Tuesday, January 10, 2017

President Barrack Obama Gives His Farewell Speech Tonight In Chicago, We Get Ready To Celebrate Martin Luther King's Birthday, All Month We Celebrate Here Women Appreciation Month, & Get Ready For The Inauguration and Women's March Weekend In Two Weeks : What Will Happen?!?

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NEW START/NEW CHANGES /  For all of us ! the cold is lifting, the ice is cracking, holding hands moving together for all of us forward we must!

Looking tonight to Chicago, Illinois where President Obama will give his farewell speech to our nation having served as our president for eight years. Thanks you Barrack, Michelle, and family for your services to our country.

Looking to Monday, January 16th, 2017 when we celebrate Martin Luther King's Day, seeing his memorial-monument often as I drive home, so many there, even late at night, quite inspiring.
Looking at the weekend of the 20-21st, with our inauguration when we welcome President-Elect Donald Trump  on Friday, as he is sworn in as our next President of the United States of America ( wishing it were, in fact more united ) ...
, AND  the Women's March on Saturday, January 21st. What a weekend that will be!
Planning our Appreciate Women Big-Theme Wine-Tasting on Wednesday, January 18th, 2017 from 5:30-8:30PM when we have six talented female wine professionals come from places as far away as Bulgaria and Austria, South Africa, and more. All passionate about their love of wine, food, people, place, community. All choosing four of their favorite wines to pour here on that Wednesday night before the big weekend.
Our hope is that everyone will have a rallying point-place to gather, reflect, discuss, prepare and celebrate the upcoming weekend, find sources of common ground, unite, not feel or be divided, lost, alone, confused and more. A meeting of the minds, of healing, respect, moving together forward.
We are a community, we want the best for everyone here. We work together united and not divided, and we want to have a place that supports and welcomes all those coming here that weekend, males and females. Everyone's voices should be heard and not be silenced.
With so many of you coming into town, many of you that we have never met, we want to welcome you both on that...
Wednesday the 18th with Emily Edwards, Slavaya Yaninska, Danielle Davidowitz, Theresa Morrison, Christina Caswell and Liz Kitterman, as well as on...
Friday the 20th with Robert Kennedy, and ...
Saturday the 21st with Andrew Stover.
COME JOIN US, be a part of our community here in Cleveland Park Northwest, Washington DC, 20008,


     IT SURE IS STILL FREEZING COLD for the moment! Yikes, brrrr, not easy, but it will get warmer this Thursday, in the mid-sixties they say!  .... Sounds great to us.
SO : What do we have for you this week? Here are some special  spirits that we are thrilled to offer you all,
ON BEER From Santos Rivera we have :
     1) ' Colonial ' Ale brewed with golden molasses & spruce tips, On Special for $4.99 a 1 Pt. 6 Fl. From Patchoge, N.Y. ... with 3.8% alcohol by volume. " It proudly features two-row barley malted in N.Y. and colonial ingredients like corn, oats, wheat, molasses, and spruce tips which colonial brewers used to supplement hops. American history never tasted so good. "
     2) ' Pace Car Racer " hoppt session ale, Sonoma County alws, from BEAR REPUBLIC, On Special for $11.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, from Cloverdale, CA> with 4% alcohol by volume,... " Hoppy aromas of pine and citrus, with a smooth malt flavor that empties your glass at a speedy pace. This Session India Pale Ale is the newest addition to the Racer family."
     3) Gold beer brewed with selected fine malts and hops from Brazil's XINGU ( new and exciting! ), On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack, with 4.7% alcohol by volume, this is something lighter and softer, not as thick, easier to sip, than their Black beer! Great to have two choices now! Cheers.
LIQUERS / LIQUORS From Jagir Singh :
     1) Double Expresso from VAN GOGH, On Special for $25.99, a 750ml bottle, , family-owned distillery since 1879, from Holland, a ' class-act ', must try it, distinct, flavorful, perfect imported vodka for this cold and damp weather now of ours! Warm-up!
     2) Extra Dry Vermouth Aperitif of VYA, in Madera, California, from @AndrewQuady, highly-recommended, such a treat to sip all by itself! $23.99 for a 750ml bottle, with 17% alcohol by volume. I like it a lot.
     3) BRoVo Project Amaro 14 , Liqueur Batch No. 14, Mike Ryan,, $39.99 a bottle, a ' lady and mac made liquor ', with 31% alcohol , " Serve people not just drinks. ' Bottle 097 , ' Brovo amaro 14 is a dark, delux chocolate with Sarsaparilla, Cinnamon and Thyme. ' From Washington State, highly recommended, quite special, quite unique, TRY SOME!
     4) HouHouShu Sparkling sake, $18.99 a 300ml bottle, with 6% alcohol by volume : from Japan, produced and bottled by MARUMOTO SHUZO Inc, Okayama-Ken, Japan : quite a livelt bright fresh ALIVE taste, recommended, you all must try it : so refreshing!
WINES From Chris and Tony : 3 Whites, 3 Reds :
          THREE Whites :
     1) Sauvignon Blanc Private Reserve 2013 Aconcagua Valley, of ALMA De Chile, $9.99, clean, bright, crisp, ...
     2) Rigole Bianco 2012, dry, opulent, luch, thick, dense, opaque dry white from Friuli, Italy, from Tenuta TOMASELLA, On Special for $12.99. PurrFect perfect dry white for this damp and cold,  , from Alto Livenza, a Pinot Blanc that blows me away, so creamy-dreamy-silky NICE. Recommended!
     3) 2012 Riesling Spatlese Hattenheimer Wisselbrunnen Trocken Rhengau, from SCHUMANN NAGLER, On Special for $19.99 a bottle, this is a dry, delicious, bright steel, shiny, perky, purrfect/perfect mineral and citrus dry Riesling, highly recommended.

