Friday, June 22, 2018

Come Taste Franck's Signature Wines From France and the Duck Pond Oregon Wilamette Valley Dry Pinot Noir Rose with Matt Daniels Of Lanterna Wines at Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits tonight 5-8PM, #freewinetasting #joinus #everyonealwayswelcome!

Come celebrate the cool refreshing rain today here to start our weekend off with wines poured by @MattDaniels of Lanterna Wines, four fine wines : 1) @ChateaudeMarjolet 2016 #CotesduRhone #dryred $16.49, 60% #Grenache 40% #Syrah Franck Agostinik'sSignatureWines with 14% alcohol by volume! 2) Rose of #PinotNoir 2017, $19.99 a bottle, #WilametteValley #Oregon with 12.5% alcohol by volume, .... lovely ... 3) #PouillyFume from @CedrickBardin 2016 #100% #SauvignonBlanc from #PouillySurLoire #sustainableagriculturalpractices 8 months vinification, aging in thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks and 4) @DomainedePepouy #Sauvignonblanc #freshandbright #CotesdeGascogne2017, $11.49 a bottle, with 12% alcohol by volume. These are all from Frank that picks really fine, distinct wines from around France that represent really well where they come from at very affordable prices, merci Franck, viens verse tes vins avec nous ici ce soir! A bientot j'espere mon ami! TONY

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Celebrate Early the 4th of July @ Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Wednesday June 27th, 2018 5:30-8:30PM, Everybody Welcome, Bring a friend, make friends, be amazed!

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HOPE  You All Had A HAPPY FATHER'S DAY this past weekend?!? Mine was lovely, really a special treat, enjoyed it thoroughly and thought of our father that has passed away, my wife' father, and all those fathers - men out there that have inspired me in so many enriching ways.
VOTE TODAY here in DC! Your vote matters, your voice needs to be heard.
THE ' New " Library is all the buzz and people are coming here asking me if I have seen it yet? I have not , but I have had a reports  from many of our customers, all with bright smiles, stars in their eyes, filled with joy and gladness and pride. A real necessary addition here to Cleveland Park - one that we can be enormously proud of.  I like how they situated looking out onto a larger expanse of our block here, all inspiring and meaningful.
AND THERE is talk about a mural, too to be painted here soon as well that the List Serve of Cleveland Park has mentioned recently, that will have a meeting soon to decide if it is a no or a yes? I hope it is a yes as we need to be reminded of how rich and complex and colorful and inspiring our community here is.
WORKING ON THE NEXT ' Big Theme ' Wine-Tasting that I hope we can have here this coming Wednesday, June 27th, 2018 from 5:30-8:30PM, that would be a lot of fun, a Pre-4th of July wine-tasting to try and buy wines to enjoy on the 4th of July! What fun! Maybe we can include some beer , too this time? That is a possibility.
LOOKING LIKE it is ' a go ' for our Wednesday, tasting here with Franceen Kahng of Vias Imports already signed on with five really fine Italian wine treasures, and Jean Gagliolo of Prestige Imports here to taste three fine 2015 red Bordeaux, wines and also some NICOLAS Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc as well.
AND MANUEL ROJAS just called me back from La Isla Corp , and he will be able to be here pouring his fine Chilean wines from DOS PASOS, ALMA and IN SITU - up to seven of those. 
SO : We have ' a go ' on our mini-Big-Theme Wine-Tasting this Wednesday, June 27th, 2018 from 5:30-8:30PM : JOIN US, No Charge, come and help us get the celebrations for the 4th of July started early here on Wednesday, May 27th, 2018 from 5:30-8:30PM! Yes si si si oui oui oui!
IT IS HOT and there will be some rain, too or showers for the rest of the week, so considering all of that these are my suggestions in beer, cider, liquor and wine to get you through!`

