Saturday, September 23, 2017

Discover The Your Past Present & Future Here At / In Our Vibrant One-Of-A-Kind Retail Restaurant Movie House Fitness Center Shopping - Dining - Exercising - Viewing A Movie On A Great Big Screen Quite The Scene, Too - Experience Real Fun Authentic Life With All Of Us Here! Come Taste Robert Kennedy's Fine Wines Today 2-6PM - Great Italian Wines!

Everyone is running to get to #ClevelandParjNejghborhood a happening place yes! Come taste the fine family wines if Italy from Robert Kennedy 2-6pm yes today !!!!
Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits
Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Thank you Peter, as always it will be a pleasure to see you again and taste with you these fine wines of Robert Kennedy. Dogs are welcome, too. We have fresh water out for them here the wine-tasting , so feel free to bring them in! Cheers!!!
Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits
Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Go by the #Farmer'sMarketClevelandParkWashDC20008 that has been a great success and organized and executed by our fine Cleveland Park Business Association here, looking out for you, doing what we all can to make this, or actually simply keep this the brilliant, alive, versatile, vibrant, active, lively, warm, welcoming neighborhood that it is with one-of-a-king store and restaurants, moveie house, fitness center, and not simply chains that are choking the history and our past from us and providing pretty much neutral, bland, surface places that do not celebrate our past, and add to the equation as we do, they simply copy those parts of the equation that are everywhere, that do not add anything really special, unique or fascinating as we do here in Cleveland Park! Walk by the stores, look into the displays, go inside, step into many special worlds that are vital and enriching, nourishing, essential to our physical and mental well-being to survive, to thrive, to smile feel alive, and grow - as a community, person, family yes!! Cheers, happy weekend, come by and taste this afternoon fine quality, small-production family owned vineyards and their wines from Italy from @RWKImports and with president @RobertKennedy himself pouring and sharing here from 2-6PM, Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 : and remember your dogs are welcome here, even fresh water for them, too to drink! Anthony ( TONY ) Anthony Quinn

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Escape Politics Here To More Peaceful Spirits & Television, Too! Happy Rosh Hashanah , In The Eighties, Cooler Today, Discover West Cork Limited Irish Whiskey, ' Contradiction ' from Smooth Ambler WV Blend Of Straight Whiskies, Vanilla from Crown Royal, Corazon de Agave Tequila, The Gentler Dram from Tomintoul, Mandarin Absolute Swedish Vodka, Godfather Premium Beer, Mango Comapeno from Charm City Draft Mead, Imported 10,000 Super Beer from Old Monk, Le Sabor Que Nos Une Saiva Vida Beer, & Sooo Much More

ALWAYS SOMETHING HAPPENING here in Cleveland Park Northwest, Washington D.C., 20008, a happenin' Wine & Spirits store, lots of vibrant restaurants and stores to shop in, to be amazed, pleased, and we have a great art center across the street, a really fine fitness center, and a superb movie house - yes, and Mr Chen's Organic restaurant this week. Really a very vibrant, stimulating environment to be in here. You should try it, you will be surprised, you will be transported, you will be smiled upon, slapped on the back, cajoled, teased, pleased and you will become a part of our active community. Cheers, come and see how it feels for size, fit and feel?!?

IT IS ROSH HASHANAH this Thursday and we wish you all a great holiday celebration, enjoy it, come by for any kosher wines you may need, let us assist you with that. We have a fine selection here and are thrilled and honored to be able to serve your needs throughout the year and during these important holiday celebrations as well. Come discover our

AND : We Have A GREAT Winemaker/Owner Dinner with Alejandro Jofre of his own winery J.A.JOFRE Winery from Chile that will include his Estate wines, Bianco, Rosado, e Rojo including a fine Carmenere, from the Colchagua Valley, he uses the term ' modern ' for his wines,, we will see how Alejandro's four wines pair with the four courses at Ardeo/Bardeo restaurant down at the end of our block this -
     Tuesday, September 26th, 2017
     7 PM
     $50 + Tax & Gratuity
     Call : 202-244-6750

JOIN US for this wonderful dinner. Ardeo has always done a stellar job at these dinners. Try the wines and get special pricing for them the next day Wednesday when we charge you for them, available for pick-up here on the weekend.
YOU WILL LOVE John and Theresa Morrison the import company at @34South that brings these to us. They will be there along with Alejandro waxing-poetic about the wine and food pairings, and about Chile and the Colchuaga Valley, too. Cheers, see you there.

TASTINGS of the week :

WEDNESDAY, September 120th, 2017 - 5-8PM, ...
ON TOP OF ALL THIS this week we will focus on some great Hungarian wines using the Furmint grape ( on Wednesday , with David Humayer the brand ambassador od FURMINTUSA , come see what we have, try them, be amazed : world-class wines, all whites, all distinct, with great unique personalities. Taste for yourselves

FRIDAY, September 22nd, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Valerie Wrightson of Elite Imports here to taste some fine Spanish wines ( a lilting lovely Albarino and a silkt-soft-bright red from the Mencia grape - smoother than I have ever tasted for this indigenous Mencia grape variety from Bierzo, a @GrapesOfSpain selection, the first I have tasted in quite awhile, and I must say I like this one very much, was surprised how much I liked it.. And we have another surprise wine from Spain for you all to try as well with Valerie. Come taste this Friday ...  as well as a killer dry Tavel rose, too from Tavel, France. This, too is a more fruit-forward, softer, gentler Tavel than I have tasted in quite some time, and I quite liked it.

