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Champagne- Sparkling Wine-Tastings WEdnesdays All, Dec 7th, Dec 28th, AND : Chantal Gonet of Philippe Gonet Champagne Here Dec 14th, 2016 : All Tastings 5:30-8:30PM, $15 a Tasting, Go To @Eventbrite Online To Pay, Cheers!

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TWO Big-Theme Bubbly Tastings 12/7 12/28 $15 A Person


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JOIN US For Our CHAMPAGNE/Sparkling Wine BIG THEME Tasting tomorrow night,  PART ONE : Wednesday December 7th, 2016from 5:30--8:30 PM....  
ALSO : Special Guest Chantal Gonet of her family's PHILIPPE GONET Champagnes here on Wednesday December 14th, 2016 . 5:30-8:30PM to taste her selection available to us. Some are being brought to us specially for that, I am told by our rep Ronnie Miller. This will be very special indeed! A rare opportunity to taste with Chantal Gonet and get the inside scoop, hear fun stories, get insights you would never get otherwise, and get bottles signed as special gifts for our holidays! Cheers.

PART TWO : Bubbly Wine-Tasting, Wednesday, December 28, 2016 5:30-8:30PM, $15 a person, that fee will be applied later that night to any bottles you may purchase.

We will not repeat the two tastings : they will each include different bubblies and champagnes, Cavas, Proseccos, Lambruscos, Sekts, sparkling wines, Espumantes, Spumantes, and more!
CONTINUING From Yesterday's Store Email for our Dec 7th, 2016 BUBBLY Wine-Tasting :
     TABLE # FOUR : Introducing Libby Edwards W/ La Sabbiona & Cantina Della Volta Lambrusco di Sorbara Spumantes : And Two Still Wines -
          Starting with the two still ( non-sparkling ) wines : A Red and a White -
     1) ' Famoso ' indigenous grape , 2015, La SABBIONA, $22.49, Amy recommends : " Soft cheeses, even with some funk, too. Great seafood-medley wine . " Lots of distinct taste and flavor. undeniable character, will stop your palate and make it retaste and retaste once again!
     2) ' Centesimino ' rosso. red , an indigenous grape variety thought extint. Discovered recently in a back vineyard , ( two vines only! ), and these vines have been clipped to make new vines and so there are now a very few making a still, non-sparkling version of Centesimino to ofer us all. Have with white meats like veal and pork, but even pizza and pasta sez Amy! I tried these with Amy and Libby, as well as the Italian rep from Sorbara, loved them all, loved their stories. Wonderful tasting, and so I wanted to feature them here on the 7th of December.
     THREE Sparkling Espumante Sorbara Lambrusco wines : Divo and La Sabbiona -
     1) DIVO ' Famoso of La Sabbiona , a 2015, : " More body, more richnes,, with great stone fruit qualities ' sez Amy. I Liked it, I liked it's unique character, the mouth-feel, the starkness, barkness, the howl and the whine and whistle, the bricks and mortar, the flame, flash, flair and overall unique flavors : excellent for a meal, cries for a meal!
     2) Lambrusco Rose di Modena Brut, using 100% Lambrusco di Sorbara, a delicate, ethereal, gossameric subtlety of delicately refined, nuanced flavors to gice one's palate the perfect stage to become completely transparent and pure, love it, $35.99, a treat.
     3) Lambrusco di Sorbara 2009 from CANTINA della VOLTA,  a true Ancestrale, mothode champenoise, $28.99, a darker red color, more flavor and weight, more backbone, and boy does it maintain it's bubbles and finish way after one swallow, allowing one to wallow so blissfully, to linger, to languish, to become completely, utterly happy , content and transparent!
     These are exceptional, what a treat, something new and exciting, what a wonderful group of five from Sorbara.
     TABLE # FIVE : We have Narayan Campbell and Noah Stevens pouring New Zealand & French Sparkling -
          ONE Fine Sparkling Kiwi wine -
     1) " Elestree ' Cuvee Brut Non-2010 Vintage from Marlborough, New Zealand, an amazing bottle of sparkling, memorable, something to notice, that makes a definite statement of quality, flavor and that again really lasts long on one's palate. HIGHFIELD Winery was started to make sparkling wine, and this effort shows that all their attention to quality and detail has really apid off. $34.99 a bottle, world-class, see what you all think? We have also been selling both the dry, still Sauvignon Blanc and the Chardonnay as well : we lovel all three.
            TWO Cremant de Bourgogne French sparkling wines -