EVERYTHING MIXED TOGETHER HERE for you all to savor over, for your eyes to get bright and chipper over, and more -
1) CRISPIN Honey Crisp CA. Yellow Label artisanal reserve unfiltered hard cider, On Special for $6.49 a bottle, with 6.5% alcohol by volume, for 22 Fl. Oz, yes - bright smooth creamy and refreshing.
2) THREE From SUPREME CORE Craft Ciders -
a) Midatlanticky unfiltered, unpasteurized dry cider, a 4-pack of 12-ounce cans, $11.99
b) Touch of Wisdom craft cider, barrel-aged cider, unfiltered, unpasteurized dry cider, $13.99 for a 4-pack of 12-ounce cans,
c) Nother Mother craft cider, unfiltered, unpasteurized dry cider, $11.99 for a 4-pack of 12-ounce cans
ALL made here in Washington DC, yes yes yes yes, we have been selling them now for two or three months I believe, and one of the owners came to pour them here, too.
3) DARON Calvados Pays D'Auge ( the best region for growing apples in Normandy, France ), $46.99 a bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume, this Fine is mighty fine, si oui oui, si!
4) Double Duckpin Double IPA from UNION Craft Brewers, ^14.99 for a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans, Strike No Malt, Spare No Hop, from Baltimore , Maryland, another winner!
5) PALINI Limoncello Cream Liqueur, On Special for $21.99 a 750ml bottle, with 17% alcohol by volume, a treat, sooo smooth, just a touch , a whisper, a nip of a bite, smooth sailing all the way!
6) NARAGANSETT'S Del's Shandy, ' It's Refreshingly Different ' beer, On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 16Fl. Oz bottles, with 4.7% alcohol, our local rep Dan George just stopped by this morning to introduce himself and we had a great conversation. Made in New York, a treat all of them!
7) TWO From One Eight local DC Ivy City Distillery -
a) Straight Bourbon Whiskey, District Made, $47.99 a 750ml bottle, and
b) Straight Rye Whiskey District Made, $45.99 a 750ml bottle, both real treats! Cheers!
Friday, June 22nd, 2018 ( 5-8PM ) : Matt Daniel's of Lanterna Wines will be here to pour a selection of his company's fine wines : 1) DEPOUY Gascogny Sauvignon Blanc, $11.49, 2) BARDIN Pouilly Fume 100% Sauvignon Blanc, $29.99 a bottle, 3) DUCK POND Rose dry from Oregon, $19.99 a bottle, and 4) MARJOLET Cotes du Rhone red French blend, $16.49 - all really nice now.
AND : Illegal Mezcal with Scott pouring from 5-8PM, ...
Saturday, June 24th, 2018 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Adriane Morgan here from Five Grapes pouring an assortment of Spanish wines : 1) Finca Hispana sparkling Cava, Finca Hispana dry red blend from Priorat of Garnacha and Carignan, $23.49 a bottle, and from Penedes, a Flora white called Ametller - si si si venga aqui amigos!
OUR Mini- Big-Theme Wine-Tasting On Wednesday, June 27th, 2018 - so far Four People Pouring For You All - Pre-4th-Of-July-Celebration -
TABLE NUMBER ONE ( Robert Kennedy of his own RWK Imports ) pours four amazing Italian wines :
1) Bianco Paltrinieri del Emilia, Vini Frizzante, from Lambrusco, $14.49 : to sip it is to immediately relax, feel alive and soon smile, too : an utter delight!
2) " and all the jazz! " : JAZZ , a Sicilian dry , refreshing, energized medium-to-lighter-bodied red blend of the Frappato and Nero D'Avola grapes , $18.99 is a delight for this heat and humidity that will delineate spaces for your to all catch your breath and smile in pleasure and relief!
3) Allegoria Primitivo from the Puglian region of Goia del Colle, $19.99 a bottle, 2015, there is a peace and a perfection, a calm and an inner storm that meet and embrace and the world remains both energized and at peace and you relax as do your muscles and brows and all the rest follows beautifully! Yes si si si!
4) Manene Cerasuelo di Vittoria , $23.99, a Classico DOCG wine mounts in sound and sighs, in flavors, in mouth-feel to a crescendo that all but erupts, you have the sensation of a divine eruption and yet there is a marriage of flavors that all but overwhelm you into a grin and a near-smirk as your eyes roves for the foods that will bind all these various glorious sensations you are feeling into one grand tapestry!
TABLE NUMBER TWO ( Manuel Rojas of his own La Isla Corp will pour the six fine wines of DOS PASOS, ALMA and IN SITU from Chile, Valle de Aconcagua : ONE white and FIVE reds -
1) DOS PASOS Sauvignon Blanc has extra layers of flavors that have developed grounding it more on land and even out on the water, as if you dropped your anchor, and had a more sturdy perch from to step out and experience more of the real glory that is life unfiltered and unedited - explore these realms of flavors and tastes, imagine the foods that will complement them soooo, $8.99 a bottle.
2) Syrah Private Reserve 2011, On Special for $9.99, with 14% alcohol by volume. I like this wine so much because I always feel when I sip it that I have either arrived at my destination or have a spot to stop off to the side of my road and relax and evaluate, and luxuriate in simply ' being ' ' FULLy ' yes! I always like it.
3) Carmenere 2011 Private Reserve, this always shakes me up some and stirs me up and gives me a push that makes me completely ' in the moment ', and I always look around for some food to soften and fill in the edges that this mature dry red offers. I like this a lot, too.
4) IN SITU Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon , estate-bottled, On Special for $12.99 ( 3 for $33, and 6 for $60 ) : there is a warmth and a flowering and a blossom and bloom of radiant grapes here that know that as they touch our palates that they are loved by those sipping them. I always feel welcome when I drink this medium-to-light-bodied red - it over-delivers, it really does.
5) IN SITU Reserva Syrah 2010 , with lots of bottle-age, enough to really appreciate all that this grape provides as it smooths out completely and the fruit is center-stage, and all the accents and points of interest and experience reveal their trueness and warmth of caring as their final gifts to this glorious world of ours!
6) IN SITU Gran Reserva Carmenere 2010, On Special for $14.99 - there is majesty and soaring peaks and trumpets sounding, the oboe and the flute, the tenor singing opera, there is life here that electrifies one soooooo - a great thing.
TABLE NUMBER THREE ( Lyss Wolf of her and husband Ian's import company Red Wolf ) will be here pouring four selections from KAAPZICHT and BABYLONSTOREN -
1) 2017 Chenin Blanc estate-wine in Stellenbosch, $14.99 : this 2017 is fleshier, brighter, more round and supple on the tongue with less bite and tartness, a softer grip than the previous vintage - a delight to wallow on'e sore muscles and bruised feelings in and feel soooo refreshed afterward - aahhh yes, a delight!
2) Dry Mourvedre ( Monastrell , $19.99, ) Rhone-Ranger grape dry rose, with good extraction of color, just enough, not too much, so great mouth-fitting-massahing-too , fine taste, pointed, engaging, will test you and your present state-of-mind as it winds it's way through your senses in firmness and pleasure.
3) KAAPZICHT Kaleidoscope 2017 dry red blend of many grapes that includes some Pinotage, some of the Bordeaux grapes - a delightful and refreshing and pleasing summer-hot blend that should be chilled 30-40 minutes before serving, and with some food that is grilled or marinated and has some seasoning - and everyone will be very pleased as this fruit-centered and fruit-forward wine is perfect for this heat and humidity that may be with us on the 4th of July.
4) Babel dry red blend , a 2016 of the Bordeaux grapes has more mouth-grip, more layers of thicker, more opaque and viscous flavors that coat the tongue, stain the skin with love through big hugs, kisses and embraces : the ' bear ' in the wine, the bit ' sauvage and untamed ' is revealed here, this is a beauty to have with a meal - some tasty mature cheeses, some red meats, some vegetarian dishes that have some extra seasoning and heat even - lovely! $23.99 a bottle, with 14.5% alcohol by volume.
TABLE NUMBER FOUR ( Jean Gagliolo of Prestige Imports ) will be here pouring THREE 2015 red Bordeaux wines and ONE dry French Cotes de Gascogy white, too -
1) 2016 Sauvignon Blanc from NICOLAS , $9.99, with some weight and extra taste to hold it's own with many hot-weather meals, with only 11% alcohol by volume, this is perfect for this intense heat and rain that may follow us into the 4th of July - you just never know.
THREE Bordeaux 2015 -
1) Chateau BEL-AIR LACLOTTE, $11.99 a bottle
2) Chateau MACOU-LA-GRANGE  Bordeaux Superieur, $11.99
3) Chateau RAMPLEAU, $11.99
I liked them all when I tried them two months' ago, but damned if I remember exactly how one veers from the other, and the third distinguishes itself from the other two, or which one has more highs and lows, which has more gravitas, which is softer, more lilting, warm and fruit-centered than the other two?!? They are all excellent in their unique ways, let's exchange notes this Wednesday June 27th, 2018 when we taste all three side-by-side here together with Jean that is fluent in French and Spanish and English with some Swedish, too I believe under his belt now?!? Ah, a real treat!
TABLE NUMBER FIVE ( Franceen Kahng of Vias Imports pours five exciting Italian wines ) :
1) Soave DOC from I STEFANINI, this ' Il Selese' , $16.49, 2015 with 12.5% alcohol by volume is fully mature and layered and revealed, all the petals have been lovingly, lavishly peeled back to show on first taste after first glance all the wonders that is Soave to be sipped, to be enjoyed here all on it's own as you relax thoroughly, yes si si si!
2) Gaglioppo the indigenous grape from Calabria has so much personality as a refreshing, inviting, theatrical dry medium-to-lighter-bodied-red ( chill 30-40 minutes before serving - it is both a challenge and a delight, at first an affront and question mark, then embraced by tongue and palate and acknowledged in a satisfying long smile with many various foods! $18.99 a bottle, with 13% alcohol by volume.
3)  Salice Salentino , a DOC Riserva 2014 from CANTELE, $15.49 a bottle, with 13% alcohol by volume, made here from 100% Negroamaro is a great food red with rich painted layers of deep lavenders and purples, dark red colors that invite one to sink deeper and deeper into this wine-grape-spider's-web-nest-home-of-intrigue that food pulls you back out of before sinking back once again, and then repeating all over again to gain more perspective for your alive senses.
4) Montefalco Rosso 2013 from Umbria and made by COLPETRONE, $16.49 a bottle, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, this is hearty, this is deeper-than-deep, this is cool and kool and a bit unknown to get these tastes blended of Merlot, Cabernet, Sangiovese, Sagrantino ( I know not exactly ). I do know this is a hearty red that needs to be fleshed out by the food that accompanies it! Yes!
5) Pineto Brachetto D'Acqui from Italy's Piemonte region, a half bottle, $19.99, a 2014, from MARENCO, this is off-dry, a lovely rose color, a great way to settle all the robust wines that have preceded it - a welcome reprieve from and wars, battles, struggles, etc that your senses and palate have been recently and previously engaged in - a welcome sigh of appreciation and relief, a delicious balm! Yes, si si si si si!
JOIN US _ Everybody always welcome! Cheers, thanks for everything you do for us. TONY



WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW is my old Tuesday store email that I wrote and posted on June 12th, 2012 - been awhile. Read and enjoy it if you have the time, then check for current availability and pricing with us. Cheers!
STAY COOL and HYDRATED all day and night - this is serious hot weather, nothing to risk or play around with. Be safe and prudent and comfortable.
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL FATHERS OUT THERE! It's this Sunday so everyone should be proactive and prepared now or by the end of this week and we have lots to recommend to help you with some last minute liquid libations with-and-without alcohol. Yes, we do have some really nice non-alcoholic beverages here and they, too sell really well. We here at Cleveland Park Beers, Spirits and Wines like to represent the full gambit of things that are offered/available to us and to let you all decide what you want. We are only here to suggest, answer you questions and make your life and decisions a bit easier.
ALSO : HAPPY GRADUATION DAYS to many of you out there! Graduations have been going on now for awhile and are still going on and we have helped many of you celebrate those as well. It's all so gratifying and special and wonderful and we are thrilled to be a small part of these celebrations where and we can be. Thanks for the opportunity to be there for you all.
I HAVE A NICE FATHER'S DAY STORY to offer to you, too.
EARLIER I WAS AT THE FIREHOOK BAKERY for my coffee before coming to work. Rosalind one of our regular and very special customers saw me approach the door of Firehook Bakery and she smiled and said " Hello " immediately. I asked her how her weekend party had gone. She was here last Saturday shopping for beer, wine to make a sangria and other " essentials ". That was fun for me. I immediately suggested that she buy some of the magnums of DOMINIO DE ADIRA, 2011 Tempranillo ( 1.5ml bottle - there are two 750ml bottles in each magnum : On Special for $14.99 from Valencia, Spain I believe ? ) to offer for drinking as well as for the base of her sangria. As we talked I asked at some point : " What are you all celebrating? "
ROSALIND TOLD ME THAT they were celebrating Jame's refurbishing/remake of his 1963 Ford Falcon. 1963 was a great year for many things such as much great music as well as some wine like vintage port. Anyway Rosalind told me that James had thought it would take him one year and yet it took three years to finish work on this old 1963 Ford Falcon. I forgot to ask the color but I heard Rosalind say that this past Saturday they had just got it back from the body shop with a fresh coat of paint on it.
ROSALIND ALSO JUST TOLD ME that James is a great father and that he has been a great care giver to their children as well and made it possible for her to travel for her work. I had asked her if it was alright if I talked about this in today's store/week email and she said that it would be fine. That's when she added all this about him being such a great dad. That was of course all music to my ears and I am happy to share this all with you as we get ready to celebrate Father's Day.
COME BY AND GET SOME of this DOMINIO DE ADIRA 2011 dry red Tempranillo in the magnums On Special at $14.99. It's light and refreshing and so easy to drink with or without food. You should chill it and have it warm up to just the right temperature for you all. It really is a smooth and silky delight. I immediately fell in love with it when our rep Jeff tasted us on it three or so months ago. We are thrilled to have it. If you have a group of dads together celebrating it's a great wine to enjoy with all this oppressive humidity and heat - by itself or mixed together with fruit to make a sangria. This is also a great wine if you still have some larger groups getting together to celebrate a graduation of a friend or loved one.
SPEAKING OF SANGRIA this past weekend to get a local neighborhood Graduation Party rolling with the red and white wines I decided finally to start making some sangria mixes for all these nice people. We were only guests and yet it was my pleasure to offer some " virgin " and some wine sangrias to anyone interested. As I made them with some dry French white and a healthy batch of the fresh fruit sitting by me in a large bowl I would add a splash of dry California red Pinot Noir, too. I used Sprite to make the " virgin " sangria drinks and as I worked and spoke the excitement caught on and people started to gather around and show their interest and desire to have some. All good. I had never really made sangria mixing the red and the white wine but as you crush all the berries and mix the whole concoction together it becomes really tasty.
IF YOU TRY THIS  on Father's Weekend try both the DOMINIO DE ADIRA Spanish Tempranillo red as well as some of the DOMAINE DE BERNIER 2010 Chardonnay from France's Vin De Pays Du Val De Loire On Special for $10.99. Both are delightful by themselves with this heat and humidity and they would also make a great base for the sangria.

ANOTHER QUICK STORY that involves sangria : I went over to a swimming coach and offered him a Brazilian sangria. We were all gathered for another special high school graduation. I said that I could add some Sprite to it to make it more like their soft drink called Guarana that is sweet like Sprite. The minute I said this he smiled and said that I obviously knew what I was talking about when I mentioned the Guarana. He is engaged to a young Brazilian lady from southern Brazil and he said that he would need some Brazilian wine for their wedding here. That's when I mentioned MIOLO and some of the other really good Brazilian wines that we have sold here in Cleveland Park from the RIO/SOL dry red Cabernet & Syrah blend ( $11.99 ) to some of the sparkling wine we sold at the end of last year for around $13 a bottle I believe. We will have to get more of that soon.
AT THE MOMENT for Father's Day let me recommend some of the MIOLO Family Vineyards' 2009 Chardonnay On Special for $14.99 a bottle. It comes from Brazil's Vale Dos Vinhedos region ( 13.5% alcohol by volume, and is flavorful, rather full-bodied, has some real grip and flavors that are both pleasing and forward and really open gracefully with time on the palate and then linger for a long time, too once you swallow. I really do recommend it along with the 2009  Pinot Noir ( On Special for $16.99 ) and the LOTE 43 2004  dry red Bordeaux Blend On Special for $19.99. There is always something fun and exciting " just around the bend " ... here in Cleveland Park in our nation's capitol.
SANTOS RIVERA ALSO HAS some great beers for us all to enjoy on Father's Day as well as on continuing graduations and here are some  to recommend.
     1) BAYING HOUND Aleworks " Rockville " Kolsch Style Ale ( On Special for $7.99, 1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz bottle, 5.5% Alcohol By Volume,, BAYING HOUNDS ALEWORKS Rockville, Maryland 20850, ) : " Perfect for the warmer months. Refreshing with a little more hop kick than our German counter part ".
     2) PEAK Organic Brewing Company " Espresso Amber " Ale With Organic Coffee ( On Special for $6.99 a 1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz bottle, 6.8% Alcohol by Volume,, Portland, ME. ) : " A robust amber ale brewed with locally roasted, organic fair trade espresso with help from our friends down the street at Coffee by Design. This malty amber ale is brewed with substantial amounts of Munich Malt, providing a perfect backbone for the rich, toasty flavor imparted by the espresso ".
     3) USDA Organic  " SUM'R " Summer Ale by UINTA Brewing Co. ( On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12 Fl. Oz bottles,, Salt Lake City, Utah ) : " Sunkissed by UINTA ... earth, wind and beer " and made from water, organic barley, malt, hops and yeast. The color of the six-packs is green and perfect for sending the message of " organic ", " going green " and doing whatever we possibly can to preserve our environment. Come check it out. Cheers.
THIS PAST WEEKEND WE HAD   FIO PISCO   poured by our local reps on Friday, June 8th, 2012 ( 5-8PM ). It's On Special for $27.99, regularly $30.99 a 750ml bottle and made in San Miguel, Lima Peru re:discover purity. This FIO PISCO sold out again at this second tasting with Carmine Malangone and Marques Mullings. It is made in small batches and distilled that way. Made from 100% grapes, artisanal and with no water or additives. It's 84% alcohol by volume, made in Peru and we are happy to have it. Imported here locally by SanF LLC into Alexandria, VA. Thanks Carmine and Marques, you both did a great job and we have it back today on Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 for any of you looking for excellent Peruvian Pisco. 
THIS EMAIL will serve for the the next two and so please do save it and refer to it again and again as you look for ideas to celebrate and get through this heat and humidity. The next store email will be on July 3rd, 2012 as we all get ready to celebrate the 4th of July.
REMEMBER THAT SUNDAY, July 1st, 2012 is Canada Day and that we have some of the excellent CAVE SPRING CELLARS  2009 Pinot Noir VQA Niagara Peninsula ( On Special for $18.99, regularly $21.99, from Jordan, Ontario, Canada, 13% alcohol by volume,, ). We had this open recently here by our reps John and Theresa Morrison and it was very well received by those of you that tasted it. Made in a lighter, very tasty style with lovely accents of herbs and spices and more subtle and refined taste. It works it's magic much more slowly on the palate and will be a great medium-to-lighter-bodied red to combine with many hot-weather meals inside or outside. Chill it slightly for thirty minutes or less and enjoy it with salads and grilled meats and vegetables, smoked foods. It's a gem in the rough, really special. Treat yourselves now or on Canada Day.
TOMORROW OUR Cleveland Park List-Serve Notice will appear and so I will combine some of this email with other things in it. You might look for tomorrow's notice as I will include other items that I believe you all will be interested in as well. We are trying to let more of the Cleveland Park Community know that we are here as it still happens that people come to us here after years of having lived here and not knowing that we are here and that we offer as much as we do. Many people are quite literally shocked that our store is as big as it is and offers as much as we do. We want this to happen less frequently and for more of you to know that we in fact do offer a wide range of items and services here.
          WINE-CLASSES : Saturdays, 11:30AM - 1PM -
JUST LIKE THIS PAST SATURDAY June 9th, 2012 I did a private wine-class for Leah and Josh and their eight local friends. I charged $10 a person and served six wines ( one dry Spanish Bobal rose On Special for $9.99, one liter of BIG WOOP dry Southeastern Australian red blend of Shiraz and Merlot, one WWE. DR. THANISCH 2009 Riesling from Germany's Mosel region ( On Special for $19.99, regularly $25.99, 9.5% alcohol by volume, Erben ), and more. All the wines were well-received and I must admit that this WWE. DR. H. THANISCH 2009 blew the roof off the top of our store when we finished with it.
EVERYONE WAS PRETTY AMAZED and we all marveled at how flavorful and complete and satisfying this off-dry Riesling was/is. You can do your own private classes, too. You simply need to have six or more people and we can tailor it around what you all want to learn about. I do them to accomodate all of you and your interests and needs. Call : 202-363-4265 and ask for me, Tony. So get some friends together and give me a call. I really like doing these wine classes and have done them for so many years now that I can assure you that you will all learn and have a great time, too. FUN.
          LIQUOR / LIQUEUR From Ravinder Sharma : Father's Day & Continuing Graduation-Day Gifts :
I HAVE SO MUCH TO MENTION in LIQUOR / LIQUEUR from Ravi : here are some of the highlights that will be great for FATHER'S DAY :
     1) Anejo Tequila made from 100% de Agave plants by DON ROBERTO ( On Special for $56.99 a 750ml bottle, 40% alcohol by volume,, Jalisco, Mexico ) is hand-crafted and is " new and very exciting " here in Cleveland Park. We are very pleased to be able to offer it to you all in time for Father's Day as well as for the 4th of July! Get some now while we still have some.
     2) The Original KOLOA Kaua, Hawaii : 2 Rums -
       a) KAUA 'I White Hawaiian Rum ( $36.99 a 750ml bottle, Rama, Hawaii, 40% alcohol by volume,, is distilled and blended on the garden island of Kaua'I and is history in the making. It's also brand new to us all here in Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits. FUN!
       b) KAUA 'I Spice ( $41.99, 44% alcohol by volume ) is a golden-hued Hawaiian rum with natural flavors and caramel color and spice of course. Go to : for more info. Cheers. It's great to see so many products coming to us recently from Hawaii these days that includes all the various beers as well as the sparkling and the non-sparkling Pineapple wines that we carry here.
The sparkling HULA O MAUI ( $26.99, 12% alcohol by volume, made by the TEDESCHI Vineyards, Ulupalakua ) is tart and crisp and refreshingly dry. It , along with these two new rums would make great gifts for Father's Day! Cheers.

