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Winemaker Dinner March 5th, 2015 , Thursday With Vittorio Navacchia of TRE MONTI In Romagna, Italy At Piccolo Ristorante And Much More, Read On!

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Impromptu, serendipitous, a lot of life may be channeled and harnessed that
way. It is my preferred way as there is so much energy already happening
all around us.

Robert Kennedy of his own Italian Import company RWK Imports just came by
with copies of our next wine dinner with owner/ winemaker Vittorio
Navacchia of his own TRE MONTI. WE will be at Piccolo Ristaurante in
Georgetown once again on Thursday, March 5th, 2015 at 6:30PM and will be
tasting with Vittorio his wonderful Romagna Italian reds and whites made
from the Romagna Sangiovese red grape as well as the indigenous Albaba. The
cost of this dinner with an Antipasti Misti, a Primi Piatti, a Secondo
Piatto and an Il Dolce will cost $65 per person ( plus tax and gratuity ) .
The restaurant is located at : 1068 31st Street NW. Please call :
202-342-7414 for reservations.

We did a fabulous dinner there already with TENUTA CASALI wines of Romagna
with owner and winemaker Silvie. I loved the whole experience then. The
setting in the back of the restaurant is slightly elevated just above the
bar and is spacious and well-lit, cozy still and very comfortable, and we
all had a wonderful experience then that we will recreate again with
Vittorio that is like family here as we have been selling Vittorio's wines
here now for years.

I Got To Meet Vittorio and his wife years ago when Oscar and Olivia brought
them here. They have been here now three or four times I believe.

If You Want More to stimulate your palate and interest go to their Facebook
page or web page at TRE MONTI and see the segment that Anthony Bourdain did
there on his show : " No Reservations! " It was only one of two episodes
that he did with wine at a winery, the other one was in Provence, France.

I Find Myself Tweeting all the time now to ' get R Word Out ' as there is
so much to share. I just tweeted this dinner thirty minutes ago and I bet
it will be shared by other tweeters as there is a whole world out there

I Need To Get Better at it and to start looking at more of the other tweets
out there. I need to answer them and re-tweet them, too. It all takes time,
it all takes discipline and making some time each day as there is so much
available and yet how will anyone know if they do not see what we are

It Is Stimulating, It Is Fun, I am enjoying the challenge as it very much
is that : a big challenge of how to stay visible and relevant and on
peoples' minds and good thoughts / graces, too!!!!

You Should All Follow Us On Twitter at : cpwinespirits and also at,
wineenabler. Stay caught-up with us as we try valiantly to stay caught-up
with you and the world spinning by madly around us!

I Am So Sorry to hear from Betty KRISTENSEN of the recent passing of Aris
A. Zissis on 4th of February, 2015. He would have been 86 on the 11th of
February. He was a true gentleman and friend and a mentor, too in many ways
as he started some of the early Greek wine-importing with the wines of
Central Greece called INO. For $11.99 including a dry white and medium-dry
white, a dry red and a medium-dry red, and a Retsina, as well as an Ouzo,
and the FIX Greek beer as well,

The INO Medium-Sweet Red has always led the sales, a blend of 35% Cabernet
Sauvignon, 40% Grenache rouge and 25% Carignan. INO is located in Thebes,
Greece and has been nice to sell here, and have Aris and Betty come in the
past to taste and sell it to you all, and I have also seen it at the Greek
churches here at their festivals, and seen Betty and Aris tasting them so I
would stop to chat and catch up on the latest info which covered the whole
gambit with Aris from early DC wine business to politics, family, Greece
and it's people and the many difficulties of helping the younger people
wanting to start importing wines here from Greece like Sotiris Bafitis did
years ago.

We used to buy many Nemea wines also from Aris that were mentioned in the
Washington Post wine columns by Ben Giliberti, various older vintages that
were from the 1997, 1998 and 1999 vintage as I recalled.


We will have to do a wine-tasting here of INO and celebrate Aris the man,
the importer, the extraordinary human being, gentleman and wine-pioneer
that he was. As my friend said earlier today, Annette said that his memory
would continue through us and all the positive things that he did to touch
and inspire all of us over them many years : three decades.

