Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tasting Mid Afternoon With Oscar Losama And Olivia Bombart, Owners Of VOILA Selections / Imports Their Samples Of Dry French Rose Wines From The 2015 Vintage For The Spring From Provence, Rhone Valley, Pays D'Oc And Costieres De Nimes : All Distinct, All Excellent, I Have Placed My Order For These Wines To Arrive @ Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits In April, 2015 : Cheers, Merci Olivia Et Oscar!

Tasting fabulous dry french rose wines now with Oscar and Olivia of voila imports and placing order! Cheers, enjoyed this tasting greatly and rather liked very much four of them that will all arrive soon in our store to please many a palate of our faithful and loyal Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits' customers! Cheers, merci Oscar et Olivia.   TONY  2/11/2015

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