ALSO : Rae of REPUBLIC RESTORATIVES will be here to taste again with us the superb Civic Vodka, the Borrough Bourbon and the Rodham Rye whisy, too : something for eveyone. And this is the only DC distillery owned by women, support them.

SATURDAY, September  23rd, 2017 ( 2-6pm ) : we have Robert Kennedy the owner of his own RWK Imports here to taste some of our favorite small-production, family-owned wines, four, ...

1) Verdicchio d'Matelica, 2015, from COLLE STEFANO, $19.99 a bopttle, vino biologico/ Agricoltura Italia, with 12.5% alcohol by volume, ( go to : and ) : I like this wine for the flavor, the vibrant rich thickness yet svelt-ness here, what a versatile wine , dry, that pleases so.

2) ' Thea ' 2013 dry aromatic, bright, full rich 100% Petit Manseng Rubicone from TRE MONTI Winery
. ( you hardly ever see this French grape variety in Italy ) : $29.99, with 15% alcohol by volume - this is an exceptional vintage for a wine, and a wine not-to-be-missed! It will leave quite an imprint on your tastebuds, like looking at the solar eclipse of the sun when you should not, be aware! Taste slowly, let the flavors seep in, be felt, be experienced in full. Named after Vittorio's grandmother .

3) Pterignone 2012 Sangiovese Riserva from TRE MONTI Winery, from Romagna, Italy as well as the Thea white above, aged for six months in small barrels, with 14.5% alcohol by volume, This red is really starting to come into it's own right now and will provide amazing bright full yet controlled flavors to excite, ignite, fire both imagination and tastebuds here, and complement many a fine meal, too.Made from 100% Sangiovese, $23.99, recommended without question.

4) ' Terra Lunari ' Benaco Bresciano IGT , Veneto, Italy, from PERLA DEL GARDA, a superb Bordeaux blend from owner-winemaker Giovanna, On Special for $21.49, regularly $22.99, : a great medium-to-light-bodied red to enjoy with a meal. A real treat, always been one of my favorites.

Wow, what a great lineup.

JOIN US, Free to taste, only costs you when you buy.

AND :   We Have  BEER, CIDER , LIQUOR & More WINE To Interest You :

I JUST sold wine to an Aussie that asked me : " And you reckon it is good? " I siad with a smile quickly, yes, I do, and I reckon you will come back and tell me so about each of these different French wines. At the register I reiterated : " And the reckoning will be the next time you come to the store. " We both smiled. Time will reveal her opinion on each of these fine French wines : two red Burgundy wines : a Julienas 100% 2015 Gamay grape, and a 90% Pinot Noir and 10% Cesar from the small village of Irancy next to Chablis - both reds On Special for $19.99 ,  one fine unoaked Loire Valley Chardonnay, $14.99 a bottle ).

AND : We just had Doug that needed a bottle of kosher wine and I sold him a bottle of the Paarl South African UNORTHODOX wine, a Sauvignon Blanc 2016, $14.99, that is a delight to sip before the meal as well as with it.

AND  ALSO : Hamid from down the street at : just came by asking for his case of the Armenian Pomegranate wine that his mother likes to drink, and so I called our rep Konstantin that called me back just now ( all in a twenty minute period ), and all is well. The case comes for Hamid's mother tomorrow and as Hamid says : " That is all she drinks. " I loved that. His father said earlier to him : " Be sure it is from Armenia. " Small world, only place that I know it is made.

AND : The Kagor will come back, too from Moldoa, our sweet red that will hit the spot if you like port-like wines , and this will preserve after open for quite some time as well.

THE TRUTH HERE : we are here to support our community, we feel strongly about that, we really do. Come by and let us know what you want, can be a kosher bottle as well as a scratch ticket where our customer just asked me : " What is the best $20 sctratch ticket to buy? " I said let's start with the $2 ticket first, he bought two, spent $4 and got his two dollars back on the second ticket, so he was only out $2! He got his bottle blue bottle of kosher Prosecco and so he is very happy and can enjoy that at sunset tomorrow night.

SO :  Here are what we are recommending :

IN BEER From Santos We Have :

1) SAIVA VIDA, a Honduras beer of 6 12-ounce cans, On Special for $9.49 : come and check this out. Should taste great this week with our temperatures in the eighties!

2) Godfather Premium beer, Original quality, On Special for $2.99 for a 1Pt 6 Fl Oz bottle, , with 6.8% alcohol by volume, from India, come check this out.

3) 10,000 Super Beer from OLD MONK, Go for Monk, imported from India, On Special for $4.99 a 1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz bottle, with 8% alcohol by volume, ... come try it!


1) Mango Comapeno Meadworks from CHARM CITY, a 4-pack of 12-ounce specials, On Special for $12.99, : not too much heat, not too much sweet, ...with 6.9% alcohol by volume, these are delightful, refreshing, distinct, a treat, such variety , and from Baltimore, Maryland.

IN LIQUOR - From Jagir we have -

1) Dry Vermouth DRAPO, a full liter bottle from Turino, Italy, $18.99 : flavorful, tasty, distinct, a quality product,with 13% alcohol by volume.

