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Anthony Quinn = Tony The Wine Quy = Wine Enabler Waxes Poetic On : BOXWOOD Virginia Wines, Roger Goulart Spanish Cavas Dinner @ Chef Geoffs, Le Clos Dry Red Corbieres 2006 From Domaine Saint-Eugenie, Herve Gantier, Sancerre " Perle Blanche " 2007 From Christien Lauverjat, Big Woop Liters Of Aussie Red, MaconLoche 2007 From Celine Et Laurent Tripoz, & More!

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WOW! THERE'S A WHOLE LOT GOING ON today here at Cleveland Park Wines
& Spirits as well as in Cleveland Park our neighborhood. many of the local
Cleveland Park businesses just got  together across the street at the Four
Fields restaurant/pub and are working hard as a unified unit to do what we
can to support/bolster and improve our already excellent neighborhood of
homes and shops/restaurants/ physical fitness center, etcetera. It was
really well-attended and you could feel the energy, excitement and
enthusiasm for working as a team to do what we can to further support our
community and make it flourish and go to the next step of it's potential.
This is a very positive and encouraging time. I took pictures ( when don't
I take them?!? This time, however I asked first ) and will include them on
my blog both at our " new " and exciting web page at :
www.clevelandparkwine.com as well as on my blog spot :

work on daily and to add pictures and write a blog right there as the
winemakers/owners and other interesting people come through our front door
on a daily basis. If they have a SPECIAL OF THE DAY then I will include it
on the web page. Be sure and try and check it out at least weekly so that
you can take full advantage of both weekly as well as daily specials.

I WILL POST FROM NOW ON " Daily Specials " ON THE BLOG on our web
page at : www.clevelandparkwine.com. As I have just said some will be good
for the duration of the product mentioned : once I run out then the price
reverts back to the old one. Sometimes this means that I will have only 6
cases or four cases and five bottles or more of course. I don't mind though
because it means that you will all benefit while supplies last. You can see
these listed in the " Specials " section of our web page.

THE AUSSIE & KIWI INVASION of winemakers and owners was one big ,
grand success and it sure was great to host five of them : three from
Australia and two from New Zealand. Things just fell into place as they
happened. Much of it was a sure thing but the two winemakers/owners from
New Zealand was a " maybe " that thankfully materialized very well here
Saturday night and basically finished just before we closed the doors at
9:30PM. We had :

1) Michael Kerrigan, winemaker of HAY SHED HILL ( Margaret River ,
western Australia. Michael poured the Sauvignon Blanc,  2008 Chardonnay (
$21.99 ),  2007 Shiraz ( $19.99 ) and Cabernet Sauvignon. He also makes the
four VINACEOUS ( three reds :  2006-2007 "  Red Right Hand ",  2006-2007 "
Snake-Charmer and the  2007 " Racounter " , the white " Divine Light "
Verdelho just arrived ) wines. All sell for $16.49: they used to be more.

2) Peter Bentley of PIKES, Clare Valley, South Australia poured
four of his wines : the red and white blends as well as the bon-dry
Riesling and the  2006 " Eastside " Shiraz ($21.99 ).
3) John Kavanagh of NEUDORF, Nelson, New Zealand ) tasted his 2006
" Tom's Block "  Pinot Noir ( $27.99 ) and  2006 Chardonnay ($25.99 ).

4) Dan Dineen ( owner-winemaker ) of MAUDE in the Central Otaga
tasted his 2008 Oinot Gris ( $22.99 ) and 2008 Pinot Noir ( $34.99 ).

This was quite the tasting here on Saturday night, Septmeber 19th,
2009 from 5- 9 PM.

LAST NIGHT, Monday, September 21st , 2009 ( 5-9 PM ) owner Mark
Saturno poured a variety of the LONGVIEW Wines ( the 2008 " Whippet "
Sauvignon Blanc ( $20.99 ), the 2006 " Iron Knob " bone-dry Riesling (
$20.99 ), the 2006 " Yakka " Shiraz( $23.99 ) and the 2006 " Devil's Elbow
" Cabernet Sauvignon ( $23.99 ) ; also including the " Red Bucket " red and
white ( both at $11.99 ).

THESE TWO EVENTS were both really well-attended and the wines showed
masterfully and we sold lots of them on each evening. Thanks everyone of
you for having been here and poured.

WE ALSO HAD ASSISTS from Arielle Monaco, Liz Mencel and David
Faulkner all of whom work with Country Vintner imports. Thank you one and
all for helping us to pull this fabulous event off. Go to :
chatwine.blogspot.com , chataustralia. blogspot.com and
chatpoetry.blogspot.com to get more of all of this - as well as to our web
page at : www.clevelandparkwine.com. With time all will have additional
info to fill out the details and descriptions of these excellent Aussie and
Kiwi wines.

THESE WINES and more from the portfolio are all available for
purchase here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits. Call Mike Martin or Tony
Quinn to reserve and buy whichever wines you want.

20% OFF ( Two-Part ) SALE ON  :

1) ALL STILL ( non-sparkling ) WINES On 12 Or More Bottles (
includes sherry, port, madeiras, marsalas, box wines, half bottles, 187ml
bottles ) - anything but champagne and sparkling wines.

