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My Anthony Quinn Weekly Store Email For Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Sent Wed Oct. 18th, 2017 : Mini-Big Them Wine-Tasting 5-8PM : Tasting Kosher Kishor Israeli Reds, Tasting Riverledge Vineyard Sonoma Chardonnay , Franco Serra Piemontese Wines W/ Winemaker Antonio Serpone That Makes Caravella Limoncello, Too, Narayan Pouring ' Linen ' Sauv Bl. from BERGEVIN LANE in Columbia, Valley, WA, 2016, ' Mystique ' King of Feasts 2013 Paso Robles Cab Sauv : Great Event, Thanks Nik, Julienne, Narayan, Antonio e Maria-Theresa Serpone, Agnes, Mayer & Naomi, Too : Come Meet Ben Larks Owner Winemaker Of IDLE CELLARS 10/25 5-7PM, Taste, Raise Money For Toys For Kids, Too In CA.

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

 Ben Larks one of the owner/ winemakers of IDLE CELLARS here this coming Wednesday, Oct. 25th, 2017 5-7PM as we taste with Ben and raise money to buy Toys for Kids that lost everything in these horrible CA fires that still burn there!


Eric Grasser of Constantine Wines will be here tonight, Friday, Oct. 21st, 2017 , 5-8PM pouring the fine wines of L.A. CETTO in Baja, California, Mexico ...

 a Chardonnay 2014 a lovely butter style On Special for $10.99, 

a Cabernet Sauvignon all fruit-forward, bright, smooth, $14.49, ...

 and a Petit Sirah 2013, $14.49, more gnarly and earthy, touch of spice, all, fine food wine, $14.49, all are Estate-Bottled, all really fine, come tonight!

WHAT A BEAUTY OUT HERE, High temps in the 60's today! Wednesday, 10/18

HAPPY DIWALI tomorrow!

 MINI-Big-Theme-Wine-Tasting Tonight : Wednesday, Oct. 20th, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) :


SAVE 20% OFF on any wines tonight priced at $19.99 or more! Yes!!!

- California Cabernet mystique - king of feasts2013 paso robles,

-Washington state bergevin lane vineyards ' linen ' 2016 comlumbia valley Sauvignon Blanc Made by a female winemaker, yes!

- Antonio serpane winemaker at franco serra in piemonte,italy,

     1) gavi 2016 dry white, from Franco serra , 12% alcohol by volume, ...

     2) barbera d'alba 2016, 13% alcohol by volume, ... and antonio might have with him the barolo, barbaresco, pinot noir to taste as well! si si si si si!

-collezione lisabella terra siciliane Nero d'avola 2015 ,

AND : in KOSHER WINES ( Wines Of Israel ) we have :
With Agnes and Naomi ( IWDirect ) -
Kosher from Israel :
     1) Kerem Kishor dry rose from KISHOR Vineyard 2016,On Special for $22.99
     2) GSM 2014 dry red blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre, 13.5% alcohol by volume, On Special for $28.99 ...
     3) Kerem Kishor red 2014 dry red blend, On Special for $24.99
     4) Ein Teina 2016 dry rose blend of Sangiovese, Barbera and Petit Sirah ...
ALSO AVAILABLE from Agnes and Naomi - non-kosher
     1) 2013 Sauvignon Blanc from PELTER, On Special for $32.99
     2) 2010 dry red blend from SOUTHERN Winery, $28.99 - elegant!
     3) 2010 dry red blend from Upper Galilee from the SHVO Vineyards, $41.99
     4) 2010 Adom from the SOMEK Estate WineryOn Special for $27.49  yes!
JOIN US - No Charge, everyone welcome, yes yes yes!
Tastings For Week :
     FRIDAY, October 20th, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) : We have to get someone here as our tasting scheduled with OENOS has been cancelled and I am just seeing this : oops! Will get it done today and by tomorrow at the latest! So please stay-tuned, sorry for this inconvenience.
     In Liquor - we have the FILIBUSTER group coming in to pour their -
     1) Dual Cask Straight Bourbon whiskey, finished in French oak barrels, On Special for $44.99, and -
     2) Dual Cask Rye Whiskey.Finished in French oak barrels, On Special for $44.99 -
come try both! Free tastings, everyone always more than welcome
     SATURDAY, October 21st, 2017, 2-6PM : We have owner, winemaker Silvia Cassali here from her own family's  TENUTA CASSALIin Emilia, yes : three Sangiovese Superiore wines, dry reds :
     1) Palazzina 2014, $16.49 a bottle, unfiltered, unoaked, 13% alcohol by volume, yes!
     2) Baruccia 2013, $23.99, with 14% alcohol by volume, unfiltered, a treat, some oak ...
     3) Quatrosole Riserva 2012, $32.99, their finest, best barrels and vines and super Sangiovese, too! Unfiltered with 14% alcohol by volume. Yes si si si si SI!
     AND In White -
     1) Cavalieri Bianco 100% Trebbiano, 2016, from Colli Romagna Centrale, $14.99 a bottle, with 13% alcohol - soft, bright, like liquid pretty=pleasing-proud-pure sun'sshine! Yes si si si!!!
AND In Sparkling Spumante -
     1) Villa Zappi dry rose  named after one of the men that discovered the North Pole that lives there in Emilia, yes. $18.99 a bottle - lovely, fresh, so easy to sip and smile and feel good and sooooo happy to be alive when you sip this! Yes , si si si oui yes si!
     With Santos we have set up -
     1) Come taste the fine Rockville, MD spirits of TWIN VALLEY Distillers.
JUST IN - " In " Beer  - from Santos -
     1) Xocoveza Imperial stout by MexicanHot Chocolate, made by STONE, On Special for $17.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, ... yes!
     2) Seasonal Harvest Special Ale, On Special with 6.7% alcohol a real treat - just in!
     1) Cranberry Light & refreshing natural flavors , a premium malt beverage w/ natural flavors , On Special for $9.99 for a six-pack of 12 ounce bottles , a treat and back again by popular demand. Several flavors, come try some if you have not already???!
SPIRITS From Jagir -
TWO Vodkas in the 1.75ml bottle -
     1) LVOV vodka distilled from potatoes, from Poland, what a great deal, really special, come try some before the price goes up, On Special now for $28.99 a 1.75ml, yes!
     2) Wheatly Vodka, craft distilled, On Special for $31.99, same distiller for the BUFFALO TRACE, come try some, another FABulous deal! Yes!
TONIGHT : every Wednesday, Save up to 20% OFF on your wine purchases! Yes!!!
THANKS for everything, come see us tonight, cheers, TONY  10/18/2010 

WHAT FOLLOWS below is a store email I sent on this same day way back in 2010! Read and enjoy it if you have time!  TONY


I'm thinking really good thoughts now

     THE RESCUE OF THE 33 CHILEAN MINERS alone is so inspiring, I'm still riding that wave!

