caswell, will be here to pour MANOIR DU CARRA!
     Friday November 17th, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) : We have  some fine wines from Kysela poured, some excellent organic 3-liter box wines from Spain with Eric, and with Santos we have Joe Baldoni here to pour DD , and also BOLD ROCK hard apple ciders, too!
     Saturday, November 18th, 2017 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Andrew Stover od Siema Imports here to pour some of these ridiculous deals mentioned here above in wine. WE also have the folks of Republic Restoratives here to pour the new BURROUGH strait bourbon, and their Civic vodka, and Tim will be here to pour SKY Vodka, too!
JOIN US, always free except the Two Big-Theme BUBBLY tastings mentioned above for December.
THANKS for everything, you all are the very best! Cheers!   TONY
ALSO In Wine -
     1) K from KALTERN, a dry red blend On Special for $7.99 a bottle, a Vigneti Delle Dolomiti 2015 rosso blend of 85% Schiava and 15% Lagrein, with 12.5% alcohol by volume, this is an absolute delight to sip and enjoy anytime, with or without food - a true fruit-forward, fruit-centered delicious delectable delight!
 I WROTE WHAT FOLLOWS HERE back on Tuesday, November 15th, 2011, and it is sad to see that Lavandou is no longer with us to go and enjoy the release of this year's Beaujolais and Beaujolais Villages Nouveau .
... after of Big-Theme American Wine-Tasting? You can come here tomorrow from 5:30-8:30PM and meet  owners Rachel Martin of the Boxwood in Middleburg, VA. winery as well as Carol of ELK RUN in Mount Airy, Maryland : and Lawrence Camp of BREAUX Vineyard in Virginia ( and many others as we will pour wines from all over the United States as well as Bailey tasting her Washington D.C. homemade chocolates ). Join us, never any charge. There will be twenty-five-thirty wines for you all to taste and that includes some great Virginia apple cider, too.
     IT'S ALWAYS SOMETHING " New " for us. That's the way we like it : be inspired and touched by something " new ". We are excited about the Beaujolais Nouveau this year : the reports so far have been very good that I have heard. We will open them here on Thursday for you all to taste. We will have four in all :
       1) MANOIR DU CARRA 2011 Beaujolais, $9.99.
       2) MANOIR DU CARRA Beaujolais-Villages 2011, $10.99.
       3) GEORGES DUBOEUF Beaujolais 2011, $11.99.
       4) BOUCHARD AINE Beaujolais Nouveau 2011, $9.99. Mix a case of these. Throw your own " Nouveau " party for your friends and then have some to get you through the end of this year and our fabulous holiday season.
     WHAT Is NOUVEAU? It means " new ". What is BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU? It's all made in Burgundy, France. It is all made from 100% Gamay grapes at the southern tip of Burgundy. It's fun, it's fresh, it's lively, it's got a slight tart edge, it's got a bit of a bite. It's toasty and roasted berries and a delight to drink slightly chilled. It goes with everything : all casual meals as well as more fancy ones. it's just a delight for most people. It's a tradition and it has always been popular though many people in our country I feel still do not know much about it. SO : either do your own party or go to a restaurant like Lavandou or Bistro Lepic, the Bistro Du Coin, the Petits Plats and celebrate and then continue celebrating at home with family and friends. It's  a way to welcome in the holidays. We can help you, too as you may start celebrating earlier than later this Thursday. We will have the four bottles open here all day long so come and " experience " this year's 2011 NOUVEAU with us! If you have any questions please do ask us here at the store.
HOW IS NOUVEAU MADE? It's made with a longer process called " carbonic maceration ". That means simply that the grapes are put into a tank and that as they are put into the tank the pressure from those grapes on top of those below crush the juice. This way the crush is as smooth and as gentle as it can get, with the least amount of agitation to the grapes so that the juice that comes from the grapes is as pure as and as least-disturbed as possible. That makes the taste brighter and fresher - all good things.
NOUVEAU IS ALSO BEST WHEN MATCHED with food. You don't want to drink too much all by itself because AS SOON AS IT'S FERMENTED it is bottled. This preserves all the natural acidity of the Gamay grapes as there in NO BOTTLE AGE, NO CONTACT WITH wood or oak, only bright and shiny stainless steel.

NOUVEAU is not made for aging. However, and this is a big however, it does not go bad immediately. It simply is not intended to be around for a very long time. Buy it and usually drink it all up over the holidays. You don't really want to be drinking the spring after it was made. But don't panic, always check what you have first before simply dumping the bottle out. Chill it and taste it to see first what you still have. It does lose some of the acidity and soften some as it ages over the months. That is quite agreeable to many as it takes some of the sting and the bite away. But try and drink it up earlier than later. MOST OF ALL : relax and enjoy the joy that beaujolais and beaujolais-villages nouveau provides each and every year on the third Thursday of each November.
LET'S NOT FORGET APPLE CIDER! We have the FOGGY RIDGE Virginia apple ciders from Dugspur. Anyone ever been there? The owner herself has been here and tasted me on these and we are thrilled to have them. They : all five that we have will be tasted here tomorrow, Wed. Nov. 16th, 2011 ( 5:30-8:30PM ) at our Big-Theme American Tasting. It will be a breath of fresh air after the wines to have some apple cider : Handmade, Serious Hard, Cider Sweet, First Fruit Hard and Pippin for you all to taste. Remember there is no charge. Please join us and bring family and friends.
BUT HEY, what about some BEER FROM SANTOS?
       1) John John Ale from ROGUE ( On Special for $10.99, 1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz, Newport, Oregon ) is made from 7 ingredients and has a deep honey color, a malt aroma , caramel and vanilla in the mid palate and an oak finish. Nice.
       2) REDMARKER Ale 2 from Williamsburg AleWerks ( On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-0unce bottles, www.AleWerks.com ) is craft-brewed in Williamsburg, VA.
       3) CABIN FEVER Crown Ale from NEW HOLLAND Brewing ( On Special $10.99 of 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles , www.newhollandbrew.com ) :  " hints of rye, roast and raisin join a subtle caramel sweetness before a clean finish."From  Holland,Michigan. Exciting.