SANTOS JUST BROUGHT me an apple cider from France :

1) Clos Normand Brut French-fermented cider, On Special for $7.99 a 750ml
bottle, from Normandy, France, 4% alcohol by volume, what a great deal! I
will have to buy some and take it home and enjoy it, perhaps even tonight
as this is good weather for a good apple cider and Normandy , France is one
of the greatest areas ever of production, along with the great Calvados
apple brandies and the Pommeau des Charentes that they make there as well,
all of which we carry and sell here.


2) Natural Hard Apple Cider with Pilsner Yeast and Pure Apple Juice from
CRISPIN, On Special for $6.99 a 22 Fl. Oz bottle, with 5.6% alcohol by
volume, certified GF Gluten-Free, : " Experiencing a yeasty lager like nose
with fresh citrus & green apple. Clean and refreshing. Hints of honey ... "


1) ' Spring Saison ' Parallel 49 Wheat Beer HAYFEVER Ladies & Gentlemen ...
, On Special for $11.99 a 4-pack of 11.5 Fl. Oz bottles, 6.5% alcohol by
volume, product of Canada, ... : " Till the earth, tip the bottle. With the
new season comes a new saison - complex, with a semi-dry finish. " From
Parallel 49 Brewing, Vancouver, B.C. WE also have another flavor up front
as well that Santos ordered and I will include that next week. Stay-tuned.

ON  LIQUEUR / LIQUOR From Jagir and Malkit :

1) Acai Spirit VEEV , an Acai liqueur, $27.99 a bottle, 30% alcohol by
volume, made with the national fruit from Brazil called Acai that brothers
of Veev, Courtney and Carter Reum call " the world's preeminent SUPER FRUIT
", They recommend making a Superfruit Margarita with 1 Oz VeeV Acai spirit,
1 Oz blanco / bianco tequila, 1 Oz fresh lime juice, 1 Oz Simple Syrup or
agave nectar. Shake all ingredients well with ice and strain into a
ice-filled rocks glass. ... " This has been popularized by surfers. How
many of you are surfers? Surf the web, drink VeeV Acai while you do?!? Just
an idea ...

2) Amaro Di ANGOSTURA Liqueur from the House of ANGOSTURA, $29.99 a 750ml
bottle, 35% alcohol by volume, From Trinidad and they are of course famous
for their bitters that everyone simply must have at any bar.

3) Reserva Rum from DIPLOMATICO, $23.99 a 750ml bottle, , a RON Extra Anejo
/ Aged Rare Rum : " Reminiscent of sherry, soft wood, oak and vanilla, an
amber Ron Extra has an elegant and a very refined flavor. Nice to sip
slowly and feel this liquid wealth spread and spread and spread
beautifully, effortlessly in this intense cold ...

4) ' Double Barrel ' Irish Whiskey from GLENDALOUGH, $39.99 a 750ml bottle,
42% alcohol by volume, aged more than three and a half years .... nice.
Have you experienced GLENDALOUGH yet?

WINE From Chris and Tony :

SAKE : Rice Wine ...
1)  Sake from TY.KU Premium JUnmai imported sake , $17.99 a 750ml bottle,
15% alcohol by volume, : " this Silver is a premium Junmai sake that
utilizes 30% polished sake rice and all natural ingredients. Fresh and
slightly sweet with subtle pear notes, leaving softness on the palate. "
Produced in Japan. Really good price as a well as really smooth taste, very
pleasing sipping. Cheers.

2) Gruner Veltliner Classic 2014 from Carnuntum, Austria, $14.99, from
Kwselection is lovely and tonight Andrew will taste it here with you all
from 6-8PM! Join us, no charge, bright, refreshing, lovely!

3) 2011 ' Tazi " dry white Arizona blend from ARIZONA STRONGHOLD, an
opulent mouth-feel blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Malvasia Bianca ,
Chenin Blanc and Gewurzytaminer. This is a ' perfect ' rich and flavorful
white to enjoy with this biting cold, and it is on a deep discount now at
$16.99, it used to sell for $24.99. Andrew Stover will also taste this here
tonight, come and taste, buy and save!

4) 2011 " Mangus " dry Arizona red blend from ARIZONA STRONGHOLD in Cochise
County, this blend of Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot
and Cabernet Franc impresses me greatly for it's subtle, elegant, delicate
and seemingly non-apparent flavors as it is so light and clear in color ,
and yet it EXPLODES with all it's amazing taste, flavor, charm, warmth and
tremendous appeal. I love it, I am always so pleased and pleasured when I
taste it!

