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Anthony Quinn, Artist, Lover Of Life, Art, Food, Wine, Culture, Music, Performing Writes The Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits' Tuesday Weekly Store E-Mail Sept. 9th, 2009 On : Hugh Hamilton Aussie Wines, Chalone Wine, Finca El Origen Valle De Uco Argentina Wine, Einstock Cellars, CA., Domaine De Cambis Saint-Chinian Wine, WEingut Wimmer Gruner Veltliner, Pierre Andre's Savigny-Les-Beaune, Hogue Gewurztraminer, WA., LOngrow Toka II Wood 10 Year Old Single Malt, 99 Apples Shnappes Liqueur, Abita Brewery Beer, Meredsous Abbye-Abdil Triple Ale, & More!

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Wines/Beers/liquors for bright,sunny,chilly weather

sleeping dog outside to keep me company as I read the Washington Post
newspaper ( maybe one of the last before they are no longer?! ). It was
tough being so cold and yet it got my blood flowing and thinking about all
that I have to think about this week here at Cleveland Park Wines and
Spirits. The spectrum goes from voting tonight for a new board/ officers of
the Cleveland Park Citizens Association ...

TO INCLUDING INFO  ON OUR TWO California winemaker DINNERS  :  ( ONE
with Elizabeth Spencer of ELIZABETH SPENCER , 5 Courses, 5 wines, at
Enology Wine Bar 7 PM, Monday, Oct. 26th, 2009, $65 per person plus tip and
gratuity, call : (202) 362-0362  for reservations ) ...

ONE WITH :  John  Cook ( CHALONE Winery, Amuse Bouche, First Course,
Main Course, Trio Of Cheeses @ Marcel's, Monday, Oct. 26th, 2009, $95 per
person ( all-inclusive ). TWO DINNERS THE SAME EVENING! I hate that you
have to choose but so be it. Both fine dinners to enjoy with CHALONE that
is a proven entity since the late 1970's and the new ELIZABETH SPENCER.

I am sorry to make it a choice, I never intended to do this but then
choices are good and we have enough of you interested in going to wine
dinners to please everyone concerned and involved.

I'm excited about both.

THEN THERE ARE ALL THE  " new " beers, liquors and wines to mention
and all the people that have come through this past week :

- ( Robert Whale of the ROBERT WHALE Cold-Climate Aussie/Kiwi
Selections,  ...

- as well as what was tasted here over the weekend :

- Mara Lona of G.BERTAGNOLI ( in Trentino , makes great grappas
and a limoncello-style, too  www.bertagnoli.it ) ;

- Peter Logan, winemaker of LOGAN Winery - loganwines.com.au - in
Orange, South Australia  ...

- ( and just now, Tues. 29th Sept. 2009 ) : James Wright of WINE
MONGER Selections that just tasted me on a " killer " Zweigelt ( FEILER
ARTIGER, Burgenland)  red that I asked him to pour me some of extra as I
type the rest of this email. It will sell for around $22 a bottle, or less.
I'll write more about it soon ...

and many more.

WE HAVE LOTS GOING ON as the weather turns colder. It's a great time
to be doing all of this, really so many possibilities in all the categories
that we are investigating and buying while we can and while the iron is
still really hot.

LIQUID Forms Of Alcohol To Charm, Please, Tease :


1) GOSSER beer ( On Special  $11.49 6-pack 12 oz bottles,
www.goesser.at from the GOSSER Brewery in Leobin Goss Austria ) is
something that I am just noticing here Santos : is it new?

2) ABITA " Pecan " ale brewed with Louisiana pecans ( 6-pack 12 oz
bottles On Special for $8.49, 5% alc., abita.com) from the Abita Springs in

3) MAREDSOUS Abbye-Abdil Triple Tripel Ale ( 25.4 fl. oz , 10% alc.
by volume, Traditional Benedictine biere Belge D'Abbaye Rue de Maredsous 11
- 5537 Denee, Belgium  www.maredsous-usa.com , On Special for $9.49 ) comes
nicely wrapped as a gift and is here once again?  Santos, is this new or is
it just now available again?

4) " Resurrection " Ale ( 750 ml. 7% alc. by volume,
www.thebrewersart.com , On Special for $9.99 ) is brewed by The Brewers Art
in Royerford, PA. " A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this beer
will go to local programs that help people get back on their feet ".


1) 99 BANANAS 99Proof Banana Schnapps Liqueur ( $19.99 , 49.5% Alc.
by Volume, produced and bottled by Polynesian Products Co., Los Angeles,
CA. Bardstown, KY, Owensboro. KY. ). " 99 : a Fruity Taste Sensation With
Lots Of Apeel! Serve Chilled ".

