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Tony The Wine Guy = Anthony TONY Quinn Waxes Poetic Today Tuesday, July 28th, 2015 On Peru's Day Of Independence With MACCHU PISCO, LA DIABLADA Pisco, Melanie & Elizabeth Asher, Tia Rosa, Susquena Cerveza, La Biablada Pisco, E Santiago Queirolo Peruvian Wines, Too : Todos Peruvianos, Hola, Come Esta, Venga Aqui Nosotros Tienda Dos Cervezas, Vinos E Espiritus Piscos! Buenas Noches Amigos!

Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits 3423 Conn. Ave. N.W. D.C. 20008
I/ WE ARE PLEASED to have a small selection of the Peruvian wines of
SANTIAGO QUEIROLO like this Gran Vino Borgona Semi Sweet red wine, $13.99,
with 11% alcohol by volume. Come get some today, chill them down, and
enjoy, they are delightfully refreshing and tasty and easy to enjoy all by

WE ALSO SELL MACCHU PISCO The All-Natural Spirit of the Andes, $26.99, 40%
alcohol by volume, that Melanie poured here this past Saturday from 2-6PM
when she made tasty classic Peruvian Pisco Punch that was drunk by
California's 49ers during the Gold Rush using Peru's Pisco and blending it
with pineapple juice made from pineapple's grown in California I think
Melanie explained to us all here this past Saturday? I think so.

Come get some of the MACCHU PISCO, what great taste, not hangovers, no
bother afterward, just pleasure while you drink it, really a fine product
where you get much more than you pay for. We sold a lot here this past
Saturday. Gracias Melanie. For more info go to : www.macchupisco.com. There
will be more recipes and ways to enjoy both this MACCHU PISCO as well as
the LA DIABLADA that Melanie makes with her sister, too , Elizabeth. We
sold out of the LA DIABLADA this Saturday and so will probably not get it
back in time today. We will see? Cheers. Venga aqui, venga venga venga aqui
senores, senoras!

BEER From Santos :

ONE Cerveza From PERU :

1) Creveza Premium Golden Lager CUSQUENA The Gold Incas, On Special
for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, made from 100% Malted Barley,
perfect for this heat and humidity, come get some today and enjoy all day
and tonight, too!

2) ' Mother Tupper's Back Of The Cupboard ' Imperial Rye Pale Ale from
LOST RHINO Brewing Company, On Special for $12.99 for a 1 Pt., 6 Fl. Oz
bottle, with 9.4% alcohol by volume. " Lolly Tupper is quirky, and sweet.
So is this imperial Rye Pale Ale. It's also full-bodied, rich , and bitter,
which Mom is not! At 94, she's pretty special - and at Alc. 9.4% by volume,
and 94 IBUs, this beer is too. ... " Bob and Ellie Tupper. Cheers, try some
and enjoy!

3) Svatopavelske 16 degrees Pivovar Liberec-Vratislavice KONRAD Saint
Paul Special semi-dark Starkbier, On Special for $2.99 a 1 Pt. .9 Fl. Oz
bottle, with 6.5 alcohol by volume : "  ... with water from our own wells
in the Jizera Mountains, malt from our own malting plant, and aromatic
Zatec hops. Enjoy! " Sounds like a great plan to me.

LIQUEUR / LIQUOR : From Jagir & Malkit :

1) Strangely Delicious Libation of Whiskey & Spices from JEREMIAH
WEED, the Curious Cinnamon Whiskey, $19.99 a 750ml bottle, with 35.6%
alcohol by volume, American blended whiskey with spices : " Perfect for
your MOUTH, Savor A SIP, OR steal - A NIP -! " Try some, enjoy!

2) Peach Brandy with Peach Liqueur from E & J Extra Smooth Rare Blend,
$11.99... perfect for mixing exotic cocktails and other inventive

3) ' Capitoline ' White Cordial from GREEN HAT, a lovely delicate
amber color to be mixed and make some ' new and exciting ' drinks, $27.99,
750ml bottle, 18% alcohol by volume, ' NEW ' and really, REALLY exciting!
Looks Victorian, a bit like Art Nouveau, a bit like Tiffany bottles, put in
a clear Tiffany vase : go back in time, feel the joy ...

4) ' Roundstone Rye ' Organic Cask Proof Single Barrel Whisky, from
CATOCTIN CREEK, hand-crafted, small-batch, $63.99 a bottle, from
Purcelville, VA., 58% alcohol by volume, ... a really smooth treat that is
also local!

