Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Anthony Quinn Store Email , A Weekly Store Email Of April 28th, 2015 : Enjoy! Cheers!! ON : Beach Plum Gin Liqueur of GREENHOOK GINSMIHS, LIHUANIUM Genuine 999 Vodka of Lithuania, Piehole Pecan Pie Canadian Whiskey, Grinalda Vinho Verde Of Portugal, Diane Puymorin Owner Winemaker Of The CHATEAU D'OR ET DE GUEULES In Costieres De Nimes, France Visits, So Does Kerri Hardiman Of Vincent VAN GOGH Holland Vodka : Both Taste : Wonderful, Thanks Kerri, Merci Diane!

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SWIMMING IN SUNSHINE as I drove to work : glorious!

IN WINE / BEER / Cider /  LIQUEUR / LIQUOR we sell, recommend, suggest,
tempt, educate!

THIS IS a really tough time for everyone and it is hard to know what
to write about with all that is happening close to us in Baltimore, MD, and
far away in Nepal, and hearing that Canadian singer Joni Mitchell is sick
these days : Our thoughts and prayers and best wishes go out to all these
people and situations that make it so rough and where one cannot wonder why
such things occur?

ALWAYS WE ARE HERE for you. Just let us know what we may do, what you are
looking for, how we may be of assistance to help make things easier and
smoother for you?

WE HAD Kerri Hardiman here from Van Gogh Vodka this Tuesday morning, April
28th, 2015 tasting us on her whole line of 22 different flavors. We are
adding the Coconut and the Blue Triple Wheat in our next order that we hope
to sell for $24.99 a bottle each. Their products are all natural and double
infused. They're a "Martini in a bottle." Try something new on your next
visit. Thank you Matt and Kerri! What a fun and exciting way to start my
day today. The first thing I asked Kerri was if she had a drawing, sketch
or painting of Van Gogh's with her?!? She smiled and said ' no." Oh well,
next time Kerri have one with you and that will cement the deal. I am
smiling as I type this. Cheers all!
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I TRIED many of these Vincent VAN GOGH vodkas including one that we have on
our shelves, the Acai-Blueberry Naturally-Infused and Flavored vodka,
$27.99. Kerri recommends that with this we add fresh lemonade and muddled
blueberries to make a great drink for spring and summer. I look forward to
rtrying this myself.

WE ALSO HAVE Vincent VAN GOGH Raspberry Vodka On Special for $22.99 for you
all to consider when you next make a mixed drink and want that pure and
delicate blueberry flavor! Bottled in Schiedam, Holland, all imported
vodkas from Holland, all 22 of them. Thanks Kerri. And for this Raspberry
Blueberry vodka Kerri recommends that you add some simple syrup, lime juice
and some Raspberry liqueur. Sounds like a dangerous and divine delight,
both that we have, all twenty-two that are available. What fun. What an
unexpected way for me to start my Tuesday with tiny sips of some of these
like the Coconut that I quite liked, it might have been my favorite,
especially for spring and summer months! With 35% alcohol by volume.

From this moring tasting the Vincent VAN GOGH Holland vodkas with Malkit, Tony, and poured and explained by both Kerri Hardoman Key Account Manager, MD, and Matt from National Republic Wholesalers. Cheers, happy Tuesday all! 4/28/2015
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KERRI LEFT A COPY of their " Cocktail Recipe Book Spring & Summer 2015 VAN
GOGH Vodka ' so ask to see it when you want to plan something special and
get more ideas to entertain with? Cheers! VISIT : VanGoghVodka.com for more
info ...

HEY, FROM SANTOS we have some fine BEER This week :

1) " Brother David's Triple " Abbey Style Ale Bahl Hornin' Since 1987
from ANDERSON VALLEYBrewing Company in Boonville, CA., On Special for $8.99
a 22 Fl Oz One Pint, 6 Fl Oz bottle, 10% alcohol by volume ... avbc.com
.... : " We had to conjure up the high priestess of fermentation to help
formulate this rare hand-crafted ale. It is Luxuriant and smooth and at 10%
more than a little wild and bound to raise your spirits. ... " Cheers!

