Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tony The Wine Guy = Anthony TONY Quinn Waxes Poetic Today Tuesday, July 28th, 2015 On Peru's Day Of Independence With MACCHU PISCO, LA DIABLADA Pisco, Melanie & Elizabeth Asher, Tia Rosa, Susquena Cerveza, La Biablada Pisco, E Santiago Queirolo Peruvian Wines, Too : Todos Peruvianos, Hola, Come Esta, Venga Aqui Nosotros Tienda Dos Cervezas, Vinos E Espiritus Piscos! Buenas Noches Amigos!

Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits 3423 Conn. Ave. N.W. D.C. 20008
I/ WE ARE PLEASED to have a small selection of the Peruvian wines of
SANTIAGO QUEIROLO like this Gran Vino Borgona Semi Sweet red wine, $13.99,
with 11% alcohol by volume. Come get some today, chill them down, and
enjoy, they are delightfully refreshing and tasty and easy to enjoy all by

WE ALSO SELL MACCHU PISCO The All-Natural Spirit of the Andes, $26.99, 40%
alcohol by volume, that Melanie poured here this past Saturday from 2-6PM
when she made tasty classic Peruvian Pisco Punch that was drunk by
California's 49ers during the Gold Rush using Peru's Pisco and blending it
with pineapple juice made from pineapple's grown in California I think
Melanie explained to us all here this past Saturday? I think so.

Come get some of the MACCHU PISCO, what great taste, not hangovers, no
bother afterward, just pleasure while you drink it, really a fine product
where you get much more than you pay for. We sold a lot here this past
Saturday. Gracias Melanie. For more info go to : www.macchupisco.com. There
will be more recipes and ways to enjoy both this MACCHU PISCO as well as
the LA DIABLADA that Melanie makes with her sister, too , Elizabeth. We
sold out of the LA DIABLADA this Saturday and so will probably not get it
back in time today. We will see? Cheers. Venga aqui, venga venga venga aqui
senores, senoras!

BEER From Santos :

ONE Cerveza From PERU :

1) Creveza Premium Golden Lager CUSQUENA The Gold Incas, On Special
for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, made from 100% Malted Barley,
perfect for this heat and humidity, come get some today and enjoy all day
and tonight, too!

2) ' Mother Tupper's Back Of The Cupboard ' Imperial Rye Pale Ale from
LOST RHINO Brewing Company, On Special for $12.99 for a 1 Pt., 6 Fl. Oz
bottle, with 9.4% alcohol by volume. " Lolly Tupper is quirky, and sweet.
So is this imperial Rye Pale Ale. It's also full-bodied, rich , and bitter,
which Mom is not! At 94, she's pretty special - and at Alc. 9.4% by volume,
and 94 IBUs, this beer is too. ... " Bob and Ellie Tupper. Cheers, try some
and enjoy!

3) Svatopavelske 16 degrees Pivovar Liberec-Vratislavice KONRAD Saint
Paul Special semi-dark Starkbier, On Special for $2.99 a 1 Pt. .9 Fl. Oz
bottle, with 6.5 alcohol by volume : "  ... with water from our own wells
in the Jizera Mountains, malt from our own malting plant, and aromatic
Zatec hops. Enjoy! " Sounds like a great plan to me.

LIQUEUR / LIQUOR : From Jagir & Malkit :

1) Strangely Delicious Libation of Whiskey & Spices from JEREMIAH
WEED, the Curious Cinnamon Whiskey, $19.99 a 750ml bottle, with 35.6%
alcohol by volume, American blended whiskey with spices : " Perfect for
your MOUTH, Savor A SIP, OR steal - A NIP -! " Try some, enjoy!

2) Peach Brandy with Peach Liqueur from E & J Extra Smooth Rare Blend,
$11.99... perfect for mixing exotic cocktails and other inventive

3) ' Capitoline ' White Cordial from GREEN HAT, a lovely delicate
amber color to be mixed and make some ' new and exciting ' drinks, $27.99,
750ml bottle, 18% alcohol by volume, ' NEW ' and really, REALLY exciting!
Looks Victorian, a bit like Art Nouveau, a bit like Tiffany bottles, put in
a clear Tiffany vase : go back in time, feel the joy ...

4) ' Roundstone Rye ' Organic Cask Proof Single Barrel Whisky, from
CATOCTIN CREEK, hand-crafted, small-batch, $63.99 a bottle, from
Purcelville, VA., 58% alcohol by volume, ... a really smooth treat that is
also local!

