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Join Craig Mauro Here at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits, Friday 5-8PM, 4/20/2018 as he tastes the fine wines of REINE JULIETTE, BOTALCURA, SULTANA & a fine Pategonian Pinot Noir from Argentina, #freewinetasting #everyonealwayswelcome #joinus #shoplocal #dinelocal Cheers!

Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits

JOIN US here tomorrow as we welcome back on Friday, April 20th, 2018 5-8PM Craig Mauro the owner of Raya Wine / Comete Wine Selections to taste a fin selection ... 1) Reine Juliette Pays D'Oc French Syrah-Grenache dry, clean , crisp, tart, zippy, alive, fresh, bright rose, $14.49 a bottle, some .... 2) SULTANA dry indigenous white from the grape Grillo, made in Sicily, a 2014, On Special for $9.99 a bottle, matire - rich, more developed flavors here, will warm us with the cold wind if it still blows here over the weekend, ... fine food wine. AND ... 3) a Pinot Noir from Patagonia, Argentina, On Special for $12.99 with a 3 for $33 and a 6 for $60, Regularly $14.99 a bottle. AND ... 4) the Chilean ' Crazy Quail ' 2013 of BOTALCURA, a dry Carmenere red that is equal parts flesh and fruit and structure and lining, ooohhhh yeah, showed really well last night as did the Reine Juliette , with 13.5% alcohol by volume, ... On Special for $9.99 a bottle. A fine food wine. Come taste it here tomorrow with Craig, all four, some variety for different occasions and meals, or just plain good sipping! Cheers, TONY 4/19, 2018


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Celebrate With Me Anthony Quinn Tonight 5-8PM, World Malbec Day, Taste 3 With Me, #FreeWineTasting #Celebrate!

Cleveland PARK WINES & SPIRITS 3423 CONN. AVE. N.W. D.C.       
HAPPY WORLD MALBEC DAY today, join me as I open and taste two malbecs here later, 5-7:30PM, one from Argentina, Mendoza, and one from France's Cahors in the Lot region of France south of the town and region of Bordeaux. Go and visit the charming town of Cahors, have some cassoulet stew with lamb or pork, and enjoy one of the many splendid dry red Cahors wines that are either 100% Malbec, or include some Merlot and Tannat in with the Malbec. Cheers, sante nos amis! Venez gouter ce soir avec moi!
A ' Big Congrats ' to the lady that won the Boston Marathon this weekend! What a great accomplishment, and something that we all can stand behind and really be proud of on so many levels!
Hope You Got Money back when you filed your income tax returns. Come celebrate here whether you got money back or paid additional taxes, we have two fine Malbec wines for you all to taste tonight with me, both under $15!
ALL LIVES MATTER, BLACK LIVES MATTER! Happy that the CEO from Starbucks apologized for the incident recently in one of their Starbucks in Pennsylvania. That was avoidable, a bad reflection on them, I will think twice before going, and if I do that incident will certainly be on my mind. Hopefully this will end much better than it started.
SAW LYNDA CARTER ( Wonder Woman ) on NBC Channel 4 this morning and recognized her immediately. I have met her twice that I know of, both times at Burka's Fine Wines where I was the wine buyer back in the mid to late eighties.
THE FIRST TIME I saw Lynda Carter I knew I knew her but could not place her or how I knew her. She had come into the store perspiring - glowing from a baseball game I believe that her son was in? She wanted a bottle of French champagne. I wish I remember which one I sold her then? It might have been a bottle of Billecart Salmon NV brut, or some Joseph Perrier? It could have been so many smaller houses that we were featuring then at the time.
THE SECOND TIME I saw and sold wine to Lynda Carter I was able to place her and how I knew her! I did not let on, she clearly was coming back again from another baseball game and looked charming wearing her baseball cap! She again wanted a bottle of French champagne. I sold her one that I thought was excellent for value, taste, everything.
TODAY IF LYNDA CARTER came here To Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits I would sell her some @TrouillardChampagne, $31.49 for the NV Brut or some @RolandChampionChampagne, $43.99 for the RM Grand Cru NV Brut  - both that I highly recommend here
CHARLE COETZEE was just here and he is the Cellaemaster of BABYLONSTOREN Winery in South Africa, and it is great to meet him finally today with Lys and Narayan and Christi - only Ian was not here! Tasted the ' new ' and current vintages, and liked them, just sampled the Shiraz for the first time - fruit-centered and balanced and so pleasing with so much delicious fruit, pleasing for this warmer weather on the way, but not as intriguing or exciting as the dry red 2016 Shiraz-Malbec & more blend that I will open here later tonight from 5-8PM to celebrate Worl Malbec Day here with you all. It definitely needs time to open and to blossom and is best with food. I just tasted a day-old 2015, we will taste tonight the 2016, and it was softer and more rounded with an additional day being open with a third of the bottle still there.
SO HAVE A MEAL with the 2016 that we have here now, get some carryout around here, take a bottle over and pay the corkage fee at Medium Rare restaurant and enjoy it with their meal there! Great to meet you Charl! Cheers, and come again anytime.
THE BABYLONSTOREN ( the vineyard is a fruit farm that is still active with two restaurants I believe, and together with the wines they provide wquite the experience. Christi talks about being able to walk right outside her room there and be able to pick a lemon to slice to include in her tea or meal - fresh as it gets! ) dry Chenin Blanc is so pretty fresh lilting, lovely and lulling and nice, ... and the dry rose blend is exciting and very lively and with also lots to offer. All wines are balanced and respectful of the fruit from which they started, the stars are always the fruit in each grape, I like that a whole lot, really I do.
BEER From Santos :
1) Saison DUPONT ' Vieille Provision ' , an unfiltered Belgium Farmhouse Ale ', bottle-conditioned, brewed by the Brasserie Dupont, On Special for $11.99 for a 750ml bottle, with 6.5% alcohol by volume. Cheers.
2) Surf Wax India Pale Ale from BURIAL Beer Brewing, made in Asheville, North Carolina, a hopping beer city that seems to be doing so well on so many frontiers, music included, andin the hills nestled like it is must be a great backdrop to inspire the soul to fly high and surf wax, too - at least when there in our minds.
3) Raised by Wolves , a dry-hopped pale ale brewed by RIGHT PROPER Brewing Company, made right here in Washington DC, with 5% alcohol by volume, this is a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans $11.99 - cheers, come try some - ' really new and very exciting! '
     With Chocolate , and one with Coffee :
1) Chocolate Liqueur from Belgium, since 1926, from GODIVA, $39.99. Come get some, live high off the hog, live brightly, flame-UP, flame-OUT- , dance, sing, be merry!
2)The Original KOLOA Hawaiian Kaua'i Coffee, a Hawaiian rum with coffee and natural flavors that will lull, please, cajole and whisper sweet nothings to you to further relax and feel comfortable, and smile more. You may want to waltz at first, tango later into the wee hours between late night and really early darkest day! Cheers.
BOTH are splendid, completely different, and yet have similarities, too.
ALSO From Jagir -
1) DIAMOND STATE Straight Bourbon Whiskey from Smyrna, Delaware, $41.99, with 46% alcohol by volume, so soooo smooth, lovely, I liked it a whole lot, it had a fullness, a richness, a hang and a mouth-feel, stayed around, it lingers long and well! Just tasted it here with our customers, a great addition, come try some. 
2) CORRIDOR Vodka , a Whiskey drinker's vodka, distilled and bottled in Washington DC, with 40% alcohol by volume, this is Batch 1, $29.99 a bottle, great to have it here to share with you all. I am sure we will be tasting it with you, too, so stay-tuned for more info on that.