AND WE Cannot Forget LIQUOR From Ravi :
       1) Pear Williams Purkhart  from Alto Adige - Sudtirol ( $39.99 , 40% alcohol by volume , 750ml bottle ) is a product of Austria. WE are thrilled to have it here. It's a real addition to our store and one that is just in time for the holidays.
       2) DOUGLAS XO Premium Blended Scotch Whisky ( $39.99 , 86% alcohol by volume ) is something new and exciting for us and we have had it now for six months and it's time to remind you all about it once again. It's unique and really special. Go to : www.InternationalSpiritsand Wines.com for the scoop on this. I wish I had Alexis here now to wax poetic on it because it is truly one of a kind.
       3) " Desir " French cognac from the house of LANDY ( $74.00 a bottle ) is " new " and really special and exciting here. We are thrilled to have it. One of our customers brought it to our attention and we are thrilled to have it in our selection here now. Great package and bottle. It will warm your heart and soul and that of the others gathered with you on a cold and dark fall or winter's night. Cheers.
     Wines From Tony & Ean : These Are Some For Our Big-Theme Wine-Tasting Listed Below:
       1) BOXWOOD Estate VA. Topiary Dry Rose
       2) BOXWOOD Estate VA. Boxwood Dry Rose
       3) BOXWOOD Estate VA. 2008 Boxwood Red
       4) BOXWOOD Estate VA. 2009 Boxwood Red
       5) BOXWOOD Estate VA. 2009 Topiary Red
    ( with owner Rachel Martin pouring them ).
      6) ELK RUN, Mount Airy. MD. Cabernet Sauvignon
      7) ELK RUN Gewurztraminer 2010
      8) ELK RUN Pinot Noir 2010
      9) ELK RUN 2010 Off-Dry Riesling
     10) ELK RUN " Sweet Katherine " Cabernet Sauvignon
     11) ELK RUN Malbec
   ( poured by owner Carol )
     12) FOX RUN Dry 2009 Riesling, Finger Lakes, NY.
     13) ANTHONY ROAD Pinot Gris 2010 Finger Lakes, NY.
     14) JT. CELLARS Lodi Petit Sirah 2007, CA.
     15) WINE GUERILLAS Dry Creek Zinfandel 2009, CA.
     16) 4 BEARS Pinot Noir Carneros, CA. 2009
     17) BOKISCH Graciano Dry CA. Red, 2006
     18) BOKISCH Albarino Dry White, CA. 2008
     19) BRICKHOUSE Pinot Noir, Oregon 2009, made with organic grapes
     20) OWEN ROE 2010 Yamhill-Carlton District  Pinot Noir Kilmore
     21) AYERS 2010 Pinot Noir Willamette Valley, OR.
     22) GROCHAU CELLARS Pinot Noir Cuvee
Commuter 2010 Willamette Valley
     23) SASS Pinot Noir
     24) FORIS Gewurztraminer 2008 Rogue Valley Oregon
     25) JK Carriere Pinot Noir " Provocateur " 2009 Willamette Valley, Oregon
     26)  BREAUX Vineyard, VA. Viognier dry white
     27) BREAUX  Vineyard, VA." Equation " Merlot    
     28) BREAUX Vineyard, VA. Cabernet Franc, VA.
     29) BREAUX Vineyard Nebbiolo, VA. Ice Wine     ( poured by Lawrence Camp of Breaux Vineyard )
          More to follow and there will be plenty to taste including the apple ciders and the homemade Wash. D.C. chocolates, too. Hopefully there will be something here for everyone.
     AND THAT'S WEDNESDAY, Join Us ...
       Friday, November 18th, 2011 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Arielle Monaco here of Country Vintners pouring a selection of her American wines : a small recap of the Big-Theme Wine-Tasting for any of you that missed it and were not able to attend.
      Saturday, November 19th, 2011 ( 2-6PM ) : Eric Platt will be here doing a Kiwi New Zealand wine-tasting which includes SEIFRIED in Nelson, New Zealand and The Doctor's Riesling from Marlborough, New Zealand. JOIN US, NEVER any charge for any of our wine-tastings.
     I AM SURE I HAVE FORGOTTEN MANY THINGS but it is time to send this email now. Check our web page at : www.clevelandparkwine.com , our Facebook page at : Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits and our Twitter at : cpwinespirits as well as chatwine.blogspot.com and chatpoetry.blogspot.com for more info on what we are doing here. It never stops, ever. Thanks for all your support. Cheers and come and see us. Don't be a stranger, call us at : 202-363-4265. WE deliver to you anytime we can, just let us know when you need or want something.  TONY

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

I Voted Today For New Governor In Virginia! Happy Veterans Day All, Thanks Vets! Go To The Mall See : Catharsis On The Mall 2017 : Vigil Of Healing, My 40-foot-long Acrylic On Arches Paper On Display There, An Honor A Privilege, Cheers, Come Taste @ Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits, Enjoy What We Offer, So Much!

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits
I LOST MY STORE EMAIL JUST NOW! Argh! All that writing, thought and time I spent!  Good thing it is still all in my head even though I have less time to write about it! Sorry for that, I am sick and so everything today seems harder in every sense.
SO MUCH GOING ON this week here and so everything has to be ready and set in place, and available now to you all.
HERE From Santos On BEER we have :
     TWO Christmas Ales -
 yes, even before we celebrate Thanksgiving!
     1) Christmas Ale from BELL'S, On Special for $13.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles. Come get some now and save it.
     2) Christmas Ale from GREAT LAKES Brewing Company, On Special for $16.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles
     AND :
     1) Brewmaster's selection Wild Triple Ale from PETRUS, a 750ml bottle for $13.99 a bottle, aged for 24 months in oak folders, 15% Foederber, from Belgium, something special you all may be sure.
     In CIDER From Santos - Two To Try -
     1) Sagardo Naturala from ISASTEGI, from Spain, $10.99 a bottle, with 6% alcohol by volume, unflitered, dry and tart and real tang, too! Great with food.
     2) Bordatto Etxaldea 2014 Basandere , $15.99 for a 750ml bottle, with 5% alcohol by volume, again this is a food cider from Spain, so much flavor, it will roll right into, over, along your taste buds and leave them reeling and wanting some food to create more of a beautiful balance in your mouth!
     THESE ARE really exciting and they add a whole different flavor profile that many of us are not aware of or used to! You will at first be quite surprised, and then you will grow to like and want this flavor of a dry tang and tartness, yes!
     YUU BAAL MEZCAL - THREE New To Share :
     1) Joven Espandin , $45.00 a bottle, 100% Agave, 100% Artisinal product, with 48% alcohol by volume, this is pretty exciting!
     2) Reposado Espalin , made the same way, but with only 40% alcohol by volume, this is easier on us and smoother, a richer, fuller taste! $56.99 a bottle. 
     3) Anejo Espadin with more color, a deeper texture, more weight, gravitas, with 40% alcohol by volume, $66.99 a bottle, great to sip and go really slow with, just a dribble on the tongue at a time, languish, linger, smile, feel great!
     AND In VODKA from Poland -
    1) Biaka Platinum filtered vodka, On Special for $22.99, usually $29.99, with 40% alcohol by volume, from ZUBROWKA.
     2) ' Legend ' 1863 HARDY French cognac, $67.99, a beautiful gift, the bottle itself is lovely and will look great on a bar shelf! It is ' new and exciting ' from HARDY that has made some really fine French cognacs over the years!
AND IN WINE : From Chris & Tony -
We have a lot to offer as well :
          THREE From OSSA - ROQUEVALE -

