Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Great Owners - Winemakers Here Tonight, Tomorrow : Wed 5-8PM, Jeffrey Blair Of The Blair Estate Arroyo Seco, CA, Jeff Mausbach Of MANOS NEGROS In Argentina & Chile, & David Clouston of Black Cottage Marlborough, New Zealand - All Tonight 5-8PM, 5/16 : Tomorrow- Wed : 5/17/17 5-8PM John Forrest Of His Forrest Estate New Zealand Wines - And More, Join Us At Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits 3423 Conn Ave NW Wash DC, 20008, 202-363-4265!

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

CALL US : 202-363-4265 ; We'll deliver now Though It's Beautiful Today & WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU. TIME for some dry rose & bubbly, mixed drinks, some refreshing brews, some exciting apple & pear ciders : so many possibilities now

ABOVE IS WHAT I WROTE back in May 14th, 2013 and it rings true today for the most part, pretty amazing!
MEMORIAL DAY Weekend is coming up with Memorial Day on Monday May 29th, 2017. I have already been hearing about this through my daughter that is a teacher. It is the day that the neighborhood pools open and everyone can finally get in the water, cold as it may be , and often is. Brrrrr many would say. I would splash around and warm up and be happy as a clam!
THE SUNSHINE is finally starting to remain here with us it seems, more than the rain! This is the third or fourth day and it sure does feel special.
HOPE EVERYONE thanked their super teachers last week, and enjoyed Mother's Day this past Sunday! We owe our success , happiness and well-being in large part to all of you. Thanks from all of us from the bottom of our hearts!
As usual now I arrive here and feel that the week will be chock-full of activities and specials and important people and beers, ciders, liquors and spirits and wines to share with you all, and there is.
I JUST HAD SOMEONE  from the OLNEY Winery in Maryland come and see us and that was fun. She will return again tomorrow and taste with Chris and me in the mid afternoon, her many wines with fruit infusions, as well as some of her wines, too. It will be interesting to see what OLNEY Winery offers, they say that they are already in 600 stores in Maryland. Wow, that is impressive, especially as these wines that are fruit-infused with Blackberries, Watermellom, Peach, Black Cherry, Green Apple, Cranberry, Black Cherry Bomb ( this one with a higher alcohol level of almost 15% I believe she said? ), and more. Have any of you had these yet? Are you interested in any of these flavors, let us know? Thanks.
I JUST HEARD an ad fro a chain grocery store on the radio. It made me think that it was clever the ad, the lady spoke well, prsented a good picture. My comment to this is that they are many things to many people, a great wine selection, too she claimed. I know someone that works for them that has shopped here for years and that gentleman told me that the wine selection is really hit-or-miss : that some bottles are really fine, others are a real bust.
FURTHER, this is what we offer, not groceries and so many other categories : SIMPLY beer, cider, liqueur, liquor, other spirits and wine. Nothing more : and we are here to walk you through these selections and advise you, face-to-face, these are our specialties, and we are well-versed in them :
     - Jagir for liquor,
     - Santos for beer and ciders and spirits
     - Chris for beer, cider, liqueurs, liquors, wine and more
     - Tony ( me ) for cider , liqueurs, liquor, wine and more. Beer is not my specialty, I know some, am always learning more.
     - We all are always learning more : our doors are open to all new products, experiences, and more : as you all are interested in all of the , both ' old and new ' experiences! We have to be there to work with you on better knowing, appreciating and sharing all these.
SO : Let's stat this beautiful Tuesday with :
     BEER & CIDER From Santos Rivera :
          CIDERS :
     1) Oak Barrel Reserve cider from POTTER'S CRAFT, Free Union, VA ( go to : ( www.PottersCraftCider.com for more info ), $16.99 a 750ml bottle,  : " Patiently aged in oak barrels sourced from a local apple brandy distillery, every batch of this handcrafted cider develops unique character and complexity. Traditional barrel-aging techniques produce a full-bodied cider with intense aromas of caramel, vanilla, and toasted oak. ... "
     2) " Honey Hard Apple Cider from STRONGBOW, On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with 5% alcohol by volume, gluten-free, from the United Kingdom, with 195 calories each, with no artificial flavors or colors. Cheers!
          BEER :
          TWO From CRAZY MOUNTAIN Brewing Company :

