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Celebrating All Month The FABulous Women In Our Lives & How They Enrich The Fabrics Of All Of Our Lives! Wed. Jan 18th 5:30-8:30PM 7 women pour 25 Of Their Favorit Wines/Spirit, Too For You!

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     GREAT TUMULTUOUS, TRYING, UNNERVING, ENERGIZING, POLARIZING TIMES! We need to put the nice, the calm, the good will, the kindness, the harmony, the will to talk face-to-face and come to whatever compromises we must to move forward in life as a nation.
    In THE SPIRIT of solidarity we continue to honor the contributions of 51% of our population : wonderful females that have always, and continue to add so indispensible to the tapestries of our lives. Being an artist and a painter I like that image as well as the canvas, the hall, the stage, the avenue, streets, the cities, the towns, the neighborhoods, the cul-de-sac , and so much more.

Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Cleveland Park Bar & Grill St. Arnold's Cleveland Park & The Abbey Coppi's Organic Restaurant Byblos Deli Byblos Cafe Ardeo+Bardeo, a happenin' neighborhood brant, alive, busling, come join usfor #JanuaryisFemaleApreciaton@ClevelandParkWinesAndSpirits Join us, dine in these fine restaurants afterwad, Coppi's Organics is offering reduced prices for this, maybe others,too? Checkout Ripple, too.Fie dining. Join us Wednesday, January 18th, 2017 5:30-...8:30PM, free, we invite 7 FABuous Talented women to pour their FAVEorite wines/spirits - 25 in all. For women, by , all about women! #DoRightByWomen #DoRightByFemales #DoRight4Wome DoRight4Females #WoAmenYES! #WomenAmenYES! Cheers, join us! Check out the window at Wake Up Little Suzie with President Obama an al the Best Wishes Notes there. @FitnessCenter a block away is letting 25 women sleep there Friday night 20th, before the Women's March n Satuday, 21st, 2017 We have Robert Kennedy on Friday pouring his wife Katia's Picks of #EmiliaRomagana wies of Tenuta Casali and Tre Monti #wines , of Silvia Casali and Vittorio Navacchia, ... andSaturday from 12-4:30e have Andrew Stover pourng American wines from New York and Pennsylvania and Virginia made by female wine makers, like @BOEWinery and Sarah , too.. and from 4:30-7:30PM we have owner/ winemaker Christian L. Stahl of #Franken #Germany pouring #DrinkPink and a white dry blend, a sparkling wine' to live for! '. Join us, historic times. We will all today lift a glass and toast Martin Luther King as we all have a dream let us get closer than ever before to realizing them.

 THANK YOU LADIES, you inspire us. You inspire me, you are my real heroes right now. I appreciate both that you have the balls and the sense to use them wisely. Bravo!

WITH Friday's Inauguration and Saturday's Women's March we have a whole lot going on here in our nation's capitol. in Washington D.C. We are trying to be prepared and do what we can to mark, to honor, to celebrate what we can in this difficult, split-opinion-divided times. It is not easy. It is not so simple to not be involved now becasue we are sick and tired of the last two years of politics and the rest.
SO : WHAT CAN WE DO as a store that serves our community? We can be an important part of our community and provide what we can as services, friendship, advice and a space here that is welcoming and positive.

WE HAVE FOUR TASTINGS THIS WEEK to do just that. Here they are. This email will focus on these events this week that we hope you will enjoy .
AT THESE EVENTS we will also support charities and causes that are near-and-dear to the women ( sometimes me will be here to pour for their wome ), and you will be welcome to contribute to those when here.
WE HAVE WAIVED the traditional $15 that we have started to charge for our Big-Theme winetastings. We encourage you to donate that money to these causes and charities. We will have wine buckets available to do so. Ask us if you do not see them. Thanks in advance to anything you can do to support these invaluable charities.
WE ALSO OFFER on Wednesday our biggest savings of the week to you all :
     1) Buy any bottle of still or sparkling wine ( except MOET CHANDON and VEUVE CLICQUOT - these two are not included in any of the three ways to save ) over $19.99 a bottle and SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker prices.
     2) Buy any six bottles or more of still or sparkling wine and SAVE 15% OFF the marked sticker prices.
     3) Buy twelve or more at any price of sparkling or still wines and SAVE 20% OFF on the marked sticker prices.
IF YOU CANNOT come call us and we will charge you tomorrow and you may save that way, and pick up your purchases later. Cheers.