2) Reposado tequila from CORAZON de Agave, $54.99, made from 100% Agave, , grown in the ha=eart of the Blue Agave region in Mexico known as ' The Highlands '.Distilled twice from 100% Blue Agave, distilled in pot stills and aged in oak barrels.All estate-produced from start-to-finish. Yes, si si si si si!

3) Vanilla flavored whisky from CROWN ROYAL, a fine Canadian whisky to enjoy anytime you want the distinct flavor of vanilla to spread through and add to and soften the flavors of the whisky to just that point that makes the experience a complete joy and not one that is more an aquired tast Cheers! On Special for $30.99 for a 750ml bottle, with 35% alcohol by volume. Cheers.

4) ' Contradiction ' from SMOOTH AMBLER , a 100 proof blended bourbon whisky, On Special for $53.99 a bottle, using 27% straight bourbon whiskies aged 2 years, and 73% straight bourbon whiskies aged 9 years, a wheated bourbon combined with a rye, try it, excellent.

5) Speyside Glenlivet Single Peated Malt Scotch whisky from TOMINTOUL ( the gentle dram ), On Special for $43.99 a bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume : I am a firm believer in the elegance, pleasure, smoothness and harmony in the flavors of all the TOMINTOUL single malt scotches! Really special, and a great price, too.

6) Limited Release Irish Whiskey Barrel proof from WEST CORK, $57.99 a bottle, with 62% alcohol by volume, really distinct, really great force, power, flavors that are tempered in this barrel proof that will put your tatsebuds all to the test, and charm and cajole and please them before all is over, you will tasste, you will feel, you will relax and smile, too.

7) Mandarin from ABSOLUT, from Sweden, give a Madarin flavor accent to your fine Swedish vodka drink tonight, On Special for $23.99, with 40% alcohol by volume.

TWO GREAT Extremes here in kosher wines - sublime to ridiculously fine, both :

1) Carmenere 2016 from Chile's Valle Central, Bin N0 966, $8.99 a bottle, with 13% alcohol by volume,  and Vegan friendly, this is the national red grape for Chile, medium-bodied, once blended in Bordeaux, France to make fine Bordeaux, and now adopted by the people of Chile as their national grape variety. Cheers.

2) Pauillac 2010 ( a great vintage in Bordeaux ), this dry fabulous red Bordeaux from CHATEAU HAUT de la BECADE, $49.99, with 13% alcohol by volume, is a great way to enjoy a fine kosher wine starting at sunset tomorrow, Come by tomorrow and SAVE 20% OFF on this bottle , as all bottles over $19.99 of wine are 20% OFF tomorrow as usual.

THANKS For Everything, you all are the very very very best. We could nt be here without you. Cheers, thanks again, TONY  9/19, 2017

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Yesterday With Irma & The World Trade Center Was Hard On Many & Our Hearts Go Out To All Affected, Enjoy This Fall-Like Weather Now, Come By, : Check Out Beatitude Raspberry Tart Saison Of COUNCIL Brewing Co., Vieille Provision Unfiltered Belgian Farmhouse Ale Of SAISON DUPONT, John D. Taylor's VELVET FALERNUM Liqueur, Don Ciccio & Figli ' Nocino ' Washington D.C,, Joseph CARTRON Creme De Cassis Double Creme, & Sooo Much More!

     TIME FOR ME to write today's store email and post it so all of you may read it after 5PM this beautiful fall-like Tuesday, September 12th, 2017. Read and enjoy it. Our server IContact and I are having problems and so this is our third week not there. Sorry!

Below is my artwork, a watercolor and oil pastels combined. I do these in series, based and inspired by our annual beach experiences.

     A TOUGH TIME and we all need to rally our spirits with good spirits and community and not losing sight of the bigger picture and that we have so much we can do to enjoy life and one another.

     IT WAS TOUGH yesterday and this weekend with Hurricane Irma as well as remembering the World Trade Center and the two towers and that tragedy that is still very much with us. We were lucky, too that Hurricane Irma was not so sever as expected, and that is such a tremendous relief.

     PETER JUST GOT BACK FROM FRANCE where he and Veronique run a delightful B & B there nor far from La Rochele along the coast. If interested let me know and I will give you their eb page so you may see for yourselves, possibly stay there.

     SANDY & RANDY are still in Spain I believe visiting the great Spanish wineries with guide Howard, and Maria that sells us high-end Kiwi wines just called ( she was on a ferry I believe as she called ) to organize the five Kiwi wines to be used for a great tasting in October of New Zealand wines! We hope to have Maria come here and pour them for you as well on Wednesday, October 25th, 5-8PM, so that will be quite exciting, a real treat, as they all glide down delightfully and soothe and please, cajole and tease our mouths and throats!

     WE ALWAYS HAVE PROJECTS that we are working on together here. That keeps is all ' real ' for all of us, and I believe we need that in a time when there is so much that can be construed as ' fake ' and murky, uncertain, scary, disturbing.

     IT IS TIME to finish paying bills from our vacations, assess where we are with children in school, how we want to finish the year of 2017, will we have a government budget to run on, will there be enough relief for Texas with the recent water damages, etcetera?