     1)  A dry white blend from Portugal, Vinho Regional from Alentejo, a 2015, with 40% Fernao Pires, 40% Roupeiro and 20%  Rabo de Ovelha : this is a really intense classic, traditional white to be enjoyed with a meal, a flavorful meal, nothing innocuous abot this dry white, it has plenty of character! On Special for $8.99.
     2) 2016 Rose, a blend  of 40% Castelao , 40% Trincadeira and 20% Aragones : it is soft, bright, round, smooth, so lovely to sip all by itself, it needs no food at all! What a delight to sip all by itself!
     3)  Tinto Red 2015 : a dry red blend of  40% Trincadeira, 30% Castelao and 30% Aragonez, this is a food wine just like the white, so tasty, so rich, so much earth and spice, flavor and layers that will make you feel like you around a big fire!
     ALL 3 are recommended.
     AND From BULGARIA - 2 amazing wine deals!
     1) K Cellars Thracian Valley 2015 Chardonnay,bright and rich and so smooth, lovely to sip all by itself, $11.99 : happy to have it here for you.
     2) BULGARIANA Danube Plain Pinot Noir 2011 , On Special for $11.99, this is a superb bottle of Pinot, so fruit-centered, fruit-forward, a lovely treat to enjoy with a meal or all by itself, love it, highly recommend it. Try some.
     AND From SPAIN : Rioja Gran Reserva -
     1) 2004 Gran Reserva from DON JACOBO, On Special for $33.99 a bottle, this is a great old bottle of a Tempranillo blend to be enjoyed now : perfect with many holiday meals, drinking really well now, a treat, and a great value, too! Come get some while we have it.
     2) 2012 Crianza Rioja from DON JACOBO, $14.49, it sure is showing really well now, a real treat, something to enjoy now, no need to wait, it has flowered, it has bloomed - and it is brilliant now!
     3) 2014 Valencia Tempranillo from MARQUES De ZENETE , $10.99, is classic style Tempranillo , earth and dried fruits and some spice and all, showing really well now, a real treat, a great value, too!
SAVE ON Wines Here each Wednesday, UP to 20% OFF bottle prices, call for more info and ask to speak to Chris or Tony! 202-363-4265

VINTAGE 2008 MOET & CHANDON and VEUVE CLICQUOT are here now in the store and ready for you all to enjoy as you star start your holidays early.
I VOTED TODAY, now we just have to wait and see where this all leads in Virginia and in New Jersey and Maryland?
YOU MAY NEED A BOTTLE of these vintage champagnes or something else to celebrate or frown your sorrows as you watch tonight's election results. We have many chilled and ready for you.
HAPPY VETERANS DAY ALL. We want to take this moment to thank all our veterans and to let them know that we really do appreciate all that they have done for us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
CELEBRATE VETERANS DAY ON THE MALL and do make the Catharsis On The Mall 2017 : Vigil Of Healing a part of that. I have been invited to display my 40-foot long acrylic on Arches paper there this Thursday night. I am both honored and humbled to do this, and thankful that one of the founders, Adam Eidinger saw it last week across the street at the Uptown Arts DC center, calling it ' epic ' when he met me later and said this to my face. What a thrill. Go and be a part of all of this if you have the chance. I will be there on Sunday and am so excited to be a part of this.
COME BY, see me, see my work that I did out on our lawn inspired by the presence of nature all around and how it has for all these years inspired, awed me, kept me rooted to the earth, never losing hope or a desire to be a part of it all, fortunate that the energy all around passes through me and I am able to respond to it with these bright acrylics that sweet with energy, wind, fire, gusto , power, purpose, and so much more.
WEDNESDAY, Nov. 8th, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) : We have a DOMAINE NATURALISTE By Bruce Dukes ( he was here this last week tasting with some of you ), bottles are signed, will taste tomorrow the 2015 Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as the 2015 Discovery Margaret River Chardonnay, both $21.99 from western Australia. Organic, high quality, really nice both. Join us.
FRIDAY :  11/ 10 - THREE Tastings ( 5-8PM ) :
     Wine - With Narayan to taste the fine BRYN MAWR Oregon Willamette Valley Pinot Noir and the Chardonnay, as well as some DOMAINE MARTIN Rhone wines , a Viognier full complex white Viognier blend, also a fine red blend.
     BEER - we will have a Belgian beer tasting featuring the TRIGNAC XII Keastel 2015  Triple Aged In Cognac casks, $31.99, and more!
     SINGLE MALT SCOTCH - we will taste the GLENMORANGIE scotch whiskies as well, including The Original.
     JOIN US, Never any charge, always free.
SATURDAY , November 11th, 2017, 2-6PM , HAPPY VETERANS DAY all!
We are doing an amazing tasting of fine Canadian wines of CHATEAU Des CHARMES Aligote white, Cabernet Franc red, and from KONZELMANN, we will taste their Estate Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Riesling and Gewurztraminer - really fine, distinct, world-class wines. Come and taste and decide for yourselves.
THANK YOU for everything, come see us. Stay warm and dry tonight - it is pretty icky out there now!
COME GET SOMETHING to watch the Governors' election returns. TONY

WHAT FOLLOWS below is my old store email I wrote in 2015, read and enjoy it if you have time!
ON VETERANS DAY , how beautiful, gorgeous day this Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 here in Cleveland Park and I just helped Izzy with his requests ... and I am copying and pasting what transpired just a few minutes ago as I start this email of the week ...
JUST SOLD to Izzy a few minutes ago on Veterans Day that also happens to be his birthday, and he's celebrating with another and it is that person's birthday : two with birthdays today, two without : four people together on Veterans Day celebrating birthdays on a very very special day indeed! I love it. I asked Izzy what he liked : " Cabernet Sauvignon " he replied. I showed him three different Cabs, one from Spain that is organic and On Special now for $9.99 with 50% Tempranillo blended, one from Mark Honeycutt  called MYTHIC Mountain, 2014, Mendoza, $14.99, 13.9% alcohol by volume that I tasted a couple of weeks ago and really liked, and .... the CHATEAU VARTELY Sec Rosu Cabernet Sauvignon, $12.99, 2012, from Moldova's Cimislia region, 13.5% alcohol by volume. Izzy picked the CHATEAU VARTELY, liked the story about Dmitri and Dmitr's mom that helped to make the wines there, and customers of ours that have visited there and been blown away upon their return to discover both the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Chardonnay here! Love it, all at the start of Veterans Day on a very special day indeed. Cheers,  TONY