WEDNESDAY, January 17th, 2017, 5:30-8:30PM, A free winetasting here, what we normally call our monthly Big-Theme winetasting. We have invited seven talented, knowledeable women in wine and spirits to come and pour four of their favorite wine selections, one spirit from local D.C. distiller Nicole of JOS. MAGNUS that will use her signature gin and make a cocktail for us all to enjoy.
TABLE # ONE : With Theresa Morrison of 34 South Distributing ( owner with her husband John Morrison ) we have four wines that she will pour.
     1) ' Expresion ' Extra Brut spumante sparkling wine from MI TERRUNO, made in Mendoza, Argentina, $19.99 , so bright, so light, so incredibly fresh and lively, whispers of the grapes on our tongues, so embracing all! A real special treat this is. Made by a female winemaker, we love it.
     2) Sauvignon Blanc from the Randle Hill Vineyard in the Yorkville Highlands of Mendocino County, CA. a 2015, $18.99 , by YORKVILLE CELLARS,  made with organic grapes, a British couple, this is so balanced, such vibrancy and character, I like this, too so much!
     3)  2014 VQA Niagara Escarpment Pinot NOir from CAVE SPRING Winery , $23.99 a bottle, from Canada's Jordan, Ontario , it has so much focused flavor, taste and personality. Medium-to-light-bodied, this is a delight, will complement many a meal, nice to sip , too!
     4) Uvas 2015 Malbec from MI TERRUNO, $13.49 a bottle, this is a fruit-forward, pleasing, very balanced taste to enjoy now and not wait. It would be nice along with the " Expresion ' extra brut sparkling wine that they also make.
     1) La Jaku dry Pinot Grigio Prosecco rose from Veneto, Italy, $13.49 a bottle, with a delirious sparkle of pink and a blush of a contented rose coloring, ahhhh, real, now we can relax, we have arrived at our destination, sit back, kick back, get ' wigged-out ' , smile, that first taste with soften your edges, the second will bring rouge to your cheeks, the third taste will flower from the tight balls it starts out like, a Pioneeys that blossoms with so many delicious ' feuilles - leaves ' of blossom, a feather bed and pillow ease ... lovely.
     2) Trincadeira 2015 D.O.C. Alentejo dry red from ESPORAO in Portugal, $16.49 a bottle, a flavorful, robust dry red using all Trincadeiro grapes, this is a great use of one's skill with balls, using your intellect to get that basket made, the jump and dunk through the many hoops of life. This is a fine food red to enjoy as the rewards to all that skillful, calculated hard work that makes the fabrics of our lives function well, not stagnate, not flouder, work well!
     3) Clairette De Die from France Rhone Valley, from the CAVES POULET, sparkling, $15.99, non-vintage ... 
this drier-styled yet fragrant flowery, aromatic, delectable dish of the Muscat grapes in full spark-arc-sparkle-splash-spring,spread, to be welcoming, your tongue and palate quickly acquiesce to the charms, the teases, the sure pleases here of these  sweeter bubbles of honey and delicate white nut flavors. A smile is right around the corner, ' just around the river bend ... ' goes the Disney song.
     4)  " Princess " red Syrah 500ml bottle from Greece, is another amazing treat for ladies and me alike, ladies love it, men quite like it, the tastes of dried grape leaves, some white tempered peppers to pep our tastebuds UP, some thickness, give, some bounce, lots of amazing fluid elasticity-electricity here, I was sunk the minute I tried it, the second third and forth tastes made me madly smile with youthful glee like the song by Joni : " A child got up to wonder, caught a dragonfly inside a jar ... " Ahhhh, that wondrous " Circle Game ' that mimmicks life so well.
TABLE # THREE : We have Slavaya Yaninska of the Downey Selections pouring ( with an assist from Brennan Downey ), her favorite four :
     1) Di Lenardo Friuli Pinot Grigio " Ramato dry white, 2015, what a bristling, crisp, nervousness of energy and action, power, personal independence, shout-out to life and being alive! Love it, really a marvelous treat to find joy and purpose.