2) 99 APPLES 99 Proof Apple Schnapps Liqueur ( $19.99, 49.5% Alc.
By Volume ; produced and bottled by Polynesian Products Co. ). " Get A
Bunch Of Apple Flavor With Every Sip Of 99 APPLES - Serve Chilled ".


1) LONGROW " Toka.II Wood " 10 Years Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky
( J. & A. Mitchell & Company, Springbank Distillery, Campeltown, Scotland,
$99.99 is " unique amongst Scotland's distilleries  in that  all parts of
the production process, from traditional malting to bottling are carried
out at the one location". I guess this ensures complete control over all
the production from start to finish and that is not as bad thing ever. Of
course the proof is in the taste.

2) HAZELBURN 8 Year-Old Campbelltown Single Malt ( triple distilled
) Scotch Whislky ( $84.99,  J. & A. MITCHELL, Scotland )  " is a triple
distilled, completely unpeated single malt produced in the Springbank
distillery. " They make three completely different single malts and use
three different production methods. This alone makes me want to check these



1) CHATEAU SAINTONGEY 2008 white Bordeaux, estate bottled, $9.99
which has great brightness and acidity and is an excellent food wine and a
great value, too. It's brand new here.

2) DOMAINE CHRISTOPHE DAVAULT 2008 dry white Loire Valley 100%
Sauvignon Blanc, $11.99 that is great when you have some goat's cheese,
salads with vinaigrettes, some clams or some mussels, a nice pasta dish
with herbs and spices and some good cheese, too ...

3) HOGUE Gewurztraminer 2008, $9.99 from the Columbia Valley in
Washington State is a great wine to enjoy all by itself or with some Asian
dishes ( Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai ) ... as well as some Indian or
Louisiana or even some Tex-Mex ...

4) Weingut WIMMER 2008 Gruner Veltliner ( liters of dry Austrian,
$13.49 ) is a smooth, elegant, refreshing silky taste that is enjoyable
with or without food. What a deal !

ROSES : Dry -

1) DOMAINE DE CAMBIS " La Vie En Rose " Saint-Chinian 2008, $17.99
is a fabulous dry French rose that is smooth, bright, refreshing lulling,
rockin' and overall just a taste of pure liquid wine/joy to enjoy almost
anytime with or without food. Dave McIntyre of the Washington Post liked it
a lot, too recently in one of his articles ...


1) " Red " 2007 By WEINSTOCK CELLARS in California, $13.49 is
kosher and with a slight chill a really good food wine to enjoy throughout
the year and not just for the holidays.

2) TITTARELLI'S Reserva de Familia Bonarda 2006 dry red from
Mendoza, Argentina ( On Special for $10.99 ) is the best that TITTARELLI
makes. it's made with an Italian grape and it is a pleasure to drink with a
meal : balanced, flavorful, old-world style ...

3) FINCA EL ORIGEN Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 from Argentina's Valle de
Uco, $9.99 is a balanced, well-made dry red to enjoy with some flavorful
food preparations.

4) PIERRE ANDRE'S Savigny-Les-Beaune " Clos Des Guettes " dry red
100% Pinot Noir red Burgundy is bright, lively, fleshy, warm and sublime
liquid grape sunshine. Impressive ... only five cases available. Get some


Friday, October 2nd ( 5-8 PM ) : we have Justin Pass of Washington
Wholesalers coming to taste CHALONE ( so we can talk about our upcoming
winemaker dinner with Robert Cook ), and more ... JOIN US, NEVER any

Saturday, October 3rd ( TWO TASTINGS ):

1) 1-4PM : We have Shana Ketron tasting both Spanish and South
African wines from her BOUTIQUE Collections portfolio.

2) Hugh Hamilton of the HUGH HAMILTON winery will be here as he does
every year to taste some of his " new " vintages of wines that sell so well
here and that you all love and buy already from us all the time. Come meet
Hugh and get a bottle signed as a gift to yourselves or for someone
special. JOIN US, NEVER any charge.

DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT both our " new " web page at :
www.clevelandparkwine.com asnd also my blog about wine and all the weekly
visits from owners and winemakers at : chatwine.blogspot.com.

I AM SURE I HAVE FORGOTTEN SOMETHING but I have to post this now.
Come check things out here as over the next few days the store will be
exploding at the gills with so much new and exciting wine. We want to share
so much of it with you and so are pulling out all the stops and going for
broke. Cheers,  TONY

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