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My Store Email, By Anthony Quinn For Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits' Customers, Written And Sent Tuesday, Feb. 12th, 2013 : Happy Valentine's Day, Alaska Distillery Handcrafted ' Buzz ' Honey Vodka, Zaca Mesa Wine, On BELL'S Brewery, Gatinois Grand Cru French Champagne, Barnaut Grand Cru French Champagne, Charles Orban French Champagne, Troissy, Simonnet-Fevre Cremant De Bourgogne, Conde De Subirats Spanish Cava, Bohigas Cava Rosat Sparkling And More... Cheers!

Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits @ 3423 Connecticut Avenue N.W.
IT'S A BUSY WEEK, but then, which are not?!? How many of you have your " To Do "
lists ready and at hand, whether written on a piece of paper as I do or on a
computer or hand-held device? I took a package to mail to the post office
yesterday for Valentine's Day and ran into our neighbor that was there, too; and
claimed that she was probably one of the very last people that still used the
mail to send bill payments?!? How many of you still do that? How many of you
still remember the last time that you did that? Time is moving so quickly these
days that it's all one big WHIRL and it's hard to focus and keep up. I always
find that if I do not check my lists three or four times that I miss something.
That one things falls through the cracks and may or may not get done?

COME SEE US today and be proactive about tonight's State Of The Union Address (
what will you all chose to drink while watching ? ), and also about Valentine's
Day. I enjoyed reading this morning's Washington Post newspaper and what they
had listed to do throughout this week. it's good, check it out. I meant to bring
it here and copy some of it but that was not on my " to do " list and so I
forgot. See what I mean?

WE HAVE many categories covered for you for the State-Of-The-Union Address
tonight from many chilled wines , still and sparkling; reds, whites and roses ;
ales, beers, ciders, liquor and liqueurs, sparkling water - you name ut.

FOR VALENTINE'S DAY we have some of Bailey Kasten's FABulous D.C.-made
chocolates and caramels from $10 - $15 a box. I enjoyed some recently and can
attest to how delicious each and every bite is : to be well-savored. We also
have all the same things listed above for you all, some of which I will begin to
single-out here for you all now.

ALE, CIDER & BEER From Santos -

1) " Smitten Golden Rye Ale " from BELL'S Brewery, Inc. ( On Special for
$10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, 6% alcohol by volume, go to :
www.bellsbeer.com for more info ) that sounds perfect for Valentine's Day this
Thursday. We should all be smitten more often. it's an awfully wonderful feeling
that sweeps over- rushes over us!

2) " Lips Of Faith " Series from both BREWERY VIVANT & BEW BELGIUM , Biere
De Garde/Beer To Keep ALE Brewed With Orange Peel (  $8.99, 9% alcohol by
volume, Fort Collins, Colorado, www.newbelgium.com ) : " Famous in Michigan for
their farmhouse ales. our friends at Brewery Vivant introduced us to their biere
de garde ale yeast strain. From there, we imagined a slightly tart,
intentionally dry beer with hints of Bergamot citrus that pairs perfectly with
French cheeses ". Makes perfect sense to me. Cheers. Like the innovation here.

3) Steam Beer Baley Ale From Bavaria DAMPFBIER ( $4.99  1 Pt. .9 Fl. Oz
bottle, 5% alcohol by volume, 20.04.13, product of Zwiesel, Germany ) comes in a
re-sealable brown bottle like GROLSCH , great taste and value and great
graphics, too!

4) Exit W16E Wild Rice Double IPA from FLYING FISH Brewing Co. ( On Special
for $14.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, 8.2% alcohol by volume, Somerdale, New
Jersey , www.flyingfish.com ) : " Rice helps this beer ferment dry to better
showcase the five different hops we use. We then dry-hop with generous amounts
of Chinook and Citra to create a nose that hints at tangerine, mango, papaya and
pine ". Sounds delicious!

5) THE Beer With A BRAZILIAN ACCENT : PALMA LOUCA ( $10.99 a 6-pack of
12-ounce bottles, go to : www.palmalouca.com ): be proactive and get some NOW
before the next World Cup or the next Olympics, it's really good and fresh and
lively and filled with the full spectrum of pastel colors like the country
itself! Cheers.