5) Premiere Canne Rhum Agricole, estate-bottled, from CLEMENT, in
Martinique, $32.99 a 750ml bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume,
estate-bottled, quite smooth an a lovely pure, free taste, nice to mix and
sip, too.

6) Wild Cherry Infused Flavored Polish Vodka, On Special for $25.99,
40% alcohol by volume, this should be drinking like a fabulous kaleidoscope
dream now, wow, smooth and gentle and purring so sweetly we all have to cry
we are so happy!

7) Blended Malt Scotch Whisky produced using American and French Oak
Barrels, OAK CROSS from the Compass Box Whisky Company, $64.99, with 43%
alcohol by volume, tasted here and what a fine, smooth, exceptional taste
and balance with everything adding something special to the overall taste
sensation. A real treat! Cheers! Try some.

DON'T FORGET, SAVE by buying you wines here and paying for them on
Wednesdays, SAVE UP to 20% three ways, call and speak to Chris or Tony and
place your orders with us and SAVE BIG! Cheers!  202-363-4265

WINE From Chris & Tony :

1) Le Chapeau Pinot Noir Ile de Beaute, On Special for $9.99 a bottle,
2013, with 11.5% alcohol by volume. Solid, sound, flavorful dry red Pinot
Noir to enjoy with your meals, grilled outside are perfect. Chill it 30
minutes and enjoy as it warms to the perfect temperature!

2) Feteasca Neagra indigenous dry Romanian red varietal from MOSER,
Moldovei, Husi, $9.99, smooth and flavorful, soft and supple and really
nice, even with all this heat!

3) Douro D.O.C. dry red Portuguese red PACHECA, $10,99, with 14.5%
alcohol by volume, a fuller, richer, easier-to-sip red that should be
chilled 30 minutes and enjoyed with a grilled meal outside!

4) Veneto Riesling I.G.T. Delle Venezia liters of dry white, $13.49,
2012, wow, developed, tasty, flavorful : GREAT VALUE MILLE wines!

5) Veneto Bardolino D.O.C. MILLE Italian flavorful, developed, 2012,
distinct lighter-bodied red that is evolving nicely and becoming more
flavorful as it ages : a fine wine to chill 30   minutes and enjoy when you
season-well or marinate some foods and together magic begins, a full liter
of wine for only $13.49, a great deal, too, like the dry white Riesling!

6) Albarino 2014 Castano Prado Vineyards ( 470 cases produced ) from
Lubbock, Texas, the McPHERSON, $18.99, Kim McPherson just signed this
bottle and some of his other whites, too, reds, too : wonderful, dry,
crisp, lively, fresh and stimulating! Very good! With 13.4% alcohol by
volume ...

7) ' Lune Blanche ' Grand Vin Blanc Sec de Bordeaux, from CLOS DES
LUNES, where sweet Sauternes are made. This property only makes dry white
Bordeaux wines! This one at $19.99 is wonderful, so distinctly flavorful
and it's own expression of the terroir there, really a huge treat! From the
Societe Civile Domaine De Chevalier Famille Bernard,  with  13% alcohol by

8) Manzoni Bianco Vigneti Delle Dolomiti, 2011, ' Fontanasanta, made
by Elizabete Foradori of her own family's FORADORI winery, $30.99, 12.5%
alcohol by volume, a flavorful, multi-complex, 7-wonders of the world type
of wine : must be tasted to be believed! A Louis/ Dressner wine selection!


Friday, July 31st, 2015 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Erin of Lanterna Imports
here to taste some wonderful wine selections from France, great sparkling
wines made by ladies for ladies : exceptional Brut Non-Vintage, and Brut ,
Non-Vintage rose : both dry, both silky, both with a steel velvet glove
that caresses our palates and pleases us thoroughly, too!

Saturday, August 1st, 2015 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Andrew Stover coming to
taste some of his his great American wine selections from Texas, and
Maryland like the McPHERSON and the BIG CORK wines, and more, maybe a
lovely ' value ' Barbera, maybe a tasty, crisp, sliced Schiava dry red from
Alto Adige?!? We will see tomorrow and let you all know.

Cheers, JOIN US,  ALL TASTINGS are free, everyone is always welcome.
THANKS for everything , you all are the very best!

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THANKS AGAIN for everything!

HAPPY PERU Independence Day today! Come check us out , we have wine and
spirits and beer from Peru for you all tonight!


