Tuesday, January 24, 2017

1st Beer Big-Theme Tasting Of Beers, Ales At Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Organized By Santos Rivera & Me, Anthony Quinn W/ New Belgium Brewing, THREE NOTCHD Brewing Company, Manassas, VA. & DEVIL'S BACKBONE Brewing, Too : Local & National Brews For You, Join Us, Free! Cheers!

WE HAVE TWO ' Big-Events ' This Week :
TOMORROW, Wednesday,January 25th, 2017 : 5:30-8:30PM, Free-Tastings both -
     CANS & BOTTLES Of ...
     BEER Big-Theme Tasting
     Tomorrow! 1/25 5:30-8:30PM
     With John, Shane, Polly, Santos
     FREE - JOIN US :
     Santos has invited three groups to come pour their beer selections, that will mean as many as 20 beers for you all to try here and see how they compare with your tastebuds, side-by-side.
     John will pour the 4 from THREE NOTCHD Brewing company, all of them in cans, All $10.99 a 6-pack, 1) 40 Mile IPA ... 2) Hydrolian Red ...   3) Jesse's Girl American Ale, ...   and the ... 4) The Ghost APA American Amber  Ale , and last : ... 5) Ace's High American Pale Ale ... YES!!!
Try them all on for size, fit and feel!
You be the judges.
You will meet John, ...
Shane, too ... pouring the :
Devil's Backbone Brewery selections ..,
Shane works at the brewery, and will be  pouring the
Vienna lager,
the Eight-Point lager,
and the Striped Base Pale Ale, too )
AND Molly of NEW BELGIUM Brewery will be pouring four, they will all have some favorites as well as some ' new and exciting, seasonal ' beers, too. Molly will taste the ' new ' Tarttastic ', as well as the ' Bohemian style Pilsner '. 
     I am leaving most of this to be a real surprise for you all. You will come and taste and see what you all think, a serendipitous, spontaneous ale/ beer tasting, ...

the very FIRST BIG-THEME Beer-Tasting here!
JOIN US, let's start a new and exciting tradition here!

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