Monday, March 16, 2015

Enrico Sasso Of Il Pioppo Selections Stopped By One Day @ Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits o Share Some Of His Liquid Italian Red and White Wine Sunshine With Michel And Tony : Grazie Enrico!

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Sandro De Bruno Wine Sandro De Bruno Sandro De Bruno Wine Veneto Enogastronomico Wineries Veneto @Veneto @indigenousGrapeVarieties tasting something ' new ', saving something really ' wonderful ' and really quite ' special ' ! Bravo Sandro . look at that beautiful color!?!? Italy makes so many wonderful dry and off dry and fruity white wines from so many unknown grape varieties and I applaud that loudly, clap my hands loudly, let us all make some noise for them including this excellent one! Cheers, TONY 3/16 / 2015
At ... Il Pioppo Selections there are some great artisinal, small family wine selections where the old men - owners and winemakers still walk the vineyards and gain sustenance and definition and inspiritaion from the earth, the vines the leaves, the sun, the water, the animals, the sounds of nature all around to continue on and to maintain making some of the liquid wine wonders of the world that just happen to be Italian in this case! Cheers Enrico, come by soon! Miss you!!

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