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Anthony Quinn's Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits' Tuesday Weekly Store Email : REad And Enjoy , April 31st, 2015

Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and

MORE ' Goodies ' 4 Easter & Passover!

American / argentinian / Austrian / Australian / BALKAN / belgian /
brazilian / canadian /  chilean /FRENCH/ german / greek / irish / ITALIAN /
local / new zealand / nicaraguan /  Peruvian /portuguese / russian
/SPANISH/ SOUTH AFRICAN / SALES / scottish / swedish / venezuelan /
uruguayian / R Big Theme  IS SERVICE : We try and have products from all
over the world!

THIS WARM WEATHER makes me think of dry roses from pretty much
anywhere around the world and we will be tasting some of them this weekend
on both Friday and Saturday as they work so well with so many occasions and
so many foods, too. They also finally seem to have become somewhat popular
after years of neglect here in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

It all seemed to start with a bigger splash last year as more of you cam
here actually asking for bottles of dry rose. Who would have thunk?!?

WE ARE WORKING ON a ' Spring Sampler ' of some rose as well as other wines,
a 6-pack for you all in our own CP Wine & Spirits cotton-durable bags with
a further discount on the wines to tempt you all into trying them at home
or when visiting family and friends and even going on day trips to the
country or down to the shore : easy to carry and both enjoy and share. We
should have that ready for next week.

IT SURE IS BEAUTIFUL and I am feeling like a million dollars today, I
really am. How are you all responding to this glorious weather?!

OUR REFRIGERATORS are stocked and ready to receive you any moment that you
walk through our front door, now if you are off, or later as you get off

ALL AROUND OUR TASTING TABLE we have many kosher for Passover wines, some
mevushal, too, to assist and help you with Passover this Friday. We ordered
more of everything for you all as the need and demand has grown. We so
enjoy with working with Adas synagogue up the street, and we know that many
of you go there.

FOR EASTER we have some wonderful things for you all to enjoy from ales,
beers, ciders ( sometimes with a fruit-accent like grapefruit ) , as well
as some rose, some lighter reds and some white wines, too : depending, of
course, on what your menus are? Just :
1) respond to this email if you cannot come by, or
2) call us at : 202-363-4265 , and
3) we can even deliver if it is local in Wash. DC.

OUR WEB PAGE is now also up-and-running again at :
www.clevelandparkwine.com and you can see what our ' Calendar of Events '
is so that you may better stay in-touch with us and bring visiting family
and friends here when they visit and you are looking both for something fun
and also educational to do? Or just come yourselves, everyone is always
welcome here : everyone.

OUR WEB PAGE  will also list many of our daily changing SPECIALS as we are
always adding ' new ones ' as our large group of sales force selling to us
always have something that they want to sell us and are willing to make
really special prices to get us to buy them. We like that as we may then
pass the savings directly to you. Everyone wins this way.

SO : On Ale, Beer & Cider from Santos :

1) ' Bone Dusters ' Amber Ale from LOST RHINOBrewing Co., On Special
for $12.99 a 1 Pt. 6-Fluid-Ounce bottle,with 5.5% alcohol by volume, 23
IBU's ( with proceeds going to Paleo Quest Research Education Exploration
... Protocetid whale image at : www.kalliopomonoylos.com. Check it out, see
what you think?

2) ' MO ' Pale Ale from the MAINE BEER COMPANY in Freeport, Maine, On
Special for $7.99 for a 1 Pt. 9 Fl. Oz bottle, with 6% alcohol by volume,
,,, : " MO aka Madeleine & Oliver Welcome to the World! David ( my brother
the brewer ) had twins while starting a brewery. Cheers to his courage and
beer making skills." Sounds like we all have to have some of this to

3) ' Sour Power ' from PETRUS Mixed Six-Pack of 4 PETRUS Sour Blends,
100% brewed in Belgium, $24.99 ( 3 Aged Pale, 1 Aged Red, 1 aged 50/50 and
1 OUD Bruin ).

From SONOMA CIDER 4-packs :

1) ' The Hatchet ' Apple Certified Organic Gluten-free, 6% alcohol by
volume, 4-pack On Special for $8.99 USDA Organic 12-ounce bottles.

2) ' The Pitchfork ' Pear Certified Organic 4-pack 12-ounce bottles,
6% alcohol by volume, On Special for $8.99 a 4-pack, from Healdsburg, CA.

3) ' The Anvil ' Bourbon cider Certified Organic a 4-pack of 12-ounce
bottle , gluten-free, On Special for $8.99 a 4-pack.

' New and exciting ' that Santos just handed me to mention here.

From Jagir and Malkit In LIQUEUR/ LIQUOR :

1) Hibiscus Extraordinary Tonic Syrup from STRONG TONIC Batch Number
0002 On Special for $15.99 a 12.3 Fl. Oz bottle, refrigerate after opening.
What a treat, adds accents of hibiscus flavors!

