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Women- Men : Make Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Your 2nd Home Away From Home : We Are Here In Support & Solidarity Of You All, From All Around The World & Country - We Support Diversity & Variety! 1/31/2017

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

IT'S your home away from home, your ' other ' home in our neighborhood - here, with us all to bolster and rally and march your spirits forward for your good, your health, your comfort and safety and forward momentum!




WE HAVE SO MANY SPIRITS of all kinds, of all persuasions, of all countries, of all types. colors, sizes, forms, textures, tastes and flavors.

we welcome the diversity, the exposure, the growth, the learning, the appreciation, the healing and helping and holding-hands and tongues, kisses and hugs from all around the world as they find their way onto our shelves and into your homes, too!

THIS IS YOUR PLACE to find an ultimately diverse selection of products made around the world. We want you to have choices. We want you to make them, too. We are here to help you, but ultimately we want you all to make the choices at anytime here that you feel they suit you best. No pressure, no us telling you what to do, when to do it, how to do it, just suggesting to help you know what your choices may be, depending on if you want to play it safe or be daring and bold?!? That is your choice.
WE NEVER WANT to dumb-you-down or believe that you do not have what it takes to make your own decisions. We know it takes courage and balls ( and if the recent months have shown you all have plenty of balls to make your own choices and decide your own futures, immediate and long-term, and for that we smile broadly, are happy to know you, happy for you, happy to be along together for this series of rides ).
OUR NEXT ' Big-Theme ' Wine-Tasting is on Wednesday, February 8th, 2017. 5:30-8:30PM, of 25 or so wines that are perfect to celebrate Valentine's Day with your lover, your special person, you husband or wife, noyfriend, girlfriend, that really special one! How fun this will be!

