Saturday, June 4, 2016

Mitchell's Wine Liquors : To Shout Out, To Make BIG NOISE Now, Friday, June 4th, 2016 To SAVE An Old Beautiful Neon Wine - Liquor - Spirits Sign In New York City Now Before It Is Destroyed Forever, And With It Many Grand Stories Memories, Thanks Kyle Supley For Fighting To Save It!

Please preserve this sign , it is part of the wine, beer, liquor, liqueur, spirits world of so many fascinating drinks and recipes, cocktails, and stories and anecdotes and antidotes and remedies and elixirs and myths and magics, and so many personal stories of perseverance and triumphs and successes and weddings and parties and wakes and anniversaries and birthdays and special events : save this sign, save the magic, save the part of history that may be retold by generations to come that see this neon sign and recollect what they know, what they have heard, what has been passed down to them, triggering life and so many wonderful individuals and their unique human, collective mankind stories! Cheers Kyle, thanks for pointing this out to me! Cheers! Anthony Alan Quinn 6/4/2016 Friday night ...

Monday, April 18, 2016

Tasting @ Cleveland Park Wine Spirits In 2013! What Fun With Owner Of The HUGL Austrian Winery I Believe, Jeremy Sutton Brought Him To The Store To Meet Me ( Anthony Quinn ) Michel Dumas, Thanks Jeremy!

Here the owner pours for Michel Dumas, and me ( Anthony Quinn ) back in 2013 some of his excellent Gruner Veltliner dry Austrian white that comes in a liter size bottle, is a great deal, and a fine wine, too : and which, over the years at @ClevelandParkWineSpirits in Cleveland Park, Northwest, Washington D.C., 20008, we have sold many cases working here with Jeremy Sutton of Kysela Pere Et Fils Et Fille. Thank you all for helping us, this was a fine tasting. I will include pictures in the very next blog I post on the dry red liter bottles that we also sell of the Zweigelt.

Being an artist I take these with my artists' eyes and want to bring a new dimension to what already exists out there in our world of wine : I want the color of the wine, the clarity, the brilliance, the reflectiveness, the transparency or opaqueness to add to our desire to want to go out and buy a bottle and take it home and drink it sharing it with family or friends, or order it in a restaurant and share it there with family or friends.

I like to take pictures of the owners and winemakers through the color of the wines that they pay to be made, or make themselves, or both : as , to me, to two or inextricable.

I take lots of liberty and artistic license with the pictures I take as I want them to be natural and relaxed and so the angles that I snap away at are often looking up and not knowing exactly what I might get, but trusting in both my instinct, the camera I use, or the Kindle Fire, too now, and hoping for the best, trusting that something of interest will often result as I have also had a lot of practice at this.

Tasting Constantly Prmoting Fine Wines @ Cleveland Park Wine Spirits, Here in 2013, And With A Big Smile, Too!

Talking Spanish Wines, A Wonderful Art Of Conversation, Art Of Photos, Photos Are Revealing Fun And Casual Unscripted, With Howard Our Local Rep, Gracias A udos, Us Four, Enjoying A MOment, An Unscripted Conversation Meeting @ClevelandParkWineSpirits In Washington D.C., Perhaps In 2013 I Believe?!? Enjoy!