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Anthony Quinn Wrote And Posted This Tuesday Store Email On March 5th, 2013 For Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits : Cheers And Enjoy!

Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

Happy TUESDAY! SUNNY NOW, clear skies, will we get snow?!?

COME & STOCK UP TONIGHT just in case! We are prepared for you.

lots of snow perhaps? hard to get around, navigate the streets, metro down,  ...

need a delivery? call us :

we will come see you with :

1) Bailey kasten's local/ delicious chocolates,

2)extra virgin  ca. 3-spanish olive oil from bill sanders,  3)


4) liqueurs,liquors,

5)wines, waters, non-alcoholic products,

6) vegan, bio-dynamic,

7)kosher ...  you name it :

we probably have it to sell you and deliver ...

CALL US TODAY at : 202-363-4265 and let us know what you are low on and we can
have it delivered or ready for you to pick up later as you leave work and pass
by here on your way home.

WE HAVE EXCITING NEWS : we are working on a " new " format for the store emails
so that it is easier to shop and buy from them. We are going to link more
directly to our " newly-designed/ and constantly being worked on and added to "
WEB PAGE  : Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits. Check it out. Michel has been
working non-stop on it adding all our various products, starting with the wine
and moving into the ale, beer and everything else.

IT'S A DAUNTING JOB and takes time to pay close attention to detail and
accuracy, and provide meaningful and informative points that may make all
difference in if you purchase this or that? If this or that is the best solution
for your immediate needs? It's tricky, just as Spike said in the movie " Love
Actually " : do any of yo remember that scene where he is talking to Hugh Grant?
Great scene.

SO BEAR WITH US AS we try and make your shopping here with easier and more
satisfying. We are trying to combine the pictures with the products, and to
always have a shopping cart ready and at your disposal so you just have to click
it and not work any harder than that. EASY, ... and with as much information
right there at your fingertips on one screen! Wow, that's big, I like it. Being
someone that grew up without computers around me this is certainly a very brave
new world. Cheers.

NEWS : TWO of our customers were just recently mentioned in the Washington Post
newspaper -

Sara our SOUPERGIRL and her mother that make great soups here locally and
deliver them to you : congrats to you and your mom Sara ( I remember when you
first came to us with the idea of using our store as a local pickup/drop-off
point for your soups and we said " yes ". It never worked out here, I guess our
space was limited and not the best? I cannot remember now, but we have been
aware of your fine efforts from the get-go.    AND  :

Peter Robinson our local and multi-talented piano player that is currently
playing at the fine restaurant at the Jefferson Hotel here in Washington D.C. on
16th St. NW is it? Anyway, he got a great write-up in the Washingtonian magazine
in December 2012. Peter loves red Burgundies, the wines of the commune of
Mercurey in the Challonaise region to be more specific. He also seems to have
developed a sweet-tooth for ports if I am not mistaken, out last conversation
was about some ...

FAB 20-year old port that we have from FERREIRA , a Tawny that is simply
sinfully wonderful and silky and long-lingered and On Special for $65.99 a
bottle. Congratulations Peter. it was great to read your story as it filled in
some of the spaces for me over the years. Keep playing and recording
beautifully, and never forget to stop long enough to enjoy a fine glass of wine,
or two ...

MORE NEWS : 2 Fine Owners/Winemakers In Town :

Jean-Charles Boisset of the Boisset Family Wine Portfolio was in Camden
Yards, Baltimore, Maryland for the Portfolio Wine Tasting from 1-5PM. Being my
day-off I was able to attend with Jean Gagliolo our local Prestige rep. I was
happy to see Jean-Charles again and tell him that we stock and sell well the
1) LYETH and DeLOACH California wines ( BOTH the Chardonnays are On Special
for $11.99 ) as well as the
2) French CHARLES DU FERE " Jean Louis " 187ml bottles Blanc de Blanc for
$3.99, Brut, 11.5% alcohol by volume,  and
3) LOUIS BERNARD 2010 Cotes Du Rhone red, $10.99, 13% alcohol by volume ;
4) BOUCHARD AINE & Fils Macon-Villages Chardonnay, 2010, $14.99, 11%
alcohol by volume, since 1750 these wines have been made!

AND : We had some great Italian winemakers in town here yesterday tasting
their fine Piemontese wines : Silvia Altare of ALTARE and Luciano Racca of
CLERICO  of  : sorry I missed them. We buy the wines from Bacchus imports and
will have to ask our local rep Sal Furfari what we missed and what is available
for us to buy?! Michel and I know it will be good. We already have some of this
fabulous portfolio of Italian wines :

1) " Visadi " 2010 Dolcetto from DOMENICO CLERICO, Langhe dry red, $20.99,
13.5% alcohol by volume, Monforte D'Alba and
2) Barbaresco 2008 from BRUNO ROCCA, $61.99, 14% alcohol by volume, Rabaja
di ROCCA BRUNO. BOTH are stunning.

