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IT'S Cleared up according to chuck of RobinS cellars imports. Says it makes his
day " so much easier driving around " from account to account. absolutely!

CHUCK WAS HERE this past Saturday doing our Saturday afternoon wine-tasting and
that went really well : the 4 wines he tasted showed beautifully and we almost
sold-out during the tasting, especially of The FURST 2010 Riesling from Alsace's
Kientzheim-Kayserberg, $17.99 a bottle : dry and complex and a great food wine.
Thanks for tasting the wines here Chuck.

THE DRY ARNEIS Piemontese Italian white from the Langhe region and made by
DEMARIE, $16.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume, was also a big-hit for meals, and we
talked quite a bit about how the mineral and the citrus overtones would be
especially nice with some food from DINO or SORRISO or TWO AMYS here in our
neighborhood : and of course with VACE and their pizza and all their other fine
Italian food, too that is so easy to take home and make a glorious meal with, to
be complemented by the dry Arneis flavors here.

ON THAT NOTE the Chianti dry traditional blend of Sangiovese, Canaiolo and
Malvasia from POGGIO VIGNOSO, $13.99, DOCG , 13.5% alcohol by volume would also
work really well alongside the tasty dry Arneis white. This POGGIO VIGNOSO is
not as heavy, more fruit-forward, brighter, lighter and fresher with accents of
herbs and spices and a typical " dusty-dryness " , medium-to-light-bodied, chill
it some : and be OFF on a grand adventure with this balanced and classic Tuscan
Chianti from a really old family.

BUT HEY, There Are Writers that will immediately notice the name : LORCA , this
dry Spanish red from Bullas, Spain, made from the Monastrell ( also called the
Mourvedre grape in France where it is a big part of many of the tasty Rhones as
well as the dry reds of the Southwest of France ) ; this 2009, $12.99, 13.5%
alcohol by volume was fuller, rounder, thicker, more bright red toasty-berry
flavors : and also a big-hit Saturday when Chuck poured it for you all.

WE ALSO SPOKE OF and sold The FURST Pinot Blanc 2010 Vin D'Alsace from
Kientzheim-Kayserberg, $15.99, 12% alcohol by volume that has been a
BIG-FAVORITE here now for awhile and that is delicious and so versatile with so
many foods, so many occasions. It's a winner, too and will be really nice in the
evenings when the sun and the heat are both turned-out/down ...

ALL THE ABOVE WINES are here in stock ( only 2 bottles of The FURST Riesling
2010 here for the moment ) : SO - come by and get a bottle as the sun has made
itself visible once again and managed to get through the clouds , according to
Chuck. What would I do without Chuck, stuck here as I am in my office typing
away and not able to see things clearly outside.

I DID SHARE WITH MY WIFE the observation that with all this rain and moisture
and gray days that the farmers around here should be really happy as their crops
should all, hopefully be doing really well?!? That's a trade-off, but a good one
as we all love our fresh corn, apples, oranges, peaches, strawberries, etcetera
at this time of the year. What have any of you heard about this? Any of you have
family in the agriculture business with farms?

OUR DEAR CUSTOMER J.C. PASSED AWAY in the last two weeks tells me Mark Congdon,
our wine rep for J.W. SIEG that knows him well. He was a beloved man that loved
his wines dearly and worked with Vintage 59 helping them, also worked with the
owner of the RdV Vineyards wines in Delaplane, Virginia. He will be sorely
missed, his three children and wife survive him : and I LOVED selling to him as
well as " talking wine " to him. Cheers to you old buddy! I miss you already and
am so sorry for both myself and all the others that knew and loved you. Mark
tells me that tons of people showed up to the funeral service recently, many
more than were expected. You did touch our lives, you really did : J.C. you will
be missed!