WINE From Chris & Tony -
1) Rueda Verdejo dry Spanish white from CALAMAR, a 2016 , $13.49 a bottle,  a lovely wine to enjoy now as it thinks a bit about finally blossoming into summer and forgetting about that wondrous ' in-between ' that once was the full definition of Spring. Maybe we will get some ' in between?!? ' Only time will tell. Cheers. Thanks Eric Platt for bringing this to our attention.
2) Sake Infusions from TY-KU  with Coconut, a Nigori sake ( a cloudy sake with the rice left in and not filtered out clean ), so easy to sip and enjoy with or without a meal - $15.99 , produced in Japan, with 12% alcohol by volume.
     THREE  More Fine Malbec Wines to celabrate today World Malbec Day -
1) Malbec 2012 from Cahors, France in the Lot region, made by Lionel Osmin & Cie, $16.49 a bottle, made with 100% Malbec grapes grown in soil and not sand as the Malbec wines are from Argentina, with 14% alcohol, this is a fine medium-bodied, pithy, flavorful wine to enjoy with your meals - a comfort wine to accompany comfort meals for you, whatever they may be, Perfect for this cold now.
2) Malbec 2014 from the CHATEAU de HAUTE-SERRE , from George Vigouroux ( in the eighties Anne Vigoroux would come see me and tell me at the Mayflower Wines & Spirits to buy her Cahors as it was the best ! ), a Grand Vin Seigneur, $24.49, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, this is quite fine, I took a bottle to the beach last year to enjoy and loved it all over again!
3) Single Vineyard " Siesta " Tahuantinsuyo 2014 Malbec, from Ernesto Catena, $38.99, organic - Demeter certified, with 13.8% alcohol by volume, I was really floored when I tried these all at the Del Ray Cafe outside of Old Towne Alexandria Virginia a couple of Monday's ago with Olivier Lotterie of the Vineyard Brands and the two lovely ladies , too from the winery. They are all fruit-centered and bright and real, the real McCoy wines of the world - thrilled to see and taste that they are still being produced in an age when this is no longer the norm unfortunately.
TONIGHT , Tuesday, April 17th, 2018 : On World Malbec Day, I will taste three from 5-8PM, join me, no charge.
WEDNESDAY, Wednesday, April 18th, 2018 : Tomorrow we have Serghei here to taste some fine Lebanese and Moldovan wines - an assortment to please everyone! We will feature the wines of ET CETERA from Moldova,  and KAYRA from Lebanon. Free wine-tasting, no charge, join us.
SAVE BIG ON WINE , UP TO 20% OFF each and every Wednesday,
SAVE BIG HERE! That is our web page, cheers!
FRIDAY, April 20th, 2018 ( 5-8PM ), Come taste with Craig Mauro some of his fine ' value ' selections like -
1) REINE JULIETTE dry French rose, $13.49 - should be tasty enough for this cold wind still.
2) BOTALCURA Carmenere dry red, pleasing and tasty, and with some flesh on it's bones to warm us all! On Special for $10.99 a bottle.
SATURDAY, April 21st, 2018 ( 2-6PM ) : TWO Tastings -
     Andrea Shank of Vino del Sol Your Trusted Source ( mid Atlantic Field Manager ) will be here to try four fine wines from ZOLO of Argentina -
1) Signature 100% Torontes dry, $10.99 - lovely bright refreshing.
2) Signature fizzy-slight-sparkle white blend of mostly Torontes, with some Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, too , $10.99 ...
3) Cabernet Sauvignon 2016, a dry red, $10.99,  and ...
4) Signature fruity red, $10.99
SOMETHING HERE for everyone! Come taste, free wine-tasting.
ALSO Joe of Craft Wine and Spirits will be here to try THREE whiskies from BRECKENRIDGE -
1) Colorado, a blend of Straight and Bourbon Whiskies, $53.99 with 43% alcohol by volume,
2) Distillers 105 High Proof Blend, $55.99 another smooth treat
3) One more - what will it be?!?
OUR fine ANC REP BEAU FINLEY sent a Facebook message about the corner space here of St. Arnold's and the 7-11 and some empty office space all sold for more than eight million and so who knows what all that will mean? More on this as I learn more.
THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, come taste here tonight with me on World Malbec Day! Come meet my college roommate that is visiting here tonight and will be here for some of the tasting! What a treat for me! Cheers, and thanks merci, prosit, gracias, grazie, obregado all! TONY
WHAT FOLLOWS  below is an old store email that I wrote and sent on April 15th, 2014. Read and enjoy it if you have time, and ask for surrent prices and availability of anything I wrote about here way back when! Cheers,  TONY  4/17/2018

HAPPY PASSOVER ... we have whatever you might still need here last-minute. Come by and see us.
IT'S NOT TOO LATE : Call or come by today and SAVE BIG WITH us here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits!
EVERYONE SEEMS TO MISS our TUESDAY Wine-Sale that is great when you want to save on sparkling wine, champagne, prosecco, cava, vin mousseux, espumantes and more!
ON EVERY TUESDAY every bottle ( except VEUVE CLICQUOT ) that's over $20 a bottle is 15% Off, ...
AS WELL AS ...  6-Or-More bottles are 10% off for both sparkling and non-sparkling wines.

AND ... 12-Or-More -Bottles of sparkling or non-sparkling are 15% OFF the marked sticker prices. This is every Tuesday.
TODAY - EVERY TUESDAY is your time to SAVE BIG here on sparkling wines, mark your calendars, the clock is ticking, and we want you all to know this and to save with us on Tuesdays!
TODAY'S STORE EMAIL is about the celebration of being alive and here and in ' the now ', being present, contributing, enjoyment and feeling good about ourselves.
I JUST HAD a tremendous story with Wendy over the BOXWOOD WINERY wines in Middleburg, Virginia. I have just copied and pasted this from what I wrote earlier and posted on our Facebook page. Have you LIKED us on Facebook yet? You should, that's where I share daily whatever is going on here. It's a good way to keep up with us as we speed along trying ourselves to keep up with everything that is happening all the time around us. No easy task.
" I'm looking for a particular red? Do you sell BOXWOOD? " asks Wendy. " Yes! " I respond immediately . " I've called five other s and you're the only one, you're number six on the web site . No one carries it anymore. " " That's our gain and their loss! " " oh wonderful ... " responds Wendy. " Which one do you want? " I ask. " The BOXWOOD. " I told her that they make three reds and one dry rose and that I would see what I have for her. It was the 2009 BOXWOOD, $29.99 a bottle. She was thrilled explaining to me that she had gone to the BOXWOOD web page and that we were #6 listed that carried it, that we were the only one to have any as she called down the list. Wendy told me also that she's a real estate agent and that some did her a huge favor and that person LOVES BOXWOOD, and usually drives down to the vineyard to buy it. I explained that I know Rachel Martin and that I have carried it now for quite some time as I believe in what BOXWOOD is doing with their wines and will continue to carry them. I also explained that Wendy will be giving the very best that BOXWOOD Vineyards' makes , and that it has the bottle-age that the wine needs as they are designed to age gracefully and not be drunk immediately upon release, much like a fine Bordeaux wine that is their inspiration. Everyone wins! Cheers Wendy, cheers, BOXWOOD, cheers Rachel, and cheers CP Wine & Spirits, too. Have a great Tuesday Wendy, see you later. Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn 4/15/2014

JUST ARRIVED!! @RachelMartin having a loving moment with our Baby Sauvignon Blanc vines. WERE SO EXCITED!! Josh hopes to begin planting at the end of the month!
#boxwoodwinery #vawine #sauvignonblanc Virginia is for Lovers — with Rachel Martin.

A COUPLE OF WEEKENDS AGO our good friend and old customer Marco came to see us here with his son. They were visiting from Florida and they were here on both business and pleasure and it was great to see them. Marco was all worried that his son would break a bottle, I was not worried at all.
MARCO HAD RECENTLY DISCOVERED the Chenin Blanc wines of South Africa and he bought a bottle of the DE MEYE Stellenbosch 2013 dry white, $11.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume, go to : for more info. He invited my wife and I to join them for dinner later that night as we are all old friends. After talking with my wife we heartily accepted their invitation.
IT WAS DARK and we did not know the way later that evening as we drove to Reston, VA. and finally found their town house. It was well-worth our efforts, we had a grand time. Always good to see old friends and reconnect.
MARCO GRILLED some delicious steak and served it up piping-hot with a grand green garden salad, and a savory rice dish, too. I opened a bottle of RIDGE 1985 Lytton Springs Zinfandel that was a blend of grapes. I have had the bottle a long time. Either my father brought it to me from California when he visited, or I bought it. The price on the bottle was $9.95 a bottle: a small rectangular white strip with the price marked simply in black ink.
I HAD NO IDEA what we would discover when we sampled the RIDGE Lytton Springs 1985 Zinfandel. It was a crap-shoot, you simply do not know?!? I was hopeful, I was silently praying, I wanted it to be good, not old and tired and faded. The cork came out all in one piece, that was a good sign.
THE LAST BOTTLE of RIDGE wine that I had was a low-fill bottle of 1980 Zinfandel that our good friend Harry had brought back for me after visiting the winery with a group of business associates. I shared it with Harry and his family at a Thanksgiving celebration that we were invited to that included a lot of his family.
THE 1980 RIDGE Zinfandel was a touch faded, and yet it was magnificent as it slowly climbed out of the bottle and over the rim of my glass. I was amazed and impressed both. What a complex medley of earthy, peppery, spicy, leather and tar and olive accents. All the fruit was so well enveloped by a sweet and rich oak : both fruit and oak mellowed and living still in such harmony. This was pretty amazing! It was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by all. Thanks Harry!
THE 1985 RIDGE " Lytton Springs " Zinfandel was bright and radiant and fresh and alive and cheerful and silky an red-berry-toasty-berry-cherry-flavored : simply amazing! Who would have even thunk this possible, believed it to be so?!? It tasted like it had been bottled for only a few years and not 29 years! Wow, this blew me - us all away. It , too was thoroughly enjoyed by us and it went great with the meal.
I SAVORED EVERY bite, every sip, and I could not have imagined a better time to enjoy it. Made me think of my father and our visit so many years ago to RIDGE way up at the top of the Santa Cruz Mountains. It's pretty impressive that view along with the wines and the winery staff, too.
THIS IS ALL GREAT , but a bit of a ' tease ', I know. SO : we have the ...
RIDGE 2011 Paso Robles 100% Zinfandel from the Benito Dusi Ranch for you at $35.99 a bottle, 14.5% alcohol by volume to enjoy if you are RIDGE fans! It's young but delicious, balanced and quite a treat as well. Great with a meal as well, anytime you grill outside, meats or vegetables, whatever - a delight, also with cheese, pates, terrines, sausages ...  ENJOY!
JUST GOES TO SHOW that things can age gracefully and still be really impressive, wines and people and more ... still alive, still kicking, still enjoying.
ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS , Greg that we have know now it seems forever came to the store on Saturday and I saw him back here pondering the wines.
TURNS OUT GREG was about to celebrate this past Sunday was about to celebrate Sunday and " a big one ", his 50th birthday. Wow, you look great Greg, you really do. Congratulations! I am so happy I was here to help you find what wines to serve with your birthday meal. That pleases me enormously.
A LITTLE DETAIL SLIPPED from Greg's lips as we spoke and he said that a Arneis and a Pinot Noir were suggested by the chef, Roberta Donna that was cooking his meal there at his home! Wow, that changes everything, really, that's BIG. We had to recalibrate, we had to restructure, re-plan and get it right. This was important on many levels now.
GREG THEN SAID TO : " pretend that I had not told you any of this. " I said : " I can't do that. " Anyway after lots of conversation back-and-forth we found some interesting choices to add to the Arneis and the Pinot Noir.
GREG BOUGHT the last of the DEMARIE Langhe dry white Arneis 2011, 12,5% alcohol by volume, $16.99 ( I still have one bottle in th cold box up front, from Vezza D'Alba, Piemonte : NOTE - Roberta Donna is from the Piemonte region of Italy that makes such great wines ).

