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Andrew Stover Of Vino50 Selections USA And Cleveland Park Host A Wine-Dinner, Cheers! / ALSO : Terra Noble, Cousino-Macul, Valdivieso, Santa Digna, Viu Manent, Chilensis : All Fine Wines Of Chile!

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I'm thinking really good thoughts now

THE " Big Theme " Wine-Tasting Here this past Saturday, October 16th, 2010
was a HUGE SUCCESS and it was really a thrill to have you all taste wines from
Hawaii, Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, and Arizona as well as from Virginia,
Oregon, New York State, California and France. Yes, we cheated : WE TASTED
wines as well from Burgundy, France from wine-maker Michael Shaps because he
was one of our two featured speakers/guests and he makes wines in Monticello,
Virginia as well as with his partners Michel Roucher-Sarrazin who lives in the
town of Meursault, Burgundy, France. ALL THE WINES CO-EXISTED HERE in pretty
much perfect harmony and perfect pitch.

I WILL WRITE MORE  about all of them. We still have most of them here as
well as the sheets that we gave out so please ask for them when you come. It
was a treat to have both Andrew Stover that brings us all these U.S. States and
Michael Shaps that brings us Virginian as well as French wines. Also pouring
were both Mark Congdon and Nick Materese. Thanks guys : you were our four
musketeers this past Saturday and we could not have pulled this off without
your generous help and tremendous knowledge of all of these exciting wines.

switched days with Chris Barker so that he can be away with his fiancee and
enjoy some personal time away from the store. Have a " good one " Chris!

wine-maker Thinas Kruger of BOSCHENDAL winery in Franschoek, South Africa to be
our special guest this Saturday, October 23rd, 2010. We will have Thinas taste
both his BOSCHENDAL 2008 Chardonnay ($17.99 ) as well as his 2008 Sauvignon
Blanc ( $17.99 ). He will be here from 1-5 PM tasting both of the BOSCHENDAL
whites and we are now working on a red that he may pour as well and I am
thinking that it may be the DOUGLAS GREEN Shiraz that I recently tried along
with the BOSCHENDAL when we helped host the 17th Annual Georgetown Day,
Saturday, October 2nd, 2010.

THINAS KRUGER, WINE-MAKER @ BOSCHENDAL Winery in Franschoek, South Africa
will also be our " Special Guest " at the end of my next WINE-CLASS here in the
store where I cover many of the tips to tasting, evaluating and better
appreciating wines and the foods, too and how they may work better together and
complement the other better to create the " magic " that happens when the food
and wine " create " a taste that did not ever exist before in either by
themselves. We will end the tasting with the two wines of Thinas : his 2008
Sauvignon Blanc and his 2008 Chardonnay. I will start with the reds and then
finish with the whites : this is something that Robert Mondavi championed years
ago and which I personally like.
WE WILL FEATURE the wines from the Eastern Hemisphere in this class with
grapes that are indigenous to their countries and place of origin.
COST IS $10 A PERSON, and includes 6 WINES : SIGN UP NOW, class goes from
11:30AM-1PM. I am limiting my classes to 15 people so respond to this email or
call here at : 202-363-4265. I will need a phone number from you, too.
one of my best ever so come check it out. It will be fun to see what Thinas
Kruger brings to the table at our Wine-Tasting class.

BEER From Santos :

1) Wheat Dopplebock, brewed in 2006, from AVENTINUS ( $7.99 ) " is the
world's oldest top fermenting wheat-doppelbock, has received accolades for the
perfect balance of fruity spiciness ( banana, clove, vanilla ) and notes of
chocolate ( crystal & dark malts )" ... from the Schneider's Brewery, started
in 1999 with 240 cases made. It's one bottle wrapped in paper that looks to be
a 12 ounce bottle to me? No, it's a 500ml bottle!
2) DE M LTION Belgina Style Golden Ale ( On Special for $5.99. 7.2% alc.
by volume, 650ml ) from GOOSE ISLAND "  is brewed to honor the brave souls who
kept our bewery open while wrecking balls tore down the mall around us ".
3) Limited Release Eisbock 28 Ice Processes Winter Warmer from Red Hook ( On
Special for $7.99, 11.0% for the 1 pint 6fl. oz ) , this ale " is aged for
months at temperatures well below freezing ... and is extraordinarily smooth &
malty with a bittersweet complexity achieved by ice processing. Cheers to 28
years of Liquid Goodness from Redhook."


