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Beaujolais Nouveau Comes Thursday, Come Taste & Buy : Domaine Du Pechoir Vieilles Vignes, Bertrand Duperray Vieilles Vignes, 2016 & More, Ari Hauner Of IDLE CELLARS, Sonoma Pouring His Wines, DISTRICT Distillers Of U St. N.W. Here Tasting Saturday, Free Tastings, Celebrate Small Business Here All Week & Saturday, Too!

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" ALL OUR MADNESS UNDER SOME CONTROL, ", I wrote that on November 15th, 2011 ....
WE ARE  doingso many things inside and outside the store, inside and outside our community of Cleveland Park.
IT HAS BEEN A REALLY TOUGH WEEK for many of us, perhaps really for all of us here in our country. Protests, gladdness, madness, anger, joy, celebrations, wake-like situations for others : a hard week.
WE HAVE TWO THINGS this week to enjoy and support, enjoy and foster :
1) Beaujolais Nouveau from France will be available for sale here this Thursday, November 17th, 2016, and we will have it here for you to try and see what you think, and buy what you want.
Christina of Kysela Pere Et Fils Et Fille will be here to taste her selection of nouveau wines like the MANOIR DU CARRA that we love! Others are ' new ' like DOMAINE Du PERCHOIR Vieilles Vignes-Old Vines Beaujolais Nouveau 2016, BERNARD DUPERRAY Vieilles Vignes - Old Vines Beaujolais Nouveau, ... and many more ... 2016Join us : 5-7PM.
2)  Support your small businesses here this Saturday as it is Small Business Day here this Saturday, November 19th, 2016!
We have TWO great wine-tastings this Saturday from 12-6PM :
1) Noel Brockett tastes the Georgian Saperavi wines from 12-3PM, Saperavi indigenous reds, and ... 
2) Andrea Shank of Tradewinds Specialty Imports tasting fine Spanish and Argentinian wines from 3-6PM.
Free Wine-Tasting, Join Us. Enjoy, learn, share.
AND : From Jagir we have :
1) Andrius Miliunas of Craft Wine & Spirits will be sending us Matt of District Distilling to pour both the ' new and exciting ' BACKROOM Bourbon, $47.99, and the CHECKERBARK American Dry Gin, On Special for $26.99, both made right here in Washington D.C.! Made at 1418 U Street Northwest, Washington D.C., go to : www.district-distilling.com
We have Patricio Zarate-Zambrano of Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits here  ( great to see hi again ) that sells us EVAN WILLIAMS Bourbon, BOMBAY Gin, GREY GOOSE vodka, HEAVEN HILLS Distillery makes the EVAN WILLIAMS, ELIJIAH CRAIG... we sell all of these. I am talking to Patricio about being a part here of our Part One Bubbly Sparkling Wine-Tasting here Wednesday, December 7th,  2016 from 5:30-8:30PM. What fun that will be, cheers Patricio.

 BEER From Santos :
     1) ' La Guillotine ' made since 1654, a Golden Blond , a Belgian Ale. Family Brewery Huyone, for a 1 Pt. 9Fl. Oz bottle, with 8.5% alcohol by volume, catchy name, catchy taste, too!
     2) ' Two-Headed Unicorn ' Barrel aged Ale with Honey, $14.99, brewed and bottled at 3 STARS Brewing Company, made here in Washington D.C., 20012, with 6.5% alcohol by volume, for a 12.7Fl. Oz bottle. Great for this cold!
     3) ' Wild ' Belgian Wit Beer with natural flora from oak foeders, made by WITTEKERKE, harvested and unleashed, A 4-pack of cans 16.9Fl. Oz 500ml , with 5% alcohol by volume, product of Belgium, ... again, great for this colder weather.
     4) ' Old World Collection ' , 3 Wild & Sour Beers from Belgium, :
1) Bacchus Flemish Oud Bruin-Brown , 4.5% alcohol by volume, traditionally brewed ...
2) Fond Tradition Gueuze, with 5% alcohol by volume, unfiltered, traditionally brewed ...
Living beer, living ale, using the Oblainska cherries, Poppy flowers, aged dry hops, Brettanomyces yeast, Pediococcus, Lactobacillus, Two Row Barley, ... from Ingelmuster, Belgium : a nice three-pack gift set here. perfect now.
3) Fond Tradition Kriek ( unfiltered Belgian ale, Kriek Lambic, with 6.5% alcohol.
AND From JAGIR we have :
     1) Reserva Exclusiva Venezuelan Rum.Rhum, Ron from DIPLOMATICO, $34.99 a bottle, : this is a lush, unctuous, decadent rum that pleased everyone that tasted it here last week. Everyone would buy it