     3) Eau De Vie ( Water Of Life ) de Pomme ( Apple ), Apple Brandy Barel-Aged in Limousin Oak ( usually used to age French wines ), from CLEAR CREEK Distillery ( $59.99 a 750ml bottle, 40% alcohol  by volume, ) has the apple that grew inside this bottle. It's distilled and bottled by the CLEAR CREEK Distillery in Portland, Oregon and looks fabulous and would make a great gift this weekend to enjoy at the end of Sunday as the sun sets and it gets cooler outside and you can all enjoy the last bit of this special day and raise a glass and toast all your fathers. Cheers.
     4) Vodka from Washington Island, Wisconsin, this 2005 DEATH'S DOOR ( On Special for $34.99, 750ml bottle, 40% alcohol by volume,, from the August 2010 harvest ) is distilled from grain and was tasted this past Thursday, June  7th, 2012 from 5-8PM by the owner himself. More info is included on our Facebook page at : Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits. Check it out. We have been selling these three items from DEATH'S DOOR now for some time and so it was thrilling to get the owner and inspiration behind these products here. We tasted the White Whisky and the Gun as well and they are all here available for you all.
     5) Basil SQUARE ONE Organic Vodka ( $32.99, made from 100% organic rye, 40% alc. by volume, 80 Proof, USDA Organic, ) : " The garden-fresh basil aroma mirrors the delightful earthiness of basil on the palate. Clean and bright with a soft hint of white pepper and citrus. ... Our master distiller, Bill Scott, infuses the essence of four basil varieties - Genovese, Thai, Lemon and Sweet - to create SQUARE ONE Basil ". FUN. TASTY. Try some.

WINES From Eric, Michel and Tony :
     1) Natural Sweet Red & Natural Sweet Rose from the ROBERTSON WINERY ( Both are On Special for $7.99 a 750ml bottle, both have 7.5% alcohol by volume, from South Africa, ) in fun tear-drop shaped bottles. Chill them both. The more you chill them the drier they will taste. These are fun to enjoy all by themselves and would also be very casual and appealing to enjoy on a really hot and muggy day outdoors this weekend. They also make nice gifts for those of you just starting to drink and enjoy wine. All the emphasis is on the softness and the roundness of the fruit flavors and not on the tannins or the acids. FUN for Father's Day!
     2) 2009 Cabernet Franc from Virginia and made by WINEWORKS ( $34.99 for a three-liter box of wine : that's 4 750ml bottles inside at $8.75 a bottle,, made by Michael Shaps outside of Charlottesville, VA. ) and is a great party wine as well as a great way tor larger parties and groups of people to celebrate all the graduation day celebrations, too. I enjoyed some last night as I used some the other day for a graduation and since we did not use it all and it keeps fresh inside the bag it still tasted great while I grilled our dinner. I definitely recommend it and think it represents a great deal, too.
     3) " Bone Dance " 2007 Napa Valley Merlot from JAQK Cellars ( $28.99, ) is quite rich and robust and flavorful. It still has some really nice balance, even at 14.5% alcohol by volume. It will taste great at a grill on Father's Day or on another graduation celebration. Medium-bodied and focused and a real treat to make ourselves feel even more special and appreciated. Try some, you will love it.