     SPEAKING OF ET CETERA we tasted a FABulous wine here named that this past Saturday with Stacey of her own Old Town Cellars with ET CETERA ' Serendipity ' 5300 bottles Vin de Calitate Matur Rosu Sec, $19.99, with 13% alcohol by volume, from Purcari, Moldova, this is a hearty, deep, sense, chewy and beefy brawny dry food blend of Fetesca Neagra 70%, and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon. It was a big hit on Saturday, many buying it, enjoying it here. A fine food wine with excellent definition, balance - world-class, and yes, from Moldova. Come by and try some. We still have some, with more on order.

    SPEAKING OF keeping our spirits up we have some excellent beer, ale and cider selections from Santos Rivera to bring to your attention :

     1) Prairie Artisan Ales VAPE TRICKS Sour Ale Aged In Cherries : 4 can, pretty cute deep pink labels with great graphics, too, On Special for $12.99 for it, 5% alcohol for 12 fluid ounces, yes!

     2) Prairie Artisan Series TWIST Dry Hopped Farmhouse Ale, On Special for $12.99, for four 12-ounce cans, with 5.8% alcohol by volume : two dancers sending off a whole lot of vibes and energy on this label : kool! Let's all dance and get in this spirits now.

          THREE  From  PERRY'S Somerset Cider : To Be Tasted Here : Gluten Free

     1) Barn Owl Ty TO ALBA Bird British Isles Farm House Cider, 5d,  On Special for $7.99 : tart, tangy, zoweeeee, needs a meal! 6.5% alcohol by volume,6.5% alcohol by volume.

     " As with all our ciders .... ... our bottle-conditioned ciders are produced as simply and as naturally as possible - using the very best fresh apples, small batch techniques, wild yeast and 100% juice. The cider is then left to mature in wood before final conditioning in the bottle. "

     2) Puffin FRATERCULA ARCTICA Birds of the British Isles, 3d, On Special for $7.99, bottle-conditioned,  This is softer, not as tart or crisp and acidic as the Barn Owl.

     3) Grey Heron ARDEA CINEREA of the Birds British Isle, 7d Single Orchard Cider, 5.5% alcohol by volume. This is the delicious, smooth, soft, rounded, ripe, delicious-sipping all by itself , no need for a meal, sit back, put your legs up, smile, relax, sip,  and delight, yes! A treat.

          ONE By ABRAHALLS : Gluten-Free -

     1) Thundering MOLLY Cider , well-rounded, medium body, with 5.2% alcohol by volume, On Special for $6.99, this is the easy-to-drink, such a delight taste that is enjoyable all on it's own!

     WE WILL BE TASTING all four of these ciders soon here with our local rep Bill Catron of Capital Eagle, Inc. We liked thrm all, think they all have things to offer you all. Plan on tasting all four here soon. If you cannot make it come and visit us today and pick them up here. What fun, and gluten-free, and really tasty, too.

     SANTOS Tells me that Bill will be here tasting these four this Friday, September 15th, 2017 from 5-8PM, join us, always free tastings.

          TWO BEERS From Santos -

     1) Beatitude Raspberry Tart Saison Raspberry Ale , On Special for $14.99 a bottle, , with 4.5% from the COUNCIL Brewing Co.,  On Special for $14.99 a bottle, from San Diego, CA. :
     " Beatitude is the French word for bliss is what we float away on whatever we enjoy this specially brewed beer. This Tart Saison is brewed in the Belgian tradition of tart farmhouse ales. The magic happens when our house culture of Brettanomyces Lactobacillius and Saison yeast throw an out-of-this-world party in our fermenters. Aged on raspberries, this yields a beer with a lacto forward nose, an intensely tart raspberry flavor, a doughy complexity, and takes the word ' refreshing ' to a whole new level, "

     2) Vieille Provision SAISON DUPONT is an unfiltered Belgian Farmhouse Ale, bottle-conditioned, brewed by Brasserie Dupont, Tourpes, Belgium, On Special for $11.99 , 750ml bottle, with 6.5% alcohol by volume,  :

     " Brewed at one of Europe's last farmhouse breweries, in Hainaut province, Saison Dupont is a 4-star, world classic example of the Belgian Saison style. ... "

     LIQUORS, LIQUEURS From Jagir Singh -

     1) Creme de Cassis  from Joseph CARTRON , a creme de Cassis from Burgundy, made since 1882, now that is some tredition, and here wi have it On Special for $26.99 for a 750ml bottle, with 19% alcohol by volume, come and get some, some white wine, too or some sparkling wine and make the classic examples of eithe a kir ( still - non-sparkling wine )  or a kir royale ) sparkling )! They are a great way to start any party off in real style. Bring this back, it is fun, tasty and a classic.

     2) John D. Taylor's Velvet Falernum Liqueur, product of Barbados, " the original Falernum ", On Special for $18.99 a bottle, with 11% alcohol by volume, :

     " This exotic, aromatic liqueur was invented on the island in the early1800's when natives made it at home by steeping lime, ginger, almonds and cloves in Barbados rum. "

     3) Nocino Artisinal Walnut Liqueur from DON CICCIO & FIGLI , made in Washington DC,, On Special for $35.99 a bottle, with 29% alcohol by volume,  : " a family tradition since 1883. no artificial flavoring or coloring added. And for best results keep it refrigerated. " Summon up the mixologist in you and come up with a great recipe or two. A real special treat.