I ALSO SOLD GREG some of the Roero Arneis 2012 GIACOMO FENOCCHIO , $23.99, 14% alcohol by volume to use as the aperitif wine as people arrived. It's softer, rounder, and more fruit-forward than the DEMARIE that he would then use with the meal itself.
FOR THE PINOT NOIR I showed Greg many Pinot Nero's from Italy and then we also talked about some from the United States. I showed him the CHATEAU BIANCA 2010 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, $18.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume, and we decided that it would work for his meal as well.
IT WAS QUITE the discussion about this meal. For me it all boiled down to two things : 1) keep Greg happy, and  2) keep Roberto Donna happy ... and the rest should all fall into place. I can't wait to hear from Greg now!
JUST ANOTHER GRAND celebration of life here in Cleveland Park and in the greater Washington D.C. metropolitan region. Glad we were a part, glad I could help. It's what I get so much personal satisfaction from.


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MIX THINGS UP. Have fun, get more of what you want this way. spread out
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HEY SANTOS : What Beers/Ales Have You?!
     1) Brooklyn " Wild Streak " Ale Aged In Bourbon Barrels ($23.99, 1 Pt. 9.4Fl. Oz bottles, New York,  ... " sometimes a little cavorting is a fine thing ... our Brooklyn Wild Streak is our barrel-aged Belgian-inspired golden ale enlivened by the earthy funk of the wild yeast ... ".
     2) " Red Thunder " Malt beverage aged in wine barrels from VICTORY ( $10.99 a 1 Pt. 9.4Fl. Oz bottle, 8.5% alcohol by volume , go to, Downingtown, PA. ) : " ... we filled oak barrels that previously held red wine with our Baltic Thunder and waited patiently for results. "
     3) " Lager " from LEGEND Brewing CO. in Richmond, Virginia ( On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, go to : for more info ) : " Not just a beer, it's a legend." I like that. Ballsy!
LIQUEUR - LIQUOR From Malkit and Jagir :
          LIQUEUR :
     1) Tropical Papaya from DEKUYPER ( $12.99 a  750ml bottle, 15% alcohol by volume, 30 Proof , since 1695, ) : my challenge to you is to come up with some interesting drinks to use this Papaya with and I will post them on our Facebook page and give you all full credit for your inventions!
          LIQUOR :
     1) Old Tom Gin  from HAYMANS Family Gin Distillers ( On Special for $27.99 a bottle, the authentic Victorian gin, distilled from grain, 40% alcohol by volume, since 1863, go to : for more info ) : go back in time, try it as it used to be a long, long time ago : drink in the tradition, try it on for size, fit and feel!
     2) Kopper Kettle Handcrafted Single Estate ' Grain To Glass ' from BELMONT FARM Virginia Whiskey ( On Special for $30.99 a 750ml bottle, 86 Proof, from Culpepper, VA. barrel-aged 4 years ) : go to : for more info , matured in apple wood and Virginia white oak. Cheers.
     3) Trinidad & Tobago Caribbean rum aged 7 years from ANGOSTURA , est 1824 ( $24.99 a 750 ml bottle, 40% alcohol by volume, ) : " ... we say the sugar cane is only ready for making rum when it's been kissed by a butterfly." I can see that, can you?!? Sure you can, sip some while you discuss this point ...
     1) J. P. CHENET Reserve Pinot Noir 2011, $9.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume, Landras, France ) : flavorful Pinot, will taste it tonight from 5:30-7:30PM! Taste with Valentin Pellegrinelli tonight!
     2) J. P. CHENET Reserve Merlot-Cabernet 2011 , 13.55 alcohol by France, Pays D'Oc ( $9.99 a bottle, 60% Merlot and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon ) : a hearty, beefy, balanced and tasty dry French red in an old Cognac bottle found on the property and used exclusively now by J.P. CHENET! Nice... Tasted tonight again! With Valentin Pellegrinelli !!!

     3) Torrontes dry white from Argentina's Valle Escondido in Mendoza, this 2012 , $10.99 will be tasted by it's owner himself Patricio Gouguenheim! Wow, this will be great!!
     4) Bonarda-Syrah dry red blend from Argentina's Valle Escondido region, flavorful, good complexity and balance and flavor! Patricio will also taste this soon here tonight!
COME TONIGHT : 5:30-7:30PM : Meet owner Patricio Gouguenheim of his family's own GOUGUENHEIM Valle Escondido, Mendoza, Argentina winery and taste the Bonarda-Syrah 2012, $11.99 a bottle ; and the Torrontes dry 2012, at $10.99. Patricio I am sure will have more wine open for you all to taste;

ALSO : Come meet and taste with Valentin Pellegrinelli wines of southwest, France : the J.P. CHENET two reds, 1) Pinot Noir Reserve 2011, $9.99, ... 2) J.P. CHENET Pinot Noir 2011, $9.99 a bottle, and the ... 3) Chardonnay 2012 J.P. CHENET, $9.99.

WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY! Cheers, No Charge, Join Us tonight, Tuesday, April 15th, 2014  from 5:30-7:30PM. Cheers, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn 

WEEK'S ' Other ' Tastings :
     Friday, April 18th, 2014 : Sotiris Bafitis is here to taste great Greek and Italian classics from 5-8PM!
     Saturday, April 19th, 2014 ( 2-6PM ) : Andrew Stover is here to taste some great Italian dry wines, white CASA MIA Chardonnay, 2012, $9.99 ..., red VIS A VIE 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon, Veneto, Italy at $9.99  and rose from TATI, Piemonte ...  and BARBI, Umbria, as well as some ' killer ' fresh and floral and fruit-forwars Spanish Garnacha from COLLADO, 2012, $9.99 a bottle. ALL GREAT VALUES at UBDER $10 a bottle. Love that. No charge, join us.
THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, we love you, we appreciate it, really we do. Cheers,  TONY 
    THIS EMAIL  BELOW is from Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 : Enjoy it if you have time ..  and ask us what we still have! TONY ,  Tuesday, 4/15/2014
IT' OUR MONTHLY TWO-DAY SALE TIME ONCE AGAIN : Wed. April 18th & Thurs. April 19th, 2012 ( ALL DAY, two-days , SALES : SAVE BIG here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits tomorrow and on Thursday, too. If you cannot come please call and Ean or Tony ( me ) can help you : 202-363-4265 : and we can deliver it, too. It's a TWO-PART SALE :
     1) BUY ANY STILL ( non-sparkling ) WINE OVER $20 and SAVE 20% OFF the sticker price.
     2) BUY ANY 12 BOTTLES of still ( non-sparkling wine - that includes ports and sherries, madeiras, marsalas and sakes, too - box wines as well as small or large bottles of still wine ) : and SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker prices, EVEN if the bottles are already ON SALE, SAVE some more with us these next two days. Great opportunity to sale, save and continue saving with us. Cheers.
I LOVED IT : driving along Route 50 ( Arlington Boulevard ) this morning trying to get to work on time and being in traffic and looking up and focusing on what I thought was the space shuttle Discovery flying above me. It was.
I FRANTICALLY LOOKED FOR my camera and snapped a couple of pictures quickly before it was swallowed up by all the soft baby green-leafed trees and I counted my lucky stars for having been able to take the pictures. I would have loved to have taken some more. I was hoping that I could get to the Teddy Roosevelt bridge in time and that was not to be as everyone else was already there and prepared to witness this glorious sight and to take their many pictures, too. Then I realized that my memory card was not in my camera and my heart sank!
I THOUGHT BACK TO WHAT I HAD SEEN so briefly and so off-guard and I branded those quick split seconds into my brain and thought that that would simply have to do. At least I saw all of this though briefly " live " and I was treasuring this moment. Little did I know that as I got closer to the Teddy Roosevelt bridge that the Discovery would be passing back our way and that we would all see it all over again!
PEOPLE WERE PARKED ON THE SIDES of the road and standing on fences and on perches with cameras poised and ready to take the perfect picture. I got some once again with my Panasonic Lumix camera that was loaded with the battery and ready to go. I liked the couple I got as the Discovery space shuttle flew over the Washington Monument. That was simply luck on my part : being in the right place at the right time. I, like many others I am sure was fifteen minutes late to work.
I DID LOVE THE EXPERIENCE, however and thought to myself that many people would be out looking up and out for the Discovery. I thought of my good friend Steven perhaps up on the Kennedy Warren roof looking for and following the Discovery's path as it wound it's way to the Smithsonian Udvar Center in Virginia.
I BEGAN TO WONDER what wine would be like to drink in space? Was anybody allowed to drink any wine on the flights? Did John Glen enjoy ever a sip or two or red or white wine? Does John Glen like wine? So many questions passed rapidly through my thoughts as I moved slowly along the Teddy Roosevelt bridge and past the Lincoln memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, the Kennedy Center and then later along the blossoming Rock Creek Parkway.

