Monday, January 4, 2016

Looking Back @ Tasting Various Wines At Cleveland Park Wine Spirits, Deciding What To Buy And Share, Explore! SALTON Harmoniza Wines Of Brazil!

This is a grand serendipitous experience that I love as I never quite know what we / I will discover and get excited about and want to share with you all at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits in Washington D.C., Northwest, 20008, 202-363-4265.

Let's see what this next group of tasters had in store for us through these pictures which will bring back more concrete memories. Cheers, happy 4th of January, 2016 as we look back on this Monday night! Cheers, sante, prost ...

Wow, this , these are the SALTON Harmoniza wines of Serra Gaucha, Vale Dos Vinhedos, Bento Goncalves, Brazil that Michael Cavanagh brought us to try, that I have enjoyed now selling for three or four years I believe, it has been some time, and it has been a great experience for all concerned, all. Obregado!

     It has been wonderful to sell and to recommend these tasty wines, and they have sold well for the most part, finding happy homes and palates, as they represent quite a spread of flavors and tastes, something for everyone, dry reds and whites for the most part, a couple of lovely sparkling / espumante wines, some in oak and some, many stainless-steel, many also 100% of the grape variety.  Lots to choose from, that is the idea, and in all price brackets, too.

     It has been an honor and a privilege, a very special treat for me to sell and promote, to educate, to open the palates and eyes of many, of most , even of Brazilians that live in our Washington D.C. metropolitan region now. I have to get them to stop drinking the wines of Chile, also of Uruguay.

     The wines of Brazil are their own and will be appreciated soon as such. I can tell you that they sell out from our shelves all the time. I am out of the espumante ' Intenso ' Brut and I need to call Michael Cavanagh and get it back! Everyone loves it, never stays around long.

     I have so much more to say but I do want to get this blog out now. Always good to share these info, the experience, the tastes, the savors, the bouquets of these fine , balanced, very drina
kable wines. Come by, check out what we have, you will be both amazed and surprised, and happy as punch, too : SALTON Harmoniza punch that is! Cheers, sante, obregado e ...

     Bom dia e ola amigos!

  These are comments I just copied and pasted from my Facebook account, cheers!

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Let's make som noise for the fine wines of Brazil!   TONY  Tuesday morning at work now here at @Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits , January 5th, 2016 ...

I often combine many things here and do use the word " chat " liberally as I feel it is like being…|By qynohtna
Anthony Quinn
Anthony Quinn For some of you that might be interested I include your names here, hope you enjoy this, happy New Year 2016 all! ... #wine Vinicola Salton - Bento Goncalves - RS Cesar Baldasso Gabriel Salton Daniel Salton Karen Lykes Crow Karen Akerson Eric Quinn ...See More
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Anthony Quinn
Anthony Quinn Also I would like Wagner Alberti, Michael Joseph Cavanagh and Katie Cavanagh to know I have posted this tonight as all three are instrumental i in our having the wines for you all at Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits!
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Anthony Quinn
Anthony Quinn We also need to reach out to Vinhos do Brasil Wines of Brasil Fabiana Dall Onder Fabiana Gonçalves Turismo Bento Benton's Smoky Mountain Country Hams Fernando Serra @Serra Gaucha and more, please share this and add other of your favorites to the list of fine VinhosFinosBrasileiros!
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Anthony Quinn
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Katie Cavanagh
Katie Cavanagh Thanks Anthony Quinn!!! You have been the most amazing support!
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Anthony Quinn
Anthony Quinn It is a team effort always.
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