5) Malbec , Mendoza, Argentina 2013 from COLORES Del SOL, On Special for
$8.99, Chris and I will open it this week and share a taste with you. Come
and try it here. We will have it open on either Wednesday or Thursday!

6) Bonarda Mendoza, Argentina 2013 from MI TERRUNO ' Uvas ', $12.99, 13.5%
alcohol by volume, nice and earthy, dusty and a touch rustic and yet also
some lively, zippy cherry-berry fruit with personality and tremendous
versatility. I like it. Have tasted it twice now, once this past Friday
when John poured it here for you all from 5-8PM. Thanks John!

7) 2013 Albana Secco ' Vigna Rocca ' TRE MONTI , $18.99, from Italy's
Romagna region and taste it early before our winemaker dinner with owner
Vittorio at Piccolo Ristaurante on Thursday, March 5th, 2015 at 6:30PM. It
has so much body and extra weight and mouth-feel, liquid sunshine that
grows on the palate and becomes even more spectacular as it opens. Great
for this cold weather.

8) 2010 ' Petrignone ' Sangiovese Riserva from TRE MONTI in Italy's Romagna
region, $23.99, a bit more old-world style, medium-bodied, drinking
beautifully now, had some during the past holidays from a magnum bottle
that blew us all away. It is showing so well, what a fine food wine : for a
hearty, a flavorful meal, sip , relax, feel expansive and enjoy thoroughly!
Vittorio will use this at his dinner on Thursday, March 5th at Piccolo.



Andrew Stover here tonight to taste the wines he should have tasted here
this past Saturday if it had not been for the horrible weather. Join us, no

FRIDAY, February 27th, 2015 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Chris Bartha here to taste
an assortment of his wines from Italy to France.

ALSO : We have Luca Bosio here of his own Piemontese property tasting his
Barbera Di Asti dry red called " Leda "  Truffle Hunter. ALSO : Dick Rosano
our local winewriter and book writer will be here signing copies of his
latest book on wine called " Hunting Truffles." Join us, never any charge!
Everyone always welcome!

SATURDAY, February 28th, 2015 ( 2-6PM ) : WE have Marci here of Constantine
Imports to taste an assortment of the fine JOSEPH MELLOT wines of Sancerre,
Loire Valley, France : the ' value ' wines that include Sauvignon Blanc,
Pinot Noir and a bice dry rose Pinot Noir, too.

JOIN US, Never any charge!

Thanks for everything. We appreciate all your support now and over the
years!  TONY

Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits' Tuesday Weekly Store Email Written By Anthony Quinn On Feb 26th, 2013, Enjoy : ON : Vermentino, BRUNI Tuscany, " Hooked " German Riesling, Tower 15 ' The Swell ', Terradora Dipaolo Aglianico, Dalliance Zinfandel, Duchman Family Winery McPhersons' American Sparkling Wine, Pisco Porton & More ...

Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits
PARTIES Big & Small, Weddings, Anniversaries, Celebrations, Wakes, Impromptu,
Serendipitous Happenings : we do some of all of this here as it is all part of
your lives. Let us help you with Gift Certificates for family and friends and
business associates. ALSO : make sure if you are getting married and you
like/love wine that you set up a gift registry here with us so that you don't
get five toasters and seven vases and lots of things that you neither want or

WE CAN HELP YOU with making your life easier : that is the reason that we are
here. This being the last week of February you can begin to think of March/ How
many of you face the " sequester " issue and are worried? Today's Washington
Post coverage of everyone back in session in Congress does not look promising
and that must be upsetting to many of us? Are our voices being heard loudly/ in

BUT HEY, this is supposed to be about positive things to relax and make us all
more happy and healthy?!? I will leave the politics to the politicians but it is
good to stay informed and to comment where we can and to make a difference where
we can. Right? The Washington Post did make a general statement I believe
wondering why the public response had been so little concerning all this?

WE HAVE some really nice things to make you all aware of that are especially
nice with this colder, brisker, damper weather. Here are some of the  ...