2) Italian Piemonte Grappa made in Piemonte from the Nebbiolo grapes
that make Barolo, $42.99 a 750ml bottle, 43% alcohol by volume, from
MOLETTO : " ... utilizing the pomace of Nebbiolo grapes, this fine grappa
offers an elegant, refined balance that emerges in the delicate flavor and
unique bouquet. typical of the varietal. From Livenza ... a treat for true

3) Serbian Plum Brandy BISTRA SLIVOVITZ is produced from fresh, sound,
ripe plums ... selected plums are crushed and the pits are separated away.
After temperature controlled fermentation based on regional yeasts, the
fermented mash is double-distilled and blended until a distinctive fresh
slivovitz is obtained. The slivovitz is then placed in oak barrels of up to
5000 liters for aromatic completion and then stored in stainless steel
tanks for further aging until bottling... "

4) Bourbon Whiskey from CALUMET Farm , $47.99, 43% alcohol by volume,
from Kentucky, ... " Whilaway Pensive Citation Ponder Hill Gate Iron Liegh
Tim Tam Forward Pass  ... "

5)  Sammy's Beach Bar Rum Cane Rum  from Hawaii, $19.99 a 750ml
bottle, 40% alcohol by volume, ... : " Our super premium rum is
hand-crafted by Sammy's award-winning master distiller on the island of
Maui. Using the first pressing of virgin Maui sugar cane we craft one of
the finest rums in the world... "

6) Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey GREEN
SPOT , $64.99 a 750ml bottle had Andrew smiling brightly and exclaiming how
surprised he was to see it here a half hour ago. He said how everyone was
asking for it, that he found it hard to get , that there was also a YELLOW
SPOT, and he became absolutely animated and had that Irish twinkle in his
eyes as his conversation flowed excitedly! Glad to have it here for you
Andrew. Thanks for sharing all this excitement and energy!

7) DUPOY French Cognac Since 1852, an VS par excellence is kosher for
Passover, and we are delighted to have it here to offer you all, $52.99 a
750ml bottle. Come check it out, tell us what you think? We would love to
hear your opinion?

8) Uncut & Unfiltered BOOKER'S Small Batch Bourbon series  2015-01 ,
$69.99, at 64.35% alcohol by volume, Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey,
from Booker Noe, master distiller, glad to have this, really quite the
treat, come taste the purity and the strength and the true character here!

NEWS UPDATE From NARMADA Winery  & Vineyard : A dream come true here at CP
Wine and Spirits : " We are so excited to become part of the already
fantastic CP family.  Give our wonderful Virginia Wine a try, and you won't
look back!  Keep an eye out for when we pour our wines on Friday Night at
CP. " Jordan Geers, Tasting Room Manager at Narmada Winery 3/31/2015

I am excited to have these NARMADA Virginia, Amissville, VA. come here on
the 15th of April, 2015 for you all to try. What balanced, flavorful,
tasty, distinct, fruit-forward wines that are charming, filled with unique
perks and personality, distinct, fruit-forward, nicely-balanced wines to
enjoy with a meal or not. The owners come from outside of Mambai , India
and they have been here now together for forty years, back-and-forth for
years at the beginning, and now here for thirty-plus years. Sudha Patil,
she is the winemaker and her husband, Pandit Patil is more the CEO/co-owner
and he comes from a farming background,

SO : we have engineering and endodontist backgrounds that have flourished
in the Virginia fields that are now filled with fruitful and satisfying
grapes turning into delicious wines for you all to discover, if you have
not already, here at CP Wine and Spirits! Thanks Jordan!

WEDNESDAY Weekly 3-Part Still Wine Sale:
1) BUY ANY Still/ Or Non-Sparkling Wine ( except Veuve Clicquot, or Moet &
Chandon ) over $20 and SAVE 20% OFF the marked
sticker price.
2) BUY ANY six still wines and SAVE 15% OFF the marked sticker price.
3) BUY ANY 12 or more still/ or non-sparkling wines ( except Veuve Clicquot
or Moet & Chandon ) and SAVE 20% OFF the
marked sticker prices. This includes port, sherry, madeira, marsala and
CALL : 202-363-4265 and place your order if you cannot come. PAY and SAVE
Wednesdays here at Cleveland Park Wines.
ALWAYS SAVE BIG here at Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits!

WINE By Chris & Tony : Always exciting here :

1) Vinho Regional Alentejano Estremoz dry indigenous blend, $10.99,
that tastes a bit like a starter-Amarone with all the lovely dried fruit
flavors that need a meal, and are wonderfully engaging. I liked this a lot,
I really did this past weekend here on Saturday when Jim Reeves tasted it.

2) ' Sami ' 2009 KONDOLI Vineyards , this MARANI, $20.99, wine of
Georgia, this I loved as it reminded me of old-world style wine-making, a
more svelte, more pepper, herb and spice taste that is great with a meal,
as the flavors need to be fleshed-out to show more vividly and alluringly!

