Monday, February 2, 2015

Reconnecting Monday Afternoon, Smiling Just Now When I Was Cleaning And Found This Brochure From Joachim Hollerith ( Once Winemaker At RAPIDAN Vineyards In Virginia ) When I Found This Brochure Of German Rheinfalz Wines Called " Anna Katharina " : " ... Is A Tribute To All The Hollerith Women Past And Present. "

I was sorry to hear of the recent passing of Joachim Hollerith that I knew and had worked with promoting these German wines of his here in the Washington D.C. metropolitan region. We spent the better part of the day visiting local retailers and tasting and promoting them. It was both a pleasure and an honor for me to work so closely with Yoachim this day so many moons ago.
We spoke of all that had happened up-t-date in Virginia and we, of course, spoke of what he had done, and what was currently happening with the RAPIDAN Vineyard label of wines, the Rieslings I remmenbered so fondly from when he made them and we used to sell them at Burka's Fine Wines when I was the wine-buyer back them in the late eighties. Cheers Yoachim,
I will post more as I find it, we had several sheets we were taking around and they are all here somewhere in a pile of mine and I just have to find them as I clean and sort, organize and throw out so many of the multiple copies of things that I have collected over these many glorious wine moons and suns of mine here in the Washington D.C. northern Virginia wine regions... that also have included Maryland with their fine wines like those of the Boordy Vineyards and Rob DeFord that I also know and enjoyed working with back then promoting the Hyde, Maryland wines, too : since the early eighties. How time flies! TONY 2/2/2015
PS. : Thanks Dave for writing the piece in the Washington Poste Food Section with the wine article on Joachim and the two others that sadly have also passed away recently.  Cheers,   Anthony Quinn

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