          TWO From BIRD DOG :
     1) Spiced Flavored Whiskey, BIRD DOG, On Special for $19.99 a bottle, ... 80 proof.
     2) Apple Flavored Whiskey BIRD DOG, On Special for $17.99 a bottle, 80 proof.
BOTH by WEstern Spirits, by THREE SPRINGS Bottling Company.
     From CHRIS & Tony : 9 Beaujolais and Beaujolais Cru Village wines : Buy these and try them over the week before the Nouveau is here on Thursday, or buy some of each! Come in and get bottles tomorrow when they are all, except for the MANOIR DU CARRA Beajolais-Villages Unfiltered , 20% OFF the marked sticker prices!
     1) 2015 Beaujolais-Villages Non-Filtre, hearty and robust, tasty!
     2)  2015 Quatre Saisons Beaujolais, $19.99, a more hearty and tasty, more acid and brawn in these Gamay flavors, lovely youth and vitality!
     3) 2014 Vignes de 1039 from the town of Chenas, a Cru Beaujolais from Pascal Aufranc, $20.99 : the real silk and svelte taste of the Gamay grape.
     4) Chenas 2013 Cru Beaujolais from Christophe Pacalet, $21.99, drinking beautifully now, really hit it's stride, very pleasing Gamay, recommended!
     5) Chiroubles ' Domaine des Gatilles ' 2012, $22.99, was a bit edgy and leaner, now it is a bit fuller, with a lovely rustic taste emerging : fine food Gamay for white meats, turkey.
     CHILL 30-40 minutes all these eight Gamay Beaujolais wines! That brings the flavors together and energizes them.
     ALL these eight wines are perfect holiday wines as they complement many of the foods we enjoy now.
     6) Morgon Cru Beaujolais , Gamay 100% here alwasy by law, no mixing, this 2014 , $22.99, is refined, polished, elegant, lively, lovely, medium-to-lighter-bodied, a real treat. Loved tasting it with the winemaker from the Champagne district himself when John Peters came to taste with us.
     7) Fleurie Gamay Noir GRAND FERS from Christian Bernard, $26.49 a bottle, bigger, bolder, more meat on these Gamay grape bones, if you get my point?!?
     8) Cote De Brouilly Cru Beaujolais from this small town ( they are all small towns - villages ) ' Vieilles Vignes - Old Vines ' from the DOMAINE Jacky PIRET, made by Madame Frederique PIRET, $27.49, was soft and supple and bright : more grit and earth and guts now with this extra bottle age. Great for Thanksgiving as so many of these are!
     9) 2014 Moulin a Vent Cru Beaujolais village from the Domaine Richard Rottiers, On Special for $29.99 a bottle, the most Burgundy-style , like Pinot Noir that there is made using 100% Gamay grapes. This is an amazing treat! Love it, really do,
COME GET THESE here tomorrow and SAVE 20% off all those that cost $19.99 or more, that is eight ( 8 ) of these nine ( 9 ) fine Gamay Beaujolais wines!
SHOP HERE TOMORROW ( or call : 202-363-4265 ) : 15 minutes or less of your time here orcalling us to order and pay will save you between 15-20% OFF many of your sales!
Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) We have Ari Hauner, one of the two owners/winemakers of IDLE Cellars in Sonoma, California. The 2015 Sauvignon Blanc from Mill Creek Vineyard in Dry Creek Valley, On Special for $21.99, is amazing, what a great treat. Come try this, the reds, too : something for everyone.
FRIDAY, November 18th, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Chris here to taste some really fine Italian, French and German selections : to be decided tomorrow! Call us for more info : 202-363-4265.
ALSO : Santos and Jagir have set up TRULY seltzer flavored waters, like : 1) Grapefruit, 2) Lime, 3) Winter Lager , 4) and white Xmas, too. FUN! Refreshing, one of our customers overheard me talking about them as ' waxing poetic ; over them as she has been enjoying them since the summer in Boston!
SATURDAY : November 19th, Small Business Day : We have THREE great tastings for you, all listed above in this email, scroll back and read.
JOIN US, Everyone always welcome, let us make these all very special moments here for us all, why not ?!?!
THANKS AGAIN, we appreciate your support and faith in, and shopping with us. You all are the very best : Extrordinary really! Cheers,  TONY
ENJOY THE SUPER MOON tonight if the clouds lift and you can see it. I saw it on Sunday night and it was quite the treat!  TONY

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