Anthony Quinn = Tony The Wine Guy Waxes Poetic On : Stone Mountain Winery, Democracy Winery, VA. Wines, COLOSSI Nero D'Avola, Sicily, Teroldego Indigenous Red From LECHTHALER, MASI POLI Pinot Grigio, GOTHAM Aussie Wines, CHANARMUYO La Rioja Argentina Wines, Tequila Ocho, Skinny Girl Bare Naked Vodka, Absolut Cherrykran Vodka, Guava Rum From CRUZAN, Bold Rock Hard Cider Virginia Draft, Fuller's London Pride Premium Beer From Griffin Brewery, Tusker Lager By East African Breweries & More!

Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits 3423 Conn. Ave. N.W. D.C. 20008
I HEARD MORE this past week from you all about the mandatory furloughs and how
it is effecting you. We here @ Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits are working to
bring more of our costs down to help you get through this difficult time. Let us
know if you are effected and we will do whatever we can, one-on-one,
situation-by-situation, working together with you to lessen your financial loads
where we can by offering you ways to save and still enjoy what you like.
THE TOUR DE FRANCE ends today at the Arc du Triumph on Paris' famous Champs
Elysees and that's inspiring and wonderful and still an incredible event and
show of strength and perseverance, of character and resolve and fighting and
racing, pedaling, steering, climbing, turning and continuing on ...
I LOVED WATCHING THIS yesterday on t.v., the rush, the swoop, the dash, the
bike swaying back and forth, the seemingly effortless thrust forward of the
bikes, the light metal and steel, the helmets, the BRIGHT colors, all the
endorsements BLAZONED everywhere across the bikers as the sped past us and the
cameras that captured them so close and so well. I saw all this and was swept up
into it and felt so positive from it all.
IT WAS GREAT INSPIRATION for me to get back outside and continue to work in our
yard and to be outside on an absolutely gorgeous, low-humidity, bright, breezy,
fresh and brilliant baby-blue-skied day. I had so many errands to run and one
was at the grocery store where I heard several of the employees talking about
how rare this day was here in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. One lady
announced: " I've got my bathing suit and as soon as I'm out of here I'm off to
swim at the pool! " I LOVED hearing all of that, so true to real life.
I CAN IMAGINE that here at the store Michel, Ravi, Luis and Santos were having a
similar conversation?! I felt very lucky and blessed indeed to have been
fortunate to have been off on such a day. I resolved to appreciate it fully and
to not miss out on one glorious second outside. Mission accomplished.
IT SEEMS THAT TODAY is starting off very much as yesterday did. I loved my drive
to work earlier and I am all set to get this weekly store email written and off
to you all in record time today.
WHAT TO DRINK ON this TOUR DE FRANCE finish?!? There are many choices indeed? I
have not heard much talk about any of this and will include some ideas here. The
wonderful thing is that racers come from all over the world to compete in this
annual event and so the world of beer, cider, liquor and wine is open to us for
WHEN I LIVED IN FRANCE back in the seventies I was there for a number of these
finishes at the Arc de Triumph. When I took my family to France for a two-week
visit back in 2002 we were there and had to fight the traffic coming into the
city to see our friend Marco Riminelli and to get to his apartment. We came in
through Saint Cloud where my mother used to have an apartment so many glorious
moons ago.
SO I KNEW that way a bit better, and we did make it in one piece, and we did
find parking for our rented SKODA. Both my wife and I remarked that on some of
the jerseys worn by the racers that SKODA was plainly visible as sponsors. And
being a stick-shift I had a hard first day getting into the small villages of
Normandy when we first landed and had to navigate the round-abouts and not burn
the engine up as I shifted from neutral to first. I should have practiced some
first, the Autoroute there was a breeze and I was caught unprepared. Oh well, I
am a better person for that experience I am sure.
2002 WAS A HEAT WAVE for that period of time in Paris when the Tour De France
ended. I heard that there will be a lot of rain today? I wish all the riders
well today as that can be even more challenging with rain.
SO : WHAT To Drink? What BEER ?
With Honey ( On Special for $8.99 a 1Pt. 6-Fluid Ounce bottle, 11.5% alcohol by
volume, from Boulder, Colorado, www.BoulderBeer.com ) :
" A Honey of a Saison is a swarm of flavor and a stinger at 11.5% alcohol by
volume. The French Saison yeast produces big, estery, phenolic aromas and
flavors, while the Wildflower Honey from Madhava Natural Sweeteners in Longmont,