SPEAKING OF WHICH , VINCE congratulated me on my last email where I spoke of the
death of Ray Manzarek of the 60's rock group The DOORS. He did say, immediately
that I forgot to mention Richie Haven's recent passing, too. He's right : wow,
Richie Havens of Woodstock fame and his brilliantly improvised " Freedom " song
that he created, so-to-speak, on the site/spot of one of the big stages at
Woodstock, in New York, in a big field, surrounded by thousands of of hippies
that were clamoring for music. The entertainers were not yet there and so they
asked Richie to keep performing and so , being the consommate professional that
he is : he improvised, or , at least, taht is what I heard. I LOVE that song : "
Freedom " - it conjures up for me so many wonderful things that I always explode
with excitement : so uplifting, the song, his voice, his guitar , and the words
and what they mean individually to each and everyone of us. Cheers Richie,! You,
too will be sorely - ARE ALREADY sorely missed!

BUT THERE'S MORE : Let's not forget ALL OUR ALE, BEER and CIDER from Santos -
It's ALL so very exciting these days : the world is galloping along and we just
have to throw ourselves up on the horse and saddle or into an open freight train
car and hope and pray and work for the best!

FROM SANTOS we have :

1) ANGRY ORCHARD Hard Cider " Traditional Dry " , Naturally Gluten-Free (
On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12 Oz. bottles, 5.5% alcohol by volume,
Breiningsville, PA. ) : " Our traditional dry cider is made in the style of
English draft ciders. This cider is bittersweet and slightly spicy with a bright
apple aroma. The dryness makes you pucker and look forward to another sip ". Try

NEWS FLASH : This past week three young ladies were buying the ANGRY CIDER to
blend with the FIREBALL Cinnamon Whsky Red Hot - like the old fireball candy we
would enjoy-still enjoy ( $18.99 a 750ml, also comes in a smaller pint size, 33%
alcohol by volume, whisky with natural cinnamon flavor, product of Canada,
www.fireballwhisky.com ) , and making a fun drink for this hot weather. Our
customer Olivia overheard all of this and so I was selling her the same thing to
take home! Then this weekend it came up all over again with a local bartender
here, and then with customers : EVERYONE doing the same thing : a " new " taste
sensation - hot like fireballs, red hot to be exact with cinnamon taste and
apple cider to refresh and liven up and spaces left to be filled! WOW, what FUN.

2) Original Sin  Premium Elderberry Cider ( On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack
of 12-ounce bottles, 5% alcohol by volume, NY  NY and bottled in Melbourne,
Florida , gluten-free ) : " new " and exciting and arriving tomorrow sez Santos.
With all the interest in the elderflower drinks this should add quite a bit to
the equation of what can be drunk and blended and enjoyed?! The sky's the limit
these days it seems ; making things all the more fun and exciting and enjoyable.

3)  ORIGINAL " Twisted Tea "  Hard Iced Tea - TRUE Iced Tea TASTE ( On
Special for $7.49 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, 5% alcohol by volume, malt
beverage with select teas and natural flavors, www.twistedtea.com , cincinnati,
Ohio ) : taste it and " collect our caps to make your own twisted tea poetry and
submit your photo ... be a little twisted ". Cheers.


1) Blood Orange Bitters from STIRRINGS ( $5.99 a 12 Ounce bottle, kosher,
non-alcoholic cocktail mix, 2% juice, from Mansfield, MA, www.stirrings.com ) :
" Derived from roots, bark, herbs and fruit, the function of bitters is to give
any cocktail " body ". Our bitters incorporate blood oranges and a secret blend
of other exotic ingredients ". Make the Blood Ornage sparkling wine cocktail!

2) Asian Pear Eau De Vie from SUBARAHII KUDAMONO, Pear Brandy ( $49.99 a
375ml bottle, www.wonderfulfruit.com ,  www.winesofsubarashii.com, Ashford, CT )
: " liveliness and intense fruit essence ". A divine taste, so sublime, so much
essence of PEAR!