I JUST SPOKE TO Leanni that was nice enough to read the last review posted on us on Yelp and that makes my day, really it does. So nice to have customers leaving their opinions there on how we are doing  so that we may improve on what we are already doing well and possibly augment here any suggestions that they may have, things that have ' fallen through the cracks ', that perhaps we have not realized ourselves that we should be doing to improve our customer services, and services here to you all overall! Love it.
COPPI'S Organic Italian Ligurian food just opened down in the old Lavandou location and it looked like they were doing well. That is great news indeed for our fabulous neighborhood here. Good luck Carlos and team! Let us know if we can help in any way?
WE ARE WORKING on wines for Thanksgiving with FAT PETE'S Barbecue with Peter, Hondo and Woody, and that is exciting. We will have a series of six wines that we offer and that they will promote in their fliers and on the Facebook and web page :
     UNDER $10.00 -
       CHATEAU JULIEN Chardonnay, CA.
       CHATEAU JULIEN Merlot, CA.
       BOTH sell for $9.99 a bottle
       Both will taste good with the meal and sipping before the meal. Both are quite amazing for this price, they over-deliver with taste, flavor and character. I'm very pleased with them, really I am.
     UNDER $20.00 -
       CHATEAU BIANCA , Oregon Willamette
       Pinot Noir, 2011, lighter, brighter,$19.99 : such elegance, such finesse, a delicate flower of a Pinot Noir with great focus, silky flesh flavors, a delight to sip and enjoy with a meal, with a glass or two before ...
       STEELE '  60+ Old Vine ' Zinfandel, 2011,
       $19.99 a bottle : softer, rounder, silkier, nice to sip, so generous and so pleasing, love it each and every time!
    UNDER $30.00 -
       NORTH GATE Vineyards  Viognier 2013,
       $24.99 a bottle, softer, rounder, fruit-forward. Lovely to sip or enjoy with a meal. I like this so much, am so pleased for owner/ winemaker Mark that came here with Doug Fabbioli of FABBIOLI CELLARS to taste awhile back : both were Governor's VA. Cup winners , two from ten wineries to get the award, out of 250 wineries now in Virginia.
OUR ALTO CEDRO Argentina Mendoza Wine Owner / Maker Dinner with Kalim is tonight at La Chaumiere Restaurant in Georgetown across from the Four Seasons Hotel, starting at 6PM, for $95 a person, all inclusive, call and get a seat tonight if you have not already. Ask for Martin Lumet the owner of La Chaumiere to reserve a seat!
CALL FAT PETE'S to place your orders for their Thanksgiving Specials at : 202-362-7777 , or go to : info@fatpetesbbq.com. Cheers.
LOVE THESE 6 wine selections here, some really fine, fine quality to enjoy this Thanksgiving.
HERE From SANTOS in Ale, Beer & Cider :
     1) Grapefruit Hefeweizen Wheat Beer from SCHOFFERHOFER, $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, from Germany is : " unfiltered Hefeweizen beer with grapefruit flavors added and colored with cochineal extract."
     2) " Dirty Little Freak " , There's no safe word , a Coconut, Caramel, Chocolate Brown Ale, On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, from the DuClaw Brewing Co. Baltimore, Maryland, 5.8% alcohol by volume, is : " ale brewed with Vanilla Beans and natural flavors added."
     3) Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine Ale " Cockeyed Cooper " from  UINTA Brewing CO. CROOKED LINE, On Special for $14.99 a 750ml bottle, bottle-conditioned, from Salt Lake City, Utah.... just got some in, Santos opened the case and handed me the bottle just now. Come check it out!
     4) ' Single Trade Mark Belgian-Style Blond from HARDWOOD, On Special for $12.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, 6.2% alcohol by volume, 30 IBU, : " Certified kosher, unfiltered, unpasteurized, and uninhibited. Hardwood single is a feat in balance, sunshine golden with fruity head and a veil of Belgian Ale yeast, Singles tropical fruit esters compliment its spicy hop aromatics... " You have to try some.
LIQUOR / LIQUEUR From Jagir, Malkit :
     1) Hazelnut liqueur from Italy and made by FRATELLO, $22.99 a 750ml bottle, 20% alcohol by volume, is " a luscious Italian liqueur from the best Piemonte hazelnuts." It is also new and exciting here and we are pleased to offer it to you now.
     2) Lychee Flavored Liqueur from SOHO , $33.99 a 750ml bottle, 21% alcohol by volume, has a really refreshing flavor that is very appealing. It is made in France and we are very pleased to offer it to you as there is something so tempting, so pleasing and teasing with the taste of Lychees! You must try some soon.
     3) ' Winter Jack ' Original recipe Tennessee Cider from JACK DANIELS is On Special for $18.99 a 750ml bottle, with 15% alcohol by volume, and this will be a fun addition now with the holidays coming up and we have so many drinks to warm us during the cold spells! It is also well-priced and I like that a whole lot!

     LIQUOR :
     1) Reposado Tequila from FORTALEZA, this 100% de Agave Tequila has a lovely golden color, is a ' new delight ", $63.99 a bottle, 40% alcohol by volume ... when you want some of the very best. EXCITING. Love the bottle and the package, and the tequila top-closure is so much fun!
     2)Vodka from Hank Birdwell's, this One Bushel Per Lot Vodka hails from Lawreceburg, Indiana and is On Special $10.99, 40% alcohol by volume, from 7 generations of family distilling : that speaks volumes! Cheers.
ALSO  : In Sake :
     1) Dewakura OKA " Cherry Bouquet " Ginjo sake, $15.49 a 300ml bottle, some of the very best from Japan!
JUST HAPPENED : in preparation of our wine-dinner tonight with Karim :
WE HAVE KARIM here now tasting Jane and Me and Walter on what you may expect at dinner tonight to write about the dinner , in Spanish and in English : "thanks Tony and Martin to bring us again to DC!! We'll have a great dinner tonight so I'm sure we'll enjoy Altocedro wines with the beautiful food from La Chaumiere ;-) Cheers! "  ... and Jane sez : " These wines just get better and better. I will not forget this tasting! And Walter sez2 : " Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits is a great wine shop...couldn't ask for a better partner for tonight's dinner! Looking forward to it, and to partnering with Tony and the rest of the team here in the future as well!"   SEE YOU ALL TONIGHT : Call, there is still room!    TONY Go to : Bodega Altocedro for more info, also go to :    join us tonight! I REALLY LIKE THE BALANCE, the fruit-forward taste to these wines from La Consulta in Argentina from Karim, the wines are exceptional and we are sold-out now with more to come. I tasted with Jane six and picked three to come soon or in December at the latest :
     1) Ano Cero 2012 from Arentina, $20.99, also ..., 14.8% alcohol by volume
     2) La Consulta Select 2012 dry red blend of : 42% Malbec, 27% Cabernet Sauvignon and 22% Tempranillo .... 14.5% alcohol by volume,

     ALL THREE have tremendous balance and finesse, spit and polish and refinement. These are wines to be proud to sell as they never lose track of the fruit and the balance from which they started.
     BRAVO KARIM! Gracias Karim ...
WEEK'S TASTINGS / Wine Dinner, Too:
    Tuesday, Nov. 11th, 2014 ( Veterans Day today ) 6 PM dinner with Karim the owner and winemaker at LA CEDRO at 6PM at La Chaumiere in Georgetown, $95 all inclusive a person.
     Friday , November 14th, 2014 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Chris tasting the Spanish and the Argentina wines of Tradewinds Specialty Imports ...
     Saturday, November 15th, 2014 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Chris Bartha tasting a selection of the Exclusive Wines portfolio, some of our very, very favorites!
     JOIN US : NEVER any charge, always everyone is welcome. Bring family and friends.

