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Anthony Quinn, TonyTheWineGuy, THE WineEnabler Waxes Poetic Oct 14th, 2015 On : Linie Aquavit , The Ten Count Irish Whiskey, Lavender Organic Aromatic Bitters BAR KEEP, Bill Sander's Extra Virgin Koshe CA. Olive Oil, Limoncello from LAZZARONI & Much More! Read and Enjoy!

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THE AIM IS SO SIMPLE we often do not see the big picture and what we want most!
We are all guilty of this. I was just thinking this when I drove to work this
morning and some sunshine broke through and the Kennedy Center was covered in
bright clarity and the backdrop was of baby-blue skies and a couple of puffy
white clouds, too. I loved it : made me smile through and through. That, with
the loud smacks of many acorns falling at the same time in our parking pot out
back , and hitting many of our neighbors' cars was startling and made me walk
here to work all the more briskly. I did not get hit by any acorns fortunately,
and I do feel for the poor and defenseless cars that did.

SO I HAVE STARted the day really well and am thrilled that I saw some sunshine
and blue skies before the rain comes later today. That's my treat and it will
carry me through whatever else happens here as I never know exactly, and I have
to be prepared for everything and anything, oh what fun!


WE'VE GOT SOME REALLY SPECIAL events and bottles here to enjoy together or with
our family , friends, neighbors and special business associates as well.

I JUST GOT and email from Richard Lay of Elite Imports ( you all know Laurent
Givry with the ponytail : " You want to try some of the good stuff?!? " ) about
our upcoming BILLECART-SALMON French Champagne & Caviar dinner at 701 on
Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 at 7:30PM.

YOU MUST MAKE a reservation to go :

BILLECART-SALMON French Champagne/ Caviar 4-Course Dinner ( 701 Restaurant 701
Pennsylvania Ave. NW., 20001, 202-393-0701

American Paddlefish Roe
White Chocolate Macaron, Cauliflower

Trout Roe
Fluke Crudo Dill, Horseradish Cream
Brut Reserve, NV.

Siberian Sturgeon
Sturgeon Tartare, Cucumber Essence
Grand Cru, Blanc De Blancs

White Sturgeon
Poached Rockfish, Charred Scallion,
Brut Rose, NV.

Tsar Imperial Osetra
American Wagyu, La Ratte Potato, Rebluchon
Nicolas Francois, 1999

Petits Fours

$225 Per Person / Tax & Tip Included /
By Reservation Only 202-393-0701

WOW, what an opportunity to help to bring the old year to a close, to celebrate
in a great fashion, and to put a big accent on our holidays and to ring in the
new year of 2015 early and in grand style! You can make this the highlight of
the end of this year. Make it your special splurge, one of style and elegance,
all-things very special and memorable indeed, in a great setting, too. It's
beautiful there at 701 : you will feel pampered and special on all fronts, from
every angle, from every taste, from every and in every sense!

OF COURSE WE WILL SELL all these FABulous BILLECART-SALMON French Champagnes at
the dinner at great discounted prices to you. I will talk to Richard this week
and start the process of what we may do.

I HAVE SOLD BILLECART-SALMON Champagne now since the mid-eighties and met the
owner way back then when he came down with Robert Chadderdon the New York
importer. That was quite the treat, to drink BILLECART and to see the rose NV
Brut score higher than the DOM PERIGNON and that sealed the fate of BILLECART
and made it an instant star here in the United States.  Robert Parker, Jr.
scored it higher than the BILLECART and, as a thank you to the owner of
BILLECART I offered him a bottle of the SHADOW CREEK from the Santa Cruz
Mountains in California, and he wrote me a hand-written response in a postcard
saying that he had shared it with his family and they had all enjoyed it. Great

MORE ' Splurges " To RING-IN 2015 and close-out 2014 :

1) Sassicaia Super Tuscan 2008 is now very much a cult-wine and regarded by
many as one of the great Italian wines that serious collectors all muct have, or
know about, or have tasted, or have bought and eventually shared with their
family and friends. Of course buying some 2008 Sassicaia and giving it as a '
thank you ' is also a very real possibility , as we all have people that have
done many special things for us and this Sassicaia 2008 says a big thank-you in
real style, like giving a bottle of Billecart- Salmon Champagne, it's in the
same league to many. I have heard in rumors that some of our local sports
celebrities are true fans of both Sassicaia as well as of Orelia's ' Masseto '.