ALE, BEER & CIDER From Santos :

1) Blue Law Porter " Exponential SERIES " from EPIC BREWING ( On Special
for $8.99 a 1 Pt. 6 Fluid Ounce bottle, 7% alcohol by volume,
www.epicbrewing.com ) : " Blue Law Porter celebrates Utah's State Tree, The Blue
Spruce. The spruce tips used are hand picked on and around Capitol Hill where
new blue laws, like spruce tips, emerge each year ". Only a few thousand bottles
released ( Salt Lake City, UT 801-906-0123. Check it out, this is brewed with
blackberry puree with spruce tips added.

2)  1809 Brewed in the traditional style of the Berliner Weisse ( $6.99, 5%
alcohol by volume, 1 Pt 9 Fl. Oz, product of Germany ) ; " Already in the 1600's
the Berliner Weisse Style Beer was mentioned in documents by the French
reformers " Huguenots " as they crossed Berlin on their way to Flanders. Try
some. Cheers.

3) 950 Cuvee Quadruple hopped Belgian Blond Ale frp, AFFLIGEN ABDIJ-ABBEY (
$10.99 , 1 Pt. 9.4Fl. Oz bottle, 6.8% alcohol by volume, product of Belgium )
will warm you up in these cold and damp days and nights! THE SHOW must go on ...

4) JACK'S Hard Cider w? Local Pennsylvania apples ( On Special for $9.99 a
six-pack of 12 ounce cans, 5.5% alcohol by volume, www.jackhardcider.com ) : "
We produce a hard cider from the ground up. We grow, press, and ferment apples,
then package the final product ...  ". This is also something nice for this
colder and damper period, good now before sequestration, and good after ...

5) Eight Point I.P.A. India Pale Ale from DEVILS BACKBONE Brewing Company (
On Special for $10.99 six-pack of 12-ounce bottles, 5.9% alcohol by volume,
Lexington Virginia , www.devilsbackbonebeer.com ) : we have the three flavors
and they will be tasted here this Friday from 5-8PM. Cheers.


1) PISCO PORTON from HACIENDA LA CARAVEDO ( On Special for $39.99,
regularly $44.99 a bottle, 43% alcohol by volume, established 1684, product of
Peru. www.PiscoPorton.com ) : Michele tasted this here this past Friday on
George Washington's 281'st birthday celebration and it was very well-received.
It sure is smooth, elegant and polished and bright. I had a taste all by itself.
I actually wanted to try the product all by itself to see what all the hype is
about!!! The packaging is gorgeous and will make a great gift and the PISCO
PORTON is a delight to sip as well. GREAT VALUE now, come get some before the
price goes back to $45 a bottle! Cheers.

2) THe Original KOLOA Kaua'I Dark Hawaiian Rum from Rama, Hawaii ( $41.99,
40% alcohol by volume, www.koloarum.com ) : " It all started here! Hawaii's
first Sugar Plantation was established on Kaua'I in 1835 in Kolao town.

Native Hawaiians and other plantation workers from around the world made history
pioneering Hawaii's sugar industry. Today, Kaual's " tall cane " continues to
thrive in the rich volcanic soil, nurtured by the pure waters of Mt. Wai ale ale
. the wettest spot on the earth ... ". I like that, the wettest spot on the
earth. That must be something!

How many of you have been there and can tell us about their experiences there?
Please respond to this email and share them with us. Come and try this and the
others as well as we have the whole line perhaps here now. Support Hawaii and
good rum as well.

3) All Natural BLOOD ORANGE SKYY Infusions ( On Special for $15.99 a
bottle, Lawrenceburg, KY, USA, www.skyyinfusions.com ) : " ... made with real
blood oranges, starts with premium Skyy vodka which is carefully infused with
all natural ingredients for the irresistibly crisp, fresh taste of lusciously
sweet blood orange. ... ".

4) GIN from the ROYAL DOCK / HAYMAN'S  of Deptford, Navy-strength GIN (
$27.99 a bottle, 57% alcohol by volume, www.hayman-distillers.co.uk ) : " Our
family has supplied this very same gin to both the Admiralty and the trade from
1863. Its bright and robust profile had great appeal among the highest ranks.
Based in London, we delivered to the Royal Victoria Yard ...  ".
5) Mandarin Napoleon Grande Liqueur Imperiale ( $44.99 a 750ml bottle, 38%
alcohol by volume, ; distilled, blended and bottled in Belgium Fourcroy ,
www.mandarinenapoleon.com ) : " Make the MANDARITO : one-half lime, 6 leaves of
fresh mint, 2cl Mandarine Napoleon, Sounds so flavorful and refreshing this
MANDArito ...