     1) Barleywine style ale with Cranberry, the " LOcal's Stash ' from CRAZY MOUNTAIN Brewing Company, On Special for $11.99 a 750ml bottle, with 11% alcohol, 23 SRM, 35 TBU.From Boulder, Colorado, : " Many of these offerings are designed to mature and perfect with age, so be encouraged to lay them down, and let them collect some dust. "
     2) Tequila Barrel-Aged Double Wit, and ale brewed with spices, On Special for $17.99 a 750ml bottle, , with 9% alcohol by volume, with an SRM of 6, and a TBU of 20. Cheers,
     ENJOY both!
          LAGUINITAS In Cans -
     1) ' Twelfth of Never ' Ale from LAGUINITAS, a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans, On Special from $11.99 , brand-new, the first time we are seeing this, come try some!
          LIQUEUR - LIQUOR From Jagir :
       LIQUEUR :

     1) Chios Mastiha Liqueur Psychis, On Special for $29.99 a 750ml bottle,  : " Mastiha is the natural and rare tree resin of the Pistacia Lentiscus Var Chia tree, which is only produced in the southern part of Chios and its exceptional aroma is unforgetable.  ... keeps its aroma during the distilation ... " It has a neat white chord-rope around the neck of the bottle that must have a meaning as well? Anyone know what that might be?
       LIQUOR :
     1) Clear- No-Color ' V ' French Cognac from REMY MARTIN, 100% distilled grape spirits from the house of REMY MARTIN, On Special for $38.99, with 40% alcohol by volume, : add what you want to it or enjoy it straight, or on the rocks, or chilled to be more refreshing!
        Amazing Tequila :

     2) Reposado Tequila 100% Puro de Agave, from SIEMBRA VALLES, Valles region, estate-grown, $49.99 a 750ml bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume, : " Delicately aged over three months in proprietary white oak barrels from the Missouri Ozarks. Previously used in our highland expressions, these barrels elevate the valley Tequila fermented with Bacass. Experience the terroir of Arenal with this ambassador of the Valees. "
       INDIAN SINGLE MALT from Goa :

     3) Peated Select Cask from JOHN Distilleries, India, Goa, India, with 55.5% Alcohol by Volume, On Special for $95.99, an amazing Indian Single Malt to blow you, us, all away. It did when we tasted it. Sold-out, too except for these last two bottles. Come get some and be amazed at how velvert-smooth, silky-soft these flavors are! A tremendous treat, think about for Father's Day : get one now, sold-out I believe in town except here?

       Gin :
     4) 94 Proof / 47% Alcohol by volume : BOOTLEGGER 21 New York GIN, ( issued under authority of Prohibition Distillery ) , 750ml bottle, come check this out!
       Vermouth :
     5) bRoVo Witty Batch #3 Dry Vermouth by JONNY DC, On Special for $20.99 a bottle, with 19.9% alcohol by volume, refrigerate after opening, from Woodinvillle, WA. We tried these with one of the owners and were so impressed, the quality, the distinct, bright, lively, ahhhhLIVE quality here is amazing, and will drink great on it's own and make some great cocktails, too. go to :  www.brovospirits.com for more info. Cheers! 
          WINE From Chris & Tony :
      WHITE :