2) ' Gubna Imperial IPA ' Give The GUBNA a Harrumph, Harumph from
OSKAR BLUES Brewing Company, $16.99 a 4-pack of 12-ounce cans, " Pack it
in, pack it out - Does your CANscience Bother You? Tell The Truth! " From
Brevard, North Carolina. Great to have here to offer you all. With 10%
alcohol by volume. Come try some.

3) India Pale Ale  " LASSO "  Lively & Daring from GREAT DIVIDE
Brewing in Denver, Colorado, since 1994, ... : " LASSO is the frontier of
India Pale Ale. Brewed with robust roundup of Columbus, Centennial and
Cascade hops, its sessionable simplicity proves bigger isn't always better.
But make no mistake - the Wild West hasn't gone mild, The same IPA spirit
thrives, and we reckon this'll go down mighty fine. "

Hard Lemonade :

1) MIKE'S Hard Lemonade On Special for $8.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce
bottles, : " More refreshing than ever. Cold. Hard. Refreshing. " With 5%
alcohol by volume, we have two, this Hard Lemonade and also the Cranberry
Hard : both are chilled in the back cooler. Ask for them when you want some
chilled and ready to enjoy immediately! Cheers!

LIQUEUR / LIQUOR From Jagir & Malkit :

1) ' Piehole ' Pecan Pie , ' a Pie-oneering whiskey ' , Canadian
Whiskey with Pecan Pie Liqueur, On Special for $9.99 a 750ml bottle, with
35% alcohol by volume. It is quite nice, I tasted it, liked it, fun, and
inexpensive, quite a value at this price. Go to : : pieholewhiskey.com for
more info.

2) 999Genuine Vodka with Herbs & Caramel color STUMBRAS, imported from
Lithuania. called LITHUANIUM, $19.99 , a liter, 40% alcohol by volume, ...
' new and exciting ' for us!

3) ' Beach Plum Gin Liqueur ' Small-Batch Distilled from GREENHOOK
GINSMITHS. : " Crafted with a rare finicky fruit with a prized, piquant
flavor this unique recipe creates a distinctive liqueur with a lovely
color. " $51.99, a 750ml bottle, fun bottle shape, too.

WINE By Chris & Tony :

1) Vinho Verde from GRINALDA that is Kacher, a 2013 drinking
beautifully from Portugal, with 10% alcohol by volume, $10.99, ... : "
Grinalda Kosher is the result of a fruitful cooperation between Aveleda the
No. 1 producer of Vinho Verde , the Ortodox Union and the Jewish Community
of Belmonte...", and I like how bright and lively and fresh and tasty it is
: perfect for this slight bit of breeze with rolling small white clouds
above on a baby blue sky that whispers how happy it is to be visible down
here to all of us! So true.


AND JUST IN : Breaking News :

Diane Puymorin from the Chateau d'Or et de Gueules here, her wines come
from Costieres de NImes, we have the 2011 ' Les Cimels ", $16.99, and we
will get the white Petite Cassagne - so aromatic and long and full on the
palate and in the finish, and yet not heavy or cloying - nice nut flavor,
cream-of-nut - , 2013, also the D'Or et de Gueules ' Trassegum ' 2011 -
FABulous,, too, and the dry rose that I will let Diane tell you about now ;
" assemblage de cinsault, grenache et mourvedre. a small Bandol' at
wonderfull price
enjoy ti "
diane   Merci infinement Diane, always good to see you and to have you
here, you are part of the Cleveland Park family, and we don not forget
that! Cheers, sante et bon continuation ....  ALL the wines showed well and
we will have them here, these three on May 1st! Cheers!

WE HAVE now two bottles signed of the 2011 ' Les Cimels ' by Diane here for
you all to hurry up and get and enjoy, $16.99 a bottle.