     2) Chianti Classico 2013 from Savignola  Paolina, made by Ludovica, $25.49,  this has some real presence, some majesty, an independence and taste that won't be silenced or dumbed-down, love it, have for years now. Medium-to-light-bodied, lovely now with a meal, even some tasty finger foods like some prosciuto, cheese, bread, some of the famous great comfort soups from Florence and Tuscany that my daughter and I enjoyed in 2009 there! Yes.
     3) 204 Cannonau/ Grenache from Sardinia, made by NURAGICO, $13.49 a bottle, with deep moonlight night color and reflection, ahhhhh yes, a fine food wine for all it's darker, more gruff, less-polished flair, with some pasta or lazagna yes!
     4) FRACCHIA VOULET Malvasia Casorzo, $16.49, a dry sweet-style red from Piemonte, Italy, with earth, with dried fruits, dried tears overtones, that of a rose pressed between a special book or softback romance novel that you treasure. The deep red color, the richness, the texture, the tapestry of all your valiant, often appreciated, perhaps seldom mentioned, efforts to be a better person with a more fulfilling life, surrounded by those you love deeply - yeah, I can see why so many ladies march right on over here monthly in search of this FRACCHIA VOULET!
TABLE # FOUR  : Libby Edwatds of Diamond District Imports pours her four faves :
     1) Txakoli rose 2016, , Basque Getariako Txakolina dry rose from REZABAL, $19.99 a bottle, a really delicate whisper, a transparent shadow of color, a silky pigment of blush, ethereal, lovely, great acidity that whisks swiftly through our atoms and cells liberating our fears, calming our frayed being, flying our ' flags of freedom! ' Ohhhhh, so very ' yes. si si si oui, si! ' to this!!
     2) ' La Crix du Prieur ' Cotes de Provence, $13.49, 2013, from the Olivier Sumeire collection, fashion at it's best, you are the models who's palates will walk down the runway of your fantasies and dreams, smiling, acknowledging all the applause as you march along, your reward once again for ' being there ' ( like Clancey Gardener in the Peter Sellers' movie " Being There ' with Shirley MaClain ), take your bows, feel loved and appreciated as you all should! This is a real treat, the pinnacle of fine fluid fragrant fleshy fleeting dry rose, yo sey!
     3) Vinya d'Irto dry Spanish rose, 100% Garnacha, ( Cos i anima , cuerpo y alma, body and soul ) , made from 100% Garnacha/Grenache , this has some body and soul and character and pith and punch, too . Dry, come taste, see what you think?
     4) 2015 dry dark deep-colored-skinned-not-easily-bruised-bullied-tarnished-dumbeddown-not! From JELU Estate this Malbec rose from San Juan Argentina adds something new and bright and welcome to the tapestry of our lives, much like you women do. We thank you all for that. Come check this $13.99 a bottle dry food rose for Spanish tapas, red meats, grilled meats and vegetables, Portobello mushrooms anybody?!? Nice.
TABLE # FIVE : Christina Caswell of Kysela Imports with her four fave wines :
     1) Gruner Veltliner Reserve Kamptal, from Austria, $21.99 a bottle, from LEINDL, a seemingly daunting amount of power, muscle, authority, bluster-maybe-even?!? And yet, tasting slowly, surely, evenly, and the ' why ' and the ' where ' and the ' want ' and the ' wonder-wander ' surfaces as your smile begins to form so do all the amazing flavors of mineral and citrus and seduction that is paced and sure and surely wonderful!
     2) ' Les Villots ' dry rose 100% Pinot Noir Loire valley from Sancerre, France, $19.99, is a wonder to hold, to grasp in the cup of one's tongue, held warmly by the walls of our mouths, YES! Vraiment tres bien, venez amis nous joindre. Nous avons ensemble  une marche a fair bientot!
