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Anthony Quinn's Cleveland Park Wine & Spirit's Store Tuesday Email Written And Posted In April 2010 : Read & Enjoy On : Blue Ice Vodka & Gin, Coronado Brewing Co., Grayson Cellars Cabe Sauv 2008, Terre Dei Re Aglianico Del Vulture 2003, Velvet Revolution 2007 DEMOCRACY Vineyard's VA. Wine, STE. CHAPELLE Idaho Wines, & More!

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THIS WARM WEATHER makes me think of dry roses from pretty much anywhere
around the world and we will be tasting some of them this weekend on both Friday
and Saturday as they work so well with so many occasions and so many foods, too.
They also finally seem to have become somewhat popular after years of neglect
here in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. It all seemed to start with a
bigger splash last year as more of you cam here actually asking for bottles of
dry rose. Who would have thunk?!?

MARK YOUR CALENDAR for our FRENCH " Big Theme " Wine-Tasting with the
owners/wine-makers here themselves from Bordeaux ( Joel & Sandrine Duffau of
CHATEAU LES ARROWMANS  :   And  -  Marc & Laurence Pasquet of CHATEAU
MONDESIR-GAZIN ), Loire Valley ( Karin & Christian Lauverjat of DOMAINE
CHRISTIAN LAUVERJAT ),  and Champagne ( Jean-Remy of CHARLES ORBAN ). Wow! This
is quite the line-up. We have had all of them here in the store on separate
occasions and so here we will have them all together to introduce three areas
of France that make some of the most wonderful wines in the whole world! There
is no-charge and there will be special pricing for all of the wines by the
bottle and by the case as well.
JOIN US Saturday, March 24th, 2010 ( 3-7 PM ) and meet these fabulous
French owners/wine-makers. Try up to ten Bordeaux wines, four Loire Valley wines
and two champagnes - including dry reds, whites and roses - something hopefully
for everyone and in all price ranges as well.


1) CORONADO BREWING CO., San Diego, CA. Three types will be arriving soon
: a) CORONADO Golden Ale, Mermaid's Bed and the Islander IPA. Timothy Nelson
will taste all three here Friday, April 9th, 2010 from 5-8PM. Join us for that.
Santos and I tasted them perhaps a couple of week's ago and they were excellent:
balanced, flavorful and distinct.
2) " Orange Blossoms " from BUFFALO BILL CO. in NY will arrive tomorrow.
It has lovely accents of orange flavors.
3) " Night Stalker " Imperial Stout from GOOSE ISLAND ( On Special for
$10.49 a 1 pint 6fl. oz bottle, 11.7% alc. by vol., Chicago, Illinois ) may be
aged for five years from the release date of  03/06/10.
4) " Siren Noire " from HEAVY SEAS/Mutiny Fleet Imperial Chocolate Stout
( On Special for $5.99 1 pt. 6 fl. oz bottle, CLIPPER CITY BREWING CO.
Baltimore, Maryland, Alc. by vol. 8% ) is stout-brewed and flavored with
chocolate. Can you resist this dark/ Just like the sirens to the sailors :


1) " Blue Ice "American vodka , four-column distillation, five-stage
filtration made from Idaho Russet potatoes ( $19.99, 40% alc. by volume,
www.blueicevodka.com #323)832-4489 ) is brand new and exciting for us here at
Cleveland Park.
2) Slivovitz 3-Year Old plum brandy ( $27.99, 47% alc/vol. 94% proof,
750% ) is finally back from Hungary. We are thrilled to have it here again.

WINES From Chris & Tony -

a) 2007 Dry Riesling Snake River Valley, Idaho, $9.99
b) 2007 Soft Chenin Blanc ( 78% Washington State, 22% Idaho ), $9.99
c) 2007 Dry Gewurztraminer Snake River Valley, Idaho, $9.99.
Our Washington Wholesaler rep Tim brought them by for me to taste the other
day along with the late-harvest Riesling and I really liked all four. I only
bough these three listed above as they all sell for $10 a bottle and that's a
deal. I loved the Soft Chenin Blanc which is a velvety-style Chenin without any
edge or harshness.. Drink American, drink Idaho, drink value!!!!

