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Come Celebrate Tomorrow, Wed. Night 11/9/2016 5:30-8:30PM, Free Wine-Tasting 30+ Wines, Also Celebrating Veterans That Have Done So Much For Us, Celebrating The Holidays, Celebrating Perhaps The 1st Female President Of The United-Not-Divided-States Of America, 1st Possible Businessman Without Any Political Experience President?!? Cheers!

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THANK YOU From The Bottom Of Our Hearts Veterans for your invaluable service to all of us here in the United States of America. We greatly appreciate what you have done for us, the freedome you have secured for us, the incredible sacrifices you all have made individually, as well as as a whole, to ensure that we all here in America live and enjoy better lives. Thank you, gracias, grazie, merci and ' thanks ' in all the other languages of peoples that have come to live here peacefully in our great country even with so much divide that we need to unite and build bridges to cross and mend and grow from, not walls as Pope Francis just said recently. I love that, amen.
BRIGHT, BRISK, FRESH and BEAUTIFUL as we star start this day and go off and vote before starting work. My wife and I already did, a great - grand relief to have done so. As my wife said to me : " We did what we could. " So true, I agree wholeheartedly , and feel a relief that this chapter of our lives is soon coming to an end, hopefully by the end of this day and night, perhaps into tomorrow?

1) The First Female President of the United States Of America , or the
2) First President that has not been involved in politics before , run for office of any kind, and more.
WE WILL CELEBRATE HERE TOMORROW ' THE NEXT ' President of the United ( Not Divided ) States Of America, : COME JOIN US here on Wednesday, November 9th, 2016 9 5:30-8:30PM, #FreeWineTasting of 30+ Wines from @LiebCellars in  New York State, , and @VinumCellars In California, as well as the fine wines of Italy, Spain 7 sherries!, Portugal, Germany, Armenia, ... and more. What a great moment!
WE HAVE SIX PASSIONATE-ABOUT-WINE Experts ( retailers, wholesalers, owners of their own companies, people that have paid their dues and worked their way up gathering knowledge and experience over time ) coming to pour and ' wax poetic ' over their wines. 
WE WILL POUR excellent wines for our holidays to help us celebrate and grow and mend our differences, use our talents to unite together and to all prosper.
WE WILL THANK our veterans for their invaluable service individually as well as collectively for all of us here living in the United States.
HERE IS WHAT we will offer for you all to taste tomorrow. Please come, please invite your friends and let us make this an event and all of us come together as one.
ABOVE I QUOTED JOHN LENNON in his song : " Imagine ' : " I ma be a dreamer, but I know I'm not the only one. " I like that message as with both dreaming and reality, we can work more as a unifed whole to better life for everyone, we all have grievances and concerns that need to be heard and answered, we still have time. Perhaps the best is still to come, I would like to think that this is possible still. So join us tomorrow.
TO QUOTE MY WIFE over this last week, she spoke to me about how in this election cycle we have not ever stopped to think about that a female might be elected by the end of this day that is a female. I have thought of it a whole lot, I see the enormity of this, the implications, the defining moment that it will be if it does happen.
BUT HEY, ENOUGH about that all now, turning to our six fine poureres and their fine wines:
     BUY at least ONE BOTTLE to show your support of these so far for so many years FREE events, as we may have to start charging otherwise. Your choice.
     TABLE NUMBER ONE : Andy Gable pouring LIEB CELLARS, North Folk, Long Island, NY w/ Hop & Wine Beverage
     1) Sparkling Blanc de Blancs of Pinot Blanc ( old vines, 40 years old, $29.99 a bottle, NV Brut : spectacular, loved it, really turned my head!

     2) Pinot Blanc , $22.99 , some really good weight, amde from the old vines, they did not filter the wine much : more taste and stuffing for our holidays.