1) YOUNG GENEVER from DIEP 9 ( $33.99 a 750ml bottle, 35% alcohol by
volume, product of Belgium, go to : www.diep9.com ) : " Handcrafted in small
batches at De Moor distillery in Belgium since 1910, Diep 9 Genever combines
rye, wheat, malted barley, and nine fragrant botanicals in an authentic copper
pot still to deliver an award-winning taste that is truly characteristic of the
country from which it hails. "
NOTE : Anthony Rivera just tasted this with you all this past weekend to great

2) PASSION FRUIT GENEVER from DIEP 9 ( $29.99 a 750ml bottle, 20% alcohol
by volume, shake well, product of Belgium, www.diep9.com ) : " Grain neutral
spirits infused with 100% natural passion fruit juice and natural flavors ". It
sure did taste great this past Friday night when Anthony Rivera tasted it here :
smooth, supple, easy and flavorful and smooth on the lips, tongue and palate - a
real treat.

3) OLD GRAIN GENEVER From DIEP 9 ( $49.99 a 750ml bottle, 35% alcohol by
volume, product of Belgium, go to : www.diep9.com, ) : " Oude Graanjenever
double distilled in a traditional copper pot still from rye, wheat, and malted
barley at STOKERU DE MOOR since 1910 ".

4)  Asian Pear Eau De Vie from SUBARASHII KUDAMONO in Pennsylvania ( $49.99
a 375ml bottle, 40% alcohol by volume , www.winesofsubarashii.com, also :
www.wonderfulfruit.com ) is amazingly smooth and elegant and with less bite and
so easy to sip at the end of a meal. It's a great way to start to enjoy the
category of eau de vie which means : water of life ... Holly tasted it here this
past Friday evening and it was very well received. SPECIAL for Valentine's Day
when you get home after a great dinner here in the neighborhood! Cheers.

5) Single Barrel Sour Mash Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey from ELMER T.
LEE ( $32.99 a 750ml bottle, 45% alcohol by volume, Frankfort, Kentucky, ) : "
Elmer T. Lee, with fifty years experience has produced some of the finest
bourbons ever bottled. This is his own private selection ".

6) Wild Tea from ABSOLUT ( On Special for $20.99 a 750ml bottle, 40%
alcohol by volume, kosher, www.alsolut.com ) : " Just add lemon-lime soda ...
tea & elderflower flavored vodka ". Cheers.

I INTERRUPT THIS EMAIL to report that Eun Yang of NBC4 ( along with producer
Jason Gittlen ) are out filming the next " Foodies " broadcast on the Cleveland
Park neighborhood that will be run this coming Monday or the next? Keep
checking. It will be good. I will not reveal now the restaurants being covered.
I did hear Eun Yang talking about Lavandou and I thought it was about Fat
Tuesday/ Mardi Gras as that is today? But " no ", it's about our fine
restaurants in general. I informed Jason that Lavandou had been here for twenty
years now. If you want to learn more stop by and ask me.

FUNNY, I returned to continue writing the store email and a customer walked in
asking for Bill Sander's California 3-Spanish-type olive olive oil? He's a
regular and said that Bill was his neighbor and he wanted to buy some. I rushed
over to Lavandou where Bill is storing an extra case or two for such
emergencies. Great idea Bill, I now have the FIRST FRESH 500ml bottle of your
Extra Virgin OLIVE OIL for $18.99 for our customer! Perfect for Mardi Gras as
well as for Valentine's Day when you tire of chocolates and want a salad or some
garlic and olive-oil on toasted French toast?!? It's here! Come on by ...

BY THE WAY JASON, when will you do a segment on the great local D.C. retail
stores of ales. beers, ciders, liquors. liqueurs, and wines?!? There are enough
of us to make an interesting story for you all. After all, we do help so many
customers with their parties and other important functions. What do you think?!?

WINE By MICHEL & TONY - For Valentine's Day :


1) Asian Pear Wine from SUBARASHII KUDAMONO ( $17.99, 12% alcohol by volume
, www.wonderfulfruit.com ) is an off-dry wine made in Pennsylvania that Holly
described this past weekend as like a Riesling. It's so easy to enjoy, so
pleasing and bright and vibrant and perfect for this week with Fat Tuesday and
Valentine's Day. Try some.

2) Asian Pear Dessert Wine by SUBARASHII KUDAMONO ( $31.99, 20% alcohol by
volume, using Asian pears grown in Pennsylvania, produced and bottled in Baroda.
MI ) : it's so smooth and velvety and silky and pure and natural and easy to sip
all on it's own. It would go with so many things and yet it's delicious all by
itself. This is another way to bring closure to a wonderful Valentine's Day!

3) Asian Pear Sake from MOONSTONE ( $15.99 a 750ml bottle, 12% alcohol by
volume, from SAKE ONE, Forrest Grove, Oregon, USA , www.sakeone.com ) : "
Perfectly balanced The heavenly fragrance of ripe yellow pears dances delicately
with the melon and apple notes of fresh craft sake. ...   infused with Asian
Pear essence ... ". Nice, refreshing, warming, too.