3) ' Saperavi-Merlot ' 2010 from KONDOLI Vineyards, the MARANI, $20.99,
again a toned-down, more subtle, elegant dry version of Saperavi cut by
some Merlt that makes the wine so much more wonderfully approachable! I
really was drawn to it immediately!

4) Tempranillo 2013 from the BARON DE LEY, Rioja, Spain, $15.99 : the
winemaker came last week and I was blown-away by all three reds that I
bought for the store! These are wonderful with incredible focus, amazing
concentration and yet such delightful lively but not heavy taste!

5) Garnacha 2011 from the BARON DE LEY in Rioja, Spain stole the whole
show from me. I was charmed. This is a treat and a story and a taste and
flavor platform that needs to be explored thoroughly, and with no rush : at
$21.99 this a real work-of-art! Cheers!

TASTINGS For The Week :

Friday, April 3rd, 2015 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Katie and Michael Cavanagh
coming to taste and assortment of South African wines which include one
really pleasing dry rose from Chile, a Pinot Noir dry rose for under $10 :
and South African wines from OVER THE MOUNTAIN and also from SPIOENKPF that
make fine dry Chenin Blanc and Riesling to elevate the soul and to make
soar the spirits and the physical body making it seem almost weightless...
cheers, join us, never any charge!

Saturday, April 4th, 2015 : Chris and Tony's PICKS ... something
perfect for these wonderful holidays for both Passover and for Easter!
Stay-tuned, still deciding what to pour for you, will be fun, will be worth
the mystery and the wait ... join us, no charge!

THANKS for everything, follow us on Twitter at : cpwinespirits and LIKE us
on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits. Thanks again, cheers,

Anthony Quinn's Cleveland Park Wine & Spirit's Store Tuesday Email Written And Posted In April 2010 : Read & Enjoy On : Blue Ice Vodka & Gin, Coronado Brewing Co., Grayson Cellars Cabe Sauv 2008, Terre Dei Re Aglianico Del Vulture 2003, Velvet Revolution 2007 DEMOCRACY Vineyard's VA. Wine, STE. CHAPELLE Idaho Wines, & More!

Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits


THIS WARM WEATHER makes me think of dry roses from pretty much anywhere
around the world and we will be tasting some of them this weekend on both Friday
and Saturday as they work so well with so many occasions and so many foods, too.
They also finally seem to have become somewhat popular after years of neglect
here in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. It all seemed to start with a
bigger splash last year as more of you cam here actually asking for bottles of
dry rose. Who would have thunk?!?

MARK YOUR CALENDAR for our FRENCH " Big Theme " Wine-Tasting with the
owners/wine-makers here themselves from Bordeaux ( Joel & Sandrine Duffau of
CHATEAU LES ARROWMANS  :   And  -  Marc & Laurence Pasquet of CHATEAU
MONDESIR-GAZIN ), Loire Valley ( Karin & Christian Lauverjat of DOMAINE
CHRISTIAN LAUVERJAT ),  and Champagne ( Jean-Remy of CHARLES ORBAN ). Wow! This
is quite the line-up. We have had all of them here in the store on separate
occasions and so here we will have them all together to introduce three areas
of France that make some of the most wonderful wines in the whole world! There
is no-charge and there will be special pricing for all of the wines by the
bottle and by the case as well.
JOIN US Saturday, March 24th, 2010 ( 3-7 PM ) and meet these fabulous
French owners/wine-makers. Try up to ten Bordeaux wines, four Loire Valley wines
and two champagnes - including dry reds, whites and roses - something hopefully
for everyone and in all price ranges as well.


1) CORONADO BREWING CO., San Diego, CA. Three types will be arriving soon
: a) CORONADO Golden Ale, Mermaid's Bed and the Islander IPA. Timothy Nelson
will taste all three here Friday, April 9th, 2010 from 5-8PM. Join us for that.
Santos and I tasted them perhaps a couple of week's ago and they were excellent:
balanced, flavorful and distinct.
2) " Orange Blossoms " from BUFFALO BILL CO. in NY will arrive tomorrow.
It has lovely accents of orange flavors.
3) " Night Stalker " Imperial Stout from GOOSE ISLAND ( On Special for
$10.49 a 1 pint 6fl. oz bottle, 11.7% alc. by vol., Chicago, Illinois ) may be
aged for five years from the release date of  03/06/10.
4) " Siren Noire " from HEAVY SEAS/Mutiny Fleet Imperial Chocolate Stout
( On Special for $5.99 1 pt. 6 fl. oz bottle, CLIPPER CITY BREWING CO.
Baltimore, Maryland, Alc. by vol. 8% ) is stout-brewed and flavored with
chocolate. Can you resist this dark/ Just like the sirens to the sailors :


1) " Blue Ice "American vodka , four-column distillation, five-stage
filtration made from Idaho Russet potatoes ( $19.99, 40% alc. by volume,
www.blueicevodka.com #323)832-4489 ) is brand new and exciting for us here at
Cleveland Park.
2) Slivovitz 3-Year Old plum brandy ( $27.99, 47% alc/vol. 94% proof,
750% ) is finally back from Hungary. We are thrilled to have it here again.