1) Blackcurrant Liquor ( Cassis ) Creme de Cassis from Rene de Miscault
( $12.99,  375ml, Musee des Eaux de Vie68650, Lapoutroie, Haut Rhine, France )
is " new and exciting " and will make great kirs and kir royales, too for
before a meal. Cheers!
2) Supreme Straight Rye Whiskey from PIKESVILLE ( $13.99. 750ml bottle,
40% alc, bottled by Standard Distillers Products Company in Bardstownm Kentucky
40004) and is also " new and exciting "! We've had customers tell us about it
and we just got it here this week or the last.

WINES From Chris & Tony :


1) Sawtooth Estate Winery Snake River Valley Riesling ( On Special for
$11.99, from Idaho was tasted here this past Saturday by Andrew Stover and it's
dry and bright, lively and quite pleasing - great value, too.
2) Chenin Blanc 2010 , Stellenbosch, South Africa ( $10.99 ) is quite
pleasing, crisp, dry , lively and nice with or without a meal. Owner Phillip
knows how to give us some really exciting, pleasing wines that complement a
wide range of foods, too.
3) 2009 Viognier from Michael Shaps' WINEWORKS in Charlottesville,
Virginia ( $16.49 ) is another real delight to taste and enjoy with or without
a meal. It shines so brightly and costs so little for all that cheer and
friendly flavors that always remain faithful, defined and refined. Yes!
4) 2008 California Dry Creek Valley Sauvignon Blanc ( $16.49 ) really
impressed Chris Barker and me the other day and so here it is a few days later.
California Sauvignon Blanc seems to be going through a great period of much
better and consistent quality with wines often with some true distinction and
also balanced. Try this one, you won't be sorry.
5) White4 2009 Huerhuero Paso Robles, CA. is a blend of  42% Vermentino,
29% Verdelho, 26% Viognier and 3% Sauvignon Blanc ( $14.99 ) and I really like
it. We tasted it here this past Friday with rep Chris Bartha of Cobblestone
Imports and I liked it when he brought the rep in as well as when he tasted it
again this past Friday. It's full, rich, muti-layered and got force yet
subtlety and real extensions - natural, that massage my complete
palate!Chardonnay from California's Santa Barbara County region, 2008, ( $21.99
) is back in stock and we have had people calling for it here and are thrilled
to have it back. I'm going to talk to my rep Jennifer to bring a bottle so that
we may taste it out soon with you all here. I'd like to try it again and see
what all the fuss is about.
6) 6) Maui Blanc Pineapple Wine with Caramel Coloring ( $14.99 ) from
Hawaii was tasted here again this past Saturday by Andrew Stover and it's a bit
off-dry, bright, full, silky and rich on the tongue and just feels great in the
mouth. I really enjoyed it and will use some this Thanksgiving with my meal.
Thanks Andrew for bringing this to us and to my attention.
7) Dry Riesling Blend ( $17.99 ) called SHINDIG and the pet-project of
Andrew Stover from New York's Finger Lakes district. It ripples and vibrates-
resonates with delectable nuances of brightness and dryness/fryness/joy-in
cryness... lovely and it sure did show well here this past Saturday when Andrew
poured it. It will complement so many meals whether formal or relaxed.
8) " Tazi " 2008 dry white table wines from ARIZONA STRONGHOLD ( $25.99 )
is a compelling argument to drink dry and flavorful white from Arizona. It's a
blend of 52% Sauvignon Blanc, 21% Chardonnay, 19% Riesling and 8% Malvasia
Bianca. It, too showed fabulously this past Saturday when Andrew poured it. I
liked it, and if I had had more time I would have stopped what I was doing to
pay more attention to it. That's how interesting the flavors on first and
second sip were to me.


1) NO PARKING 7:00-4:00 PM ( $17.99 ), from BROOKLYN OENOLOGY ( BOE )
from New York's Finger lakes region is a 2009 Cabernet Franc rose that's a real
treat to sit around and sip and enjoy all by itself or with many hors
d'ouevres, too. Great on a picnic now with our Indian summer continuing still



1) Raoul's " Old Basket Press " 2009 dry red from the BEAUMONT Vineyard
( $15.49 ) from South Africa's Walker Bay is by now an old-favorite of ours
here in Cleveland Park. It's a blend that includes Shiraz and this new 2009
vintage is a bit more firm and tightly-knit that the last. It will soften,
round-out and become smoother with age but for the moment it's a very fine food
2) " Ariane " 2002 dry red blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and
Cabernet Franc from BEAUMONT Vineyard in South Africa's Walker Bay is named
after Raoul's daughter Ariane. It's On Special for $19.99 a bottle ( regularly
$34.99 ) and is drinking really well now. We have very little of it so don't
delay if you want some : it won't be here very long. Rich, mature, very complex
and multi-layered and yet quite refined, too.