CO, lends a spicy, sweet aroma with essence of dried fruits. Champagne Yeast is
also used to complete fermentation and create a dry finish, and a strong malt
bill imparts a rich, golden honey color to the ale ."
WOW, I could not have reached earlier for a better beer to start this ball
rolling, this liquid flowing to celebrate today : French Saison years and
Champagne Yeast and Wildflower Honey, golden honey color : all to celebrate, all
tasty, all adding their own character, all working together in team effort. I am
thrilled. It must have been there in my thoughts as I reached for it. It's also
easy to transport, one glass bottle, to keep it cold, easy to hold, a fabulous
label, too of yellows and reds and browns, and a place that is mountainous and
trying just as it was yesterday for all these riders to navigate on their
second-to-last stretch.
2) HOG HEAVEN Dry-Hopped Barleywine-Style Ale from AVERY BREWING CO. ( ON
Special for $9.99 a 1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz bottle, from Boulder , Colorado, 9.2% alcohol
by volume, The Holy Trinity of Ales, ) : " Or is it Hop Heaven? This dangerously
drinkable garnet beauty was designed to satisfy the most zealous of hop devotes.
Intense bitterness and the dankest of dry-hopped aromas are intertwined with a
rich caramel candy-like backbone. Drink!"
THIS HOG HEAVEN provides a great contrast to the HONEY OF A SAISON and BOTH are
in glass bottles that are easy to hold, keep the cold and easy to transport.
They provide two nice extremes and will appeal to a broad spread of tastes
TO COMPLETE The Cycle We Also Have IN CANS :
3) Pumpkinhead " It Comes Once A Year! " from SHIPYARD ( On Special for
$9.99 a 6-pack, from Portland, Maine, in 12-ounce cans ) : this is fun and
seasonal and released now so early! get some NOW while you can as it disappears
quickly once people know it has been released. Beat the rush. Come here early.
Easy to transport, lighter, nice for picnics and when outside, don't have to
worry as there is nor glass to break. LAST YEAR we sold-out quickly and we had
many very unhappy customers!
DO YOU HEAR that SHIPYARD! Make more, be there for more of your customers. Don't
let us run out. Cheers.
JUST SPOKE TO ALEX one of our customers about the wines of Georgia. He wants
more dry white Georgian wines. He bought the COLOSSI Bianco ( $11.99 ) dry white
to make a kir that he just recently discovered.
THAT'S DRY WHITE WINE and a splash of creme de Cassis - a very famous French
aperitif, so it sounds appropriate to add this here now. I mentioned that he
might buy a bottle of the LES COSTIERES DE POMEROLS HB 34810 2012 Picpoul de
Pinet, $8.99 , 12.5% alcohol by volume ( ALWAYS one of the best-seller-EVER-here
@ Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits - EVERYONE almost loves this! ) and make a kir
with it. I did mention to Alex the Tour De France.
I SHOULD HAVE mentioned to him making a kir royale that uses sparkling wine
instead of dry white wine with the creme de cassis. That would be another great
idea to celebrate the Tour de France today!OF COURSE with BOTH : you may
substitute some Framboise/ Raspberry when you make either. It will be lighter
this way and maybe more enjoyable if it is especially hot outside.
I JUST TALKED WITH MICHEL that is off and at home now and he tells me who won
the Tour De France! I will not reveal that here, I will let you all see or hear
it on your own as that is pasty of the joy and excitement. I have two more to
add here : and one of the ales/ beers mentioned are from the home of the winner:
4) FULLER'S " London Pride " Outstanding Premium Beer from Griffin Brewery
( On Special for $12.99 a 11.2 Fluid-ounce 6-pack of bottles, 4.7% alcohol by
volume, www.fullers.co.uk , England ) : " Fuller's London Pride is an
award-winning English classic premium beer, rich and smooth, with a good malty
base and well-developed hop notes in the finish." Nice to enjoy with the lower
alcohols as well.
5)TUSKER Finest Quality Lager Brewed and bottled by East African Breweries
LTD. ( $2.49 a 12 Fl. Oz bottle, P.O. Box 30161-00100, Mairobi- Kenya , go to :
www.eabl.com for more info ) : excellent and brewed in East Africa since 1922,
that's almost one hundred years ago!
HARD CIDER For The Tour De France :
1) Virginia Draft from BOLD ROCK Hard Cider , this hard cider ( On Special
for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, 4.7% alcohol by volume, easier to enjoy
with the heat of the summer, from Nellysford, VA. Go to :www.boldrock.com for
more info ) : " This smooth and distinctive Hard Cider combines its apple
heritage with superb drinkability. ... Virginia Draft is perfect anytime
anywhere... " NEW & EXCITING here in Cleveland Park. This is a " Must-Try " for
you all. Hard cider is a very hot category today!
1) Guava Rum From CRUZAN Premium Cruzan rum from the island of St. Croix,
