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Anthony Quinn's Aple 5th, 2016 Weekly Store Email Of Silvia Casali, Rose Season, Peak's Organic Maine Beers, Great Lake's Brewing Company, Chad Robinson Of The Catoctin Distilling Purcelville, VA. Distilery & So Much More! Read, Enjoy!!

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HOW CAN WE COPE? How can we manage?!? The weather is calling the shots along with politics, climate change, all the uncertainties everywhere that are constantly knocking and pounding and ringing at, on all around us! Argh! What can we do, where to hide, where to find comfort and solace and peace? What better place than here in a spirits retail shop that caters completely to your wants, whims, wishes, winters, wanders, wonders, why's , when's, whether's , ... you get the idea. I AM TRYING THIS '  new ' email format today and I am praying that it will work. I hope everything today goes off without any glitch. Glitches can be very frustrating, tricky, and I would rather have no glitches today, especially as it is cold but sunny, breezy and so beautiful outside.
WE ARE IN GOOD COMPANY here as acrsoss the street Batman and Superman are keeping us really safe here in Cleveland Park a ' happenin' place and neighborhood '! We have a wonderful community here and having two of the greatest super-powers here now is really something special. How many of you have already seen the movie? Come and share your thoughts and impressions. I grew up reading the original comics of both as they were written and released. I loved them, really I did. I looked forward to them, to the next issues, readin the super hero ones as well as Veronica and Archie comics, too! Boy that seems like eons ago.
IT IS ROSE SEASON and we are gearing up nicely for them. It is also beer season now, and we are working on many of those as well. Never a dull moment as our local rep Mary Lynn for SHINER was here last week ( check the photos I posted on our Facebook page last week with her, me and Andrew Stover, quite nice .... and, prosit as they say, " This beer, however- our first India Pale Ale - has taken a dose of wickedness to brew ... " ), so was ours for PEAK Organic beer, and also for GREAT LAKES. Always something exciting to taste here first amongst ourselves and then with you all, and often on Fridays and Saturdays we have them come here and pour them for you. I look forward to trying the SHINER Wicked Ram IPA, On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with 6% alcohol, from the SPOETZL Brewery in Shiner, Texas : " A little wicked goes a long way. "
IN ROSE WINES we have several more coming over the next two weeks to capture your attention and imaginations, like the Daniel Crochet Sancerre rose 2014 that is just really now coming into it's own and is On Special for $17.49 a bottle, regularly $25.99 a bottle, what an amazing wine, what a treat, 100% PInot Noir from France's Loire valley, always a favorite.
SPEAKING OF SANCERRE rose 100% Pinot Noirs we have two other really worthy ones for you all to consider :  ... 1) ' Les Chailloux ' 2015 from Francois et Jean-Marie Cherrier, vignerons, winemakers at Chudoux, On Special for $21.99, and the ... 2) DOMAINE De CHEZATTE  2014, $20.99, also really now realizing more of it's full potential with this extra time in the bottle to flesh-out, fill-out, blossome gloriously! THREE FINE SANCEREE ROSE WINES HERE NOW TO enjoy immediately!
IT IS ALSO Sangria Time : and this Saturday Stuart Carter of Bacchus Imports tasted the two ' new ' ones from SENOR SANGRIA : a red and a white, $9.99, made with Chilean wine and fruit from New York in New York State. Wow, both are delicious, really quite the treat, especially as it wil, one of these moments be amazingly hot and humid and bright and we will all be running for cover and soothing, pleasing liquid refreshment, and these two will provide that for many of us. Come check out what all this liquid ' noise ' is all-of-a-sudden about! I just tasted them for the first time with Stuart this past week here, and immediately liked them both, prefering just a bit myself the white over the red for it's extra layers of fruit and great mouth-feel-comfort. Yummy.
       DISCOVERING : PUR- LIKOR. Elderflower liqueur ...
IT IS OVERALL a good time if one can navigate through the muck and all the interference of converging forces and winds and distractions to us simply living and coping and finding the good in our lives to make it all worth the while and the trials and tribulations. Ouch! Like discovering ... 1) PUR - LIKOR ' Blossom ' an elferflower liqueur made in Germany by Kiki and her excellent group. Kiki brought this here to us herself and we are thrilled to have discovered it, unfiltered, pure and tasty, what it really is and can be for you all to enjoy by itself or when blended with various dry white wines, vodkas, bubbly sparkling wines, whatever suits your fancy, maybe even some gin, and on desserts, too, pind cake possibly?!? I need to take some home to experiemnet. I need to become mixologist, too : I already am at heart.
          JUST HAPPENED : Silvia Casali Calls Robert Kennedy ...
SILVIA CASALI of her family's own TENUTA CASALI wines just called Robert here, ( I was the first to speak to her! surprising her I am sure , in English, when she thougt she would be speaking Italian with Robert ), and she sounds fine, and wanted to discuss his plans and arrival schedule in Italy at the end of this week to attend this years Vin ITALIA show. I am so jealous. Wish I could go myself, that would be amazing.
FROM SILVIA makes this delicious Villa Zappi rose sparkling from Emilia, Italy, $18.99 a bottle, really a delicate, refreshing lively minuet of bubbles that charms and pleases and sets the mood for smiling and relaxing, yeah, with  11.5% alcohol by volume. I like it, so do many of you. You have tried it when Silvia herself poured it for you all here on a Saturday, cannot get any better than that.
     ALWAYS MAKING a discovery here, and today I want, once again, to draw attention to the Irish whiskey CLONTARF 1014, their ' classic blend ' , triple-distilled, aged gently in bourbon barrels, this for $21.99 is so flavorful, so ' on fire ' in an appealing way, I love it, Eddie Aufori introduced it to me several years ago, and I have been a fan ever since, great value, too!
