Saturday, February 18, 2017

Two Days In The Life Of Me, Anthony Quinn, Fri-Saturday February 17-18th, 2017 At @ClevelandParkWineAndSpirits 3423 Connecticut Avenue NW Washington DC, 20008 : We Say Bye Bye To Pao Pao Our Panda Bear!

Join us at 2PM with Andrew Stover, Anthony Quinn and Chris Bartha, 2-6PM, 2/18/2017.
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Anthony QuinnOctober 27, 2011
Thanks Stephen, so kind of you to say this. It means a lot to me. Cheers, TONY
June Chatfield Fitzpatrick · January 19, 2017
Large selection of wines from around the globe and a most knowledgeable friendly staff
Thank you for a delightful evening.
Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy Kwanzaa tomorrow, happy birthday Abigail ! Thanks @JodyJackman for all your invaluable service, help, love, inspiration, good luck next year! Tony 12/25/2016


Join us now with @SotirisBafitis, great Greek wines till 5pm!


Enjoying yesterday Thursday December 8th, 2016 I was, Anthony Quinn, also I was meningitis video, with @NarayanCampbell helping me to open the bottle at Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits, this delightful, tasty, more broad and less-polished, yet balanced, distinct, not heavy-tasting #100%PinotMeunier #FrenchChampagne #BrutNature @ChampagneMoutardier Champagne Moutardier #Champagne, pretty delightful, tasted it with @Sandy and @Richard , @Narayan and @Danielle yesterday, thanks @JodyJackman for dropping it off, from the The Winebow Group, Sandy will buy it, use it in her class this December holiday, we will buy some fir the shelf, too. Thank you Andrew Stover fir suggesting it to Sandy and me, ... younger to taste it yesterday, too, so did @ChristopherBartha, and my sugarcane each had a glass last night, sooooooooo fine. Lynne liked it! Cheers, happy holidays all! # DrinkFrenchChampagne! #SupportSmallBusiness #SupportSmallStores!



Join us today beautiful Saturday! 2/18/2017 @AndrewStover pours @SiemaWine imports today 2-6pm #FreeWineTasting! #Celebrate lackHistoryMonth! Here!!!!!

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Tasting this glorious Saturday afternoon 2/18/2017 w/ @AndrewStover 2-5pm. Free wine tasting during #BlackHistoryMonth! #Celebrate with us! No more hidden figures!

Tasting tonight! Join us!Friday weekend starts here!

Taste with us the TWIN VALLEY local Maryland, whiskies from Rockville here tonight, Friday night, 2/17/2017 5-8PM with our local rep , what a treat, we will have the 1812 #LightningRaven #SingleCask #MarylandBourbonWhiskey, On Special for $35.99, the #1812MarylandBourbonWhiskey On Special for $35.99, and the #BlackJoe #CoffeeLiqueur #MayorgaCoffeeBean Mayorga Coffee Tacoma Park and Twin Valley Distillers, yes, and we will have more, too. Join us 5-8PM, and taste and discover and be amazed! Cheers!#FreeSpiritsCo #FreeSpiritsTasting #SupportSmallBusiness #B lackHistoryMonth We Support Immigrants cheers, join us and me, Anthony Quinn as I pour my selections, too of wines!

Join me tonight, a fun frolic fresh free first flirty Tony Tasting of bubbles if @Juve&Camps #spumante #cava #Spanish , @TenutaValdipiatta #chianti #collisenesi @Etudewines #PinotGris #Sangiovese #Xarello }Carneros #Montepulciano #Tyscany #wine #sparkling cheers!

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