Monday, March 23, 2015

Old Wine Articles Published In The Washington Post Newspaper On Wednesdays Under The Titles Of FOOD Plus And FOOD Plus WINE ; May I Suggest New Articles Be Called WINE Plus ?!? That Would Be Really Nice, Cheers, Happy Monday, March 23rd, 2015... Thanks Ben Giliberti And Michael Franz For Writing These!

From Wed. June 4th, 1997

From August 4th, 1999

Cleaning up and finding these that I kept as a reference and refered to as I needed to. Pieces of Washington DC history, what do I do, trash them or keep them longer? I will put them in a a blog form now no matter what on Cheers! The BV one at the first here is from June 4th, 1997, and the Vin de Mistral Viognier 1, $30 from Joseph Phelps is from Agust 4th, `999. They are all published in the Washington Post newspaper on Wednesdays, under the title : FOOD PLUS and also FOOD Plus WINE : May I suggest that they be published for a change as : WINE Plus FOOD? That would be nice. Cheers, TONY 3/23/2015
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Being an artist I like to show the originals that have paper-age as like having bottle-age as these wines surely have as well! Harder to read, not as neat, not as tidy, but the ' originals ' in their  original form. " ENJOY! Cheers, read along for the adventure, like holding a book or newspaper in your hands, the ' real thing ' that is being lost to most of us forever. Sad for me to think and to say this. Vive the ' newsprint! "   Anthony ( TONY )  Quinn  3/23/2015  Monday at 1124AM ....

Anthony Quinn added 5 new photos. 6 mins · Hey they took my idea to call it WINE Plus, LOVE it! Cheers, 2000-2005 here mostly by Michael Franz, one by Ben Giliberti, enjoy, I like them, an old tactile, touch musty-dusty experience! Cheers, TONY Still Monday, still cleaning, what a great journey it is so far ... Anthony Quinn's photo. Anthony Quinn's photo. Anthony Quinn's photo. Anthony Quinn's photo. Anthony Quinn's photo. Like · Comment · Share Anthony Quinn Write a comment...

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