I HOPE YOU DO NOT MIND INDULGING ME in these thought processes and these seemingly random snatches of ideas and feelings. It was fun to watch all the people on the bridges I passed under as I drove down the Rock Creek Parkway. They were all looking up and towards my back and what I was driving away from. Could they still see anything? I wanted to turn around and look myself.

ANYWAY, for all you scientists out there like Phil and Andrea and many more : is it possible to drink wine and beer in space? I do not remember hearing anything ever about any of this. If it is not possible or advised then I think that that seals the deal for me. I have no interest myself in flying into space. And not being able to enjoy a beer or a good glass or two of wine : well, that's the straw that would break my back! Please include any thoughts on any of this.
HOW MANY OF YOU were able to witness the Discovery space shuttle live this morning?
WE HAVE AN EXCITING WEEK FOR YOU HERE in Cleveland Park and the store is still filled with so many wonderful specials and items for sale. That never seems to change as our distributors always have so many wonderful products in their warehouses that eventually must be sold to us at great sale prices so that we will buy and so that they can clear the space for more beers, liquors, liqueurs, and wines that are arriving. It's a constant situation and it's all about economics. We are thrilled to be able to do our part and pass the substantial savings onto you all.
ONE GREAT EXAMPLE OF OUR WINE SAVINGS TO YOU is the JOSEPH PSISTER Reserve 2009 organic/ biodynamic Gewurztraminer. It's On Special now for $19.99 ( regularly $27.99 ). The past Wednesday Mark Congdon had it open for our customers to try and I really enjoyed the fullness, richness, even ripeness of flavors that was never cloying or heavy or too assertive. It's a perfect balance to sit around and enjoy all by itself. It's medium-bodied and has no sharpness or tartness, just pleasing from bouquet to first impression and all through the palate and the long, lingering finish. Lovely : a treat. I could see buying a case of it and enjoying with many of our meals or simply when my wife and I sit outside, chat, look around at all the green surrounding us and basically " chill ". We love chilling and this would be a a great wine to chill around.
I JUST SPOKE TO SANTOS and  went over some beer selections with him. Here they are for you all to consider.
     1) " Bier De Mars Ale brewed with spices from the LIPS OF FAITH Series ( On Special for $6.99 a 1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz bottle, 6.2% alcohol  by volume. ) from NEW BELGIUM Brewing  is : " A celestial collision of orange-hued ale, citrusy lemon, verbena, and unidentified flying brettanomyces, launch to ".
     2) O.K. BEER Full Pale Piwo Jasne Pelne ( On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12 ounce bottles, from Poland, 5.5% alcohol by volume ) is brand new for us here and we are really excited to have it for you all.
     3) HOMMEL ALE from POPERINGS ( On Special for $9.99, 1 Pt. 9.4 F. Oz, 7.5% Alcohol by volume, product of Belgium, NV Van Eecke B- 8978 Watou ) is also " new and exciting. ALWAYS something new here at Cleveland Park : you can always count on this - variety, more variety, and still more choices. It can sometimes make your head spin.

UPDATE ON THE DISCOVERY : our customer and friend Steven in fact was not up on the roof of the Kennedy Warren building. In fact he went down to the Mall and saw everything from that vantage point with many other passionate souls there all with their cameras pointed to the beautiful baby blue skies with ribbons of wispy white clouds  breaking everything up.
         LIQUEUR -
     1)  Liqueur LiquOrange of Sorrento, from VILLA MASSA ( best served chilled . On Special for $22.99, 30% alcohol by volume, from Piano, Sorrento ) is an exciting variation on the VILLA MASSA Limoncello that started the whole ball rolling here years ago. Nice to see that they have a fun warm-weather variation on a very popular theme.
     2) Peppermint Mocha Licor Delicioso from KAHLUA ( On Special for $16.99, limited edition, 20% alcohol by volume, ) is " a balance of cool peppermint and dark chocolate, blended with our original Kahlua from the heart of Veracruz, made from 100% Arabian coffee beans and sugarcane spirit ". Cheers.
          LIQUOR -
     1) Black Spiced Rum Caribbean Rum with select spices and natural flavors is Double Charred Blackened Oak by CAPTAIN MORGAN ( $24.99, 47.3% alcohol by volume, ) is made with Blackstrap rum, rich clove spice and Cassia bark. Sounds great for a dark and stormy perhaps?!?
     2) FIFTY POUNDS Gin Batch N0. 04/10 , Rare and Handcrafted London dry gin ( $34.99, 43.5% alcohol by volume, 100 grain neutral spirits . product of England, ) : " FIFTY POUNDS GIN is distilled in single batches, produced in small quantities in order to preserve the quality ".

