Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tonight, Thursday Night Here @ Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Tasting The ARRAYAN Spanish dry reds and One Dry Rose With Alvaro Garcia De Oteyza The Director Comercial , Jueves Tarde-Noche 16 Abril, 2015

Os espero a todos en Cleveland Park para probar nuestros vinos de bodegas Arrayan, todavia estais a tiempo!

Here we have Torstein from Norway tasting and buying the Granacha red 2011, and he tells me that his name Torstein means : Tor is God, and Stein is rock , thus a ' strong god.', like in ' thunder and lightning ' he added. Thanks Torstein, glad you liked the Garnacha ARRAYAN. Enjoy it with your family here.

Etorri zaitezte Cleveland Park dendara Arrayan ardaok edatera! 

We have a wine-tasting goin on now of the ARRAYAN wines from outside of Madrid ( Alvaro Garcia de Oteyza that is here and the Director Comercial says that the winery is an hour's drive ), and we have two dry reds : a 1) Garnacha red , $19.99, a ... 2) Petit Verdot red, $29.99, and ... a 3) dry rose blend of Syrah and Merlot, $14.99 : delightful, come taste , till 8PM tonight, Thursday, 4/16/2015.
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