Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Phone Call Last Night, Saturday @ Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits From Biliana Marinova, Barely Being Able To Hear Her, Inviting her To Stop By Before 8PM When I Left, Her Coming At A Busy Time During Our Andrea Fossi Wine-Tasting, Tasting Her BURGONZONE Bulgarian Pinot Noir With Andrea & Chris, Showing Her Our Balkan Selection Of Wines

... and a lovely chancxe meeting with Biliana Marinova and introducing her to Andrea during his wine-tasting when they were able to talk some, discuss business, corks, sales, markets, etc.... tasting her Pinot Noir and Andrea's reds from Puglia and uscany while I chatted between helping customers on a busy Saturday night for us at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits. It was a grand end to a really fun day with the Kentucky Derby and Mint Juleps, the boxing match, the Capitols playing, a beautiful day, a grand Italian red wine tasting with Andrea, and discovering the wines of both Czhecoslovakia and Bulgaria, of Virginia, too with the NARMADA Winery and Vineyard wines in Amosville, VA.  ( open the night before for our customers by Jordan Geers ) ... what a grand day! Great to see Andrea again and to meet Biliana that Theresa Mossisson recommended call and get in touch with me to possibly sell her wines.... and having the Pinot Noir there to taste thanks to Steve Feldman that had dropped it off with the Sauvignon Blanc and the Viognier a week earlier. Thanks Steve! Cheers everyone, happy Sunday all .... TONY

Always something happening, always meeting someone new, always sharing, here with Andrea Fossi a great friend and meeting Biliana Marinova for the very first time. Cheers, happy Sunday all, ... Andrea's wines are all at the store on the tasting table and on the shelves if you need any fine Italian red. You will have to wait for Biliana's Pinot Noir that I am holding , from Bulgaria, have to try the others including the Viognier this weekend, maybe later today? We will see? Cheers... 5/3/21

Much more to follow soon ...   TONY   5//2015

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