     4) " Charmed " JAQK CELLARS  Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2010 ( $29.99, , 13.9% alcohol by volume ) has a great label for celebrating and graduations and with just a splash of oak to the taste it will be great when you grill and barbecue and enjoy yourselves inside or outside. It's medium-bodied and very forward and bright on the palate and the flavors do indeed linger. Bright and cheery and fun.
     1) FIRST FRESH Extra Virgin Olive oil Fall 2011 Harvest from California, this BILL SANDERS ( $18.99 a 500ml bottle ) is made from 3 Spanish varieties of olives and just won the " Prestige Gold " award at the Terraolivo Evoo International competition in Jerusalem. It will also be featured in the " New Brands on the Shelf " pavilion at the Fancy Food Show in Washington D.C. here on from July 17-19. If you know Bill from Cleveland Park please go by and say " hello " to him. We sell his olive oil here and are thrilled to have it. This is another great " Father's Day " gift.
     2) PATXARAN Sloe Berrie liqueur ORDOKI Licores BAZTAN ( $23.99. 750ml bottle, from Navarra, Spain 25% alcohol by volume, without additives ) is pretty amazing. We had it opened and poured by our local rep Nolan Hale this past Saturday and we sold some. It's pretty appealing with accents of licorice and a smooth, silky, bright-textured mouth-feel that coats and cajoles and pleases and is never cloying or heavy. You want to sip it again and then again and then again once again as if for the very first time : just to be sure you like it as much as you did on the first sip. FUN. A great way to celebrate and end an evening this coming weekend with family and friends.
     FRIDAY, June 15th, 2012 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Estebe from Tradewinds Imports here to taste some of his excellent Spanish and Argentinian wines, from still/non-sparkling to sparkling as well. It will be fun. Estebe has some really nice wines that could be great for Father's Day like his MANLA dry white 100% Verdejo 2011 Spanish white ( $20.99,, from Valladolid, Spain ), and his  CHANARMUYO Reserva Chamas Honnorat Family Wines 2009 dry red Tannat indigenous grape variety from La Rioja's Valle De Chanarmuyo in Argentina, close to Uruguay, for $19.99. It's hearty, earthy, herbal, spicy and needs food to flesh it out. The MANLA is lovely to enjoy with salads and cold cuts and most warm-weather meals that include shellfish, fish, white meats, vinaigrettes, goats' cheeses and much, MUCH more. Cheers.
     SATURDAY,  June 16th, 2012 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Jan Conrad of JUSTIN California wines here to pour a selection of his wines which will include a Chardonnay, a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Sauvignon Blanc dry white wine. Join us , there is never any charge. Please bring family and friends.
     FRIDAY, June 22nd, 2012 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Neil Shrodo of Five Grapes Imports here to pour a selection of both his French and his California wines. Please join us, never any charge.
     SANTOS has organized a GOOSE ISLAND beer tasting from 5-8PM.
     SATURDAY, June 23rd, 2012 from 2-6PM we have Ernie our local rep of Monument Wines here pouring a selection of his California and Italian wines? I just spoke to Matt Daniels of Majestic Fine Wines and he will take Ernie's place at this tasting and probably pour the wines of CALINA ( Chile ), TENUTA DI ARCENO ( Italy ) and FREEMARK ABBEY ( California ). We will know for certain by the end of this week. Join us, never any charge.
     RAVI has organized a CHOPIN Polish vodka tasting including three types.
     FRIDAY, June 29th, 2012 ( 5-8PM ) , we will have Oscar Losama of VOILA Imports here ( he's a partner with Olivia ) : and Oscar will pour some of his excellent French wines that may include some sparkling, too as we are getting closer to the 4th of July as well as the 14th of July ( Bastille Day ). It may be a : Let's Get Ready Early For BASTILLE DAY Celebration Wine-Tasting. That makes sense, let's be proactive. Cheers.

     SATURDAY, June 30th, 2012 ( 2-6PM ) : Chris Bartha will be here from Cobblestone Imports to do an early 4th of July Wine-Tasting with all American wines that may include COOPERS Vineyard here in Virginia with the " Noche " chocolate infused into the red Norton ALL_AMERICAN indigenous grape variety to the western hemisphere, the RAMSAY( CA. ), and perhaps some of the Olivet Lane of PELLEGRINI Vineyards in California's Russian River Valley. Michel and Chris will make the final decision on this one. We sell wines already from all three of these excellent vineyards and together they would all be fun to celebrate the 4th of July on the next Wednesday! Cheers.
I KNOW I HAVE FORGOTTEN MANY THINGS but it's time to send this email so that you all have time to read it, save it, and come to see us when you leave your jobs at the end of this day. We are here and ready to serve all or at least many of your needs. You can check us out further at :, also on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits and on Twitter at : cpwinespirits. We are always happy to be of service and help to you all. Cheers,  TONY

For more info- or to place any orders. We deliver for any order over $30 for free in Washington D.C. Please call us : 202-363-4265 and ask for Eric, Nelson, Ravi, Michel, Santos, Ved and me ( Tony ). Or email : Cheers. Thanks again for everything

Thursday, June 14, 2018

A fabulous trip that is still being played over and over in my heart, head, guts and deeper still, profoundly in my soul, my soles having transported me with Marianna, Yanni, George and Michele to wonders and scenes and mountains and places I will never forget, cheers! Thanks for all of this!!!!

It takes a village, 
a small community,
 a ferry 
and later two cars -
 one red sedan that shown brilliantly and blazed a fine trail for the dark dusty night-blue van that followed, Marianna and Michele, Claudia and Seth / George scouted ahead of us behind - YanniTsapos , George Tsapos, Jack Bettin , Seth White, Robert Morin, Jonathan Luna, Jonathan Neri and me. Marianna worried for us, she led for us, she checked everything for us, she and Yanni worked brilliantly together as a team with an assist from George - all three speaking Greek, for the rest of us it was all Greek for us! We smiled we laughed, we talked er ate and we drank and we swam and we had a whole world opened to us like never before, high resolution, many Kodak moments, some in sublime focus, some out-of-focus and comfortably numb, we were a team and we pushed ourselves to the limits never wanting to waste any precious moment we had and shared and lived individually at times and as a team at others - we were glorious, we were mad, we were divine, we were honored, blessed, loved, appreciated, welcomed into the bosoms and souls of many of these fine Greek people that make wine each and every second as if their very souls, lives, families depended on it - and they do - they spoke a beautiful English much of the time to enlighten and enrich us, and other times they spoke a magical Greek that either Yannis, Marianna or George would translate patiently for us, : we were never left out, we were always included - thank you all from me, you all have enriched my life immeasurably and thank you, too specially Marianna, Yannis, George, and Michele for getting us all there in sound body and mind for Yanni and Marianna to work their individual magics on us - cheers! Love Greek wines, people, food, the settings and all - and discovered the ' newer ' Nemea that for me as an artist was an " artist's paradise - a dream come true starting with all the tiny red poppies in that delectable, luscious ripe unctuous valley. Loved drawing you all, my honor my gift! Happy Thursday all!!!! TONY