4) HJ House Jam from CASABELLA Lambrusco Sweet Red Wine ( $8.99 a 750ml
bottle, 7.5% alcohol by volume,  www.housejamwine.com, Italy ) : " ... is the
Cold Red Wine with Zip ... Deep Purple in color with a Fresg Sweet Fruity
Flavor. Always serve cold... " The Party Pleaser ". It's a well-balanced,
pleasing red to chill with a bit of spice and some lovely character, too!
Cheers, and a GREAT PRICE as well.

DRY Whites -

1) Indigenous Durell Superiore dry Veneto Italian white from SANDRO DE
BRUNO , from Monti Lessini DOC ) $22.99 gp to : www.il-pioppo.com ) is amazing,
dry, flavorful, mineral and that " something extra and original " that is the
durello grape all itself in a dry, mineral, citrus non-sparkling version ( as
most of it is used to make sparkling fry Veneto wines.

2) Chardonnay/ Sauvignon Blanc 2010 dry white Vegan-Friendly French white
from DOMAINE DU TARIQUET Famille Grassa ( On Special for $11.99, from the Cotes
Du Gascogne southwest France region that makes great Bas-Armagnac, that we also
sell here on a regular basis. So full and round and lush and smooth and ripe and
silky and satiny and easy to drink all by itself. No edges, no worries, just
lose your cares and relax and tilt you heads back. close your eyes, coast and
glide and ride the may waves- water or air ... NICE. Great for Valentine's Day
and for watching tonight's State of the Union speech.

3) SOFIA California Sparkling Wine in 4 Cans With A Straw from Francis Ford
Coppola Winery ( $19.99 ) : all the ladies tell me it is so much fun! So men
take note : MANY fine ladies like these 4-packs of SOFIA California sparkling
wine. For before dinner, so the morning after, the weekend when you relax, on
trips, outside in the park on a beautiful day like today? Get a pack and have it
on reserve. it's shiny and red with silver and pink accents : everything nice.

DRY REDS - 3 From Europe :

1) Grenache " Cuvee Bastien " 2010/great vintage Cotes-Du-Rhone from the
DOMAINE DE CHATEAUMAR ( $18.99, 13.5% alcohol by volume, www.bougeoiswines.com .
Orange, France )  is a special treat becasue it's made from 100% of the Grenache
grape and many of you may not know this grape all by itself as it is so often
blended? A treat for a nice occasion like tonight as you watch the State of the
Union? Cheers.

2) " Espirito " 2010 ESPIRITO ( $10.99, 13.5% , vinho regional Tejo from
Portugal , Alentejo ) is a delightful and refreshing and easier-drinking blend
of 50% Touriga Nacional and 50% Castelao grapes from LAGOALVA. Lovely and
perfect to enjoy today as it is cold and sunny and bright but not too cold.

3) Bordeaux dry red blend 2010/ great vintage from HEBRARD ( $15.99 a
bottle, ) from Alliance Des Saveurs/ LVDH Imports is a flavorful and balanced,
tasty with a meal blend of 70% Merlot and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon. Enjoy.


STILL / Non-Sparkling -

1) 2011 Long Island Sagaponack, New York dry rose ( $16.99, made from the
Merlot grape? go to : www.wolffer.com ) is silky and smooth and wonderfully
elegant and fine and easy on one's palate, just enough action and energy and
excitement there so that ours can add into the equation and we can all sing in
harmony and bliss and contentment. Lovely with or without a meal.

SPARKLING -Dry Roses :

1) Cava Rosat from Spain's BOHIGAS ( On Special for $16.99, regularly
$20.99 a bottle, 11.5% alcohol by volume ) is a deep rose color, full of flavor
and character and personality and yet smooth and so approachable. too! Wonderful
to celebrate this Thursday!

2) Cava Spanish dry rose from CONDE De SUBIRATS ( $13.99, 11.5% alcohol by
volume ) was a favorite at our Big-Theme Bubbly/Sparkling/Champagne Wine-Tasting
last December 2012! Really easy to drink all by itself. Great rich, deep rose
color. Lose yourself in it's flavors.

3) Cremant De Bourgogns dry French Brut Rose from SIMONNET-FEBVRE ( $19.99,
methode traditionelle, a Chablis since 1840 , 12% alcohol by volume,
www.simonet-febvre.com ) is lighter in it's rose-salmon color and also a bit
more silky and refined in it's flavors. too. Beautiful. Get caught up in it's
wed of enticing tastes.

4) Estelado Rose dry secco " Santa Digna " of MIGUEL TORRES. Chile, Fair
Trade/Comercio Justo ( $21.99, 12% alcohol by volume, www.migueltorreschile.com
) is tasty, zippy, zesty, great presence and peaks and valleys of tastes and
flavors and best with food and desserts! A treat from Chile for Valentine's Day!

