Sunday, March 22, 2015

Drinking And Evaluating The MONTE PASCHOAL ' Virtus ' 2011 Red Dry Wines, Three : The Cabernet Sauvignon, The Merlot, And The Tannat From Farrouipilha, Serra Gaucha, Brazil : Cheers!

I am now sipping on the 2011 Merlot from MONE PASCHOAL, the ' Virtus ' with 12% alcohol by volume, the Merlot that now on Sunday night, having been open on Wednesday afternoon is a bit more edgy and tart and tangy, and yet soft and round and creamy on the palate on my second sip, as it fills out, spreads out on my tongue and saturates and feels more full and definitely coats my tongue and leaves more of an impression and warms me, too. The color is still lovely, and it would have gone great with my sirloin steak at the Outback Steak house tonight that was served to me medium-rare and the two flavors would have been wonderful together. I am glad to be able to say that, that the wine is still holding together beautifully, and a pleasure to drink even now. How many inexpensive wines can you say that about, that are stillbalanced and poised and delightful to drink even after four nights being open?!? Not many. Makes me think that there were very few preservatives used I hope? Cheers, tony 3/22/2015 TONY
It is fun to look back at all these wonderful pictures I took while driving through Brasil's wine country including going through the area of Afavin Vinhos de Farroupilha, Farroupilha RS Wines of Brasil, and as I taste this MONE PASCHOAL series of ' Virtus ' wines which include one white Moscato and the other three reds from the 2011 safra, vintage, I am so impressed. hey have some character, some stuffing, some personality and character, better as food wines than they are simply to sip. However, the 2011 Tannat and the white Moscato are both perfectly nice to sip when first open. The 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon, and the Merlot 2011 are tight, and edgy, spicy, earthy and angular when forst open, and are not all that appealing when first open, and they did come around slowly like many European wines do,. On the Wednesday night when I sampled them with my slamon that I grilled the night before they were very tasty with my black beans, as well as the salmon, and the fresh avocado slices and vinaigrette, too. Still a bit tight, but they had softened and rounded and were much more drinkable five hours later. I am glad that I decided to give them another chance and see what they were really made of? That is to say, I wanted to see what would happen, and even now four or so days later they are more open and rounded, much more bright and toasty and fruit-driven than I would have ever assumed that they might be. I like them much more open four days later and that makes me wonder how to recommend them so that they might be best enjoyed and appreciated? I will think about this and let you all know. They are now quite lovely and charming, and I am so glad I did not just throw them in the trash and say that I was done with them. Look at what I have discovered by not doing so?!? We will all benefit from this, and I can hardly wait until the 2012 vintage is available to us as that is an excellent vintage in Playboy Brasil : oops, I did not mean to include the last but hey, maybe some good reading and good wine from Brasil is possible, too, with some tasteful pictures?!? Cheers, TONY 3/22/2015
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