WINES From Chris & Tony -

a) 2007 Dry Riesling Snake River Valley, Idaho, $9.99
b) 2007 Soft Chenin Blanc ( 78% Washington State, 22% Idaho ), $9.99
c) 2007 Dry Gewurztraminer Snake River Valley, Idaho, $9.99.
Our Washington Wholesaler rep Tim brought them by for me to taste the other
day along with the late-harvest Riesling and I really liked all four. I only
bough these three listed above as they all sell for $10 a bottle and that's a
deal. I loved the Soft Chenin Blanc which is a velvety-style Chenin without any
edge or harshness.. Drink American, drink Idaho, drink value!!!!

2) DEMOCRACY Vineyards, Monticello, VA. Three wines -
a) " Village View Gold " Apple Wine, $13.49 is delicious, refreshing
and a treat for this warm weather.So fresh and lively and extroverted in all
it's flavor components.
b) " Forum " 2008 dry red blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot
and 15% Syrah ( $14.99 ) and is made in a very appealing style to impress and
please many of today's palates. It's medium-bodied and got some fullness of
flavors as well as some real backbone. Try it with some
Tex-Mex/Cajun/Mexican/Indian/Asian meals as it will hold it's own against some
bolder flavors.
c) " Velvet Revolution " 2007 dry red Reserve blend of VA. grapes from
Monticello : 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Chambourcin, 25% Tannat, 12.5% Petit
Verdot and 12.5% Merlot is a real winner and my clear favorite of the two. We
already sold-out once and I am thrilled to have it finally back here. It's the
classic, old-world style of wine-making and makes me thing of Europe when I
taste it. It needs a meal.

3) MORESON South African Reds From Franschoeck, Two -
a) Merlot 2003 On Sale for $14.99 ( Regularly $29.99 ) is drinking
beautifully now and will complement many a grilled dish, especially white meats
and game. Only ten cases left.
b) Cabernet Sauvignon 2000 On Sale for $14.99 ( regularly $29.99 ) is
heartier, beefier, meatier, more pepper and spice and tar, leather and tobacco.
It's best with red meats and more intense flavors in your foods. DON'T DELAY :
Only four cases left.

4) Two Italian Reds - ON SALE :
a) TERRA DEI RE " Vultur " Aglinaico Del Vulture 2003 ( On Sale for
$18.99, regularly $27 ) is showing really well now with lots of breathing. It
needs to be open way in advance and the way I know that is that last week it
tasted fabulously on the second day that it had been open. I sold lots of
bottles on the second day.
b) Grotta Rossa 2004 dry red Sardinian Carignan Del Sulcis from
SANTADI ( On Sale for $10.99, regularly $16.49 ) is showing beautifully now and
drinking very well within the first fifteen minutes that it is open. You simply
do not have to wait to enjoy this lovely dry red that tastes a lot like a good
French red Cotes Du Rhone. Chill it slightly twenty minutes especially if you
enjoy it outside now at a grill or barbecue.

5) Three Wines Left -
a) CASA LAPOSTOLLE 2009 Rapel Valley, Chilean Sauvignon Balnc, $11.99
is showing really nice now for this warmer weather.
b) DOMAINE DE REGUSSE 2008 Pinot Noir ( $10.99 ) from France's Vin de
Pays Des Alpes De Haute Provence is back again and always a big winner,
especially now with all this warm weather. Chill it slightly and then tilt your
head back slightly, sip, close your eyes and enjoy ...
c) GRAYSON Cellars 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Lot 10 CA. was being served
by the glass at Ardeo restaurant down the block and we got several requests for
it and am happy to finally have it here now and for the very affordable price of


Friday, April 9th, 2010 ( 5-8 PM ) : We will have Matt of Five Grapes
Imports here to taste some dry roses as well as some summer whites. Santos has
Tim coming to pour the new beers from the CORONADO BREWING COMPANY mentioned
above from San Diego, California as well.
Saturday, April 10th ( 3-7 PM ) : We have Danielle of Dionysos Imports
here pouring five different dry roses from around the world : Greece,
France,Portugal and Italy. This will be fun!
JOIN US : NEVER any charge.

GO TO : www.clevelandparkwine.com and chatwine.blogspot.com,
chatpoetry.blogspot.com, chatart.blogspot.com for pictures, more stories and
more information on activities that have happened here. You may be in many of
the pictures as well so be prepared! Cheers,  TONY

Please visit our website below for more information, events and specials, and
our calender of wine tastings!


If you have any orders, suggestions or questions, you may e-mail us at
[2]sales@clevelandparkwine.com or call (202) 363-4265.

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Anthony Quinn's Wine Adventures From The Eighties Through The Present Of 2015 : Enjoy, Cheers!