2)  ALSO : BUY ANY BOTTLE OF STILL WINE OVER $20 a bottle and get a
20% savings off the marked price on the bottle whether or sale or not.



1) Warsteiner " Premium Verum " , German  ( 11.2Fl.Oz bottle, $7.99
6-pack, www.warsteiner-usa.com, 4.8% alc. by Volume ) is always welcome
here at Cleveland Park.

2) " Pick Axe " Pale Ale from TOMMY KNOCKER ( 12 Fl Oz Bottles, On
Special for $8.99 )uses premium hops and barley in Idaho Springs, Colorado
to produce this fun, tasty and popular pale ale.


1) MARTEAU Absinthe de la Belle Epoque ( $74.99
www.absinthemarteau.com , bottled 10/08 , 68% alc. by volume, 136 proof )
is grape neutral spirits distilled and infused with herbs and spirits (
grand woodworm, green anise, and fennel ). It's made just like it's always
been made.

2) TRU Organic Gin ( 14 whole aromatics, 42% alc. by volume,
$42.99, certified organic by Oregon Tith, with Packaging 100% recycled,
NATURE ( plant a tree for every bottle sold ) & USDA Organic. " What's
inside - juniper berries, lavender, lemon zest, angelica root, orris root,
coriander seeds, cardoman, vanilla beans, cloves, fennel, cinnamon,
allspice, chamomile, star anise + boldacity ". I love the rich, deep gold
color to this organic gin.

3) " Twist Of Pear " triple-distilled liter size bottles of SMIRNOFF
( pear-flavored vodka ) No. 21 ( )n Special for $15.99, 70 proof,
liter-size bottles, DIAGEO, www.smirnoff.com ) is distilled from premium
grain. This is a GREAT DEAL and is good while supplies last.



1) Pinot Grigio of the BORGO BOSCHETTO ( $16.49 ), Venezia Giulia
is showing beautifully now : forward, smooth, bright, medium-bodied.

2) Macon " Loche " 2007 ( $17.99 ) from Celine & Laurent TRIPOZ, is
an excellent, flavorful, tasty Chardonnay from burgundy and specifically
from the town of Loche. It will make you hungry though with it's mineral

3) Sancerre " Perle Blanche " 2007 ( $24.99 ) is an excellent, very
flavorful, intense, oodles of minerals and character. Definitely a great
food wine : 100% Sauvignon Blanc.


1) Pinot Noir 2007 ( $10.99 ) Strathbogie Ranges, South Australia
is dry, flavorful and a real deal for a great food Pinot Noir.

2) " Big Woop " 2008 dry red liter bottle blend ( $14.49 ) drinks
like a dream coming true - smooth, flavors and character but no bite and
extra wine in the bottle!

3)Cantina Gabriele Montepulciano D'Abruzzo ( $14.49 ) is an
excellent kosher, dusty-dry, traditional-style medium-to-light-bodied red
to enjoy with a meal now.

4) " Le Clos " 2006, $9.99, is a red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon,
Merlot, Grenache & Carignan.  It needs food : it's got a nice edge.

5) SANTA CAROLINA'S Chile " Reserva " Carmenere ( San Rafael ),
$9.99 is a great, great deal at $10! Mike just tried it again yesterday and
bought it immediately. It comes in wooden boxes that you can use around the
house afterward.

Weekend Tastings :  Wed, Thurs,Fri & Sat :

Wednesday, Sept. 23rd, 2009 : Santos has organized a beer tasting of
Belgian ales ( 3 ) : 1) RODENBACH ( $9.99 ), 2) GRAND CRU of RODENBACH
($9.99 large bottle ), and the 6-pack of PALM ale ( $9.99 ) from 5-8 PM.

Thursday, Sept. 24th, 2009 : Dinner at Chef Geoffs at 3201 New Mexico
Avenue N.W. at 7 PM for $69.99 ( plus tax and gratuity ) per person for an
evening with Roger Goulart Spanish sparkling cavas ( Penedes ). It's a
five-course meal with five sparkling Spanish cavas - all excellent. We are
thrilled to have them here at Cleveland Park. We sold out so we are
ordering more. You all seemed to like them very much. Guest speaker : Paul
Doble will be on hand to answer and to illumimate and bring both the food
and the wines to their perfect pitches and harmonies sepaerately and once
combined to create the " Magic " when this happens. The menu to follow in a
sepaerate email tomorrow or at least added to our web page at :
www.clevelandparkwine.com. There are still ten places available for this
dinner. Calll ASAP : ( 202 ) 237-7800. Cheers ... see you there.

FRIDAY, Sept. 25th, 2009 : Lauren of BOXWOOD Winery will be here from
5-8 PM to taste her two excellent Virginia reds.

Saturday, September, 2009 : Sotiris Bafitis will be here to taste his
excellent Greek wines : whites, rose and reds. He will be here from 3-7 PM.

I AM SURE I HAVE FORGOTTEN SOMETHING but it's time to send this
email. Do look at our web page tomorrow as I will be adding the dinners we
are working on.

DON'T FORGET OUR 20% SALE tomorrow! Cheers,   TONY

Please visit our website below for more information, events and specials,
and our calender of wine tastings!

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If you have any orders, suggestions or questions, you may e-mail us at
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