Saturday, April 18, 2015

Amy Riolo Come In Search Of The Ciro Rosso Classico From LIBRANDI In Calabria, Italy That We Sell Here @ Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits, On Saturday, April 18th, 2015 And Meets Robert Kennedy Tasting His Italian Wines Between 2-6PM, Cheers, Caio e GRazie Robert E Amy!

We just finished a great tasting here with the Robert Kennedy Italian wines and it was nice to have Amy Riolo drop by during the tasting as we were talking about the Ciro wines of Calabria that she is interested in. We spoke a couple of days ago and I told her we had the Classico 2012 from LIBRANDI, $13.99 a bottle, 13.5% alcohol by volume, and I told her I usually also sold the Reserva, both made with the indigenous grape from that region called Gagliopo. She smiled, she knew it. We left it that I would call her if I could get the Reserva from owner Paolo that has been here at least twice if not thrice ( is that a word? Sounds good anyway ). Spoke to Jody Jackman our rep at Winebow and waited for a call from Jody. The Reserva was not easily available to me until Tuesday and Amy wanted the bottles by Monday. Here it is Saturday and Amy came by early! Life is like that. You have to plan as best as you can. Amy got to talking with Robert Kennedy here as she tasted and then we spoke, took this picture on Sifredo's phone, Amy had Sifredo take one on hers and she posted it on Instagram. And , lo and behold Gabriela came here to buy a bottle having seen Amy's Instagram post and wanting some Ciro for herself : small world, very small, how nice! Then Michael and Gabriela and Robert got to talking in Italian and it was fun for me to be like a fly on the wall and listen and then suggest that we have Robert take a ' Selfie ' with his phone that I have posted here as well. Cheers, thanks, grazie Robert, Amy, Dan, Gabriela, Mary-Liz, Jane, Sifredo, .... TONY 4/18/2015 Happy Saturday and weekend all!
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