5) Premiere Canne Rhum Agricole, estate-bottled, from CLEMENT, in
Martinique, $32.99 a 750ml bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume,
estate-bottled, quite smooth an a lovely pure, free taste, nice to mix and
sip, too.

6) Wild Cherry Infused Flavored Polish Vodka, On Special for $25.99,
40% alcohol by volume, this should be drinking like a fabulous kaleidoscope
dream now, wow, smooth and gentle and purring so sweetly we all have to cry
we are so happy!

7) Blended Malt Scotch Whisky produced using American and French Oak
Barrels, OAK CROSS from the Compass Box Whisky Company, $64.99, with 43%
alcohol by volume, tasted here and what a fine, smooth, exceptional taste
and balance with everything adding something special to the overall taste
sensation. A real treat! Cheers! Try some.

DON'T FORGET, SAVE by buying you wines here and paying for them on
Wednesdays, SAVE UP to 20% three ways, call and speak to Chris or Tony and
place your orders with us and SAVE BIG! Cheers!  202-363-4265

WINE From Chris & Tony :

1) Le Chapeau Pinot Noir Ile de Beaute, On Special for $9.99 a bottle,
2013, with 11.5% alcohol by volume. Solid, sound, flavorful dry red Pinot
Noir to enjoy with your meals, grilled outside are perfect. Chill it 30
minutes and enjoy as it warms to the perfect temperature!

2) Feteasca Neagra indigenous dry Romanian red varietal from MOSER,
Moldovei, Husi, $9.99, smooth and flavorful, soft and supple and really
nice, even with all this heat!

3) Douro D.O.C. dry red Portuguese red PACHECA, $10,99, with 14.5%
alcohol by volume, a fuller, richer, easier-to-sip red that should be
chilled 30 minutes and enjoyed with a grilled meal outside!

4) Veneto Riesling I.G.T. Delle Venezia liters of dry white, $13.49,
2012, wow, developed, tasty, flavorful : GREAT VALUE MILLE wines!

5) Veneto Bardolino D.O.C. MILLE Italian flavorful, developed, 2012,
distinct lighter-bodied red that is evolving nicely and becoming more
flavorful as it ages : a fine wine to chill 30   minutes and enjoy when you
season-well or marinate some foods and together magic begins, a full liter
of wine for only $13.49, a great deal, too, like the dry white Riesling!

6) Albarino 2014 Castano Prado Vineyards ( 470 cases produced ) from
Lubbock, Texas, the McPHERSON, $18.99, Kim McPherson just signed this
bottle and some of his other whites, too, reds, too : wonderful, dry,
crisp, lively, fresh and stimulating! Very good! With 13.4% alcohol by
volume ...

7) ' Lune Blanche ' Grand Vin Blanc Sec de Bordeaux, from CLOS DES
LUNES, where sweet Sauternes are made. This property only makes dry white
Bordeaux wines! This one at $19.99 is wonderful, so distinctly flavorful
and it's own expression of the terroir there, really a huge treat! From the
Societe Civile Domaine De Chevalier Famille Bernard,  with  13% alcohol by

8) Manzoni Bianco Vigneti Delle Dolomiti, 2011, ' Fontanasanta, made
by Elizabete Foradori of her own family's FORADORI winery, $30.99, 12.5%
alcohol by volume, a flavorful, multi-complex, 7-wonders of the world type
of wine : must be tasted to be believed! A Louis/ Dressner wine selection!


Friday, July 31st, 2015 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Erin of Lanterna Imports
here to taste some wonderful wine selections from France, great sparkling
wines made by ladies for ladies : exceptional Brut Non-Vintage, and Brut ,
Non-Vintage rose : both dry, both silky, both with a steel velvet glove
that caresses our palates and pleases us thoroughly, too!

Saturday, August 1st, 2015 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Andrew Stover coming to
taste some of his his great American wine selections from Texas, and
Maryland like the McPHERSON and the BIG CORK wines, and more, maybe a
lovely ' value ' Barbera, maybe a tasty, crisp, sliced Schiava dry red from
Alto Adige?!? We will see tomorrow and let you all know.

Cheers, JOIN US,  ALL TASTINGS are free, everyone is always welcome.
THANKS for everything , you all are the very best!

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THANKS AGAIN for everything!

HAPPY PERU Independence Day today! Come check us out , we have wine and
spirits and beer from Peru for you all tonight!


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