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Anthony Quinn's Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits' Weekly Tuesday Store Email May 12th, 2015 On : Wolffer Estate Rose 2014, Oenos Imports Greek Wine-Tasting, Sean Minor Vin Gris Rose 100% Pinot Noir 2014, Over The Mountain South African Unoaked Chardonnay 2012, STOBI Vranek 2012 Macedonian Red,Pur Likor Poire Williams & Elderflower, Funk Blueberry Citrus Wheat Ale, Mon's Blood Belgian Style Dark Ale From 21st Amendment, & More!

Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and

CALL US, Everyone else has!: 202-363-4265

We'll deliver now Though It's Beautiful Today & WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU.

TIME for some dry rose - never sold so many so quickly!

& bubbly 2! , create your own mixed drinks,

some refreshing brews, like 3 6-packs of Bell's ' saturn ' on special 4
$15.99 a 6-pack!

some exciting apple & pear ciders : like DCL Celebration MD. cider, $19.99,
& Their ' The Jefferson ' Hard Apple Cider, $18.99...

& great shoals winery ' spencerville Red ' Hard Apple Cider, $18.99,

so many possibilities now ...

THE SUNSHINE is finally starting to break through again and perhaps the
wind / breeze is less chilling, too?!? The pollen has been everywhere as
well with small and large ' helicopters' falling from oak trees.

LET'S HOPE  so as we try and all find our balance and rhythm in all this
volatile weather recently. What can we hope for/ what can we
expect?Difficult times with again news this morning of a lesser-strength
earthquake in Nepal, and tornadoes sweeping through some of our states, all
so hard to absorb and yet all so very real and hard on so many lives, many
that we are close to.

IT MAKES IT HARD to write my weekly Tuesday store emails as I am torn by so
many things and yet it is my job as well as ours here to promote and sell
various wonderful liquid libations to you like the truly scarce ' The Last
Drop " Scotch Whisky , 48 proof, only 592 bottles made for the entire
world, just released, our cost to you is on penny shy of four thousand
dollares! OUCH!! It got the 2015 Scotch Whisky Of The Year award, and Jim
Morrin's tasting note says : " Superb whisky." CALL US if you are
interested. 202-363-4265.

WELL HERE YOU MAY all expect  a great changing assortment of beer bitters,
cider, digestives liquor , liqueur,  waters , wines , and ...

BILL SANDER'S  extra virgin California olive oil (  $19.99 a 500ml bottle,
made from 3 Spanish olives - Bill used to live here in Cleveland Park as
well ) and...

JAMES' Teavine organic sparkling Missouri ( 2 grapes grown there : the
Traminette and the Riesling ) mixed with honey and green tea ( James is
also a local Cleveland Park boy-man made good like Bill ).

WE PRMOTE & SUGGEST East Coast products ALL the time!

WE RECOMMEND ' Mom and Pop ', small artisanal, family-owned spirits,
liqueurs and wines, feel strongly about this as we, too are a family.
small-business operation. Hope you like this dedication of ours to
representing large variety and products from all over the world. We want
everyone to feel comfortable when they enter our store, and to find some of
the spirits that they recognize from home.

WE SUPPORT LOCAL, WE SUPPORT small businesses : we stand and work together
here and it works. For those of you that have come to know us you know this
is how we work. We have nothing against the bigger enterprises, but being
small we work more closely with the smaller companies and keep each other
gainfully employed in these very difficult times when the large companies
have their lawyers that announce in public meetings here that they are just
trying to be more for their customers. WELL, aren't we all?!? And when did
we stop respecting the boundaries of each of our business ventures and not
spill into the business of everyone else?!?

SO : In BEER From Santos Rivera We Have :

1) ' Midnight Mischief ' Hoppy Schwarzbier Lager Collaboration Beer
Test of EPIC Brewery & D&B Brewing Company, On Special for $8.99 a bottle,
1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz, Salt Lake City, Denver, CO. Maybe some tonight at midnight?
Outside, on the lawn, on a roof or deck or balcony?!? Searching for all the
stars above, relaxing, smiling, sipping and enjoying some of the ' Midnight

2) ' Tarte Nouveau ' Session Sour ' Ale from WEYERBACHER Brewery, On
Special for $11.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with 3.9% alcohol by
volume, ... a Jester's cap and some liquid ' tarte nouveau ' just brewed
and delicious and fun.

3) ' Funk ' Blueberry Citrus Wheat Ale from DuCLAW Brewing Company, On
Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with 5% alcohol by volume,
an ale with natural flavors.

4) ' Monk's Blood ' Belgian Style Dark Ale brewed with cinnamon,
vanilla, oak chips and dried figs, On Special for $12.99 for 4 12-ounce
cans, 8.3% alcohol by volume, from 21st AMENDMENT Brewing, from their
Insurrection series, San Fransisco, CA.

AND Fine LIQUEUR / LIQUOR From Jagir & Malkit :

1) Lemon Flavored Vodka from DEEP EDDY Texas, Austin's Original,
handcrafted in small batches, $15.99 a bottle, 35% alcohol by volume, shake
well, what a treat, what a value, ' new and exciting ' for us : glad to
have it! Cheers.

2) Dual Cask Gin Baba , A gin of uncommon character from FILIBUSTER,
$40.99 a 750ml bottle, Batch #1 of a total of 598 bottles, 45% alcohol by
volume. Handcrafted in two distinct oak barrels, made in Maurertown, VA. :
" What started in our nation's capitol, led us to a deep limestone well
...  "Come try some, DRINK LOCAL.