Vinifera Wine Growers Association Of Local Virginia Wines Tasted From 199-1995 That I Judged Wines At The Jefferson Hotel In Washington D.C., Northwest : What Great Memories, How Happy I Was To Do This And Be Included : Cheers!

I need to take some time and write about this and include more here as a text and a backdrop and background to make it all come alive so much more than this sheet here as it was a group of highly-talented, successful and caring, passionate and concerned individuals that sat down to taste way back then in the mif nineties the burgeoning Virginia wineries that numbered perhaps fifty then? I do not know? But I will include a lot here to help make more of a context for this and these valuable tastings to bring to light and to the forefront many of the accomplishments of many of these fine Virginia wineries. Cheers, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn 3/2/2015 Happy Sunday night to you all as we begin our next week in just over thirty minutes!

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My Wonderful Time Spent asting @ Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits And Luncheon With Serge Hochar Of CHAEAU MUSAR : Cheers, Thnaks, Merci Serge!

Daily Anthony Quinn ( Tony the wine guy ) Activities @Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits In Northwest, Washington DC, 20008 : Cheers, Enjoy, Comment, Come On By The Store ASAP!

Sonia Denicol replied to a comment on this.
Sonia Denicol added 26 new photos to the album: Rio Grande do Sul: vinho, cultura e história.
June 21 at 11:50am ·
Ao estacionar o carro na garagem, antes de desligar, confiro o hodômetro: 4.306 quilômetros rodados, somados a 12 dias de viagem pelo Rio Grande do Sul e muitas histórias para contar! ...
See More
Sonia Denicol added 26 new photos to the album: Rio Grande do Sul: vinho, cultura e história.
Ao estacionar o carro na garagem, antes de desligar, confiro o hodômetro: 4.306 quilômetros rodados, somados a 12 dias de viagem pelo Rio Grande do Sul e muitas...
See More
At the park the car in the garage, before switching off, I attach the Hodômetro: 4.306 kilometers rodados added to 12 days of journey by the Rio Grande Do Sul and many stories to tell!
If I had to sum up, the wine, be in Rio Grande do sul or wherever you might be done, is the sum of the soil, the climate, culture, history and the work of his people, in addition to high doses of love. Technical and technology are available for all producers, facilitate and improve the work, and make it possible to produce with more quality and sanity, even create imitáveis standards. But the wine is much more than that, your essence comes from the single integration of earth, climate, Grape, the know-how of man and of history that the inspires, is she inherited from the culture of the ancestors or by an affinity in love with wine. And that all the Rio Grande Do Sul Squanders!
We travel out of the country in search of knowing the culture and wines of other peoples and we encantamos with your quality and its historical value. But we know little or even little we are interested in knowing that in our own country we have a historical and cultural wealth of great importance, immense natural beauty and wines of good quality, with all your personality.
This trip is then end and is beginning. The mission to which I have proposed has been fulfilled, seek in history, distant in time and space, the origins and the Brazilian entedimento of wine and their beauty. And from there of the seven peoples of missions, the more remote and history of the regions, I bring with me the renewed mission to show the Brazilians the value, beauty and the history of our good wine and of his brave people.
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Veronique is here now with me. She has a wonderful French maison/ Les Grands Ormes a a cote de la Rochelle au bord de la mer Atlantic en sud de Loire avec des chasmbres a louer - rooms to rent. Wonderful place. If you are interested go to : www.lesgrandsormes.com for more info. There are rooms available now Veronique tells me. She's here till the 8th of June, the rooms are available on the 15th of June. Here is Veronique to say a few words to you all in French. : " Bonjoir, venez nous voir cette ete. Les temperatures sontent plus agreables a La Rochelle pendant l'ete. " I typed this for Veronique becasue she forgot her glasses, so excuse my typos, and do go, what a grand experience. They speak English there so n'enquiete pas, do not worry, you will be taken care of. Veronique has a New England couple already coming that will assist everyone with their planning, day trips, renting of cars, bikes, and touring the area which is striking, really breath-taking, and the food - seafood is so fresh , and since Veronique has been now in the catering business for 30 years she knows her job/ metier really well and will cook four nights there sur place each week. She also is a specialist in all the towns outside of Paris here in the U.S. called Paris, so you may discuss in length Paris and all things great-French-wonderful : wow, I have to go now after all of this. Cheers! TONY 5/30/2015
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  • Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits I have my arm around Veronique that I have known now for ten or more years. What a wonderful person. Magdalena and Brandon in the picture are wonderful teachers here in Wash. D.C. from Columbia, and it is great having all three as amigos.amis and customers, too! Cheers! I need to go to La Rochele, their page here is impressive and inviting. Check it out.