     3) Bridge Lane is the introduction, first level of these fine LIEB CELLARS' wines, the Chardonnay, is made in stainless steel and tastes like it was left on the sediment of the grapes, the ' lees ' longer, and so there is more body and weight, a fine holiday wine, $16.49 a bottle.
     4) Bridge Lane white Merlot, #16.49, this is the most fun and joyous, lively and easy-feeling of the five we taste with Andy. Just relax, enjoy, smile and grin, so pleasing.
     5) Bridge Lane Dry Red Blend , $16.49, some good ' mouth-feel ', some grip, some grasp, some lasting flavors that linger and do not say ' adieu ' so quickly. This is a fine food dry red, medium-bodied, it shines with food, is definely better with food to ' flesh it out'.
     TABLE NUMBER TWO W/ Graham Isaac of the Country Vintners/ Winebow Group pouring the VINUM CELLARS California wines, six in all, from Paso Robles, Monterey and also Clarksburg, California. Christina Morris of the Winesellers Selections will also join Graham here to pour tomorrow. Christina, Graham, and founder Richard Bruno of VINUM CELLARS were here two-three week's ago pouring their fine wines that started twenty years ago!
      I really liked all the wines, especially VINUM Series so much, excellent ' values for the money.
     1) 2014 Chardonnay, VINUM from Monterey : so pleasing, a nice balance. $15.49 a bottle.
     2) 2014 Monterey VINUM  Pinot Noir has some fine fruit-focus, elegance, mouth-feel, I liked it! $15.49 a bottle. $14.49 a bottle.
     3) 2014 Chenin Blanc  VINUM, some real flesh and flavor again, things in balance, some tasty harmony of the components, I liked this yet again, best with a delicious holiday meal ! $14.49 a bottle.
     4) 2014 Clarksburg, VINUM Petit Sirah, $14.49 : fruit-forward, fruit-accented-rush-taste : mmm, nice. I liked this, too for it's fine fruit definition and somewhat restraint.
     5) " The Insider 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, a thicker, denser, more opaque and hearty-robust flavor : great when you grill have pate, something well-marinated. $21.99 a bottle, a fine food wine.
     6) " Red Dirt Red ' dry red earthy hearty flame-flavor of Grenache Mourvedre and Syrah, a 2013 from Paso Robles : with more time to mature and to fill-out, this is another more intense and complex, layered wine : work pleasingly through these layers, breathe deeply!
     TABLE NUMBER THREE w/ Six Spanish Sherries from ALEXANDRO and GITANA with Andrea Shank of Tradewinds Specialty Imports . 
     1) GITANO 500ml bottle of their Manzanilla made from the Palomino grape, $17.49 a bottle : the resilience, last and lingering, loving taste, yes, yes yes, claro que si!
     2) ALEXANDRO Manzanilla using again the Palomino grape , 375ml bottle, $12.49 : it rips, it soars, rushes out and into your palate to test and tease and strip-tease you, your tastebuds, too.
     3) ALEXANDRO Amontillado 375ml bottle, $12.49 a bottle, a real rich and bright nuttiness that is nicely layered and will coat your toncils in richness and warmth, yeah! Also made with the Palomino grape.
     4) ALEXANDRO Oloroso 375ml bottle, $12.49, a richer, more elegant, more silky, even more distinct delineation of nutty cadences in taste that resound like sounds off the walls of your palate in such a generous, loving fashion!
     5) ALEXANDRO Cream sherry, made, too with the Palomino grape, 375ml bottle, $12.49 a bottle, so tender and soft and full and lulling lullaby melodies on your tongue, nice creamy-dreamy nuttiness!
     6) ALEXANDRO Pedro Ximenez sherry, 750ml bottle, $32.99 : the decadent , sinfully seductive, pampering, lingering, lasting, thick, legubrious yet airy-tasting Pedro Ximenez grape varietal produces this ' wonderful legs ' liquid Pecan pie, mmmmmm, a real delight " great to warm you when sitting outside in the coldgazing up at the moon and the stars on a gold night!