     WINE From Chris & Tony -

     1) Rose Lime simply sparklingpremium wine product crafted with fine French wine & natural ingredients, PAMPLELONNE , with6% alcohol, a 250ml can : cute , it has the tasty, but yes the ' cute factor ' for gifts, for bachelorette parties, etcetera, with you ' own ' gree-white-striped straw!

     2) Chardonnay and Dimiat and Muscat ( Fair for Life ) from LEVA Winemaker's Selection : dry, tasty, full of character, $10.99,  2016, a tasty, good complexity, really FABulous ' value ' dry white blend from Bulgaria!

     3) Rose of Pinot Noir from BARRYMORE , made by CARMEL ROAD : $19.99 a bottle, light delicate color, a treat like Provence, France : check it out today, tonight, have some chilled for you all as it is a bit muggy now, yikes, not good, too oppressive, need to cut through that!

          TWO From Chanarmuyo - TWO Reds Reservas  -

     4)  2014 Cabernet Sauvignon Vale de Chanarmuyo, from La Rioja in Argentina, north of Mendoza - $21.49, these wines are getting better and better! Yes!Good body, good balance, some edge, some zip, some bing cherry zip, a treat with a meal.

     5) 2014 Malbec, from the Valle de Chanarmuyo, again from La Rioja, $21.49, a biit more stuffing but yet a bit smoother and less edgy than the Cabernet. Both are youthful reds that will shine with food, or from being cellared another 3-6 years! Cheers. Something piping hot off the grill would be perfect.

REMEMBER : SAVE ON WINE each Wednesday here :

UP TO TWO ways to save 20% OFF -

ONE WAY to save 15% OFF

CALL Chris or Tony for details,

PAY TOMORROW, Always Save every Wednesday on wine here. Call : 202-363-4265.


     WEDNESDAY, September 13th, 2017 -  With Narayan Campbell ( 5-8PM ) : We have four wines with Narayan to taste :

1) Chenin Blanc 2017 from KAAPZICHT , an estate wine of Stellenbosch, from the Stetler family winemakers, $14.99, with 13% alcohol by volume, imported by Red Wolf Imports : I look forward to trying this as this is the ' new ' vintage. Should be lovely, bright, refreshing, a great food treat.

2) SilverMYn Sauvignon Blanc 2015, from ZORGVLIET , South Africa, $11.99,  with 13.5% alcohol by volume, a sharper, more tart, more tangy zip that has real body and calls out for a meal to balance the stronger flavors - help flesh and soften them out. Yes.

3) SilverMYn Argentum 2015 dry red  blend of 62% Merlot, 31% Cabernet Sauvignon , 3% Malbec and 2% Petit Verdot and 2% Cabernet Franc : a rounder, more fruit-forward red, some good weight, a treat to enjoy slithly -chilled 30-40 minutes!

4) Cremant de Bourgogne dry Brut Rose sparkling wine of Pinot Noir, $23.99, from MOINGEON, this has some real body , weight, character, definition : a beauty, a treat - the real McCoy, French McCoy bien sur mes amis!

COME TASTE all four tomorrow here with Narayan, 5-8PM.

FRIDAY, September 15th, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) :  Come taste here with Sotiris Bafitis of his own OENOS Imports specializing in Greek wines but also selling fine wines of Italy, Spain,

     COME TASTE FOUR wines with Sotiris Bafitis :

          TWO From Greece -

    1) FTERI 2014 , a dry Moschofilero white made with this indigenous grape, from the TROUPIS Winery, On Special for $11.99. What a great dry complex layered floral and tasty dry white, what a deal! ( Also there are a few bottles left of the 2013 On Special for $9.99 a bottle! We will not taste it but you may buy it and save ).
     2) Mantinia 2014 Moschofilero from TROUPIS Winery , from a single vineayrd, more finesse, more flair, more elegance, brightness, melding-smooth-care, yes, On Special for $13.99.

          TWO From Italy -

     1) Panzanellofrom Panzano,  this Chianti 2015 DOCG, On Special for $12.99 : a good flavorful balanced medium-to-light-bodied dry red Sangiovese blend, what a treat with a meal!

     2) ' PorcaLoca ' from CANTINA San Biagio Vecchio, On Special for $13.99, from Romagna, a Sangiovese Superiore 2014 : more bite, more grip and grit, more edge, a food wine, needs the meal to soften and round-out the rough edges here!

     COME TASTE the four new ciders mentioned above that will tasted here by Bill Catron : from England - all really special.

     ALSO : With Jimmy we will taste three of the fine GLENMORANGIE Single Malt Scotches , what a treat , Highlands Single Malt scotches - smooth more refined, not peaty, very enjoyable to sip, you will see and taste for yourselves.

SATURDAY, September 16th, 2016 ( 2-6PM ) : Come taste with Andrew Stover ' great values ' from :

1) NETZL ( great Austrian dry rose ), $14.99
2) Domaine Vetriccie Ile de Beaute 2014, $9.99 a bottle for a dry rich flavorful French red

     TOO From Chevalier FAMAEY -

 1) 2015 Cotes de Gascogne French dry white, $10.99 ... and  ...
2) 2015 Malbec , $10.99 ... also from France, from the cote de Lot ( the town and area of Cahors is here in the Lot where the Malbec comes originally - and all the immigrants took cuttings with them and brought them to South America on boats - amazing they survived at all!

