Thursday, January 12, 2017

Christian Stahl Of His Own German Winery In Franken, Pouring An Assortment Of His Excellent German Wines, Including a Great Sparkling Wine, Too : Summertime, Drink Pink, Spark! Join Us, History In The Making 4:30-7:30PM

Join us, welcome to the United States Christian! Chris Bartha tells me you are in New York city now! Cheers, prost!   TONY  1/12/2017

Getting inot the wine like this, Christian L. Stahl does in Franken, Germany, and he will be here on Saturday, January 21st, 2017 , 4:30-7PM to taste his wines , FABUlous wines I should say! WE will focus on four, pour more.
1) 2015 ' Drink Pink ' is a lovely floral, bright, silky rose that is great for sipping! ..
2) the 2014 Feder STAHL ' Spark " is a sparkling white that reminds me of silk, polish, elegance, finesse, and delectable flesh-of-grape magnetism, Mmmmmmm, On Specilal for $17.99.
3) DA MAS ZE NER 2015 ' Scheurebe ' ( grape variety ) STAHL, $17.99, a soft, lovely fragrance, freshness, brightnes, great to sip, off-dry, nice.
4) 2015 Feder ' Summertime! ( a druer blend of 80% Bacchus, 10% Muller Thurgau, 10% Sylvaner , On Special for $13.99 is still kicking, and is a great palate-cleanser, refreshing.

THIS, after the Inauguration and the Women's march, everyone welcome, come celebrate our month of ' Female-Appreciation-Support ' : we love you 51% of our population! You are always welcome here.
EARLIER : Andrew Stover will be here pouring from 12-4PM, Andrew will have great selections, too, will write those up next, stay-tuned! JOIN US for that, too : intense busy charged times. We all seem to have our marching orders of one kind or another. Maybe we can march and meet and discuss, heal, and march forward together!

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