     THE " Big Theme " Wine-Tasting here this past Saturday, October 16th, 2010 was a HUGE SUCCESS and it was really a thrill to have you all taste wines from Hawaii, Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, and Arizona as well as from Virginia, Oregon, New York State, California and France. Yes, we cheated : WE TASTED wines as well from Burgundy, France from wine-maker Michael Shaps because he was one of our two featured speakers/guests and he makes wines in Monticello, Virginia as well as with his partners Michel Roucher-Sarrazin who lives in the town of Meursault, Burgundy, France. ALL THE WINES CO-EXISTED HERE in pretty much perfect harmony and perfect pitch.
     I WILL WRITE MORE  about all of them. We still have most of them here as well as the sheets that we gave out so please ask for them when you come. It was a treat to have both Andrew Stover that brings us all these U.S. States and Michael Shaps that brings us Virginian as well as French wines. Also pouring were both Mark Congdon and Nick Materese. Thanks guys : you were our four musketeers this past Saturday and we could not have pulled this off without your generous help and tremendous knowledge of all of these exciting wines.

     SO, I AM FEELING REALLY QUITE INSPIRED ON THIS MONDAY morning that I have switched days with Chris Barker so that he can be away with his fiancee and enjoy some personal time away from the store. Have a " good one " Chris!

     I JUST HAD A CONVERSATION WITH DANIELLE KANAK and we have arranged for wine-maker Thinas Kruger of BOSCHENDAL winery in Franschoek, South Africa to be our special guest this Saturday, October 23rd, 2010. We will have Thinas taste both his BOSCHENDAL 2008 Chardonnay ($17.99 ) as well as his 2008 Sauvignon Blanc ( $17.99 ). He will be here from 1-5 PM tasting both of the BOSCHENDAL whites and we are now working on a red that he may pour as well and I am thinking that it may be the DOUGLAS GREEN Shiraz that I recently tried along with the BOSCHENDAL when we helped host the 17th Annual Georgetown Day, Saturday, October 2nd, 2010.
     THINAS KRUGER, WINE-MAKER @ BOSCHENDAL Winery in Franschoek, South Africa will also be our " Special Guest " at the end of my next WINE-CLASS here in the store where I cover many of the tips to tasting, evaluating and better appreciating wines and the foods, too and how they may work better together and complement the other better to create the " magic " that happens when the food and wine " create " a taste that did not ever exist before in either by themselves. We will end the tasting with the two wines of Thinas : his 2008 Sauvignon Blanc and his 2008 Chardonnay. I will start with the reds and then finish with the whites : this is something that Robert Mondavi championed years ago and which I personally like.
     WE WILL FEATURE the wines from the Eastern Hemisphere in this class with grapes that are indigenous to their countries and place of origin.
     COST IS $10 A PERSON, and includes 6 WINES : SIGN UP NOW, class goes from 11:30AM-1PM. I am limiting my classes to 15 people so respond to this email or call here at : 202-363-4265. I will need a phone number from you, too.
     THIS PROMISES TO BE A REALLY SPECIAL WINE-TASTING : I intend to make it one of my best ever so come check it out. It will be fun to see what Thinas Kruger brings to the table at our Wine-Tasting class.
          BEER From Santos :
       1) Wheat Dopplebock, brewed in 2006, from AVENTINUS ( $7.99 ) " is the world's oldest top fermenting wheat-doppelbock, has received accolades for the perfect balance of fruity spiciness ( banana, clove, vanilla ) and notes of chocolate ( crystal & dark malts )" ... from the Schneider's Brewery, started in 1999 with 240 cases made. It's one bottle wrapped in paper that looks to be a 12 ounce bottle to me? No, it's a 500ml bottle!
       2) DE M LTION Belgina Style Golden Ale ( On Special for $5.99. 7.2% alc. by volume, 650ml ) from GOOSE ISLAND "  is brewed to honor the brave souls who kept our bewery open while wrecking balls tore down the mall around us ".      
 3) Limited Release Eisbock 28 Ice Processes Winter Warmer from Red Hook ( On Special for $7.99, 11.0% for the 1 pint 6fl. oz ) , this ale " is aged for months at temperatures well below freezing ... and is extraordinarily smooth & malty with a bittersweet complexity achieved by ice processing. Cheers to 28 years of Liquid Goodness from Redhook."

          LIQUOR/LIQUEUR From Ravi :
       1) Blackcurrant Liquor ( Cassis ) Creme de Cassis from Rene de Miscault ( $12.99,  375ml, Musee des Eaux de Vie68650, Lapoutroie, Haut Rhine, France ) is " new and exciting " and will make great kirs and kir royales, too for before a meal. Cheers!      
       2) Supreme Straight Rye Whiskey from PIKESVILLE ( $13.99. 750ml bottle, 40% alc, bottled by Standard Distillers Products Company in Bardstownm Kentucky 40004) and is also " new and exciting "! We've had customers tell us about it and we just got it here this week or the last.
          WINES From Chris & Tony :
     WHITES :
       1) Sawtooth Estate Winery Snake River Valley Riesling ( On Special for $11.99, from Idaho was tasted here this past Saturday by Andrew Stover and it's dry and bright, lively and quite pleasing - great value, too.
       2) Chenin Blanc 2010 , Stellenbosch, South Africa ( $10.99 ) is quite pleasing, crisp, dry , lively and nice with or without a meal. Owner Phillip knows how to give us some really exciting, pleasing wines that complement a wide range of foods, too.
       3) 2009 Viognier from Michael Shaps' WINEWORKS in Charlottesville, Virginia ( $16.49 ) is another real delight to taste and enjoy with or without a meal. It shines so brightly and costs so little for all that cheer and friendly flavors that always remain faithful, defined and refined. Yes!      
       4) 2008 California Dry Creek Valley Sauvignon Blanc ( $16.49 ) really impressed Chris Barker and me the other day and so here it is a few days later. California Sauvignon Blanc seems to be going through a great period of much better and consistent quality with wines often with some true distinction and also balanced. Try this one, you won't be sorry.    
      5) White4 2009 Huerhuero Paso Robles, CA. is a blend of  42% Vermentino, 29% Verdelho, 26% Viognier and 3% Sauvignon Blanc ( $14.99 ) and I really like it. We tasted it here this past Friday with rep Chris Bartha of Cobblestone Imports and I liked it when he brought the rep in as well as when he tasted it again this past Friday. It's full, rich, muti-layered and got force yet subtlety and real extensions - natural, that massage my complete palate!Chardonnay from California's Santa Barbara County region, 2008, ( $21.99 ) is back in stock and we have had people calling for it here and are thrilled to have it back. I'm going to talk to my rep Jennifer to bring a bottle so that we may taste it out soon with you all here. I'd like to try it again and see what all the fuss is about.
     6) 6) Maui Blanc Pineapple Wine with Caramel Coloring ( $14.99 ) from Hawaii was tasted here again this past Saturday by Andrew Stover and it's a bit off-dry, bright, full, silky and rich on the tongue and just feels great in the mouth. I really enjoyed it and will use some this Thanksgiving with my meal. Thanks Andrew for bringing this to us and to my attention.
     7) Dry Riesling Blend ( $17.99 ) called SHINDIG and the pet-project of Andrew Stover from New York's Finger Lakes district. It ripples and vibrates- resonates with delectable nuances of brightness and dryness/fryness/joy-in cryness... lovely and it sure did show well here this past Saturday when Andrew poured it. It will complement so many meals whether formal or relaxed.
     8) " Tazi " 2008 dry white table wines from ARIZONA STRONGHOLD ( $25.99 ) is a compelling argument to drink dry and flavorful white from Arizona. It's a blend of 52% Sauvignon Blanc, 21% Chardonnay, 19% Riesling and 8% Malvasia Bianca. It, too showed fabulously this past Saturday when Andrew poured it. I liked it, and if I had had more time I would have stopped what I was doing to pay more attention to it. That's how interesting the flavors on first and second sip were to me.
     ROSE :
       1) NO PARKING 7:00-4:00 PM ( $17.99 ), from BROOKLYN OENOLOGY ( BOE ) from New York's Finger lakes region is a 2009 Cabernet Franc rose that's a real treat to sit around and sip and enjoy all by itself or with many hors d'ouevres, too. Great on a picnic now with our Indian summer continuing still ...