JOIN US, always free tastings.

ALSO On Saturday - we will taste the Twin Valley Distillery spirits in Rockville, MD, tried-and-true : loved here, come taste with JoAnn!

THANKS for everything, you all are the very best!  TONY 3423 Conn. Ave. NW Washington DC, 200008, 202-363-4265.

My artwork I did at the beach at the Outer Basnks, all is for sale, inquire, cheers, TONY

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Come Meet & Taste With 3rd Generation Greg Grazziano Of His Own Family's GRAZIANO FAMILY Of WINES Tomorrow, Friday, September 8th, 2017 Here At Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits 3423 Connecticut Avenue NW< Washington DC, 20008, 202-363-4265 5-8PM, Free Wine-Tasting, Get Bottles Signed For Gifts!

Greg Grazziano Tastes His Great Wines Of CA!

Events Greg Grazziano Tastes His Great Wines Of CA! has been updated.

Come meet Greg Grazziano owner-winemaker of his family's Grazziano Family of Wines from Mendocino, CA here Frudayy, Seotu 8th, 2017 5-8pm, free wine-tasting, get bottles signed, for gifts! Yes Great great wines, some of the very best!

COME MEET Owner, Winemaker , third generation Greg Grazziano of his own family's GRAZZIANO Family Wines that includes GRAZIANO, SAINT GREGORY MONTE VOLPE, ... incredible California wines from Mendocino County, California.
OUR THOUGHTS and PRAYERS go out to everyone that has been effected and may be affected by Hurricane Irma> Be safe.
TASTING : Friday, September 8th, 2017 5-8PM  - with Ken Ross the broker here , too assisting Greg.
We have in stock today, with more coming tomorrow , of :
1) 2014 Tocai Friulano Monte Volpe, dry white ( originally from Friuli, Italy ), $15.99 a bottle. Great with almost any meal. Good complexity, backbone, flavor, will cut through many food flavors and spices.With 13.5% alcohol by volume, ...
2) " Cuvee Alexandra " SAINT GREGORY Brut Cuvee #11 Methode Traditionelle, from the Potter Valley, Mendocino County, $36.99 a bottle, : it does not get much better than this , in my opinion this is outstanding sparkling wine - I love it. It has all the richness, fullness, definition - all the bells and whistles, yes! Less than a case available. Get a bottle signed by Greg for a gift, really exceptional. It is a blend of the traditional Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, and the Pinot Blanc from Alsace originally are also blended here.
3)  Monte Volpe 2013 Primo Rosso dry red wine from Mendocino is delicious, flavorfiul, packed and bursting at the seams to soak your tongue , mouth, throat and stomach with saturating, permeating, mmmmmm delicious flavors and taste sensations to soothe and please all of you! On Special for $13.99 a bottle now, It has 14.5% alcohol by volume so it warms and cuddles us all just a little bit more, and it is a blend of : Zinfandel, Dolcetto, Carignane, Negroamaro, and Petite Sirah, .... old-world style.
     TWO From GRAZIANO -
1) Zinfandel 2013 Mendocino County, $19.99 a bottle, growers since 1918, this is again reminiscent of a fine Italian wine, a blend of the Italian grapes from the north and the south of Italy : druer, more, linear, more muscle and grip and it definitely is best with a meal, and not on it's own, maybe a glass as you cook, then enjoy thoroughly with your meal.
2) Petite Sirah 2012 Mendocino County , $19.99, Even more girth, guts, robust balanced layers of liquid grape power, a treat, enjoy with your grilled foods, well-marinated foods, your game, mmmmmm. Another winner.
THESE PRICES are so reasonable for such authentic quality that reflects both the weather and the earth from which they come - love these wines that make me smile, feel good, relax and thoroughly enjoy!
     Off- Dry White To End -
1) ' Enotria ' Moscato , Fattoria Enotria, 2016, I like this a lot because it is a drier version of Moscato, on the drier side, not the sweeter side.At $13.99 it will be more pleasing to those that want a slightly more restrained version of Moscato. It is the perfect compromise for everyone. We may all enjoy it, and that is a good thing.
COME BY and TASTE tomorrow with Greg Grazziano, this is a special treat for us all.
GET A BOTTLE signed as a gift, too. Treat yourselves, have a great experience here.
INVITE friends and family, business associates, whoever loves wine and wants to learn and enjoy more.
GET A BUSINESS CARD from Greg and plan a visit, too.
CHEERS< see you tomorrow!     TONY 9/7/ 2017
FRIDAY, September 8th, 5-8PM : We have third-generation owner-winemaker Greg Grazziano here of his own GRAZZIANO Family wines to taste an assortment of incredibly tasty, honest, true-to-soil wines from Mendocinoa, CA. I love what Greg makes- serious, flavorful, distinct, unique - some of the best I have had from California, and great GREAT DEALS, too!
SATURDAY, September 9th, 2017 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Serghei coming to pour a selection of his FABulous dry reds and whites from Moldova, and it might include a sparkling wine, too. Will talk to Serghein tomorrow and be sure what we are tasting. They are so flavorful, with character, style, power and finesse, too at times. Great wines to enjoy with your meals.
THANK YOU as always for everything, you all are the very best love you all. Cheers, TONY 9/5/2017

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Come Back To Reality As KIds Go Back To School, Vacations Come To An End - Sobering But True, Come Let Us Lift Your Spirits Here At @ClevelelandParkWine&Spirits 3423 Conn Ave. NW Wash DC 20008, 202-363-4265 : Cheers, Happy TuesdayAll!!!!

