Friday, April 21, 2017

Great Dinner With Justin Taylor ( Company Director & Export Manager ) Of WAKEFIELD Estate Wines Of Clare Valley, Australia ( Wines Include The Pioneer, The Visionary , St. Andrews Jarman TWP ... ) , Cheers, Great Meal Last Night, Thursday At Del Friscos Double Eagle Steak House Wash DC, NW, ... 4/20/2017

Dinner was grand, and as I told Justin Taylor the owner that what made the evening for me so special was how impressive, balanced, focused, iteresting, tasty, good character and definition to each of the wines, and meeting him, too : the rest at Del Friscos Double Eage Washington DC was icing on the cake! 

From the bone-dry Alsace-Style Riesling to the first Cabernet Sauvignon, onot the second and third Cabernet, then the two Shiraz reds ( my least favorite of the whole evening was the first Shiraz - otherwise the highest praise indeed for the others. And the only reason I was not big on the first Shiraz is that, to me, it was balanced but not as distinguished as the others. And a secret in some of the reds : the eucalyptus accents! ).
The wines include : The Pioneer, The Visionary, St. Andrews, and Jarman. Cheers mate!

The food, too was great. Chef Scott came out to say ' hello ", and between the seafood and the beef it was an incredible combination of these WAKEFILED Estate wines from Australia's Clare Valley ( called TAYLORS Wines there ) and the food. A real special moment for all of us.

It will be great to sell these wines here at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits 3423 Conn Ave. NW Washington DC, 20008 202-363-4265 in May. Stay-tuned. Thanks Scott, Grayden, Matt, Jeff, Chris Scott, our waiter, too : you all did a grand job! Cheers, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn 4/21/2017

Going full throttle!

@taylorswines @justintaylor1977 @justin_taylor_taylor @lanterna_wines tonight dinner in Wash DC!

Always searching! @lanterna_wines @justin_taylor_taylor @justintaylor1977 @taylorswines at @DelFruscoDoubleEagkeDCSteakHouse tonight 4/29/17 acwonderful weedy wonderland

Loving the dinner w/ @taylorswines @justintaylor1977 @justin_taylor_taylor @lanterna_wines tonight at @ ClevelandParkWines!

Me and Justin Taylor of @justin_taylor_taylor @justintaylor1977 @taylorswines great man great wines proud pure peaceful i like them all!

Here I am with Justin Taylor of his own @TaylorEsrateWineryClareValkey Aussie wines tonight 4/20/17

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Anthony Quinn
Anthony Quinn An amazing serendipitous evening, loved the red wines, loved the middle steak portion there covered with crab meat, too, could have had that the whole evening with these @TaylorEstate @WakefieldWines from #ClareValley #Australia, with the food of Chef Scott!, too !!!! at Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House, yeas yes yes!
With chef @Scott at @lanterna_wines @taylorswines @justintaylor1977 @justin_taylor_taylor at @DelFriscosDC greatvwines and meal!
With chef Scott and @taylorswines @taylorswines @lanterna_wines 4/20/17

Tonight at @lanterna_wines @justin_taylor_taylor @taylorswines @justintaylor1977 4/20/17 #RiesligDryHiHighHowMate #CabernetClareValley!
Anthony Quinn Being an artist I want the art shots and I got this one, part luck, part chance, apert phone, part me, timing, yeah, like it, shows a lot here people and wine yeah!
St @taylorswines @justin_taylor_taylor @lanterna_wines @clevelandparkwines tonight at @DelFriscoaDC!

@lanterna_wines @justin_taylor_taylor @taylorswines dinner tonight! The ClareValley t Cab 2014

@justin_taylor_taylor at @lanterna_wines @clevelandparkwines tonight feeling a @DelFriscosWas #RiesligDryHiHighHowMate!

Dinner with @taylorswines at @lanterna_wines @DelFriscosDoubleEaglee tonight 4/20/17

Anthony Quinn oes not get much better, and the chef Scott came out to say hello and tasted the wine, the TOP Cabernet, too, poured by Justin!
@taylorswines at @DelFriscosDoubleEagle with owner @JustinTaylor 4/20/17

@@WakefieldEsrate at D.C. Dinner NIW with @lanterna_wines yes! @taylorswines

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