Thursday, February 5, 2015

Annette Lizotte Of TENUTE TOMASELLA In Friuli, Italy Comes With Our Local Rep David To Taste Current Releases In Red Merlot And Refosco Grapes As Well As Pinot Blanc, And Tocai Friulano Dry White Grapes, Too : Tasted Great The Pinot Bianco, The 2007 100% Friulano White, And the Great 2012 85% Merlot And 15% Refosco : Wow Annette!

Great visit. loved the wines and will enjoy selling them in March at Cleveland Park Wine and Sirits in Cleveland Park, Northwest, 20008 202-363-4265/ Come by anytime, thanks, grazie, merci Annette, prost Annette! TONY 2/ 6 / 2015 ...#clevelandparkwineandspirits #wine#TenuteTomasella #tocaifriulano #friulano#refosco #merlot #pinotbianco #friuli cheers, happy Friday and weekend all!

Annette Lizotte of the TENUTE TOMASELLA, Friulian Italian fine wines here with David a little while ago to taste me and this 20007 Friulano Tocai just stunned and blew me away for it's depth, rich and mature nuanced bouquet that spoke of experience and flavor and ' living fully ', and I loved it from start-to-finish, and will offer it here in March. Annette will not come to pour this time but David will, this 100% Friulano lush and firm and fleshy and developed white, along with the racy and edgy and crisp and lean and firm and liquid-constant-love-dance-movement 2012, a dry medium-to-to-light-bodied blend of 85% Merlot and 15% Refosco.... wow to both of these . Mores pics to follow of the red, and we will offer them both here in March. Can't wait Annette, merci, grazie et prost Annette!  TONY 2/5/2015

did not personally respond really favorably to it finding it too easy of a wine to sip, I wanted more of a challenge .... and I found it in the second dry white that Annette poured for me : 2 ) a Pinot Bianco from ‪#‎TenuteTomasella‬ that was much more charged, more weight, more energy, more everything, more body and edge and I felt much more stimulated drinking it .... and then the old and aged and WONDERFUL ... 3) 2007 Tocai Friulano that had an intriguing and complex bouquet that warned me that it had experoence and maturity to relate, and it did in spades, giving 150 % of what it could and wowing me and so pleasing me! .... And then I did taste the ... 4) 100% Merlot which I found to be too confining and weighty and still young, a 2010, in the white label, I believe, that could use another 3-5 years at least for me to really open and become more available to my taste buds .... and then the ... 5) Verduzzo rose sparkling , just-off-dry that I liked and that began to really appeal to me once it had been in my glass for about ten-fifteen minutes and opened and blossomed and crystalized and firmed-up it distinct and varied flavors and tastes. A great wine with spicy and Asian meals, some cured hams, Annette went on with twenty or more food suggestions for it. Wish I had had a tape-recorder Annette , Annette Lizotteto find out more as she knows these wines inside-out, grazie Annette! I LOVED ... the 2012 dry red blend of 85% Merlot and 15% Reforsco which let me enter and dance and sing and express myself completely, like a Loire Valley Cabernet Franc almost, same idea : toasty and fresh and bright and edgy, some earth and spice accents and lots of energy and brightness, and for me just right ' rightness.' Get my flow? I hope so. Cheers, these wines will be with us in March when David comes and does an in-store Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits wine-tasting for our customers. I can hardly wait! TONY 2/5/2015
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There are more pics and more to say but I am posting this now and will add later. Cheers, happy Friday soon all!   TONY

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