Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Today's Tuesday Current Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits' & Neighborhood Email, Read On VITIVINICOLA LAFKEN, HOPLER Austrian Wine Of Jost Hopler, FINCA FABIAN Dominio De Punctum Organic Vineyards, KUEN HOF Sudtiro Italian Wines Like Gruner Veltliner, PAOLO CALI Sicilian Frappato & Nero D'Avola Wines, Bootlegger New York 21 State Gin, MOLETTO Grappa Made With Barbera Grapes, Italy, CORZO Mexican Tequila, The Moon Glow WEizenbock From Victory, & More!

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EVERY WEEK NOW there is something to consume us, and this week looks like
we have a breathing space to catch ourselves from the spin we have been on
and maybe even sit down, relax, smile, ' take a load off! ' if possible?!?
I WORKED STEADILY YESTERDAY and feel so proud of what I accomplished on my
day-off, inside the house and outside our house. There is always something
to do!
I ENJOYED SHOPPING with my wife, we went to our local grocery store and
bought what we needed for the week as we are being both proactive, careful,
and healthy, too we hope! It felt good, I grilled, we enjoyed both some
Cabernet Sauvignon from EXCELSIOR, $10.99, and I see we are out of it here
but still have the excellent EXCELSIOR Syrah, 2012. $10,99, with 14%
alcohol by volume, that I would actually have preferred with the flank
steak and the chicken thighs I tenderly watched and turned and slowly
grilled to perfection!
WE ALSO ENJOYED some dry white Chardonnay 2014 from RIEBEEK CELLARS
Collection, Swartland, South Africa, On Special for $7.99 a bottle, with
14% alcohol by volume. Both were nice with our meal , and it gave me
another chance to taste these ' everyday wines ' of ours with our meal to
see how they worked well or not with food. I was pleased to know that the
wines were showing well.
IT WAS NICE TO SIT OUTSIDE with my wife while I grilled, to enjoy
conversation, and to enjoy sipping our wine, too! What a treat, I embraced
it wholeheartedly, really I did.
I MISSED THE BLOOD MOON two nights ago, the cloud covering was too thick. I
checked throughout the evening but missed it sadly. Glad that there were
pictures posted to see it, looked splendid, really splendid!
SO : Here are some ale, beer and cider selections from Santos to ponder :
1) The ' Moon Glow ' Weizenbock from VICTORY, an unfiltered
Bavarian-style Wheay beer, On Special for $10.99 a 4-pack of 12-ounce
bottles, with 6.7% or 8.7% alcohol by volume, the print is too reflective
and faint for me to be sure on the shiny label, sorry! Come try some, see
what your taste-buds tell you?!?
2) ' Flower Power ' India Pale Ale from ITHACA Beer Co., $12.99 a
6-pack of 12-ounce bottles. Sounds like fun, I am Facebook friends with a
Hippie Poetry page and their posts usually make me smile just as looking at
the 6-pack here : fun, enjoy, relax - come try some!
3) Re Dank Ulous 2015 Imperial Red India Pale Ale, On Special for
$10.99 a 750ml bottle, from FOUNDERS Brewing Company, Grand Rapids, MI.
with 9.5% alcohol by volume, what a path to follow, what a trail to blaze,
psychedelic, too?!? Perhaps, tasty for sure, never a lack of flavors!
LIQUEUR and LIQUOR from Jagir and Malkit :
1) 15 Liqueur The Spirit Lives On from DRAMBOUIE, mede exclusively
with fifteen year old Speyside Malt Whiskies , $65.99 a 750ml bottle, with
43% alcohol by volume, this is an old secret recipe of herbs, crafted with
aged spices and heather , honey, scotch whiskies. Really exciting and '
new ' here on our market!
2) Grappa Di Barbera from Italy, from MOLETTO, $27.99 a 750ml bottle,
with 43% alcohol by volume, made in Motta di Liverza, using the pomace of
the Barbera grapes in Piemonte, Italy, with a refined balance and a
delicate flavor, and a bouquet that must be inhaled to be believed! Wow!
Special, and a great deal, too.
3) Tequila Silver 100% Agave from CORZO that is triple-distilled using
the Highland Agave, smooth, a clean and delightful burn that spreads
slowly, evenly, lovingly, ... $49.99 a 750ml bottle, with 40% alcohol by
volume. You need to try it as soon as possible. Great way to relax and to
smile from ear-to-ear and feel good, too.
4) Angel's Envy Finished In Rye , $89.99 a bottle, a Rye whiskey using
Caribbean rum casks to finish the smooth aging to ensure this delightful,
bright, exuberant and lively taste and flavor profile. Special.
5) Cask Aged 3 Years Demerara Rum Ron/Rhum that is charcoal filtered
from EL DORADO, $18.99 a bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume, nice to add
this here, from Guyana, fine taste, really fine price as well.
6) Vodka that is imported from England, the THREE OLIVES, On Special
for $16.99 a 750ml bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume, what a classic and
what an incredible sale price now, wow, impressive on every level, come try
some once again, discover it all over like for the very first time!
