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Come Celebrate Our Next United States Of America President On Wed. Nov 9th 5:30-8:30PM, Free Wine-Tasting & Wines 4 Holidays, ALSO : Wines Of Balkan Countries, Hungarian Furmint Wines 2 Taste, Something 4 Everyone, Join Us, Cheers!

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Everyone On Pins & Needles 4 Presidential Election 2016 2 B Over!


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Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

COME BY ANYTIME TODAY and through these next eight days, we are here 4 u!

ON ELECTION DAY tuesday 8th, 2016 we will turn a chapter that will start our next step as a nation ...


Big-Theme, Northern Hemisphere Wine-


tasting to welcome the next president of the united States of america ...   as well as ...


celebrate our 2016 holidays , yes, free, join us! six tables 30 wines, a treat, come decide


WE ARE HERE ALWAYS for you, never doubt that, and always tell us how we may better help you? WE need to hear from you, it is a two-way street, so please tell us any concerns and ways in which we may better serve your needs, desires, interests, hobbies, leisure times, private and intimate times, too : as we have all kinds of spirits under the stars, moon, trees, mountains, clouds to help relax and smooth your frazzled nerves into a more comfortable and enjoyable mood and ' place  - space '.
WE HAVE MANY NEW IDEAS to implement here, to stay fresh and pertinent, relevant, and to always bring a smile and positive vibes when you think of us. We want you think of us often and with love and joy - gladness, wellness, comfort and with trust that we are here for you, that without you we could not be here!
SO : PLEASE DISH with us, whatever it may be : DISH It UP 4 Us!
ONLY EIGHT MORE DAYS till the elections, and on many levels it will be a relief to move forward into our next chapter as a nation. It is very hard to think and know that there may be a lot of trouble to face once the election results are tabulated and final, once that everyone agrees to move forward as one nation and to mend our divides , heal many our wounds, and try and work as a team and not against one another.
WE HAVE SPIRITS GALORE to help you along, you choose which ones, we make recommendations, we do it together as we always have, and we move forward .... one for all, all for one. Grin and bear it all, agree to disagree, that there are so many ways to turn an argument, spin results, see things.  Seeing a larger picture is something that always helps me, it really does, was thinking that as I drove to work this cool morning after Halloween night.
HOW WAS HALLOWEEN for you all? Was it grand? Did you all say BOO and SPOOK someone?!? What costumes did you don? What treats, what tricks were up your sleeves?!? We had many at our home. I did six spray-paint images of spooks anf gooks to celebrate the occasion.
WE HAD THE CUTEST trick-or-treaters to start the whole Halloween moment off : so small, so adorable, so animated, excited, cheerful, loved their outfits - costumes, it was a joy, a treat for me to see them all, to open our front door and to start everything off really well. And they came before it got dark : the parents waited patiently on our sidewalk, the kids rushed to our front door.
IT WAS A GREAT RESPITE from politics. We were sooooo thankful for that.
I WALKED AROUND THE STORE earlier AND FOUND SOME GREAT spirits and beers to write about today, love that : always something ' new and exciting! '
     Matt Herde , director of ROGUE VINTNER that sells us  ( with Eric Platt ) the Kiwi MATAKANA ESTATE Marlborough, New Jealand wines like the 2014 Pinot Noir, $23.49.
     It was great to see you Matt. You walked in saying something like , and wearing a big smile : " Remember me, I still get your store email and read it, I used to come in with Robert Whale and Eric Platt selling you the western Australian wines of #PLANTAGENET . " I loved that, remembered it all, and we called Robert Whale just then and spoke to him : the circle of life, love it. Thanks Matt, great to see you again. You are welcome here anytime.
     With Danielle Davidowitz of Dionysos Imports I just got to meet Aussie winemaker David Baverstock with Herdade Do Esporao and the Quinta Dos Murcas : a real treat. David is from the Barossa Valley in South Australia, and married a Portuguese lady and so has been in Portugal now for 33 years, making wines in these two estates for many years. We have carried them here, too. I LOVED the 
1) Herdao Do Esporao 2015 Monte Velho white, Alentejo, $11.99, that we have sold, ... 2) Herdade Do Esporao 2013, Reserva Red, from Alentejo, too , $28.99, like a lovely Rhone red : creamy-dreamy-silky, spoke to me immediately, medium-bodied, a real pleasure ...
3)Quinta Dos Murcas 2010 Reserve Red, Duoro, $47.99, young, tight, gritty, some rough edges that are from the youth of this wine, still needs many years to evolve and grow into itself! Buy that one and wait!
ALSO : ' new ' Discovery today :
1) " T " indigenous Trincadeira 100% dry red from Alentejo, $16.49 a bottle, I immediately warmed to this, lighter, more acidity, more lively and nervous on some levels, too : chill like a Loire Valley Cabernet Franc, a delight : very versatile!
WHAT A TREAT, loved meeting you David, thanks, obregado for stopping by!
BUT NOW moving forward with what we currently have :
BEER From Santos Rivera :
1) ' The Mad Elf ' Once A Year ale brewed with Honey and Cherries from TROEGS Independent Brewing, On Special for $16.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with 11% alcohol by volume : perfect for this cooler weather that keeps coming and then going : at some point it will stay : Go Mad Elf!
2) Franziskaner Weissbier Naturtrub premium Hefe-Weissbier wheat ale / beer, cloudy, unfiltered, the real McCoy : On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, imported from Munich, Germany, also perfect for this cooler fall weather of ours : will warm you to your bones!