    REDS :
       1) Raoul's " Old Basket Press " 2009 dry red from the BEAUMONT Vineyard ( $15.49 ) from South Africa's Walker Bay is by now an old-favorite of ours here in Cleveland Park. It's a blend that includes Shiraz and this new 2009 vintage is a bit more firm and tightly-knit that the last. It will soften, round-out and become smoother with age but for the moment it's a very fine food wine.
       2) " Ariane " 2002 dry red blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc from BEAUMONT Vineyard in South Africa's Walker Bay is named after Raoul's daughter Ariane. It's On Special for $19.99 a bottle ( regularly $34.99 ) and is drinking really well now. We have very little of it so don't delay if you want some : it won't be here very long. Rich, mature, very complex and multi-layered and yet quite refined, too.        3) Pinot Noir dry red Michigan 2008 ( $17.99 ) is medium-to-light-bodied and very youthful and fresh and earthy-toasty with some Marechal Foche blended, too? It will be a lovely Thanksgiving wine, chilled slightly and serve it with some turkey as it will cut beautifully through the fresh cranberry sauce as well as gravy and Brussel sprouts, too.
     4) Malbec/ Tempranillo/ Merlot dry red blend " Yin " 2008 from California's Temecula region in southern California was made by Andrew Stover himself and it's being poured here in town at one or more restaurants, right Andrew? You made it for one of them, which one? Let me know as I'd like to include the information later. It sells for $21.99 a bottle and I will have to open another bottle with our customers as I did not get a chance to focus on it this past Saturday here.
     5) 2008 TURN4FOUR Napa County Cabernet Sauvignon ( On Sale for $27.99 ) is made by BENNET LANE and Chris really liked it. I still have to taste it myself. Ask Chris about it next time you stop by.Le Petit Pinot Noir from PHELPS CREEK Vineyards in Washington State's Columbia Gorge ( $21.99 ) is showing nicely. It's actually got some very interesting " twists " of flavor that I noticed and grew to like as I sipped it this past Saturday here as I rushed around.
     6) Petit Sirah 2008 from Virginia's Monticello region and made by Michael Shaps of the MICHAEL SHAPS winery ( $29.99 ) is the definition of elegance, refinement and silky brightness- lovely-engaging-let's get married!
     7) 2005 ( great vintage ) Vosne-Romanee " Les Chalandins " from SHAPS & ROUCHER-SARRAZIN ( On Special for $64.99 ) from Burgundy, France is subtle and refined , medium-to-light-bodied and yet still got a bit of added spice and edge and attitude that needs a bit of food or perhaps needs to be open between 1-2 hours before drinking it. Bottles are signed for gifts, too by Michael. We had it open here this past Saturday.
       Friday, October 22nd, 2010 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Alfredo Cohen/ Estebe of Tradewinds coming again to pour the Argentina wines of the La Rioja region : CHANARMUYO Estate Viognier 2009 and the Malbec and dry red blends, too ( both at $10.99 ) and I will see what else they have available by Wednesday. Join us, Alfredo is from the winery and can speak to you all about Argentina as well. Never any charge.
     Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 : Two Parts -
        1) 11:30-1 PM: Wine Class Of Eastern Hemisphere wines, where it all started, 6 wines, $10 per person, only 15 people per class, with " special guest " Thinas Kruger, wine-maker of BOSCHENDAL Franschoek South African winery here for the last thirty minutes of the class talking about his 2008 Chardonnay and his 2008 Sauvignon Blanc.       2) 1-5 PM : Special Guest wine-maker Thinas Kruger of BOSCHENDAL Winery in Franschoek, South Africa will be here to taste the BOSCHENDAL Chardonnay and the Sauvignon Blanc ( Both are 2008 and both are On Special for $16.49 a bottle. We will also have Thinas pour the DOUGLAS GREEN South African 2008 Shiraz ( On Special for $11.99 a bottle ). JOIN US, NEVER any charge.
     I AM SURE THAT I AM FORGETTING SOMETHING but it's time to push the " send " button here on my computer. Come and see us, come give us some of your input, share with us, unwind and let's share and compare notes and stories. 
     WE ARE SELLING LOTS OF CHILEAN WINES THESE DAYS : We are so proud of Chile and the rescue of the 33 miners with the world's help. We are selling the VIU MANENT ( Carmenere ), the CHILENSIS ( Carmenere, Pinot Noir, ), COUSINO-MACUL ( Merlot, Finis Terrae ), TERRA NOBLE ( Carmenere ), SANTA DIGNA ( Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Csrmenere ), OVEJA NEGRA ( Sauvignon Blanc & Carmenere white dry blend ) , VALDIVIESO and many more Chilean wines to celebrate this joyous event when for awhile there we all became Chilean in rejoicing and celebrating this human joy of ours in very difficult times.
     NOTE : I think that the new Chilean ambassador was holding in his hands a bottle of the VALDIVIESO ( $14.99 ) sparkling wine that was one of the very first Chilean wineries to come to the United States way back when with Alfredo Bartholomaus back in the early eighties. We have a k=little bttle-age you and I Alfredo now! Cheers to you, to one and to all! What an amazing story-time.
       Facebook @ clevelandparkwine&spirits
     THANKS AGAIN for everything and all your support, cheers,  TONY

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tuesday, Oct. 10th, 2017 : Today's Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Email : Winemaker Kim McPherson Here of McPherson Cellars, Lubbock, Texas Pouring Sat. 14th, 2-17 2-6PM, ALSO : Serghei Pouring Fri. 10/13 5-8 Moldovan INDIVIDO, CRICOVA Brut Sparkling, Thurs Me Pouring 10/ 12, At Uptown Arts Dc 6-8:30- $30 Join Us!


Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits


     COME TASTE THE WINES FROM LESSER-KNOWN STATES this coming Saturday, October 16th, 2010 from 1-5PM. We have a whole line-up which includes I believe ten states in all and we are really excited about this as this will be a real palate and eye-opener for most of us, and that includes Chris and me as
I WROTE THE ABOVE PARAGRAPH back in October 2010 : 7 years ago, and here now on Saturday, Oct. 14th, 2017 2-6PM ( come taste Kim's fine wines like his Les Copains - The Friends 2015 dry white blend of 47% Roussanne, 21% Viognier, 18% Marsanne, and 14% Picpoul Blanc,  , 13.1% alcohol by volume, $18.49 a bottle, 888 cases made only,  go to : for more info on the wines. Kim will be here with Andrew Stover of Vino50 Selections ),  we have Kim Mcpherson the owner and winemaker of his own McPherson Cellars winery, yes! Come taste, be amazed, fall in love with Kim's sparkling wine, too : so gentle, so mild, so pleasing to sip, $20.49 a bottle, 12.9% alcohol by volume, 780 cases made.
BUT HEY We also have a great DC spirits' tasting this Friday with Colt of 1/8th One-Eight Spirits right here in Ivy City, Washington D.C., and back in 2010 I do not think we even knew about this excellent distillery? They may have not even been in business back then? That is how quickly things are evolving for all of us. Many inspired, talented and hard-working people out there willing to follow their dreams to a bedrock of solid reality!
SPEAKING OF EVOLUTION, Kim's father was the first to have a vineyard making wine in Texas , in Lubbock where McPherson Cellars is, too. Kim's father built his winery out of cinder blocks because he knew it would be shot at, and it was, that was called LLANO Vineyard Winery. It was a first, a Kim sure is making small production, high-quality wines to excite us and make us take another look, another taste, pause, reconsider, like and smile and ask for more, please?!?!!!
WE REALLY ARE enjoying selling many organic wines and spirits, and beers, too : and they all do quite well, just want to be sure you all know that we have many organic, biodynamic and ecologica and vegan wines, spirits here for you all : like PUR LIQUR from Germany in 1) Blood Orange, 2) Poire William, 3) Elderflower, ... and with TIREAS we have excellent tequila in Blanco-Silver, Reposado, and also Anejo. We also always have from Maine the PEAK Organic like their Nut Brown Ale! All are now tried-and-true, and have a real home here at our store.
IN WINE that is organic there are too many to mention. I will however talk about our latest two new arrivals : from VINA LOS VALLES - BODEGAS VINICOLA REAL :
1) Tempranillo 2014 Rioja, On Special for $11.99, Calificada, it really is a delight - traditional Rioja made to enjoy with a meal, great value, too. More youthful, brighter, just a delight to enjoy now. ES-ECO027RI Agricultura Espana is the organic certification.
Take a balloon ride over the vineyards when you drink it, just like the picture on the label, si si si si claro que si amigos!
2) Crianza 2010, made with organic grapes, On Special for $14.99 : 2010 was a really truly great year for wine in Spain, and this is no exception. You may drink it now but it will hold in the bottle for many years and continue to flourish. Try some now, it has both weight, character and flavors to delight and to add definition and accents to many a meal. Buy some to keep and some to enjoy now.
Eccysa is the certification.
IN BEER From Santos we have :
1) Strawberry Rhubarb Sour Ale  from  The Great Divide Brewing Co., since 1994, On Special for $13.99 a 1 pt. 6 fl. oz. bottle, from Denver, CO. " Strawberry Rhubarb Sour is a gift for the senses. Strawberry is the yin to rhubarb's yand - the sweet to the tart. ... " Come try some, sounds like I will adore this, too.
     TWO From the COUNCIL Brewing CO.
1) Beatitude THREE BERRY Tart Saison, On Special for $14.99 for a 750ml bottle, with 4.5% alcohol by volume, " Beautitude is the French word for bliss which is what we float away on whenever we enjoy this specially brewed beer. This Tart Saison is brewed in the Belgian tradition of tart farmhouse ales. ... "
2) Beautitude Raspberry Tart Saison On Special for $14.99 a 750ml bottle, with 4.5% alcohol by volume, come and see how these flavors differ from the ones in the THREE PENNY. Buy one of each and try them both side-by-side. Cheers.
ALSO : ' New & Exciting :
1) Famille DUPONT Calvados Apple Brandy from the best region , the Pays D'Auge, the Fine Reserve On Special for $43.99 a bottle. Some of France's best Calvados. I will need to get some soon. Ronnie Miller our rep for DSWI was here with owner Jerome just the other day. What a great visir that was. Love this Calvados, always thrilled to have it here, always!
2) BirdDog Bourbon Whiskey Select Stock Bluegrass Crafted is On Special now for $24.99, it is normally $28.99/ The bottle shape and label have been upgraded, and we are thrilled to have it back. We had customers from Sweden coming to ask for more of it to take home to their family members there to try and enjoy. It has 40% alcohol by volume, a sharp package and presentation.
3) 8 Years Old Original Breakout Premium Rye Whiskey, a 750ml bottle, with 43% alcohol by volume, On Special for $39.99 a bottle. And what a bottle it is, great presentation here, too. From the Tennessee Spirits Company, this is a fine price for an aged rye whiskey!
      TWO Organic Vodkas to try , Fall In Love With -

4) Basil flavored Organic vodka from SQUARE ONE, $32.99 a bottle, USDA Organic, a great clear solis square rectangular bottle, this is here by popular demand, many of you already know and love it, now many of you still have to discover the joys, highs hi's and lows offered here. A treat.
5) PRAIRIE Crafted Vodka Certified Organic, from ED PHILLIPS & Sons, On Special now for $22.99, regularly $29.99. Come check this out along with the Basil SQUARE ONE. Cheers.
WINE From Chris & Tony -
FROM OUR Weekend Tastings -
1) J. P. CHENET  dry rose French375ml bottle, $4.49 dry rose that rocks! Camille poured it here this past Friday.
2) Sami, a dry red blend of three grapes from Georgia, the country, a 2009, Marini, $20.99, from the KODDOLI Vineyards, what a treat, smooth, balanced, forward and good fruit, a real treat : poured by Oko this Saturday here.
     TWO New Additions - From Marquis de Goulaine -