3) Spruce Gin from ROGUE ( $52.99 a 750ml bottle, 45% alcohol by volume,
Newport Oregon , www.rogue.com ) : " Handcrafted, artisan distilled with Oregon
spruce and ten natural botanicals and spices ". Looks great, great package!

4) James E. Pepper's 1776 Straight BOURBON Whiskey 100 Proof Old-Style ( On
Special for $29.99, www.JamesEPepper.com for more info, distilled in Indiana,
produced and bottled in Bardstown, Kentucky ) : Amir Peay the President was here
this past weekend tasting it along with the Rye, $26.99 a bottle : and the POW
WOW Rye, too at $41.99 a bottle. ALL THREE sold well, we sold completely out of
the POW WOW and will have more here this week. Thanks Amir. Amir introduced us
originally to his JOHN L. SULLIVAN Irish Whiskey years ago. The Bourbon is
heartier and more fiery and bolder than the Rye. I personally liked the Bourbon
better myself. The POW WOW was the most silky and refined and smooth of the
three. Hard not to like them. Come and taste them and check them out. Cheers. Go
to " www.JamesEPEPPER.com, www.JohnLWhiskey.com,   www.GeorgetownTrading.com.

5) In Barriques lo Chardonnay di NONINO Grappa , distillers in Friuli since
1897 ( $63.99 , distilled using the artisinal distillation method ) : Michel and
I both LOVED these and bought them immediately! Also a 1) Merlot, 2) Moscato, a
3) Prosecco in Barriques , a 4) Tocai and a 5) Vintage-Dated Cuvee NONINO that a
blend of Malvassia, Muscat, and Tocai Friulano ). Cheers, expensive but " The
Best " available : GREAT for Father's Day coming so soon! BE READY!!!!!!!!

WINES From Michel & Tony :

1) Riesling 2011 from Washington State Columbia Valley, from HOGUE ( $9.99,
11.6%alcohol by volume Prosser, WA, residual sugar is 2.4g/100ml, medium sweet )
: great everyday enjoyment, with or without a meal! Cheers.

2) Sparkling Spanish Cava from KILA ( $10.99 a bottle, 11.5% alcohol by
volume, Sant Sadurni, Spain ) : Salud, bright and dry and smooth and really
nice-sipping! Cheers, a favorite of yours. Glad to have it back in stock again!

3) A Blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Syrah from BULGARIANA from the
Thracian Valley, this 2009 ( $13.99 a 750ml bottle, from Bulgaria ) is hearty,
robust, gutsy, edgy, spicy and BEST WITH FOOD. Medium-bodies and should be
chilled now up to thirty minutes and enjoyed with even just some cracjkers,
bread or cheese!

4) Nelson, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, 2012 from SEIFRIED ( On Special for
$16.99 a bottle, down from $20.99, www.seifried.co.nz ) : crisp and bright and
so lively and refreshing : Eric Platt just brought the owners bu, Agnes and
Hermann to say " hello ". What a nice visit. LOVE the wines : LOVE how they
reverberate-vibrate , like plucking or playing a violin :
music-taste-to-my-ears-lips!  Enjoy!

5) 100% Pinot Noir Dry French Loire Valley rose from the town and region of
Sancerre and made by Christian Lauverjat, this " Moulin des VRILLERES " is a dry
beauty, and excellent with food like smoked salmon and salmon itself : On
Special for $22.99 a bottle, normally $29.99 a bottle.  12.5% alcohol by volume,
Christian and his wife, and now their son have all been here tasting with us and
our customers : like one big, happy family. Cheers.

JUST IN : Finally found the :

-  MAN OF WAR Waiheke Island, New Zealand Wines that a couple have been
asking me for now for a very long time, the Chardonnay that is, $21.99 a bottle.
The Sauvignon Blanc 2011 will continue to sell for $20.99 a bottle and will be
here as well as we are down to one bottle and that's not enough! GREAT NEWS!LOVE
it when I have good news to share like this. Cheers.

