Thursday, April 27, 2017

Come Taste With Marianna, Join Her For Her Dinners , Too ,Buy Her Wines Here, Get Signed Bottles : Owner-Winemaker Marianna Annio of her own Azienda Agricola Pietraventosa 4 Dry Wines Of The Primitivo Grape, One Dry EstRosa #Rose, Three Dry Reds #Riserva, Allegoria and #VolereVolare, Too

Marianna Annio owner/ winemaker of her own Pietraventosa Pietraventosa Wine Dinner at Osteria Morini Pietraventosa Wine Dinner at LPH here at the store Saturday, April 29th, 2017 2-6PM, to taste her three reds, all dry, and her dry rose, too : all made from the #Primitivo grape variety in #Puglia #Italy #GioiadelColle region at the tip of Italy, the ' heel ', think of a shoe or a boot without a functioning heel and you get the idea?!? Marianna is flying here now. We sell all her wines so you can find three of them here always, the third ,
- the #VolereVolare 2013 Marianna makes in small amounts, and so is generally only available in restaurants. We get three cases for the store , SO : first-come first-serve, $19.99 a bottle! It is richer, more guts amd brawn and earth and grit, so a fine food wine when you grill. Call us at : 202-363-4265 and order some early if you want. It sold out here last year.
1) 2015 #EstRosa dry rose #Murgia, $18.99 a bottle, a silky rich full vouminous yet svelte dry #Primitivo 100% #rose!
2) #Allegoria #Primitivo #GioiaDelColle dry red, $21.49 a bottle, a silky smooth velvetty delight of bright Primitivo-grape filtering spreading sprinklig of southern Italian sun throughout, through-IN! Yes si si si si SI!
3) 2008 #Riserva #Primitivo On Special, On Special for $39.99, regularly $49.99 a bottle, we will have the 2008 and the 2009 for you to taste and decide which you want to splurge on for a special occasion and have as a treat now or down the road!
GET all the bottled SIGNED by Marianna for yourselves or for gifts!
Marianna is travelling now, let us all send our wishes her way for a speedy and safe flight here!
Cheers, see you soon Marianna, e a presto, a bientot notre amie, our friend!
These pics are from Marianna's first tasting here, what a great moment that was, this will be her third visit and tasting with us!
Robert Kennedy her importer will be here with Marianna. Many of you already know and love Robert! JOIN US, remember you can buy the wines here anytime. If you go to the dinners and live here come on in and check out what we have of Robert's as we carry many of his fine Italian wine selections, all of Marianna's , too! TONY 4/27, 2017

Nice to see you Andrew,  Charlotte, Skyler, .... here tasting with Marianna and pictured here in these photos!

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