          CHAD COMES BY from Catoctin Creek Distillers ...
WE SET UP A TASTING with Chad to do an in-store tasting of his fabulous brandy, ( a ' Distiller's Reserve ' Virginia brandy from Loudoun County, hand-crafted, small-batch, $47.99, with 40% alcohol by volume ), as well as with his whiskey and his gin. This will be great. Stay-tuned for more info. Chad will be here on Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 from 5-8PM to taste these three fine spirits of his , and maybe also introduce something new that we do not already know about? I will check soon with Chad as we get closer to this date. In the meantime come and try some of this deliciously-smooth Virginia brand that is made locally by owners/ distillers Beck and Scott Harris. Cheers.
          AMADOR Whiskey Co. ....
OUR LOCAL REP did a tasting of the AMADOR Whiskey Co. Double Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey ( finished in Napa Valley wine barrels ), and after the tasting he left the bottle and we continued to taste it. It has pleased many a palate, from here and from all around the world. Come and check it out, pretty amazing, some real fire and some real burn, yes some almost-live flame, and yet it perkulates, simmers and pleases so! On Special for $45.99 a bottle, come get a bottle and enjoy.
          RONNIE MILLER JUST CALLED, he and Herve Gantier the owner of the DOMAINE SAINTE-EUGENIE in Corbieres, France are coming now to see me here. Wow, it will be great to see Herve once again. He has the biggest, broadest, most beautiful smile of any Frenchman that I have ever met, goes from one year lobe all the way over to the other! We have now in stock from Herve some of his La Reserve Recolte 2012, $17.99, and it sure is a full, rich, complex dry red Rhone southern France blend of grapes with a brightness, a frankness, a personality with character and breed all of it's own. When I dined at Marcel's restaurant with Antoine Songy, Herve Gantier and Ronnie MIller they were pouring it by the glass! I love that, makes me smile, makes me both happy and proud for Herve and his winemaker, winemaking team. Bravo! A bientot Herve, ca m'a faire grand plaisir de te voir!
         MORE Wonderful wines :
     1) La Griveliere Cotes Du Rhone ' Tete de Cuvee ' 2014, On Special for $8.99 a bottle, with 13% alcohol by volume, this dry Rhone French blend way over-delivers for this price of only nine bucks a bottle! Come and check it out, glad to have it back, thrilled to have it at this price. Great wine when you grill, are outdoors, chill slightly and enjoy with food, what a tasty treat to complement the flavors of your meal.
     2) Pinot Noir 2013 from California and made by Sonoma winery MURPHY-GOODE, $13.99, what a fine value for a tasty red that actually has finesse and brightness/lightness as a Pinot really should be, it is quite pleasing, and really well-priced as well. We tasted it here this past Friday with Jade our local rep of Monument Imports, and I was quite impressed, pleased, smiling, happy to have a tsty, balanced Pinot that is so affordable! Cheers.
     3) ' Piria ' red sparkling Emilia Lambrusco red from PALTRINIERI < $14.49, is also a perfect warm-weather wine, this one with some tasty toasty sparkle with overtones of dried cherries, strawberries, other berries, a mellowness that age has bestowed it, very light in red color now, almost deep rose in color, this is a grand winner, really very special and tasty indeed. Robert Kennedy just delivered a fresh shipment here today. We are all ready to rock-and-roll with you now with this delight.
          The BREWER'S ART Presents :
     1) Choptanr'd Saison , an ale with natural flavors, On Special for %10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans, with only 4% alcohol by volume, wow, now that is low, that will be distinct and refreshing for the HEAT WAVE as it is sure to come suddenly here, and when it does, this will be an absolute delight.
          HONEY FLAVORED VODKA ' Buzz ' :
     1) WE are getting into that season where some of this honey-flavored vodka ' Buzz ' from the ALASKA DISTILLERY might be just the ticket indeed to enjoy as temperatures rise in the day and then later perhaps plummet at night, when you are outside at night watching the stars twunkle, perhaps even counting how many of them that you can that are bright, visible and twinkling?!? It sells for $33.99 a bottle, with 35% alcohol by volume.We usually taste this, too about this time, so do not be surprised to see it soon at one of our tastings, weekend-tasting, cheers.
TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR WEEKLY Wednesday Wine-Savings here! You can SAVE UP to 20% OFF the marked sticker prices! Same deal as always. If you cannot come please call us at : 202-363-4265 and give us the order over the phone and we will bill you and have your order ready here ready for you to pick up at your convenience. Cheers!
Wednesday, tomorrow, April 6th, 2016 : 5-8PM, come meet Nani of her own winery in Spain called EDETANA. We will taste three wines from Nani, one dry white and two reds, pretty incredible. Classic, traditional, all distinct, all quite tasty, nice to enjoy with your meals, and you can taste them, get bottles signed as gifts, and save on them, too as we are running our Wednesday sale tomorrow.
Friday, April 8th, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) We have Erin Weaver here from Lanterna Imports to pour some really special dry sparkling rose of Le Grande COURTAGE, comes in regular bottles at $21.99, and the samll 187ml bottles, On Special for $6.99 a bottle. ERin will pour these and others as well, to be decided tomorrow. Call and inquire, I think we may focus on French wines tomorrow with Erin, may add in a Spanish one or two, as well?!? Something that suits this spring ever-changing weather of ours!
Saturday, April 7th, 2016 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Jim Reeves coming to taste his Comete wines selections, thinking of doing mostly French burgundy and rhone wines with Jim.
THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, we appreciate all you do for us, we appreciate knowing you. You are the best. Cheers,  TONY
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