THREE Dry Rose Champagnes :

1) CHARLES ORBAN Brut RM/ Recoltant Manipulant/Harvester-Grower-Owner dry
sparkling Champagne rose from Troissy ( On Special for $44.99 a bottle,
regularly $50.99 a bottle ), from owner Jean-Remy this is a satiny. silky
carpeted treat any way you taste it!!!!

THE BEST that money can buy :
2) GRAND CRU Champagne Since 1874 Rose Authentique from BARNAUT , RM/
Recoltant Manipulant ( $59.99, from Bouzy ) is made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes
and is the most tasty, adventurous, robust, powerful, tasty dry Champagne to
pass over you lips. Great when there is some food involved. BUY fresh
strawberries and any other red or dark-colored berries, almonds ... and revel
and be seduced by it's character, taste and personality : alpha Champagne!!!!

3) GRAND CRU Fmom Ay , Champagne, from GATINOIS  RM/ Recoltant Manipulant
( $62.99 a bottle, 12% alcohol by volume ) : here we have real subtlety,
elegance , REFINEMENT and such a lovely shade of salmon-pink and silky, satiny
smooth-dry flavors that hover over the tastebuds that it's the PERFECT SPLURGE
Champagne for you all to treat yourselves to. Get a bottle and some of Bailey
Kasten's D.C. Finely-Made LOCAL chocolates and caramels. What a great splurge
and romantic combo. As our good customer Michael said : one-stop shopping. He
smiled, he was so happy. We made it easy for him.

MEN : Let Us Make It EASY FOR YOU! Come to your Valentine's Day shopping

WEDNESDAY, Our Weekly Wednesday Still/Non_Sparkling Wine SALE 3-Part :

1) BUY ANY bottle of still/non-sparkling wine over $20 and SAVE 20% OFF the
marked sticker price.

2) BUY ANY 6-0r-More Still/Non-Sparkling Wines and SAVE 15% OFF the marked
sticker prices.

3) BUY ANY 12 or More Bottles of Still Wine and SAVE 20% OFF the marked
sticker prices.

Included in the mix are port, sherry, marsala, madeira and sake.
Call us if you cannot come : 202-363-4265.

Get us to deliver to you if you cannot come : 202-363-4265.


Wednesday, ALL DAY our Still wine SALE mentioned above : every Wednesday.

Thursday, February 14th, 2013 : Michel and Tony are working on getting
someone to pour something SPECIAL for us here from 5-7PM. Check-in with us for
more info. Cheers.

Friday, February 15th, 2013 : 5-8PM - We have Scott of Monument Imports
here to pour some LUPI REALI Trebbiano dry Italian white, ZACA MESA California
wines, too like the Syrah 2008 Santa Ynez Valley that we sell  for $26.99 a
bottle, 14.5% alcohol by volume. It sure is full, rich, round and full and deep
on the palate with blanket-upon-blanket of soothing and warming flavors and

SANTOS and RAVI have set up a ALASKA Distillery Handcrafted " Buzz " Honey
Vodka and " Smoked Salmon " Flavored Vodka tasting here from 5-8PM. Flavorful,
distinct and so much fun. Join us, NEVER any charge.

Saturday, February 16th, 2013 - 2-6PM : We have Abi of FREE RUN Imports
here to pour some stunning " new " California wines for you all! This will be
fun, this will be a " first ". JOIN US, NEVER any charge.

UPDATE : We had a great time with local artiste extraordinaire Andre Way here
this past Saturday talking about her work and her 30-year retrospective at
American University's Kasten Art Center that is still running now. Andrea spoke
of her art on paper done with pen and colored pencil and she signed copies of
her book that is in color and beautiful ( On Sale here for $20 instead of $25 )
that would make a great gift, even for Valentine's Day for any of you artists
out there?!? She left some signed copies here. Come check it out.

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, YOU ALL are the very best! Come see us or call if you
cannot come by. 202-363-4265.

CHECK OUT our " New " and " Improved " Web Site : Cleveland Park Wines &
Spirits. Look at the pictures and the categories and order and have sent
anywhere where it is legal to loved ones and family and business associates. We
can do this for you now easily. Cheers ...

THANKS AGAIN ...    Happy Valentine's Day to one and all, happy Mardi Gras/ Fat
Tuesday, Ash Wednesday ... enjoy the Sate of the Union address tonight ...

AND ENJOY YOUR 3-Day Weekend with President's Day on Monday.

STOCK UP HERE for those 3 Glorious Days ...   TONY

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