Last week owner K. N. Vinod of INDIQUE ( 3512-14 Connecticut Avenue,
Washington D.C. 20008, 202-244-6600 www.indique.com ) needed something for
himself and he stopped to chat and we caught up on business and things for
awhile and I introduced him to a couple of our customers here. It's always good
to stay caught-up with the other local businesses here as we all help each other
out and are benefited from the fact that we all draw customers here to Cleveland
Park our wonderful Northwest neighborhood, and thus to each other. Cheers K.N. :
love your gentle and pleasing smile, and the fine food at INDIQUE, too.

ALSO : JP Caceres the Brand Manager - Washington D.C. of PISCOPORTON was
here with Michele on George Washington's 281st birthday helping to pour and
explain the philosophy of PISCOPORTON a very fine and refined and
elegant-tasting Peruvian Pisco. It was fun to have them both here as it's
helpful to get different perspectives and points-of-view as JP ( Juan ) is from
South America, not Peru but he was asked by them to work for them he quickly
pointed this out to one of our customers! Welcome Juan to Cleveland Park Wines &

ALSO :  We welcome Renee A. McCoy-Collins, DDS, of the Capitol DENTAL
group here as a neighbor and customer. If you are looking for a new dentist you
can reach her at : RMccoycollins@capitoldental.net / rmoms@aol.com. Welcome


I sent you a special email about this this past Wednesday as this is a fun
and special opportunity that we are involved in here as we ALWAYS sell and
represent and encourage our customers to think and drink and discover " outside
the box " as  they sample wines from around the United States that are
less-known still. PLEASE READ and go see and meet and here wine-writer
extraordinaire Jancis Robinson talk about her book collaboration called AMERICAN
WINE, It's excellent. I bought my copy and love it. Jancis will hold a
discussion with Washington Post wine-writer Dave McIntyre at the Baird
auditorium on Thursday evening, March 21st, 2013 at 7PM I believe. Cost is $75 a
person for the event to meet Jancis Robinson.


High Plains Driftin', Sippin and Eatin' Wine Dinner at MAYFAIR & PINE
Restaurant, Glover Park :

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013
$70 Per Person

Sommelier Andrew Stover ( Vino 50 ) and Executive Chef Emily Sprissler are
pleased to invite you to an executive wine and foof pairing event to highlight
the wines from the High Plains Texas. Discover some of the Texas Panhandle's
best boutique wineries : McPHERSON, DUCHMAN : a 6-course Texas Wine Dinner. To
purchase tickets go to :  http:
//tastedc.com/event/6-course-texas-wine-dinner-mayfair-pine    at : 2218
Wisconsin Ave. NW  Washington, D.C. 20007  ( 202- 333-2090 ).
WOW !!!! WHAT A FUN EVENING! Come check the menu here or go to our Facebook
page to see it at :  Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits.


1) McPHERSON American Sparkling Wine, Extra Dry ( $19.99 a bottle, 12%
alcohol by volume, only 630 cases made,  www.mcphersoncellars.com ) : made by
the two brothers, one living in Texas and the other in California - in Temecula,
CA. to be exact. Smooth, soft, elegant, fresh and so elegant, so easy to enjoy
with or without food!
2) DUCHMAN Family Winery 2010 Dolcetto Bingham Family Vineyads ( $19.99,
13.5% alcohol by volume, ) , made by Stan and Lisa Duchman and winemaker Dave
Reilly. WE have a few bottles left, it was written up by Dave McIntyre in the
Washington Post and has sold-out at Siema imports now.
3) " La Herencia " V. 2010 - Texas, red table wine from McPHERSON (
$18.99 , 13.9% alcohol by volume , www.mcphersoncellars.com ) : is a blend of
78% tempranillo, 12% Mourvedre, 5% Grenache and 5% Syrah.
ALL 3 are excellent and fun and worth trying at least once.