   1) 2014 Pinot Gris BOE Brooklyn Oenology, North Fork of Long Island, $22.99 a bottle, from Allie the winemaker, this is so rich, so full, so amazingly layered and lovely with fruit overtones and great mouthfeel, a treat to hold seconds longer in your mouth before you swallow, and do not swallow all the wine, do it in steps, let the wine remaining in your mouth after you swallow a bit EXPLODE on your tongue and palate!  With 12.7% alcohol, this is a great wine to enjoy slightly-chilled 30 minutes indoors or outdoors, with whatever finger foods you have around, and then with your full meal later. Cheers, thanks Allie.
       ROSE : Three To Try -
     1) CARMEN Dolores Roasado De Garnacha, vino varietal de Espana : Robin liked this so much last year we ordered it again, and it is selling well once again!
     2) " L'Oratoire - Cuvee Divine " Vin De Provence, France from the Chateau PIGOUDET, depuis 1820, $21.99, so sublimely delicate and rich in taste, the color alone will lull and please you, the distinct taste with highs and lows and accents, tweeks, and full dotting of all ' i's ' ayes / eyes is pretty amazing. Come get some while you still can, it is selling quickly now : perfect weather for this.
     3) Kaapse Vonkel 2013 Brut dry rose from South Africa's SIMONSIG, a methode Cap Classique, $26.49, since 1971, made with a blend of 57% Pinot Noir and 43% Pinotage is so stylish, so bright and felxible and svelte and yet generous, displays a whole range of flavors and every emothion, too that your tongue and other senses can feel : highly recommended. Yes.
          THREE RED :
     1) " Shindig ' 2014 New York State dry red blend of 55% Merlot, 40% Corot Noir, and 5% Malbec. Chill 40 minutes, up to 60 minutes, enjoy cool kool refreshing, the Corot Noir flavors will brace the whole together, the glue, the spice and earth and what a treat chilled with anything seasoned of well-marinated , also hot off your grill, a real treat!
     2) Grenache & Mourvedre and Shiraz all blended beautifully, gracefully here together with polish and sheen, and lovely nuances of taste that thrill and appeal, tease and please us so! $19.99 a bottle, from the SCHILD Estate in Australia's Barossa Valley, this is a delight, chill 30-40 minutes, serve now inside or outside, perhaps in the shade outside! Australia is getting ready to explode here once again, and we are leading the way.
     3) 2013 Meritage a dry red Bordeaux blend from Virginia's Lousoun County from the NORTH GATE Vineyard, $27.99 a bottle, with 13.6% alcohol by volume, we have had Mark the owner here tasting it out with you all, and now it is drinking like many dreams come true : which is yours?!?
     - SAVE UP TO 15% when you buy 6 bottles
     - SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker price with any bottle of wine over $19.99 ( except MOET & CHANDON and VEUVE CLICQUOT )
     - SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker prices when you but 12 or more bottles of wine ( except for MOET & VEUVE ).
     CALL US if you cannot join us, 202-363-4265, pay tomorrow, save tomorrow, pick up at your own convenience. Cheers!
     TONIGHT, Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 , 5-8PM :
     WE HAVE THREEE Tastings :
      - TABLE # One : 
     We have owner Jeffrey Blair of the BLAIR ESTATE  here tasting his really extraordinary, small-production, top-flight wines of Arroyo Seco :
     1) 2015 Rose of Pinot Noir, Blair Estate, $28.99 a bottle, one of the very greatest ever! Grapes are grown just to make this one dry rose that looks unfiltered as it has so much of the grape adding a dense color indeed that follows through in an amazingly fresh, bright, intense, layered, one hundred layers here! 13.46% alcohol by volume ...
     2) 2013 Pinot Gris, $36.49 and On Special for $29.49 a bottle! Come taste and decide for yourselves. From the Meador Estate Vineyard , LImited Release, Bottle No. 0240 / 2616 ... 13.9% alcohol by volume, ...
     3) 2013 Chardonnay Roger Rose Vineyard ,Limited Release , Bottle No. 1576 / 2892 , Bottle No. 0240 / 2616 ) .. . come taste and be blown away, tell us all what you taste? 13.8% alcohol by volume.
     4) 2014 Chardonnay, Delfina's Vineyard, Limited Release, Bottle No. 2065 / 2640 : richer, fuller, carries the burdens of greatness so well here! 14% alcohol by volume.
     5) Blair Estate Pinot Noir 2013 The Reserve from Delfina's Vineyard, Arroyo Seco AVA , Harvest Oct. 16th, 2013, 125 cases made, 14.8% alcohol by volume, go to : BlairWines.com for more info. Marina, CA.