     3) ' La Catiende ' 2015 dry red from Faugeres in the southwest of France, from MAS Des CAPITELLES, $13.49, from Lauge Jean & Fils/son, made with organic grapes, an incredible dry red blend. I enjoyed a bottle in October I believe and wanted to buy more from Christina, but sadly it was all gone! I shared it one late weekend afternoon on our deck at home before grilling dinner. My wife, my daughter, perhaps our neighbors, too - we all thoroughly enjoyed this.
It spoke to me in vloumes, on so many levels, from the start of a bouquet to the drenching of my palate, the intense hold and keep on the tongue before the release and swallow - whoooshhhhh down my throat : I absolutely loved the long finish, the ' everything ' about this amazing dry red organic blend! Yes!!!
     4) " Venancio Costa Lima ' Reserva 2013 dry red made from the Portuguese Castelao is one that Christina holds near-and-dear, not as much as the Gruner from Austria, as she is Austrian, but she really waxes poetic over this indigenous dry and complex red! Come try it on for size, fit and feel!??
TABLE # SIX : Liz Kitterman of Jess Jackson Estate wines will pour her fave four, all made by female winemakers :
     1) Chardonnay 2013 from STONESTREET, $43.99. I have not tried this vintage but I can saw that my eyes were opened wide when I tried the STONESTREET Estate Vineyards 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon, $39.99, it was quite amazingly rich, flavorful, balanced, and a treat to sip and anticipate the foods and frolicks to follow, before the mellows and the meows, and more! Same with the Chardonnay I am quite confident.
     2) Pinot Noir 2014  Clone 4 , $23.49 a bottle, there is both flavor and more warmth and charm here, a balance of the whole range of flavors, giving us and our palates all the benefit of the doubt, not dumbing us down, respecting us, and our abilities to appreciate more than simply that safe band of middle flavors in the whole spectrum of tastes that should be ours, yes!
     3) Anderson Valley Pinot Noir 2012, On Special for $28.99 , called CHAMP De REVES : Field of Dreams, where is Sting when we need him?!? Come sing for us as we sip this really distinct, flavorful expression of flavors with good grip, grit and steel and acids, all elements that charm and test us and our palates and call for the foods we need to help us all flesh out the flavors of this fine northern California Pinot Noir! Yes!
     4) ARROWOOD Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, $27.99. I still have to taste this. I remember the old ARROWOOD wines that were stern, with great girth and with columns of Ionic marbel flavors that were hard to penetrate with my tongue. I understand now they have so much more charm and grace and elegance. I look forward to trying it with all you fine ladies! Cheers!
TABLE # SEVEN : Nicole Hassoun the master distiller of the JOS. MAGNUS ' Vigilant ' gin that is made locally in Ivy City, Washington D.C. WE sell Nicole's gin, $29.99 On Special and her vodka ' Royal Seal ' On Special for $25.99. Nicole that managed with Umbi Singh the gin bar of New Heights restaurant makes this amazingly fresh lively bright and dancing gin as it barely touches your taste buds , teasing and pleasing them so!
Nicole will make a cocktail tomorrow :
     " Kinda like a Mule, we'll be making a ginger turmeric soda with a honey liqueur , fresh lime and our ' Vigilant ' gin.' Wonderful, can't wait to taste it tomorrow.
PLEASE BUY a bottle or more to show your support tomorrow. This is a historic moment. let us show our support and appreciation, love and respect and pay some of our debt to so many deserving women!
MEN : highly recommended that you get ' wigged out ' for this and these events, as we continue them on Friday and Saturday.
THAT EMAIL will follow through on Thursday to finish up our week here that still has to be written, still told, still experienced in full.
WE LOVE YOU ladies, females, girls, you all are the very best. You these days are my real heroes!   TONY  1/17/2017

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