Monday, May 18, 2015

Can't Wait To Discover Again The Joys Of THE TALIJANCICH Pedro Ximenez 1965, From Swan Valley, Just South Of Perthe, Australia, A Gift To Lynne Visiting On 10/2/08 By Owner James Talijancich

What an incredible Experience this was, a serendipitous one that I pretty much insisted happen as it would probably be my-our only chance to ever taste and visit with James alijancich of TALIJANCICH Sticky Aussie wines!  Anthony  ( TONY )  Quinn   Monday night, May 18th, 2015 here at home now in northern Virginia looking at this bottle to enjoy sometime soon I hope! Thanks again James ...

We visited Australia in February 2008, and we were at the TALIJANCICH Winery in Swan Valley , Western Australia, just south of Perthe on February 10th, 2008, with Liz Menkel, Chris Pigott, Liz' husband, and me and it was a ' last minute ' visit that I had pretty much insisted on, at least stopping by to say hello as it was a winery that we would be representing at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits. Liz was less than keen on stopping by as she had just spoken with the owner James Talijancich recently and they were starting their harvest of the grapes. I understood all of this and yet I also understood that it was probably the only time in my life that I would be in the Swan Valley and able to visit TALIJANCICH and James and perhaps Peter Talijancich as well? that was in 2008 and I have not been back since and so far I am correct as travelling like this is expensive and time-consuming and many people like James Talijancich, in fact, come to visit us at Cleveland Park Win and Spirits, and so I do not have to go myself unless I have the time and the resources to do so? anyway, it was a grand visit and I am thrilled that we did stop and James was as hospitable as they come and we all felt like royalty as we sat first in their arbored/grape courtyard and then toured inside they hot and humid and spidery dusty and perfect cellar space for producing the wines like the ' Julian James ' Blend No. 1 Pedro Ximenez 350ml bottle that James gave my wife, signed to her, and said : ' Happy Ann. ' and dated it 10 / 2 / 08 as I told him it was our anniversary while I was away. Thanks James, the bottle of 1965 Solera I have here of Pedro Ximenez is dusty and yet loved and dusty and shiny and reminds me of your cellar from which it came except that now the 1965 is no longer in a barrel and in a beautiful shiny/dusty/reflective tall and stylish bottle and awaiting a time that we enjoy it. Cheers, thanks Chris for paying for my trip over and back with free flyer miles , and to you Liz for getting us to TALIJANCICH Winery in the Swan Valley, and to you James for this bottle, the wonderful tour and tasting, too that also included having some marvelous dry and not sweet wines to sample. I loved them all, you make fine wines as a family! Cheers, TONY 9 / 28 / 2014

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