We had Aleks the owner of the Balkan Wine Project here yesterday, Wed. May 13th, 2015 in the afternoon tasting his Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian and now also Albanian red wine, too- pictured here, the Kallmet indigenous dry red grape variety 2011 from ARBERI, $19.99, , 13.9% alcohol by volume - dusty, rustic, lovely medium-bodied food wine, ... and brother and sister David A. Jeffrey and Sarah J. Dullin of their own winery in California's Chalk Hill district called CALLUNA Vineyards - here at the same time. SO : I invited both Jeffrey and Sarah and importer Chris Shore to taste with Aleks his wines, and then Aleks to stay and taste the CALLUNA Vineyard wines, too. This way everyone benefitted and learned and came away hopefully with an enriching experience here at Cleveland Park Wines. I liked both what Aleks tasted me on, the bottles are pictured here and we have many of them already, minus the dry rose wines ... and I really grew to like and appreciate these Chalk Hill AVA wines, the 2010 especially... and we will see for June about bringing some to our store! Cheers, thanks Chris, Aleks, Jeffrey and Sarah... you are all the very best! Thurs. May 14th, 2015

Both John Lauer the proprietor of BRYN MAWR in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, making 50 cases of the Jeffrey's Pinot Noir, $45.99, and also a FABulous dry 100% Pinot Noir 2013 dry rose that has a lovely edge at the lower range of it's flavor register that is intriguing, and that I like, .... and a lovely and full and rich and ' creamed-nut ' subtle taste Pinot Blanc 2013, .... BUT the Jeffrey's Block 2012 Pinot Noir quite literally blew me away for the ABSOLUTE purity and 
brightness-rightness of Pinot Noir fruit, .... oh yeah, thanks for taking this picture and sending it to me Marci ... and from Marci and MIke I got to meet owner Ben Riggs of MR. RIGGS' wines in Adelaide and South Australian wines ... i liked all four ;the elegant, delicate Viognier, the slightly fuller Chardonnay both under the MR. RIGGS labels, $32.99 a bottle, ... and the two dry reds, the Shiraz, $18.99 that reminded me of the old-world style reds, a bit earthier and dusty-dry, a food wine, I could drink it and enjoy it ... and ' The Gaffer ' that helps support breast cancer research that reminded me much more of am Aussie Shiraz with brighter, toastier, fleshier, smooth, a Rubenesque Shiraz that may be sipper or enjoyed with a meal, should be slightly chilled, $27.99 a bottle ( we will carry both of these reds ) ... and have them here in May, Ben also makes the CHOOK sparkling red Shiraz, and we will have that back soon in May! Ben also knows High and Mary Hamilton, Nick Stacey... a fun man to know this Ben that, to me, sounded like he was from South Africa and not from Australia with his accent, at least to me. LOVED meeting and tasting with all of you, including Noah that brought me John Bauer... cheers, happy Thursday all, April 30th, 2015.
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What fun here at our Cape Classics' Wine-Tasting With Four FABulous winemakers at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits on Wed. April 22nd, 2015 from 3-6PM : we had a blast with everyone, here are some of the pictures that Joe of the Country Vintner took and just sent me. There will be more, cheers! These are primarily of Carl Van Der Merwe of DeMORGENZON and also of Nick Bureau of GLENELLY Vineyards. Cheers, thanks again to all invloved, it was a wonderful event, tasted a lot , taught and entertained and sold a lot, too : many signed bottles as gifts for Mother's and Father's Days! Happy Wednesday all, April 29th, 2015
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It was great to see Diane the owner and winemaker at the CHATEAU D'Or Et De GUEULES back here in our store with Jeff of Washington Wholesalers. WE tasted through her current lineup and that meant one flavorful dry white 2013, $13.49 Petite Cassagne ;one more elegant and yet tasty, structured dry rose with a slight blush of rose color, and two reds, we have the ' Les Cimels ' 2011 here, $16.99, and we tasted the 2012. WE also tasted the extraordinaryly smooth, rich, velvety ; Trassgum ' 2011, $26.99 a bottle when it get here,. Diane recommends the Chateau D'Or Et De GUEULES 2014 ' Les Cimels ' dry rose that she did not have to taste but describes a dead-ringer for a Bandol rose, and that will come here soon, ... cheers, sante et merci Diane! 4/28/2015

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From this moring tasting the Vincent VAN GOGH Holland vodkas with Malkit, Tony, and poured and explained by both Kerri Hardoman Key Account Manager, MD, and Matt from National Republic Wholesalers. Cheers, happy Tuesday all! 4/28/2015
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Dinner in Bento Concalves in late June in Serra Gaucha .... my first night there.It was really a great start, Iloved it! Cheers! Danielle was our waitress and before that Milton got the ball going starting for us. Obregado ...
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ABOVE : a bottle of the 2004 MARSON Cabernet Sauvignon from Marcio Marson that was the first bottle of Brazilian still wine I enjoyed there, that started things off beautifully for me on a grand ten-day trip there in Brasil's wine country around Bento Goncalves!