3) HALIA 2015 Belgian-Style  Farmhouse ale from the GOOSE ISLAND Beer Company, $24.99 a 750ml bottle, ... another real treat for now, perfect for keeping a good head on your shoulders now and as we start our new chapter here in the United States!
4) " Liquid Double Fudge ' Imperial Stout from EVILTWIN Brewing, On Special for $12.99 a 1 Pt 6 Fl. Oz bottle, with 12% alcohol by volume, from Stratford, CT : this is another fun selection to enjoy to ' right the balance ' as there are so many things we are all juggling all the time : mmmmmm, yum!
5) ' Old Fashioned ' Barrel-aged ale from WICKED WEED, brewed with oranges and cherries, $12.99 fro a 12-ounce bottle, with 10% alcohol by volume, this is perfect as we leave Halloween and start to think about Thanksgiving : try some quick! Enjoy.
AND THERE is some fine LIQUOR From Jagir :
1) ' Toki ' Japanese whisky of the SUNTORY WHISKY, $41.99 a bottle, with 43% alcohol by volume, glad to have this back : been out for a very long time, and here we actually have several bottles, too!
2) Limited Release Irish Whiskey Barrel Proof, made with the finest hand-selected ingredients matured in Bourbon casks, from WEST CORK Distillers , $57.99 a bottle, something ' new and exciting! ' Come check it out if you are looking for something exciting to try here in Washington D.C.!!!
3) Botanivore Gin from ST. GEORGE artisan distillers since 1982, On Special for $36.99 a 750ml bottle, , with 45% alcohol by volume, this is really quite flavorful, makes a strong impression, from Alameda, California.
4) Red Vermouth BRoVo Jammy sweet vermouth, Batch #4, $20.99 a bottle, 750ml bottle, I really enjoyed this when I tasted it with one of the partners MHairi Voelsgen, from Bravo Spirits, this impressed me so much, made in Woodenville, WA.
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) : WE have both Aleks of his own BALKAN WINE PROJECT coming to pour a selection of reds :
1)STOBI Rose 2015, $11.99,Macedonia
2) STOBI Vranec dry red 2013, $11.99, Macedonia
3)Agrina Portuguiser dry red , $13.49, Serbia
4)ARBERI Kallmet dry red 2013, $19.99,Albania
THURSDAY, Two Tastings from Santos & Jagir : We have :
1) DIPLOMATICO Venezuelan rums, four , join us,! 5-8PM
2) PEAK Organic Portland, Maine beers : seasonal and regular like the Fresh CUT and the IPA, and the Brown...

AND : With Noel Brockett of The Georgian House Of Greater Washington we have a Furmint indigenous tasting of all Hungarian dry whites :
1) Furmint Tokaj 2013 off-dry white style wine from GROF DEGENFELD, $19.99 a bottle, with 12.5% alcohol by volume, .... lovely.
2) Beres Tokaj Furmint 2014 dry Szaras white, $20.99,  with 13% alcohol by volume, ... great minerals here ...
3)Hold And Hollo Dry 65% Furmint and 35% Harsleveld, I loved this one,  $21.99,  ... so pleasing!
FRIDAY November 4th, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Christina Caswell of Kysela Pere Et Fils Et Fille here to taste an assortment of her fine wines. Christina wil taste :  ...
1) Domaine GRAND VENEUR Cotes Du Rhone Reserve red, $14.49, ... 
2) RINALDI Moscato D'Asti, Piemontese sweet delectable white, On Special for $14.99 ...
3) Old Vine Zinfandel from RUBUS, in Lodi, California, On Special for $11.99, ...
4) Off-Dry Riesling from Germany, Erbach WEINKELLER, liters , $11.99 ... lovely, refreshing, great value.
SATURDAY, November 5th, 2016 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Theresa and John Morrison here to taste their fine West Coast U.S.A. wines of :
1) YORKVILLE CELLARS, Organic grapes, Mendocino, CA. $18.49, lovely dry, fresh, vibrant Sauvignon Blanc!
2) SPLIT TREE Central Coast CA. Cabernet Sauvignon, 2013, $16.49 ...
3) CHATEAU BIANCA Willamette Valley dry Riesling 2013, $17.49 : clean, crisp, bright, brrrr lively dry!
4) CAVE SPRINGS Canadian dry 2014 Pinot Noir, $25.49, that great dusty-dry rustic, earthier style of Pinot : medium-to-light-bodied, red to chill and enjoy with your meals!
WEDNESDAY, November 9th, 2016 ( 5:30-8:30PM ) We have our Northern Hemisphere Big-Theme Wine-tasting to celebrate our next President of the United States Of America, as well as to celebrate our winter holidays! JOIN US< Free, the last monthly Big-Theme FREE Wine-Tasting, BOTH in December, December 7th, and also December 28th , always on Wednesdays, will be $15 a person, and that cost will be applied to any wines you purchase on those dayes!
SAVE BIG HERE ON WINE Every Wednesday, TWO ways to save UP TO 20%, ONE Way to SAVE UP TO 15% OFF marked sticker prices, call to find out more, pay on Wednesdays and SAVE : 202-363-4265. TEN MINUTES or less will save you 15-20% OFF the marked sticker prices of 750ml bottles of wine here : call and speak to me, Tony, or Chris. Cheers!

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