     3 WAYS to save BIG ON BUBBLY TONIGHT : come by or call for more info. UP TO 15% OFF your bubbly purchases.
     3 WAYS to save BIG on Non-Sparkling Wines Tomorrow, Wednesday. Come by or call for more info : UP TO 20% OFF your non-sparkling wine  purchases.
SOME MORE Wine-Finds :
     1) INSANE DEAL on the Piemonte Moscato from Italy, from CHIARLE, On Special for $9.99 a bottle, regularly $12.99 a bottle, and that's a great deal! Fresh, vibrant, sweet cheeriness!
     2) CLEAN SLATE 2013 German Mosel Riesling, dry, bright, crisp, so much delicious slate, too ... and great balance, great value, amazing all the way from start-to-finish! Jody Jackman poured this here this past Friday along the wines that Andrew Stover poured for their 4 Grapes Wine TASTE-OFF : what fun this all was!
     3) Prosecco from Italy that is OUTRAGEOUSLY GOOD , just like the two above, really fine this VERV Extra Dry, $11.99 from ANDREOLA, all three above are Highly Recommended.
     4)  Xinomavro indigenous dry red from the inland area of Greece called Siatista, this ' old vines ' Xinomavro from the DioFili Siatista Winery, $18.99, 13% alcohol by volume,  go to : www.diofili.gr for more info .... it is so distinct, so filled with it's own elegant yet racy and spicy - flaired/ flaired/flared we-they-all-of-us-really-CARE taste, identity and personality. It's a really, really fine Thanksgiving wine. I agree wholeheartedly on this one with Nassos that poured it here this past Saturday with Caroline Holland. What a great tasting, loved it!
     5) " Ship Of Fools " 2013 from Old Mission Peninsula, Michigan, an off-dry red blend of three Pinot grapes that Andrew poured on Friday night of :60% Pinot Blanc, 35% Pinot Gris and 5% Pinot Noir. It's a delight that has been delighting our customers now for two - three years here! It's a delight with or without a meal. It's a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving with a taste that just keeps on pleasing, and pleasing almost everyone, even with the extra fruit, that's perfect for so many : all ages like it.
     6) 100% Gamay from Burgundy, France, this dry and elegant red with some acidity and real liveliness, a touch of spice and toasty-roasted flavors is a great way to cut through the various Thanksgiving flavors. From the region called Chenas in Beaujolais, this wine is made by Christophe Pacalet and it turned many a head here on Friday night when Jody Jackman poured it for you all.
THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, we could not do any of this without you. Thank you for your continued, invaluable trust in us and support and business. We greatly appreciate all of it. 
FOLLOW / LIKE  US : On Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits, and on Twitter at : cpwinespirits, as well as : wineenabler. Cheers, join us tonight for our dinner at La Cahumiere, and
ALSO : Beaujolais Nouveau is coming really soon. We have some MANOIR DU CARRA for you, a favorite every year. And from Voila Imports we introduce a ' new ' Beaujolais Nouveau here for the very first time. Now this is exciting :
NOUVEAU AVAILABLE here on Thursday, November 20th, 2014. JOIN US, taste them with us on that Thursday!
WHAT FOLLOWS is my old store email. Cheers ...
.... SO MUCH HERE ...as between Ravi, Santo, Ean & I we have ordered and received many great beers, ales, liquors and liqueurs, wines and ciders, too. It's nice to see so many wonderful choices now, for example with ciders that are gluten free and sometimes organic, too. This category seems to be getting a whole lot of attention recently. Ravi just got some great Kahlua gift sets, too. We are also getting ready to receive our Beaujolais Nouveau from our favorite producer MANOIR DU CARRA. We even will have some football wines for the holidays as well as some " Santa's Little Helper " dry California red. The wines is already here and will make some great " stocking-stuffers " all by themselves.
IT'S SUCH A SMALL WORLD , really. I have a pretty amazing story to relate to you all. Last night my wife, son, and his good girlfriend and I were at the 9:30 Club to see the " new " singing sensation YOUNG MAN. The drummer is a great family friend and so we were thrilled to be there. When we got there for the first time ever and stood on the big floor in front of the stage I remarked that we were definitely the youngest people there with a bunch of old geezers! That shocked me : first time in such a situation really. Oh well. We were there for a good show and YOUNG MAN ( they have a really good video called " Enough " on You Tube. Check it out - really cleaver and artsy and I really liked it ) and our drummer friend.
     IT'S A SMALL WORLD because as our drummer friend and I both sipped our Negro Modelo beers ( $7 a piece ) and I sketched quick portrait sketches of all the band members in their private rooms behind the stage one of the young men wearing a Great Lakes Brewing t-shirt asked me if at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits we sold anything besides wine? I smiled and said immediately that we did. At that point he told me that he was the son of one of the two owners of the Great Lakes Brewing Company! Wow, I loved that. I think that they will all be coming to the store today before tonight's performance which by the way is sold-out. We are lucky that we got tickets through our friend.
I TOLD THE PIANO PLAYER of YOUNG MAN that we had just done a really successful beer dinner with his family's Great Lakes Brewery beer selections at Dino ristorante. He liked hearing that.
WE SELL MOST of the various 6-packs of the GREAT LAKES Brewing Co. like the  " Burning River "  On Special for $9.99 and the seasonal release 4-pack  " Blackout Stout "  On Special at $10.99. I will ask to get some of these packs signed as gifts for all of you lovers out there of the GREAT LAKES Brewing Co.'s great beer selections. Check with me when you come later today or this week and I will fill you all a bit more on this fun development. Imagine that : I had to go to the 9:30 Club to meet a family member of the GREAT LAKES Brewing Company!  Go figure ...
CHOCOLATE ANYBODY? We have Bailey Kasten returning for our next American Big-Theme Wine-Tasting on Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 from 5:30-8:30PM to taste an assortment of their really fine chocolates. After the tasting we will also have a small display case up front and sell the chocolates for special gifts and just plain treats for ourselves when we feel the urge, desire, need or want. This is what Bailey writes about her homemade chocolates :       " Double Premium Confection creates natural, high quality, handmade chocolates, caramels, and treats right here in Washington, D.C. area. Our chocolates feature unique flavor combinations made out of only the finest natural ingredients. In addition, we also have seasonal favorites like our very popular Pumpkin Spice Truffle. Do Come down to Cleveland Park Wines for our free tasting where we will be sampling out our customer favorites! "
    WE ARE INVITING a number of people to participate in this upcoming American Big-Theme Wine0Tasting and that includes owner Rachel Martin of the BOXWOOD Winery in Middleburg, Virginia that will be here to pour her 2009 " new " releases of both the " Boxwood " and the " Topiary " Bordeaux-styled/inspired red blends of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot grapes. The " Boxwood " dry red blend is made like the Bordeaux wines from the Left Bank and the " Topiary " dry red blend is made like the wines from Bordeaux's " Right Bank ". They even come in half bottles. Those would make great stocking-stuffers as well. The  375ml bottle of the 2008 " Boxwood " sells for $17.99 and we have it here now. It's a hearty, more robust, more angular and steely version of a dry red Left-Bank Bordeaux that will really benefit a lot from being served with a meal as needs the food to help flesh out it's flavors. It can easily be cellared much longer : no need to rush the 2008 vintage : it's a keeper.
     LIKE I SAID, we also have a GREAT DEAL from Ravi now with his KAHLUA Gift Box which includes a bottle of KAHLUA Rum and Coffee Liqueur and three small 187 bottles of : 1) Hazelnut,  2) French Vanilla  and  3) Mocha to help spice up any occasion. They are also easy to travel with and enjoy just about anytime. They also come with a nice shiny deep brown colored mugs. The cost for all of this On Special is $16.99. You only pay for the regular-sized bottle and the other four items are all free.
     BUT HEY, It's not even Christmas time yet ( it's not even Thanksgiving yet ) and here we already have the Santa's Little Helper " Proprietary Red Wine 2010 dry California red blend at $14.99 a bottle. It's really quite good. Greg that was working with us really liked the idea and so I said : " okay, let's do it! " I think any of you wanting a good California dry red at $15 and a holiday theme on the label will be delighted with this wine. It certainly over-delivers for the price. That was the other reason that we bought it.
     WE ALSO HAVE FOOTBALL REDS ON the way here as I type away madly at this Apple computer of mine. They are named after some of the most famous " plays " of our many beloved football teams. They should be here within a couple of weeks and they will sell for $17.99 a bottle. The VON STRASSER Diamond Mountain vineyard people are behind this in California and so you can be sure that the wines will be really good. So stay-tuned and keep an eye peeled for these three special " football " bottlings.
     AND BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU is just around the corner. More French Nouveau : Beaujolais and Beaujolais Villages Nouveau all coming our way. We have our favorites again from MANOIR DU CARRA coming :  1) Beaujolais Nouveau 2011 at $9.99 a bottle and the  2) Beaujolais Villages Nouveau 2011 at $10.99. They are really lovely with a big more guts and brawn at $10 and a bit more finesse and polish at $11. Buy some of both. Gamay the grape for these wines is a perfect Thanksgiving wine as the higher level of natural acids in these wines will cut through the sauces and the more spicy and strong flavors and seasonings in our holiday fair foods. WE ALSO HAVE some of the BOUCHARD AINE & FILS Beaujolais Nouveau coming :  3) BOUCHARD AINE Beaujolais Nouveau at $9.99 a bottle. This is another " tried and true " offering. We also very much like working with this house and have a " killer " Pinot Noir from them here on a regular basis that we sell for $9.99 and that is a favorite with many of you.
BEERS From Santos : What You Up To Santos?
     1) Hooligan Stout Draft Ale " Old Schoolhouse " Brewery, from Winthrop, WA. ( $6.99, 1 pint 6 fluid ounces )is " a robust dark beer with lots of chocolate malts, designed for hooligans who demand something more from their beer."
     2) Walker's Reserve Porter from FIRESTONE WALKER Brewing Company ( On Special for $6.49 a bottle of 1 pint, 6 fluid ounces ) from the Proprietor's Reserve Series, Paso Robles, CA. is a collaborative effort between Adam Firestone and David Walker.
     3) Long Trail Brew Master Series , Vintage 2011 " Imperial Porter " ( On Special for $5.99 a 1 pint, 6 fluid ounces bottle, 8.3% alc. by volume longtrail.com ) has a robust malt flavor and is " new and exciting ".
LIQUORS / LIQUEURS From Ravi : Share :
     1) Superieur Cognac Fine Champagne from A. De FUSSIGNY is exciting and in a great " new " Pumpkin-colored box holiday-packaging at $52.99 a bottle. Great gift, looks fun and fancy and something great to celebrate with at the end of the evening.
     2) PUCKER " Cherry Tease " plus two other flavors as well : ALL THREE ( 3 ) are On Special for $15.99 and NOW : IF YOU BUY ONE you get the second one FREE! What a deal. Fun-packaging as well.
     FUN WINES :Ean & Tony's Picks :