with natural Guava flavor ( $14.99 a 750ml bottle, 21% alcohol by volume, go to
www.cruzanrum.com for more info ) : " In 1760, a sugar mill began crushing
cane at the current site of the Cruzan Rum distillery on the island of St.
Croix. Since the early 1800's, the Nelthropp family has lived on and been an
integral part of this legendary island's rich history." I like the taste of
Guava, check this out. Perfect for this hot weather!
2) Cherrykran from ABSOLUT Country Of Sweden , a Vodka with Cherry, White
Cranberry & Plum flavors ( On Special for $19.99 a 750ml bottle, 40% alcohol by
volume, from Ahus, Sweden, go to : www.absolut.com ) : Just add cola! Cheers.
3) Vermouth PERUCCHI GRan Reserva from Montana Perucchi - the ULTIMATE in
fines, distinctive, elegant and polished Vermouth ( $19.99 a bottle, from
Badalona, Spain, from LA REAL CASA ESPAGNOLA, since 1886, 15% alcohol by volume,
1 LITER bottle, ) : YOU HAVE to TASTE IT to BELIEVE IT! Wonderful, highly
recommended, both the sweet red and the dry white : both are here for you try on
for size, fit and feel. Cheers. NEW! Exciting!!
4) Single Estate TEQUILA OCHO 100% Puro De Agave Tequila Anejo, hecho en
Mexico LOS CORRALES Vintage-Dated 2010 ( On Special for $59.99 a 750ml bottle,
40% alcohol by volume, Mexico ) : " Ocho is a one of a kind tequila : A
departure from the traditional objective of distilling which delivers "
complexity of character " instead of " consistency of character ." This is
accomplished by featuring a single estate. Taste it and see/ taste/ experience
what all the BUZZ is about now. It's very special indeed.The altitude of Los
Corrales is 2166 m with deep, red soil ... " light and broad, not deep,
earthiness and subtle oak persist on the finish." A MUST-TRY.
5) SKINNY GIRL Vodka with Natural Flavors " Bare Naked " ( On Special for
$19.99 a 750ml bottle, 30% alcohol by volume, Deerfiled, IL. USA , go to :
www.skinnygirlcocktails.com for more info ) : " ... Skinny GirlBare Naked is low
in calories and contains no added sugar. Become a " fixologist " and make your
favorite guilt-free cocktail " writes Bethenny Frankel. Cheers, we also have the
Cucumber-flavored vodka here for you all. Ravi says that both sell really well.
AS YOU MAY HAVE READ or seen on our Facebook page at : Cleveland Park Wines
& Spirits that I am trying to convince Bethenny that it would be in her
best-interest to come here and do an in-store tasting! We will see, you never
get anywhere if you do not make the initial effort with follow-through. Cheers.
WINE By Michel & Tony :
1) Sauvignon Blanc 2011 from the WINE MEN of GOTHAM ( $8.99. 11.5% alcohol
by volume, from owners Bruce and Kate, Adelaide 5000, SA , go to :
www.gothamwines.com.au for more info ) : both Bruce and Kate have been here
doing tastings of their wines that have done so well here over the past years.
The Wine Men of Gotham are doing really well now . especially with tough times
and more people having to take extra furlough days. Cheers. Dry, crisp, bright
and refreshing.
2) Shiraz / Grenache 2011 dry red Aussie blend from the WINE MEN of GOTHAM
( $8.99 a 750ml bottle, 13% alcohol by volume, ) : this is a 75% Shiraz and 25%
Grenache dry red blend - this drinks really nicely, balanced, distinct,
flavorful. Thanks Bruce. I always thought that you named these wines because you
were the Bruce in Batman! I did not think it was after the Gothamites - the
villagers of Gotham, England!
IF, as I hear an Englishman won the Tour de France earlier than this could
also be a great homage to him and to England? What do you think Bruce and Kate,
will you sign-off on this idea of mine now? I hope so.
DRINK GOTHAM, we have the GOTHAM label here, too at $18.99 for the 2009
McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon, 14.9% alcohol by volume... that has always
impressed me, now even more than before as it continues to evolve in the bottle
to near-perfection! Cheers.
3) Syrah 2011 from CHANARMUYO Estate, Argentina's La Rioja region. Both
Michel and I love this because it is fruit-forward, balanced, tasty, broad and
very appealing and Balanced most of all, not to mention On Special for only
$9.99 a bottle, 14% alcohol by volume. Go to : www.chanamuya.com.arfor more
info. Thanks Estebe, thanks Fernando for pouring it here this past Saturday
afternoon for all our customers.
MORE WINE FROM Michel & Tony :
THREE From Franceen & Vias Imports :
1) Pinot Grigio 2011 from Trentino, Italy from MASO POLI ( $22.99 , 13.5%
alcohol by volume, go to : Maso Poli for more info, on Facebook at Maso Poli ) :
it does not get much better : distinct, mineral and citrus flavors, structures,
monuments to taste and depths that plumb the soul and character that defines the
human spirit! This is magical, really a wonder, a work of art, so much here.