     TABLE # TWO :
    We have owner, winemaker David Clouston of New Zealand, of Marlborough, with his BLACK COTTAGE wines that he will pour : both of which my wife, daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed on this Sunday's Mother's Day celebration at our daughter's apartment as she made us both dinner!
     1)  Sauvignon Blanc 2016, $15.49, clean and crisp, and full bright and rich, ...  a treat, showed great with the shrimp and fresh asparagus, ...
     2) 2014 Pinot Noir , $22.49, so bright and refreshing, balanced, a treat, both the Sauvignon Blanc and the Pinot Noir were a treat with our meal, including a fresh local goat's cheese that our daughter bought at the Open Market that Sunday morning, along with the fresh asparagus, that inlcuded purple asparagus - a first for us!
     TABLE # THREE :
       We have owner Jeff Mausbach here of MANOS NEGRAS ( made in Pategonia, Mendoza, Argentina, as well as in Rapel, Chile : I have met Jeff years ago, sold his wines already from Argentina, and am delighted to welcome him back here tonight with -
          TWO From Argentina -
     1) 2014 Red Soil Neuquen Pategonia, Argentina,, $15.49, great girth, grip, mouth-feel - honest!
     2)2015 Mendoza Malbec, $15.49, more grip, more grit, more to knock your tastebuds and rub them up against, a fine food red!
          ONE From Chile -
     3) 2014 Carmenere Rapel, Chilean dry red, $15.49. will try this one with you and we can decide together what we think of it! Cheers,
     WEDNESDAY< May 17th, 2017 : We have owner John Forrest here to taste an assortment of his wines with us all. John is a dear friend now and we have known him for many years, sold his wines for many years now! Come taste : Five wines :
     1) FORREST Estate Marlborough STONY BANK Sauvignon Blanc,  2015, $16.49
     2) FORREST Estate " Wairau " Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, 2015, $20.49 ...
      3) ' The Doctors '  '2014 Riesling Marlborough, $19.99, dry crisp, mineral ..
     4) ' The Doctors'  ' 2015 Gruner Veltliner Marlborough, $19.99, round, supple, warm mouthfeel, generous, accomodating, lovely!
     ONE Red -
     5) FORREST Estate Marlborough Pinot Noir, $26.99, the Pinots just get fuller, richer, more ripe and generous and so appealing!
     REMEMBER , all the wines at $19.99 or more get 20% OFF the sticker price tomorrow, get a bottle signed for Father's Day, be proactive, put it away for your dads!
     FRIDAY, May 19th, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Sotiris Bafitis here to taste some of his great ' new ' vintages of Greek wines he just sent us ; YES!
     SATURDAY, May 20th, 2017 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Robert Kennedy back to taste more of his small selection, family-run wineries from Italy, from Emilia, from Romagna, Sicily, Puglia, maybe more? Yes, from Lake Garda , too! Cheers, wonderful wines, all!
THANKS for everything, JOIN US all week long as we taste and get ready for more beautiful weather and celebrate all that we have to be thankful and grateful for! Cheers
YOU ARE THE VERY BEST, JOIN US here tonight : ...
LET'S Make SOME ' BIG NOISE ' For Wrgentina, Chile, California and also New Zealand!
WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW is an old store email that I wrote and posted on May 14th, 2013, read and enjoy it if you have time and check for current availability, prices, vintage changes, and let us know if you want any? Cheers, thanks for your continued trust and support of us. We appreciate it greatly!  TONY 5/16/2017