          WHITES :

     1) Chardonnay 2009 From ALPAMANTA, This " Natal " from Mendoza, Argentina ( $13.99 ) blew me away gradually and lifted me up and I floated away in it's balloon-mushrooming effect of expanding flavors that were so fresh and lively and " original " in scope that I just had to buy it. When owner Andrej told me that it was also the first bio-dynamic vineyard in Mendoza I simply had to add it to our selections. It's rich and flavorful and must be tasted as it's an original.
     2) Jurancon sec 2008 " Chant Des Vignes - Song of the Vines " is On Special for $19.99 ( originally $25-$30 : made from the gros manseng I believe. What a wonder it is : like no other indigenous dry and flavorful white grape variety. Dan Phillips the owner of the Grateful Palate was just here trying to sell me some of his " Bit-ch " Spanish Garnacha-Grenache from Aragon. He saw the DOMAINE CAUHAPE here and picked up a bottle and said that Gros Manseng was his favorite dry white grape varietal. That's nice Dan. Tomorrow Ean and I will try your Bit-ch Spanish Aragonian Garnacha and see what we think. I believe it will sell for $11-$12 a bottle.
     3) Cremant De Bourgogne Brut 2005 Pur Pinot Noir and also a Pur Chardonnay : both sparkling French wines from Burgundy and BOTH On Special for $14.99 a bottle! Regularly they are $17-$18 a bottle now and so these few remaining cases represent GREAT DEALS for those of you that love more complex and concentrated dry bubbly.
     4) " Bosca Di Giga Brut Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG ( $13.99 for a half-bottle - 375ml bottle ) from ADAMI is pretty gosh-darn wonderful. And a handy size for a picnic, too.
     5) Colombana 50%, Vermentino 40% and Malvasia 10% 2009 indigenous Tuscan whites blended together by FONTE Delle DONNE ( $17.99 )  from FATTORIA FIBBIANO is a real delight. Totally unique, of the region, of that particular soil - indigenous all the way baby! Just like I like it, what about you?!?
          REDS :

     1) Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 Reserva from Chile's Maule Valley, this CASA PATRONALES ( $10.99 ) really impressed me no end the other day when I tried it with the national sales manager. I think that it way over delivers for the money and that's something that I did not know until the end when I asked the price? I was assuming that it would be much more expensive. When he told me the price I immediately said : " Send it. " That's how good it is. really a little gem. A must-try people.
     2) Toscana 2009 Sangiovese 70%, 30% Colorino " Le Pianette " dry red Italian blend from FATTORIA FIBBIANO is made true to classic style and flavorful, aromatic, all the traditional belles and whistles ( $14.99 ) and so distinct and wonderful. I met one of the owners as well as was impressed with everything that he made! Wow, really a treat.     
     3) Pinot Noir 2008 from France's Pays D'Oc is On Special for $9.99 and again way over delivers for this price. It's pretty nice any way that you look at it. What great flavors and it actually tastes like Pinot Noir without other grapes added to it.
     4) Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 Organic from Mendoza, Argentina and made by ALPAMANTA is another one of those really lovely wine experiences for me that opened my eyes. I loved it when I tried it with Andrej the owner a few week's ago. It's wonderful and memorable. Definitely at $21.99 worth every penny and worth your looking for it and buying a bottle to enjoy with your meal.
     Friday, November 11th, 2011 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Jody Jackman coming to taste an assortment of her wines. This will be fun. Jody always brings something " extra " to the table. We have lots of Jody's wines here and have some great wines to chose from but I think that this tasting will be all California from PINE RIDGE : reds and whites including a Chardonnay that really blew me away it was so impressive : really distinct and tasty.
     Saturday, November 12th, 2011 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Dawana coming to taste from Margaux & Company Imports and that will be fun. She has been tasting us on a series of wines from France and Virginia. She has a killer white Burgundy ( Remossenet Pere et Fils, $21.99 ) and an equal " killer " Alsace dry white, not to mention some great red Rhones. We will also probably fit a Virginia wine in somewhere, too? It will be fun. Join us : Dawana is a lot of fun to be around just like Jody. JOIN US. NEVER any charge. Bring family and friends.
     I AM SURE THAT I HAVE FORGOTTEN MANY THINGS - sorry, come visit us. Let us assist you in any way that we can. Thanks, thank you for everything. Cheers,  TONY

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Boo! Happy Halloween Tonight! Come Taste Wines Of Chile W/ Manuel Rojas & Me At The Uptown House Arts DC Center Across The Street From Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Thurs. Nov. 2nd, 6:30-8:30PM, & See My Art, Too : Everybody Always Welcome! Cheers, TONY 10/31/2017

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

ITALY WAS GRAND! Italy is grand!

 romania is great, transylvania is grand!