1) Vouvray 2016, $16.49, a dry cleaner crisper, more refreshing Loire Valley Chenin Blanc!
2) Chinon 100% Cabernet Franc, 2016, $18.49- tastes like the real Cabernet Franc - love it sooooo!
      A Fine Rioja -
1) Crianza 2008 Rioja from URBION, On Special for $14.99 - classic, old style, old world, a tasty fine Tempranillo blend with some great bottle age and it has so much character! LOve it, love the price, too.
Thinking Of Winemaker Kim McPherson's visit Saturday -
1) ' La Herencia ' 2014 , a dry Texas red , $20.99,  a blend od Tempranillo, Grenache, Mourvedre, Carignan, and Syrah - yes!with 13.9% alcohol by volume ...
2)  Crisecco vin spumante, ab brut, $13.49 a bottle, from Moldova, Serghei from Moldova will pour this and other selections like his Sauvignon Blanc Traminer blend white INDIVIDO - bright, refreshing, good body, fine balance - YES! Great price, too. Friday, Oct. 13th, 2017 5-8PM. Join us. Taste.
SAVE BIG THREE Ways On Wine HERE Each Wednesday, Up to 20% OFF marked sticker prices! Call : 202-363-4265 if you cannot come by, pay Wednesdays, Save Big!
Friday, Oct. 13th, TWO Tastings -
1) We have Serghei pouring the wines of Moldova, AND -
2) We have Colt pouring the D,C, Ivy City spirits of  One Eight yes, Join Us for BOTH.
Saturday, Oct. 14th, 2017 - We have owner- winemaker Kim McPherson of his own Lubbock, Texas winery here McPherson Cellars 2-6PM, with Andrew Stover - join us. No charge, you are all more than welcome. Cheers.
THANKS For everything, read on -
THE NEWS here and in our neighborhood -
     WE ARE WORKING ON Two New Sections for our long rack of wines that runs along the office wall just past our wine-tasting table.
1) There will be a section for wines that will cost more than ten dollars, but when you buy any two of them you pay $20 for them. The choices and selections will change as we find exciting wines to offer there. That will be juts beside the tasting table.
2) The section next to it will be for Organic, Biodynamic, Ecological, Agricultura, Fair Trade, Vegan. This way you will be able to have your choices to combine with your foods that are also organic. A win-win situation as that is what we do best : offer you fine liquid beer, wine, spirits' selections to complement both your meals and gatherings. And we know these wines. It is our business, we can give you any insights we may have to better facilitate the success of your moments with family, neighbors, business associates and friends!
I am writing and putting up many more labels on our shelves of regions, grape varieties, - all to make it easier to shop here, especially on Sundays when Chris and I are not here. We hope this will be helpful. We want to do anything we can to be more helpful!
SO : Things are always happening here! WE are all thrilled, we want to be set up and rocking for our holiday season that is around the corner. Exciting news all, really.
ALWAYS SOMETHING exciting here and in the neighborhood! We have been selling Chilean wines now for many years and we love them, really we do.
AS YOU KNOW or will come to know, we feel very strongly about our place here in the community and that we all work together to make this the great area that it is. With this in mind we are helping to host the event BRUSHES N BOTTLES , the very first one, across the street this Thursday, October 12th, 2017 6:30-8 PM. The cost is $30 to you to come and paint there. Everything is supplied for you there, and the wine is paid for in the $30. I will be on hand , too to pour and speak about the wines.
OF COURSE THE WINE is here at the store and you can come buy whatever you want here to take home and enjoy after the event. We are open here till 9PM. Chris will be here to help you here, as I will be over at the UPTOWN ARTS DC space across the street. They are on Instagram as UPTOWNARTSDC , you should check them out.
THE WINE IS COMING from Manuel Rojas of his own La Isla Corp, and we will have a selection of five wines I believe to pour :
1) In SITU Reserva Syrah
2) ALMA Cabernet Sauvignon
3) DOS PASOS Chardonnay
4) ALMA Sauvignon Blanc
5)DOS PASOS Sauvignon Blanc
ALL available here anytime. If we are out we will order more.
I JUST INTRODUCED Marc to Manuel over at Mr. Chen's Organic restaurant. It was great. Look at our Facebook account at : Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits to see us all there! A selfie I took of all of us. The meal was great. I organized this there to give them some more business and to draw our community closer, it worked, too : the food was delicious. My favorite at lunch today was the Shrimp Tempura - mmmmmm.
I WAS THRILLED to also see a familiar face over at Mr. Chen's - one of the servers that worked at NAM VIET that always had a broad smile and grin and good cheer and enthusiasm, and desire to help us in any way possible. I always felt great knowing he was there. You will all recognize him. He just started there yesterday, so go by, say hello, have a meal, order take-out, yes!
AT MR CHEN'S Organic Restaurant we spoke about this first event for them over at the UPTOWNARTSDC space and Marc said it was an attempt to draw more people over to the space, and inside, not outside, to include more people there, and to make the space more meaningful for more of us.
MARC SAID that it was billed as an hour-and-a-half event, but it will go longer than that probably. The idea is to get people there, to make them feel comfortable, and to give everyone a special moment to remember and share with others later. And to create some art, too. How many of us say we want to make art and never find the time? Come and do this and enjoy the wines that will help us all relax and smile and feel less stressed and hard-edged from the day's activities.
SO THE WINE WILL POUR graciously and with a big smile from me, and we will do everything possible to make this the best event we possibly can. Trust us all on that. between me, Manuel, Marc, Maps, Chris and Day, and many others - everyone is committed to making this a great venue here in Cleveland Park. I think they have a lease there through January. All exciting indeed.
IT IS NICE TO HAVE an active, lively, youthful, artful , cultural ' happenin' ' environment for us all here in Cleveland Park. We need it, this is a great outlet, a great escape, a wonderful addition to the community that works and stays and plays and grows stronger, more happy, more successful together.
SO EVEN IF YOU DO NOT PAY online please show up. We need you support, we need you here and there - in Cleveland Park, a great neighborhood.
WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW is an old Tuesday store email that I wrote and posted back in October 2010 : read it if you have time, and ask for current availability and pricing of any items you might be interested in? Cheers, TONY 10/10/2017
Maps just stopped by from the Uptown Arts DC space and we discussed our Thursday event there - what fun! TONY
     OUR NEXT " Big-Theme " Win-Tasting : Sat. Oct. 16th, 2010:
     COME TASTE THE WINES from states like:
       - Arizona ( AZ Stronghold Vineyards Red & White blends )
       - Colorado ( Jack Rabbit Organic Pinot Gris _
       - California ( no one really knows the wines from Temecula- remember the Callaway winery? )
       - Hawaii ( Tedeschi Vineyards, Maui sparkling/still pineapple )
       - Idaho ( Sawtiith Riesling & Malbec )
       - Michigan ( M.LAWRENCE sparkling " Sex " / " Wet " and L. MAWBY Blanc De Blanc
       - New York ( Brooklyn Oenology Cabernet Franc , ALSO : Shindig Vidal Blanc )
       - Oregon( Phelps Creek Pinot Noir, Columbia Gorge )
       - Washington State Okanogan Bench Rock Cab/Merlot/Syrah blend : ALSO : Shindig Pinot Noir blend )
       - Virginia ( We have " special guest " Michael Shaps of Virginia Wineworks : wine-maker and wine consultant for many wineries in the Charlottesville, Virginia area )
     I KNOW, I KNOW, some of these states we all know make wine but we are including them because of some of the more unique places and things that they are doing.
     AND FROM VIRGINIA we have MICHAEL SHAPS to pour three of his wines from Virginia as well as two or three from Burgundy as he and his partner also import some really great French red and white burgundies. With Michael we will taste :
       - Michael Shaps Dry VA. Chardonnay 2998
       - Wineworks Dr VA. Viognier 2009
       - Michael Shaps Dry Red VA. Petit Verdot 2008       
       - Shaps & Roucher Meursault White Burgundy ( Chard )       - Shaps & Roucher Pinot Noir Dry Red Burgundy ( P.Noir)

     THIS IS THE FIRST TIME we are doing this " Big Theme " Wine-Tasting on a Saturday. We hope that now it will be easier for more of you all to attend that so often have conflicting and busy schedules. Please give us your feed-back on this as this is key for us that we make it as easy for all of you to attend that want to come and be a part of these " Big-Theme " Wine-Tastings. JOIN US : EVERYONE IS WELCOME. No need to call and reserve - simply show up, taste and get great prices on all of the wines that we will be tasting this Saturday.