SERGHEI GULCEAC just stopped by again a few minutes ago. He will be here with his wife Stacy McArthur tasting at least four fine wines of Moldova! Looking tomorrow to taste a sparkling dry white blend, two whites as well as ine dry red, using indigenous grapes as well as international ones. Like the D'Or Feteasca Regala, a dry white, the Crisecco spumant NV brut sparkling white belnd of Feteasca Alba and 10% Muscat ... oh yeah!
I JUST CALLED MEAGAN of  WELL CRAFTED Importers and I am hoping she will be available, too to pour some of her company's selections of both Spanish and South African wines? Working on all this, we will have some TRIONE wines of California, with Reid Harper, Stepehen Watkins will be pouring both some Spanish sparkling cava as well as some South American wines of Argentina and Chile.
SO : Stay-tuned for more. we are rushing to our finish line to get this all set and in motion for you next Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 : in time to fully celebrate and enjoy Valentines' Day, and also the continuation of our whole year of 2017 we call Female-Appreciation!
SO : We have lots to offer you and I have , once again, walked our aisles and found with the help of Santos, Jagir and Chris some wonderful spirits to bring to your attention.
BEER From Santos :
     1) SAISON Begian Farmhoouse Ale, dry-hopping, from STFEUILLIEN, a non-filtered product of Belgium, 4-cans of 33cl. , a flavorful, tasty treat at $11.99 On Special.
     2) Belgian Abbey Ale Triple Triple , bottle-conditioned, also from STFEUILLIEN, product of Belgium. Here we have a 4-pack  of  11.20Fl. Oz bottles with 8.5% alcohol by volume, also another great cold and damp-weather treat!
     3) 2015 TRIGNAC Ksteel Tripel aged in Cognac casks, $31.99 a 1Pt 9.4Fl. Oz bottle, XII, with 12% alcohol by volume, an incredible treat to enjoy with a meal as it is so flavorful, and you will be looking around for something to balance these delectably-rich flavors with some edge and some sass!
     4) Seasonal Raspberry White Wheat Beer from SOUTHERN TIER, a wheat beer brewed with raspberries, On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with 4.6% alcohol by volume. Yum!
LIQUOR From JAGIR we have :
     1) Roundstone Rye Single barrel whisky, distilled from 100% Rye, from CATOCTIN CREEK, $40.99 a bottle, 750ml, with 40% alcohol by volume, this is so rich, so much extra body, so many nuances, so many nooks and crannies, this is special indeed. Come taste all the ways that it shouts true, authentic, layered rye flavors, yes!
     2) Rye Whiskey from Washington D.C's own ROCK CREEK, from ONE EIGHT Distilling, $49.99 a bottle, with 47% alcohol by volume, ... great deep, rich, inviting color that draws my eyes closer to the squat distinct bottle, and the leaf on the tan-greened-faded label just jumps out, too : works on every level from visual to taste! Yes!
     3) Singlr Malt Irish Whiskey triple distilled 12 years old, from KNAPPOGUE CASTLE, this Bourbon-cask-matured spirit is distilled, matured and bottled in Ireland, fun and exciting, and a great price, too at $49.99 a bottle! What a treat!
WINE From Chris & Tony :
     1) El Jefe ( Grande ) Tempranillo Spanish liters , unoaked, On Special for $11.99 a bottle, fresh, fruit-forward, bright, easy delicious quaffing, " sourced from sustainably farmed family vineyards, grapes fermented in traditional cement vats. " You all ove this, perfect to sip, smooth, needs no food. Perfect to watch the Super Bpwl with soon, or any game where you want wine and not beer. The more you chill it the drier it will taste.
     2) A dry 2014 New York State red wine , a blend of 55% Merlot, 40% Corot and 5% Malbec. From SHINDIG, On Special for $15.99, regularly $19.99, chill this 30 minutes and enjoy how lively and fresh and edgy-smooth it can be all at once. The Corot grape ripples it's flavors keeping the taste always a bit nicer with finger-foods.
     3) A Tannat . Merlot andZinfandel dry blend from ARTESANA Vineyards in Uruguay, a 2015, a medium-bodied red that again is best with food, perhaps some Tex-Mex meals, anything steaming-hot off the grill, even some vegetables marinated and grilled, a flavorful dish, casual or more sophisticated, this is a gem of a wine made for a female American owner from California,
     4) A sparkling Maria Gomes grape variety from Portugal's LUIS PATO is a real treat to enjoy while watching the games as it goes with all the flavorful foods we enjoy then, as it will cut through these flavors and provide relief and pleasure and bring gentle purrs and smiles to our faces! $18.49, a lovely treat! Discover Maria Gomes all over again!
