Saturday, May 30, 2015

Go Visit And Stay In La Rochelle, France On The Atlantic Ocean With Peter & Veronique : Wonderful Place, Wonderful People, June 15th, 2015 Through The Summer!

Veronique is here now with me. She has a wonderful French maison/ Les Grands Ormes a a cote de la Rochelle au bord de la mer Atlantic en sud de Loire avec des chasmbres a louer - rooms to rent. Wonderful place. If you are interested go to : for more info. There are rooms available now Veronique tells me. She's here till the 8th of June, the rooms are available on the 15th of June. Here is Veronique to say a few words to you all in French. : " Bonjoir, venez nous voir cette ete. Les temperatures sontent plus agreables a La Rochelle pendant l'ete. " I typed this for Veronique becasue she forgot her glasses, so excuse my typos, and do go, what a grand experience. They speak English there so n'enquiete pas, do not worry, you will be taken care of. Veronique has a New England couple already coming that will assist everyone with their planning, day trips, renting of cars, bikes, and touring the area which is striking, really breath-taking, and the food - seafood is so fresh , and since Veronique has been now in the catering business for 30 years she knows her job/ metier really well and will cook four nights there sur place each week. She also is a specialist in all the towns outside of Paris here in the U.S. called Paris, so you may discuss in length Paris and all things great-French-wonderful : wow, I have to go now after all of this. Cheers! TONY 5/30/2015
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  • Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits I have my arm around Veronique that I have known now for ten or more years. What a wonderful person. Magdalena and Brandon in the picture are wonderful teachers here in Wash. D.C. from Columbia, and it is great having all three as amigos.amis and customers, too! Cheers! I need to go to La Rochele, their page here is impressive and inviting. Check it out.

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