Friday, October 7, 2016

Come Taste Tonight, Friday, October 7th, 2016 5-8PM, Free Great Small-Production Family-Owned Italian Wines Of RWKImports & Robert Kennedy Like The Paltrinieri Lambruscos Di Sorbara, Paolo Cali's Vittoria Frappato, Kuem Hof's Sudtirol Eisacktaler Veltliner Dry White, Azienda Agricola Alice Bonaccorsi's RossoRelativo 100% Nerello Mascalese 2011, Wow, This Is Big, This Is Grand Indeed, Join Us Tonight!

We Italian Rock, we Italian Roll, we make sweet wine music with dry roses, dry lighter more silky, simewy, seductive reds that shine, that fan, that silke their spices and toasts seemlesly, not shamlessly, but in a welcoming way with the #RossoRelativo ' Rivedibile ', from Azienda Agricola Alice Bonaccorsi made from "100% #NerelloMascalese in #Sicily, fine 3wine indeed, #vini , this 2011 at $32.99 is a delightful sojourn of rolling ups-and-downs to delight one's tastebuds and senses and palate : the whole dewal, .... 

some buubles are added, too with Alberto Paltrinieri, his #Leclisse On Special for $19.99 a bottle, , a #LambruscoDiSorbara #vinoFrizzanteSeco #sparklingRed 2015, from #Emilia ... , from our great friend Robert Kennedy that will pouring these today, 

including a dry #veltliner from the #Sudtirol in #AltoAdige, from @KuenHofWine #Eisacktaler , a 2013 dry streamlined white with great #mineral and #citrus #qualities, zippy, svelte, nice with a meal always, @PligerPeterMahr .... , go to @RWKImports for more info, ... 

AND, some Azienda vitivinicola Paolo Calì #Vittoria Frappato #Mandragola dry elegant spicy not heavy, lilting, bouyant, lively, a touch racy and wonderful, too, chill 40 minutes, WOW! Come taste today !

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