     1) Prestige Cremand de Bourgogne from MOINGEON,  non-vintagebrut, blend od Chardonnay and Pinot Pinot Noir  $25.99, such intensity, such presence, such richness and thichness, ripeness, concentration of dense flavors that linger and wash and nourish one's soul and character, well-being, yeah!
     2) Brut Rose non-vintage 100% Pinot Noir dry rose, what a treat again, even more body, even more steel, and flesh and firmness and flavors that are bursting to excepe yet again into the wonderfully warm and welcoming confines of your own individual , receptive palate! What a treat at $25.99.
     TABLE # SIX : Alan Cohen, Owner of LVDH Imports to pour TWO Italian FUN Fruit-grape-based off-dry bubblies:
     1) LEMONSCATO = Lemon + M ( Moscato ) , $16.49,  a cocktail aromatizzato a base di prodotti vinicoli , alcohol is 6%, from Canelli, Italy, : fun, refreshing, fruity, easy, festive, a party all by itself, love sparkling Moscato cut by the lemon to make it soft and supple on the palate, not tart or tangy, but great ' mouth-feel ' here, I like it, so do you all, many of you anyway. A great palate-cleanser here for all the serious bubblies!
     2) MAMAMANGO = Moscato + mango,, $16.49 a bottle,  with 6% alcohol by volume, fruity, full, lush, ripe, delicious : anyone that likes Mangos will love this, I do, so much fun, easy, pleasing, tasty.
     TABLE # SEVEN : Ken Ross, independent broker pouring Cava, French Champagne, California Mendocino Brut sparkling -
          ONE Really Fine Cava -
     1) YA Vintage-Dated Spanish Cava, $16.49, so much flavor, such character for so little. This is a real gem, a fantastic discovery we made awhile back and are thrilled to bring it here to you! Cheers!