BUT HEY, LET'S TALK ALE & BEER Now From Santos :

1) Ur-Bock Dunkel, since 1378, On Special for $12.99, alcohol is 6.5% by
volume, 12-ounce bottles, from EINBECKER BRAUHAUS, Germany.
2) Mai-Ur-Boc, On Special for $13.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, from
Germany as well. BOTH are here once again : thanks Santos!


1) I.P.A. India Pale Ale Love Beer, Love Life, HARPOON ( On Special for
$9.99  a 6-pack, MA. and VT, www.friendofharpoon.com ) : " With a fresh ,
floral hop aroma and unique malt profile, Harpoon IPA is a beautifully balanced
interpretation of this great style ".
2) " Celtic Red " from HARPOON, established in 1986, Slainte ( On Special
for $9.99 a 6-pack, Boston & Windsor ) : " Irish Ale malt makes this seasonal
beer hearty enough for January's chill but balanced enough for a spring-like St.
Patrick's Day. Slainte ". Yes, with tomorrow's snow this would be great if you
get stuck at home.



1) Irish Whiskey Single Use Bourbon Barrels from JOHN L. SULLIVAN ( $26.99,
a 750ml bottle, 40% alcohol by volume, www.JohnLWhiskey.com, established 1889,
imported by Undisputed International LLC , Washington D.C. ) has been praised in
the Washington Post, ) : we were one of the very first stores to carry and
promote and write about this excellent Irish Whiskey. We highly recommend it.
2) Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey , estate-bottled, OLD BARDSTOWN (
$22.99, 50.5% alcohol by volume, Nelson County ) is distilled in Kentucky, Old
Time Sour Mash. Cheers.

3) Vodka from MEZZALUNA, Italy, Filtered Four ( 4 ) Times, ( On Special for
$29.99 a 750ml bottle,  40% alcohol by volume, distilled from grain, ) : make
these drinks :
a) Mezzaluna Cosmopolitan 1Oz Mezzaluna Vodka, 2/3 Ounce Triple Sec, Fill
with Cranberry Juice.
b) Blue Moon Martini  3 Parts Mezzaluna Vodka, 1 Part Blue Curacao and
Garnish with a lemon twist.
c) La Dolce Vita  3 Parts Mezzaluna Vodka, i Part Cranberry juice.
d) The Original Italian Martini  3 Parts Mezzaluna vodka,  1 Part Amaretto,
Topped with a new cherry or shaved almonds.
ALL these sound really nice, especially if you are all snowed-in and can sit
back and relax and watch the snow fall.
Ready for the snow?!?

4) Rhubarb Tea from ART IN THE AGE ( $29.99 a 750ml bottle, 40% alcohol by
volume, USDA Organic-certified, Philadelphia, 1771, ) : " Certified organic
neutral spirits with Rhubarb & other botanicals native to rural North America
... lemon, beets, carrots, vanilla, Cardamon, pink peppercorn, coriander and
petitgrain. Wow. Also certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Something new from
something old : time to rediscover this Rhubarb Tea. Cheers.

1) Gran Classico Bitters Tempus Fugit Spirits Liqueur ( $38.99 , 28%
alcohol by volume, product of Switzerland, ) : " Gran Classico Bitter is based
on the original Italian Bitter of Turin recipe dating from 1864. ... "  ...
extremely versatile ... GREAT COLOR and label and just looks like fun and
excitement and learning about " new " tastes and drinks. Cheers.

2) Ireland's Legendary IRISH MIST Liqueur which contains Irish Whiskey,
Honey and Natural Aromatic Spices, Tipperary, Ireland. www.irishmist.com ) :
make the IRISH MIST Cranberry & Lime :  Add Irish Mist to cranberry juice and
garnish with a lime. Sounds flavorful and very refreshing.

3) Lemon Bitters from BITTER TRUTH ( $18.99, 200ml bottle, 39% alcohol by
volume, www.bittertruth.com , Pullach, Germany ) : Ideal as a Cocktail

WINES From Michel and Tony :

1) Pear Wine from FABBIOLI CELLARS ( $36.99 a 500ml bottle, Leesburg,
Virginia, www.fabbioliwines.com ) : This should be UTTERLY amazing about now.
It's been in this bottle awhile and I bet it's drinking really well now and will
ward off a lot of this biting cold that we can expect with tomorrow's snow.

2) " Streppatriccio " dry Italian red from Umbria from BARBI, 2011 (
$11.99, 13% alcohol by volume ) is a wine that Michel tried here recently on a
Monday and LOVED it and so we have some for this cold weather coming. What a
great price, Michel says it is a classic, traditional dry Italian red,
medium-to-light-bodied that is excellent with food. I'll have to try some on for
size, fit and feel tonight and watch the snow start to fall? Cheers.