2009 / 2010 : 2 Great BORDEAUX YEARS:

1) 2009 CHATEAU De CAILLAC, Graves, dry red blend ( $21.99 a bottle, 13%
alcohol by volume , Illats, Bordeaux ) : this dry medium-to-light-bodied-red is
drinking beautifully now. All the flavors and notes have blossomed, or so they
had when I tasted them with the owner Philippe that is a regular and good friend
now. We love his visits. I commend him, too as he is one of the rare Bordeaux
owners that visits us here and we do appreciate that. Bravo! Try some - you will
like this a whole lot!

2) CHATEAU Du GAZIN 2010 frm Canon Fronsac, Bordeaux is a more spicy,
hearty, pithy, flavorful dry red that has more edge and bite. I like it though
it is young. You can drink it now with a meal but it will clearly age and
improve in the bottle with another 3-6 years or so. No need to rush : perhaps
have a bottle every other year? Cheers.


1) Syrah 2011 " Grand Vallon " of Charles Brotte ( $7.99, Vaucluse, 13%
alcohol by volume, France ) : what a great everyday deal for a flavorful dry
French Syrah at only $7.99 a bottle.

2) Rosso Toscano 2010 from VILLA d' ( $8.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume,
Montepulciano, Tuscany, Italy ) :  ... an easy to drink, velvety wine ... at a
great price, too. Cheers. For you Ernie among others ...

HOT OFF THE PRESS : Our good customer Zeeshan Ahmad just brought me a copy of an
old hardback book : The Wines Of ITALY by Cyril Ray published by Octopus Press
in 1966! Thanks Zee! Any of you interested, come by and look at this neat old
book with good text and some fun photographs, too! Cheers.

3) A Zinfandel soft, velvety-plush dry California blend from Lake County,
this DALLIANCE 2010 ( $17.99, 14.5% alcohol by volume , www.dalliancewines.com )
is lush and ripe, bright red-fruit-forward and with no edge, just comfortable
pillows in which to rest your tongue and palate! Cheers. Chris Bartha tasted it
here this past Saturday with you all.

4) Aglianico indigenous dry red from southern Italy, a 2010 from
TERRADORA DIPAOLO ( $17.99, Campania, Italy, 13% alcohol by volume, from Vias
imports, www.terradora.com ) : this red medium-to-light-bodied red impressed me
for it's brightness, elegance and finesse : and for giving me space to stretch
my tongue out in it's flavors and to become thrilled and satisfied, too. Bravo :
a fine wine, a fine effort. Really nice. Our FAB rep Franceen Kahng of Vias
Imports tasted it here this past Friday with you all on George Washington's
281st birthday celebration here. Thanks/ grazie Franceen.

5) TOWER 15 " The Swell " 2-1- from Paso Robles, California ( $21.99,
14.8% alcohol by volume , www.tower15winery.com ) is a dry, hearty and
robust-balanced blend of 31% Cabernet Sauvignon, 28% Malbec, 27% Merlot and 14%
Petit Verdot. Chris Bartha tasted it here this past Saturday and it was another
big success - perhaps the best-selling of his four weekend wines here.


ALL small beer/liquor and wine stores are having trouble with the store
window displays of wines now that is recent and caused by recent developments
that we all have to look further into before saying more but it is odd that
after all these years we all are having trouble and obstacles to having wine
window displays?!? Whom is wielding their muscle and brawn to make this now an
issue? SO : come see Andrew Stover's ( on Vino 50 Wine Selections ) excellent
STRONGHOLD Arizona wine window before it goes down at the end of this week.
Andrew did a great job : it's a fun window. Cheers.


1) " Hooked " German  Riesling From Rudi Wiest Selections ( $12.99, 9.5%
alcohol by volume,  www.ridiwiest.com ) : this is a touch off-dry but this past
Saturday when Chris Bartha tasted it all with you it tasted just perfect for the
cold and the wet of the weather! Nice, I like everything except the label. I
guess that I am " hooked " on everything except the label! Cheers. Try some.

2) Gruner Veltliner 2011 from Austria's LUST & LAUNE ( $17.99, 11.5%
alcohol by volume, www.magellanwineimports.com ) : this is smooth and bright and
lighter-bodied and really nice sipping but I will like it even better as we get
into warmer weather. Nice to sip inside where it is warm and toasty, then it
becomes more refreshing. Great label, a well-balanced, well-made wine. Cheers.