          WHITE :
     1) Sauvignon Blanc 2009 California from FOX BROOK ( On Special for $9.99, 12.5% alcohol  by volume ) is something that we just discovered and are delighted to have. " Crisp and refreshing wine with aromas of citrus and honey. ... pairs well with Greek salad, white fish, and fried calamari ".
     2) Chardonnay 2010 California from FOX BROOK ( On Special for $9.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume ) is cellared and bottled by FOX BROOK winery in Napa and Sonoma.
     3) FINCA ANTIGUA  100% Viura 2010 ( $14.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume ) is made from a single vineyard estate. Made in La Mancha, it's a youn ( joven ) wine that is aged on it's lees for 5 months. Go to : for more information.
I LIKED IT WHEN  we tasted it this past Friday with our rep Jody Jackman from Winebow Imports. Crisp and flavorful, really well-balanced and smooth and bright and a real treat to sip. Great with food, too.
THIS IS PRETTY SPECIAL Spanish dry white that will really help to make our spring and summer whether sitting inside or outside. It will also pair really well with seafood, white meat, creamy rice, paella, pasta. The bouquet will get you right away of apricots, peaches and pears.
     4) Dry White Sauvignon & Perdo Ximenez Spanish blend, this COMOLALUNA 2010 ( $11.99, 10.5% alcohol by volume, ) is tart and tangy and crisp and fresh and bright and FABULOUS with seafood like many shellfish and fried fish like calamari. Also combine nuts anytime as the Pedro Ximenez grape from the sherry region of Spain really complements the addition of nuts.
          Dry ROSES :
     1) " La Senda " 100% Bobal dry 2010 rose from PINUAGA ( On Special for $9.99, 13% alcohol by volume, ) from Toledo, Spain is hearty and tart and tangy and very much a food wine. This is not to be drunk all on it's own. Any flavorful, hearty or robust meals with some good seasoning and left to marinate - that's what this dry deep colored Bobal rose will complement. Cheers.
     2) " La Dame Rousse " Cotes-Du-Rhone dry rose from the DOMAINE DE LA MORDOREE, 2011, from Fabrice and Anne-Marie Delorme ( $16.99, proprietaires-recoltants, , 50% Grenache, 40% Syrah, 10% Cinsault ) is an absolute delight to drink now. I just sampled some a month ago and it would be a treat to drink it now at 1:30PM sitting outside somewhere relaxing and enjoying a meal or simply watching people walk by. This is one of the very best dry roses we will offer you all this spring season so come by and check it out while we still have some. Cheers.
          REDS :
     1) FOX BROOK California Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 ( On Special for $9.99 ) is exciting and new and " is rich and full-bodied with smooth tannins giving way to a lengthy finish. ... prime rib, wild game and grilled pork chops " as you sip and enjoy your meal.
     2) ZINFANDEL 2009 Central Coast from TAMAS Estates in California is made in Livormore by the WENTE family. It sure does deliver a whole lot of extra flavor for the dollar. We will sell it as long as we can keep it at $9.99 a bottle or less. At this price it way over-delivers for the price. There is also a Double-Decker Bus dry red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Barbera and Petit Sirah. I liked it, too very much. It also sells for $9.99 a bottle. We will ask Tom to come in and taste you on both. Cheers.
     3) Malbec 2010 Valle De Chanarmuyo from Argentina's La Rioja region in the northern part not that far from Uruguay ( $10.99 a bottle, 13.5% alcohol  y volume, ) , made by CHANARMUYO Estate is hearty and robust and has grip, girth, rustic mouth-feel and a red to enjoy with your meal and not by itself. If you have it with something off the grill or some flavorful cheeses or some good pate then you are all set. Cheers.
DISCOVER THE  LA RIOJA wine-producing region of Argentina.! This region adds to what we already have in Mendoza and is worth experiencing as well.
     THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR BUSINESS and do check us out at :, on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits and on Twitter at : cpwinespirits and at : NEVER A DULL MOMENT here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits. Thanks again. Join us here anytime, you are always welcome.   TONY
     4) Rioja Tinto 2010 from VINA BUJANDA ( $11.99, 12.5% alcohol  by volume ) was also tasted here this past Friday by Jody Jackman of Winebow Imports and it showed ( along with the other three wines ) beautifully. It was a great Spanish wine-tasting!It's medium-to-light-bodied and a refreshing Tempranillo to enjoy with light foods, tapa dishes, etcetera. With just the right amount of acidity and toasty cherry-berry flavors. It's nicely balanced and a glass or two before the meal and then perhaps another with the meal and I would be all set?!? Yes, I think so. For more info go to :
     5) Beaujolais 2009 ( great year ) from the CHATEAU DE PIZAY ( On Special for $12.99, regularly $18.99 ) is drinking like a dream now. Toasty berry-cherry flavors, bright fruit, silky, not heavy, very elegant and refreshing and a delight to sip. Chill slightly and enjoy with or without a meal. It's a beauty and a delectable. restrained symphony of flavors and tastes that speaks of youth and enthusiasm and so many wonderful charms and possibilities. Cheers.
     FRIDAY, APRIL 20th, 2012 : ( 5-8PM ) : Owner Oscar Losama , with his wife Olivia Bombart, of VOILA Collection will be here tasting an assortment of great French country, small-production wines. JOIN US, NEVER any charge. bring friends and your family and those special people in your lives and share this experience. Cheers.
     SATURDAY, April 21st, 2012 ( 2-6PM ) : Come meet and taste with Danielle Davidowitz of Dionysos Imports some of her company's excellent Portuguese Vinho Verdes as well as their fabulous dry reds, too. Join us, never any charge : everybody is always welcome here. Cheers.
     I AM SURE THAT I HAVE FORGOTTEN MANY THINGS. I did just finally meet Tony Poer of his own MEYER Family Cellars winery in Oakville, California ( 707-895-2341, ). He wrote in my guest winery book the following : " Tony,   A great pleasure to meet you in person ( finally! ). From my first-ever wine-tasting experience with Aaron Millman at Syracuse University's Villa Rossa in Florence in January, 1989 to Cleveland Park Wines in April, 2012, it's been a long, strange trip in the wine business! Thank you for adding to the experience! " Cheers,  TONY POER    
     IT WAS GREAT to finally meet you Tony. We have your MEYER Port-Style red wine for sale here at $32.99 that has lovely overtones of plums and prunes and other dried fruits. it's pretty amazing and a lovely treat that covers so many surfaces of my tongue and palate. I can still taste it now, even after my lunch. The flavors linger beautifully.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I Start My Wine-Classes Tonight At Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Where I Will Teach You How To Taste & Appreciate Well Your Wine & Get Your Money's Worth When You Buy A Bottle! Join Me Tonight 5-8PM Here In Washington DC 20008, In Cleveland Park Neighborhood, Free Wine-Tasting!

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

Hello hello hello! beautiful day, feels great, really a great drive to work, and nice walk with our new 2-year-old dog!

had a great chance to get mentally organized and ready to start this week here, and to plan what we can do for you to add to your lives. here are some suggestions as we combat the wind, try and avoid it anyway at all costs as it chills us to the bone!



BEER and CIDER from Santos Rivera -

 1) Prairie Artisan Ales makes this ' Paradise ' Imperial Stout that is brewed with Coconut and Vanilla, $9.99 a 12-ounce ale, from the Krebs Brewing Company, OK, - I told Greg our customer that I really liked the label and bottle-shape, it really works for me this complete package - yes!

 2) Cherry Picker Farmhouse ale, from FARM TO BARREL , aged in oak barrels with cherries, On Special for $10.99 a 12.68Fl Oz bottle, with Brett in it, and with 6.8% by volume, made by Almanac beer co.

 3) White India Pale Ale brewed by 3 STARS here in Washington DC, : " All hail brak! canned on 21 March 2018, with 5.9% alcohol by volume, $11.99 for a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans.

4) R Reason Beer Pale, : " luscious hop flavor with mild bitterness and an incredibly refreshing finish ". $6.99 for a 1 pint 0.9 fl. oz bottle, an ale brewed in Charlottesville, come try some - really fresh, new and exciting!


          In CIDER -

1) Old Volsteads handmade cider, from virginia, dry, made from local virginia apples in middleburg, with 7.2% alcohol, for a 500ml bottle, $6.99 a bottle, come try some!

2)  original hand-crafted from The garden cider, on special for $5.49 a bottle, made in the uk ; come try some!



liquor & Liquor from jagir -


1) Bas Armagnac DARTIGALONGUE ' hors d'age ' , $69.99 , only distilled nice and the fire, the warmth, the glow , glean-glist-grist-gowing-growl is all there as the flavors descend and re-ascend and dance so perfectly after swallowing in small appreciative sips ...

2) Peach Pecan Whiskey from OLD CAMP USA, with 35% alcohol by volume, a smooth-tasting whiskey, regularly $29.99 a bottle, now On Special for $24.99 a bottle. come try some.

3) Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey aged 15 years - with 43% alcohol by volume, $64.99 a bottle, a cut-glass square bottle, an old classic, a great deal for an old bourbon, yes!

4) French vanilla blended into fine french grapes, made by ciroc in france, this vodka is distilled 5 times, now on special for $24.99, regular price is $35.99 - a big savings here!

5) EG Edinburgh gin , small batch distilled , made with the finest botanicals in Scotland, $36.99 a bottle, made from 100% grain neutral spirits, a fun treat here, new again to us, glad to have it.

 WINE From Chris & Tony -


          LITERS of white wine - four : two dry, two off-dry :


       dry liters -

 1) Gruner veltliner 2016 from paul d. in austria, $10.99 , refreshing bright, good  sipping, with 12.5% alcohol by volume.

2) gruner veltliner 2016 from hugl/weine, $11.99 , so fresh and lively - a real special treat!

       sweet liters -

1) riesling 2016 of the rheingau, germany - from weinkeller erbach, $13.49 - charming, rich , fuller, more fruit, a treat!

2) riesling trocken ( dry - oops, this is dry! sorry - that is three dry liters ), from the koster-wolf weingut, the last liter we bought from this house was off-dry! $16.49 a liter bottle. with 11/5% alcohol by volume, a lovely warm-weather treat.


           THREE dry Alsace whites from the famille helfrich,

1) a  gewurztraminer 2014,

2)a pinot blanc 2013 and a gewurztraminer with some 2013 and  2014,

3)  2014  and 2015 pinot gris, all on special for $12.99, were $17.99 a bottle, with a 3 for $33, and a 6 for $60 when you buy the same or assorted.

     tasted here this saturday by camille edange, they are sold values and all showing well to be enjoyed now. come check them out.


          two from ernesto catena, mendoza, argentina -

 1) ALMA NEGRA  M blend dry red, $21.99, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, this 2014 is fruit-centered, flush, plush, fruit-forward, a real treat to sip or enjoy with a meal.

2) siesta en el tahuantinsuyo cabernet sauvignon, 2012, mendoza, argentina, $39.99 a bottle, again really a fruit-centered gem of a wine, i loved all the ernesto catena wines for their purity, alive bright plush and balanced flavors that continue to evolve and delight even after open for three-five days, amazing!

come buy these tomorrow when we take 20% off on each bottle!


save big here each wednesday, up to 20% Off on your wine purchases, each wednesday without fail.