OUR WEEKLY WEDNESDAY Non-Sparkling / STILL WINE SALE is this Wednesday
January 26th and Thursday January 27th, 2011.  SALE : THREE  PARTS :
1) BUY ANY BOTTLE over $20 a bottle ( still wine, any size, port, sherry,
marsala, madeira or sake ) and SAVE 20% OFF the marked price - even if the
bottle is already On Sale.
2) BUY ANY 6 Bottles on Non-Sparkling/ Still wine and SAVE 15% OFF the
marked sticker prices.
3) BUY 12 Or More Bottle of still wines, ports, marsalas, sherries,
,madeiras or sakes ( you may assort them ) and get your savings of 20% OFF even
if they are already On Sale.
IF YOU CANNOT COME - CALL me here at : 202-363-4265 and Miche and Tony will
help you put the order together. THE SALE is for existing merchandise already in
the store.

ON MORE THING : Our son got my wife and me to watch with him a documentary of
the fashion photographer of the New York Times , Bill Cunningham. We LOVED it !
Wonderful, what a man, what a life, riding around on his 29th bike ( 28 were
already stolen! ) and photographing fashion everywhere he sees it, not just on
the famous and wealthy - on anyone with any fashion statement. In the
documentary made by Richard Press he said something while in Paris to the others
thinking he must be crazy because he was not taking pictures of Catherine
Deneuve. Bill said she was not wearing anything interesting to take a picture
of! He was right, as she was getting into her car she looked good but all you
could see was a coat. Anyway, what would Bill enjoy besides a coffee? I don't
know? I would love to get a chance to ask him sometime, when he was not working,
becasue he refuses to accept anything from anyone while working, even water - as
a matter of principle. You should all watch this : si inspiring : drink one of
the ales, beers, ciders, liqueurs, liquors or wines recommended here while you
do. Google i : Bill Cunningham New York ( 2010 ), a film by Richard Press, The
New York Times, Zeitgeist Films, born in 1929, " fashion photographer known for
his candid street photography " - an inspiring man that can't stop smiling and
lights the room up each and every time that he does. Bravo Bill.

I KNOW I HAVE FORGOTTEN MANY THINGS, BUT I know that I have also covered many
things. Hope I have given you some inspiration, some reason to stop by, some
wine fro drink and some food for thought!

DON'T FORGET that Father's Day is coming soon. Read last week's store email once
again and see between it and this one what you might want to get here and give
to your Father on Sunday, June 16th, 2013!


Friday, June 7th, 2013 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Jody Jackman coming to taste the
GREEK portfolio of dry red , rose and white wines! This will be great. Michel
and I tried them with Jody the other day and loved them, we really did : many of
which we have already sold here. JOIN US : NEVER any charge. Bring a friend,
make a new friend.

Saturday, June 8th, 2013 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Regis of Roanoke Imports here
to try and assortment of French wines like those of FOUCHER, a dry Touraine
Sauvignon Blanc, $11.99 VALLE Dell ACATE Frappato 2011 Sicilian indigenous dry
red, 13% alcohol, $21.99, or maybe the VALLE Dell ACATE dry red blend of 70%
Nero D'Avola and 30% Frappato, 2009, 13.5% alcohol by volume at $25.99 - called
the " Classico ", the Cerasuolo di Vittoria that blew Michel and me away with
it's power, finesse, classic old-world peppery and spicy, warm and earthy style.
We will also include some of the PONT DE GASSAC dry French white Vin de Pays de
L'Heurault, Selection Guilbert, $16.99, 13% alcohol by volume, blend of 40%
Chardonnay, 40% Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Clairette that's a big, ripe, lush

Please visit our website below for more information, events and specials, and
our calender of wine tastings!


If you have any orders, suggestions or questions, you may e-mail us at
[2]sales@clevelandparkwine.com or call (202) 363-4265.

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