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    Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits wine shop of my friend Anthony Quinn in Washington, DC, who is there and feel like drinking a Brazilian wine need to go to know!
    loja de vinhos do meu amigo Anthony Quinn em Washington, D.C., quem estiver por lá e sentir vontade de beber um vinho brasileiro precisa ir conhecer!
     — with Anthony Quinn.
    Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits wine shop of my friend Anthony Quinn in Washington, DC, who is there and feel like drinking a Brazilian wine need to go to know!
    Store of wines of my friend Anthony Quinn in washington, d. C., Those who are in there and feel like drinking a wine Brazilian need to go to meet!
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    • Anthony Quinn Muito obregado Vinicius Vellozo that lives in the wonderfully vibrant and alive and energized city of Caxias Do Sul that I so much enjoyed getting to know one fine day way back in late June 2012! I do love the wines of Brasil and sell them all the time, I am happy to recommend them, Cheers! TONY 4/19/ 2015
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    • Vinicius Vellozo I hope soon is there, and we can open a good wine! big hug!
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    • Anthony Quinn That will be great Vinicius, I would like that very much! Have a great Monday and thank you - obregado - for all your tremendous support of me and of the very very fine wines of Brasil! TONY 4/2/2015
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Thanks Jeffrey, this is a great chance for our customers at Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits to meet and to taste some of the fine South African owners/ winemakers and also to taste their efforts in these wonderful wines. I was just having a conversation with Dan one of our best customers that loves wine and he said that he got turned-on to South African wines when he tasted the Reserve wines of DeMORGENZON , and he will come on Wednesday between 3-6PM to meet Carl Van Der Mer...
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This is going to be a great event! Be sure not to miss this on Wednesday.

We just finished a great tasting here with the Robert Kennedy Italian wines and it was nice to have Amy Riolo drop by during the tasting as we were talking about the Ciro wines of Calabria that she is interested in. We spoke a couple of days ago and I told her we had the Classico 2012 from LIBRANDI, $13.99 a bottle, 13.5% alcohol by volume, and I told her I usually also sold the Reserva, both made with the indigenous grape from that region called Gagliopo. She smiled, she knew it. We left it that I would call her if I could get the Reserva from owner Paolo that has been here at least twice if not thrice ( is that a word? Sounds good anyway ). Spoke to Jody Jackman our rep at Winebow and waited for a call from Jody. The Reserva was not easily available to me until Tuesday and Amy wanted the bottles by Monday. Here it is Saturday and Amy came by early! Life is like that. You have to plan as best as you can. Amy got to talking with Robert Kennedy here as she tasted and then we spoke, took this picture on Sifredo's phone, Amy had Sifredo take one on hers and she posted it on Instagram. And , lo and behold Gabriela came here to buy a bottle having seen Amy's Instagram post and wanting some Ciro for herself : small world, very small, how nice! Then Michael and Gabriela and Robert got to talking in Italian and it was fun for me to be like a fly on the wall and listen and then suggest that we have Robert take a ' Selfie ' with his phone that I have posted here as well. Cheers, thanks, grazie Robert, Amy, Dan, Gabriela, Mary-Liz, Jane, Sifredo, .... TONY 4/18/2015 Happy Saturday and weekend all!
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Fine local Virginia wines that Susan and other customers have mentioned to us here at the store and that we will soon carry and taste on May 1st, 2015 with Jordan. Stay-tuned for more info on these focused, bright, pure expressions of our Virginia soil and climate working hard to nurture the vines and teh grapes and produce such excellent expressions of liquid gold and velvet silky red! No charge for the tasting , join us, These NARMADA Winery 
 540-937-8215 ( www.narmadawinery.comNarmada Winery , Virginia Wines Virginia Wine Tours ) : the 1) ' Dream ' 2011 dry and silky and soft-delicate Traminette white blend, ... 2) ' Melange ' 2010 dry red Bordeaux blend that has a bit of extra flavor and taste and yet so smooth and refined taste, .... and the ... 3) ' Midnight ' semi-dry Chambourcin 2011 is soft and bright and lush and ripe and just at the border of being too fruity but ' just right ' for so many, perfect by itself or with many a meal, easy to sip, to take on a hike or a picnic, to savor slowly and just enjoy relaxing and smiling and feeling great about ourselves, really nice. And many more of course, this is just the start of a glorious relationship for us all , glad we met, glad we can introduce you all, thanks Jordan. Cheers, happy Thursday all.TONY 4/16/2015
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Some fine Spanish wines to look forward to from Ken like this delightful dry and bright and lively and fresh and animated, liquid-conversational Graciano red that is also a bit unique as so often the Graciano Spanish indigenous red grape is blended with Tempranillo, Mazuelo and Garnacha in Spain's Rioja region, and rarely used as it is here brilliantly as the principle grape. We will also get the dry white that als...
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Here we are at Cleveland Park tasting the 2011 HOMEFRONT dry red CA. blend of Merlot, Cab and Zin that is a wonderful party. pool, deck, outdoors, backyard Spring and Summer red ' quaffer ' that may be slightly chilled. On Special here from $17.99 a bottle down to $12.99 a bottle that support our troops back home find affordable housing, jobs, groceries ... : " This is a great opportunity to help re acclimate the troops once they return home and have a great glass of wine at the same time. " Jade Smyth   Thanks Jade, what a treat on this Thursday, March 26th, 2015 to reconnect again with this fine and noble cause and project! Cheers,  TONY  3/26/2015
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Hey they took my idea to call it WINE Plus, LOVE it! Cheers, 2000-2005 here mostly by Michael Franz, one by Ben Giliberti, enjoy, I like them, an old tactile, touch musty-dusty experience! Cheers, TONY Still Monday, still cleaning, what a great journey it is so far ...
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Hi Tony,
I grew up in Limassol, Cyprus, close to Kolossi Castle, whose keep overlooks the surrounding countryside. The castle was built by the Knights of St. John, who began growing Commandaria wine in the area they controlled and if you lived in a village from which you could see the castle, your land belonged to the Knights. The grapes used in Commandaria wine are grown only in the villages of that countryside, in a protected zone, and to this day the winemakers follow the same rules: you can only make Commandaria if you can see the castle keep from your vineyard!
Hope this helps and have a good day!