THE SUNSHINE is starting to break through again and perhaps the wind / breeze is less chilling, too?!? Let's hope so as we try and all find our balance and rhythm in all this volatile weather recently. What can we hope for/ what can we expect?
WELL HERE YOU MAY all expect that we have a great changing assortment of beer bitters, cider, digestives liquor , liqueur,  waters , wines , with an occasional sprinkling of Bailey Kasten's FABulous local chocolates ( Bailey and Saif live here in D.C. and work in Old Towne Alexandria, Virginia making these fine chocolates and caramel's - $9.99 and $14.99 a box ), Bill Sander's extra virgin California olive oil (  $18.99 a 500ml bottle, made from 3 Spanish olives - Bill used to live here in Cleveland Park as well ) and James' Teavine organic sparkling Missouri ( 2 grapes grown there : the Traminette and the Riesling ) mixed with honey and green tea ( James is also a local Cleveland Park boy-man made good like Bill ).
WE SUPPORT LOCAL, WE SUPPORT small businesses : we stand and work together here and it works. For those of you that have come to know us you know this is how we work. We have nothing against the bigger enterprises, but being small we work more closely with the smaller companies and keep each other gainfully employed in these very difficult times when the large companies have their lawyers that announce in public meetings here that they are just trying to be more for their customers. WELL, aren't we all?!? And when did we stop respecting the boundaries of each of our business ventures and not spill into the business of everyone else?!?
I KNOW, I KNOW, I should not be saying or writing this, but as my horoscope said today : " You are not trying to be a rebel but you cannot help but notice the injustice around you " : I paraphrase, of course. But this did strike a big chord with me earlier this morning before coming to work. Cheers.
SAM ANDERSEN Just Stopped By With Owner Franz Leth of WEINGUT LETH in Wagram, Austria to taste quickly 8 wines : three of which we carry. Here are my notes : 1) Gruner Veltliner Reserve Steinagrund 2011,  $17.99 ( Rich yet very contained, supple on the palate and yet distinct and bright! ),  2) Roter Veltliner Reserve Hofweingarten 2011, $20.99 ( thicker, meatier, broader and a bit more laid-back and yet amazingly pleasing to hold on my tongue a few seconds longer and savor the aroma and the taste ),  3) Roter Scheiben 2011, $36.99 ( lighter, brighter, more of a fine ballet dancer that has practiced and practiced so that every step, every pause, every glance and splash makes an amazingly bright, distinct and memorable impression!, $36.99,  4)  Riesling Reserve Felser Weinberg 2011, $20.99 ( light and airy and bright and breezy and fresh and perfect for when it gets warmer and more humid : a complete wine that will completely blossom with the hot weather still to come, and otherwise with a meal ), 5) Roter Veltliner Reserve Scheiben 1990 Library Release , $89.99 ( wow, the world stops here to take note, appreciate and to wonder and marvel that there could be such fullness of flavors, such brightness, such gaiety and warmth and personality still after to many years being held captive in this bottle! ), 6) Gruner Veltliner Reserve Brunnthal 1985, $107.99 ( to have such freshness and vim and vigor and character that has it's scars and it's chiseled cheeks and sculpted clay features, like sculpting a grape and giving it a 3-D dimension that is so captivating, and that draws everyone into it's web/sphere of influence - amazing - all the flaws and all the perfections