Thursday, April 27, 2017

Marita Esteva of the La Crema Vineyard / Winery comes with Jade Smythe of Monument Imports To Taste Wednesday 4/26/17 The La Crema ... Loved The Oregon Pinot Noirs 2013! Distinct, True To Character- Terroir, Too!

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Tasting the fine wines of the La Crema Vineyard / Winery with our national sales rep-artiste-extraordinaire Marita Esteva that with Jade Smythe of Monument Imports had a selection of their small-batch Oregon Pinot Noirs from Dundee Hills, 2013, the Eola-Amity Hills 2013, the Willamette Valley , too, 2014, and the ' new to me ' Ribbon Ridge 2013 : I liked them all very much, all so distinctively different, all special in their own ways, ...
I liked less the Chardonnay that I tastes , Eola-Amity Hills : pleasing enough, balanced, not exciting to my particular palate though. I did not like the rose  at all, found it too fruity and the least interesting of everything. 
You cannot love everything!
I loved the Dundee Hills dusty-dry, earthy, scratcht, touch briar Pint Noir of a lighter, more brown dull color, it spoke and tasted to me in volumes, and then I liked the Rabbit Ridge which I found a thicker-skinned, denser, darker , more youthful version of the Dundee Hills 2013, even though it, too was a 2013 ! Go figure!

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