3) Vermentino indigenous dry white originally from Spain but famous in
Italy, this " Plinio " from Tuscany's Maremma region, this BRUNI ( $19.99, 12.5%
alcohol by volume , www.aziendabruni.it ) is a delight to enjoy : distinct,
balanced, flavorful and so very versatile in all it's food combinations.
Franceen Kahng of Vias imports also tasted this here with you all on Friday,
George Washington's 281st birthday. What a treat that was : 5 great tasting this
past Friday!

WEDNESDAY Weekly 3-Part Still Wine Sale:

1) BUY ANY Still-Non-Sparkling Wine over $20 and SAVE 20% OFF the marked
sticker price.
2) BUY ANY six still wines and SAVE 15% OFF the marked sticker price.
3) BUY ANY 12 or more still-non-sparkling wines and SAVE 20% OFF the
marked sticker prices. This includes port, sherry, madeira, marsala and sake.
CALL : 202-363-4265 and place your order if you cannot come. PAY and SAVE on
Wednesdays here at Cleveland Park Wines.


1) Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 ( ALL DAY ) : SAVE on our three-part
still-non-sparkling WINE SALE!

2) Friday, March 1st, 2013 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Oscar Losama, part-owner
of VOILA Imports here to pour a selection of his fine French and Oregon wines
here with you all. Something for everyone, call for more info : 202-363-4265.
Cheers, JOIN US, never any charge.

3) Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Damien our local French
rep from Opici here to taste some excellent French wines :  1) Cotes Du Rhone "
Valvigneyre " 2011 dry white Rhone from Alain Paret, $15.99 , 13% alcohol by
volume, www.maison-alain-paret.fr,   2) 2011 Bourgogne Chardonnay from Chartron
et Trebuchet, $17.99, 13% alcohol by volume that had nutmeg was it in the
taste?  ,  3) French Syrah 2010 ( great vintage , $17.99, 13% alcohol by volume,
from Louis Cheze, this Pays des Collines Rhodaniennes is made outside of Cote
Rotie is it, or Cornas ( ? ) , and offer a great peppery, spicy, earthy Syrah at
a very reasonable price! Go to : www.domainecheze.com for more info on this
northern Rhone wine.  4)  " La Cigalette " Domaine de Dionysos, 2010 Cairanne
Cotes Du Rhone Villages southern Rhone, Grenache-based ( $20.99, 14.5% alcohol
by volume, is a great steal as well : 50% Grenache, 35% Syrah, 10% Mourvedre and
5% Carignan. Lovely, Uchaux, France!!!!

I AM SURE I FORGOTTEN MANY THINGS but it is time to send this email now! Thanks
again for everything, come and see us TODAY and EVERY DAY! Cheers,   TONY

Sunday, February 22, 2015

One Of The Great Wine Days And Nights In Late June 2012 In Brasil's Caxias Do Sul At PIAGENTINI / XDECIMA / TORO / CORDOND'OR / LEONE ... OBREGADO!

wONDERFUL ENRICHING EXPERIENCE FOR ME IN bRAsil , in Caxias Do Sul in late June 2012 ...

This wonderful man from Uruguay living in Caxias Do Sul, learning French when we met him in June 2012, working for PIAGENTINI / TORO / X DECIMA / CORDON D'OR / LEONE  made the experience one of my very favorite ever becasue, working on showing the world how good these wines could be, showing them to us on this day, he devoted the whole day, tasting, tour, lunch and dinner with us and saw always the ' big picture ', knew and explained in Portuguese, French and English the situation that the wines of Brasil face today in the global, international market, and shared it all openly and willingly with us, was hospitable, friendly, professional, wonderful, sharing and caring : I give him a 150 % for effort and success and a job really, really, really well done that I will not soon forget and which I will always be eternally grateful for. It was an honor and a treat to be in his company and to share wine, food, stories, laughs, insights and a slice of life with him. Bravo, bravo bravo! Obregado, gracias, merci, grazie .... tudos, todos amigo, ami, friend ... hope to see you again. Hope to work with you someday!   Anthony  ( TONY ) Quinn  2/22/2015

I loved my time at Piagentini and X Decima and being in the vibrant, alive town of Caxias Do Sul! Wow, it was so memorable, really special! Obregado! i HAVE so much more to share, but this gives some idea of the wonders that were mine on this day in late Jume 2012!
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Friday, February 20, 2015

Two El Salvadorian Are Strong Community Influences, One In Washington D.C., One In Virginia : Cheers To Both Of Them : Santos Rivera And Fernando Franco .