Here is today's store email that I wrote just now on our web page at Cleveland Park Wines, and have copied and posted here for all to read! Cheers, read and enjoy and come see us soon, like now, like fifteen minutes ago : yes, we are proactive, we have your backs and best interests at heart. Cheers all, happy Tuesday all, TONY   9/5/2017

     FROM SANTOS RIVERA : Beer and Cider -
          THREE Beers -
       1) Octoberfest from SAM ADAMS, On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles - a hearty & smooth Marzen, liked by many! A perfect beer for this weather with a really nice chill!
       2) Doublebock beer . the ' Tregenator ' from TROEGS Independent Brewing, On Special for $11.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce beers, from Hershey, PA., with 8.2% alcohol by volume, , using Magnum, German Northern and Brewer hops with a bronze color, , a thick and chewy taste with intense notes of caramel, chocolate, and dried stone fruit. .... yes yes yes!
       3) Down To Earth IPA Session , with 42 IBUs, 4.4% alcohol by volume, a 6-pack of cans  from the 21st Amendment Brewing CO., a extra pale ale with a bold malt taste and hop flavors : serious!' ... " Whether you have a long mission behind you or a full afternoon ahead, this session IPA will help keep things real. " Yes, I agrtee, we agree.
          ONE Cider -
       1)  Pressed-On-Site Hard Cider ' Original ' from JACK'S, a 12-ounce cans 6-pack On Special for $10.99 , made with apples, sulfites and carbonation, gluten-free, from Pennsylvania, We love it! " We produce a hard cider from the ground up. We grow, press, and ferment apples, then package the final product all from our facility located in one of the Apple Capitals of the world, Biglerville, PA. " Cheers, come try some!
     AND IN LIQUEURS - LIQUORS From Jagir Singh we have -
       1) Cane Run Estate Original Rum Number 12 blend, imported, On Special for $12.99, a great deal, what a fine price, exciting and ' new ' and thrilled to have it here to offer you all.
     2) Breaker Bourbon Whisky, a limited realease, hand-crafted Bourbon that is aged for a minimum of 5 years. $48.99 a bottle, something ' new and exciting ' to bring to your attention from , a 45% alcohol by volume, from Buellton, Santa Barbara County, California, ....
     3) Amaro Cio Ciaro , a typical and original liqueur produced and bottled by PAOLUCCI LIQUORI in Sora, Italy. It is On Special for $19.99 a bottle, with 30% alcohol by volume, and worth trying to see if this style of Amaro suits you or not? The price is excellent if it does. Cheers.
     WINE By Chris & Tony -
       1) Vinho Verde from ANJOS de Portugal, On Special On Special $7.99 a bottle, a dry blend of 40% Arinto, 30% Trajadura, and 30% Loureiro, a delight, lively, bright, fresh : perfect to cut through this heat and humidity now! And a festive , colorful label, too!
       2) Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough New Zealand, 2016 On Special for $9.99 a bottle,  What a deal, what a value, and , most important - what a wine!
       3) AC 4.090 Gewurztraminer from ALTA CIMA in Chile, from the Valle de Lontue, On Special for $9.99 a bottle, regularly $14.99, this is dry, flavorful, and a steal when you want to drink Gewurtztraminer, tasty, a treat.
       4) Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand, from Jane Hunter own HUNTER'S Vineyard : so lovely, so soft and bright and refreshing - a silkiness, a satin, lovely! What a treat, loved it, great sipping!What a treat with or without a meal.
        5) Bonarda 2011 Reserva from TIERRA PROMETIDA , from Mendoza, Argentina, On Special for $12.99, a hearty, flavorful, intense and dark-colored red that my family and I enjoyed at the beach in the first week of August. We were in Plover Beach at the Outer Banks in the town of Duck : and with new friends we made from Minnesota we enjoyed this hearty earthy angular red with some apetizers of cheese and crackers, and looking out at the ocean as pelicand dove to their heart's content for their dinner past the breaking of the waves and swimmers, surf-boarders - nice. We closed the beach down with this and it was wonderful. Best with food, an Italian grape taken from Oltrepo Pavese by the Piemonte region, and grown really well, too in Argentina. Come check this one out and see what you all think.
       6) " L'Ingenue " 2011 of ELYSE Vineyard from the Naggiar Vineyard, a dry flavorful, developed, brighter and more lingering mouthful of distinct Rhone varietal flavors that have cadences of honey and accents of nuts - a real treat with a meal, some soups would be amazing - creamy soups like squash, or even cooked squash - mmmmm.
WEDNESDAY Wine Sale Here Every Wednesday - SAVE UP to 20% OFF your wine purchases. Call Chris or Tony to discuss this with us at 202-363-4265 : THREE WAYS to save big.
WEDNESDAY, September 6th, 2017 : 5-8PM : We have Marci Weinstein here to taste four really exceptional ' new and exciting ' Kiwi wines form WITHER HILLS ( killer Sauvignon Blanc, and even greater Pinot Noir, and a delightful dry Pinot Noir rose, too ) asnd also for INKBERRY Mountain Estate ( a Shiraz - Cabernet blend ). JOIN US, no charge, what a treat : maybe, no - most definitely I was amazed!
FRIDAY, September 8th, 5-8PM : We have third-generation owner-winemaker Greg Grazziano here of his own GRAZZIANO Family wines to taste an assortment of incredibly tasty, honest, true-to-soil wines from Mendocinoa, CA. I love what Greg makes- serious, flavorful, distinct, unique - some of the best I have had from California, and great GREAT DEALS, too!
SATURDAY, September 9th, 2017 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Serghei coming to pour a selection of his FABulous dry reds and whites from Moldova, and it might include a sparkling wine, too. Will talk to Serghein tomorrow and be sure what we are tasting. They are so flavorful, with character, style, power and finesse, too at times. Great wines to enjoy with your meals.
THANK YOU as always for everything, you all are the very best love you all. Cheers, TONY 9/5/2017
       6) CHATEAU CANTELAUDETTE 2013 Graves de Vayres, from Bordeaux is a real trear. Something to enjoy now, On Special for $15.99 : some grip, some backbone, some real flavor and taste : a winner with your meal almost anytime. Enjoy with flavorful foods.
     IT IS A SOBERING time in our lives, and here we are in the beer, wine and spirits' business and most everything we sell has alcohol in it. Still a sobering time on so many fronts, and balance is what is needed most of all. I read a story on Sunday on the front page of the Washington Post newspaper called : " THe Homecoming " I believe? I read it all. It spoke to me on many levels in volumes, and I was thrilled to look into this slice-of-a-local-life in Missouri. I learned, I understood, I thought, I felt, I cried, I smiled, I grimaced, I felt like I was being admitted into a world in the United States that I very much need to know something about as we try and heal our divisions.
     I DO NOT HAVE IT in front of me but I loved it, and read it over the day, a two-and-ahalf-page article that was told from the point of a twenty-two year-old girl, just married, in college, returning home to be with her family for the three-day yearly country fair. The young lady voted Democratic, and most the small town and her friends voted Republican. Her last name was Trump as were many of the people in the town, and her husband was from Honduras, he voted Democratic, too.
     I LOVED THE WHOLE STORY, and I guess some of the highlights, many, were the words her father spoke. He spelled it out. He was a voice of reason, of experience, of someone that had paid his dues and he put things into perspective so he could move along and do what he could both for his family, his community, and not be swallowed up by the division we have. He spoke of learning to speak to one another, to bridge the divide, that we all had many more things in common than not. I loved that.
     I ALSO LOVED that this young 22-year-old-girl was reading a copy of James' Joyce's ULYSSES as well as listening to Bob Dylan : loved that a whole lot! Yes!!
     I MOWED our lawn this weekend and I listened to Bob Dylan, his words reached out to me and made me lsiten closer and want to be enriched by them, to see what we may have in common? What bond of experiences we might have shared and be sharing today. I woder if Sting will mention the guitarist that just passed away from the two-man sensation STEELY DAN tonight at his concert? I understand that he will be at Wolf Trap? That would be nice. I also read the article on STEELY DAN and today, more than ever, we are all reeling, reeling in the split-second, milli-second cyberspace reality that has invaded our lives, thoughts, actions, everything. I understand that the guitarist passed away at 67? 1067 was a great year for music. Great year for peace and love, sunshine, the year of Aquarius, of enlightenment, brothery-sisterly ; come together and love one another ' love and words of Jessie Colin Young of the Youngbloods. Remember that?!?