     TABLE NUMBER FOUR w/ Franceen Kahng of Vias Imports pouring really fine Italian wines to celebrate all that we have to celebrate!
     1) ACINUM Prosecco, Veneto, Italy, $15.49, will be tasting it right along with you for the very first time!
      2) Falanghina 2015 TERRADORA dry mineral white from Montefusco Naples , a refined taste that combines heaven and earth in such a wonderfully distinct, memorable way, $17.49 On Special.
      3) MASO POLI northeastern Italy ( Trentino-Alto Adige )  Pinot Grigio, 2014, the wine has some bronze-pink , from the skin contact being longer before removed, thus giving more richness, complexity and mouth-feel, lingers longer, is more intense, fresher, more contact with you!
      4) ACINUM Ripasso Valpolicella, Veneto, Italy, made with a blend of mostly Corvina grapes, some Molinarra and Negrara, and more, 2013, $24.49 a bottle, a fine flavorful, honest, true-to-type food red!
      5) TERRADORA Aglianico, 2013, from Naples, Italy : again, some really good pepper and spice, earth and rustic dusty-bright, shake yourself out flavors, perfect when you gril.
      6) Salice Salentino 2013 from CANTELE, from the Puglia region, the heel of Italy : you need a heel to walk, you need a heel to get where you are going, to make your meal complete : a fine food red, $14.49 a bottle.
     TABLE NUMBER FIVE : W/ Diana Richer with G&B Importers, tasting Portuguese and Armenian wines :
     1) KARAS dry white 2014, $15.49 a bottle, from Armenia's Armivir region, a blend of Chardonnay 34%, Rksateli 20%and 45% Kangun... I loved it, distinct, flavorful, refreshing, tasty, yes!
     2) Extra Brut sparkling KARAS Armenian wine, On Special for $14.99 a bottle,  a deliciously creamy version - I loved it, so happy to have it here!
     3) ' Ossa ' Vinho Regional from Alentejo in Portugal, a dry rose 2015 from ROQUEVALE, $9.99 : great to warm and comfort you even if the temperatures drop : great value, too : using in the blend 40% Castelao, 40% Trinchiadera and 20% Aragones.
     4) Reserva 2009 Tonto Red , $25.99, from Portugal's Alentejo region,  Aragones 40%, and Syrah 30%, and Touriga Nacional 30% ... this rocks, like great rock and roll, aged, mature, excellent, like the Stones, like Cream, Pink Floyd, ... yeah! Love it, I do.
     5) Dyutich KARAS Muscat fruity-floral-free-and-delightfiully-easy sparkling Armenian wine, On Special for $14.49 a bottle. Great sparkling Muscat, great value, too! Fun.
     TABLE NUMBER SIX : W/ Ericc Platt pouring fine German Riesling whites, one dry red 2007 Priorat Spanish red ...
     1) Brauneberger Juffer Riesling - Kabinett 2013 from WILLI HAAG, from Germany's Mosel region, On Special for $16.99, from $21.99... love!
     2) Riesling Spatlese 2013, from Wwe. Dr. Thanisch, Erben Thanisch, from BERNKASTELER BEDSTUBE, On Special for $19.99 : blows my circuits in all the right bplaces!
     3) Riesling Spatlese Hattenheimer Wisselbrunnen Trocken-Dry German Rheingau region from the fine house of SCHUMANN NAGLER , On Special for $19.99 from $24.99 : what is not to luxuriate, feel expansive, smile broadly about when sipping this?!? Amazing.
     4) C CLOS ROJA Priorat 2007 dry red Spanish blend of 50% Carignan, 30% Grenache, 20% Syrah, a mature, complex, layered, rustic, earthy, pithy : wonderful medium-bodied Spanish red that shines when combined with food!
COME TASTE, Everyone ALWAYS welcome here. cheers, ... thanks for everything ...
GETTING CLOSE, results are coming in, the voting is soon coming to an end, what will be the results?!?    TONY

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