          THREE Reds :
     1) Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 from Chile's Aconcagua Valley, from DOS PASOS , all stainless-steel, a treat, nice to sip, amazing amount of flavor for only $8.99 a bottle, highly recommended.
     2) Albemarle County Virginia Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 from the GABRIELE RAUSSE Winery outside of Charlottesville, $19.99, no oak, or a very small amount, love it, clean - fresh, lively - bright - tasty - balabced - natural flesh - and - flair, like it a whole lot! Highly recommended!
     3) Syrah Private Reserve 2011 Private Reserve from Chile's Aconcagua Valley, $9.99, throws sediment, so silky lush creamy cradling rocking lulling smooth : LOVE IT! Highly recommended.
     SAVE THREE WAYS on Wednesdays, come get you fabncy bottles of wine on Wednesdays! Any bottle over $19.99 on still and sparkling wine tomorrow, except MOET Et CHANDON and VEUVE CLICQUOT apllies, come get some, for all bottles 750ml size. Cheers. Call, pay tomorrow if you cannot come, 202-363-4265. Cheers! Ask for Chris and Tony.
     Tomorrow, Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) : Come taste four great wines from William Harrison Imports as we continue our Female Month Appreciation here with an incredible LBV port 2010, a fine Chinon Loire Valley Cabernet Franc rose 2015, a Chateau Tonnelle 2009 dry red Bordeaux, gold-medal winner, with plenty of kick and punch still left in it, and a Orca 90% Garnacha , 10% Syrah Spanish red that is so smooth, bright, lovely so easy to sip all on it's own, like it a whole lot!
     Friday, January 13th, 2017, 5-8PM  , We have Andrea Shank of Tradewinds Specialty Imports here coming to taste great Spanish and Argentina wines, her choice, still to be decided.
     Saturday, January 14th, 2017 , 2-6PM, We have Jane and Jim Reeves coming to pour June's selections, four, that will include the CLOTILDE Burgundy wines, all to be decided here tomorrow.
           AND FOR NEXT WEEK :

     Friday, January 20th, 2010 : ( 5-8PM ) :  We have Robert Kennedy here to pour some of his finest-ever Italian wine selections , picked by his Italian wife Katia, from the Emilia-Romagna region, so I know we will all enjoy the wines of TENUTA CASSALI and of TRE MONTI.
     Saturday, January 21st , 2017 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Andrew Stover here to pour a selection of his fine wines, too. something for everybody. an assortment that will please, tease and impress, flatter your stimulated senses completely!
     JOIN US, you are all welcome!
     ALL the wines we pour this month are picked by females for females as we continue to celebrate Female-Appreciation month here - ALL January! We owe our females a debt that is impossible to pay, but we try and do some of that in January as we start the year! Cheers
     THANKS for everything, you all are the very very very best. We love you all. Cheers,  TONY 1/10/2017

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