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Happy Labor Day! Come Taste With Tatiana her from 2-6PM : fine wines of Uruguay and Italy from Andrea Fossi and Alessandro Furlan , Si Si Si Si Si e a presto!

Happy Labor Day Weekend Here at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits, Join us here today with Tatiana of Downey Selections and taste fine Italian and Uruguayan wines, too , 2-6PM, Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 : here on a drixxly cool kool day in the sixties, yes!   TONY



Celebrate Labor Day Weekend with Tatiana of Michael Downey Selections Of Italian & Uruguay Wines of : Bodegas Carrau, Azienda Agricole DEGANI, Valpolicella, Azienda Agricole VERBENA of Montalcino, Tuscany, diLenardo of Friuli, Italy, Venezia Giulia, Andrea Oberto of Piemonte , Italy, D&N Wines of Puglia, Italy, Dolcetto, Primitivo, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Podere Canneta of San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy, Vernaccia, Rosso di Montalcino, Thanks Grazie e a Presto Andrea Fossi e Alessandro Furlan : Been A Long Glorious Trip Together, Tatiana Brings It All Back Together, Cheers Michael e Brennan! Here at Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits In Our Nation's Capitol, Washington DC, NW, 20008!

Tatiana returns for Part Two today , star, started yesterday , Today : Italy, Uruguay, too: @BodegasCarrau @diLenardoVineyards @Degani @AziendaAgricoleDegani @AndreaFossi @AndreaObertoAziendaAgricole @VerbenaAziendaAgricole @PodereCanneta Toh Vernaccia Valpolicella Ripasso Friuli Toscana San Gimignano Cerritos Chapeu Venezia Giulia With Tatiana pouring of @DowneySelections if @AlessandroFurlan great wines all around !Join us, 2-6pm, yes!!!
@CPWineSpirits today Saturday rainy cool kool 9/2/17 love you Andrea and Alessandro!