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits
COME BY after the big Washington Capital's Hockey Parade today celebrating their win of the Stanley Cup 2018! What a great honor, won hard and it is deserved by our team here , a thrill and a pleasure that we will continue to celebrate, and we have plenty of beer, cider, spirits and wine for you to do so in real style!
ALSO BUZZ about Father's Day coming up this Sunday, and it will be a pleasure to sell for that, started already this morning with two bottles of great whiskey and single malt from the @NappogueCastle 12 year old, as well as the @Rampur #IndianSingleMalt too!
WE HAVE PLENTY for you to choose from, come see what we have up our sleeves! I just talked to Tess and we are working on a special rose event on the 29th, Friday, so stay-tuned! We have lots in store for you here as usual.
HAS FLAG DAY COME? I will have to look, it is not on my calendar this year. We celebrate it too!
THE WEATHER NOW is amazing so this is great for the Capitol's Hockey League parade going on here at  11:15AM - 3PM approximately, and I saw many loyal happy fans on the DC metro as I cam to work on the Yellow Line and transferred to the Red Line - inspiring, really inspiring!
SO NOW CONTINUING with many of us being on ' vacation mode ' : what does it mean to each and everyone of us?!? I just returned, refreshed and happy, tanned and totally pleased and transformed from the whole experience - it was a revelation for me on so many levels, I learned and appreciated so very much. we did that is, as I was not alone in all these incredible experiences. More throughout this email.
For FATHER'S DAY this Sunday we have lots of choices here for you all, some tried-and-true, some to become tried-and-true as you experiment here. I will list both here for you -
BUY ALL the bottles of wine priced at $19.99 or more tomorrow and get SAVE 20% OFF on each bottle cost!
TRIED-AND-TRUE : All Mixed Up - Assorted !
1)Trappist Ale Tripel from WESTMALLE, a 1 Pt 9.4Fl Oz bottle, On Special for $12.99, with9.5% alcohol by volume - great texture and mouth-feel, not to be trifled with, will saturate all your senses wonderfully!
          TWO Fine Hard Ciders from MT. DEFIANCE Cidery , VA : -
     1) The Ginger Cider Small Batch , $12.99, with 7.2% alcohol by volume, this has wonderful textures and layering on the palate, and will complement many foods, and taste really nice sipping before any meal. Take your time, do not rush this!
     2) General's Reserve Hard Cider. handmade Bourbon Barrel Aged Cider, with 6.9% alcohol by volume, a 750ml bottle, this definitely packs a solid punch and is more of an acquired taste, and works best with food! A treat.
AND : If your father's want a sample pack for more variety -
     -  GULDEN DRAAK  Limited Edition Brewmaster -
     1) The Original, 2 bottles
     2) 9000 quadruple , 2 bottles    AND
     3) Brewmaster , 2 bottles
     $21.99 for all six bottles, of these 330ml size, product of Belgium - all ' classic ' brews and loved by many
          French Champagne - Grand Cru
     1) Special Club Blanc de Blancs from the southern village of Chouilly that grows the best grapes called Grand Cru ( less than 5% of all champagne grapes are Grand Cru, these being the Chardonnay grapes alone ), from Roland Champion, $70.99, be the champions of the world here, at least for a well-deserved day! A real special treat for your dads! Recoltant manipulant, too.
           TWO Anejo Tequilas - very limited availability, come immediately -
     1) 100% de Agave elaborado en Tahona, from FORTALEZA, 40% alcohol by volume, $92.99 : some of the best I have ever tasted, for longevity of taste, breath of amazingly distinct flavors, and brightness and personality to raise all our spirits ups high!
     2) 100% Agave Extra Anejo from CAMPO AZUL, On Special for $92.99 a bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume : I have never tasted better, love this for the magic smooth enveloping carpet ride it takes my tongue, palate and all senses on! Cheers!
          TWO  Excellent Dry Provence Rose Wine-
     1) One magnum of the ' Classic ' vin de Provence CHATEAU PIGOUDET, $49.99, that's two bottles of 750ml pleasure here to double your pleasure ( you know, as in Wrigley's spearamint gum, ) that lovely pale color, that sultry, yet distinct touch of the tongue rapture that will cajole and please you enormously in this heat! A real treat.
     2) One 750ml bottle of the ' L'Oratoire ' Cuvee Divine vin de Provence from the CHATEAU PIGOUSET, $21.99 a bottle - this one quite literally seduced my senses completely at our rose tasting at the end of May and almost reduced me to whimpering and such pleasure that I just wanted to sit down and fully enjoy my wine! Love it, a real treat this year.
          ONE fine Irish Single Malt -
     1) The TYRCONNELL Double Distilled Irish Whiskey, crafted and refined, matured in ex-Bourbon casks, so soft and elegant, that reveal subtle accents of citrus , honey and vanilla that waft and wax poetic and winter and wander and want nothing but to have us sublimely pleased, yes! On Special now for only $43.99 a bottle, with 43% alcohol by volume.
          ONE Great Santorini Assyrtiko dry white, a 2016,
     1) From the Gavalas Winery on the island of Santorini that is so amazingly bright, elegant, polished, concentrated, refined, enveloping and consuming, gentle, kind and wonderful as to almost immediately relax tongue and all our senses and put us all on ' cruise control ' so we have nothing to do but relax, enjoy the taste, the conversation and the food, and smile, smirk and feel grand. And it all comes in a deep blue cobaly bottle that makes one slip into a wonderful romance mood of love and appreciation and happiness. $26.49 a bottle, with 13% alcohol by volume - a winner.
          TWO Great Dry Reds for you to enjoy now - no need to wait anymore -
     1) 2010 Xhianti Classico FONTODI Azienda Agricola, a great vintage with some bottle age now, $49.99 a bottle, this should be drinking now like a kodacolor dream , everything in harmony and well-rehearsed, with all the components well-familiar with their places on stage to best catch your tongue's appreciation, and to ride seamlessly through touching all your senses inside and outside of you!
     2) Limited Release CLOS APALTA Estate Bottled 2008 from LAPOSTOLLE, from Colchagua Valley, Chile, made from 60+ year-old vines on a non-irrigated vines in Alpalta, a delicious blend here that is showing really well now - all the charms , pleasures and spells are integrated, woven, textured and complete on this wine-tapestry of tastes and cascades and valleys and mountain slopes of released grapes finally finding their full expressions on your senses. It was $110.99, NOW On Special for you for $94.99 a bottle. A perfect Father's Day present really. From the French Marnier Lapostolle family.
          ONE Great 2011 ( year of the century ) Vintage port
     1) For you from the MESSIAS family, still Portuguese-owned ( only five bottles available, come get them ASAP ! ), $53.99 a bottle, this is truly extraordinary and worth getting now as we cannot buy anymore of this extraordinary vintage 2011. Hold it for years, or drink it now over a period of two-three days and enjoy sublimely!
          ONE Beer -
     1) SingleCut Beersmiths,  QNS NYC , " Heavy Boots of Lead " Ale, One Pint, 9 Fl. Oz bottle with 11% Alcohol, 55 BU's, Astoria, NY, $8.99 a bottle! Come check this out!
          THREE Dry Whites from Greece that sell well here :
     1) Roditis , protected designation of origin Patras, from the #organic TETRAMYTHOS Winery that hugs the really steep mountain sides high up, and that is a labor of love to maintain and tend and harvest, a 2016 from Diakopto, Greece, the Penepolese Peninsula, with a lovely low 12.5% alcohol by volume, $13.49 a bottle ( a steal ), as this wine is complete from bouquet to taste from start-to-finish, it does not get much brighter, better, so  fresh with an amazing sunshine permeating the whole balanced taste, a big winner for me, and a tremendous value, too.
     2) MEGA SPILEO ( from CAVINO Winery , also in the Penepolese penninsula ), protected geographical indication achaia ( the export manager George Kavakis was here with our Dionysos rep Danielle Davidowitz , and he tasted me on these fine wines of his, and gets our store email and has told me that he loves getting them ! Music to my ears. ), and this 2016 Moschato blows me away from the incredible exotic, enticing bouquet that tickles my fancy and yet that I cannot quite place, and the taste and flavors that are rich and full, bright, engaging and really nice on my palate, a real treat, only $11.99 a bottle - quite the ridiculous value here! Thank you Jannis Anastassiou.
     3) Dry white wine, a 2016 Natural ferment using the wild yeast already present and the Assyrtiko grape variety that is indigenous there in the island of Santorini, that grows everywhere you look there, and that here in this Natural Ferment taste expresses so much the highs and lows that this grape with minerality, so lively and intoxicating, charming, personable, magnetic, hypnotic and all. You are transported into new and exciting, real realms that will make complete believers of you of what this grape variety can do for you, and for your meal, your conversation, and your new experiences, too! $26.49 a bottle and worth every penny, come get some for your dads now!
NOTE : we also have a bottle or two of their NYXTEPI dry white 2016 , also made from the Assytiriko grapes, aged after fermentation for six months in barrels before being bottled, enjoy the wafting aromas of both fig and pears here, it has a lovely long finish. Try with the grilled sardines or those fried with oil in a pan, any spicy food would also be a really welcome treat, and white meats a must - another splendid treat!
          CELEBRATE, Too the Life of Anthony Bourdain od his show No Reservations with the wine of owner Vittorio of the TRE MONTI Winery in Romagna, Italy with the ...
     1) Indigenous white grape called Albana Secco, this Vigna Rocca will absolutely floor your palate and enable all the tastes and flavors of this amazing grape to saturate and embue your tongue and walls of your mouth with hypnotic tastes that will rock and cradle both you and your soul, relax, too your soles, $16.49, drink it with your dads and enjoy the segment filmed there in Romagna, Italy with Anthony Bourdain.
     ALSO - enjoy -
     2) Vitalba Albana in Anfora ( just like they make these same wines in the country of Georgia where they all started so many glorious moons ago ), $39.99,  made with organic grapes, a secco dry 2016, with 14.5% alcohol by volume, for a 750ml bottle that has a wonderfully unique shape, like the amphora ceramic clay vessels buried in the ground, this is an amazing wine and there are only five or so bottles left here, so come get them as they are no longer available to us! This is an insane treat - drink one and celebrate Anthony Bourdain's life as well as that of your father! Cheers!
          ONE From the Dolomite mountains on the border of Italy and Switzerland from FORADORI -
     1) It is a layered, multi-fascetted complex elixir,concoction, magical potion that will lull and rock and sway your tired nerves as if you were in a delicious hammock pleasing your tongue and palate, throat, stomach, and guts, soul, and so much more - perfectly ready to enjoy now, $30.99 a bottle, a 2011, with 12.5% alcohol by volume.
          ONE From KAYRA Winery in Turkey, the Aegean region, the Beyaz Kalecik Karasi dry rose has a delicate rose color , $24.49, and blows me a way for all the elegance, polish, brightness, charm, pleasure that it doles out so seamlessly and gradually washing and bathing all that is frightened, fatigued and famished in you inside and outside. Wow, what a treat! A wonderful 2017!
       NOTE - Happening News Just Now -
     MARTY one of our favorite regular customers just came by and told me that he and others in the Woodley Park Towers want to be sure we are fine, and that we stay fine here in the neighborhood as it evolves and loses some businesses and gains others. Thanks Marty and all of you that we know and love there, we appreciate infinitely your trust and support! Cheers.
        ALSO on a similar note -
       CAMPBELL from Streets Market just came by to say ' hi ', and to tell me that they are not selling anything that we sell ( or almost nothing ), as they want to be our friends, work with us, grow with us and not compete with us. WE appreciate that, too.
          TWO Greek Reds - ONE sweet and ONE dry -
     1) 2016 MAYPO Kaaabpytino / Black of Kalavryta from the TETPAMYTHOS Winery in the Peleponese Penninsula, also made with organic grapes, using malolactic fermentation, $13.49, an indigenous red grape variety, unique - nothing like it, do not bother to compare or reference it, just enjoy it as it is, learn what it is, serve chilled 30-40minutes, with a lovely low 12.5% alcohol by volume, ( certified organic by DIO in accordance with REG ( EC ) 834/2007, this dry red is earthy and spicy, has to me cedar tones, so many dried fruit tones, so many dried whatever tones from pine needles to fir tree needles, to whatever as it is so earthy, bright, tight, like a guitar string, like a violin string, too - it zips, moans, strips, dips, jumps, scrapes, shouts, -
YEAH, ...  it is a great food wine, have it with an emulsion paste of black olives that you spread on a rustic loaf of bread, have it with a cheese that is smelly and tangy that needs to be softened, have it with a dark chocolate that is dusty-dry and hardened by exposure to the days and in need of moisture to salve the throat, mouth and senses! It is an amazing roller coaster ride this that will really grab your attention and force you to think of something perfect to enjoy it with - keep trying, do not go gentle into that goodnight!
     2) Princess sweet red Syrah wine 2013 from the AVANTIS Estate, $27.49 a bottle, a 500ml bottle, with 14% alcohol by volume, this is really an incredible dry sweet Syrah wine to enjoy at the end of a meal with loved one looking up at the stars and the moon, howling, dancing, moving and being the inner person and inner child that you always are and will be but most hide away for so much of you life! 
Danielle Davidowitz served this to all our customers on International Women's Day, what an incredible experience that was! Buy this and give this to your dad and share this story while you sip and enjoy it by itself or with whatever sweets he enjoys. It is an exceptional treat : world-class as are all these wines I have included here.
     DO NOT COMPARE THEM - simply bathe your senses fully in their unique tastes and expressions and enjoy and celebrate them as you celebrate your fathers, life, family - all, too!
          ONE Great dry Syrah, too with plenty of bottle-age that is showing so wonderfully now - from LAUTERBACH Cellars, Russian River Valley, California -
     1) 2001 Russian River Valley California Syrah, $78.99 a bottle, with 14.7% alcohol by volume, made in Stew's garage, he came and mad this presentation to us himself and we simply had to buy it. Again like the rest this is a complex, multi-fascetted wine highly recommended, limited availabilty, come share this amazing wine with a meal with your dad!
REMEMBER, tomorrow any of these wines costing $19.99 or more a bottle are 20% OFF! SAVE here for your Father's Day celebrations this weekend!
          TWO LOcal DC Spirits from One Eight -
     1) District Grain-to-Glass MADE American Dry IVY CITY GIN, $30.99 ... special, really good!
     2) District Grain-to-Glass MADE Straight RYE WHISKEY, $45.99 a bottle.
We are so happy to both, and we actively work those local distilleries that bother to take the time to contact us and do tastings here. Some of you do a great job, and to those we say thanks! We need to work together, it is the only way to grow stronger - together - as a team - not just as a buyer of local products that we no longer get a chance to taste or to develop smartly here. So thanks !!! We greatly appreciate your help and will do everything to recommend your products to our customers.
     Friday, June 15th, 2018 ( 5-8PM ) : We have TWO Tastings here for you all , so bring your fathers and start early!
     1) We have Cristina of Kysela Pere et Fils et Fille here tasting two Sancerre Loire valley wines, one dry white Sauvignon Blanc, and one dry Pinot Noir rose - from two different producers, and some great red Burgundy Gamay dry red from the MANOIR DU CARRA< and one more that I cannot remember just now - it will be a surprise!
     ALSO :
     2) We have a BOLD ROCK Hard Cider tasting here with John, bot No Charge - join us for both!
     Saturday, June 16th , 2018 ( TWO Tastings ) :
     1) We have owner Serghei here from his and Stacey's OLD TOWN CELLARS tasting the wines of Spain : !0 the DEMBA Garnacha red, ... 2) VINA COSTERA 2016 Ribeiro ... and the #) VINA COSTERA 2015 dry red made from the Mencia indigenous grape variety ...  AND .... 4) MARTINEZ LACUESTA Rioja, too!
     2) REPUBLIC RESTORATIVES will be here with Rae we hope tasting the 1) CIVIC Vodka, $27.99 ...  and the .... 2) BOUROUGH Bourbon, too, $53.99. BOTH made here in Washington DC. We will also probably taste their .... 3) Rodham Rye. Cheers, join us, that will be from 3-7PM. No charge, always free to taste.
THANKS FOR ALL YOUR TRUST and BUSINESS over the years, we would not be here for you!    TONY
IT"S NICE THAT WE FINALLY HAVE SOME drop-dead gorgeous last days of spring. This is great news as so many of our spring days have been hot and humid. So come by on this wonderful day and evening and get some beer, liquor and wine and enjoy it ASAP! You never know what tomorrow will bring? Hopefully more of yesterday and today. We deserve it after all the ups and downs so far. We have some lovely dry Malvasia Di Puglia 2009 ( $8.99 ) to enjoy from MONTEVENTO, Italy. You can also get some delicious 2008 French Cabernet Franc Vin De Pays D'Oc ( $8.99 ) from the DOMAINE COUSSERGUES and chill it down. If that's to much wine then get some of our lovely " new " VINI Pinot Noir 2009 Danube River Plains ( $9.99 ) and chill that down for this afternoon or early evening. Of course white wines are so enjoyable with the pure, unadulterated sunshine bathing us and we have some of the RIEBEEK CELLARS 2010 Chardonnay from Swarthland, South Africa. It's not oaked and really a delight as the temperatures warm and the humidity stays low.
        BEER : We Must Not Forget A Good Brew Or Two Or More !
BUT HEY, let's not forget some excellent dry rose from CANTELE : the 2009 Rosato made from the indigenous grape variety Negroamaro ( $11.99 ) was delicious this past Sunday afternoon with my wife at the textile Museum at the celebration of Sidney Moore Margolis' life with some incredible song and music of Sondheim's performed by soprano Susan, piano player Sophia and cello by. These three were simply wonderful and there I sat recording with my Flip camera this performance and sipping this lovely dry and full and rich-tasting CANTELE rosato. Very special circumstances indeed : a treat all around.
BUT THIS WEATHER IS ALSO GREAT FOR BEER and I have just asked or beer reps to recommend to us some of their selections for this time of the year :
     1) DALE'S Pale Ale is Tim of Legend's Limited distributor's recommendation for today. Made by OSKAR this Blues Dale's pale ale from Colorado in cans ( $8.99 a six-pack of 12-oz. cans ,, 6.5% alcohol by volume ) has been a huge success ever since we started carrying it here years ago. It may also be the front-runner for putting quality beer back in cans and selling it across the United States? It's popular and good and we sell lots of it. Come check it out. Take it on a picnic with you? Today's the day!
     2) Joon of Premium Distributors just brought me two selections from the BLUE MOON. We have two here for you to consider for right now and later into this afternoon and evening :
       a) BLUE MOON Summer Honey Wheat from their Seasonal Collection ( $8.99 a six-pack of 12-ounce bottles, 5.2% alcohol by volume by volume, ) " we craft our beers with flavorful ingredients and wheat for an inviting taste "...
       b) BLUE MOON Pale Ale Belgian-Style pale ale ( $8.99 a six-pack of 12-ounce bottles, 5.4% alcohol by volume from Golden, CO. ) is brewed with orange peel and hibiscus with a touch of wheat and a smooth finish.
     3) " Sundog " Amber Ale from NEW HOLLAND ( $On Special for $10.99 a six-pack, 6% alcohol by volume,, , Michigan ) is : " A showcase of caramel malt and toasted barley notes, with subtle sweetness and a nutty finish. Pairings grilled foods, caramelized onions, tomato sauce, gruyere... ". I like that they made food-pairing recommendations here on the bottle. Bravo!
        HEY RAVI , What Do You All Have For Us?!? How about...
     1) Pomegranate Martini from SMIRNOFF ( On Special for $18.99, reg: $26.99, 1.75ml plastic bottle ) with vodka and ready to chill and serve and easy to travel with, too. This would be great anytime today and YOU SAVE!      ALSO : Comes in TUSCAN LEMONADE With Limoncello ,   and GRAND COSMOPLOITAN With Grand Marnier at the same SALE PRICE of only $18.99 for a half a gallon. Wow!
     2) BULLEIT Bourbon Frontier Whiskey , Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey ( 1.75ml, On Special for $46.99 ) is now available and ON SALE in a gallon bottle! Party! Great to enjoy now in so many ways ...
     3) From TRIMBACH in Alsace, France we have in:
          EAUX DE VIE -
       a) Mirabelle Grand Reserve, 750ml, $39.99
       b) Kirsch, Cherry, 750ml : $39.99
       c) Framboise, Raspberry 750ml, $39.99
          LIQUEUR -
       a) Liqueur De Poire, 750ml, $29.99
       b) Liqueur De Framboise, 750ml, $29.99
     4) The " Cru " From Virgina's KLUGE Estate ( $16.99, 750ml bottle, 18% alcohol by volume ) , this aperitif wine is called a Melange Nouveau and is modeled after France's Pineau Des Charantes where they make cognac. Come get some. Some of the very last KLUGE bottles as it has been sold and bought by Donald Trump. WE also have some of the very last bottles of the KLUGE sparkling wines for you all interested?