wrapped up nicely here as one - bravo! ),  7)  Pinot Noir red 2010, $43.99 ( who could know it could have so much flavor and personality, weight, a dusty-forest-floor dryness of rolling around on the ground, being mixed into the blend with the other grapes : a distinct, really nice medium-bodied dry red to enjoy with a meal ),  8) Baluer Zweigelt Reserve " Gigama " 2008, $76.99, ( a 100% Zweigelt dry red that is made only every other year or when merited that takes the Zweigelt to a place that I have never been before : rich, complex, aged and flavorful and layered and that digs deep into the soul and the heart that is Zweigelt, and not what we just taste on the surface and that is only really just skin-deep. This 2008 penetrates, it's like a biodynamic wine that goes way down into the the guts and the soul of this famous Austrian indigenous red grape. Cheers. What a wonderful tasting. Franz has been here once before several years ago. He tells me to be sure and give credit to his son, also named Franz that makes the wines today. Prost Franz, father and son and grandfather, too!
     1) Stillwater Artisanal American Farmhouse Ale , wheat ale brewed with white sage ( $12.99,  1 Pt. 9.4Fl. Oz bottle, 6.6% alcohol by volume , Westminster, MD. , www.electricmadness.com ) : " Starting with a base of German wheat & pale malts this slightly hazy foundation was then accented with a blend of Sterling & Citra hops ...  ". Exciting!
     2) Dark Dawn Stout , ale aged in oak, bottle-conditioned " Madrugada Obscura " from the JOLLY DUMPKIN Artisanan Ales ( $16.99, 1 Pt. 9.4Fl. Oz bottle, 8.1% alcohol by volume, www.jollypumpkin.com, from Dexter, Michigan ) : " Push past the limits of sense and sensibilities, from the known into the unknown. Fall way off the map, and here there be monsters. ...  ". Sounds like so much fun! Ready for an adventure?
     1) Irish John J. KELLY'S Double-Fermented Traditional Hard Cider ( On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12 ounce bottles, 4.6% alcohol by volume, CELTIC DRINKS Company in Melbourne, Florida, ) : made from apple juice, water, sugar , malic acid and ascorbic acid. Cheers.
LIQUOR From Ravi :
     1) Pineapple Fusion - Pineapple fused with Coconut from BACARDI ( On Special for $16.99 a bottle, 35% alcohol by volume, www.bacardi.com ) : sounds like a perfect drink as the heat finally comes to us here!
     2) Peach Red Rum from BACARDI ( On Special for $16.99, Bacardi rum with natural flavors, 35% alcohol by volume, www.bacardi.com for recipes and more ideas of how to enjoy this as the humidity starts to climb here soon enough : BE REFRESHED, feel cooler.
     3) 70 Calories ( Per Serving )  Island Spiced Caribbean Rum with Coconut Liqueur  & Natural Spices ,  with Truvia sweetener from MALIBU ( On Special for $14.99 a bottle, 30% alcohol by volume, for more recipe ideas go to : www.malibu.rum.com ) : AGAIN : a great hot-weather refresher and just enjoyable, too.
     4) Barolo Chinato " Cocchi " , Casa Fondata Nel 1891 ( $62.99 a liter bottle, old recipe from Giulio Cocchi, 16.5% alcohol by volume, www.alpenz.com  and also : www.cocchi.com ) : pair it after dinner with dark chocolate, also great with the Vin Brule popular in Italy's Piemonte region in the colder months, or on a colder evening here after the sun goes down and there's a chill in the air. Cheers, It's a great digestive, a great settler of one's stomach after a full and satisfying meal. VERY SPECIAL. Come a bit closer, try some on for size, fit and feel, it's all so very personal - and only your response matters here.