     WHAT AN AMAZING day Halloween! Love it! BOO to you all, come by, feel the spirit, feel the vibes, get excited, live on the edge, the fringe, celebrate tonight, let it all out, do not hold anything back, this is your moment, this is your time, shine, be bright, be dark, be creative, let things shout, shriek and curdle and foam up, froth, be and show your MAD, all inside you hidden and wanting to come finally to the surface and rage and rant and be part of the living dead!!!!
WOW ! Everybody is coming by now and I have to write this store email and get it out to you! Always this way, always the unexpected, the rush, the flair, the flame, the intensity, and now I will be talking and tasting quickly with Aleks of his own Balkan Wine Project and seeing what Serbian Zilavka and Vranek he has to show me, and I will tel him I already ordered them from our new Winebow rep Ari! All good The STOBI wines will be here tomorrow, and that is really very exciting, a real treat, we need back here our fine wines of Serbis, we really do. Thanks Alkes and Ari. Cheers, happy Halloween to you both!!!!!
FINALLY, Aleks brought me a Starbucks  coffee and everyone is gone and I can finally focus on writing a Halloween email/ newsletter/fan-letter/love and all to you!
COME BY and sip tonight from 5-7:30PM these fine MONSER ( pronounced : " Mon chere " like in French, and see what you think, buy them if you need some for tonight's Halloween! They are really fine, the dry Sarba and the soft floral white, too called Tamaiosa Romaneasca, BOTH On Special for $6.99, and I have the red marker to add the " T " to make the word Monster! Yes! Just spoke to Narayan, he may come and help me pour tonight, that would be nice!
IT IS A LOVELY DAY today and everyone is all charged up with this cooler weather. We have tonight and also tomorrow, Friday and Saturday : all with events, including Thursday across the street to drink some fine Chilean wines from Manuel Rojas ( DOS PASOS, IN SITU, and ALMA ) , and to look at the art, make some art, talk and be inspired by both art, wine, culture, conversation and people, - all , what a chance here.
THURSDAY- across the street at the Uptown Arts DC Center for Chilean wine and art, including mine ( come see my art ) : and the art of others like Marc, Maps, Parker, Jamal ( his music is wonderful ), all for sale, too. Nov. 2nd, 2017 ( 6:30-8:30PM ). What a great occasion of the moment to submerge yourselves in this experience. and buy the wines, too later here if you would like any of them. Cheers!
Happening NEWS NOW on Halloween : we have Channyen Williams and Bisi Nnaji of TWELV31 Velvet Berry - available in either the white bottle or the black bottle . I guess it never occured to them to bottle also one in a gray bottle as so much of life is in the gray zone?!? ) , and Andy Gable and I both like it very much neat $23.99 a bottle. Let us know if you are interested, will come soon. With a tasting, too!

TONIGHT, Tuesday, Oct. 31st , 2017 ( Halloween ), 5-7:30PM - Come taste the Romanian Monser wines On Special and chilled already for $6.99 a bottle.
WEDNESDAY, November 1st, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) : we have David of Furmint USA here to pour four of his great dry white indigenous Furmint wines from Hungary , all that we usually sell, introducing one new one I believe? They are all so different, so diverse, and so everyone can get something that suits their palate, so that the experience is really rewarding and exciting!

THURSDAY, November 2nd, 2017 ( 6:30-8:30PM ) : Come taste some great Chilean wines with me and Manuel Rojas, and talk art, make art, be inspired by the whole DC art scene, and so much more, yes!
FRIDAY, November 3rd, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) : We have a Bulleit Bourbon and Rye tasting set up by Jimmy, and on wine we have Chris coming to pour some fine French wine selections from France and Germany, maybe even Portugal. He is just back from Germany and so it will probably be all German, something for everyone from sparkling to still dry, off-dry and maybe even sweet? We will see, it will be good, of that I am sure!
SATURDAY, November 4th, 2017 : ( 2-6PM ) : We have Serghei or his wife Stacy pouring a fine selection of their wines of Moldova! That will be great as usual, open a lot of eyes and taste-buds to the splendors that are liquid wines from Moldova!
We also have a WHEATLEY tasting from 4-7PM, more on that soon, have to check with our local rep to see what is available.
EVERYONE is always welcome, bring family and friends. The more the merrier.
IN BEER From Santos we have -
     1) Saison with Brettanomyces , from the ANCHORAGE Brerwing Company, ale brewed with spices, aged in French oak Pinot Noir barrels, On Special for $16.99 a bottle, 750ml bottle, come check this out from Anchorage, AK, with 8% alcohol by volume.
     2) Barrel Aged Ale from GULDEN DRAAK Ale , product of Belgium, it is aged in apple brandy barrels, $20.99 a bottle, with 10.5% alcohol by volume - this will warm all of us as the temperatures continue to finally drop and we enjoy a fall and winter holiday end of the year 2017!
     3) Sour brewed with coffee cherry and spices, this ESCAPE VELOCITY is definitely defying gravity, from the D9 Brewing Co., On Special for $18.99 for a 4-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with 14.2% alcohol by volume. Yes! Knock yourselves out!
     4) Special Double Cream Stout from BELL'S, a 6-pack On Special for $13.99, from Comstock, MI, with 6.1% alcohol by volume, ' new and exciting ' and perhaps also seasonal? I will ask? Cheers, come get some while you can.
IN Liquor - Liqueur we have -
     1) VECCHIA GRAPPA from CAFFO, On Special for $27.99 : so much flavor and taste and character and weight, more texture, a dark grappa aged in wood that blows me away at such a low price, yes!
     2) SEAGRAM'S 7 American blended whiskey, On Special for $15.99 : still a great deal, made here in Norwalk, CT : an old classic that still delivers.
     3) 101 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey from WILD TURKEY, On Special for $25.99, what a great deal, warmer, more alcohol, balance flavor and taste, yes, thanks Jimmy Russell!
     4) WIDOW JANE Whiskey distilled from a Rye Mash, an American Oak Aged bottle, cloudy, unfiltered, all the flavor and taste left there for us all, unfined, pure, raw and honest and untouched - yes!From Brooklyn, New York, $52.99 : great name, come check it out tonight!
     5) Limited Release KNAPPOGUE CASTLE from Ireland, $49.99 : tasted here with Rachel to you all on Saturday - I have never tried a whiskey so smooth, subtle, pure, refined, elegant and such a wonderful , wondrous delight - LOVE it sooo! Great gift, too.
     6) American Dry Gin from District Distilling called " Checkerbark ' , On Special for $30.99, what a distinct, bright, edgy flavorful gin made here locally by master distiller Matt Strickland - very special, really nice!
     7) Amaro Liqueur from LAZZARONI, On Special $25.99 , what a great way to settle your system after a great night of intense enjoyment!
     THANKS FOR EVERYTHING - come and see us here, across the street activities on Wednesday with a drawing class with a nude model on Wednesday, bring your own art supplies and draw on Thursday, too - say that Tony sent you and ask for Parker Blair, Maps, Marc, Jamal - and have a blast - then come here and shop or anywhere here , and dine locally, too! Cheers
     YOU ALL ARE THE VERY BEST, we love you, cheers, happy Halloween.
WE RAISED $215.35 dollars to send to Sonoma, CA> to give to the local Rotary Club there in Sonoma  to buy toys for the kids that lost everything in the recent fires.
ANDREW STOVER was here, so was Jae, and then Tatiana!
Always something happening here, always, come be a part of it.
SAVE EVERY Wednesday on your wine purchases! Thanks, TONY 10/31/2017
WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW is my old store email from November 3rd, 2009, read and enjoy it and check for current prices and vintages and availability, cheers, TONY 10/31/2017 Happy Halloween all!!!