Join Razvan, Gabriella and me, Tony today at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits to taste fine wines of Romania from 2-6PM, no charge, everyone welcome! TONY 3/21/2015

rson and Washington D.C., Northwest - Tilden Gardens where vines were once planted here, of the Virginia medical doctor that came along in the 1840's and was interested in finding a grape vine that would survive and produce good wine here in the East coast, of the German immigrants that came along, went to Pennsylvania then down to Louisiana where they started to work with this Norton grape and try and make wine from it.... what a great story! More later, cheers, .... TONY 3/21/2015 Small, wonderful world ...

TODAY : Come Taste, Free, Everyone Welcome :
Saturday, March 21st, 2015 ( 2-6PM ) : Come taste the Romanian wines with
Gabriela and Razvan that include the MONSER ' value ' wines, reds and
white, and the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Fateasca Neagra, and the Babesca
Neagra reds, too : something for everyone, from softer to more hearty.
sometimes more lean and peppery, and sometimes fuller and rounder,
different styles for different people and different occasions! Cheers, come
see what you think.
TO THINK : this is where it started with when I first met you Gabriela when Michael brought you to the store. Cheers, see you soon. TONY

re Janis Joplin was born ? ), as they had driven out to SALTLICK Brabecue restaurant that is lierally across the street, or close anyway to DUCHMAM Family Winery. The owner Scott of Driftwood that also makes wine told them to visit DUCHMAN as they enjoyed some there with their barbecue meal! Wow, what a coincidence as I have been recently talking this week a whole lot about both e the DUCHMAN Fanilt Winery and the McPHERSON CELLARS vineyard in Lubbock, Texas with both Mark Smith and also Peter Fulham. This made all three of us smile as we spoke about their great meal and tasting there. They loved both experiences! Insley said they were in Driftwood, Texas. This makes me want to go now! Thanks for sharing all of this with us Eva and Insley. Can't wait to see the pictures you took there of the restaurant and the vineyard! Have a great weekend. Enjoy your bottle of the Viognier 2010, I bet it is drinking beautifully now, fully-developed, fragrant and floral and fleshed-out completely now. Cheers on this official cold 2nd day of Spring. Come taste the Romanian wines here later from 2-6PM with Raz and Gabriella. TONY 3/21/2015

Here are the pictures of Inigo that I just wrote about below, a family-member of the BARON DE LEY, a fine Rioja producer with the 100% Garnacha 2011, $19.99 : world-class, here in April, can't wait Inigo! Cheers, TONY

Some of the many wines I have been talking about recently, that I have had requests about , and that have recently been sold in the store and that are still available to you all! Come today : 5-8PM, to try the BULGARIANA wines of Bulgaria, free, no charge, everyone always very VERY WELCOME! Cheers, TONY Jappy snowy-white Friday, first day of spring today!

Tasting earlier with Alexander Wood of the DC local spirits ONE EIGH DISTILLING both the 1 Districy-Made Vodka as well as the 2) White Whiskey that intrigued me with it's equal balance of honey and also anise that kept in balance and yet constantly changing their arrangement on my tongue and palate, making the taste and experience quite stimulating, intriguing and so much fun with so much delight and pleasure, too. I liked it, I was taken with it. Can't wait till we do our tasting of both in the store, in April I believe Alexander? What fun this will be. I will write more about this soon. Cheers, happy weekend all, stay-tuned for more. TONY 3/13/2015

Thanks Lindsey, it was a pleasure to meet you with your enthusiasm and smile and energy and to harness it along with that of Bailey, such a great way for us to start off Saturday morning here, and to meet Kevin, too. Cheers to you three, enjoy your Mimosas and tequila and weekend and stay warm, dry and safe! TONY
Here we have Lindsey and Bailey in the store to say a few words! "Best liquor store on the block, Tony is the MAN. Had a great taste of the smooth el Jimador Tequila. Cant beat the service"

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