     WE ALSO HAVE BEEN A CENTRAL PART of the 17th Annual Taste Of Georgetown event this past Saturday, October 9th, 2010 from 11AM-4 PM at the Grace church ( Georgetown Ministry Center ) that last year raised twenty-five thousand dollars to help feed and shelter the homeless.
     WE, here at the store TOGETHER WITH BOTH LVDH Imports and TOAD HOLLOW Vineyards ( CA. and FRANCE ) provided the wines - 5 types - and poured them with long lines waiting for us patiently. We had a few of our regular customers show up but mostly Sam Gessner of LVDH and the folks at TOAD HOLLOW that were nice enough to donate their excellent wines ( thanks Joe Nagan, you are the  best! ).
     WE poured the  1)  " Francine's Selection Unoaked Chardonnay , $17.49  from the Sonoma, CA., the  2) 2009 Dry Pinot Noir rose " Eye Of The Toad " ,  the 3) 2008 Pinot Noir Russian River Valley, the 4) 2006 Merlot Reserve, $17.49 and the 5) " Risque " southwest of the Blanquette De Limoux $18.9. When Thomas Jefferson died he had seven cases of Blanquette de Limoux in his cellars.
     WE POURED the off-dry quite fruity one that tastes like nectarines, peaches and pears. They also make the dry version and both will be back here tomorrow so if you attended the tasting and would like to get some come on by then. Otherwise as of today we have some of the Merlot, the Pinot Noir and the dry rose of Pinot Noir here. I will post pictures on our web page soon as well as on my blog at : as well as at : Check them out : there was a real slice of life at this five-hour event with many food vendors , the wines of South Africa like BOSCHENDAL , Sam Adams Octoberfest ( poured by our sales rep Patrick O'Laughlin ) and the ST. GERMAIN elderflower liqueur that they made into a sangria drink.
    THERE WERE DOGS UP FOR ADOPTION as well as  retired Marine USMC Captain Edward Rahr Borcherdt ( 10 years involved with Grace Church fundraiser for the homeless , also on the board that constructed the Korean War Memorial ) and eighty years-old now, dancers of Ballroom Dance, Ballet Stretch, Latin Dance, Salsa and Tango ( 202-422-6250 : Ann and Victor. Of course there was also great live Jazz Music, too with a lovely lady singing here heart out, a lovely lady on keyboards, a great bass player as well as a saxophonist. I took pictures of everything so check them out later at your convenience.
     OH, THREE CUSTOMERS OF OURS CAME, TOO : 2 young ladies and one young gentleman : one was a Democrat, one was a Republican, and the young gentleman was an Independent. Wow.
     AND ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS, JAMES is married to Rosalind Wiseman that wrote the book that " Mean Girls " the movie was based on ( she was also just on the the Anderson Cooper CNN show last week with Dr. Phil, many teenagers, Bowersox a very talented young lady runner-up on American Idol, and other experts all talking about bullies and the on-line as well as in the school and workplace intimidation of bullies ) that was taking digital pictures as he is a teacher of film here in Georgetown through the digital medium and Boston University was it James?
     IT WAS GREAT TO SEE SO MANY NEW FACES and some of those that I knew already. What an incredible day it was : just like on our Cleveland Park Day a week or so earlier.
     AND IT WAS ALL FOR A GOOD CAUSE. Sam and I got back to the store and I set things up to do my In-Store one-and-ahalf-hour Beginner's Class where we tasted a " killer " Cuvee Counoise - indigenous French grape variety - DOMAINE MONPERTUIS Vignoble de la Ramiere Vin De Pays Du Gard, " Cuvee Counoise, $15.99 : as well as another wondrously deadly Barbera d"Alba 2006 Pasquero HILBERG ( $16.49 ). Both had such incredible integrity and original taste and character that was all theirs and no other's. I liked this : we all did very much.
     JOIN US THIS SATURDAY before the " Big Theme
Wine-Tasting " here. We will start at 11:15 AM this Saturday and stop at 12:30 PM as we have to be set for the " Big-Theme " Wine-Tasting. It will be a continuation of the past successful three Beginner's Classes and I think that I will do another general European base with one of each of the six wines from one of each of the different countries. I want to mix things up, I want to use the indigenous grape varieties and wines that are really typical of a region. COST IS $10 per person. I need ten-fifteen people per class to do these so please respond to this email and ley me know that you wish to attend this 4th Beginner's Win-Tasting here at the back of our store.

     NEVER A DULL MOMENT HERE: WHO MAKES IT HAPPEN? WE / YOU - TOGETHER WE MAKE IT HAPPEN. Remember the movie " Working Girl " with Melanie Griffith and Sigourney Weaver?!?
     BEER - Santos Rivera's Picks :
       1) Imperial IPA , Mendocino Brewing Company ( On Special for $8.99, 4-pack 12-oz bottles , , Saratoga Springs, CA. ) celebrating over 25 years of excellence.
       2) HELL HATH NO FURY Ale from Bell's ( On Special for $16.99 6-pack 12 oz bottles, Comstock, MI ) ia on-fire here as a brand. Better check this one out!
       3) HARVEST Long Trail Brown Ale ( On Special for $9.49 a 6-pack of 12 oz. bottles, Vermont, Bridgewater Corners ) is " new and exciting " here at Cleveland Park Wines.
     LIQUEUR / LIQUOR From Ravinder Sharma :
       1) Linoncello de Sorrento from CASONI ( $28.99 ) is back by request and name. Glad to have it back on our shelves.
       2) Tequila el Mayor Anejo, $44.99, 40% alc. by volume, 750 ml bottle is another " new " face for us here in Cleveland Park, Great bottle, too.
     WINES From Chris Barker & Me :
          WHITES :
       1) Pinot Grigio Delle Venezia 2009, $10.99, from ALLEGRINI : bright, fresh, lively - just right.
       2) House Wine White Dry Blend Of 78% Chardonnay, 11% Riesling, 5% Muscat , 5% Gewurztraminer and 1% Pinot Gris - from the Columbia Valley, 2008 - fun, flavorful, stimulating.Viognier 2009 Valle De Chanarmuyo Arggentina, this Chanarmuyo Estate Chamas Honnorat Family Wines dry white is quite complex and intense : great food wine at $10.99.
       3) Sauvignon Blanc 2008 Monterey County, CA. from CHALONE VINEYARDS ( $14.99 ) is nice to have back here in the store. We will taste it out soon with you as we think you need to taste it to believe and know how good it really is!
       4) Sauvignon Blanc Chalk Hill 2009 " Acier ", CA. ( $19.99 ) has got it's own very distinct, very personal and flavorful profile. It's a very fine, refined food wine. Great package, too.
     JUST IN : BIG NEWS: Angostura Bitters from Trinidad is coming through out doors as I type! It's been out-of-stock now for months everywhere! Rush on down and get some quick!!!!!
          REDS :
       1) Carignan Vieilles Vignes/Old Vines 2007 French red from the MAS LAVAIL " Terre d'Ardoise ", $11.99 is quite flavorful and pungent and yet smooth it's got layer after layer and will be best when served with a meal. It's a " new " Robert Kacher Selection that we tasted here this past Cleveland Park Day.
       2) LONDON CAB, $13.99, 2006 from Chalk Hill, California ( made by CHATEAU FELICE ) has got some nice depth and good character and personality. It's smooth, too but needs a meal to flesh it out / and make it fuller. I tasted it just recently with family owner Samantha and rep Chip of Atlantic Fine Wines.
       3) Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 Mendoza, Argentina, " Collection Privada " from NAVARRO CORREAS ( $15.99 ) is showing really well once again. Kelly Bigel our rep for the Pinnacle House just tasted it here last Saturday with our customers and I found it firm, earthy and pithy and the older style of traditional wine-making. Less pretty, less fruity but an excellent food wine. You need to try it with a meal.
       4) Pinotage 2009 South Africa ( $16.49 ) from BARISTA really had a gentler, calmer, rounder and more=pleasing bent on the Pinotage grape that is synonymous with South Africa. It's quite lovely and a bit of food would really make this match ideal. Great packaging, too.
      5) Henry's Passion 2008 Merlot ( $16.99 ) made by Chip's son that unfortunately passed away at much too early of an age is here to honor and remember him and his passion working at the CHATEAU FELICE in Chalk Hill, California before he passed away a couple of years ago. This Merlot is quite outstanding and very smooth and bright, fleshy and wonderful and not expensive at all.
     6) La Provencale 2008 California ( $19.99 0) dry red blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and Carignane from JADE MOUNTAIN Vineyard was open here by Kelly Bigel of the Pinnacle House this past Saturday and I liked it's heartier, more packed and punctuated caves and nooks and crannies-valleys of flavor that for me cried out for some foo. It's quite a treat.       
       7) " Phantom " dry red CA. blend from BOGLE WINERY ( $26.49 ) is a blend of Old Vines Zinfandel and Old Vines Mourvedre. It's HUGE- BOLD-Columned and definitely in need of food at this young age, 2007. Maybe with age - 5-10 years it will blossom and fill out and become rounded and elegant?