        WINES FROM GREG & TONY : Sake, Too :
     1) Tsuchizaki Harbor Minato " Harbor " Tsuchizaki Yamahai Japanese sake ( $26.99 , 720ml bottle, 15% alcohol by volume, ) is " new and exciting " for us. Our local and famous Winebow rep Jody Jackman tasted it here when we did our Sake & Plum Wine Big-Theme Tasting and we needed to order more again, It's back on our shelves now. Come and treat yourselves on this beautiful day without any humidity and lots of the sun's shine and baby blue skies up above - oh yeah!
        KOSHER WINES - We sell them everyday now here ...  
     2) Cabernet Sauvignon from Israel's Judean Hills Vineyards, the NOAH Winery, 2010 ( $10.99 ) is available along with the Petit Sirah 2010 ( $10.99 ). They have both sold well here for the last year or so and are both kosher.
    3) JERUSALEM HILLS Cabernet-Shiraz from the JERUSALEM Winery, Israel ( $15.99 ) is new and also comes in a dry Shiraz rose at the same price and they are both selling well here. We will have to do a tasting and open them all for you to try. WE are happy to have them here and be able to offer them to you on a regular basis.
     4) APPALINA 2008 Merlot ( $10.99 ) from France's Vin De Pays D'Oc is delicious and showing beautifully, with or without food.
     5) APPALINA 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon from France's Vin De Pays D'Oc is a bit more robust and hearty and needing of a meal to make it blossom fully but it is a really well-made, balanced wine.
     6) VINO Italian Sweet red ( $10.99 ) is fabulous and so easy. Drink this all by itself and feel no worries.
     7) VINO Sweet White ( $10.99 ) is also very popular with any of you that have a sweet tooth. Really great values, both for the money. Really easy to enjoy by themselves or with dessert. Cheers.
        ITALY - Whites -
     1) DAL MASO " C'A Fischele " dry Veneto white Gambellara Classico 9 $13.99 ) is back once again. it's one of our most popular dry white Italian wines here ever. People love it : it's great to sip, too - all by itself.
    2) PODERE CANNETA 2009 Vernaccia Di S. Gimignano ( $16.99 ) is delightful for this weather now. It's been said if there were a white Chianti that it would be a Vernaccia like this one. I agree. It's an absolute delight. Lovely.
     3) Pinot Grigio from J.HOFSTATTER in Italy's Alto Adige, this 2010 ( $19.99 ) is flavorful and tasty and dry and crisp and best when paired with some food whether finger foods or a meal. Classy wine.