1) Williams Pear Liqueur PUR LIKOR produced in Germany, $26.99, a
375ml bottle, 25% alcohol by volume,: smooth, velvety, pure and no
additives, lovely, so fine and delicate are the flavors, I loved them when
I sampled them recently and mentioned them on our Facebook page. A real
treat! Go to : www.purspirits.com for more info.

2) Elderflower liqueur , ' blossom ' produced in Germany by PUR LIKOR,
$26.99 for a 375ml bottle size, 22% alcohol by volume, again, distinct,
flavorful, pure and fresh and lively flavors that taste so natural and not
like lab experiments. I highly recommend both of these. NEW and EXCITING
here, just arrived.

WEEK'S WEDNESDAY 3-Part Sparkling ( Except For Veuve Clicquot & Moet &
Chandon Champagnes ) & Non-Sparkling/Still Wine weekly SALE :

1) BUY ANY $20 or more a bottle non-sparkling wine and SAVE 20% OFF the
marked sticker price, whether on sale or not.
2) BUY ANY SIX ( 6 ) Bottles or more of non-sparkling/still wine and SAVE
15% OFF the marked sticker prices.
3) BUY ANY TWELVE ( 12 ) or more non-sparkling/still wines and SAVE 20% OFF
the marked sticker prices. ALSO INCLUDES : port, sherry, marsala, sake,
Pay on Wednesday and SAVE HERE at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits. Call
Chris or Tony at : 202-363-4265 if you cannot come.

WINE By Chris & Tony :

1) Vranec 2012 Tikves, Macedonia, a dry indigenous red from STOBI,
$11.99 a bottle, go to stobiwinery,mk for more info. We sell out each and
every time that we get it here, a very, VERY popular dry red that is
excellent with food. Chill slightly twenty-five minutes and enjoy

2) 2013 Sicilian bone-dry Chenin Blanc, ' Mediterraneo ' from TONNINO
Azienda Vitivinicola, $12.99 a bottle, 12% alcohol by volume. We had it
open here this past weekend. It is clean and crisp and very, very dry. It
is definitely and excellent food wine as it will cut through many of the
flavors of the various foods and hold it's own. Fine value, too.

3) Unoaked Chardonnay 2012 from OVER THE MOUNTAIN , wine of South
Africa, $15.99 a bottle, from Overberg, S.A. I really liked it a whole lot
the last time Michael and Katie Cavanagh opened a bottle and served it to
our customers here. A complete, dry, satisfying dry white that I could
gladly sip for a long time and marvel at it's vibrancy, freshness, and
complete balance : a real treat for me.

Sparkling Wine 4 Picnics, Easy-Transporting , Gift Baskets:

1) Blanc de Blanc brut from FRance's ANDRE DELORME, a 187ml bottle of
sparkling dry wine, $3.49 : tasty, flavorful, some real taste and

2) Cuvee Rose Brut Reserve from France;s ANDRE DELORME, $3.49 a
bottle,  11.5% alcohol by volume, also dry, great accents and alive and
fresh : wonderful to sip, and easy to transport and drink when the mood

5 Dry Rose Wines :

1) ' Le Petit BALTHAZAR ' 2014 dry rose made from the Cinsault grape
in France's Pays D'Oc region, $8.99, great color, invites the eye, makes
the palate ready to taste, great value, too - fun for this hot weather with
some humidity.

2) Vin Gris 2014 from SEAN MINOR, a dry California Carneros Pinot
Noir Vin Gris rose, $17.49 a bottle from the ' Four Bears ' series,
wonderful, refreshing, and offers a FABulous wine for this weather and
humidity, as well as an excellent value, too.

3) Dry 100% Cabernet Franc rose from France's Loire Valley , from the
town of Chinon where Rabelais the writer was born, made by PIERRE &
MAKE  you savor everything!

4) Rose 2014 from New York's Sagaponack, Long Island, made by the
WOLFFER ESTATE, a pale, delicate salmon color, $19.99 a bottle,  11.5%
alcohol by volume, using sustainably farmed grapes, a Merlot blend that
just kisses delicately, lovingly one's lips and makes our heart strings
pull and tighten just the slightest with pure joy.

5) Sancerre 100% Pinot Noir dry rose from the DOMAINE De CHEZATTE,
$22.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume, this is a clean, brisk, lively, insistent
and tasty rose that demands one's attention : all good, of course. Come
check it out : always a favorite here, each and every year.


Friday, May 15th, 2015 ( 5-8PM ) : It will be some picks from me on Friday,
I will pour the Cinsault rose I mentioned above and some other wines
depending on the heat and the humidity outside. Fun, working with the

Saturday, May 16th, 2015 ( 2-6PM ) : We will taste the fine wines of Greece
with Iason, Nassos and Sotiris : all three of OENOS Imports, this will be
special as usual, some of the DioFili delicate and silky salmon-colored
rose for $12.99, from the SIATISTA Winery using the indigenous grapes of
Xinomavro and Moschomavro. Delightful, a ballet, a dance perfectly suited
fo the heat and humidity now.

JOIN US, NEVER any charge, everyone always more than welcome!  TONY

CHECK US OUT on our web page at : www.clevelandparkwine.com.

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