          WHITE -
     1)  Muscat & Viognier 2012 Biodynamic dry, broad, rich and brightly-complex white blend from the DOMAINE CAZES, ( On Special for $8.99 a bottle, 12.5% alcohol by volume < www.cazes-rivesaltes.com )  this Le Canon du Marechal : good flavor and good body , distinct and good for you, what more can anyone ask for? GREAT VALUE as well, that's what!

     2) Our Dog Blue off-dry white from Chateau Morrisette ( $11.99 a bottle, Meadows of Dan, Virginia, www.thedogs.com ) : just nice easy sipping! Nice all by itself, needs no meal. Enjoy in this heat and humidity as it rolls in. Cheers.
     3) Nelson 2011 Sauvignon Blanc from SEIFRIED, New Zealand ( On Special for $19.99, 13.5% alcohol by volume, ) : with a bit of extra time in the bottle this Sauvignon has developed really nicely, taken on some extra character and definition and fleshed-out really nicely so that it is offering the whole package and range of flavors. It's a real treat. Eric Platt just said how much he liked it. He just brought us the two owners : Alice and Hermann Seifield. I have met Agnes now perhaps three times, but this was the first time I was meeting Hermann and it was a true pleasure. he works the vineyards and is as true character, just like his wines : distinct and very well-defined.It was nice to meet you Hermann and to see you again Agnes. Cheers. Thanks for your quick visit here earlier with Eric Platt before heading to the airport to fly home.
          REDS -
     1) " Feuille de Garance " 2010 Cotes du Rhone from the DOMAINE ROUGE GARANCE ( On Special for $8.99, 14.5% alcohol by volume, 30% Syrah and 60% Grenache and 10% Cinsault ( great vintage, also biodynamic ) : this is a medium-bodied, dry and flavorful red that is a steal now. Great for grilled and when your foods are well-seasoned. Cheers : only three or cases left at this price.
     2) Padrillos Malbec 2012 ( $10.99 a bottle, 13.5% alcohol by volume, ) : a beefy, hearty, gutsy mouthful for a meal! Real backbone!
     3) Brouilly 100% Gamay lighter-bodied red burgundy from the DOMAINE VOUGEON ( $11.99, 13% alcohol by volume ) : chill 30 minutes and enjoy with everything or all by itself : it goes with so many things, so completely versatile! A delight, a steal, too : such GREAT VALUE!
     4) Merlot 2010 made with Organic Grapes by TERRA SAVIA, Mendocino, California ( $16.99, estate-grown, limited release, 14.2% alcohol by volume , Hopland, CA. ) : this is so velvety and silky-smooth, I LOVE it, I absolutely LOVE this : so fine, so nice to sip all by itself. It's a true and utter delight no matter how you cut it. 

          Sake : 3 From Michel & Tony :
     1) TOZAI Junmai " Living Jewel " Premium Japanese sake ( $11.99, Kyoto, 300ml bottle,  14.9% alcohol by volume ) ; clean, smooth, hint of tangy fruit. Use the Koshikari rice here.
     2) TOZAI Ginjo " Well Of Wisdom " Premium Japanese sake ( $14.99, 300ml, 14.9% alcohol by volume ): Rich, anise, long finish, using the Gohyakumangoku/ Nihonbare rice to make this.
     3) TOZAI Ginjo Nigori " Voices in the Mist " ( $14.99, Premium Japanese sake, 300ml bottle, 14.9% alcohol by volume, ) : citrus, banana, dry finish taste, using the Gohyakumangoku / Nihonbare rice varieties.
     TOP FLIGHT these three sakes. Cheers!
WEEKLY WEDNESDAY Non-Sparkling/Still 3-Part WINE SALE:
     1) BUY any $20 Or More Non-Sparkling Wine & SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker price.
     2) BUY ANY 6 Or More Non-Sparkling-Still Wines & SAVE 15% OFF the marked sticker prices.
     3) BUY Any 12 Or More Non-Sparkling-Still Wines & SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker prices. Includes port, sherry, marsala, madeira and sake. CALL : 202-363-4265 and ask Michel or Tony to help you. Cheers.
     Friday, May 17th, 2013 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Andrew Stover here to pour some outstanding dry red and white wines from Liguria, Italy that blew Michel and me ( Tony ) out of the water recently! WOW, fun and very exciting, and affordable, too : using the Vermentino and other indigenous grapes of the region that most of us have never heard about. Cheers.
     Saturday, May 18th, 2013 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Oscar Losama of his own, with his wife Olivia VOILA Imports tasting an exciting roster of dry French roses : 1) Domaine de la Solitude 2011 rose Cotes du Rhone,  2) Cambis " La Vie En Rose " 2012 dry rose from Saint-Chinian, southwest France,  3) Pelaquie Tavel southern French Rhone 2012 dry rose,  4) Pigoudet Premiere 2012 dry rose, and the  5) Camas Pinot Noir dry rose 2012 Ddp. This will be fun and just in time : BRING IT ON Oscar!
I AM SURE I HAVE FORGOTTEN many things but it's time to thank you all for you continued support over the years. Thanks for everything, we greatly appreciate it. Cheers, come on by , trade stories with us, let's grow old together here in Cleveland Park, it's a dynamic and great neighborhood filled with so many great people, places and things to do and see and experience fully. Cheers,  TONY

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