HAPPY, to provide, to keep our health, yes

this warmer tease of  weather now helps!

week's tastings -

join me tonight, Tuesday, april 10th, 2018  as i taste TWO FINE WINES ( 5-8PM - #freewinetasting always ! ) as i taste you on -
1) KONDOLI Vineyard's ( Georgian wine, from Marani  ), a white 2014 blend of #Mtisvane and #Kisi #indigenousgrapes #Kondoli - a flavorful full and richly-layered white to warm us and ward off the cold winds still today and certainly tonight as the sun sets - $18.99 a bottle, , from Georgia's #Kakheti region, with 12.5% alcohol by volume, come taste this and smile and feel good!

2) 2017 dry western Australian rose from Margaret River, $16.49, a darkly-colored dry rose that will also fight off this cold weather , especially when the wind blows! Come taste this tonight!
3) 2017 SMOKE TREE dry rose blend of 44% zinfandel, 40% grenache and 8% syrah and 8% mourvedre, $21.49 a bottle, from California, go to : for more info , Sonoma county (  I will be trying these two roses with you all for the first time tonight ) - fresh and elegant.
4) KONDOLI Vineyards, ' Sami ' 2009 from Marani, in Georgia, $20.99 a bottle, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, a of the Saperavi and the Alexandreueli - both adding power and black fruit juice aromas to cajole and tease and please the palate, especially when some food is involved.
Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 11th, 2018 ( 5-8PM ) : We Marci Weinstein here to taste -
       TWO  of her fine sparkling rose wines of 
1) SOPHORA  Pure New Zealand, $16.49 a bottle, with 12% alcohol by volume, an elegant blend of 52% Chardonnay and 48% Pinot Noir - lovely, so pleasing.
2) 2014 Vintage Brut from ARGYL in Oregon,a FANtastic-tasting, memorable taste of 65% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay and 5% Pinot Meunier, $29.99 a bottle ( get 20% OFF tomorrow on the bottle - each Wednesday! ), with 12.5% alcohol by volume - this delicate rose has plenty of character, strength and finesse and delivers more than the price would make you think, especially at $23.99 after the 20% off the $29.99 a bottle.
AND - a still / non-sparkling wine dry red -
3) Pinot Noir 2013 from WITHER HILLS in New Zealand's Marlborough region, $23.99 a bottle, I absolutely adored this Pinot Noir when I first tasted it with Marci! Cannot wait to try it again. Cheers.
Friday, April 13th, 2018 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Narayan Campbell here of his own Global Wine Maryland Imports here to taste a great assortment -
1) Les Charmes off-dry, fruity-floral red that tastes like delicious Beaujolais, even richer and rounder, $8.99 a bottle, ...
AND From Columbia, Washington State from BERGENLANE ( made by three ladies, a treat ) - we have a dry red and white called ' Linen ' :

1) Linen Sauvignon Blanc, a fleshier-firmer Sauvignon Blanc, nice for this cooler weather, On Special now for $15.49 a bottle,
2) Linen dry red blend of 28% Malbec, 22% Petit Verdot, 18% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Merlot, 8% Syrah and 6% Cabernet Franc - as Narayan said to me over the phone earlier after having given me this blend : " 100% kitchen sink! " I agree, a tasty food wine, On Special for 15.49, mostly from the Wahluke slope, a 2014 vintage.
1) Bryn Mawr Pinot Noir, $24,99 that is pure, plush, plummed, pressed, preening, perfect fruit-centered-defined Pinot - yes yes yes yes yes! Love it!!!!
IN LIQUOR - from Jagir - we add the COTTON & REED spirits here , too.
Saturday, April 14th, 2018 ( 2-6PM for the wine, 2-5 PM for the spirits ) :
John ' Amo ' Amoroso of Negociants United States of America Imports will taste the fine wines of YALUMBA - a Shiraz-Viognier dry red, a Vermentino dry white, and a dry rose, also a Viognier Eden Valley dry white! JOIN JOHN!
With Eoghan Healy we will taste the fine three Irish whiskies we get from TEELING, 2-5PM, join us for that, too.
I PERSONALLY am feeling much better as I extract myself from so much social media. I am not as well-informed as I do not daily read the paper in the morning now ( stopped getting it delivered as the price was rising and too much money ), and that pains me to some extent not to get daily the Washington Post delieverd to us, but I am not so mad driving to work either, I smile more, traffic gets me, but politics does not enrage me as it was in late 2017!
I CAN ENJOY MORE now being less-connected. Oh well, I will embrace this as I feel I have so many loose ends to tie and bits and pieces to finish and reveal and share with you all.
WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW is an old store email I wrote and posted back on April 7th, 2015, read and enjoy it if you have time, and check for current prices and availability, cheers! TONY
THANKS FOR ALL your support and business!

r NEW 6-Pack spring wine sampler 2 rescue u!


R 6 spring wine SELECTIONS will add something nice to your free time,

come what this week offers different from the last ... a b d e f and c : six wines perfect 4 r wet and warm spring ...


WHEN I HAVE  more details I will let you know. So far I know that I have been asked to think of some of the interesting stories that I may have of things that have happened here 

THE text above is abbreviated as if I were tweeting, which I was earlier to get our old store email out to you from Tuesday April 9th, 2013 for you all to enjoy while I type here today's.
THE FABULOUS ROSE wines are starting to arrive : so we will start with two great rose offerings for you all to try.
THE IDEA behind our ' Sampler of 6 ' came from Chris Bartha about two-three weeks ago. Thanks Chris, this will be fun for all of us. We will have our Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits cloth traveling bags with 6 wines for you all to sample now and see if you want to buy more. We will take 10% OFF their price and make it easy for you all to try an assortment of, in this case, dry reds, rose and white wines, for all needs whether inside or outside, whether traveling with them or simply opening a bottle at your dining room table or out back in the yard or on a deck or balcony.

     1) Dry Campo De Borja 2014 Spanish rose from ZAZA, $9.99, with 14% alcohol by volume. I loved it, immediately, both the color and the bouquet, then the taste : wonderful, so bright, so lively and fresh and full and balanced : a breath of fresh liquid Spanish rose taste and flavor that is complete when considering the modest price of $9.99 a bottle. I was smitten with it, so were my daughter and wife, completely swept-up in the moment.
     2) La Vie En Rose Southwest France, 2014 dry rose is always a delight, much lighter color, so much more delicate and a really silky breath of fresh liquid salmon or rose-colored dry wine with no bite , just a nipple, just a wee tweak on the tongue to brace you and make sure you have not quite yet drifted off into the complete magic and wonder of this French rose that has always been a great hit and a big seller for us. All you have to taste it once and you get hooked, really you do, so don't taste it if you do not want to succumb to it's infinite charms. $14.49 a bottle.
     3) Graciano 2013 Cuenca, Spain dry and fruit-bright, silky finesse-forward, delightful crisp and toasty Graciano berry flavors from OVEJA TINTA  , $15.99,  13.5% alcohol by volume. I liked this immediately on the second and third sips. My mouth had to get acclamated to this ' new taste sensation ' as it is rarely or ever that I try a Graciano that is not just 5% of the blend, or less that goes into a Rioja red where you hear more about it as a blending grape.
I REALLY DO LIKE it's brightness and freshness and feel and impact on my taste buds, it is a good marriage where food and a meal whether simple or not is what rounds-out the whole delightful experience. Oh, the label, too is wonderful with an image of a lamb's face on it.
     4) ' Father's Watch " Sonoma County, CA. dry " Rhone style " red blend of  60% Syrah organic, Mourvedre and Carignane made from 110 Yr-Old vines, and Grenache, too from KIVEL STADT CELLARS, On Special for $15.99, regularly $20.99 a bottle, 14.1% alcohol by volume. I loved the smoothness, the seamless harmony and fluid elegance and depth of buoyant and beautiful toasty flavors. It was an immediate like for me, I could sip it by itself, medium-bodied, balanced and firm and supple and fleshy, really nice. I think you all will be seduced quickly by it's complete charm and appeal.
     5) Chenin Blanc from South Africa's W.O. Western Cape, $11.49, 13% alcohol by volume, I enjoyed this when Jody brought it by to taste for Chris and me last week. It was so lively, so really fresh, and a touch of steely energy and motion, medium-to-light-bodied, such wonderful activity here that is hard to contain such lucid and animated enthusiasm for the full expression of " what Chenin Blanc is " here in this bottle  to be thoroughly enjoyed inside or outside, your pick?!
     6) Dry Muscat / Moscatel from Spain's Cuenca region, a 2013 seco, $15.99, 12% alcohol by volume, I was immediately transported, picked-up, my palate, senses and all and whisked along the strength, alacrity, whim and wanting/crying-to-be-heard flavorful dry white Muscat from OVEJA BLANCA that is a lovely mixture of thicker, richer, bolder nut and honey flavors that will feel good on your palate as well as cut through many seasonings and stronger sauces that often are a part of a meal.