     5) White Chateauneuf-Du-Pape , a 2012, from the southern Rhone valley, made by ALAIN JAUME & FILS ( et Fille ) , $49.99 a bottle, with 14% alcohol by volume, I loved this when I tasted it, will love it even more now as it has developed really nicely in the bottle. For me a great white Chateaneuf-Du-Pape can often provide more pleasure, interest, fascination and intrigue than the red counterparts for the same amount of money or less! Cheers, come try some. I tried this with the daughter when she visited and she was all so excited about her Lirac wines on the last visit. Wonder if she has changed and moved onto another village in the southern Rhone valley? I doubt it. We will see.
     6) Blanc de Blancs Reserve Celles-Sur-Ource RM ( Recoltant-Manipulant ) , $56/99 a bottle, Brut French champagne from JEAN LAURENT. 100% Chardonnay, disgorged on April 2016, from Dan Kravitz and Hand-Picked Selections, with 12% alcohol by volume, I was so impressed!
This last year I have been blown-away by many of the Blanc-De-Blancs champagnes that I tried for their power, concentration, finesse, flavor, complexity and sublime tastes from the atart all the way through the long finishes! This JEAN LAURENT is no exception, it shines and rises high in the spectrum, and is highly-recommended here. You great great value for great taste, and total harmony.
WEEK's TASTINGS : Still working on this and so it will be on our Web Page and also on Facebook within a day or two.
ON SATURDAY Andrew Shapiro is scheduled to come here and do a tasting of the SCHRUB DISTRICT Fruit-In-Vinegars for you all to try. We tried them with Andrew last week and were blown away, really special Flavors like :
1)  Just Grapefruit, 
2) Pineapple-Allspice,
3) Lime, 
5) Blueberry-Basil,
6) Cranberry-Juniper, and
7)  Apple-Nutmeg!
A BIG YES for them all!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW for our Big-Theme Valentine's Day Wine-Tasting of 25 or so wines to enjoy with your special one, Wed. Feb. 8th, 2017, $15 a person ( that money you pay will go towards any purchase you make that night of the wines being tasted ). You may pay online at : @Eventbrite.com, cheers!
MARK YOUR CALENDARS For Part-TWO Big-Theme BEER-Tasting on Thursday, April 6th, 2017 ( 5:30-8:30PM ) ... that already included ABITA Brewery with Lindsey Ely pouring, .... and BOLD ROCK Hard Cider with John Haley pouring ...  
SAVE BIG ON WINE here each and every Wednesday, 3 ( THREE ) ways to SAVE BIG, Up to 20% Off, ... so come and buy your special bottles of wine at $19.99 or more ( except Moet & Chandon and Veuve Clicquot champagne ), any bottle 750ml, That $19.99 a bottle becomes $15.99 a bottle! That is a good savings!
CALL US if you cannot come by at : 202-363-4265, pay over the phone, then pick up your purchases at your convenience. BUT SAVE!
I WANT TO THANK ALL THOSE of you that come to shop here, that come to propose things for us to buy as well. Some of you are new, some of you are people we know well already.
IN THE LAST WEEK or so I have collected many business cards from people like :
1) Jon Brandt Off-Premise Sales Representative from MADIDUS Importers that just was part of our Big-Theme-First-Ever-Beer-Tasting ( The next one is on Thursday, April 6th, 2017 from 5:30-8:30PM - MARK YOUR CALENDARS ), ...
2) Stacy McArthur  and Serghei Gulceac of OLD TOWN CELLARS that will be pouring at our Big-Theme Valentine's Day & Night Wine-Tasting, their wines of Moldova,  ...  
3) Reid Harper of the TRIONE Vineyards and Winery in the Russian River Valley and Alexander Valley, and Reid will also be here pouring on our Big-Theme Valentine's Day & Night celebration tasting ... 
4) Richard Milkovich Director of Sales at the MOSHIN Vineyards Russian River Chardonnay & Pinot Noir that was here laste Wednesday pouring his and Rick's wines for you all, ... 
5) Nicole Hassoun Principal & Head Distiller of our local D.C. Ivy City JOS. A. MAGNUS & CO. here pouring 4 of her favorites the last Wed. Jan 18th, 2017 when we invited seven women come to pour of their ' favorites ' for women to show support and solidarity... 
6) Rodrigo Leone of Vinos de la familia LOS NOQUES, Argentina, ...Brad Hockenberry , Sales for BAD WOLF Brewing Company in Manassas, VA., that was here with Jon Brandt last Wednesday pouring at our 1st-ever Big-Theme BEER-TASTING , and it was a treat! ...
7) Matthew Carroll Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager of the Eric Solomon Selections was just here last week with Graham Isaac of the Country Vintners/ Winebow Group portfolio showing us some exceptional French wines ...  
8) Dr. Adam Forni Proprietor & Director of Authenticity from his own DANCING CROW Vineyards ... and the list goes on and on and on.
It takes a community that is diverse and comprehensive to make all of this work. WE thank you all and are thrilled to be a part of this magical, wonderful process that is the spirits' world of beers, ciders, liqueurs, liquors, and wines, water, too!