2) Teroldego Rotaliano dry red 2010 from LECHTHALER, Italy ( $17.99, 13%
alcohol by volume, ) was opened and taste here this past Friday by Franceen
Kahng pf Vias Imports. I LOVED it, absolutely LOVED it! What grace, what
finesse, what delightfully , ultimately wicked flavors and stories it spun
seductively and seemingly unaware of it's effect or what it was doing to play
with my senses. It amused and very much pleased me.
I THINK IT SHOWED magically this past weekend, and I HIGHLY, highly, HIGHLY
recommend, RECO(me-to-you)MEND it. Great wine, great everything : completely
balanced, medium-to-light-bodied, like a Pinot Noir with a splash of Grenache
thrown in for good spice and measure.
3) Sicilan Nero D'Avola dry red blend from COLOSSI, this Rosso 2010 (
$11.99, 13.5% alcohol by volume ) was also poured here this weekend by Franceen.
It, too has all the character and flavor and taste, the energy and presence to
delight and to cajole, to reach out and make a very positive impression without
any doubt on our palates. It showed beautifully here this past weekend and it's
a delight to enjoy with the idea that it will complement ultimately one's palate
and marry really well with some food, too. Cheers.
4) 2008 Chianti Colli Senesi dry Tuscan red Sangiovese blend from
VALDIPIATTA ( On Special for $13.99, from Tenuta Valdipiatta, from
Montepulciano, Italy ) this wine from owners Guido and Miriam is a pure delight
to drink with or without a meal. Sure to please, sure to entice a smile from
you, sure to draw your avid attention, you will be pleased. Highly recommended,
5) " Velvet Revolution " 2011 Virginia Monticello dry red Reserve Blend of
25% Cabernet Franc, 25% Chambourcin, 25% Merlot, and 25% Petit Verdot , $19.99,
13%% alcohol by volume, was poured here two weekend's ago by owner Jim. It
impressed me even more than the first time I tasted it.
IT WAS THEN fruit-forward and very rich and pleasing on the palate. ALL those
flavors have intensified, grown and expanded to become EVEN MORE and I like
that, I like it a whole lot as the vines are still very young and it shows the
tremendous promise here with this 2011 and with all the following vintages. Made
by Michael Shaps, owners Jim and Susan are on a fine roll these days.
I WANT TO WELCOME Matilda from England here to our store as well as to
Cleveland Park. She's English and came here a bit earlier looking for a good
local white wine and I showed here both the STONE MOUNTAIN VINEYARD and the
DEMOCRACY VINEYARD dry white Viogniers, BOTH at $19.99 a bottle.
SHE PICKED the DEMOCRACY for it's name, I gave her two Virginia road maps with a
list of many of the Virginia wineries on it with addresses and phones, emails,
times of operation, ectetera that I am sent yearly - thanks - and I just have to
wait now and hear if she likes it or not?
I DO KNOW THAT in England that in London, for example that they have readily
embraced the wines of Virginia. What great music that is to these ears. WELCOME
WEEKLY WEDNESDAY 3-Part Sake-Port-Sherry-Marsala-Madeira-Still/Non-Sparkling
Wine SALE :
1) BUY ANY bottle of These above and SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker
2) BUY ANY Six Or MORE of the categories listed above and SAVE 15% OFF the
marked sticker prices.
3) BUY ANY TWELVE ( 12 ) of the categories above and SAVE 20% OFF the
marked sticker prices.
IF YOU CANNOT COME BY call us at : 202-363-4265 and we will help you, Pay
on Wednesdays and SAVE BIG on non-sparkling wine purchases. Cheers. Ask for
Michel or for Tony.
Friday, August 2nd, 2013 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Scott of Monument Imports to
come and taste an assortment of his FABulous California, French, Italian,
Croatian, Kiwi wines : to be decided tomorrow. Call if you want to know what we
have decided. Or check us out on our Facebook page at : Cleveland Park Wines &
Saturday, August 3rd, 2013 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Chuck Waldman of Robin
Cellars here to taste some of his small West Coast wineries that over-deliver
for the money, and provide us all with some really exceptional taste experiences
when we thought we have already tried or experienced it all : we have not!
JOIN US for both, NEVER any charge. EVERYONE always welcome.
THANKS For ALL that you do and mean to us. Without you we could not exist and be
open to serve, help, and suggest things to do you. Have a great day and enjoy
this beautiful weather. Thanks again for all your belief and support in us. It's
mutual. TONY
CHECK US OUT ON Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits and FOLLOW US on
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Please visit our website below for more information, events and specials, and
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Monday, July 27, 2015