3) Pinot Noir dry red Michigan 2008 ( $17.99 ) is medium-to-light-bodied
and very youthful and fresh and earthy-toasty with some Marechal Foche blended,
too? It will be a lovely Thanksgiving wine, chilled slightly and serve it with
some turkey as it will cut beautifully through the fresh cranberry sauce as
well as gravy and Brussel sprouts, too.
4) Malbec/ Tempranillo/ Merlot dry red blend " Yin " 2008 from
California's Temecula region in southern California was made by Andrew Stover
himself and it's being poured here in town at one or more restaurants, right
Andrew? You made it for one of them, which one? Let me know as I'd like to
include the information later. It sells for $21.99 a bottle and I will have to
open another bottle with our customers as I did not get a chance to focus on it
this past Saturday here.
5) 2008 TURN4FOUR Napa County Cabernet Sauvignon ( On Sale for $27.99 ) is
made by BENNET LANE and Chris really liked it. I still have to taste it myself.
Ask Chris about it next time you stop by.Le Petit Pinot Noir from PHELPS CREEK
Vineyards in Washington State's Columbia Gorge ( $21.99 ) is showing nicely.
It's actually got some very interesting " twists " of flavor that I noticed and
grew to like as I sipped it this past Saturday here as I rushed around.
6) Petit Sirah 2008 from Virginia's Monticello region and made by Michael
Shaps of the MICHAEL SHAPS winery ( $29.99 ) is the definition of elegance,
refinement and silky brightness- lovely-engaging-let's get married!
7) 2005 ( great vintage ) Vosne-Romanee " Les Chalandins " from SHAPS &
ROUCHER-SARRAZIN ( On Special for $64.99 ) from Burgundy, France is subtle and
refined , medium-to-light-bodied and yet still got a bit of added spice and
edge and attitude that needs a bit of food or perhaps needs to be open between
1-2 hours before drinking it. Bottles are signed for gifts, too by Michael. We
had it open here this past Saturday.


Friday, October 22nd, 2010 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Alfredo Cohen/ Estebe of
Tradewinds coming again to pour the Argentina wines of the La Rioja region :
CHANARMUYO Estate Viognier 2009 and the Malbec and dry red blends, too ( both
at $10.99 ) and I will see what else they have available by Wednesday. Join us,
Alfredo is from the winery and can speak to you all about Argentina as well.
Never any charge.
Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 : Two Parts -
1) 11:30-1 PM: Wine Class Of Eastern Hemisphere wines, where it all
started, 6 wines, $10 per person, only 15 people per class, with " special
guest " Thinas Kruger, wine-maker of BOSCHENDAL Franschoek South African winery
here for the last thirty minutes of the class talking about his 2008 Chardonnay
and his 2008 Sauvignon Blanc.       2) 1-5 PM : Special Guest wine-maker Thinas
Kruger of BOSCHENDAL Winery in Franschoek, South Africa will be here to taste
the BOSCHENDAL Chardonnay and the Sauvignon Blanc ( Both are 2008 and both are
On Special for $16.49 a bottle. We will also have Thinas pour the DOUGLAS GREEN
South African 2008 Shiraz ( On Special for $11.99 a bottle ). JOIN US, NEVER
any charge.

I AM SURE THAT I AM FORGETTING SOMETHING but it's time to push the " send
" button here on my computer. Come and see us, come give us some of your input,
share with us, unwind and let's share and compare notes and stories.
and the rescue of the 33 miners with the world's help. We are selling the VIU
many more Chilean wines to celebrate this joyous event when for awhile there we
all became Chilean in rejoicing and celebrating this human joy of ours in very
difficult times.
NOTE : I think that the new Chilean ambassador was holding in his hands a
bottle of the VALDIVIESO ( $14.99 ) sparkling wine that was one of the very
first Chilean wineries to come to the United States way back when with Alfredo
Bartholomaus back in the early eighties. We have a k=little bttle-age you and I
Alfredo now! Cheers to you, to one and to all! What an amazing story-time.
Facebook @ clevelandparkwine&spirits


THANKS AGAIN for everything and all your support, cheers,  TONY

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