          ONE REally Fine Northern California Sparkling Brut -
     1) SAINT GREGORY Brut Mendocino non-vintage,, $36.99, made by a third-generation Italian family, a blend of 26% Pinot Blanc, 38% Pinot Noir, and 36% Chardonnay : I was literally blown away by this : the complexity, the the concentration, so many livels to catch your palate, made you stop, make you register, smile, grin, ... try again : ahhhh, same satisfaction yet intensified still yet, highly recommended. A real American treat. World-class.
          TWO Fine Frenc Champagnes from LEGRAS & HAAS : Grand Cru, NM ... from the village of Chouilly, I really enjoyed both thoroughly.
     Grand Cru means 5% or less of the best- the finest grapes grown in all of Champagne.
     1)  Brut Tradition, $49.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume, a bir more guts and brawn in the flavors, here, a bit more edge and bite,  great when food is in sight! A real special treat, fine value, too.
     2) Grand Cru Blanc de Blanc 100% Chardonnay, extra brut, $60.99 a bottle, ... even more finesse, more polish, a lovely creamy-dreaminess, a wonderful ' la-la ' lullaby-land kinda stance, circumstance, romance,.... yeah, perhaps the dance of a lifetime?!? A great dance at any rate, on any scale, sip and dance and romance till you slide comfortable down onto a couch, a seat, a fluffy pillow on a welcoming bed ...
     TABLE # EIGHT : Stephane Defot's 3  fine ' new ' French Wine-Selections, and two Spanish cavas, all dry, one rose- rosato :
          TWO Spanish Cavas -
     1) ' Insuperable ' 2013 of CANALS & MUNNE , dry blend of 40% Macabeo, 30% Xarello, and 30% Parellada, $13.49 a bottle : amazing, so bright, lively, refreshing, flavorful, and vintage-dated, and ONLY $13.49 a bottle?!? AMAZE-ing. A real treat.
     2) CM CANALS & MUNNE 2013,  called ' Lola ', a dry brut reserve made from  100% Pinot Noir grapes, $21.99 a bottle, ... aged 20 months minimum in rhyme, traditional method, , this is a bit nice and a bit naughty, a bit innocent, a bit mature, you figure it out : effects each of us differently.
          THREE Fine French Champagnes , From PIERRE LAUNAY and CHARLES CLEMENT -
     ONE  From PIERRE LAUNAY a Barbonne - Fayel, Brut,  RM ( Recoltant-Manipulant = Grower & producer, bottler ), great lively exuberance that rushes up and out, shouting, singing, soaring into it's first taste of real freedom, caught by us lovingly ' tween our lips as we open and close, taste, feel, sigh, 'excuse us while we all-together kiss the sky! A Coteaux des Sezannais, ... On Special for $38.49 a bottle, regularly $40.99 a bottle.
     TWO From CHARLES CLEMENT a Colombe le Sec, in Aube, a 100% Pinot Noir, a 100% Chardonnay -
     1) 100% Chardonnay, Brut, non-vintage, , a Blanc de Blancs, 12% alcohol by volume, : I LOVED this one, wow, I had to taste it repeatedly to be sure it was " ALL that I tasted, ALL that I sensed, ALL  that I enjoyed, ALL that I was imagining, ALL that was pleasing, teasing, rocking, swaying and playing with my senses, with me, my tastebuds, my tongue, my whoel being?!? " AND : it was, is! Yes, si, oui, vraiment, tres bien, quel bon prix en plus! Great value,too : highly recommended.
     2) 100% Pinot Noir Brut Blanc de Noirs, On Special for $38.49, regularly $40.99 a bottle. More edge, more bark, more girth, grit, grip and a rougher texture that holds strong, firmer, more guts to grip and to hold onto you, less chance of you making an escape, a clean break, you are a captive, welcoming prisoner here, smiling all the way. Great with food, enjoy, some smoke fish or meats, even, dare I say : smoked oysters?!? YES.
GREAT EVENT : SAVE BIG on Wednesday, UP to 20% OFF your purchases, three ways to save , learn, enjoy, socialize, have a memorable evening - all in one! 
GO TO : Eventbrite online and reserve there, pay your $15. Cheers!
Week's Tastings :
     Friday, December 2nd, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) : We have TWO great tastings, one spirits, and one wine :
       Spirits -
          1)  Tasting FEW Spirits from Evanston, Illinois, what a treat : Gin, Rye and Bourbon : three for you to luxuriate in, feel their ' glows '!
       Wine :
          2) We have Theresa Morrison coming to pour great 
A ) sparkling wine from Argentina ( Mi Terruno , $19.99 ),
B ) High Roller California Mendocino red blend, organic vines, ... $18.99, a 2013 vintage ... 
C)   ' Espino ' Gran Cuvee 2012 Chardonnay D.O. Pirque , Maipo Valley, Chile, with William Fevre, mountain-grown, On Special for $19.99 a bottle ( limited availabilty, get some on Friday!
D) MYBURGH & MILNER South African Shiraz, 2013, $9.99 a bottle, earthy, rustic, hearty, bold and delicious with food, a great winner for taste and pricing, too.
     Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 , 2-6PM for the wine-tasting, 4-7PM for the spirits tasting, TWO Tastings :
       Spirits with head distiller Matt Stricland of DISTRICT DISTILLERS. Matt is here for the second time to taste again his fine local DC U Street Northwest Gin, Vodka, Bourbon , and now also the Rum! Join us, what a great rare treat, top-flight spirits!
       Wine-Tasting with Sotiris Bafitis of OENOS Wines : Tasting great Greek wines -
     A) Cephalonia SanGerasima 2015, ...white,
     B) Argatia White 2013,
     C) Dio Fili Rose, Xinomavro dry rose, 70-year-old-vines, $12.49 a bottle, amazing!
     D) Mitravelas Red On Black 2015, Agiorgitiko grapes...
     E) Antonpopoulos Private Collection 2009 dry red ... a big striking forceful mouthful!
     F) DioFili 2011 Xinomavro hearty, earthy, pithy perky red!

     JOIN US, tastings on weekends are always free, everyone always welcome, make this a special moment here!
     THANKS FOR everything, you all are the very best!   TONY 12/1/2016
HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL thanks for your support and business! What follows below is an old store email, read and enjoy it!

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