SO : Come see us, be a part of all of this. We want to include you wherever, whenever we can. Without you none of this is possible, none of this can work.
Cheers and thanks again, TONY  1/31/2017

Friday, January 27, 2017

A Day In My Anthony Quinn LIfe @ Home & @ Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits 1/27/2017 Cheers, Join Us W/ Narayan Campbell Tonight w/ @BergenvinLaneVineyards WA Columbia Valley, @Ayama Pinotgae, Tomorrow w/ Dianna Richer of @KarasWine Armenia, @FincaLaPapay @BodegaMalma #Argentina!

36 years is something special, a life of working together as a team, proud of it! Cheers Lynne!

Appreciating the significance of 36 years together now a lifetime!

Tasting tonight w/ @NarayanCampbell at @clevelandparkwines 5-8pm, @BergenvinLaneVineyards yes!

1/27 1/28 #TasteWines of @blvwine #alentejoredwine @SlentFarms &Ayamavineyard @karaswines @FincaLaMalma

Taste tonight @clevelandparkwines 5-8pm @blvwine #sauvblanc 2013 #WA #columbiavalley freetasting

Outstanding tonight, #taste @SlentFarms #Pinotage @Burgevinlanevineyards #Viognier @clevelandparkwines !

Really like this #spanishgarnacha dry red$13.49, will taste it Feb 10 5-8pm w/ Valerie @clevelandparkwines !

Lisa tastes these with me and @AndrewShapiro at @clevelandparkwines 1/27 all really fun!

Amazingly smooth Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 2010, $30 with Valerie at @clevelandparkwines 1/27/17 mmmm

Great image here at @clevelandparkwines just now 1/27, come by, get what you need!

See and taste the whole story 1/28 2-6pm if &FincaLaPapay & @karaswines

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Days In The Life Of Anthony Quinn, Alternative Existences, Interpretations, Lies & So Much More! Cheers, 1/20-24/ 2017 Dinner At Doi Moi Restaurant With Chef Sasha That Blwe Us Away On Saturday, Jan. 21st, 2017 : Day Of Women's March On Washington D.C., Christian Stahl Franken, German Wines, Caroline Kennedy, Pine Ridge 1986 Magnum Cabernet Sauvignon,

Anthony Quinn
Some of what has been going on, taken from my Facebook page, read, look, evaluate and enjoy!   Or be mad! But do something, channel the impulses, the feelings, the reactions into something positive for us all. TONY 1/24/2017
Proud of you all!

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Anthony Quinn shared a link.

Tolerance and freedom are far more powerful than bigotry and hate.

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I can't believe it either, and as a man I say : " #Mypussygrabsback!
Occupy Democrats
This one sums up today's women's rights marches beautifully...

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Do you think we could see another Kennedy in the White House?
It is time for Democrats TO GET SERIOUS! Agree?

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Beauty Of Nature added a new video.
kindly rate our video 1 for ok and 10 for best

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Loved this!
Anthony Quinn
@pineridgewine 1986 magnum of #cabernetsauvignon #stagsleapdistrict amazing w/ @ChefSasha @doimoidc dinner!

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Alternative routes ....
Anthony Quinn
So as if today we may coin some new phrases: #alternativehearing #alternativeseeing #alternativelistening #alternativeinterpreting #alternativetweeking #alternativetruths #alternativelies #alternativemessages #alternativenews #alternativereporting #alternativerealities #alternativespaces #alternativedisconnects #alternativeconnects #alternativeworlds #alternativeparties #alternativehouses #alternativecolors #alternativereligions #alternativereligions #alternativealternatives #alternativemotives #alternativetexts #alternativenews #alternativepeople #alternativelands #alternativemorals #alternativerespects #alternativegoals #alternativehumilities #alternatuvehonesties #alternativeangers #alternativegovernings #alternativehistories #alternativedebts #alternativedues #alternativepayings #alternativerespinsibilities anguish, so many alternatives, #alternativereasonings #alternativemadness #alternativepassingthebucks #akternativepassingthebuck #alternativedidgingthebullets #alternativefieldingquestions #alternativeansweringquestions, so much for alternative, let's focus on truth, doing what us right, taking charge, owning up to our mistakes and lapses in judgement and working together in / an unselfish productive respectful manner! I love and respect you women, you . Are / so highly intelligent, you deserve our gratitude, our working side by side with you, cheers to you, I am with you 200% and more, marching along with you!

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