     1) Writer's Block Pinot Noir 2008 from Jed Steele's son is earthy, pithy and spicy and I loved it. At $14.99 it's a fine bottle. Give it a chill of twenty minutes and enjoy it today or tonight.
     2) Shooting Star 2008 Blue Franc Blaufrankisch Washington State dry red wine ( $14.99 ) is made by Jed Steele himself and delightful and bright and fresh and with great berry-bright grape presence and with a slight chill it's also wonderful with this heat and possible humidity lurking ever so close by?!?
     3) Writer's Block Malbec 2009 ( $14.99 ) is a really light and refreshing Malbec that's perfect for this warmer weather. Chill and enjoy immediately! No better time than now and today and ten minutes ago!!!!!
     4) CELLAR No. 8 Cabernet Sauvignon from California ( $10.99 ) is a great wine to put a slight chill on and enjoy right away as it's made for that and not too heavy or sharp. Lovely with or without food.     
     5) Educated Guess Napa Valley 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon ( $19.99 ) was tasted by Greg and me recently and we both thought it was " a must " to have back here once again as it has done so well in the past here.    
     6) Il Campo 2009 Central Coast Sangiovese and Zinfandel ( $27.99 ) was tasted here the other day with you all and it showed beautifully on that weekend and we sold several bottles with Theresa Morrison's assistance, our owner of her own import company called Boutique Imports / 34 South. Thanks Theresa. It's a lovely nuanced and velvety and distinguished wine that I would love to have some at my home.

       Friday, June 17th, 2011 ( 5-8PM ) : Greg and I will open a selection of wines to taste : some listed here.
       Saturday, June 18th ( 2-6PM ) : We have our AMERICAN Big-THEME Wine_tasting with owners Morten of the Ravines Winery in New York coming down to visit us ; as well as owner Susan of her DEMOCRACY Vineyard in the Albermarle region of Virginia to taste her Apple wine, her white Viognier as well as her 50% Pinotage red and 50% Cabernet Franc. Join us, never any charge. Bring family and friends. We will also have Nolan of Mondo Vino tasting some excellent California wines. Cheers, see you soon...
     DINNER @ PALENA with the DREI DONA Wines of Italy's Emilia Romagna region that includes dry white , two dry reds and two sparkling red lambrusco's. This will be great. These Pruno and Notturno Sangiovese wines are classic and organic, too.
     Dinner is $137 per person everything included and dinner on Monday, June 27th, 2011 starts at 7PM, get there by 6:30PM. Only forty seats available. Call kellie for the menu and reservations at : 202-537-9250. Cheers, can't wait. With Special Guest : Regis Sxheithauer to lead us through the wines with assists from both Kellie and me ( Tony ). This will be a dinner to remember. Trust me. My last luncheon at Palena I am still raving about.

     I KNOW I AM FORGETTING SOMETHING but it's time to send this now as the hour is getting late ( famous line in a Jimi Hendrix song : " All Along The Watchtower "...). I love it, love you, come and say " hello " ... cheers,  TONY