          HALF BOTTLES :
       1) Sancerre 2008 ( $12.99 ) from Bernard REVERDY Et Fils is drinking beautifully now - open and flavorful.
       2) Chateau Montaud Cotes Du Provence dry, smooth, silky, velvety, elegant French rose ( $9.99 ) is still a great choice now as the weather slowly changes.
       3) Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2005 ( On Special for $7.99 ) from ANTIS in Mendoza, Argentina has matured into a lovely dry and smooth food Cabernet for a nice steak or some good cheese.
       4) Malbec Reserva 2007 from TERRAZAS, Mendoza, Argentina is a nice wine to enjoy with a meal. It's still got lots of flavor and stuffing, $11.99 a bottle.
       Friday, October 15th, 2010 ( 5-8 PM ) : Arielle Monaco of the Country Vintners will be here to taste perhaps some wines like Gruet to lead into our " Big Theme " Wine-Tasting on Saturday, Oct. 16th from 1-5 PM? We are still working out the details : perhaps Pinot Noir and sparkling from GRUET?
       Saturday, October 16th, 2010 :
     Beginner's Class from 11:15 AM -12:30 PM ( $10 per person, six wines ). Call or respond to this email.
     " Big Theme " Wine-Tasting : 10 Lesser-Known States in America with Andrew Stover and Michael Shaps as our " special guests ". THIS WILL BE WONDERFUL, MAGNIFICENT, A VERY, VERY, VERY SPECIAL EVENT HERE - and it's free! Bring family and friends and neighbors, work business associates, etc : EVERYONE WELCOME!
     JOIN US ...
     WE MAY ALSO HAVE Chris of Cobblestone Imports afterward here tasting as well. Call for more info or simply show up : there's always something happening here that we can and want to share with you.
     I KNOW I HAVE FORGOTTEN SOMETHING : check out our web page at, our for more photos and stories, and us on Facebook at : clevelandparkwine&spirits.
     THANKS FOR ALL YOUR BUSINESS AND SUPPORT - BELIEF IN US OVER THE YEARS, It's been one grand ride so far : can't wait till this weekend : BIG THEME U.S. Lesser-Known States - Hawaii, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, Arizona, Virginia New York State, New Mexico ... Cheers,  TONY

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A Big SHOUT OUT To All Those Desrving Our Praise For Being Selfless In Great Times Of Need : Thank You All!

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits
WOW ; wow wow! So Much To Sort Through - so here I make an attempt!
ASK ME IF I AM HAPPY ?!? I am, I had my car battery go dead on me earlier and the AAA man Mo come and tell me my alternator signal is low and I need a new alternator! Ouch : my spirits were low then, really low. Mo said , : " Let me try it once again? " So he did and the results were that my almost 6-year-old battery was dead! What a relief, he had one, and the ci=ost of a new battery is so much better than replacing an alternator : yay, and my car drives better, too. Go figure?!?
Beer From Santos -
We still have man Octoberfest as well as Pumpkin beers for you all, some limited release so come by and see what we have or call Santos now ( 202-363-4265 ) and ask Santos what your choices are?
1) Road 2 Run Double IPA ( The Road Less Traveled ) : from TWO ROADS, On Special for $13.99 for a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles ...
2) Macho Muchacho Mexican-style lager, On Special for $9.99 a bottle, with 5.5% alcohol by volume, here you have a lager brewed with agave, lime and salt!
3) Granola Brown Ale, from Black Hog Brewing Co. On Special for $11.99 for a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, from Oxford , Conn. : I love the label, can't wait to try it myself, would buy a 6-pack just for the fun art on it and let the sips fall where they may, a bowl of chips ready at hand, too! Cheers.
LIQUOR From Jagir :
1) We all need a great big wonderful amazing Milagro in our lives, and we need one quick, too. Here we have one MILAGRO Leyenda del ... 100% de Agave Reposado, On Special for $29.99 a botttle, a fine tequila, to enjoy perhaps alongside the beer above, the Macho Muchaco, ?!? Yes, both from Mexico, seems like a great match.
2) Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey On Special for $21.99 a bottle, a great value, a great bourbon always, do not forget it, check it out again, save money and drink really well! Cheers.
3) Deluxe Crafted OLD PORT Rum from Lambipurra Bengaluru India, $19.99, what a great deal, tasty, distinct, a certain style of flavorful rum that some love, others not so much, and at a great price, too. Come see what you all think? A dark rum, use for your dar rum needs!!!
4) Rose of LILLET French aperitif : On Special for $19.99 : enjoy it now in our Indian summer, yes, si, oui, mais bien sur a tous - et servir-le tre frais - chill before serving. Yes.
Too Many To List Here ,
Many from Washington State to be tasted here tomorrow by Brayden from DESERT WIND and KIONA, including a spectacular Lemberger red....
TWO ' New '  and Exciting Sparkling wines from Marci that will pour them alongside of Brayden tomorrow, Wed, Oct 4th, 5-8PM from SEPHORA, a dry white Brut and a dry Rose Brut, they are, too both amazing, love them along with the Washington State wines!
TWO ' New ' exciting ports from Portugal that also blow my mind with their infinite possibilities and nuances of flavor from VALE D. MARIA, .... a 1) Ruby porto and a .... 2) Tawny porto, yes, obregado bom dia boa noite a tudos ...
ALSO ' New and Exciting ' :
From Lebanon -
1) Chateau Kefraya ' Chateau Rouge ' 2010, dry red blend - so many layers , niches and spaces that will be filled and satisfy you - a fine medium-bodied dry red blend to enjoy with a meal.
2) Chateau Kefraya ' Comte de M ' Red 2010 ( just received three bottles, so come get some if you know and love it ) ......
From France we have :
1) Chateau MONTAURIOL Corbieres rose 2016 - a really tasty flavorful dry rose, ... mmmm -
2) FONCALIEU " Les Illustres " Coteaux d'Enserune 2012 ...
3) Reserve du Crouzau " St. Gervais " CdR Villages 2012 ...
Some new and exciting wines to taste and enjoy, treats for many of us.
Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 : mentioned above, come taste with Brayden and Marci 5-8PM : Washington State and Kiwi Sparkling wines ...
FRIDAY, October 6th, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) : Come taste with Camille, we have some really fun French wines for you all to enjoy, cheers! Some splits 187ml bottles of the FABuleux dry sparkling rose of J.P. CHENET ... and more.
SATURDAY, October 7th, 2017 ( 2-6PM ) : Come taste with Igor a theater-actor some amazing wines of Georgia : organic, and top-of-the-line!
THANKS For Everything, ...