ITALY WAS GREAT, GRAND, a great COUNTRY - ITALY - Tuscany, ...
       No wonder all our customers seem to have gone or want to go and speak about it with stars in their eyes. I was able to go with my daughter as a special " thanks " that both my wife and I feel for the excellent job that she has done in college and now in grad school. This was not specifically a wine tour or a wine-business trip per se : it was a bit of both as I bet you cannot imagine me going there and not trying any wine or visiting any wineries. As it turned out it was my daughter's first real indoctrination into red wines and it could not have gone better. We were able to visit four wineries and they treated us like gold and went 120 percent over whatever was normally expected. We visited in order of the visits : MONTELORRI, IL BORRO, VERBENA and VALDIPIATTA wineries all in the fabulous Tuscan area.
     This email will be primarily about Italy and why you might all consider drinking more Italian wines : many of which we have and are always thrilled to sell. You will have to indulge me here and go along with this unique premise of mine for this week's email as I am just back and already running out of times as this beautiful day is already passing by my very eyes quickly.
     The Italians were wonderful. They all treated us with a professionalism and a care and a real respect that goes way beyond what anyone would expect or think to find. I was amazed , pleased, surprised, thrilled and both honored and a bit humbled by the reception of all four of these properties in Tuscany. Thank you one and all for your kind and attentive reception of both my daughter and I.
     We were also able to taste the very first pressing of two extraordinarily fine extra virgin olive oils as we were there at exactly the right time. My daughter and I tasted first on Friday, October 30th the extra virgin olive oil of VERBENA winery which is located just a five minute drive away from the town of Montalcino. Wow, what beauty we enjoyed visually as we drove around in our Hertz rental car - a Mercedes Benz. We invested in a navigational system, too and my daughter often refered to it as my female friend as the voice was a female's. It saved our lives on more than one or more occasions and was quite accurate in getting us to our destinations as quickly as possible. In the case of getting from the town of Montepulciano ( where the are filming or have filmed some of the sequences for the story/ book and now film " Twilight " ) it actually had us driving through the rows of the vines as we approached TENUTA VALDIPIATTA. Wow, this blew us both away as by the moonlight and the otherwise darkness of these lush, ripe, verdant and pregnant valleys we were able to drive between two beautiful cypress trees and arrive at our beautiful guest house for that night's much-needed repose. We could not believe ourselves until we finally got there and were able to finally collapse and collect ourselves and prepare for the next day's activities.
     We got to TENUTA VALDIPIATTA too late to taste wines that evening and so both Sara and owner Giuoio Caporali were nice enough to wait for us even being four hour's late and have a dinner set up for us with people waiting ( sommelier Tony ) at the Cafe Politziano in the town of Montepulciano. It was so deserted by the time we finished our excellent meal. It spooked my daughter into exclaiming that she could see why they would film the movie " Twilight " there. I sort of liked it. Though seeming to be deserted it was clear, brisk and refreshing and we had just enjoyed some of the excellent dry white blend of white wine from TENUTA VALDIPIATTA as well as some of the 2006 Vino Nobile. We are currently selling the Vino Nobile 2005 here in Cleveland Park for $28.49 a bottle and I highly recommend that you come by and pick some up. You will not be disappointed.
     We sell the most of the 2006 Rosso di Montepulciano 2006 ( $19.99 ) TENUTA VALDIPIATTA. As I said this is just a five minute or so drive away from the picturesque, imposing town of Montepulciano. I like the Rosso because with a meal it is medium-to-light-bodied and so approachable. It really is superb and will delight many a palate that enjoys a classic/traditional European style dry red. I love it, really I do.
     Unfortunately Miriam the daughter of Giulio was away in California promoting the TENUTA VALDIPIATTA wines but both Giulio and their assistant Sara were there to give us all the experience that we could possibly expect or hope for. They were both amazing as well as the gentleman that is Giulio's assistant winemaker who's name I cannot recollect right now.

     The other wine that we have from TENUTA VALDIPIATTA now in the store is owner Giulio's pride and joy that he exclaimed just days ago to us that was better than the best Brunellos. That bottle is the 2003  " Vigna D'Alfiero " that we sell for $63.99. Giulio was nice enough to pour some of the 2009 that was just placed in the stainless-steel vats and just beginning it's long, glorious life. Wow, cloudy, thick and yet creamy-dreamy smooth it was pretty amazing. He also tasted us later on the 2003 and I have to say he has a strong point to make here.
     It's funny that there seems to be a rather strong rivalry between the people of Montepulciano and those of Montalcino. I think they both make excellent wines. You need to come by ans splurge on some of this 2003 " Vigna D'Alfiero ". It is an incredible experience and one that must be experienced personally and serendipitously. Don;t read too much : let it was over you and do all that it can to massage and please and satisfy all the muscles, nooks and crannies of first your tongue and mouth before moving onto the rest of your body and your other hungry senses. Believe me, this is a great experience that goes into many levels of consciousness and unconscious, too.
     We also tried the great red wines of VERBENA from about a five minute drive from the town of Montalcino. We sell very well here the Rosso di Montalcino 2007 ( ON SALE for $27.99 ). It is much bigger and bolder than the 2006 TENUTA VALDIPIATTA but also worth experiencing. You can buy all of these here at Cleveland Park now so don't delay and come taste some of these fabulous Tuscan Italian wines. They are not every day but well-worth an occasional special moment or splurge in your busy lives.
     Some of the wines that we tasted on this trip that we currently have are more everyday values. For example we spent some time with my old Italian friend Andrea Fossi and with him we tasted the D & N 2003 Chianti Classico which is drinking beautifully and a deal great deal at $14.49 a bottle. We are thrilled to still have it. Andrea told us that he made quite a bit of this wine and that we will be able to offer it for still a bit more time before it is all gone. It's ready to enjoy immediately as it has really filled out nicely and is showing most of all it's complexities. The other  D & N Primitivo del Salento was not tasted but at $10.99 a bottle for the 2007 it is a great everyday deal.
     We also have from Alessandro Furlan that brings us the VERBENA both the 2008 DEGANI Valpolicella Classico at $14.49 that is smooth, bright and fresh like a medium bodied to light-bodied red like a Pinot Noir as well as the heartier, beefier ANDREA OBERTO 2007 Dolcetto, $19.99 that can really be used to full effect with a meal.
     ALL these wines above are worth your trying sooner than later. Rush over to the store now, drop everything and COME UNDER THE SPELL of these wonderful wines from Italy : just as both my daughter and I did recently this past week.


     Friday, November 6th, 2009 : We have Olivia and or Sotiris coming to pour a selection of the excellent French wines of VOILA Imports from 5-8 PM. Join us, never any charge.
     Saturday, November 7th, 2009 ( 3-6 PM ) : We have Lisa Guifre of Elite Selections here to pour an assortment of her wines which we think will include some of Aurelio Cabestrero's Spanish portfolio of the Grapes Of Spain and hopefully will also include an hour with Aurelio here himself. Call for an update if you need one : we should know more tomorrow.
     I know that I have forgotten many things. I hope you like this off-the-cuff email about Italy. it's nice to change things around once in awhile. I will go back to the regular format next week. However today I am a bit jet-lagged and still thoroughly in love with my week in Italy : so please excuse this indulgence of mine today of everything Italian. Caio  and  cheers and come to see us soon. For more pictures of the trip and the winemakers/ owners go to both our web page at : www.clevelandparkwine.com as well as to : chatwine.blogspot.com. Thanks again for all your continued support which keeps our doors open.  TONY