I was thrilled to read this article earlier here at home in the Food section of the Wahington Post newspaper after having yesterday quite ' eye-opening ' conversation with Santos Rivera from El Savador , like Fernando Franco the vineyard manager of the Barboursville winery not far from Charlottesville. Both Santos and Fernando have contributed a lot to their communities since arriving, Santos in Washington D.C. in Cleve Park , Northwest now for more than twenty years , and Fernando in Virginia in the Charlottesville region at Rapids and Prince Michel and now at Barboursville. Both have been and still are really positive forces in our community and I have enjoyed very much working with Santos Rivera. For the last fifteen years and I look forward very much to meeting Fernando some day and I am thrilled here to read his words, to see a picture of him. I would have loved to see a couple of pictures close-up to show the specific work on the vines, that would have made this even better for me. We're any pictures taken to show this? If so can we see them? this is an excellent article and it gives me reason to try these wines again. Maybe Jason will stop by with some, that would be nice. Cheers, happy Wednesday all!

I was thrilled to read this article earlier here at home in the Food section of the Wahington Post newspaper after having yesterday quite ' eye-opening ' conversation with Santos Rivera from El Savador , like Fernando Franco the vineyard manager of the Barboursville winery not far from Charlottesville. Both Santos and Fernando have contributed a lot to their communities since arriving, Santos in Washington D.C. in Cleve Park , Northwest now for more than twenty years , and Fe...
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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tasting The OKANOGAN Estate & Vineyards Pinot Noir On Saturday, February 21st, 2015 From 2-6PM with Andrew Stover @ Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits At 3423 Conn. Ave. N.W. Washington D.C. , 20008 ... No Charge, Everyone Always Welcome ...

JOIN US on Saturday February 21st, 2015, with Andrew Stover here to taste the OKANOGAN Estate & Vineyards 2010 Pinot Noir, On Special for $14.99 a bottle. No charge, everyone welcome. Cheers, TONY

talking ‪#‎okanoganEstateWinery‬ ‪#‎pinot‬ Noir Washington State #2010‪#‎wine‬ ‪#‎Cleveland‬ ParkWineSpiritstasting Saturday 2-6PM with Andrew Stover join us, no charge.
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Tasting BEDELL Merlot, Long Island , NETZL Gruner Veltliner, Austria, TWO PONDS Chardonnay, Washington State, BROWNE Oaked Washington State Chardonnay And Merlot FRom Italy's Piemontese region Called LA TENECCA : Something For Everyone Soon Here @ Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits In Cleveland Park, Northwest, Washington D.C., 20008 .... Come See Us...

That is : Discovering BROWNE Colombia Valley, Chardonnay, $38.99 a bottle, the BEDELL Cellars Long Island Merlot, 2011, $27.99,  and the LA TENECCA Piemontese Italian Merlto, $10.99 ( the NETZL Austrian Gruner Veltliner is already here and will be tasted by Andrew Stover here of VINO50 and Siema Imports this Saturday, February 21st from 2-6 PM, join us, no charge, and Andrew will also pour three wines from Arizona's ARIZONA STRONGHOLD Winery, everyone always welcome ) .... TONY 2/19/2015

discovering ‪#‎Brown‬ WA. state Oaked Chard ,Befell NY State Merlot as well with Two Ponds WA.,and Andrew had another fine value, too from Europe.,a wonderful Merlot from the Piemonte region that we can sell from La Tenecca, @ $10.99, what a deal for such a nicely-balanced, fruit-forward red Andrew, the Two Ponds Chard was to flower!floral for me. Cheers Andrew, thanks. See you this Saturday when you taste from 2-6PM, no charge, join us. Tony
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  • Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Oops, that is Bedell Cellars Merlot fromNorth Folk, Long Island sorry for the typo, working on my Fire Amazon in the store on a small screen does this sometimes! Cheers, I really liked the wine as well as the label and I am pleased with my artsy photos here that make it look like the girl is bathing herself in a liquid lake or stream of this Long Island Merlot that is balanced, fruit-forward, stylish , approachable and so elegant and crisp and lively and enjoyable. I liked it a lot, I really did. TONY Happy Thursday all, stay warm and dry with this Arctic cold of today.