SAVE 3 WAYS Up To 20% OFF Marked sticker prices each and every Wednesday, call : 202-363-4265 to place your orders for whatever you may want to save!
Scroll Down-
READ & Give A SHOUT OUT With Us -
SO I AM IN A GOOD to GREAT MOOD on a glorious day today! So let's start with business as usual, and then go onto my many SHOUT OUTS for all those greatly deserving at the end of this email that is back, working, functioning, alive, healthy and strong! Sorry for the long delayed, there were technical difficulties that have been resolved, and all, like my car this morning is soooooo much better. Halelulliah.
THIS DINNER below written about on October 6th, 2009 is one of the many dinners we have hosted here in the past, just like the one we just did with John and Theresa Morrison at Ardeo restaurant with owner/ winemaker Alejandro Jofre of his family's JA JOFRE winery in the Colchagua Valley in Chile on 9/26/2017. It was another resounding success and we want to give a Big SHOUT OUT to all those that helped to make it so from the kitchen staff, chef, general manager, servers, sommelier David, owner of Ardeo/Bardeo, to Alejandro, to John and Theresa, to those that helped to make the wine, too at the vineyard itself. 
THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN THINKING recently : draw attention to the positive, to those that make up our communities small and large, national, state, country, international : all that selflessly give of themselves to make everything, everyone the best that they can be - both giving and receiving, not always asking first : " What is there in it for me? "
HEARING SO MUCH NEGATIVE, difficult, unbelievable, astounding, absurd, selfish, those passing the buck and never having it stopped with them, those that throw up unnecessary barriers, say things cannot be done, make excuses, looking the other way, you know what I am saying, you get the idea? This is to concentrate on the positive, to move forward celebrating that which is good, that which has been done, that which is making us stronger and happier, whether it has been recognized and thanked or not.
I WANT TO acknowledge, to mention, to draw attention to, and to say ' thanks '. ' we see and listen and care and do notice your efforts, what you have added to our communities, our lives - thanks. '
I HAVE ONLY MY EYES, MY EARS, my senses, but I can have a positive effect as we all can and so this store email is dedicated to giving a Big SHOUT OUT where I can today, and I apologize now if you deserve one and I have forgotten to mention you.
SOMETIMES THE Shout Outs can be small, but for many they are big. Justin Pinder has helped us with our computer here for many years now and he helped get us rolling once again with these weekly Tuesday store emails : thanks Justin. You are the best, always have been.
I WANT to also say that it is so heartening to see and hear about all that have responded recently to our disasters in Houston, Florida, Las Vegas, Puerto Rico. To hear about Jose Andres and his group that have helped at all these, now in Puerto Rico doing what they can makes us proud to be humans and alive and there for others, it is inspiring indeed, really it is.
OUR PRAYERS and THOUGHTS go out to all those that have lost their lives, those that have survived and are now trying to make sense, to rebuild, to move forward, pick up the pieces, and be once again productive and a part of a community and more. How do they do it? The obstacles are so many that it seems unbelievable that they are able to do so.
AND SO OFTEN we seem to dwell on the negative aspects of anything, and that is certainly not healthy. Each community, each neighborhood, each family and business, association, retail operation, group needs support. No question : we need to help bolster the spirits and the moods, the positive, the warmth, the smile-laugh-making that makes it all more than bearable. It must be also enjoyable, meaningful, welcoming, enriching, too.
IT CANNOT ALL BE DEFEATIST, WITHOUT HOPE : there must always be hope and dreams that are still alive and realized. I cannot accept this past week when a young male customer from West Virginia told me that there is no hope there. That certainly can and must be changed.
I WANT TO FOCUS with you all on the positive here in our neighborhood. We need to see the growth, the change, the present and the future as something that is strong and resilient and not simply defeatist!
That will not do, that must change, we must focus on what we each can do and can add to make things as positive , enriching and as healthy as possible. That is up to you. Take a look around and try and see what you might do or add on your own to make things better all around.
I WANT TO SAY that recently I have taken a much closer look at out neighborhood here on Connecticut Avenue and I have been enriched considerably for doing so. I feel better having done so.
I HAVE STOPPED to look into the storefronts here of our many businesses, and I have been cheered, I have smiled, I have felt very positive doing so.
WHAT I HAVE EXPERIENCED doing so is to realize that we have many one-of-a-kind retail and businesses here - with individuals present to talk to, to witness in action doing what they do, people to talk to when we have questions and needs and more.
I HAVE REALIZED that with each of these businesses it is like stepping into the past, being present, and thinking that these bits of personal informations, services, people will live on and continue to impart, to share, to add their services, insights and touch our lives now and well into our future. This is special, this is personal, this is our community and it is all available to those of you that take the time to realize that what we have is so much more than when the stores and the retail that is taking over is simply carbon-copies of so many others : that if they are good it is because of those hired to do their jobs properly, that do them, that care, that see the importance of the roles that they play in each and every one of these communities.
WE MUST ALL as retailers realize that we do and can make a difference. That our attitude, our smiles, our greetings, our welcoming of you all, welcoming your pets, too : that it all is really important/
SO : I WANT TO GIVE a Big SHOUT OUT to all those here that have touched my live, our lives, enriching them, making them bearable and positive.
BEAU FINLEY has done a great job as our ANC The Fighting 3C04 representative. He cares and he has been very present and available to us, letting us know whenever there is anything that we should know about, be aware of. We are sorry to hear that one of the bartenders at Coppi's Organic restaurant was shot in the Shaw neighborhood ( and we are encouraged to know that things are progressing better now ).
SO : For Fun, See If You Know These I Mention : Big SHOUT OUT to :  KN Vinod, Marco, Marc, Day, Maps,  Hamid, Carlos, Liz, Ramon, Mohammed, Peter, Jeff, Hondo, Suzie, Tom, Pierre, David, Mr and Mrs Chen, ... and so many more, you should all be mentioned, I simply do not know all of you personally, and if I do I do not always know your names. Thank you all.
AN OBSERVATION : We as businesses here should get out and meet one another more, ask each other's names, ask others where they work, what they do, socialize a bit more to know in fact who we all are here! I am always so pleased to make the proper connections, to realize how rich and enriching this environment is.
I JUST GOT A ' Thank You ' Call from Wendy that helped to give  a birthday party this past weekend for their friend turning eighty! Wendy was in charge of the spirits and bought two cases of red wine to soak the labels off of, and to apply new ones with the eighty-year-old woman shown on the label as a beautiful young lady. I loved the picture - was immediately drawn to it. What great love and community, family, all. Glad it all worked out well Wendy. I appreciate the call this morning.
GOOD NEWS : Into the old location for Ripple we have a new Italian restaurant moving in by owners of both Cucina Al Volo and Osteria Al Volo. Their truck was there this past Saturday afternoon. I took pictures of that and posted them on our Facebook page at : Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits. Check them out. Great news indeed! So stay-tuned, hopefully like Mr Chen's Organic Chinese restaurant this will happen sooner than later. Go by also and try the food at Mt. Chen's Organic restaurant : they, like all our restaurants here have many seats to fill, and the food here that we offer is splendid, varied, tasty, enticing, very satisfying! Cheers all, ....
ALSO : Coming Up :
     On Tuesday, October 10th, 2017 6:30-8PM across the street at the Dupont Arts DC ( in the old Four P's Irish Pub / Bar space ) you can go and paint and enjoy your wine, too. WE are helping with this, will try and be there myself if possible, as this is a great opportunity for many of you. And we will have some good wine to enjoy , too! So mark your calendars.