WE SELL the SASSICAIA 2008 regularly for $229.99 a bottle, and now it is On
Special for $199.99 a bottle. Limited supply, really approaching maturity and
may be enjoyed now with a great Italian meal. Perhaps you can take it to one of
the great Italian restaurants here in Washington D.C., or better yet, contact
one of the chefs like Roberto Donna and tempt him to come and fix you a special
meal to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or this holiday?!

SPEAKING OF ' Splurges ', We Also Have :

2) CHATEAU d'YQUEM Lur Saluces 1985 and also 1998 Sauternes, 375ML /
half-bottles of the world's most famous Sauternes in the whole, wide world.
There is no dispute, everyone puts CHATEAU D'YQUEM at the top of every list as
one of the great dessert wines, one of the greatest liquid wine-treats, perhaps
even one of the Ten Wonders of the World even? It sure ranks high up as one of
those ' must- have ' experiences, should be on everyone's ' bucket list ', you
know, before you ...

SO :

TWO Vintages of CHATEAU d'YQUEM for you all, with some real bottle age, a 1995
and a 1998 : and half-bottles age more quickly than the 750ml bottles, and the
color is also quite golden on both bottles, that alone is a visual treat to the
eye that alerts our taste-buds to pay closer attention before they all kick into
high-gear as a result of the very first sip, the very first ' touch ' of this
liquid Sauternes to your tongue ... special indeed.

SPEAKING EARLIER OF Ornelaia 2008 ' Masseto ' ...


' Masseto ' Super-Tuscan 2008 from Italy : it's a more current treat that
is or should be on the tongues of many wine-lovers, wine-collectors,
wine-afficionadoes, ...

Such small production, such attention to detail, such a full-flavor,
full-taste, more modern-style red that is at the top of it's game, at the top of
it's popularity now : THE ' In Thing " to do, to have, to possess, to own, to
buy, drink and share with family and friends at a grand event in your lives/

It should be, too : it's a car-payment, it's a small weekend vacation, it's
a whole meal for many, and a really fine meal at that for perhaps four ...

SO : ORNELIAI is a great commitment, a big deal, a very special deal indeed...
how may we help you to seal this deal?!?

BUT HEY, WE ALSO HAVE a ridiculous deal for you all : From Robert Kennedy and
from Silvia Casali the owner of the CASALI Romagna, Italy wines at the
RISTORANTE PICCOLO on Tuesday, Oct 21st, 2014, 6:30PM, a 4-Course Wimemaker
Dinner for $55 a Person Plus Tip & Gratuity :


Antipasti Misti
Salmone Affumicato Bruschetta
Mazzarella Pomodoro Basil
Portobello Gratinato
W/ Perla del Garda-Brut 08

and -

Polenta ai Funghi con Salsa ai
Quatro Formaggio
W/  Tenuta Casali Palazzina 2012
Romagna Sangioves DOC

Bis di Minestre

Risotto ai Frutti di Mare
Agnolotti ai Porcini
W/   Tenuta Casali Baruccia 2011
Romagna Sangiovese DOC


Bistecca ai Piccolo ai Funghi
di Bosco
W/   Tenuta Casali  Quartosole 2010
Romagna Sangiovese
Sangiovese DOC
Superiore Riserva

Il Dolce

Panna Cotta con Salsa ai Frutti
di Bosco
W/  Paltrinieri  Leclisse 2013 DOC
Lambrusco di Sorbara

Ristorante Piccolo at : 1068  31st St. NW ( Georgetown ) , Washington D.C.
CALL for reservations :  202-342-7414. Dinner at 6:30PM.
COME MEET OWNER Silvia Casali and Robert Kennedy and have a grand
experience, too. I will be there and cannot wait.

We will have Silvia then in the store on  Saturday , October 25th, 2014
from 2-6PM to taste these wines here with you all, just in case you missed the
dinner. Cheers.

WE HAVE From Santos : BEER, ALE, CIDER :

1) ' Uprising ' Tripel IPA Bottle-Conditioned from IRON FIST Brewing
Company , On Special for $11.99 a 750ml bottle,  12% alcohol by volume,  come
get some asap of this Begian-style Tripel IPA! Cheers.