An Evening Planned Organized By Sotiris Bafitis For My Wife And Me, Lefteris, Nassos And Nassos' Wife @ NOSTOS A Fine Greek Restaurant In Tyson's Corner , Virginia, Saturday July 25th, 2015 : What Utter Pleasure And Joy We All Shared In Each Other's Company Two Nights Ago!

     We loved it, we spoke of it again tonight first with our son that called from New York city, and then again later when our daughter joined us here at home for dinner that I grilled farm-raised salmon outside on our grill while it gently rained!

     The dinner and the evening at NOSTOS  at 8100 Boone Boulevard, Vienna, VA. 22182 ( 703-760-0690 ) could not have been any better. I took many pictures to show this and will include them here as soon as I am able. We had a chance, my wife and I to discover this incredible restaurant that both our daughter and Tom Sietsema had recommended recently that we go to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Sotiris with the help of both Nassos ( that along with Iason are the partners of OENOS Imports in Washington D.C. specializing in small family estates making excellent traditional Greek wine as well as some ' new ' international styles, too ) and Lefteris that now works at the KELLARI TAVERNA in New York City orchestrated this incredible eye-mouth, tongue, nose, ears, and touch : yes, we used all our senses here over the fantastic array of flavors and colors and textures and tastes of both the food and the wine - both of which were so plentiful that I think either the kitchen staff or Sotiris and Nassos were fortunate to have ' goodie bags ' with enough food for another meal or two this week?!? I do not know.

     I do know that it was painful for me to not be able to eat but one lamb chop at the end, and not to enjoy some more of the crispy Greek fries. The fries worked really well with the lamb chop to release some of the flavors in the last two ' top-flight ' reds that were served to us, one that Lefteris said his restaurant in New York charges $150 or so a bottle I believe?!?

     There was so much food and wine that we could not finish : two carafes of the special reds, another bottle of French NV Brut rose champagne. It was a feast for kings and queens, one that we shared also with the daughter of the owners of the restaurant that were on vacation in Greece on this evening. She graciously came and looked over much of what was happening on a very busy evening indeed where it looked like every seat was taken? My wife even commented to me later that it was full up till 10:30PM? That is a great sign of a great restaurant.

     My wife also commented on how the room we were in was quite beautiful : " A lot of white " , she said " but the one wall was made with stone and the way they were placed and the decorations on that wall really popped " and provided a dazzling view and made a big impression on her. I was facing away from the rest of the diners and so not as easily able to see.

     There was so much for me to see on our round table there in the corner of the restaurant with two beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows that I was pleased as punch with s much visual stimulus that I needed not look any farther than to those seated around, their smiling, animated faces and expressions, and to the liquid golds and velvet reds in our glasses, the sparkle of Greek mineral water and that of the French Laurent Perrier Brut Rose champagne at first. Marvelous.

     Then all the food started to arrive from all the fresh vegetable appetizers with tempura zucchini that was a favorite for my wife and me, to the many seafood dishes, the typical tomato-based deep red seafood soup filled with shrimp and sea scallops, the various forms of lamb, the Greek fries, then the platter of many Greek sweets served to us on one big platter.

     It never ceased, everything just kept coming, and there were many conversations in Greek. Everyone there was Greek I believe? hey all knew one another and were friendly it seemed with one another. Many conversations, debates, too about the food and the origin, the best examples of this or that, or not.

     We discovered that four of those at our table were left-handed? Wow, that is a lot, the other three of us were right-handed. I asked for paper and two pens and I started to draw quick portrait sketches , starting with Lefteris. My wife challenged me to draw with my left hand, so I did! I drew everyone except for you Sotiris as I ran out of paper. Sorry! I will draw you next time.

     I need to talk about the wines that were served that included the MITRAVELAS ESTATE and I believe the ANTONOPOULOS ESTATE, too? here was a dry white from Santorini that reminded me of a flavorful white French Cotes-Du-Rhone? I did not take notes on them all so will get a list of what was served from Sotiris and add that here soon. We did not drink the rose from DIOFILI this time, and the Moschofilero white was not poured either. But the wines were impressive, all of them, and I will soon devote time to them.