WOW, This Is An Amazing sampler of six distinct flavors and taste sensations to please and captivate you all this spring here and around Washington D.C. Cheers. Come get one.
SAMPLERS WILL BE READY here by Thursday at the latest , ready for the weekend! Call : 202-363-4265 to be sure everything is ready and in place before you come to pick one or more up. Thanks.
     1) Pumpkin Savior Spring 2015 from ROGUE FARMS, $14.99 for a 1 Pt. 9.4 Fl. Oz bottle, : " Created with pumpkins grown at ROGUE FARMS in independence, Oregon. Last year we had an abundant pumpkin harvest that left us with extra pumpkins after we brewed our Pumpkin Patch Ale. So rather than let our precious pumpkins rot in the field we decided to save them by freezing them whole and brewing a spring pumpkin wit. "

          TWO  " Kosher " BEERS From Israel :

     1) Dry Stout from MALKA , 4-pack hand-crafted Bottle-Conditioned beer, $18.99 a 4-pack of 12-ounce bottles,  " from western Galilee, traditional, natural water from the Ga'aton springs and carefully selected raw materials."Go to : www.malkabeer, for more info.
     2) Blonde Ale cloudy - milky-colored, $18.99 a 4-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with 6.5% alcohol by volume, ... you need to try these. Fun!

          THREE From Spain : MATEO & BERNABE:
and friends ...

     1) Hand-Crafted beer & ' Fermin ' Spanish Red Ale, $10.99 1 Pt .907 Fl. Oz ( 500ml ) bottle, 6% alcohol by volume : " Locally grown Rioja hops impart regional aromas, flavors, and a palate pleasing bitterness. Balanced by a subtle malt presence. An ale truly steeped in the Rioja terrain. Fig. D - The bull is the star of the most party in the world. ... "
     2)  21 MATEO Wheat beer , $10.99 a 500ml bottle with 7% alcohol by volume, : " Golden straw color. White, creamy froth. Fruit tones. Smooth, refreshing taste best enjoyed when not rushed. ...  "
     3) 25 Santiago Abbey-Style ale, $10.99 a 500ml bottle,  , 7.5% alcohol by volume, : " Abbey style brewed with pink peppercorn, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Hand-crafted, reddish brown color, malty sweetness, fruity, with subtle hints of spices... "
LIQUEUR / LIQUOR From Jagir & Malkit :
     1) Grappa aged in Oak 12 months / grape Chacha from Georgia, from TELIANI VALLEY, a 375ml bottle, $16.99 that is quite smooth and pleasing and with some bite and burn and yet very approachable : we have sold it really well over the past year or so here. With 42% alcohol by volume.
     2) Peach Georgia Moon ' Shine on ' It's peach, On Special for $15.99 in an old jar used for this and fruit preserves, 35% alcohol by volume, ... corn whiskey with natural and artificial flavor, artificially colored.
     3) Mahina Coco / Coconut Liqueur from CLEMENT French Caribbean liqueur, $25.99, this is a splendid Creole delicacy of white rhum and macerated coconut for you all to enjoy!
     4) Organic Gin with 14 whole botanicals made from 100% Grain Neutral spirits by TRU, $39.99, 42% alcohol by volume, deep golden orange-apricot hues that radiate and murmur and illuminate! Beautiful with a heart on the label, too.
     5) Spruce Gin from ROGUE, 750ml bottle, 45% alcohol by volume, : " It is artisan distilled with Oregon spruce and ten natural botanicals and spices. " WE only have a small amount left, come get this now and discover the magic of Oregon and Newport.
WEEKLY STILL-SPARKLING WINE Wednesday 3-Part Wine Sale :Veuve Clicquot and Moet Et Chandon are not included in this sale:

1) BUY any still/sparkling wine over $20 a bottle and SAVE 20% OFF
the marked sticker price.
2) BUY any six or more bottles of still/sparkling wine and SAVE 15%
OFF the marked sticker prices.
3) BUY any 12 or more still/sparkling wines and SAVE 20% OFF the
marked sticker prices.
Includes port, sherry, marsala, sake and madeira. Call if you cannot come :
202-363-4265 and we will help you.

WINE By Chris and Tony :
          THREE ' New ' Organic / Biodynamic:
     1) A dry white Mendocino California 2013 USDA Organic wine from AGRICULTURIST, $17.99, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, a Blanc, with only naturally-occurring sulfites, none added,  : " know that we are a part of a growing tribe of young organic farmers in America reviving soils and communities."
     2) A dry 2013 Mendocino California wine from AGRICULTURIST, $17.99, USDA Organic, with 13.6% alcohol by volume.
     3) ' Field Blend ' from FREY in Mendocino, a Biodynamic red wine 2013, $20.99, with no detectable sulfites, USDA Organic, bee-friendly, Demeter guaranteed, : " At the pristine headquarters of the Russian River in Mendocino County lies a Tolkein-inspired land of wild beauty. ... Our wines are made in a harmonious rhythm with the planet - no pesticides or preservatives ever? " This is a mix of various grapes growing in the fields here.

MORE WINE 2 Enjoy :
     1) ' Operation Homefront ' 2001 red blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel from MURPHY-GOODE, California is ' On Special ' for $11.99 a bottle, from $14.99. I enjoyed some on Easter weekend, actually on Saturday the day after Passover started and Easter would begin, tasted it with our neighbors that are in the military. I wanted to hear what they thought? They both really liked it, she more than he, but both were very pleased as we sipped and chatted around 10:30PM after I got off work, and soon the bottle was gone and we all had smiles on our faces and felt great! This supports our returning troops find both housing and jobs upon their return. Cheers, it is delicious with or without food, no bite, no burn, smooootttthhhhhh.
     2) 2013 Merlot/ Syrah and Tempranillo dry red Spanish blend from La Mancha, from VINA SAN JUAN / Felix Solis. $10.99 a bottle, and an amazing value from Spain to enjoy with a meal, 13.5% alcohol by volume.
     3) Anos 20 Years Old Tawny Port / Porto from FERREIRA, este 1751, $71.49. I remember when we re-tasted this years ago with Arielle here with Michel : we both flipped when we did : wonderful, one of the great pleasures : fuller, richer, more fire and brim and attitude and flavor, too - but all in silky finesse and fragrant flower and expression of the grapes from which it morphed into! A real treat and pleasure.
WEEK'S TASTINGS : All Free, Join Us :
     Friday, April 10th, 2015 ( 5-8PM ) : With Katie and Michael Cavanagh, we will taste their fine portfolio of inexpensive Chilean and South African wines. Join us : a ' value ' tasting including red and rose and white dry wines, some in glass and some in plastic bottle, too! JOIN US. We would love to have you here.
     Saturday, April 11th, 2015 ( 2-6PM ) : We will try the excellent California wines , South African, too of John and Theresa Morrison.
     Thanks for everything. You all are the very best, the creme-de-la-creme! WE appreciate your support and belief in us. Check us out and LIKE us on our Facebook page at : Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits and on our web page at : Also Follow us on Twitter : cpwinespirits , as well as , wineenabler.Thanks again,  TONY   4/7/2015

What Follows Below is my old store email I wrote and posted back in April 2013 : read and enjoy it if you have time. Cheers.    TONY 4/7/2015

Dry Rose Wines Are Listed Below :
     1)  MOULIN DE GASSAC " Aniane " Guilhem 2012 - " Vin comme autrefois - wine like from another time " - the 2012 Pays D'Herault, $10.99, 12% alcohol, from southwest France. It's balanced, exciting and tasty! Great mid-salmon color, too : and what a price! We are giving this one away. Go to : for more info. Cheers.
     2) Sancerre 1005 Pinot Noir  " Moulin des Vrilleres " 2011, from Christian Lauverjat in France's Loire Valley, On Special for $22.99 a bottle, regularly $27.99 a bottle. It. too is showing really well now, all the flavors in full-expression and bloom. Great value, too.
     3) ROSA Del GOLFO  from Italy's Salento region, rosato, 2012, $16.99 a bottle. I was able to try Damiano's wine twice last week and each time it was a real treasure. Flavorful, tasty, balanced, a bit of everything that you want and more than you expect, and all at a great price. You can try this with Damiano this Tuesday when he stops by to say " caio " to us here. Many say it's one of the very best, if not the best from Italy? It's really good, that's the main point, the only point that counts except whether you like it or not?!? That's on you. Cheers.
     WE HAVE MORE but I will write about some of them each week now.
          NEWS :
SANTOS JUST TOLD ME : We have an ABITA beer-tasting this Friday, April 12th, 2013 , 5-8PM : ALL FLAVORS including Strawberry. I had two request, no three requests for Strawberry ABITA last week, all within five minutes so this is great news Santos. Cheers. JOIN US : NEVER any charge.

