Monday, July 27, 2015

Anthony Quinn And His Wife Are Treated To A Great Luncheon On A Monday Afternoon @ KELLARI TAVERNA In Washington D.C. By Sotiris Bafitis With His Friend Lefteris Helping : Wonderful, This Is The Second Part With The Reds Of MITRAVELAS ESTATE & ANTONOPOULOS ESTATE, & More! Thank You Lefteris Sotiris!

Here in Washington D.C., Northwest on a lovely Monday afternoon in our nation's capitol with my wife and Sotiris Bafitis and Lefteris that worked at the D.C. KELLARI TAVERNA (  not the New York city KELLARI TAVERNA that I here is really good and where now Leferis does work, looking now as of this past Saturday evening when he joined us for dinner at NOSTOS in Tyson's Corner , Virginia for dinner like Salvatore Dali! ) , and Sotiris and Lefteris ordered and served up an amazing assortment of fabulous Greek foods to complement the Greek wines that Sotiris sells to me at Cleveland Park Wine  Spirits at 3423 Connecticut Avenue N.W. Washington D.C., Northwest, 20008, 202-363-4265. We already sold many of these fine wines and ordered more to include after this wonderful experience in wining and dining that I was fortunate enough to share and enjoy thoroughly with both my wife and Sotiris, and Leferis, too! Amazing, opened my eyes to the many wonders and adventures that Greek foods provide both the eye, our sense of smell, the various fresh textures and colors and combination of everything fresh and tasty.

As you can see it was a beautiful Monday early afternoon in Washington D.C., northwest as we walked from our parking space to KELLARI TAVERNA.

It was the very first time that either my wife or I had dined at KELLARI TAVERNA and so we were in for a treat and we got so much more during this luncheon than either of us had imagined or hoped for. From start-to-finish it was an amazing experience delighting all of our senses, and sating our hunger and our thirst, and leaving us feeling completely satisfied and thoroughly pampered and really good afterward, really good!

Glad I am able to show this picture above because it shows the wines that we started with and which I have already shown and spoken about in this first blog entry I posted here yesterday on : So check that out , too as this second part of the blog concentrates on the reds and the food that we finished our meal with. Cheers!

I will finish this later but am posting it now ' as is ' to be enjed until I am able to return to this later today to finish it up. Cheers and enjoy this so far, the pictures tell great stories , each and every one of them , all by themselves! Anthony TONY Quinn, Monday, July 27th, 2015 here at home now.

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