WINE From Chris & Tony :
1) Blueberry Moscato from TOMASELLO from New Jersey, a dlight to chill
and serve, easy to drink and enjoy, I tried them all, including the
Cranberry Moscato and the Raspberry Moscato, liked them all : $10.99 a
bottle, with 8.5% alcohol by volume, lovely and so refreshing.
2) Vermentino Di Sardegna dry white 2014, from VILLA SOLAIS SANTADI,
$13.49 a bottlewith 13.5% alcohol by volume, a lovely mineral, honey and
nutty quality that has some real character and weight, and is so bright,
too. This is a fine food wine.
3) Critone dry white 2014 from Calabria's Val Di Neto, made by
LIBRANDI, we are thrilled to have this wine and add it to our collection of
fine other LIBRANDI wines. Amy Riolo that cooks and talks about food and
wine just included it this past Friday in her cooking class, $17.99 :
flavorful, distinct, tasty, original, does not try to be anything else than
what it is already : class-act! Cheers, grazie Paolo e a presto, caio!
4) Carignano Del Sulcis Grotta Rossa from Sardinia like the Vermrntino
above, this dry red from SANTADI is medium-bodied-to-light, flavorful,
peppery and spicy, a great food wine to enjoy with anything off the grill.
Chill 30 minutes and enjoy completely!
5) Tempranillo and Petit Verdot combined here, aged in oak as well to
make this delightful 2012 using organic-grown grapes DOMINIO DE PUNCTUM
FINCA FABIAN, $17.99 , with 13.5% alcohol by volume, a
medium-to-light-bodied dry red. I meant to have this tasted here this past
Saturday with Estebe but forgot so we will taste it here soon. It is
outstanding in balance, flavors and will complement many a meal!
6) Petit Verdot 2007 Spanish red from Mentrida, Spain is On Special
for $19.99, regularly $19.99a bottle, and it is so silky smooth now, so
pleasing and charismatic, we all loved it here this past Saturday when
Estebe came to taste it. Highly recommended.
7) ' Gravello ' from Italy's Calabrian region, this Gagliopo dry red
blend has everything going for it, from the best vineyards, the best lots,
everything the very best and it shows, too here in this very best taste!
Cheers! $33.99 a bottle with 14% alcohol, this 2011 is from the Val di Neto
region specifically.
8) Le Passule Val Di Neto Vino Passito from LIBRANDI, in Calabria,
Italy, $38.49 a bottle, the 2008, with 14.5 alcohol by volume is a grand
way, a splendid manner to finish your meal with family and friends. Make it
special, enjoy some of this Vino Passito. Cheers!
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Have fun, get more of what you want this way, spread out your experiences,
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TONIGHT : Tuesday, September 29th, 2015 ( 5-8PM ) : I will taste some of
the excellent VITIVINICOLA LAFKEN Chilean wines of Leyda and Casablanca,
producing a FABulous Lafken Riesling 2014, $21.99, and a FABulous Cunicum
D.O. Leyda 2011 Pinot Noir, $32.99. WOW is what I say, four ' wows ', no
glasses, no points, just me saying wow four times in a row. Try it, you
will feel great. Come taste the wines with me tonight. Cheers.
WEDNESDAY, September 30th, 2015 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Erin of Lanterna
Imports here to taste two fine West Coast wines of both DUCK POND with
their Willamette Chardonnay2013, their 2014 Pinot Gris, and their 2013
Pinot Noir, along with the DESERT WIND Washington State 2012 Cabernet
Sauvignonfrom the Columbia Valley. I like very much all four of these fine
wines from Oregon and Washington State. Come try them and SAVE 20% OFF when
you buy the Pinot Noir and the Cabernet! Save big with us, taste, discover,
enjoy, share, and save really big!
FRIDAY, October 2nd, 2015 ( 5-8PM ) : We have a good tasting going on with
a Austrian tasting of the really fine HOPLER wines that I just tried with
the owner. patriarch Jost Hopler when Theresa brought him by a week ago. We
tasted the Gruner Veltliner, the Pinot Blanc, the Blaufrankish and the
Zweigelt, and also the sublime beerenauslese, too! Wow, what fun, what a
great tasting here that we will this Friday recreate for you all! Join us,
never any charge.
WE ALSO HAVE to taste : Booklegger 21 New York Gin tasting from the
PROHIBITION Distillery. Join us, everyone always welcome.
SATURDAY, October 3rd, 2015 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Robert Kennedy joining us
to do a tasting of two wineries : ...
1) KUEN HOF'S Gruner Veltliner from Sudtirol, Italy, and ...
three from ...
a) the dry ' Osa ' rose made from the Frappato grape variety, On Special
for $23.99,
b) and the Violino 2010 Nero D'Avola that is smooth with some toasty ,
roasted accents of tobacco and dried fruits and flowers,
c) as well as the sublime, fruit-forward medley of lilting and cascading
flavors of the ' Manene ' 2010 of PAOLO CALI red blend of mostly Nero
D'Avola with jut enough Frappato to make this red almost purr or hum,
lovely! Join us, always free.
THANKS for everything , we appreciate all you support and business. Cheers!
You are the very best, we are fortunate to have you as our customers. TONY

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