It was great to see Diane the owner and winemaker at the CHATEAU D'Or Et De GUEULES back here in our store with Jeff of Washington Wholesalers. WE tasted through her current lineup and that meant one flavorful dry white 2013, $13.49 Petite Cassagne ;one more elegant and yet tasty, structured dry rose with a slight blush of rose color, and two reds, we have the ' Les Cimels ' 2011 here, $16.99, and we tasted the 2012. WE also tasted the extraordinaryly smooth, rich, velvety ; Trassgum ' 2011, $26.99 a bottle when it get here,. Diane recommends the Chateau D'Or Et De GUEULES 2014 ' Les Cimels ' dry rose that she did not have to taste but describes a dead-ringer for a Bandol rose, and that will come here soon, ... cheers, sante et merci Diane! 4/28/2015


2) Altos de TAMARON 2012 Ribera Del Duero Fuego e Hielo from PAGOS Del
REY SL Bodegas in Spain, $14.99, 13% alcohol by volume, I really like these
wines, I liked them all I believe and bought several for the store here.
Made from 100% Tempranillo, this is really REALLY fine Spanish wine, fine
wine period!

3) Mas Las Cabes of Jean Gardies, Vigneron in France's Vin De Pays Des
Cotes Catalanes , 2011 dry white , $16.99 a bottle, 13.5% alcohol by
volume, by Corbieres ... a great medium-bodied, tasty, distinct and
aromatic dry white for this cool and this breeze of today! I like it, like
it a lot, all the flavors are in full splendor and revealed on a tapestry
that must be tasted to fully appreciate.

4) Merlot 2012 from California's Napa Valley from NAPA CELLARS, On
Special now for $16.99 a bottle, regularly $19.99 a bottle, made by our
friend Joe Shipley that has been here and tasted with you all, I like the
richness, the balance, the softness and the beauty of this wine that may as
easily be sipped and enjoyed as well as combined with many a food, anything
off the grill, anything marinated and with some time left to soak in all
the flavors...

5) Zinfandel 2012 from California's Napa Valley, this NAPA CELLARS On
Special instead of $19.99 a 750ml bottle : lush and bright and full , so
round and supple on the palate, Chris and I both really liked this, a
winner all the way, and a good price. Great to sip all by itself and it
will complement many a meal, inside or outside! Cheers!

6) ' Estate Collection ' European Atlantic West Coast Portugal, just
outside of Lisbon, from the QUINTA DO PINTO, this $19.99 a bottle dry and
full and thicker, denser, more complex blend of traditional grapes from
Portugal which include the Fernao Pires and the Arinto Vas, and the
international grapes of Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier, they were both just
poured here by Jim Reeves this past weekend, and we sold many bottles. It is
a great bridge between the ' old and the new world ' style of wine-making,
something to get people to try more Portuguese wines, it is lovely.

7) ' Vinhas Do Lasso ' Colheita Selecionada 2011, Red Tinto from the
European Atlantic West Coast of Portugal just outside of Lisbon, a
traditional blend of Aragones, and the Touriga Nacional : pithy, perky,
earthy and a fine food wine, I like it, I like it a whole lot. This will be
great with grilled meats.

8) ' Kisi ' 2012 is a lovely Georgian VINOTERRA , $19.99, a white that
is orange in color, 13% alcohol, fermented in Qvevri ceramic large jars!
Love it, we have two orange wines from VINOTERRA.

AND, I ALMOST forgot :

9) Cotes du Provence rose from MANON, a 2014 375ml / half bottle, $7.99 ,
12 % alcohol by volume, elegance and finesse and a fun amphora bottle
shape, too : a treat in a small package, perfect for traveling and a


Friday, May 1st, 2015 : 5-8PM : WE have both the owner and Jordan that
heads the tasting room activities of the Virginia winery called NARMADA
here to taste an assortment of at least four if not five of their wines
with us. They are so smooth and silky and bright and lovely definition and
so easy to sip and dream and close your eyes and be transported to anywhere
you may wish to wander and any place else you might chose to wonder. As
Joni Mitchell sang in her song : " The Circle Game " : ' A child got up to
wonder, caught a dragonfly in a jar ... ' I love this, love these wines,
too. Come taste and see what you all think!

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015 , 2-6PM , Andrea Foss of his own winery FOSSI
and D & N that makes ' killer ' reds from Tuscany as well as one amazing
magnum of 2010 Primitivo from Puglia, $16.99 a magnum! We will introduce
three ' new ; Tuscan reds, that include some tasty Super Tuscan style
wines! Cheers, JOIN US, NEVER any charge...

COME GET our 6-pack wine samplers till On Special for $80, regularly $95!

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web page at : Clevelandparkwine.com Cheers, thanks for everything , you all
are the very best!    TONY 4/28/2015

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