Thursday, March 19, 2015

Enjoying Thoroughly Yesterday, Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 @ Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits The Fine Wines Of NARMADA Winery From Amissville, Virginia : What A Great Treat After Having My Customers Tell Me About Going There And Tasting Them At Their Winery

i TRIED THE CREME DE LA CREME, THE CREAM of the crop yesterday with Jordan Geers the Tasting  Room Manager and was quite pleased to discover just how really fine, enjoyable, drinkable, balanced, fruit-forward, frui-centered, creamy, dreamy, luch and full and fleshy , fragrant and just thoroughly enjoyable they were, and how much fun they would be to enjoy with food and with family and friends.

They were almost too nice, too perfect, too enjoyable, too fleshy, too bright, but never went over the edge, they always surprised me, continued to do so, and will some more today when I return to the store to sample them once again and share them with customres as they stop by during the day!

mY COMMENT TO jORDAN was that I would enjoy drinking them while watching the 2nd Merigold Hotel movie that is just out with Maggie Smith and Judy Dench and now Richard Geer, especially the scenes shot of the wedding and the dancing from aerial views! Wow, that would be splendid.

Stay-tuned for more. This is just the start of a very beautiful relationship as we will arrange soon to buy these wines and sell them and taste them with the owners soon at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits if they agree? Cheers,  TONY  3/19/2015   Happy Thursday all!  Thanks again for coming by Jordan with the ' Mom ' white and the excellent Cabernet Franc, Tannat BOTH 2010 vintages, and the 2011 Petite Verdot.

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