HEY, THIS WEATHER is perfect beer weather. What else do we have from Santos in...
        BEER  ,  and   CIDER   :
     1)  Robert Johnson's HELLBOUND On My Ale, ale brewed with lemons ( $13.99, 1 Pt. 9.4 Fl. Oz, 10% alcohol by volume, DOGFISH HEAD Craft Brewery, Delaware, ) : " 2011 marks the 100th anniversary of Mississippi Delta bluesman Robert Johnson who, according to legend, sold his soul down at the crossroads in a midnight bargain and changed music forever. ... ".  Try some, cheers.
     2) PILSEN Cerveza Especial Industria Uruguaya, desde 1866-since 1866 ( On Special for  $8.49, a 6-pack of 12 ounce bottles, ) ... " very good Pilsner " sez Santos to me just now. Come try some, we have both beer and wine from Uruguay.
     3) Russian Imperial Stout Handcrafted in Vermont from OTTER CREEK , Enjoy With Comrades ( On Special for $12.99, a 4-pack of 12-ounce bottles, a Limited Edition, 10% alcohol by volume, Middlebury, Vermont, , since 1991 ) : " Inspired by the 18th century English offering to the Russian Czar, big malt flavoring and overtones of chocolate and dark roasted malts and warming sweet note ". Try some.
     4) Brooklyn LOCAL 2 Ale Brewed with Honey and Citrus Peel ( On Special for $9.99 a 1Pt. 9.4 Fl. Oz bottle, 9% alcohol by volume, from Brooklyn, New York, Brooklyn Brewery ) : " ... European malt and hops, Belgian dark sugar, and raw wildflower honey from a New York family farm ... ". Cheers.Try some.
     5) RAMPART Imperial IPA from NEW BELGIUM ( On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack, 8.5% alcohol by volume , Fort Collins, CO, ) : John Gartner our DC Beer Ranger for New Belgium writes : " A burly and bitter imperial IPA, Rampart pours a pure copper and carries the sheen of a rightly hopped beer. The Mosaic and Calypso hops bring stonefruit to the front seat and the addition of Centennials nod toward citrus for a well-rounded aroma. The taste expands these hops with heavy peach tones and a profoundly bitter bite. ... ". Come and check this out. I will post this from John as he has lots here to read and digest. Thanks John! You're the best.
          LIQUEUR :
     1) Apple , Finest Apple Liqueur, BERENTZEN with the original recipe of the House of Berentzen (  On Special for $28.99, a liter bottle, 20% alcohol by volume, , product of Germany ) kosher.
     2) Vermouth PERUCCHI Montana, Casa Fundada 1876 ( $19.99, 15% alcohol by volume, Baldalona, product of Spain ) : this blew both Michel Dumas and me out of the water and we just had to convince Ravi to buy some. Really a very special treat in vermouth - this one from Spain, a clear dry golden-hued one - memorable. Cheers.

Brian of Washington Wholesale just worked out with Ravi  for us to buy an order of BACARDI Flavored Rums : Pineapple, Limon, " O " Orange, Dragon Berry, and Torch Cherry and Peach, 750ml, 35% alcohol by volume, ... Brian sez : " the best flavors in town! ". ALL On Special at $16.99 a bottle, here tomorrow!
     3)  Absinthe Verte from the LEOPOLD BROS Grape Spirits Distilled with Herbs, with Natural  Flavors added ( $35.99, 375ml, 65% alcohol by volume, Denver, Colorado, ) : pretty exciting, remember tasting it with Lindsay and thinking how smooth it was. Cheers.
     4) Limoncello Artisanal Lemon Liqueur from DON CICCIO & FIGLI ( $28.99, 29% alcohol by volume, made right here in Washington D.C. by a specialist , F. AMODEO ) : there was an article about it recently in the Washington Post newspaper. Cheers.  Beautiful color, made to make you all discover the Amalfi Coast. All natural, real lemon peels used!
          LIQUOR : 
     1) Elyx Single Estate Handcrafted Vodka from ABSOLUTE ( $50.99, from Ahus, Sweden ) : you all have to try this! Cheers.Go to : for more info.
     WEEKLY STILL-WINE Wednesday  3-Part Wine Sale :
       1) BUY any still/non-sparkling wine over $20 a bottle and SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker price.
       2) BUY any six or more bottles of still/non-sparkling wine and SAVE 15% OFF the marked sticker prices.
       3) BUY any 12 or more still/non-sparkling wines and SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker prices.
     Includes port, sherry, marsala, sake and madeira. Call if you cannot come : 202-363-4265 and we will help you.
     WINE From Michel and Tony :
          4 Wines  From DEMOCRACY VINEYARDS, Monticello, Virginia
     1) DEMOCRACY VINEYARDS 2011 Suffrage 100% Chambercin dry, easy-drinking, medium-to-light-bodied red, $19.99, 13% alcohol by volume.
     2) DEMOCRACY VINEYARDS 2011 Reserve " Velvet Revolution " dry red Reserve blend of 25% Cabernet Franc, 25% Chambourcin, 25% Merlot and 25% Petit Verdot : softer than past vintages, more fruit-forward and bright and easy-sipping : medium-bodied.   
     3) DEMOCRACY VINEYARDS " Declaration " 2011 Reserve dry white blend of 34% Chardonnay, 33% Viognier and 33% Petit Manseng : dry and flavorful, with good mouth-feel/ grip / texture and best with food , $19.99.
     4) DEMOCRACY VINEYARDS 2011 Viognier  ( $19.99 , 13% alcohol by volume, Charlottesville, flavorful, bright, fresh, lively and a very fine price for Viognier! We like that a whole lot! Cheers.
          THREE From ROSA DEL GOLFO, Puglia:
     1) The ROSA DEL GOLFO Salento Rosado, 2012 ( $16.99, ) : stylish, elegant, flavorful, balanced, considered the best Italian dry rose by many!
     2) ROSA DEL GOLFO " Portulano " 2010 made from 100% Negroamaro indigenous grapes ( $16.99,) : some flavor and taste and the character of the land and yet still very fruit-forward. Come taste it with owner Damiano this Tuesday, April 16th from 5-8PM.
    3) ROSA DEL GOLFO  Primitivo Salento dry red , 2010 ( $16.99, ) a nice hearty, flavorful honesty of flavors that really work, that really resonate purely and convincingly here once again with Damiano's wines. You can come taste these 3 with Damiano on 4/16/13 5-8PM and see what you think?
     I got to try Damiano's wines twice within a week, and each time I was thoroughly impressed. Cheers. What a master he is. It will be great to see him here once again after so many years now! They used to come to us from Vinifera Imports.

     1) PONT DE GASSAC 2009 Vin de Pays de L'Herault " Selection Guilbert " , $16.99, 13% alcohol by volume, that's an amazingly dry, fresh, vibrant, mineral-laden French white blend of 40% Chardonnay. 40% Sauvignon Blanc, and 20% Clairette. Wonderful! Special, truly ...
          2 Exceptional French Rhones :
     1)  Saint Peray 2011 dry white 100% Marsanne from LES VINS DE VIENNE ( $29.99, 13.5% alcohol by volume , 9 months in barrels and tanks  ) : Rarely have Michel or I been so impressed . These wines are stellar and exemplify the very best in France and their " terroir ". STUNNING, simply unique, marvelous and worth every penny! From the 3-family team of Cuilleron/ Villard and Gaillard.
     2) Saint-Joseph 2010 - great vintage - LES VINS DE VIENNE ( $37.99, 100% Syrah, aged 12 months in barrels and tanks ) : Again, just like the dry white non-sparkling Saint Peray, this Saint-Joseph is WORLD-CLASS-CLASSIC-THE-VERY-BEST! Cheers!
       Friday, April 12th, 2012 ( 5-8PM ) : Join us with Jody Jackman as we navigate some " new " waters/wines of the excellent Winebow portfolio. I envision some Kermit Lynch wines in this tasting as I just read a great piece on Kermit in a book called WINE PEOPLE that I really appreciated very much! Cheers. Join us, never any charge.
     SANTOS has an ABITA Beer tasting of ALL the flavors including the new and exciting Strawberry that is already creating quite a buzz!
       Saturday, April 13th, 2013 ( 2-6PM ) : Join us with Howard of the South River imports to try some of his stunning " value " wines from Spain. We can all try and talk him into opening up his VALDUERO Crianza 2009 Ribera Del Duero , $39.99, 14% alcohol, 100% Tempranillo ) that with it's elegance, polish, finesse, brightness, radiance, pretty much blew Michel and me away last week! That would be fun. Dry reds and whites; Howard is the one that is taking the small group to Spain in September, 2013. Come and ask him about this wonderful trip when you come to taste. Cheers.
     SPEAKING OF TRIPS : We have :
     - Annette Schiller   at : that is organizing both a trip to Germany and to Bordeaux, : August 22-30 , 2013 for Germany and September 9-19th, 2013 for 15 top chateaux in Bordeaux. Go to :   for more information, index.php/germany-2013 for both. Cheers.  TONY
     I AM SURE I HAVE FORGOTTEN MANY THINGS but it's time to send this store weekly email to you all. Thanks for everything, we could not be here to be for you without YOU : SPECIAL YOU! Cheers,  TONY