2) DEMOCRACY Vineyards, Monticello, VA. Three wines -
a) " Village View Gold " Apple Wine, $13.49 is delicious, refreshing
and a treat for this warm weather.So fresh and lively and extroverted in all
it's flavor components.
b) " Forum " 2008 dry red blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot
and 15% Syrah ( $14.99 ) and is made in a very appealing style to impress and
please many of today's palates. It's medium-bodied and got some fullness of
flavors as well as some real backbone. Try it with some
Tex-Mex/Cajun/Mexican/Indian/Asian meals as it will hold it's own against some
bolder flavors.
c) " Velvet Revolution " 2007 dry red Reserve blend of VA. grapes from
Monticello : 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Chambourcin, 25% Tannat, 12.5% Petit
Verdot and 12.5% Merlot is a real winner and my clear favorite of the two. We
already sold-out once and I am thrilled to have it finally back here. It's the
classic, old-world style of wine-making and makes me thing of Europe when I
taste it. It needs a meal.

3) MORESON South African Reds From Franschoeck, Two -
a) Merlot 2003 On Sale for $14.99 ( Regularly $29.99 ) is drinking
beautifully now and will complement many a grilled dish, especially white meats
and game. Only ten cases left.
b) Cabernet Sauvignon 2000 On Sale for $14.99 ( regularly $29.99 ) is
heartier, beefier, meatier, more pepper and spice and tar, leather and tobacco.
It's best with red meats and more intense flavors in your foods. DON'T DELAY :
Only four cases left.

4) Two Italian Reds - ON SALE :
a) TERRA DEI RE " Vultur " Aglinaico Del Vulture 2003 ( On Sale for
$18.99, regularly $27 ) is showing really well now with lots of breathing. It
needs to be open way in advance and the way I know that is that last week it
tasted fabulously on the second day that it had been open. I sold lots of
bottles on the second day.
b) Grotta Rossa 2004 dry red Sardinian Carignan Del Sulcis from
SANTADI ( On Sale for $10.99, regularly $16.49 ) is showing beautifully now and
drinking very well within the first fifteen minutes that it is open. You simply
do not have to wait to enjoy this lovely dry red that tastes a lot like a good
French red Cotes Du Rhone. Chill it slightly twenty minutes especially if you
enjoy it outside now at a grill or barbecue.

5) Three Wines Left -
a) CASA LAPOSTOLLE 2009 Rapel Valley, Chilean Sauvignon Balnc, $11.99
is showing really nice now for this warmer weather.
b) DOMAINE DE REGUSSE 2008 Pinot Noir ( $10.99 ) from France's Vin de
Pays Des Alpes De Haute Provence is back again and always a big winner,
especially now with all this warm weather. Chill it slightly and then tilt your
head back slightly, sip, close your eyes and enjoy ...
c) GRAYSON Cellars 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Lot 10 CA. was being served
by the glass at Ardeo restaurant down the block and we got several requests for
it and am happy to finally have it here now and for the very affordable price of


Friday, April 9th, 2010 ( 5-8 PM ) : We will have Matt of Five Grapes
Imports here to taste some dry roses as well as some summer whites. Santos has
Tim coming to pour the new beers from the CORONADO BREWING COMPANY mentioned
above from San Diego, California as well.
Saturday, April 10th ( 3-7 PM ) : We have Danielle of Dionysos Imports
here pouring five different dry roses from around the world : Greece,
France,Portugal and Italy. This will be fun!
JOIN US : NEVER any charge.

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chatpoetry.blogspot.com, chatart.blogspot.com for pictures, more stories and
more information on activities that have happened here. You may be in many of
the pictures as well so be prepared! Cheers,  TONY

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