     In the meantime enjoy this as it is and stay-tuned for more really soon. Cheers and thanks to all that made this the special - extraordinary meal and evening that , I am sure was a special to everyone else as it was to my wife and I. I was thrilled that Sotiris included my wife in on this wonderful evening, that made it all the more special and enjoyable for me. Cheers all, happy late Monday night with a bright yellow moon outside, more than half of it, too : on a dark sky and a few small clouds, with the sounds of summer between crickets and cicadas raising the bar - the decimal level in the skies outside to levels that would be the highest ever recorded in a restaurant : full gaiety, and the only reason this is acceptable outside is that there are no walls and so the sounds travel and do not stick and annoy as they might inside a restaurant. Cheers!  Anthony TONY Quinn 7/27/2015

Anthony Quinn And His Wife Are Treated To A Great Luncheon On A Monday Afternoon @ KELLARI TAVERNA In Washington D.C. By Sotiris Bafitis With His Friend Lefteris Helping : Wonderful, This Is The Second Part With The Reds Of MITRAVELAS ESTATE & ANTONOPOULOS ESTATE, & More! Thank You Lefteris Sotiris!

Here in Washington D.C., Northwest on a lovely Monday afternoon in our nation's capitol with my wife and Sotiris Bafitis and Lefteris that worked at the D.C. KELLARI TAVERNA (  not the New York city KELLARI TAVERNA that I here is really good and where now Leferis does work, looking now as of this past Saturday evening when he joined us for dinner at NOSTOS in Tyson's Corner , Virginia for dinner like Salvatore Dali! ) , and Sotiris and Lefteris ordered and served up an amazing assortment of fabulous Greek foods to complement the Greek wines that Sotiris sells to me at Cleveland Park Wine  Spirits at 3423 Connecticut Avenue N.W. Washington D.C., Northwest, 20008, 202-363-4265. We already sold many of these fine wines and ordered more to include after this wonderful experience in wining and dining that I was fortunate enough to share and enjoy thoroughly with both my wife and Sotiris, and Leferis, too! Amazing, opened my eyes to the many wonders and adventures that Greek foods provide both the eye, our sense of smell, the various fresh textures and colors and combination of everything fresh and tasty.

As you can see it was a beautiful Monday early afternoon in Washington D.C., northwest as we walked from our parking space to KELLARI TAVERNA.

It was the very first time that either my wife or I had dined at KELLARI TAVERNA and so we were in for a treat and we got so much more during this luncheon than either of us had imagined or hoped for. From start-to-finish it was an amazing experience delighting all of our senses, and sating our hunger and our thirst, and leaving us feeling completely satisfied and thoroughly pampered and really good afterward, really good!

Glad I am able to show this picture above because it shows the wines that we started with and which I have already shown and spoken about in this first blog entry I posted here yesterday on : chatwine.blogspot.com. So check that out , too as this second part of the blog concentrates on the reds and the food that we finished our meal with. Cheers!

I will finish this later but am posting it now ' as is ' to be enjed until I am able to return to this later today to finish it up. Cheers and enjoy this so far, the pictures tell great stories , each and every one of them , all by themselves! Anthony TONY Quinn, Monday, July 27th, 2015 here at home now.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Meal With Sotiris Bafitis And My Wife Is Priceless / Here At Kellari Taverna D.C. ( Not The New York City KELLARI, Though I Hear It, Too Is Excellent ) Enjoying Two Fabulous Whites And he 70-Yr.Old Vines Dry Rose From DIO FILI : With The Reds Of Mitravelas Estate Antonopoulos Estate & More Food Still To Come ! Thank You Lefteris Sotiris!

I have lots to say here and will add that commentary as I have time. I still have more photos to add but will let these photos here tell their wonderful stories of this delightful meal I had one Monday afternoon in Washington D.C. Northwest on a beautiful sunny day with my wife and Sotis Bafitis at the Washington D.C. KELLARI TAVERNA Greek restaurant. We loved this experience from start-to-finish and felt like we were treated and dined and wines like royalty. Thank you Sotiris. You win extra points , many , for having thought to include my wife in this experience , as she means the world to me.

For years now, since 2000 I believe I have enjoyed selling a full selection of fine Greek wines Sotiris, many that I have bought from you over the years now! hanks you for that, too as they have all sold really well at Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits in Cleveland Park, Northwest, Washington D.C. , 20008 ( 202-363-4265 ). Come check our selection there anytime and be amazed, just as my wife and I were here at KELLARI TAVERNA with so much amazing Greek food and Greek wine, too : marvelous! Cheers, happy Sunday all, it is now July 26th, 2015 as I post these pictures and start to write once again about this marvelous experience that the three of us enjoyed in each other's company!   Anthony  ( TONY ) Quinn