3) " Valvigneyre " 2011 100% Viognier Cotes Du Rhone made like a dry
Condrieu at one eighth of the price! From Alain Paret and poured this Saturday
by Sara was excellent. It sold beautifully because it is flavorful and distinct,
balanced and a superb deal, too! Cheers and enjoy.

4) Syrah 2010 ( great Rhone vintage ), $17.99, frpm LOUIS CHEZE, 13%
alcohol is made in the Pays des Collines Rhodaniennes just outside the norther
Rhone town of Saint Joseph. It's big and round, lots of lush-bright-electric
toasty-berry flavors, lots of of pepper and leather : medium-bodied, a great grip
and mouth-feel and will warm you as the snow falls tomorrow. Come get some now.
A treat. Sara also poured this here this past Saturday. Merci Sara.

5) Cotes Du Rhone Villages 2010 ( great Rhone vintage ) from the region of
Cairanne from the DOMAINE De DIONYSOS, " La Cigalette " ( $20.99, 14.5% alcohol
by volume  ) a southern red blend of 50% Grenache, 35% Syrah, 10% Mourvedre, and
5% Carignan is more dusty-dry, more earthy and hearty than the northern Syrah :
it also is lighter: and YET it cries out for food immediately whereas the Syrah
above can be enjoyed for at least two glasses before the welcoming meal follows!
Cheers. It, too was poured by Sara this past Saturday afternoon here.

OWNER Andreas Wetzel here 3/6/13 stopping by to taste current CHATEAU
BIANCA Oregon reds and whites. Join us, never any charge. You have been buying
these wines here for years now between the dry Pinot Noir, the dry white Pinot
Gris and the Riesling as well. It represents great value for the money : sound
wines of Oregon : something that we can all embrace heartily. 5-8PM.

OWNER Enrico of DREI DONA Romagna Italian wines ( 3/11/13 ) to taste and
speak about his " new " Sangiovese " Le Vigne Nuove " Tenuta Paazza, $13.99,
13.5% alcohol by volume, go to : www.dreidona.it for more info ), and his " Il
Tornese " 2008 dry blend of Chardonnay and Riesling, $19.99, 13.5% alcohol by
volume ), 5-8PM, : also the PRUNO and MAGNIFICAT. Cheers. We have been selling
Enrico's wines here now for years. They are special and a real treat.

6) Zinfandel, Old Vine 2011 from the " Mohr Fry Ranch " in Lodi,
California, and bottled by ST. AMANT ( $19.99, certified GREEN, 15.5% alcohol by
volume, Woodbridge, CA. ) Michel and I really loved this when we tried it :
balanced, distinct, flavorful and another great cold-weather/snow wine! Come get
some tonight and taste it work it's magic. Cheers.

7)  Il Frappato Victoria Frappato dry indigenous red from Sicily from the
VALLE DELL'ACATE ( $21.99, 13% alcohol is wine from Acate ) that we have now
carried for years and that is finally back in stock. People have missed it.
Medium-to-light-bodied, spicy, bright, toasty, earthy with a specific herb or
two - a lovely, distinct dry red that will marry well with many flavors! Enjoy.

THE TEXAS DINNER went well last Saturday at the Mayfair and we have some of
the fine DUCHMAN Dolcetto red 2010 from the Bingham Family Vineyard for you all
to enjoy during this snow tomorrow, $19.99, 13.5% alcohol by volume, from
Driftwood, Texas. Come get some tonight.

WEDNESDAY 3-Part Still/Non-Sparkling Wine SALE Every Wednesday :

1) BUY ANY Still wine bottle over $20 and SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker
2) BUY ANY 6 or more still/non-sparkling wines and SAVE 15% OFF the
marked sticker prices.
3) BUY Any 12 or more still/non-sparkling wines and SAVE 20% OFF the
marked sticker prices.
If you cannot come by call and place your orders with us : 202-363-4265.


Friday, March 8th, 2013 ( 5-8PM ) : Dimitri Curbet of Nice Legs
Selections will be here to taste West Coast and perhaps even some wines from his
home of Moldova? WE are deciding tomorrow so call if you want to know exactly.
WE may also include some fine Patagonia wine from southern Argentina.

Saturday, March 9th, 2013 ( 2-6PM ) : Estebe of Tradewinds Specialty
Imports will be here to taste some of his fabulous Spanish wines. We are still
working on the lineup but it promises to be exciting and will include the
incredible " M " MUNIA 14 Meses Barrica from Toro, Spain ( $26.99, Crianza 2006,
14,5% alcohol by volume ) : smooth and silky and elegant and bright and fresh as
you can imagine. That 14 months in oak and now in the bottle for awhile really
gives the wine elegance and breed. What a treat!

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, I know that I have forgotten many things but it is
time to send this store email to you all. COME see us and get what you need for
tomorrow's snow. Let's get you all set tonight just in case.

SAVE, SAVE MORE and SAVE STILL MORE here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits.


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