Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tasting BEDELL Merlot, Long Island , NETZL Gruner Veltliner, Austria, TWO PONDS Chardonnay, Washington State, BROWNE Oaked Washington State Chardonnay And Merlot FRom Italy's Piemontese region Called LA TENECCA : Something For Everyone Soon Here @ Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits In Cleveland Park, Northwest, Washington D.C., 20008 .... Come See Us...

That is : Discovering BROWNE Colombia Valley, Chardonnay, $38.99 a bottle, the BEDELL Cellars Long Island Merlot, 2011, $27.99,  and the LA TENECCA Piemontese Italian Merlto, $10.99 ( the NETZL Austrian Gruner Veltliner is already here and will be tasted by Andrew Stover here of VINO50 and Siema Imports this Saturday, February 21st from 2-6 PM, join us, no charge, and Andrew will also pour three wines from Arizona's ARIZONA STRONGHOLD Winery, everyone always welcome ) .... TONY 2/19/2015

discovering ‪#‎Brown‬ WA. state Oaked Chard ,Befell NY State Merlot as well with Two Ponds WA.,and Andrew had another fine value, too from Europe.,a wonderful Merlot from the Piemonte region that we can sell from La Tenecca, @ $10.99, what a deal for such a nicely-balanced, fruit-forward red Andrew, the Two Ponds Chard was to flower!floral for me. Cheers Andrew, thanks. See you this Saturday when you taste from 2-6PM, no charge, join us. Tony
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  • Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Oops, that is Bedell Cellars Merlot fromNorth Folk, Long Island sorry for the typo, working on my Fire Amazon in the store on a small screen does this sometimes! Cheers, I really liked the wine as well as the label and I am pleased with my artsy photos here that make it look like the girl is bathing herself in a liquid lake or stream of this Long Island Merlot that is balanced, fruit-forward, stylish , approachable and so elegant and crisp and lively and enjoyable. I liked it a lot, I really did. TONY Happy Thursday all, stay warm and dry with this Arctic cold of today.



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