2) 20th Anniversary Belgian-Style Ale from the GREAT DIVIDE Brewing
Company, a 750ml bottle for $9.99, an ale brewed with grape juice, from Denver,
Colorado. Sounds like my kind of beer, will have to try some soon as I pretty
much many things " grape " ... cheers.

3) 4 ' new ' flavors of OTTER CREEK , from the  Vermont Summer Ale, to the
HOP SESSION Ale, to the Copper Ale, to the Black IPA : all $8.99 a 6-pack On
Special, from Vermont, glad to see them back again.I used to , many moons ago,
sell them back in the early 1990's and it does me good to see them again even
though the packaging has changed, fine beers and ales from Vermont, from
Middlebury ... oh yeah ...

AND IN LIQUOR and LIQUEUR from Jagir and Malkit we have :

1) Limoncello from LAZZARONI, Authentic Italian liqueur from Paolo
Lazzaroni & Figli and Figlia I would suppose? I must ask? Anyway, it comes in a
lovely orange tin for a gift, and Rolf our local rep poured some this weekend
and it's smooth as they come, very silky, so easy to sip and enjoy!

2) ' Linie ' Aquavit from Lysholm Fabrik M/Erk, On Special for $29.99.
Kevin was just by last week going on and on and on about what a great taste and
a great deal this 750ml bottle from Norway is, it's true : great price-reduction
here. Come get some of the golden-color aquavit while you still can at this

3) The Ten Count Irish Whiskey from JOHN L. SULLIVAN, $45.99 a 750ml bottle
comes from our local resident Amir that we know now so well, and this sure is a
very special bottle for you all to enjoy as it gets cooler and sometimes more
gray and damp and we all need something to rally our spirits : spirits to spirit
to spirit equals happy spirits?!? I believe so, yes, makes a whole lot of sense
to me.

4) Lavender Organic Aromatic Bitters from BAR KEEP, $16.99 for a 48%
alcohol by volume, 8 Oz bottle for you to infuse lavender into your lives via
you liquid libations. Congratulations.

BILL SANDER'S ' First Fresh ' Extra Virgin Olive Oil made in California has
just arrived and is fresh and vibrant and thrilling and golden and lush and lean
and generous and complex and so rewarding, too : $19.99 a 500ML bottle that is
also kosher!


1) Today - ALL Tuesdays Save On Bubbly / Champagne / Sparkling Wine Up To 15%,
call to place order and pay if you cannot come by ...

2) Tomorrow- ALL Wednesdays save up to 20% On Non-Sparkling/ Still Wines. Call
again to place your orders and to pay and SAVE BIG if you cannot come in person.

WINES From Chris & Tony :

1) The liter bottles of the PAUL D. Zweigelt red from Austria, $10.99 are
really quite impressive, so versatile, so tasty, so easy to sip slightly-chilled
or to have with almost any meal! Everyone pretty much loved it this weekend when
Andrew poured it.

2) The ' K ' dry red blend from KALTERN in Alto Adige, Italy, $11.99, 1
2013, 12% alcohol by volume of 90% Schiava and 10% Lagrein was as silky and as
velvety, and as light-colored and easy to drink as they come : Wonderful! Loved
it, so pleasing, needs no food : great value, too.

3) Dry white blend of Verdejo & Sauvignon Blanc from organic grapes grown
in Spain, this LORA, $10.99, 11.5% alcohol by volume, is flavorful, distinct,
perky and packed with a vitality that's unexpected. Liked it very much, from
Spain's Vino de la Tierre de Castilla region. Cheers.

4) Sauvignon Blanc 2013 from New Zealand, from Marlborough, from TEN
SISTERS And One Brother, $18.99 a bottle :like a good French Sancerre!

5) ' Lamelle " 201 Chardonnay from IL BORRO , an I.G.T. Toscano, On Special
for $28.99 goes down like liquid gold and silk and velvet, too : I love it!


Friday, October 17th, 2014 from 5-8Pm :
We have Jonathan here to taste the fine wines of BICHOT from their dry red
and white burgundies to their sparkling Cremant burgundy.

Saturday, Oct. 18th, 2014 : We have Chris here to taste some of the
fabulous Tradewinds' wines from Spain and from Argentina. That's from 2-6PM.

JOIN US : NEVER any charge. Everyone always welcome.

THANKS for everything, LIKE us on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wine &
Spirits and Follow us on Twitter at : cpwinespirits. Cheers thanks again,  TONY

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